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Mia Mottley and Avinash Persaud in “Paradise”

The following comment was posted Jan 22, 2019 @ 16:48 by NortherObserver- extracted from the blog Errol Barrow — Architect of a Collective CARICOM Foreign Policy. “…will we DEMAND our parliamentary representatives provide us with answers to the Four Seasons debacle?…” Yes this is the crux of the matter [forget Hyatt for now Miller]. Former Ministers Sealy and Sincklair are

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Is the Prime Minister of Barbados Looking Out for ALL?

Submitted by SSS We wanted change and we got that change. We wanted to see the backs of a very wicked, deceitful and crooked Barbados Democratic Labour Party and we got that. It did not matter what reservations we had of a BLP that has operated in a similar fashion; rather or not their previous track record of controversies, arrogant

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The Grenville Phillips Column – The Incurable Disease

We are now in BERT Phase 3.  After the IMF’s recent assessment of the previous phases, the result of the BERT severe austerity program is foreseen – the BLP administration will meet the IMF’s targets. To reduce government spending, the trend of laying-off persons will continue as planned.  To reduce the transfers to government corporations, we will be forced to

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Would You Support a GoFundME Initiative for Third Party Movement?

Submitted by PUDRYR Dear fellow Bajan, I have a question for each of you.  What is your country’s good governance worth? For those patriots mulling over creating  a “Third Party Movement” (against Mugabe or any other enemy of DEMOCRACY) there are a number of things you are probably thinking about.  Ours is a “Real and Present” FEAR that IF MUGABE

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Let Sleeping Dogs Sleep

We should celebrate good news, and the recent upgrades by international rating agencies is good news, especially after a decade of consistent downgrades. So, well done BLP. Despite their partisan behaviour during the last general election, the national watch dogs are whispering a word of caution. However, before we review their caution, let us put Barbados’ economic situation in context.

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