Nation Publishing MUST Do Better

There is the saying often posted in this space that the price of freedom (democracy) is eternal vigilance. A necessary component to safeguarding our freedom (democracy) is a relevant media. An extract from The Role of Media in Democracy: A Strategic Approach authored by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) states:-

A free, objective, skilled media is an essential component of any democratic society. On the one hand, it provides the information which the polity require to make responsible, informed decisions. On the other, it performs a “checking function” ensuring that elected officials uphold their oaths of office and campaign promises and that they carry out the wishes of the electorate.

The blogmaster is reminded everyday since March 2007 when Barbados Underground (BU) went live on the WordPress platform the importance of a relevant media. We recall the VOB Sunday Brasstacks show when social commentator and retired hotelier Adrian Loveridge was forced to contribute to the program from a separate studio because it was the condition for the participation of former Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch.

During one of last week’s VOB’s Brasstacks shows the blogmaster was again reminded of the naked manipulation of traditional media by a caller (was it you William?) who questioned the Nation Publishing company’s decision to anoint Khaleel Kothdiwala a columnist to replace Dr. Kristina Hinds. The caller’s simple and well articulated logic was – with the BLP in total control of the Lower House, why select Khaleel who is a BLP card carrying member. It does not mean Khaleel lacks the capacity to share a perspective on a myriad topics, however, making Khaleel a columnist ensured the leading publishing house in the country slammed the door on an opportunity to improve vigilance in our democracy.

This is not a personal attack on Khaleel, he obviously is an intelligent young man who is committed to be a BLP sponsored politician. And it is his right, to align with a political party of his choice. This is an attack on the Nation Publishing for allowing itself to be manipulated directly or indirectly into making Khaleel a columnist. We may speculate this is the Nation Publishing being opportunistic by contracting a young man whose star is rising or that ‘someone’ made a telephone call.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Investigative Journalism or Repeat Reporting

Submitted by Chefleur

In a Sunday Nation Article of 2020 – Next Friend not happy her case is thrown out – I reported some anomalies in an elder abuse case in the High Court in Barbados particularly the difficulty in getting the relevant agencies to respond.

First of all,  I initiated that article in a social media group intending to do my independent reporting because I was long disillusioned with the negative slant of the Nation Newspapers’ reporting.  I was, however, contacted by the Nation Report-Or about it since it was shared with her by a colleague involved in elder abuse also. I sent my typed article via email.

I never stated that I was the Next Friend. I couldn’t have since I am no blood relative of the elder.  That’s the hasty conclusion the Report -OR or her Edit-OR who jumped to in an effort to sensationalize a serious issue and increase sales.  They only know one thing.

Having merely scanned my complaint then listened to Lashley’s diatribe, the Report-OR went to press without further investigations.  Had she gotten off of her hefty laurels and visited the Registry and read the file and made a sound analysis of the legal case and the outcome such nonsense would not have been sold to the Barbados public. 

Further, she would have had on record that Lashley was not the Attorney who represented the family in the case and instead would have gone and gotten comments from the representing Attorney.  She would also have had even a copy of that first Order that was made and signed by the Judge.

Too often, Nation Reporters are printing lopsided and ridiculously subjective opinions on matters that should be given more serious attention and scholarship.  Elder abuse is not your daily Soap Opera.

So one year later this issue has arisen in another country in the Region and the Nation Newspapers and its Report-OR is being held to scrutiny.  How different is the legal outcome versus that rubbish?

So my assignment for the Report-Or is to visit the Registry, get the file and write a propper article on the outcome of that elder abuse case that was treated under the Mental Health Act. Find out what because of the Order the judge made and signed.

Journalism is in a crisis in Barbados.

The Phartford Files: Nation Newspaper Editor Calls on Church for ‘Help’

The editor begins by affirming that Barbados “continues to be a predominantly Christian society” and alludes to evidence of the same in the national anthem. To his or her credit, the editor makes it clear that the church is NOT the building or structure but the people who worship there. For pointing out this, we must thank the editor. Why so? Because not even some church goers understand this!

So let me elaborate on the editor’s point: the word “church” comes from the Greek word “ecclesia” from which we get the word “ecclesiastical” which means basically “having to do with the church”. Therefore, it is sometimes used as a synonym for “religious” or “clerical” or for “church” itself.

The original meaning of “ecclesia” then is, “the called out ones” which means the people (that have been called out as disciples). It is not the building. The point is very well taken.

Church Response to Covid-19
To be fair to the “church”, early on in the covid-19 pandemic, several ministers did indicate that the church is the people and therefore, continued offering services to those people online with Zoom and other technologies.

One of the reasons why many church goers do not even understand the point made above about the church is because simple things like these get overlooked in church meetings or assemblies because it is assumed that people know. Too many churches are more concerned about “preaching” (which usually means “shouting”) and less about “teaching”.

Most assemblies spend the bulk of their time in helping members, especially new ones, understand WEIGHTIER spiritual matters such as the meaning of salvation, the work of the Holy Spirit in guiding believers and the afterlife, to name a few.

Some assemblies also spend time in trying to build a church community and the more resourced assemblies try to help the surrounding communities. I have been a member of such an assembly so I am not speculating or guessing.

The editor devotes a whole paragraph to asking a “barifull” [?] of questions about the response of the church to the covid-19 pandemic. Clearly he or she is not asking about how the church organized for the “continuity of worship” for “services” during the covid-19 pandemic. Rather, the editor seems more concerned about the ESCHATOLOGICAL issues surfaced by the covid-19 pandemic.

Eschatology is “a branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or of humankind”. This includes teachings about “judgement and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind”. In other words, the editor wants the church’s help in understanding the meaning of covid-19 in the context of the final destiny of mankind!

Pandemic Fears
This is not surprising at all. Sales of bibles escalated especially in the early days of the pandemic. Why? Because most people in Christian societies have already heard, PERHAPS MORE THAN ONCE, that humanity is set to have a rendezvous with the man whom God has appointed to both Judge and Rule the World, Jesus Christ himself. So naturally they thought this was “the end of the world” and got scared!

Perhaps they thought that by buying a Bible, even reading it, that it would “save them”. Now that is very funny! Why not go and buy a book on rocket science and ergo find work at NASA? See how ridiculous and hypocritical this is?

I know you think I am being overly sarcastic but if that is what is necessary to get people to wake up, expect more of the same!

Church’s Work Clear
For years “churches” in this country have been “open” (=not under lock down) and for years “the church” has spent endless effort, time and money trying to bring the gospel to this nation. Every radio station in Barbados carries at least one religious programme every single day of the week. All of these are paid for one way or another. Several carry programmes or “services” on TV. All of these have to be paid for.

All this has been going on, yet on average, church congregations are getting smaller! Now a covid-19 pandemic hits and suddenly everybody wants the church to be open and to “rise to the occasion!” To do what, exactly? Console people who have put their faith in “the government” or in “horses and chariots” or their job? I know I am sounding harsh but hold onto your seahorses for a minute because I am going somewhere with this!

Christian Society?
Let’s cycle back to the beginning, dear editor. What do you and Barbadians mean by the expression; “Barbados is a predominantly Christian society”? I challenge you to respond on this blog.

I can tell you what it CANNOT mean! I CANNOT mean that this is a society of people who have heard the gospel and responded to it as required, by which I mean, in summary, the following:
1. Acknowledged that we are sinners
2. Acknowledged that Jesus Christ died for our sins.
3. Acknowledged that Christ’s way is the ONLY way out of God’s judgment on sin.
4. ACCEPTED the sacrificial work on the cross even if you do not understand fully understand all its divine legal (yes legal!) and other ramifications.
5. Submitted to the inner work of the Holy Spirit that begins once you have accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour and Ruler.
Some people call the above being “born again”. I am not particularly fond of religious clichés but if that helps, so be it.

Great Commission
Dear editor, the message of the above is what the church has been “preaching in season” (=no pandemic) and “out of season” (=in the covid-19 pandemic season). That is its mission given by Jesus Christ himself!
[Jesus speaking] Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matt 28:19 [New International Version]
I tell you dear editor, that if we stop preaching this gospel, the very rocks and heavens and the seas will cry out harder (they are crying now) and tell you this message in their own way!

The church is not a social club, although it would appear to be so for some DENOMINATIONS.

Does that mean we do not care about people’s bodies, family life, poverty etc? Absolutely not! The same Jesus who preached “Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” is the same Jesus who healed the sick, cast out demons, feed 5,000 one way and 4,000 another way and still had food left over! Comprehensive ministry, Mr / Ms Editor! Spirit, soul and body!

And that power of provision demonstrated by Christ is what true Christians (I make no apology for that phrase!) experience BECAUSE THEY HAVE OBEYED THE GOSPEL!
[Jesus speaking Sermon on the Mount]
Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. Matthew 6:33 [New Living Translation]
When people were being laid off in the covid-19 pandemic, my son got a job! Needless to say I reminded him at every opportunity about this provision and how grateful he ought to be. Every day I start out by giving thanks for being on “the wake up list” once again and for all the provision around me. I don’t take it for granted!

If you think we have problems, consider the problems of the people in China, as the evil communist government there unravels under the might of the awesome weapons of the heavens and the gathering military forces of the west whose every existence (including ours in Barbados) the CCP has endangered by unleashing the covid-19 virus! If you are not up to speed on China see my blog entry here:

Media Dropped the Ball
While we are here dear Editor, why has your newspaper not reported on the CCP and its shenanigans vis-a-vis the pandemic? Why are people in Barbados so uninformed about the complicity of the WHO in the cover up and the spread of Covid-19 in the west? Why are the alternative narratives re. the wearing of masks not dilated in the media? Whose job was it that to report these things? I challenge to you to respond to these these charges on this blog so we can freely debate them!

Anyone Christian who is au fait with Bible prophecy can help you understand where covid-19 fits into the overall plan for the human race. But you dropped the ball in NOT reporting all sides of the issue!

Doers not Hearers
No dear editor, what people need to focus on is DOING what the Bible says: “Repent”. That is an action word; it did not say “know” as important as that is. It says: “Repent”. Therein lies the problem of this so-called “Christian society”; it is a hearer of the word and not a doer.

The people in Noah’s day heard him speak about the coming flood. For 120 years! They heard, so they knew! They scoffed and they jeered until the rain started to fall and Noah and his family entered the ark. As they say, the rest is history. That is why Jesus said this prophetically while here on Earth:
Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man. They were eating and drinking and marrying and being given in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. Luke 17: 26 – 27 [English Standard Version].
By the way, the remnants of Noah’s ark have been found! I publicized this on the blog many months ago. But here it is again:

I hope this was helpful Ms./Mr. Editor although I have lots more to say on the issues you have raised. But I’ll leave you with this:

If you think the covid-19 pandemic was/is a problem, you may not want to know what is coming next! This is what the church should be proclaiming at this time! And if that is what you are thinking, you are absolutely right!

The Church and Covid-19 is the title of the editorial in this Wednesday’s (mid-week) edition of the Nation Newspaper. I find the editor’s outpouring absolutely fascinating so I could not resist the temptation to respond.

Submitted by Ironside



Yellow Journalism Alive at Fontabelle

In the social media world it is referred to as click bait, not sure of the equivalent in the dead tree world.

A few weeks ago the BU blogmaster was critical of the Sunday Sun editor for offending the sensibilities of many Bajans by inserting a picture of Peter Wickam and partner on the front page. The objective of report was to share the news a prominent local person had taken a husband? There was reference to a marriage to further irritate.

Today the Sunday Editor repeated poor judgment by introducing as front page news a disagreement between late Prime Minister David Thompson’s wife Mara and her mother in law Margaret Knight. It seems like a story traditional media should have left for the blogs to rumble with. Truth be told circulation is flagging and money makes the world go around.

A more worthy angle would have been to inquire from Mara Thompson when her husband’s will was probated and to confirm if she is the beneficiary of tens of millions largely derived from her late husband’s servicing of the CLICO account. This is a matter of national import given the hundreds of CLICO policyholders poorer for purchasing CLICO product. Instead the Sunday Sun preferred to share the news that Mara Thompson turned her back on the 88 year old mother in law by refusing to pay her rent.

What would the late David Thompson say if he were alive to see his mother spurned by Mara?

Sun 1





Innotech Issues Pre-Action Letter to Nation Newspaper RE: Paul Clifford

Paul Clifford

The late Paul Clifford

We write with reference to an article published in today‘s Sunday Sun and also republished online in the e-edition of the Nation newspaper as well as on its social media platforms. The article is potentially defamatory of our client for the reasons set out below, and at the minimum, is false…

See two documents issued by Innotech to the Nation Newspaper on 17 March 2019:








Open Letter to Media Practitioners

 Submitted by an Anonymous blogger

arbados Association of Journalists and Media Workers (BARJAM)1

Journalism in Barbados is dead and unfortunately no one seems to know when it died. Was it one single event or a series of events? Perhaps we can point our fingers to defamation laws or perhaps we can point our fingers at the close ties between the media and the government or maybe it is the business class. You don’t think journalism is dead? Let me show you why I think it is.

Apes Hill

In 2015 the Apes Hill project owned by Bizzy Williams borrowed 25 million from the NIS “Dat is the people pensions.” Apes Hill has since “defaulted” on this debt  according to the upper echelons of NIS with not so much as a blink of an eye. I’m just a nobody and know this, I have alerted the various political parties and they seem unbothered, whispered in the ears of the media and they seem unbothered.

This article isn’t about “poor” Bizzy though so let me continue, hopefully a journalist can interview him and ask him if he even plans on returning the money. But moving on…

Corruption Allegations

In like every year since independence allegations of corruption existed ? Honestly I’m not old enough to know or remember, but it feels that way. The BLP elite fan the flames of allegations, while stating there is evidence of over-invoicing and other questionable practices, but somehow not enough to bring anyone before the court. They are playing a dangerous political game and any reasonable journalist would ask about the evidence or stop writing about it. For example you allege to have evidence of various overpaid lawyer fees yet fail to bring it to court? Surely the government has access to not only to the old paper trail, but also to the bank accounts of government to generate new statements. I’m sure a journalist can figure this out, so what is the issue?

Alternatives to Defaulting?

From my extensive research as a non journalist countries don’t default on their debt; it is exceedingly rare. From the Washington Post to The Economist that point is reiterated over and over again. My simple journalistic question is this;

“If a country goes to the IMF to improve its creditworthiness, why default and then go to the IMF?”

Let me ask that a different way, what sense would it make publicly telling your bank that you are are going to refinance and their is nothing they can do about it (defaulting) and then hoping that a future bank or lender would want your business.

Journalism Under DLP rule

Before some partisan person states that I have DLP bias I should perhaps state that journalism under the DLP was equally as woeful. The only thing I’m thankful for is that the media really did their job in helping to oust the persons who brought the economy and country to its knees. Perhaps one could argue that journalism wasn’t dead in the months leading up to elections, the media struck back? So kudos to the media there for that small victory, however if the media were perhaps doing their job the economy wouldn’t have gotten so bad and perhaps we wouldn’t even had had the DEMs again in 2013, but alas that is history.

Investigating, shaping the minds of the public  

Perhaps the media houses had too much control in any case and this dilution of power is a good thing and the tradeoff is simply shoddy journalistic standards as the media can no longer afford to retain the best talent. Perhaps we need more civic minded persons to write and speak out or perhaps only experts not auditors speaking out as economists or politicians speaking out as professionals beyond their scope. I don’t have all the answers so don’t mind me either for I’m not a journalist.

P.S. Advocate, Nation or Barbados Today(pretty sure Barbados Today wished a reporter recently) I apply to be a journalist as of mid October 2018 Terms and Conditions apply. Perhaps I can contribute in some small way.

2nd P.S. Freelance only ! I don’t wish my NIS going to well never mind.


Humble farmer

Senator Caswell Franklyn Fired by the Nation Newspaper

The blogmaster regrets to share the news that Senator Caswell Franklyn was dismissed this week (12 June 2018) from the role as a columnist at the Nation Publishing Company. Senator Franklyn has established a reputation as a  social commentator who is never afraid to challenge kith or kin. One would have thought given the paucity of Opposition in the House of Assembly the Nation newspaper would have seen the benefit in giving a platform to one of two Opposition Senators in a configuration where the Lower House is represented 29 to 1 and the Governor General had to exercise a razor thin judgement to appoint the leader of the Opposition.

The blogmaster hates the idea that the Senator was fired because he was critical of the government in his one and only column as an Opposition Senator.

BIM Sidelined Once Again by the Nation Newspaper and Demands Apology

Submitted by Candidate for St. Michael West, Neil a. Holder, POLITICAL LEADER, Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM)

Neil Holder, Leader of the BIM

Reference is drawn to an article of April 1st, 2018 at pages 22A & 23A written by Mr. Barry Alleyne.

Our concerns are the fact that the representative of the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) and Candidate Neil Holder has been omitted from any mention in the stated article.

Furthermore, while it is widely known within the constituency that the Candidate Neil Holder which represents BIM is ever present, he is also the political leader of the party!

We find this purposeful omission to be of a political nature and therefore does not hold fast to professional and objective journalism expected in 2018.

Of further concern is the fact that the constituency of St. Michael West starts at Hindsbury Road and proceeds onto Roebuck Street, Country Road, Passage Road, Westbury Road, President kennedy Drive, Spring Garden, Deacons Road, Goodland Main Road, Bridge Gap, Black Rock, Eagle Hall, Bank Hall Main Road, Sobers Junction onto Hindsbury once more. This means that the sample of the constituency taken by the said journalist Mr, Barry Alleyne has been confined to less than 1/4 of the constituency.

In this regard, it appears very inconsistent with what may be deemed as best practices for adequate and objective journalism for future election coverage. Much is left to be considered!!!

The fact remains that earlier this year the Nation Newspaper also carried an article which referred to the Political Parties that will contest the 2018 General Election where the same Journalist again omitted to mention the Barbados Integrity Movement. However in that article, the said journalist made reference to the Candidate for St. Peter as the representative of the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance (NBKA) even after a public announcement that Apostle. Lynroy Scantlebury had merged the NBKA with the BIM to be recognised as the BIM for all future intents and purposes!

We find this behaviour to be grossly erroneous and disingenuous by nature and therefore devoid of INTEGRITY!

We are therefore demanding a public apology from the Nation Newspaper in this regard.

Former Editor-in-Chief Roy Morris Accuses Nation Newspaper Maguffies of Exerting ‘Pressure’

The following was posted to his Facebook wall today by former editor-in-chief of the Nation newspaper Roy Morris.

Roy Morris, former Editor-in-Chief, Nation Newspaper

When I left the Nation in January I promised myself I would not get involved in any of the “politics” of the Nation — unless I believed the actions of the organisation or any of its agents compelled me to defend myself personally or professionally. Alas, I now feel so compelled.

Over the weekend I was accosted, in a “friendly” way, by an operative of the DLP who wanted to know how come I was hostile to the Prime Minister and my successors now have to work to clean up relations. This was in apparent reference to some correspondence sent to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart by the hierarchy of the Nation newspaper, seeking to pay a courtesy call on him to “understand how we could foster a smooth relationship”. This would have to be the height of political dishonesty.

So let me put some facts on the table. I returned to the Nation in September 2013, fully recognising that the bad relations between the Prime Minister’s office (and/or the PM himself) predated me. The number of defamation suits pending and the instructions I received to bring about an immediate improvement spoke to this. I may not have a lot of things, but I do believe that I am respected for my work as a journalist and media manager, and holding on to this means everything to me.

Against this background, and while trying to bring about improvement from my end, I sought through Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler to initiate a discussion with the PM. I wanted to invite him to address our monthly Editorial Forum in the newsroom as a start. After some time Sinckler suggested I solicit the assistance of the PM’s information officer at BGIS, Sharon Austin Gill Moore, who I had some hand in training as a journalist many years ago and with whom I have always maintained a genuine and close friendship.

Sharon arranged an audience with PM Stuart during a function at Ilaro Court and when I put the question to him he immediately agreed, but noted that a series of engagements meant it would be some time before he could fulfill the promise, but he definitely would.

As had been the case with all other Editorial Fora that I had arranged, I immediately informed my superiors and then announced at our next departmental meeting that the PM had agreed to be our guest. Much to my surprise, a few weeks later I was informed that those who mattered in the company, with two specific maguffies named, were not happy with the PM being invited to speak to staff. The apparent rationale was that he did not hold press conferences, did not speak to the country about the issues, was doing a bad job of running the country and that the public would believe we were being used by him. Now, Chris Sinckler addressed the forum and there was no problem, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite addressed it and there was no problem, Alvin Jemmott and Billy Griffith addressed it on tourism and there was no problem … and the list goes on. But for some reason I was supposed to withdraw the invitation to the Prime Minister.

I might be known as a lot of things, but weak is not one of them and so I refused to withdraw the invitation. The matter again came up at a subsequent meeting and I held my position. Once again, the names of those who have the power were invoked, but apparently I was too stubborn to fold. But it got worse, rather than providing a forum for the Prime Minister I was given a list of subjects that I was required to engage my reporters writing on. For the first time I was aware of having spent more than 25 years previously at the organisation, Editorial policy and content were to be determined outside of the newsroom.

These topics included:

  1. A look at state corporations that are behind with their annual reports and what the law requires of them.
  2. Look at the Auditor General’s reports for the last 5 or so years to see what are the recurring offences/complaints.
  3. An in-depth look at the financial state of the NIS and its various funds, with the implication of its heavy support of Government being juxtaposed.
  4. Look at the demographic make up of the country and the implications for tax collection and the support of social programmes in the future. This is premised on our so-called aging population, the decline of birth and the expectations of taxpayers given the number and level of services traditionally provided by the state.
  5. An objective analysis of Barbados current debt situation, local and foreign. What do the various commentators/experts say about this and the way Government is managing it. What are the implications for Barbados’ credit rating given the number of downgrades we have suffered in last decade.

Are these the same people who now seek to give the impression they want to know why relations between the Nation Newspaper, the PM, Government and DLP are so bad? Or that they want to see an improvement?
I have had reason in my column over the years to be critical of the PM, but I dare anyone to justify ascribing partisan political motives to my writing? Sorry folks, but I will not sit as the public face of any entity while others spin their webs in the background to suit their political king-making agendas.

I guess on reflection it is a compliment when you are called into a meeting and offered a separation package because “we have changes to make and your personality is too strong” for you to be the person in charge while those changes are being made.

I know I will return to this subject again. For now, Peace!!


The Daily Nation’s Continuous Poor Grammar

Submitted by A Fair and Balanced Douglas Leopold Phillips

Roy Morris, Editor-in-Chief, Nation Newspaper

Roy Morris, Editor-in-Chief, Nation Newspaper

I hate to return to this topic; and, although I may want to resist invoking his name, like the late Branford Taitt, these days, I am forced to read the Daily Nation (and the Sunday Sun) with a red-ink pen in one hand. I often tell my friends that the Barbados Advocate, especially the Sunday Advocate, is a far better newspaper – good stories, well researched articles and earnest commentaries

Now to the matter at hand. I saw this story in today’s online Daily Nation:

Shock as brothers die 2 days apart

by Lisa King, Nation News

AS THE JONES FAMILY plan a double funeral for two brothers who died suddenly in the space of two days, they are left with more questions than answers.

The Durant’s Road, Christ Church family are trying to muster enough strength to make funeral preparations for Shurland “Jonesy” Jones, 47, who died on December 2, and his older brother Henderson “Buck” Jones, 50, who passed away two days later.

Their sister Marlyne Jones, who spoke to the DAILY NATION yesterday, said the family was not expecting either death. In fact, she said both men were thought to be in good health and the family was therefore anxious for the autopsy reports to learn the causes. (LK)

Family is a collective noun, which carries a singular verb. So, in one instance it cannot have a plural verb and then a singular verb in the same story – see the highlights in red. Most of us know that collective nouns, like class, crew, band, crowd, gang, pack, board, bunch, group, etc. all carry a singular verb; but, not the Nation.

I guess some publications are more concerned with maximising circulation and profits, than being journalese-correct, factual, ethical and responsible.

Bad grammar, particularly where the subject doesn’t agree with the verb, is very pervasive in the local media.  Their seeming inability to use correct English is mind-boggling. For example, recently, the Nation and the Sunday Sun (following their overseas counterparts) were reporting things like: “Barbados are batting in their second innings”, “he said the Barbados Water Authority are dealing with the situation”, and “the Chairman assured the public that the Board are aware of the matter and are addressing it”.

Lots of reasons for me to again fall off my favourite chair with laughter. Where are the proof-readers? Poor fellows, they really don’t know better anyhow. Gladstone Holder and Jeanette Layne-Clarke must be turning over and over again in their graves.

But hey, the constant absence of subject and verb agreement is not the only common error being ‘perfected’ by them. They still wallow in poor syntax and gobbledegook as they continue their crusade to undermine this administration by daily highlighting shortcomings and so-called matters of national import, as well as outright trivia and partisan copy. Case in point: two Sundays ago, there was a news item pertaining to the NUPW’s Akanni McDowell receiving payment for the month of November despite having been asked to revert to his substantive post in October. The Sunday Sun’s ‘story’ while purporting to be a genuine news item was actually a blatant case of the reporter editorialising with subjective comment and personal opinion, and a few expected Ws thrown in to give it a semblance of authenticity and credibility. So RIDICULOUS! All the basic tenets of journalism went thrown out the window.

One only has to read their lead stories everyday.They give prominence to the “bad roads and potholes”, the “reduced Transport Board fleet, late buses, and people stranded in the bus terminals for hours on end”, “poorly maintained government buildings, sporting facilities and playing fields”, “leaking sewerage along the south coast”, “visitors turned-off by sewage overflow in St. Lawrence”, “continuous industrial action at both ports of entry”, “persistent water woes” (like we never experienced these situations before) and “threats by one Rosalind (‘shut-down-de-country’) Smith”, “the Hyatt Hotel issue and Town Planning permission”, “BUT and BSTU militancy”, and “environmental problems at Combermere and other schools”. Talk about a partisan, politician organ!!! The NATION, tip your hat, take a bow!

But, they won’t publicize: the thousands of tourists who arrive here daily; the 6 Condor, 6 Thomas Cook, 2 Virgin Atlantic, one BA,  and 2 Jet Blue flights that were on the tarmac yesterday afternoon at GAIA.  We are in for another record year for tourist arrivals. And, while we are at it,  what about the $M7 and other resources that were invested in our 50th anniversary of Independence celebrations that have redounded to our collective benefit in a BIG WAY. Many persons realized employment as the multiplier and trickle-down effects kicked-in.

Also, let’s remember the overwhelming  success of Jimmy Cornell’s Sailing and Yachting Events, including the return of the much sought after, annual Trans Atlantic Yacht Race. Scores of sailing vessels have been docking here in the Barbados Odyssey 50 since mid-year, and by next month close to100  would have called. Don’t forget the temporary partnership with the private waste haulers to clean up the “piles of garbage across the country” that the Nation was highlighting. The place is now free of the “pile-ups”. To date, that arrangement has been a resounding success. The de-bushing campaign to clean our highways and by-ways is now under way; and, by the way, Combermere is being made ready for the start of the next school term. Work is continuing there apace. Can’t the Nation at least mention these FACTS. Anyhow, enough said!

I usually try to desist from criticising my ‘friends’ in the media, but I get incensed sometimes at their ‘foul-ups, bleeps and blunders‘, as they persist with their non-stories and solecisms, on the one hand, while their editors, lead writers and columnists  adopt a holier-than-thou attitude and a partisan, political posture on the other. So, I can be forgiven for again jumping on my hobbyhorse.

David Comissiong Exposes Nation Newspaper Editorial

Submitted by Anthony Davis

David Comissiong

David Comissiong

SOME THINGS SHOULD best be  left alone, but there are others that must never be overlooked.

This is particularly true when contemptuous comments are made in public that may stir emotions among people who follow opinion leaders without thinking. Such is the case with the remarks delivered by political activist and pan-Africanist David Comissiong, who spoke on Monday during Emancipation Day activities.

On this occasion he seems to have picked one for which we dare say, even before he starts, that he is unlikely to get much support. We hold no brief for those behind Vision Development Inc., the developers of the resort, but to denounce it as being bad for the country makes absolutely no sense.

This project did not get the all-clear without meeting a range of stringent stipulations, whether environmental or structural. It will provide much-needed jobs, generate foreign exchange and benefit the economy in other ways. Barbadians and Barbados will be better off as a result.

The argument advanced by Mr. Comissiong that the stretch of beautiful beach at Browne’s Beach will be lost to Barbadians once the hotel is built there does  not add up. If that argument is applied logically then the same thing should happen in all of Carlisle Bay up to Needham’s Point. But, despite some may want or how they feel, beaches in Barbados are all public. That is our patrimony.

Mr. Comissiong should base his objection on other grounds. He should also appreciate that at a time when the Government is in dire financial straits that private sector investment in any and all sectors must be welcomed. –  Comissiong off target on Hyatt in the Midweek Nation dated 03 August, 2016

Methinks that you are the one who is way off target!

We cannot only look at selling out our birth right for tourism for 30 pieces of silver as the panacea for getting this country back on its feet.

No planning permission has been given yet, so how can you make the bold statement that “this project did not get the all-clear without meeting a range of stringent stipulations, whether environmental or structural”?

Did you have a peek at the documents which were to be handed in to Town & Country Planning, or did you just guess that permission would be forthcoming?

What foreign exchange will it generate if the money will be flying out as fast as it comes in, as the owners are foreigners?

The worst part of it will be the condos, as these require minimal maintenance and once again the money will be flying out as fast as it comes in, because the owners will all be foreigners.

Also, Mr./Mrs. Editorial writer, it has been stated by the owners that not one of the managerial jobs will be given to indigenous personnel which, in my opinion, is a sign of bigotry, and they should not be allowed to get away with that!

It would be interesting to know what sweetheart deal was struck with Hyatt!

We have hotels here struggling, whereas Sandals is enjoying the sweetest of sweetheart deals up to now, and all they are getting are promises from the Minister of Tourism, and the tax collector that they will “soon” get the same deal.

How can such an eyesore blend in with the Bethel Methodist church, and the St. Paul’s Anglican and Catholic churches?

How about the building which Mrs. Ram occupies? Will it also blend in with that?

Will the BDF help camouflage it?

UNESCO makes certain stipulations when it accords countries world heritage site accreditation. Bridgetown and its Garrison were made World Heritage sites because of the old buildings from the times of slavery. I do not think that erecting such a monstrosity in the heart of Bridgetown would please them in the least.

Some years ago they rescinded Dresden’s World Heritage Site accreditation because the Government had the bright idea of building a new bridge across the river there, when it was given its accreditation for similar reasons to Barbados – in this case because of the age of the buildings in that city.

No hotels should be built on Browne’s Beach, as we all know what can happen when hotels set up on the relative beaches. The beaches are ours – not the DLP’s, BLP’s nor any other government’s. Browne’s Beach is also used by many repeat visitors, so you would be depriving one set of tourists of a beach, so that the rich, the famous, and the bigoted can have their own little space in paradise.

Shall we wait until Barbados becomes like Majorca with so many ugly skyscrapers dotting its coast that one cannot see the sea for long stretches, and where many have stopped going, because people cannot find a beach where they are not laid out like sardines in a tin?

I think not!

In the Public Interest – A Musing Directed at Editor-in-Chief of the nation Newspaper Roy Morris

Roy Morris, Editor-in-Chief, Nation Newspaper

Roy Morris, Editor-in-Chief, Nation Newspaper

It would be a worthwhile exercise in determining how and why the Nation Publishing Group of Companies reported that the money was repaid? Was this primarily intended to embarrass and compromise Dr. Grant? We already know why Barbados Today will not be motivated to be prolix about the outcome of the case – Peter Harris and Sandy Crest Medical Centre Forced to Drop Charges Against the GrantsBarbados Underground

In his weekly column Editor in Chief of the Nation newspaper Roy Morris responded to a BU blog that was posted on the 12 July 2016 (see above) and widely shared on Facebook.  In that blog BU asserted that it was never declared during the Court Session that the 1/2 million dollars purported to have been stolen from Sandy Crest  by the Grants was repaid. It therefore continues to bother BU – a proud card carrying member of the non traditional media –  how was the Nation newspaper able to report the following:

When the matters came up for a final time last June 23, with a representative from the medical centre present, the Court heard that the money had been paid back. Magistrate Douglas Frederick then dismissed the charges.

After reading Morris’ long winded effort in his weekly column In the Public Interest the BU household is none the wiser about how the Nation newspaper was able to publish that the money was repaid. We are also intrigued by Morris’s explanation that the young Nation court reporter Tameisha Sobers followed up with officials of the court some time after June 23, 2016 when the case was heard to complete the less than 120 word story. Who are these officials of the court Mr. Morris?

We now turn our attention to the Deed of Release quoted by Roy Morris in his column to pose some questions about the case. BU is surprised Morris, an experienced journalist, would not have quoted from an interview with Dr. Malcolm Grant to clarify his concerns.

It is interesting to observe how you lot in the traditional media are able to hide behind the cloak of anonymous sources to support stories. More interesting was Roy Morris publishing from a document received by Barbados Underground on the 13 July 2016 that was incomplete even to the untrained legal eye. The story gets more interesting for BU when the Editor in Chief of the Nation newspaper AND former Editor in Chief of the Peter Harris newspaper Barbados Today includes the following in his article:

“drawn and prepared” by a most competent Queen’s Counsel by the name of Leslie Haynes.’’

For those who are unaware, Leslie Haynes is the lawyer who acted on behalf of the Peter Harris controlled Sandy Crest Medical Centre and who delivered the last words to Magistrate Douglas Frederick in open court that his client did not intend to pursue the matter against the Grants. Again, BU expresses curiosity as to how the Nation newspaper was able to secure what was listed in the Deed of Release.

There is no need to be prolix Editor in Chief Roy Morris, we know that you know where we are coming from.

Your move!

Peter Harris and Sandy Crest Medical Centre Forced to Drop Charges Against the Grants

GrantsnippetOn July 8, 2016, a Court decision made on June 23, 2016, some 15 days earlier, commanded less than 120 words on the Court pages of the Nation newspaper and barely a few seconds on the Voice of Barbados. In April 2012 the same Court matter was trumpeted far and wide by the Nation newspaper, Voice of Barbados and Barbados Today. The paucity of and delay in coverage regarding the dismissal of all charges against the Grants, has attracted the attention of Barbados Underground.

When it was first reported in April 2012 that medical doctor Malcolm Grant and his wife were charged with stealing 1/2 million dollars from Sandy Crest Medical Centre, BU’s immediate reaction was NO WAY! For those who do not know, Dr. Grant and his late wife solely established the parent company of Sandy Crest Medical Centre in October 2003, before inviting others, including Dr. Brian Charles, to participate in its ownership.

In the less than 120 words, the Nation newspaper editors committed to the story on July 8 (captured above) it caused alarm bells to go off in the BU household. The penultimate paragraph of the report states:-

When the matters came up for a final time last June 23, with a representative from the medical centre present, the Court heard that the money had been paid back. Magistrate Douglas Frederick then dismissed the charges.”

The traditional media, formally labelled the fourth estate, plays a very important role in sustaining an orderly society. Any sign that the traditional media has been compromised in its mandate must be prioritized by Barbadians. BU is satisfied the local media is compromised. We have seen the local media surrender to the advertiser and the political ruling class. For those who doubt BU check the CBC TV archives to view an interview with former president Emanuel Joseph of the now defunct Barbados Association Journalists. Coincidentally, Joseph is a reporter at the Peter Harris controlled Barbados Today.

If a member of the BU household was not following the Grant case closely, the less than 120 word report by the Nation newspaper and 10 second Voice of Barbados newscast would have passed unnoticed. Dr. Grant did not pay back money to Peter Harris and Sandy Crest, the case was dropped, end of story. It would be a worthwhile exercise in determining how and why the Nation Publishing Group of Companies reported that the money was repaid? Was this primarily intended to embarrass and compromise Dr. Grant? We already know why Barbados Today will not be motivated to be prolix about the outcome of the case.

Richard Lowdown Hoad: Open Letter to the Nation Newspaper

Submitted by Heather Cole

Submitted by Heather Cole

Dear Editor,

Having received no response from Mr. Hoad re his column of June 24th 2016, I must bring this matter to your direct attention, seeking a response to the email that was also sent to you. For ease of reference, Mr. Hoad’s article inferred that the actions of Mr. Mark Maloney of breaking the law were comparable to that of Rosa Parks who took a stance for her civil rights. Since that email, I was informed by others that this was not the first instance that Mr. Hoad had written racially sensitive information. This was also done in an article belittling Trayvon Martin’s death.

This is not an attempt to vilify the Nation Newspaper. For all I know those sentences or their meaning went unnoticed by the person who edited the article, making it an error for the newspaper to have published them. The non- response has therefore been deafening.

Your newspaper plays a pivotal role in shaping the minds of the people in our society. My desire is that the present and future generations will finally be free of the curses of slavery and that they will think positively of themselves. Black lives matter is as relevant in Barbados as it is in the USA. How can our people truly become free if our struggles and race are made fun of in Friday satirical banter? Those not so subtle reference will help keep our minds in chains.

I hope that you will respond to my concerns but more so that as a black person, I will not again have to suffer the indignity of reading a similar article.


Heather Cole.

“I Have Nothing to Say to the Nation Newspaper”

Leroy Parris declared he has a 5 million dollar deposit with the Central Bank of Barbados

Leroy Parris declared he has a 5 million dollar deposit with the Central Bank of Barbados

There is the feeling of déjà vu. To use the Bajan vernacular, the more things change, the more they remain the same. A brief article in the Nation newspaper yesterday [18 December 2016] must have jolted many who read it. In response to a journalist Maxine McClean, Minister of foreign affairs responded, “I have nothing to say to the Nation newspaper”.  The import of the statement …

Her statement followed that of Ambassador to the United Nations Tony Marshall a few days earlier who offered a similar curt “no comment” to the Nation newspaper in response to a question about why he has occupied the official residence in a plush area in New York.

BU is always concerned when a fissure appears in the relationship between key government players and the media. The BU household was motivated to launch this blog when VoB agreed to separate Adrian Loveridge from Minister of Tourism Barney Lynch in order to facilitate an interview at Lynch’s request. It is obvious the ‘government’ has an issue with the Nation newspaper although it has not been publicly expressed. When Delisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank had an issue with the Nation newspaper he displayed the courage to declare the reason, ignorant though it was.

The media plays a critical role in any society as a purveyor of news – the purpose of journalism is thus to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments. If key players in the government trivialize the role of the media it means the citizenry will be the poorer for it. Could it be that our political leaders do not care about educating the people? Now perish that thought!

What is scary is that we are shackled with the most taciturn government since Independence in 1966. It is therefore ‘interesting’ that the government has decided to champion all year activities to celebrate our 50th year of achieving Independence. The government does see the value in communicating with Barbadians about being an Independent nation, to educate the nation. It is fair to conclude therefore that the government’s  reluctance to share information about Cahill waste-to-energy, the CLICO Heist, Leroy Parris’ deposit of 5 million dollars with the Central Bank of Barbados, hold regular press conferences etc. is a careful manipulation of information to achieve a less than honourable outcome.

The challenge for the citizenry is to discover ways to pushback against obvious wicked practices by sons and daughters of the soil who hold high office. We have a situation playing out where our brothers and sisters have sold us up the river motivated by greed, power and a lot of ignorance.  The educated class we reasonably expected to lead the charge – having invested billions in education – have retreated to the comfortable life with its underpinnings supported by popular values and conspicuous consumption.  There is no appetite to defend and grow the Bajan identity. We have prostrated ourselves to embrace anything that is foreign.

We have no credible media to represent the people. What we have is a media easily manipulated by others.   What we have is a government who is upset when it experiences difficulty manipulating players in the media fraternity a al The BarbadosAdvocate.

What change what! It is  déjà vu.

Nation Newspaper Continues to Mislead

The following was sent to the Nation Newspaper by Minister Donville Inniss

Sanka Price taken to task by Minister Inniss

Nation Editor Sanka Price taken to task by Minister Inniss

Reference is made to an article appearing in your Nation Newspaper today which relates to matters before the Parliament of Barbados (Order Paper).

Under the caption on Page 5 Govt Seeking to raise record  $4B, you state, “When the House of Assembly returns from the Easter recess today at 10am, Government will be seeking to raise the highest amount of money ever – a record $4 billion – through the issue of Treasury Bills and tax certificates which is almost double the current level set two years ago.”

This is an erroneous statement. I am not sure if the error is due to the contents of the Order Paper or due to your newspaper misunderstanding of the laws of Barbados. However, by way of clarification, the Government is seeking Parliament’s approval to raise the loan limit to $4b (as opposed to borrowing $4billion).

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Central Bank and the Nation Newspaper – Bank Regulator and Media House

 Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

The Central Bank of Barbados respects and embraces freedom of the press and the importance of the dissemination of timely and accurate information and as such has not banned the Nation Corporation.

The front page of the Sunday Sun of May 11, 2014, carried the headline “Cut Off”. The Bank assures media practitioners in Barbados as well as the public at large that it will continue to keep all media houses fully abreast of all developments on economic and other pertinent matters which fall under its purview, including the Nation Publishing Company, as is normal.

The Nation Publishing Company will receive all Press Releases and other communications issued by the Central Bank, and all media houses and the general public have free access to the Central Bank’s website, where all our statements, reports, data and speeches, and all other publications are posted – Central Bank of Barbados Press Release

The decision by the Governor Delisle Worrell to ban Nation reporters from attending press conferences hosted by the Central Bank has generated a lot of public comment. BU held an ambivalent position up until  reading the above press release issue today by the Central Bank.

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Apes Hill ACCIDENT Incorrectly Given Prominence by the Nation Newspaper

Apes HiReading the Nation report last week on a regrettable accident at Apes Hill Polo Club where a Canadian minor on a visit to Barbados with his parents got struck by a polo ball and injured, should make us reflect on the effect that unwarranted personal injury litigation American style is having on caring individuals and organisations. In fact BU is left to ponder why the Nation editor felt compelled to promote the story as if Barbadians are the most heartless lot to be found anywhere.

Bajans have always known that if they are spectators at a cricket game and get hit by a ball, there is no fault as they have consented to the risk by attending the game. If they park their car longside the ground and it gets hit, it is their risk. But most Bajans would go to help if anyone was injured. And BU finds it impossible to believe that this is not exactly what happened at Apes Hill. It is, after all, our nature as a people and we do not believe that the “walk on by and ignore” culture of the USA has yet reared its head in Barbados. Based on the Nation report an ambulance stationed at Apes Hill transported the injured boy to Sandy Crest medical facility after a mishap unrelated to the incident.

BU has been apprised the legal implications also are very clear. There is no negligence and no case to answer. Volenti non fit injuria (consent to the risk) applies in context of a sporting event, not only from the point of view of players, but also of spectators. The authority is Wooldridge v Sumner & Anor [1963] 2 QB 43.

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Barbados Labour Party MPs Questioned by Police – Freedom of Expression Under Threat?

Three Barbados Labour Party (BLP) members of parliament were questioned today by the police in connection with a Nation newspaper story penned by Barry Alleyne. The story based on a Voice of Barbados report has to do with coverage of the Opposition walk out of parliament in July 2013.

Response to JAMAICA GLEANER: EDITORIAL – Barbadian Press Blunder

Submitted by Fair Play

The Gleaner said to have "fraternal relations" with the Nation newspaper.

The Gleaner said to have “fraternal relations” with the Nation newspaper.

Yesterday, The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper rushed to the defence and support of the Nation newspaper, with which, by its own admission, it has “fraternal relations”. However, right thinking Barbadians, as well as those knowledgeable Jamaicans living here, should point out to the Gleaner that, unlike some other countries – that will remain nameless – the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in Barbados is a strictly independent one. So, to raise the bogeyman of political interference is total poppycock, and does not befit a reputable newspaper as The Gleaner. Wrong is wrong, regardless of who does it. Enough said on that score.

Now, the same Gleaner newspaper ought to remember that, just a few decades ago, one of its outstanding editors, the late J C Proute, warned its readers against such lecherous and off-colour reporting.  In one of his weekly columns, and subsequently during a guest lecture at the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) in 1980, JC termed such acts “journalistic gaucherie”.

The Gleaner’s spurious argument that “the faces of the minors engaged in the sexual act (were) blurred and unrecognisable”, hence it was ok to publish the picture, is nonsensical. The salient point is that photo was accompanied by (juxtaposed against) the most graphic, detailed and explicit account of the sex act. Nothing was left to the imagination. PLAIN PORNOGRAPHY!

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Roy Morris (and his gun) is Back

Submitted by Nomen Nescio

Harold Hoyte, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nation announced the return of Roy Morris

Harold Hoyte, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nation announced the return of Roy Morris

Roy Morris is back and his gun turns up.

On August 20 at 9.50 a.m. staff at the Nation Newspaper were informed via intercom that there would be a general staff meeting at 10 a.m. that same morning. Imagine ten minutes notice of a general staff meeting. Why not inform staff the day before? Anyway at 10 a.m. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nation, Harold Hoyte, informed staff that former Associate Managing Editor Roy Morris will be returning to the Nation as Editor-in-Chief from September 16. Harold really knows how to do things. Now the very people that this would affect, the editors, sub-editors and reporters, were not present at the meeting when Harold made his announcement, because of the short ten minutes notice of the meeting and also because most newsroom staff don’t arrive early since they work late into the evening.

Anyway Harold proceeded to tell the staff present that there are some who will not support the return of Roy (nuh wonder he hide and announce it to non-newsroom staff), but it was the decision of Board of Directors and he stood by the decision. Basically he was doing like former Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford did in the 1990s – saying like it or lump it. Hoye told staff that following advertisement of the position, Morris applied and after an interview process was chosen as the man for the job. Well if wunnuh think that Roy would just ups and apply for this job because he saw an advertisement in the Nation, wunnuh need wunnuh heads examining. Adults should leave lying to children. Roy had already told the staff of Barbados Today that Harold had called him and made the offer. Anyway Harold knows how to fool the staff at the Nation. He is notorious for crying, back in the days when he was Editor-in-Chief, when the Nation had to lay off staff. And wunnuh know they had some foolish bitches that would cry with Harold, including some uh those going home. But that for another occasion.

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Are We to See the Second Coming of Roy Part II

Submitted by Nomen Nescio

Roy Morris

Roy Morris

Well guess who, it is Nomen Nescio again. I found it interesting reading the comments to my post that perverted Roy Morris will be returning to the self-dubbed family newspaper or Nation Newspaper. Thank you David for your comments against those doubting Thomases such as, in particular, Plantation Deeds and BAFBPF or Baffy.  I will respond to them at the end of this update.

Since the posting of the article more cutting edge information was received which I felt compelled to share with the BU family. As I first suspected and was confirmed by impeccable sources, the resurrection of Roy Morris was triggered by the Board of the Nation Publishing Company, which as I said before is chaired by that hypocritical Harold Hoyte. We going get to the salacious on him after we deal with the facts of the matter.  And I’m going to be fair to all.

See Related Link: Are We to See the Second Coming of Roy?

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Are We to See the Second Coming of Roy?

Submitted by  Nomen Nescio

Roy Morris

Roy Morris

Word in the journalistic fraternity is that Roy Morris will be returning to the Nation Newspaper come 5 September. Ever since a week-and-a-half ago when the Newspaper advertised for an Editor-in-Chief the phones have been buzzing in Fontabelle about the imminent return of the PERVERT Morris, who at present is the Editor-in-Chief at the fledging on-line Newspaper Barbados Today.

Well for those suffering from short memory it was back in July 2007 that Morris, the then Managing Editor of the Nation Publishing Company, was fired after he invited a 16 year old girl he met whilst the girl was visiting the Nation, on a night ride in his jeep. As the story unfolded, after making his play for sex and was turned down by the teenager, Morris placed his licensed firearm on the dashboard, the sight of which persuaded the young lass not to resist.

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Nation Editorial, Classic Example of ‘Pussy Cat Journalism’

Submitted by Douglas

Eric Smith, Editor in Chief of Nation Newspaper

Eric Smith, Editor in Chief of Nation Newspaper

Monday’s Nation Editorial is a classic example of what my Mass Com professor used to call ‘Pussy Cat Journalism’. From the accusing headline to the first few paragraphs and the  general drift and body of the story, a reader is sure to deduce that Government was at fault for the delay in the Bushy Park Development.

But, read on, and you would see who is responsible for the delay. In fact, no application has been submitted to Town Planning as yet.  So, a reasonable person is tempted to ask: why such an editorial? Why even state that “in light of the number of Government Ministries and Departments that would be involved in carrying out an assessment …….. of the application”; and “We are sure that once the application seeking permission has been duly submitted, the Town Planning Department would, as speedily as possible, process the paperwork for a developmental project that would greatly assist our starved economy, while ensuring that the public’s long-term interests are respected and protected.”

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Mum Wants Answers, Mum Got Answers

Submitted by Jay Arthurs


The Mother – Nation

Now that it has been proven that the student did steal the boom box:-

  1. Is Ms.Whittaker going to the Nation and having them print a back page for Thursday as an apology to the Principal?
  2. Is the officer at the Ministry who advised Ms.Whittaker going to call her and advise her to go to the Nation and have an apology written?
  3. Who is going to pay for the destruction of the Principal’s reputation?
  4. What is the Ministry saying now that the truth is out that Darron’s witness verified that it was Darron who took the boom-box? Is it going to tie the Principal’s hand behind his back and flog him?

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Leroy Parris v BLP, Nation and Barbados Advocate: Chief Justice Gibson Produces a What the Hell Moment

Barbadians were treated recently to the news that the enigmatic Chairman of CLICO Holdings Barbados Leroy Parris who was deposed when the bottom fell out of the CLICO parent company in Trinidad has filed a legal action against the Nation, Barbados Advocate and Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Parris would not have made the top 200,000th popular person list in Barbados prior to his recent court action. Now that he has filed the action his position is likely to slide to 250,000th.

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Tales From the Courts Part XI: Sir Frederick Smith Attacked by Nation Editorial – when hypocrisy becomes high camp

Sir Frederick Smith

Sir Frederick Smith

BU has read with interest the editorial in the Sunday Sun of 10 March 2012 in which the writer launched an attack on Sir Frederick Smith QC for comments made about the Barbados judiciary. BU holds no brief for Sir Frederick but one is left to question the motive of the ‘editor’ of what is regarded as the most widely circulated newspaper in Barbados.

BU’s research confirms that in the mid-90s Sir Frederick delivered a speech to a legal body, an event attended by judges and members of the Bar from throughout the Caribbean. At that time, Sir Frederick stated, inter alia, “It appears to me that judges in Barbados think they have a constitutional right to be stupid.” Sir Frederick is consistent – unlike the “editor” of the Nation.

The tenor of the “editorial” suggests someone has an axe to grind. Could it be there is some fire rage being directed at Sir Frederick Smith because he was chosen to deliver the eulogy for retired judge, Lindsay Worrell, the father of Mr Justice Randall Worrell.

The editorial gets off to a pompous start:

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The Violet Beckles Affair, Separating Fact From Fiction Part V

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Blackout at Starcom

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL

Vic Fernandes – CEO Starcom

Even though Thanksgiving here in the US is symbolized by a bird we know as a turkey, somehow on this chilly thanksgiving morning other birds come to mind. Perhaps the Bajan in me comes to the fore anytime the temperature drops, but even so why am I thinking about sitting ducks and yard fowls? Maybe, just maybe it has something to do with The Market Vendor.

This morning the vendor took as his choice of discussion the selective nature of the media here in America. Market you fa real?  Market up to this very moment the Starcom stations have not been notified of the fact that there is a God. They have not been told that Kaymar Jordan [and lets put it nicely] has parted company with the Barbados Nation, their very own subsidiary sister. Perhaps she does not have the stock of a David Ellis, who was force fed contrition after being left by those blowhards and jokers at the BAJ to twist in the wind, so that a public apology sufficed, while she was made to fall on the sword of political immolation, a clear and distinct sign that her usefulness to her masters, and yours had expired. A sitting duck dat.

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Kaymar Jordan Booted

Kaymar Jordan

The departure (dismissal) of Kaymar Jordan from the Nation newspaper broke on BU last night, Kaymar Jordan held the position of Editor in Chief at the Nation newspaper.

A scan of today’s Sunday Sun reveals that Kaymar Jordan’s name has been removed from its Masthead. What BU finds interesting is the silence which surrounds her departure. The Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) carried the item last night.

A BU source has informed that Eric Smith is currently in charge – Nation staff has confirmed Jordan’s departure but they remain tight lip when asked to divulge the circumstances which caused her departure. Barbadians recall the recent Nation Talkback forum generated controversy when Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart was scathing in his attack about how the session was organized. Was Jordan set up?

BU will continue to follow this breaking development. Surely there is more in the mortar than the pestle?

BU Talkback:Nation Letter Sent to Prime Minister Stuart

The letter of invitation sent to Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart from the Nation newspaper which has created a furor in some circles – CLICK on image to read the full letter. What is wrong with the letter? Have your say!

A Few Questions About The CADRES Poll

Peter Wickham, Head of CADRES

A couple questions about the recent CADRES Poll.

With less than one year to go before a general election is constitutionally due, why would those (entity) who commissioned the poll not have requested constituency polling and also sought to adjudge the size of the swing for or against the government?Isn’t this the information which would be in demand at this time?

Who commissioned the poll and what was the role of the Nation newspaper in delivering the information to Barbadians?

The Nation Is At It Again

Submitted by Barbados Election Watch

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

One can now be left in no doubt that the Nation Newspaper has set itself the agenda of getting rid of Prime Minister Stuart at all cost. On more than one occasion, contributors to this blog have drawn attention to the unmistakably biased approach of that paper towards the Prime Minister of Barbados. It would seem that  whatever he does, or fails to do, no matter that he conducts himself with the highest level of decorum, and honesty he can be the subject of some form of ridicule . Very recently noted historian and  veteran trade unionist Mr Robert Bobby Morris drew attention to the way the Prime Minister was depicted by the paper when it sought to comment in a front page  article on the results of the CADRES poll . Mr Stuart the tallest of the persons presented in a form of picture chart , was made to look like some puny midget in a straight-jacket while the others , of shorter stature , were much more favourably presented. Other persons have been commenting on the kinds of photos of Mr Stuart that the paper has been recently using in its efforts to ridicule him in some form or fashion .

Today however, the newspaper has done its worst. The BIG BOLD HEADLINES IN RED SCREAMED …” NOT A WORD”. BHTA head says PM has not responded to request for meeting “It was a story by a Gercine Carter in which the paper has outdone itself in its efforts at  vilification . The Prime Minister was being ” rapped for failing to respond to a Barbados Hotel Association ( BHTA ) request for an urgent meeting to discuss the  plight of the Island’s vital tourism industry “. It went further to state that “the Prime Minister’s priorities were yesterday called into question by the outgoing president of the BHTA, Colin Jordan, who pointed to Stuart’s promptness in meeting with Cuban ex-convict Raul Garcia at Dodds Prison recently, while a letter requesting the meeting more than two months ago had not been acknowledged to date “.

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The Nation Should Be Ashamed!

Submitted by Charles Knighton

Liesel Daisley Chair/ Founder at SAVE Foundation - Photo Credit: Nation Newspaper

Having occasionally submitted letters to the editor, I can attest to the fact that the Nation’s editors are in no way shy when it comes to wielding their blue pencils. Knowing this, I found myself in utter disbelief upon reading the summary of the court case under the March 6 heading “Man to pay for criminal damage“.

Redolent in the Schadenfreude which seemingly permeates this island’s populace, we are reminded on three occasions that the complainant, whose full name is provided, had her dildo destroyed. We also learn the complainant was slapped in the face and that varnish had been thrown on her clothes and those of her children.

So what we have is a mother who, unlike many others, had the courage to report said transgressions to her property and on her person to the proper authorities, leading to a conviction of the perpetrator.

Her reward? A frontal assault on the dignity and the privacy of both mother and children, who can now expect a merciless teasing, if not outright bullying, from their peers. After years of unstinting effort on the behalf of battered women, Ms. Daisley should be incensed by such “journalism”. Simply put, the Nation should be ashamed.

Time To Rein In The Nation Newspaper

Kaymar Jordan, Editor in Chief, Nation Newspaper

The following was submitted by a concerned Barbadian who prefers to remain anonymous – Barbados Underground

It really is about time that every effort is made to bring some sanity back into the operations of the Nation Newspaper and deflect it from the path it has embarked upon. In its present state the newspaper is no more than a scandal sheet whose main agenda seems to be doing no more than creating sensation, much of which is anti government, and in the process breaking all the rules of propriety.

Some time recently one of the lawyers for Mr Leroy Parris of CLICO upon whom they have been waging a personal vendetta, went on national television to complain about two articles which the newspaper published . The first suggested that his client had gone ” MISSING ” in an effort to avoid being served process by a Marshall of the Supreme Court; the second “SERVED” referred to the first article and suggested that his client had gone overseas and also imputed that this was in his attempt to avoid being brought before the court on a CRIMINAL charge. Mr Parris’ lawyer made it very clear that he was informed that the CHIEF MARSHALL had no record of any failure by any Marshall to serve Mr Parris. In addition, the marshal for the area had confirmed that he had neither tried nor failed to execute service on Mr Parris. He also informed that his client had refuted any claim that he had left the island; in fact he had not left the island for months .

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A View Of The NATION From Underground

Submitted by WordSong

Kaymar Jordan, Editor-in-Chief of the NATION Newspaper

No Kaymar Jordan you did not tell the truth and stand justifiably accused by the general public. Your manipulations and distortions converted what could have been an otherwise great story into a scandalous piece of journalistic tripe. Now you and whoever helped you write that editorial would hoodwink the public (again) into believing that there was merit in what you did; all you have done in the editorial is to confirm the stupidity of the NATION’s newspaper policy. Technology has seen it fit that newspapers remain widely read. So what was the point you were making about technology again? No amount of spin doctoring will alter what remains a travesty.

You distorted the truth – for effect and commercial gain and possibly out of pure ignorance. You could not even give the public that your deliberateness in distorting was influenced by the expectation of more information and for that you apologize. I now say any decent newspaper would have fired you or put you on the back bench like they will put Sinckler. I for one will not buy another Nation or Sunday Sun newspaper. But what does it matter? Who cares? Not the Nation . Harold Hoyte I am ashamed of you too because I know you still have influence in what goes on at the paper.

Members Of Parliament Or Judases? Clear Yourselves!

By Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

All Members of Parliament are styled “Honourable”; however, the reported behaviour of the eleven that were featured in the Nation, as attempting to oust the Prime Minister, is anything other than honourable. I do not want to see them hiding behind semantics: I want them to come out, like the Honourable Denis Kellman, and say unequivocally that I had no part to play in this sordid mess so help me God. If they fail to publicly disassociate themselves from this reported act of treachery, they would forever stand condemn, in my mind as being worse than Judas.

I am not saying that there should never be any disagreement among party leaders and their fellow Members of Parliament. I am making bold to say that everyone of the persons that are reported to be associated with this bloodless coup attempt look extremely bad in my eyes right now. I heard is said once that anytime two people sit and always agree at least one is an idiot, so I would expect that there would be disagreement in any group of twenty-one people. However, the way that the dissent is handled speak volumes about the character of those involved, and quite frankly, their characters have taken a bashing by the force of category five public opinion.

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Fontabelle 7 Day Eager 11 Sales Plan

Oh what a tangled web we weave,

When first we practise to deceive!
Sir Walter Scott

Kaymar Jordan, NATION Editor in Chief (l) Carol Martindale, former Sunday Sun Editor (r)

In the same way Editor in Chief of the NATION Kaymar Jordan believes she has the right to ration news to Barbadians, BU claims the right to continue to express disgust at the decision. It is obvious to most people that enough time has elapsed since the story broke that any responsible newspaper in possession of the facts would have sought to clarify the story for the public it serves. Journalistic integrity should never be traded for a bounce in sales.

BU has been criticised by some who believe we should be focussed on the bigger story which is the disquiet haunting the DLP camp concerning Prime Minister Stuarts leadership. Our response is,  we will do so on Sunday when the NATION reveals it all. Then and only then will the public be relieved of the manufactured suspense and be able to engage in a coherent analysis of what transpired.

BU was born in April 2007 because we felt the media was being intimidated by the Arthur administration. A working Fourth Estate is critical to ensuring the crust which protects our democracy is safeguarded. It is serious business. The yellow journalism which is being foisted on Barbadians by the NATION is not acceptable and we need to tell them to stop it!

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Time To Question The Political DNA Of Media Houses On Fontabelle

…what has been the role of the media, can the media be bought or can the media push one agenda rather than another, rather than present the truth by getting the facts, all the facts and let people decide. It is about our intelligensia having the intellectual honesty to either declare who they support or give an unbiased view …

Sandra Husbands

The quote above is timely because it again brings to the fore the role of local media in civil society. Is there a local body which can be held accountable by the public if there is a need to question ‘journalistic ethics’? As far as BU is aware the Barbados Association of Journalists ( BAJ) has not suggested it has the the mandate to perform such a task. Here is an example, on page 9A of the Sunday Sun June 19, 2011, in an article titled ‘The way to health reform’ published under the by-line Sandra Husbands (Guest Column). Blatant in its omission was the fact the Nation newspaper did not indicate that Sandra Husbands is the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate to oppose Minister Donville Inniss in St. James South when the bell is rung for the next general election. The article robustly attacked her political foe which makes the omission all the more irresponsible.

Recently the Nation newspaper severed seasoned journalists Chris Gollop and Wade Gibbons. BU understands the two had signalled an interest to accept a ‘package’ when the Nation sent home the first set of employees, Adonijah et al.. The Nation management, it seems, took the opportunity to part company with the two in the most recent sending home of employees. We find the decision interesting because with the dearth of journalistic talent at the Nation and beyond one would have thought the management at that newspaper would have vetoed Messrs’ Gollop and Gibbons request to leave. The deed is done but it forced BU to share a suspicion we have about goings-on at the Fontebelle newspaper.

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Is STARCOM Network And Nation Newspaper Abusing Their Dominant Market Position?

Submitted by OLD SCHOOL

My problem with Starcom and the Nation Newspaper is that their coverage lack balance.  I focus on them because no one reads the Advocate, CBC has always been CBC, we look to the Nation and VOB for some unbiased, good journalism.

I have problems with the quality of the Nation and Starcom’s coverage of issues.  In my opinion, their columnists and articles in general provide very little context to the issues they opine on, and  very few facts are introduced into the discussions.

For example, Sanka Price provides a solution to the cost of living by removing some taxes as done in Guyana.  Does Guyana provide the same level of social services as Bim? He makes no reference to the cost of such a solution and seems totally oblivious to any trade offs involved.

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Forensic Audit Needed At The National Library Service And Why Did One Caribbean Media Value ‘Goodwill’ At The Nation Newspaper Ridiculously High Anyway?

BU has been investigating a couple of matters which led us to a particular place we do not like. We have decided to release what we have discovered and leave the BU family to slice and dice the information as they see fit. What has been evident from the inception of Barbados Underground is that there are an important few in Barbados whose sole existence is to guard the status quo at any cost. Until ordinary Barbadians buy into a philosophy which says we have to contribute to the job of protecting our fragile democracy through participation, the establishment will continue to flourish.

At a time when the country is going through an economic recession, officials at the National Library Service appear to be squandering taxpayers money to the benefit of a few. Do you remember a little while ago there was the furore over the vast  sums of money  spent on a public bath and the cutting of an Ackee tree?

A BU source has exposed a little of what may be described as the tip of the iceberg occurring at the National Library Service:

  • The son of an officer of the library was awarded a contract to cut the lawn at the St. Philip branch, and paid $2,200. In addition, the individual used the library’s equipment and to add insult to injury left over twenty garbage bags full of grass on the site. After being paid $2,200 to cut a relatively small area of grass, the job was estimated by others at approximately $500. The library then had to make arrangements to remove the grass. The eyebrow raiser is that the library employs a general worker to do   exactly what this official’s son was paid to do.
  • The same official paid her other son $6,000 to paint the Eagle Hall library on the inside only. Last time BU checked the Eagle Hall library was a tiny place.
  • Then there is the payment to the daughter of $6,000 to cater an event at the library. If one could smile at the abuse of tax dollars it would be that the food was delivered after the Minister and specially invited guests had long gone.

Our source admits that there is a lot more abuse of public funds taking place and if the minister responsible is interested it being a good guardian of the public purse he should order a forensic audit post haste!

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Nation Newspaper Jettisons Nine Employees

Fred Gollop, Chairman OCM

The Nation newspaper announced today that it has released 9 employees, 6 who were permanent and 3 part timers. Wonder if Harold Hoyte is resting comfortably at night. He and a few others sold a profitable local newspaper for a bag of silver to provide comfort in their golden years and the rest as they say is history.

Why should Barbadians support this newspaper when it continues to send home Barbadians?

A scan of the parent company’s most recent financials confirms that a conservative decision was taken to chargeoff US38 million in goodwill.  It seems there is recognition by the Board of Directors that web-based media has been impacting negatively on traditional paper-based media delivery. Despite the one-off hit to their profit and loss, One Caribbean Media (OCM)has taken the decision to send home people to defend its balance sheet position. OCM suffered a decline in profit before tax  of 9%  2010 over 2009.

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Gaffe Was A Gaff After All

Picture on the left shows correct protocol with the US flag being flown on the diagonal pole, note the other the other flogs above it, picture on the right shows the single Barbados flag being displayed on a similar mast structure

We all make mistakes, the fallibility of man and all that jazz. It is those with the mindset who use mistakes as an opportunity to improve and ideally prevent recurrence  who seem to achieve more.

Last week the Nation Newspaper reported that the Barbados Yacht Club (BYC) was disrespecting the Barbados flag by having its flag displayed above the National Flag. The BYC to its credit reacted quickly to the criticism and withdrew all other flags flying with the exception of the Barbados flag, see picture above. It was reported the BYC checked with Lieutenant Colonel Sean Reece of Barbados Coast Guard who confirmed that the Club had been correctly flying the flags.

Here is how the Lieutenant explained it:

No other flag should be flown above ours if you have several single flags flowing from different flagpoles, but if you have a flag pole that is in the form of what was originally the mast of an old sailing ship, one where the diagonal pole sticks out from the vertical pole, then the position of honour on that flag pole (called the gaff) is where the Barbados Flag should be and where it was placed. So in essence they do have it in the correct position – Nation Newspaper 25 February 2011

The obvious question is why the Nation editor would not have afforded the BYC the opportunity to comment before going to press? In fact the correct protocol could have been easily researched on the Internet. The irony to some is that the national flag is often flown incorrectly on the Nation Newspaper complex at Fontebelle.

A case when a gaffe revealed that the gaff was indeed not a gaffe.

A Dispassionate Clarification On The Appointment Of Chief Justice Designate Marston Gibson

The name of the author (lawyer) has been withheld by BU


Chief Justice Designate Marston Gibson

IN 1973, Lord Reid, had occasion to comment on an apparent absurd legal conclusion which arose in the case HAUGHTON v SMITH.  The absurdity arising from the decision in a Lower Court was that the law had made it possible to steal from an empty pocket.  Reflecting on an earlier assessment by Mr. Bumble of Dickensian fame, the learned Law Lord remarked “the law may sometimes be an ass but it cannot be so asinine as that.” The absurd notion was therefore rejected.

The Nation’s Editorial of Monday 13 December 2010 caused me to reflect on the above assessment. The emphatic and unambiguous assessment of the writer was that a person who had practiced in India or any other Commonwealth country for a period of fifteen years was qualified to be appointed Chief Justice of Barbados; Mr. Marston Gibson who qualified to practice in the Courts of Barbados and was admitted to practice in 1981, WAS NOT.  It was the most magnificent piece of foolishness I had ever seen in the editorial of a newspaper and which was being passed off as informed comment.

The genesis of the debate surrounding the appointment of the Chief Justice which has taken on a very unfortunate political element may be located in the last appointment when Mr. David Simmons, the then Attorney General was appointed Chief Justice.  Further fuel was added to the already inflamed political passions when the political directorate refused an extension of his tenure earlier this year and he had to demit office.  This unfortunate event has in my view stripped the debate on the new appointment of the much desired objectivity; I shall therefore try, by this contribution, to give some greater insight into the law affecting the appointment of a Chief Justice.

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Sanka, The Decaffeinated Variety

Submitted by David Alleyne


Sanka Price, Nation Newspaper Editor

I have read the rubbish published in the Daily Nation by a journalist who boasts the same name, appropriately, as a certain brand of decaffeinated coffee. Appropriately, because it promotes the idea that one is drinking real coffee, but denies the buzz or bite or essence. So, let us take Mr Fake Coffee’s dissertation to pieces.

The thrust of Mr Fake Coffee’s rambling is that the blogs (or social media) are not held to the same high standards of journalistic integrity as he, he claims, is. So, “journalistic integrity” is Mr Fake Coffee’s new buzz word for sloth and failure to report anything and for hiding behind his other favourite buzz phrase, “sub judice”, even when the matter is NOT sub judice, but “fair comment”?

THERE ARE TWO things that I have learnt from my job as a journalist – one is that the truth is not as simple and straightforward as it is sometimes presented to be, and secondly, that you don’t know who is connected to whom, so you’re never quite sure that what you’re being told is the truth.

He fails to add that, in Barbados at any rate, any sort of investigative journalism is the province of the blogs and must never be permitted to tarnish the face of the “fourth estate”.

Because of this, something that sounds plausible – especially if it involves a conspiracy theory and certain high-profile individuals – could turn out to be a total untruth.

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David Chaytor’s Conviction Confirms The Importance Of A Free Press – Enactment Of Integrity Legislation And Freedom Of Information A Requirement

When journalists can obtain public records, they need not rely on the whims of a government source to report on government actions and activities, and they can better disclose how tax dollars are spent and how policies are made and implementedMedia Law Handbook [2010]

The advent of the Internet means that the often held view according to New Yorker magazine contributor A.J. Liebling that, “Freedom of the press belongs to the man who owns it” is no longer a rule of thumb. The increasing popularity of blogs and other social media players have given a voice to the PEOPLE. Compared to many developing countries, Barbados falls short in its failure to enact Freedom of Information laws (FOIA), a key prerequisite to facilitating freedom of expression. The government is on record that FOIA is in the pipeline, to be brought to parliament soon, one senses this is something it will action when it becomes politically expedient and not out of a sense of urgency to protect a fragile democracy.

The frightening reality remains that local journalists have to rely on government sources to confirm or deny information before releasing to the public. In Barbados this represents a worrying situation given our small size which breeds the opportunity to be victimized, manipulated or encourage corruption. While admitting that FOIA is not a panacea for all our problems, such legislation if enacted, would update existing laws to reflect that we are operating in the 21st century. The accepted practice of local media editors to ‘dumb down’ stories because advertisers may become offended occurs, is that not self censorship and a threat to democracy?

The Internet has given the opportunity for ordinary citizens to challenge power structures which have been controlled by interest groups with deep pockets.

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The Spectre Of Political Interference By Some In The Legal Fraternity And The Co-option Of Local Media

Leslie Haynes QC - President of the Barbados Bar Association

In the last week or so, Nation “journalist” Tim Slinger wrote a report on the fed-up Barbados Bar. The basis of his report was a letter from Barbados Bar Association (BBA) Chairman, Leslie Haynes Q.C. to Acting Chief Justice Sherman Moore.

According to Leslie Haynes, “As president of the Bar, it is my duty to inform you of the general feeling of the Bar, that the wheels of our judicial system are grinding to a halt.” Haynes subsequently released a copy of this letter to the Nation.

BU has held back on commenting on this matter lest we be dragged across the coals by the legal beavers who frequent this blog space. The report could hardly be done justice until a smidgen of investigative journalism was practiced. It is no secret how BU feels about the local Fourth Estate and by extension the Nation’s capacity to engage “investigative” journalism approaches; a prerequisite to being a professional journalist.

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Cable & Wireless International Responds To Death Threats To Adrian Loveridge In The Barbados Blogosphere

 Cable & Wireless

After many months of death threats to regular contributor to the blogs Adrian Loveridge and his wife, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. Adrian Loveridge recently received communication from a representative of C&W International! We would have been more comfortable getting a response from C&W Barbados but maybe this is the way this saga needs to play-out.


I have recently read the post you placed on “Barbados Free Press” and was very concerned by what had been written, I’m not sure of the legal position or the requirement’s in the region but I have asked our team to advise and get back to me and I also raised a case within the UK our Ref : ADV01290999 to see if we can pursue this for you to identify the people involved in these threats, if you have raised this locally already with CWC please advise and I will close our case here and let the local teams progress also if this is logged with the local police can you advise the police reference number in case our team request this.


Mr Stuart B McGinney
Service Desk Specialist
Cable & Wireless
Europe, Asia and USA
Direct Dial : +44(161)266 8682
Internal short dial: or comnet 755 8682
Switchboard: 01612668997

BU can confirm that Adrian L has submitted a formal complaint to the Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin and we now wait for a response from this quarter. We have written previous articles which highlighted the power of the Blogosphere. However, some people in high places in Barbados, who should know better, continue to operate in the old way of doing things. Some of us do what we do at great sacrifice to self and family but we do it because we feel the education which was afforded us by our forefathers post-independence creates the obligation for us to perform our civic duty, i.e. to fully participate in our great democracy. In the case of Adrian Loveridge and his wife, the contribution which they continue to make to Barbados is even more laudable given that they are naturalized citizens. Remember that we don’t have to agree with the man but in a democracy he has a right to voice his opinions provided he does so within the Laws of Barbados. The fact that the traditional media has refused to pick-up this story is an indictment of the serious kind. We do not intend to be overly dramatic but if something bad were to happen to Adrian L and his wife, we know that it would make headline news on VOB, CBC and the other media outlets. Shame on Vic Fernandez and Anthony Audain, shame on Anthony Bryan at the Advocate and shame on the government of Barbados which owns the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation.
Let us try to do the right thing as human beings are expected to do.

Barbados Underground Puzzled By the Actions Of Our Two Newspapers


To the Publisher of the Advocate Newspaper we want to know:

What is the deal with the Advocate not covering the funeral of Stephen Alleyne in yesterday’s edition (23 October 2007)? There are many reasons that should have qualified him as someone who the country must respect for his contributions. His life should be held up for current and future generations to examine and be used as a model in terms of setting personal goals.

Not only was he a cricket administrator, Alleyne, after a meteoric rise, served as CEO of one of Barbados and Caribbean insurance companies. He was a respected Barbadian who at the time of his death was a director in many leading companies in Barbados. Just for his work at the national level to rationalize our Pension Fund, makes Stephen Alleyne deserve a better tribute. There must be something happening about the decision that is worthy of public discourse.

Ok, so you get the picture.

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