The Grenville Phillips Column – The BLP’s Own Goals

An own goal is when a sports team scores a goal for the opposing team, by sending the ball into their own goal. The BLP has scored many unnecessary own goals during their first year in Government, and are showing no signs of correcting this habit. Coincidentally, during the same time, we have been forced to pay significantly more taxes.

Outside of a destructive war, the greatest threat to a national economy is political corruption. This type of corruption is normally in the form of bribes paid to politicians when governments contract to buy products. The bribes are normally included in the inflated costs of the products.

To pay the bribe component of the cost, taxes on citizens must be increased. One way of significantly reducing the size of any bribes, and any resulting tax increases, is to allow competitive tendering (or bidding) with an impartial evaluation of the bids.

Before the General Election, the BLP assured the public that they would not be engaging in any of the gross corruption of which they were accusing the DLP. To convince us that they were serious, every single BLP candidate swore to protect us with a Contractor General, who would review government contracts, including those of State-Owned Enterprises.

No-bid contracts are not illegal, since our laws allow for them in specific circumstances. But they are, by their nature, corrupting. The allure of corrupting no-bid contracts has proven too much for many politicians of other countries to resist.

The very least that we could have reasonably hoped for, is that the promised Contractor General would be appointed before any corrupting no-bid contracts were signed. Having a Contractor General is not effective if a politically compromised person is appointed to that post. However, it is better than the nothing that we currently have.

During their first year in Government, the BLP has reportedly signed an astonishing amount of no-bid contracts, for well over $100M. Tragically, there was no oversight by the Contractor General, who each BLP politician promised, on their sacred honour, that they would provide to stop political corruption. This is definitely not in our best interests.

By refusing to allow the promised oversight of their no-bid contracts, the BLP invites unnecessary speculation. Why do the prices seem so massively inflated? Why allow only one business to tender when there was no urgency? Why were other more competent companies excluded from tendering?

The way of no-bid contracts is the proven way of political corruption. To stay on that path is to invite rigorous public scrutiny of all no-bid contracts. To stay on that path, while disallowing the promised oversight, is to attract valid suspicions of gross corruption.

The BLP administration has only itself to blame, because they can correct this mess whenever they wish. If they choose not to, then we can expect them to score more own goals. However, if we are forced to pay more taxes after each of their own goals, then we should no longer assume that it is coincidental.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at


  • @BA
    the country is desperate for growth. desperate for fx inflows. desperate for jobs. the imf pain hasnt started to be felt yet and it will last for many years. but nothing justifies the govt compulsorily acquiring this land for a hotel.

    I agree 1000 percent and it smacks of UNDERHANDED dealing whilst continuing to pull the wool over locals eyes.

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  • im not suggesting that at all. like the last lot, desperate people do desperate things. our finances are in terrible shape. no government doesnt want to buy buses or garbage trucks. our country is broke, and desperate. but the end doesnt justify the means.

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  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    People abroad are “AMAZED” AT THE CORRUPTION…that is quite obvious to anyone with a FUNCTIONING BRAIN…this delusional government has no plans to give up corruption…or change the deceptive narrative to the people on the island…the intent is leh we see how we could fool and trick them.

    … that try-a-ting bunch of funnelers and syphoners don’t know when to stop and will have to be stopped.

    ah see president Enuff has no answers or questions for Caswell and his letter from corporate UK…re WHITE HOAX she always got so much mout for us on BU.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    And then the bullying and intimidating of people to steal their properties.

    and wuhloss Piece…….WHITE HOAX.


  • How wonderful that our much-loved government is winding up Res Life. A very good decision! It is not the taxpayer’s job to pay for speculative losses of old, fat capitalists who have taken a risk.

    Next we need the deal with the international creditors.

    If all goes well, the situation will stabilise by 2025 – as our honourable Prime Minister predicts.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    yeah…like she got a choice…well those of us with more than 2 braincells, knows that she has NONE…

    shit tends to FLY.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    shit tends to FLY…and stick, and stick and stick..


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Ah take it the tea leaves are ONLY NOW BEING READ…kinda hard to bullshit ya way outta this one.. designed and created it…

    … see yall went and got educated…AT YOUR PEOPLE’S EXPENSE…to ROB ya own people.

    we went and got educated, to remove ya corrupt backsides…now is that not FAIR..



  • William Skinner

    Here we go again
    The bold face hypocrisy of the DLPBLP

    Clico on course
    Published on: 6/4/07.


    CLICO’S PLANS for a golf course at Bath, St John, fall squarely within Government’s plans to develop the south-east of Barbados.

    Speaking during the company’s Gala Awards ceremony at Sherbourne Conference Centre Saturday night under the theme, Embracing Diverse Communities, Prime Minister Owen Arthur said such a facility would not only create new earning capacity and provide employment, but would ably serve Barbadians living in that area as well as tourists holidaying at Villa Nova and Sam Lord’s Castle; both projects which Clico is undertaking.

    Arthur congratulated Clico on its success.

    “The growth and transformation of Clico in Barbados has been impressive . . . . Clearly it has been achieved in large measure by the financial resources Clico has been in a position to deploy . . . . I also have no doubt that the large and impressive investments that it is poised to bring on stream in Barbados have been inspired by its conviction that such clarity of purpose, soundness of policy and a climate of confidence will continue well into the future,” said Arthur.

    He said Clico was proposing to set up the golf course on 300 acres of Government land and the future path of private sector capital investment lay in the seizing of the vast opportunities to modernise the south-east corridor of Barbados.

    He said there were spectacular vistas in St John, St Joseph and St Philip.
    Arthur said the BDS$200 million restoration and development at Sam Lord’s would also be of tremendous impact on that landscape.

    He suggested Clico should take the old house on the property and through a joint public/private sector project, turn the property into something which both parties could make good use of.

    “Make it into a protocol house that can be leased to the Government for official activity as well as to give Sam Lord’s the ability to be able to entertain high-powered executives who need protocol facilities,” said Arthur.

    Meanwhile, president of Clico International Life, Geoffrey Brewster, said work would start soon on the 250-room five-star hotel and 200 condominiums, with the ground-breaking in August.

    Chairman of Clico Leroy Parris, speaking after he received a Gold Award for the innovation he had shown in moving the company forward, said they would also be enhancing Villa Nova in St John.

    “Villa Nova is under renovation. We are putting in 16 more rooms, and that is starting from next week, to move it up to 44. We are giving you what you ask for; give me what I want,” he told Prime Minister Owen Arthur with respect to the golf course.

    Note what a private sector big wig can say to a prime minister:

    this is what Parris said to Prime Minister Arthur

    “We are giving you what you ask for; give me what I want,” he told Prime Minister Owen Arthur with respect to the golf course.

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  • Vast acres of land around Barbados could soon be zoned for new use under a new Water Zone and Water Protection and Land Use Zoning policy, Minister of Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams told journalists today.


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  • Barbados 2019:

    Thank you for your advice. Please note that Solutions Barbados economic recovery plan is based on four principal components. The first is to increase Government revenues by lowering taxes and making them fair, and easy to calculate, pay and audit. The second is to increase productivity in both the public and private sectors by managing each Government service to the international customer-focused quality management standard, ISO 9001.

    The third is to effectively address corruption by fining those who receive and pay bribes, and rewarding the whistle-blower with the full value of the bribe. The last is to depoliticise the civil service by ensuring that all public workers are promoted on merit alone.

    The reason why the government’s policies generally do not benefit the public is that their implementation is very badly management. We should remember that poor management and gross corruption are what BLP and DLP politicians regularly accuse each other – so they are well aware of our main problems, but seem to do nothing effective to correct them.

    We have given our best advice, and we cannot give less than our best advice. If that is so offensive to the public, or it does not resonate sufficiently with the public, then we will try and explain it better, that none of that absolve us from giving our best advice.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog


    “YOU HAVE TO CLEAN YOUSELF OF THAT DISEASE”…there will always be slave societies, especially AND AS LONG AS… ya have self-absorbed greedy, corrupt government ministers and lawyers.


  • The problem is not the BLP, but the opposition. They make lots of noise without any results.

    Who started to save the country? Mia Mottley. Who’s going to clean up the government debt? Mia Mottley. Who repairs all the roads? Mia Mottley? Who brings back respect for Barbados? Mia Mottley. Who provides security and full shelves in the supermarket? Mia Mottley.

    Mia Mottley is not a dictator, but the mother of the nation. The people elected her, so to speak, with 100% of the votes. Not every democracy needs an opposition. We have the red bishop.

    Those so-called economists who criticize Mia Mottley’s actions were silent for ten years when Chris Sinckler raped the local economy. They want to sell the people into slavery.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Ya liar…ah heard ya can’t even get senna on the island…ya know what senna is.

    No she is not you idiot…speak for thyself…dumbass yardfowl…she is BEING PAID by taxpayers to do a job…and she brought along a long line of scam consultants and walking dead senators…and lowlife parasite .

    ….if she wanted to be a mother…she knows what she should have done..

    People got rid of the DLP…she was the only game in town…now the people will have to get rid of her…IF SHE CONTINUES WITH THE MASTER PLAN…

    and don’t bring back those 120,000 offshore accounts…some of which has her and her family names..

    .and don’t lock up DLP thieves for having thousands of offshore accounts TOO

    …. and for tiefing NIS Pensioners money…

    ….but then she got Leslie Haynes at NIS so she may not want to touch that one….

    so there…mother that.


  • @ Tron

    The problem is not the BLP, but the opposition. They make lots of noise without any results.

    Who started to save the country? Mia Mottley. Who’s going to clean up the government debt? Mia Mottley. Who repairs all the roads? Mia Mottley? Who brings back respect for Barbados? Mia Mottley. Who provides security and full shelves in the supermarket? Mia Mottley.

    Mia Mottley is not a dictator, but the mother of the nation. The people elected her, so to speak, with 100% of the votes. Not every democracy needs an opposition. We have the red bishop.

    Those so-called economists who criticize Mia Mottley’s actions were silent for ten years when Chris Sinckler raped the local economy. They want to sell the people into slavery.

    For a moment I thought you were describing Winnie Mandela the deceased ex-wife of Nelson Mandela of South Africa who turned out to be a Charlatan and tyrant among her own black people who worshipped her.



    ” Abrahams contended that changes would also be coming to the way in which potable water was being used.

    “There is going to be a major shift in our perception and treatment of waste water and drinking water…it makes no sense in using that most valuable resource [potable water] for purposes that do not require that standard of water,” he said.”


  • For a moment I thought you were describing Winnie Mandela the deceased ex-wife of Nelson Mandela of South Africa who turned out to be a Charlatan and tyrant among her own black people who worshipped her.(Quote)

    Are we living in a parallel universe? Is this the Winnie Mandela who for 27 years had to battle against the savagery of white South African police and the treachery of black people planted by BOSS to incriminate her in criminality.
    Are you talking about the woman who remained loyal to her imprisoned husband for all those years, the best years of her life, only to be dumped by him on his release on the basis of rumour and gossip?
    The heroine of the South African revolution, was not Nelson, but Winnie Mandela. History will be fairer to her.


  • Northern
    I am now catching. I am not missing anything.


  • Bandwagon guy now reporting for duty..

    Good job WARU.
    I followed the OC number and here are my findings. Look at the Filing History tab… Vaseline anyone

    Previous company names
    Name Period
    WHITE OAK COLLECTIONS LLP 25 Nov 2014 – 12 May 2016
    WHITE OAK ADVISORY LLP 08 Jul 2009 – 25 Nov 2014


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Can anyone say that the HOAX is not registered at FCA for money laundering, lol

    Can’t remove everything, it’s on their website…it’s an agency…that regulates, they tell you who is not regulated for money laundering, anyone can access the info.


  • Filing History – some pdf files
    Seem like Espinosa has a no-show job…
    31 Dec 2018 Accounts for a dormant company made up to 31 March 2018
    26 Sep 2018 Compulsory strike-off action has been discontinued
    25 Sep 2018 First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off
    24 Sep 2018 Confirmation statement made on 8 July 2018 with no updates
    08 Mar 2018 Total exemption full accounts made up to 31 March 2017
    29 Dec 2017 Previous accounting period shortened from 31 March 2017 to 30 March 2017
    23 Aug 2017 Notification of David Nagoski as a person with significant control on 6 April 2016 ******
    22 Aug 2017 Notification of White Oak Ventures Limited as a person with significant control on 6 April 2016
    22 Aug 2017 Cessation of Juan Sebastian Espinosa as a person with significant control on 7 July 2017 ****


  • 20 years of experience??? At what?


  • Today was another good day for Barbados under the best government the country has ever had.

    Barbados is no longer on the EU blacklist. The IMF praises Barbados as a model of excellence.

    WARU can rave as much as she wants. I look forward to another 30 years under the rule of our beloved Prime Minister. I keep wondering why the merchants in the capital don’t sell Mia portraits for the study or Mia stickers for the car.



    “On completion of that review, the island would receive a further US$49 million, bringing the total money borrowed under the programme to US$98 million.


    ” Van Selm said the reform of state-owned enterprises through increased reporting and “shedding” of excess staff all contributed to this. Meanwhile the IMF continues to monitor the progress of negotiations with external creditors.”


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Acting like if i hired WHITE HOAX….

    …….i did not.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Guess who i don’t want to be NOW or EVER.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Ah too love to SEE A HAUNTING..

    BLP…being HAUNTED

    DLP…being HAUNTED

    all because they are bothe CORRUPT…




  • The straw grasping…🤔. Who was fined as recently as 2 days ago for forex rigging and many times before?

    Anyhow, the short time in which the government hired WO has been a bone of contention for the pickanoisettes. The Syriza Party won the elections in Greece on 25 January 2015 and by 31 January, Lazard was hired. Lazard also advised on the bail out in 2012. Wunna feel there was a public tender?🤣🤣

    By the way, in 2017 Greece hired the financial advisory group Rotschild & Cie to help Greece return to the bond markets.🤔


  • Banks fined €1bn by EU for currency rigging
    16 May 2019

    Five banks have been fined €1.07bn (£935m) by the European Commission after traders clubbed together to rig the foreign exchange market.

    Four banks in the “Banana Split” cartel – Barclays, RBS, Citigroup and JP Morgan – were fined €811m in all.

    Three banks in the “Essex Express” cartel – Barclays and RBS again, plus MUFG – were fined €258m.

    A sixth bank, UBS, was excused financial penalties for revealing the cartels’ existence.

    The European Commission said the market-rigging took place from 2007 to 2013.

    The Commission’s investigation, which began in September 2013, revealed that some individual foreign exchange traders, using online chatrooms, exchanged trading plans and occasionally co-ordinated their trading strategies.

    ‘Legacy matter’
    Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said the banks’ behaviour “undermined the integrity of the sector at the expense of the European economy and consumers”.

    RBS said its €249m share of the fines was “fully covered by existing provisions”. Barclays also said it had set aside money to cover the fine.

    Similar fines for manipulating the currency markets were imposed in 2014 by UK, US and Swiss regulators.

    Image copyrightAFP
    Image caption
    Margrethe Vestager was critical of the banks’ behaviour
    UBS, which escaped the latest fines, said: “This is a legacy matter where UBS was the first bank to disclose potential misconduct. We’ve made significant investments to further strengthen our control framework since then and are pleased this matter is resolved.”

    But the matter may not end there. Lambros Kilaniotis, a partner at City-based law firm RPC, said the Commission’s announcement was “an open invitation for parties who may have been impacted by these cartels to sue these banks”.

    “If they haven’t already, any party involved in forex trading, such as institutional investors, pension funds and large corporates, should now be reviewing what losses they have incurred,” he added.

    Circles of trust
    “Most of the traders participating in the chatrooms knew each other on a personal basis,” said the Commission.

    “For example, one chatroom was called Essex Express ‘n the Jimmy because all the traders but ‘James’ lived in Essex and met on a train to London.

    “Some of the traders created the chatrooms and then invited one another to join, based on their trading activities and personal affinities, creating closed circles of trust.”

    Other chatrooms used included Semi Grumpy Old Men, Two and a Half Men and Only Marge.

    Information that the traders exchanged related to:

    Outstanding customers’ orders (names of clients, currencies and amounts involved)
    Prices applicable to specific transactions
    Open risk positions in different currencies
    Other details of current or planned trading.
    Their chats “enabled them to make informed market decisions on whether to sell or buy the currencies they had in their portfolios and when”, the Commission said.


  • The Salemites and pickanoisettes are full comic relief. One rushes to point out that WO is not registered under the money laundering regulations. The link clearly says certain companies are required to register, is WO such a firm according to the regulations? Please explain for BU readers.

    In what are the principals experienced, The-O-Gas asks. One of the two individuals worked at the Economist Intelligence Unit, Fitch, UBS and Houlihan Lokey. The other, the US Treasury and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Most importantly, both worked on sovereign debt restructuring, including Belize, St.Kitts, Seychelles, Grenada and Iceland as WO. But we are willing to listen to a retired Senior Editor of the FT and wunna waan tell me that all yuh ain’t disingenuous?🤣🤣🤣


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog


    don’t fear, there is an end to all of this, ask Donville..


  • Was it not acknowledged that the requirements for Barbados to follow came after the announcement to blacklist? Thought the PM in her budget presentation listed the timelines which she read from her phone. The blogmaster is willing to be corrected.


  • Exposure to semi-illiteracy and comedy, most definitely!!🤣🤣🤣


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog


    am loving it from the personal angle, a barrel of laughs, until unsealed indictments are handed down, ask Donville.


  • WARU, Crazy & Unstable, Hogging the Blog

    Do i know how to break up a party or what??? lol, lol..


  • The Salemites can turn their attention to Lee Buchheit now. Start searching for info to discredit him. Run along.🤣🤣


  • Just the sight of sunlight puts me in a wonderful mood. I will open my blinds, but seeing the sunlight fighting to enter my home tells me it will be a beautiful day.

    And seeing a contribution from Enuff, sets the blood pumping and moves the brain into a higher gear… Let the googling begins,

    Have a great day Barbados.

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  • Your comments are too short.. More questions than answers
    This page show the places where he did some work on restructuring.
    (1) Can you provide the names of the 7 places that White Hoax did their restructuring
    2) His name was not mentioned before, but I see Barbados is on the list of places he advised. Can you explain his relationship with white Hoax
    (3) Can you explain what White Hoax is doing for US $27 million
    4) Is his pay in $27 million or that is a next set of money to be disclosed
    and finally
    (*5) Have we met your expectations


  • I hope you realize that the new info you provided discredits White Hoax.

    The truth cannot Be used to support a lie.


  • Well, am sure there will come a time when some will be unable to swallow food and their bowels will turn to liquid..

    Just as they deserve.



  • They are missing the part where, no one is gunning for us semiliterates of the Salemite variety.😜😜😜😜😜😜

    😜…..we ain’t tief NUTTING…and we ain’t set up a FELLA..😜😜😜😜



  • The-O-Gas
    I feel for you!! ALL sovereign debt restructuring exercises have financial and legal advisors. Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton has advised Greece, Argentina, Belize (with WO), Grenada (with WO) and Iceland (with WO). The PM did say she goes for the best and have done so. Wunna lucky the government don’t use operatives, with inside info to work this blog. 🤣🤣🤣


  • Wait…yall ain’t getting anywhere these days with ya yardfowls on BU..who would have thought, maybe yall too dumb..

    ..are you threatening someone on BU??? ya can always send out snipers AGAIN…….may we bring ours tooooooo???

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  • “Wunna lucky the government don’t use operatives, with inside info to work this blog. ‘”

    Piece..the threat….what do you think we should do about this THREAT???


  • Look negros…last warning…..when ya at the seat of government and making all these elaborate, grandiose delusional plans to rob ya own people blind…because they elected you to government…just remember…a title given you by the people only serves to make you …A NEGRO WITH A TITLE…revisit ya history..


  • Ah know yall have 15 second attention spans…so watch the video twice and you will actually SEE YASELVES…

    you are the EVIL NEGROS…who collude to rob ya own black population and their beneficiaries…their land and money..

    you rob their future generations…ya continue to collude to steal from ya OWN..

    It’s obvious that West African descendant you touched when no one called you to do so, you caused something by your own dirty actions…ya can’t stop TIEFING FROM YA OWN PEOPLE…ya know what ya did..

    and all ya WILL EVER REMAIN…are NEGROS with titles, given you by the BLACK people you continue to ROB.


  • Insider information? Would that be on the matters being discussed or on the bloggers? If it is insider information on the matters then they should really use operatives who have it. It would inform the discussion.

    I for one, speak only to the issues as per what I read in the newspapers and so attacking me, if one is indeed interested in my opinion as a voter, should not be a tool contemplated by the Government. And so if that is done I would have all the evidence I need to make a judgment on the motives of this Government.

    Answer me with your insider information! As long as it is not misinformation, it’s all good!


  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Stop the droppings and feed us reaL information…
    Are you saying that in addition to the 27M there are other costs we are not aware of (government WILL cut a separate check for this guy)?
    Or are you saying White Hoax paid this guy? Or are you trying to divide that 27M by six and not by 2??
    Inquiring minds want to know..

    .”Wunna lucky the government don’t use operatives, with inside info to work this blog.”
    They are not paying you? I would not pay you either,… too little work and confusing information


  • Yall won’t stop lying to the people..

    …ya wont address the corruption…by locking up the corrupt

    ….continue dancing around the word corruption and calling it something else

    Continue to pretend…all yall don’t have offshore accounts.just like DLP THIEVES..


  • Ah guess yall can’t LIE ENUFF to convince anyone anymore…and am sure that includes…THOSE WHOM YALL SET UP over the last 4 decades….


  • Frauds always eventually expose themselves, especially yardfowl frauds.


  • @ Waru

    Thanks for posting expose of this corrupt Pastor OF A cHURCH and BLP Campaign Manager FOR ONE OF ITS CONSTITUENCIES.


    This is further proof that ALL has broken down in Barbados IN 2019.



  • Don’t care how they try to hide it and fool the public, they can’t.


  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • #laughofshame

    but wait…there is more..

    ah trying to remember who sang……”AND WHEN THE RIGHT TIME COME”


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