Rawdon Adams Sighting in SGN

The blogmaster must admit that following the platforms of ALL political parties campaigning in the St. George by-election has been a slog. In Bajan parlance- boring is shyte.

The highlights- negative for the BLP (time will tell)- of the campaign have been 79 year old Delisle Bradshaw’s statement ‘any idiot can play cricket’ and the questioning of Gline Clarke’s dual citizenship. A press report in today’s Nation confirmed that Clarke always intended to renounce Canadian citizenship. One is left to speculate why BLP political strategists allowed the issue to grow wings by not getting ahead of it

For the blogmaster the appearance of Rawdon Adams on the SGN campaign trail makes for interesting rumshop discussion. Minister Santia Bradshaw (daughter of Delisle Bradshaw) reference to pedigree has set political tongues wagging with cries of elitism. What is it about the Bradshaws!

It is no secret the blogmaster has a lot of time for Senator Adams. His unflappable style, obvious intelligence, exposure to the outside and yes ‘pedigree’ and heritage equips him to be as good as or better than any other candidate. His entry to local politics would in the opinion of the blogmaster add value to the political landscape of Barbados. The obvious conclusions being made by onlookers is that he will be declared a candidate coming soon. Others suggest it is a case of Adams answering a call by Mottley for ALL Bees to swarm SGN.


For those who missed Adam’s presentation forward to 2hrs 40m of the YouTube video.

Public Meeting in Taitt Hill, St. George (Oct. 25)

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  1. I watch this and my stomach churns. These are the people who run my country. This is the level of judgment they possess. They think we are too stupid to protest their exploitation of children who know no better.

    Where was the principal? Did the principal not know any better? Or was he or she lacking in backbone?

    Never would this have happened to my charges!

    A photo op with a PM or an Attorney General or a Minister or an MP for the area when acting in their official capacity is fine. A promotional video with a political candidate during a campaign is another.

  2. @ Donna
    There is a I don’t give a damn political culture that started in the mid seventies. Just this evening, I went into a supermarket and bought a bottle of wine. I had to show my ID. We have politicians canvassing and smoking marijuana on the block . We have mammoth fetes for political meetings and minors drinking alcohol supplied by politicians. I am as radical and anti-establishment as anybody but When I see children and very young people being exploited for pure political reasons, I remember Gairy and Grenada, the Garrisons in Jamaica. These things mushroom . It’s no different from your garden skip it for a week or two and the weeds step in. Look away from it and all your hard work comes to zero. That’s what happens when we allowed the love vine to take over.
    Tick Tok tick tick tick tok……….

  3. @ Lorenzo
    I saw the video. I heard the man on Brasstacks. The moderator saw the video. Another woman called who saw the video. The man is a part of the BLP canvassers. He spoke half way.
    I saw children being told how to gather. They were not running on any pasture. I saw a cabinet member and the PM
    in the video. I saw the children were being assembled and there was no social distancing. Then I saw the children shouting : More ! More!





  4. “Where was the principal? Did the principal not know any better? Or was he or she lacking in backbone?”

    just another yardfowl lacky who would allow the exploitation of children to keep a job..

    “They think we are too stupid to protest their exploitation of children who know no better.”

    yes they do, makes one wonder, knowing of their arrogance and belief that they are untouchable, what else have they been doing to children on the island in stealth and the people are too afraid to speak out…the trash rotating in and out the parliament have had nasty reputations for decades…and are well known for their disdain and disrepect for black people like themselves….children are very vulnerable around these types of savages.

  5. “Where was the principal? Did the principal not know any better? Or was he or she lacking in backbone?”

    Breaking scientific news: Scientist examining skeletal remains in Barbados were surprised that many had their backbones missing.

    I searched the video for signs of children running on a pasture or being directed back towards the pasture. But, if it will get me off his dreaded enemies list, I am giving Lorenzo the benefit of doubt. When he produced his video of children being directed back to play with sheep on the pasture, many of you will eat your words.

    In an unrelated matter, it was discovered that people who take themselves too seriously can never understand the depth of a cheap joke.

  6. I read these books long ago, but I think Lorenzo reminded me of George Orwell’s 1984 and of his Animal Farm.

    In 1984, the state would tell you that things were different from what you observed or experienced.
    In Animal Farm, the pigs lied and misled. But they were the ruling class, not the lowly domesticated, location enclosed and restrained pullum.

  7. William,

    Well have I learnt that gardening requires great discipline. You cannot attend to your plants when you feel like it. I am here right now psyching up to do what I don’t feel like doing just yet. Gotta move twelve heavy pots into the morning sunlight. Had to shelter them from last night’s rain.

    I gave Mia the vote and I am obediently watching her. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we cannot take our eyes off her.

    “She like she get wuh she din expect” and is overexcited.

    And “not one uh dem cyan tell de nex’ one come back”.

    Former Attorney General blythely directing, current Attorney General and protector of our children proudly participating in the exploitation, one stupid mistake after another Lisa Cummins ensuring she was not left out of the picture and the only one who appeared uncomfortable was Toni Moore, who nevertheless complied, either temporarily bewildered or lacking in the gumption needed to stand up to Mia.

    We the people must therefore stand up!

  8. Am I wrong or was that the new minister of tourism lurking in the background? This is not funny. This is child abuse, the kind seen in dictatorships. It is disgraceful and a good reason why the people of St George North, even BLP supporters, should not vote for Toni Moore.
    Not one of those adults had the moral confidence to say no to the bully. Not one. Who were the other adults? Teachers? Labour supporters? Onlookers?
    This will go down in history as the moment when a school lost its political innocence.

  9. Those are some ugly accusations leveled at Mia, i was always pissed at Owen because anyone could sense he was playing games instead of letting the people WHO PAID HIS PENSION….know what to really expect, now they have to find out through other peopl and by her own actions…steuppps…he defines idiot to a T.

  10. “In 1984, the state would tell you that things were different from what you observed or experienced.”

    small island mentalities playing out animal farm…

    recently saw a post where an oil tanker is tilting in the waters of one of the other islands, everyone saw the damn boat tilting amid concerns of an oil spill, but apparently some stupid politician had the freaking nerve to come out and say, no it’s not tilting…ya not seeing what ya seeing….so a fed up taxpayer said, ok, the sea must have moved back then….

    the main reason i dislike politicians, they always believe they can convince people of stupid shit..

  11. People are actually asking themselves and am sure it’s not only in the Caribbean, what the hell are they watching and if those are really a prime minister, an attorney general, ministers of this and that ABUSING AND EXPLOITING small children in that manner…

    ya might find a politican or two holding a photo op with someone’s innocent child with their frozy deceitful selves in other countries ….but to grab a crowd of children and put dumb political SHIT IN THEIR HEADS…that should never be there….is a whole nother animal…

  12. Donna…one opposition leader has come out so far condemning Mia, Dale and Toni for their nasty display at St George primary school with minor children….somehow these think they are important or special or whatever shit is rolling around in their empty heads, ah told Mia already she’s not taking Elizabeth’s place, first of all she is not from any royal bloodline neither real nor imagined….she’s a commoner and that’s what she’ll remain….no use being pretentious and putting on any airs..just because she kicked Elizabeth and her crown to the curb……ah waiting for them to keep talking about crown land they steal from elderly people…


    Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley isn’t happy about what he’s seen in a video on social media with students of the St George Primary School among several politicians on the campaign trail in St George.

    And he’s calling on Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw to provide an explanation as to why the minors were used in that manner.

    In the video, the Barbados Labour Party leader, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, candidate for St George North Toni Moore and other members of the party urge the pupils to shout “Moore” in apparent support of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) general secretary, who will face five opponents in the November 11 by-election.

    “As Leader of the Opposition and head of the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP), I wish to condemn the actions of our political leaders as represented in the social media video clip featuring a group of St George Primary School children. PdP considers this action on the part of those politicians involved to be irresponsible, insensitive and disrespectful to both parents and the administration of the school,” Atherley said in a statement released to the media yesterday.

  13. I just want to know if these “stakeholders” included the BLACK MAJORITY or was it a bunch of human rights violating corrupt politicans and stinking criminal minorities discussing the black population and projecting its increase in births….in their usual SLAVE MASTER WANNBE….and taxpayer paid government minister’s SELL OUT BLACK OVERSEER STYLE…..rest assured that none of you will get away with your elaborate SLAVE SOCIETY PLANS….NOT IN THIS NOR IN ANY OTHER CENTURY…..all of you will be EXPOSED IN THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH….until you cannot take a plane or boat to go ANYWHERE….stink nig*as and thieving racist minorities.

    some people on FB are having none of it…

    “Can’t expect people to increase the population when even the basic human rights of African descended children are still being abused and violated, it’s even worse for the adult African, so why would anyone want to subject the unborn to a still existing slave society kept in place by Black leaders.”

    “by Marsha Hinds

    Over the last few weeks there have been consultations with stakeholders around Barbados’ current population and future projections. A Population Commission for Barbados was established and the commissioners, among other things, have been engaging stakeholders. I wrote some of my reflections at the beginning of the process, and at this juncture, I just want to put a few recurring themes back into the mix.
    What I am struggling with is feeling as though there has been a sufficiently seamless configuration among demographic information on the one hand and economic on the other and social information yet still.

    Barbados started as a slave society in which the main purpose of bringing people to the Island was to provide cheap labour for cheap provision of labour for mercantilist profit.

    By the time we started to track the population demographics of these Islands we were simply replicating the population in line with what happened on the plantations.

    There are still inequalities left in the Barbadian landscape with respect to opportunity and ownership of land.

    If we are moving away from the cheap provision of labour to creating an island with a population that can thrive and grow we do not need the same levels of population we had in the 1930s or at points prior to that.

    The question of what is the maximal population of Barbados is a question with multiple answers based on who is asking and for what reason.

    If it is an economic question, what is at the crux is how much market it will take to sustain business in Barbados. That business is put down on a mercantilist and capitalist model and would want cheap labour and as many consumers as possible.

    If the question is a social question, then the answer has to be hinged on a different set of considerations altogether.

    We are not asking about people for their ability to offer labour or consume.”

  14. Read and digest…

    “We are not asking about people for their ability to offer labour or consume.

    We are asking questions about how we protect vulnerable communities and provide healthcare and education for each and every citizen to strive and become engaged as a maximally productive citizen.

    How do we leave the issue of youth employment unaddressed and then seek to suggest that we need at least another 80, 000 Barbadians?

    How is there so much need for housing which is being largely unaddressed by building policy and suggest that we need another 80, 000 Barbadians?

    How do we turn blind and deaf to the issues affecting women, both in their personal lives and in their lives as labour and mothers, but then look to them to be a part of the solution to producing the 80, 000 missing Barbadians?

    Barbados is a small, open and vulnerable post-colonial society. Each of these designations come with its own problems and I wonder if using models of population from jurisdictions that do not share the same historical and cultural profiles as Barbados is sensible.

    Barbados lacks a lot of the physical, economic and cultural infrastructure that undergirded population programmes in jurisdictions such as Canada to begin with, but then there are other critical differences.

    These are preliminary observations on our population planning, and even if they can be seen as a critique, they are not necessarily critical. I hope they can be received from the place they were given and considered before we make our next move with respect to forward planning for Barbados.”

  15. The writer accurately captures the mentality of Barbadians. She subtly and cleverly disguises the difference between book smarts and common sense..

    “Each of these designations come with its own problems and I wonder if using models of population from jurisdictions that do not share the same historical and cultural profiles as Barbados is sensible.

    Barbados lacks a lot of the physical, economic and cultural infrastructure that undergirded population programmes in jurisdictions such as Canada to begin with, but then there are other critical differences.”

    Translation: befo wunnah idiots copy models, find out if wunnah can satisfy de parameters of de models.

    I will not mention the idiotic 80,000 people increase.

  16. Theo…i love to read the contributions of writers who can disguise outrage…but then ya have to at some time throw off the disguise and throw down on these evil negros, that’s where we come on….we all have our parts to play…

  17. Read the last paragraph, where author is almost apologetic for what she/he wrote.

    Make your points and own your shit.

  18. No one should be homeless in Barbados, or any country for that matter. It really does not take much to build a simple and solid, comfortable, one bedroom home, with all necessary amentities.

    Any pretense at the massive cost is just that, exaggeration to enable a few to make fortunes.

    Work it out for yourself. Some 4×4 and 2×4 treated pine, cheap plyboard for base forming, excavation for pillars (a days work, if that), some concrete, concrete board, galvanise roofing, interior hardwood cladding, pvc for plumbing, excavation for suckwell and grease trap, cheap but effectively and long lasting built cupboards and interior kitchen and bath install.

    If the excavations are part of a community, the cost is even less.

    Nowadays with proper planning and design, it can be done very economically. For families, more bedroom and an outside area.

    This is where Grenville can be used, unless people do not want someone like him around to check that costs are inflated for profits.

    One would think that Barbados, as a former slave colony, would be even more attentive to ensuring that brothers and sisters whose forebears toiled and fought, would have at least a small place to call home.

    The ONLY reason for homelessness that is understandable, though not acceptable, is where the person has mental illness and refuses help.

    There is absolutely no other reason. Governments past should all be ashamed that this has been allowed to continue.

  19. should read ”unless people do not want someone like him around to check that costs are NOT inflated for profits.”

  20. HantsNovember 2, 2020 9:08 AM Exactly. The issues re community can be addressed. But the example of structural efficiency, speed and cost is there.

    Problem in Bim is, too many people looking to make a quick buck out of something like this.

  21. David why must i be the first to bring u up to speed
    Rawdon Adams told a story on the blp platform about his father
    This story falls in line with the elitist side of barbadians who have nothing to do with or for the poor
    The story is so sickening it makes for wonder why Rawdon would repeat it
    Rawdon says that one day while on his way to school and being driven by his father during the process a man walked up to the car and asked his father for a small favour of money
    Tom in return look at the man with disgust and rolled up the window and carried on with more disgust about the man by telling Rawdon that those type would vote for party anyway even if you ignore their advances
    The video is telling because it presents an image of Tom Adams who relish being a snob and brags about it

  22. “Hope SGN send them a message…..”

    I couldn’t agree with you more………. and hope the people of St. George North vote for Grenville Phillips II or even Alex Mitchell, since he is the ‘underdog’ in this race.

  23. Now Rawdon is saying, if you insult or disrespect them, they will still vote for you. They are lower than yardfowls; they are caged fowls.

    What a disgusting opinion of party loyalist. Surprised he would repeat such a horrible story.

  24. Hope the dlp make Rawdon comments a part of their condemnation of this elitist / pedigree bunch
    Rawdon just couldn’t help himself in a rush to brag about his father’s demented thought process
    One can bet Rawdon taught that what his father did was a ha ha joke
    To top it all.off the father had the mitigated gall to speak about bajans as if they were idiots

  25. Makes for wonder how many times the blp of that time beg that man for votes
    Funny enough Rawdon place Cynthia Forde smack into the middle of his comments as proof to his father’s body language when he is upset
    So sad that the elitist has positioned themselves at the top of the tantum pole as a symbol of being untouchable

  26. What you are seeing is an arrogance that has turned into ignorance.

    The caged chickens blew so much wind up his ass that his speech is sounding like farts.

  27. It is obvious that without his ‘pedigree’ the man is a joker. And just as obvious that with his ‘pedigree’ the man is a joker.

    In reality a paperweight; but to the caged fowls a prime minister.

    Note to Mia….. At some stage he will believe the sweet nothings whispered into into his ears and become a serious rival.
    You must manage his political advance; give him an ambassadorship to nowhere.

  28. Rawdon Adams your father was a snob whose real.feelings for the poor was anger and disdain
    A pity he is not around to hear the true stories told about himself by you.
    People of his ilk and most likely yours also live the lives that are out of touch with the realities of the poor
    Most of the time all of you are too busy have stoned faces and perfecting the way you see life through rose colored glasses

  29. A person in a position when called upon to help a down and out citizen on hard times
    And what does Tom Adams do rolled down his car window when approached by the man look the man dead in the face and gives the man a stone faced and harsh disgustingly look rolled the car window back up.and drives away
    Then having the nerve to say to Rawdon ” i hate beggars” all but forgetting that when election comes he himself being a politician becomes a beggar too
    What a dam shame stuffed shirt and high class snobbery

  30. “Then having the nerve to say to Rawdon ” i hate beggars” all but forgetting that when election comes he himself being a politician becomes a beggar too
    What a dam shame stuffed shirt and high class snobbery”

    Well said. Sometimes you can equal some of our better bloggers.

  31. What is clear and abundantly clear since the SGN election that the blp party is being exposed in the most nakedness of form and there mouths are helping them to be explicit and deliberate to what they really are
    Cant not for the life of anything understand how a party so devoid of sensitivity called itself. Friends of the poor
    The poor is separate and set apart from their actions which are pretentious except when the election bell rings
    Actions clothed in bigoted thoughts which are being exposed across the political landscape
    Lorenzo is that what u called a party for the people
    Well God help us all

  32. Rawdon Adams this message is for you
    Those of us who grew up poor understands what is meant to be kind
    To share and care ..We were not afforded the luxury of privilege our parents worked hard to instill moral values in our selves
    Many (times) examples were set because of the poor environment we were caught in because of some govt policies
    Sharing and kindness became a natural way of our lives
    Many times we shared our little of nothing with those who had nothing at all
    Sharing was a part of many of those living in poverty and as natural as four children sleeping in one bedroom
    Families sharing one outside make shift bathroom and oneb pit toilet
    From the story u have related their is no reason for me not to believe that your household was one of privilege
    One so removed from the plight of the poor so much( so) that your father did not understand the insensitivity which would have caused immeasurable pain to the beggar with his stony faced and disgusting persona
    Also let me remind u that the era of which u speak it would have been very hard to find a bajan begging on the street unless he could do no better
    I submit to u that the callousness of your stoned face father speaks to a disgusting portrait of a man most barbadians many of whom are poor looked up to with deep respect
    Shame on your father.
    That story should have taught you a deep lesson about morals and values when caught in a circumstance that requires kindness
    Instead all u can draw from the story is one of political strategies and how they can be beneficial to the movement of politics

  33. I can talk about the Tom Adams legacy all day long cause in my mind it is very little between his utterances and Donald Trump
    Trump called small island nations shit holes
    Tom’s utterances have reflections goaded and guided by his thinking poor people are a.ss holes who must be shunned

  34. @ Mariposa

    Plse remind me how Tom died and where he is really buried? Don’t let him get to you from the grave. Remember, the adult we see is just an older version of the child.

  35. Hal he is not getting to me
    However when the privilege have nerve to snob the poor and afterwards go begging them fir political support it is hard to turn a deaf ear and close eyes against such disgusting behaviour
    Notice how those on this blog those who support the blp has used silence as a defense against such horrible behaviour
    Meanwhile across social media platforms the peoples voices are those of disgust after hearing the story

  36. “Dr, Livingstone, I presume”

    I find this idea of human pedigree to be intriguing and worthy of further exploration. Like Dr Livingstone, I may be forced to travel deep into a foreign land – the mind of a Bajan pedigree proponent.

    Please tell me if I traveled too far.

    Given that the word pedigree seem to be applied to those who have a lighter complexion, is this a code word indicating an individual is of mixed heritage. Could this be the signal that informs us that a politician has a lighter skin; a gentle way of saying a politician will be closer in color to some than other politicians.

    And what is happening in the minds of these pedigree proponents? Given what I have seen here, it could be a yearning for the old days of massa. A secret desire to have a fair skinned politician lead them by a chain through the nose? Ridiculous, you say.

    Not so ridiculous after all.(see Mariposa, 11/3 7:31). Here we have a pedigreed individual stating that the caged-fowls lack the ability to leave the plantation even when mistreated and insulted. My friend, in their minds the non-pedigreed are shackled to the political plantation.

    My friends, we must flog those who use the word pedigree until the mere thought of it causes them to vomit. We must all become champions of the “Equality of Men”.

  37. @ Mariposa

    There are people in St Thomas who will give a right arm for the pedigree man, with a degree in political sociology from the LSE, the most bogus subject any functioning brain could study.
    The study material are the kinds of books and articles that one reads normally for recreation, not to get a so-called MSc with which to impress the natives. Barbados has a particular breed of sycophant, of self-hating morons.
    They come in all colours, from the yard boys to the lawyers, but share one thing in common, self-hate. A leading politician once told me he had a handyman who would pester him every day to get the hangman’s job at Glendairy, until his son was accused of murder.
    Then he asked to borrow money to get him a ‘good lawyer’.

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