Honeymoon Period Over for Mottley Government

Swordplay and ripostes are a feature of the political landscape of any country. Two years out from a general election constitutionally due in 2023 we have started to see a ramping up of the political vitriol and rhetoric by the two main political parties.

There is no doubt in the minds of political observers the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) took management of a poorly performing economy in 2018. The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) before its historic defeat was reported at one point to be borrowing 50 million monthly from the Central Bank of Barbados to meet salary commitment to the public sector, and the financial position of the NIS fund had deteriorated as a result of operating as government’s ATM. The foreign reserves dipped to a low level, for the first time Barbados achieved junk status credit rating and had become a pariah in the capital market. The parity of the Barbados dollar was under attack with predictably the D-word being mentioned as the ‘lord and saviour’ of our economic problems.

The Mia Mottley led BLP immediately on winning office took unpopular decisions to default on local and foreign debt by hiring White Oak Advisory, a boutique financial advisory outfit based in the UK see Barbados creditors fume at ‘absurd’ $27m advisory fees. Appointed the largest Cabinet some suggest in the world on per 1000 of population supported by the tagline – many hands make light work.

Along with taking over a poorly performing economy, external events have not been kind to the incumbent. The DLP in 2006 had to manage the economy during a global recession and in 2019 the BLP has had to manage the economy in a COVID 19 induced pandemic. That said, members of households although sympathetic to macro issues are always more concerned with bread and butter issues; maintaining an acceptable quality of life.

After 3 years in office the gloves are off and the performance of government – notwithstanding the challenges presented by the times – is attracting greater public scrutiny.

Enuff a pro-BLP BU commenter posted the following in defence of government’s performance and what is in the implementation pipeline.

  1. … who is about to redevelop the same Temple Yard through the UDC?
  2. Who about to give 50 acres to youth at Wakefield for farming?
  3. When your opponent is in your strongest seat racking up achievements and with zero seats in parliament your leader (Verla De Peiza) runs away, you’re in a bad state.
  4. More frightening is the leader in trying to get a foothold in St.Lucy is reported as saying “there is really a lot that needs to be done in St Lucy”, this is after the parish was represented in Parliament by a DLP member for 32 unbroken years starting in 1986, 18 of which the party was the government.
  5. Added to this are the topics she focused on water and buses when the BWA busy laying mains in St Lucy, a desal plant is in the works, more buses are coming and a mass transit framework. So that platform dead in the waatuh!
  6. The fact is that Dems can’t handle the government’s performance and know that with 2 years still to go another beating awaits. QEH upgraded A&E opening early next month.
  7. More HOPE housing coming, including St.Lucy and St.John.
  8. Vending legislation coming.
  9. National digital ID, licensing authority sorted (ASYCUD a lot of early noise too), new ways to pay and receive money, new mechanics and bodywork clusters.
  10. Scotland District rehab
  11. More buses
  12. More road improvements.
  13. New recycling and garbage collection.
  14. Vineyard project, new reservoirs, more water from Ionics.
  15. IL (the legislation for the commission has already been passed), whistleblower legislation etc etc all before the next election.
  16. KLM and Aer Lingus starting flights later in the year. Yuh remember empty Gol from Brazil? The Dems would do better to send a bowling machine.

Discuss for 5 marks.


  • This is one of the reason why things will not change
    “Another resident, who did not want to give his name, said they were fed up ….”

    Nobody wants to stand up and give their name. If he gives his name how will they punish him? Give him water without mosquitos ???


  • https://barbadostoday.bb/2021/06/03/call-for-citizens-to-propose-constitutional-changes-to-republic-committee/

    what’s the use if ya keeping the SAME SLAVE SYSTEM IN PLACE that ya did NOT CREATE…and that has been manipulated and misused even worse than it was devised to DESTROY BLACK LIVES….wuh Forde opted to keep it as far back as the 70s…..and only THE SLAVES and the BRAIN DEAD would entertain yall with the stupidity of proposing anything in a still existing SLAVE SYSTEM..

    William….look at them..


  • All this elaborate planning for a republic within a slave system… and the people have NO IDENTITIES….nice going..

    right now they are TRAPPED…and kept in this state by the greedy and their sidekicks…..let’s see how much longer that lasts and who will be more trapped than whom soon…


  • William Skinner

    @ et al
    Amazing reminds of Joe Solomon. the popular West Indies batsman who was adept at poking. The blasted Auditor General report is just that a frigging report, as far as the past and present miscreants in parliament are concerned.
    We can discuss it forever and score useless comparisons but the simple truth is that there is no damn accountability and we will poke all day and try to keep we party wicket but not a run will be scored.
    I maintain this crap with the Auditor General Report goes back forty years in some form or the other.
    The only politician on his way to prison is Donville and he was brought down by the USA not by anybody in Bim.


  • They are yet to realize that their very existence is based on living off LOANS and DEBT…which they will NEVER BE ABLE TO REPAY with a one horse economy…

    …that is why the Black population is warned to leave them alone with THEIR BILLION DOLLAR DEBT…unless ya helped them tief billions of dollars over the decades, the debt is all THEIRS…

    Then they got the nerve to ask “how did we get here”

    no one has the time or energy to keep reminding them…people are moving on…many moved on already…

    only the awakened and conscious young can shut down all these criminals with their bad intent……the more conscious senior citizens can show them the way..

    ..but those who believe they have hostages in place to line their pockets for another 2 generations so that their lazy spawn can live off Black lives indefinitely must be sent a SERIOUS MESSAGE…

    William…it’s the only way to show them people mean business…skinning teeth and grinning with them is enabling them to continue their crimes against Black humanity..

    they are so slimy and dirty i won’t put it past them to put a criminal minority as the slave society’s first president, and that would explain why the corrupt believe they can clean up their dirty image by putting the blame for supporting, funding and promoting the guns, drugs and dirty lyrics glorifying GUN VIOLENCE AND DEATH on the island, and now talking about family values when none of them have moral, ethics and are all RACISTS and THIEVES…and must be reinforced so that their FRAUD STAYS UNCOVERED..

    they love to jump in newspapers and on camera….that image will show everyone who they really are….


  • “The only politician on his way to prison is Donville and he was brought down by the USA not by anybody in Bim.”

    that one is fortunate he didn’t get a good 20 years in prison…

    i take it he was never invited to the inner inner circle or he won’t be taking shite bribes to expose himself like that, although they tief millions and take shite bribes too…because they are so repugnantly greedy..

    this can’t be said Enuff..

    they are so repulsively slimy and dirty i won’t put it past them to put a criminal minority as the slave society’s/republic’s first president..

    and that would explain why the corrupt believe they can clean up their dirty image by putting the blame for supporting, funding and promoting the guns, drugs and dirty lyrics glorifying GUN VIOLENCE AND DEATHON THE ARTISTES whom they hire and PAY to do just that.., and now talking about family values when none of them have morals, ethics and are all RACISTS and THIEVES…and this must be reinforced so that their FRAUD STAYS UNCOVERED..


  • A lesson in economics for this stuff necked govt

    The last two stimulus packages significantly reduced the number of Americans suffering from hunger, financial hardship, anxiety and depression, a new study found.

    Financial instability fell by 45% from December 2020 to April 2021, according to a new paper by Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan. Additionally, food insufficiency decreased over 40% and mental health symptoms dropped by 20%.


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