BLP and DLP Governments Use Media Practitioners for Propaganda

Submitted by Paula Sealy

The current administration has invested in the media and media personnel has invested in the Mottley administration. Some media practitioners were forced out of CBC and landed at Starcom. But some of the others are riding the fatted calf for all it is worth. (David Thompson spoke of the fatted calf being shared among the DLP members after the elections in 2008. Fourteen years later we are still there.)

They may be professionals but how many of their statements in the print media, behind a microphone or in front of a TV camera were motivated by a political agenda or professional integrity.

The Market Vendor aka Vic Fernandes has been used to influence the public with comedy and encourage John Public to rail against individuals and groups with views against the government of the day. Don’t forget when the vendor lambasted the DLP government.

Corey Layne was said to be an objective moderator on the airwaves. Any person who is a critical thinker must question that thinking by now.

We must be more aware of what is being put out by the media, who is the source and why news items are considered newsworthy or not.

Pay attention to where these people have turned up…

1. David Ellis, Starcom (Station Manager, Retired) – COVID-19 Public Advisor (Sep. 2021-present)

2. Sanka Price, Starcom/NATION (News Editor) – CEO, Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (2020.06.15-present)

3. Roy Morris, Barbados Today (Editor-In-Chief) – Press Secretary to the Prime Minister

4. Vic Fernandes, Capital Media (Chairman)

  • Chairman, Grantley Adams International Airport (2018-2021)
  • Chairman, Barbados National Oil Company Limited (2021.07.01-present)
  • Member, National Cruise Development
  • Commission (2018.08.16-2019.02.15)

5. Carol Roberts-Reifer, Starcom (Radio Personality)

  • CEO, National Cultural Foundation (2018-present)
  • Deputy Chairperson, Board of Management, Christ Church Foundation School (2018-present)

6. Corey Layne, Starcom (Radio Personality) – BLP Candidate, City of Bridgetown, 2022


  • Make you points on the issues and move on shall we?


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    “Inquiring minds would get that answer soon”

    oh yes they will, been hearing all about that, even saw some documentation shared on most platforms last week.


  • “Enquiring minds would get that answer soon”

    Enquiring minds is a marketing gimmick used by the Nation Enquirer supermarket tabloid and also as a trope by people who clearly don’t know something but love to gossip like bitches.

    One Bu geezer who has not checked the details of facts wants me to spoon feed him about contracts and lack of due diligence he alleges between 3 Caribbean Government as Clients their Agent and a US Counterparty when all relevant documentation is contained in a statement in a Court of Law filed by the Petitioning Agent on this matter and has been posted in the public domain media and several websites. Items of Evidence submitted shows Contracts between Barbados and Agent. The Agent and Counterparty. Contract Lawyers performing Due Diligence and their Legal Correspondence.


  • @Kiki

    If you read all the information published there is additional argument to be made about the liability of the government if incompetence can be proved by the agent. We should leave this to the law courts.


  • An agent must be loyal to their principal and put the principal’s interests ahead of their own. An agent must therefore avoid situations where their own interests conflict with their duty to the principal, unless the principal, with full knowledge of the facts, agrees.


  • The dlp meeting last night was not a performance of gimmicks and long empty promises
    The strategist highlighted a performance with an intent which placed good governance at the forefront of managing the country affairs
    The mostly new team was all fired up and enthusiastic in giving Barbados youth new hope and a new beginning for economic prosperity
    The games have begun


  • Yes O Lord It’s Me
    Inquiring minds would like to know about the Hi Energy beats coming out of South Africa
    and what is the difference between
    Afro Electro Vs Afro House

    MMM Meets Tshetsha Boys



  • Ac good governance.Who is voing to provide this good governance? The political nightwatchman, Mr Lashley, Mr Sealy, Dr Estwick, Dr Lowe,or Ms Armstrong?As Bush Tea used to say oh ma shirt!You really should be in comedy fest.Look at the leaders of the parties Ms Mottley, Ms Depeiza and Rev Atherley.Looking at those three who would any rational sensible bajan choose.I know who i would choose.We will speak on january 20th.I gone.


  • Lorenzo
    Any one of them better than Mia
    Mia performance as a leader has been below par and went against the best interest of the most vulnerable
    She said to be qualified as a lawyer but don’t know or understand the basic tenets of the Constitution
    Neither of those u have mentioned would have dare trampled on the Constitution for pure political interest


  • “Neither of those u have mentioned would have dare trampled on the Constitution for pure political interest”

    can you explain how Mia trampled on the Constitution with a minor change or 2
    Queen lost her Crown and a new PM replaced her
    God was changed to the Creator in the Ceremony


  • Lorenzo it must be boring in the blp camp
    At every dlp.meeting the blp cackling geese shows
    It must be boring on their end
    Not only do they show up.but behave like headless chickens cussing and carrying on about Depezia


  • AC no blp supporter would waste time being seen around any dlp meeting.In my view it would be a complete waste of time nothing to be gain listening to political lightweights like Ms Depeiza, Ms Armstrong or whoever else you have.The only one worthwhile in my view is Mr Sealy who along with a few orhers may win a seat.The last time you spoke about crowds at meetings was in St George North and we know how that turned out..I gone.


  • “Cluck cluck cluck!” But still not one egg in sight. Nuff fowl poop!


  • @ Lorenzo January 10, 2022 7:21 PM

    Ms Armstrong shrieks like and gestures as if she were Chris Sinckler’s daughter. Of course, I would never want to state that as a fact, because that would be a VERY serious insult punishable by at least 12 months in prison.

    I attach a linked picture here. A picture is worth a thousand words.


  • Last time I saw lips like that, they had in a hook


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