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BLP and DLP Governments Use Media Practitioners for Propaganda

Submitted by Paula Sealy The current administration has invested in the media and media personnel has invested in the Mottley administration. Some media practitioners were forced out of CBC and landed at Starcom. But some of the others are riding the fatted calf for all it is worth. (David Thompson spoke of the fatted calf being shared among the DLP

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Silly Season Time Again

A short three years ago in 2018 then Prime Minister Freundel Stuart remained in office for 90 days beyond the five year anniversary of the first sitting of parliament permitted under the Barbados Constitution. Three years later incumbent Prime Minister Mia Mottley has called a snap general election eighteen months before it is constitutionally due.  The early ring of the

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BLP DLP Same Party – NTSH


The blogmaster checked the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) website and the list of candidates to run in the upcoming general election is not current. The same observation for the DLP with a general election on the horizon only 16 candidates are listed. Needless to say manifestos are also a work in progress with the DLP website offering a ‘Coming Soon’

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Nothing to See Here (NTSH)

Submitted by Observing First the strategy was smoke and mirrors, then it was detract and deflect now it is “nothing to see here” (NTSH) The Prime Minister announces a willingness to pay $48 for vaccines which cost $12. NTSH A permanent secretary signs off on a $10 million dollar agreement without their own Minister’s knowledge. NTSH The biggest Cabinet of

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One Term Government?


The electorate of Barbados decided to give the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) an overwhelming and unprecedented mandate on the 24 May 2018. The result was a repudiation of a hapless Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration led by Freundel Stuart, as it was a belief by Barbadians in red bag-promises from Mia Mottley. We know the proclivity of human beings to

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Moe is Back from 8 Month Leave @taxpayers expense

Lucille Moe

Reading the Nation newspaper back page story of 30 September 2021 with heading ‘Moe not in breach‘, should make all Barbadians- those with the required level of civic awareness- to pause. An easy conclusion to draw from the report is that Senator Lucille Moe was deliberate how she MANAGED her absence from the Upper Chamber. In fact she was well

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The Duopoly: BLP and DLP Must Step Up!

There is the saying he who plays the piper calls the tune. As it pertains to the political sphere, whether abroad or local – players with deep pockets who contribute to political parties expect when said party wins office, political contributions will covert to influence. There is enough evidence in post independence Barbados to agree. In May of 2018 the

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Mia’s Blunders

In recent weeks two events created embarrassment for the Mia Mottley led government. First it was the still born Little Island Big Barbados BTMI matter followed by the snub after she demanded the smutty Trojan Riddim video be removed from the YouTube streaming service. Three years after achieving an unprecedented victory in the 2018 general election and riding the crest

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Honeymoon Period Over for Mottley Government

Swordplay and ripostes are a feature of the political landscape of any country. Two years out from a general election constitutionally due in 2023 we have started to see a ramping up of the political vitriol and rhetoric by the two main political parties. There is no doubt in the minds of political observers the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) took

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Little Island Big Cabinet

The Barbados government recently launched the Little Island Big Barbados campaign and immediately those responsible are having to defend against a torrent of criticism from the public. The thrust of the concern: the campaign is a tired concept several islands have used to promote tourism for which Barbados is whispered to have forked out $700,000.00. In the blog BLP and

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BLP and DLP Cancer of Adversarial Politics

The politics practised in Barbados is based on the adversarial system borrowed from the colonial master. There is the opposite more consensus (constructive) type of politics but such as approach seems esoteric and anathema to who we have been educated to be.  The first past the post system gives the victor the spoils and leaves no room for political parties

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Department of Public Affairs Setup to Serve WHO/YOU?

The news that government recently created the Department of Public Affairs (DPA) as a bona fide government headed by Director Pat Parris supported by Tyson Henry, Tyrone Lovell, Christal Austin and Lisa Lorde has set tongues wagging. If one separates from the political arguments there is no doubt concerns are valid in a scenario the government of Barbados currently holds

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Some Ministers of Government Not Earning Pay

In May 2018 the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) achieved the unprecedented in a general election by winning all 30 seats. Although Bishop Joseph Atherley seized the opportunity to defect and by default forced the Governor General to appoint him Leader of the Opposition, it does not detract from the shellacking of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) at the 2018 polls.

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