Central Bank and the Nation Newspaper – Bank Regulator and Media House

 Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank

The Central Bank of Barbados respects and embraces freedom of the press and the importance of the dissemination of timely and accurate information and as such has not banned the Nation Corporation.

The front page of the Sunday Sun of May 11, 2014, carried the headline “Cut Off”. The Bank assures media practitioners in Barbados as well as the public at large that it will continue to keep all media houses fully abreast of all developments on economic and other pertinent matters which fall under its purview, including the Nation Publishing Company, as is normal.

The Nation Publishing Company will receive all Press Releases and other communications issued by the Central Bank, and all media houses and the general public have free access to the Central Bank’s website, where all our statements, reports, data and speeches, and all other publications are posted – Central Bank of Barbados Press Release

The decision by the Governor Delisle Worrell to ban Nation reporters from attending press conferences hosted by the Central Bank has generated a lot of public comment. BU held an ambivalent position up until  reading the above press release issue today by the Central Bank.

One is forced to ask who is running the institution. Why issue a press release to state the obvious? Banning the Nation’s reporters at press conferences OBVIOUSLY prevents that media house from probing the Governor et al as they desire, a tenet of practicing freedom of the press.

BU sides with head of the private sector who commented today that the Central Bank appears to be trying to kill an ant with a hammer (our words). It boggles the mind if the Governor felt so strongly on a matter he could not see the light to issue a warning letter. In any event what we are witnessing on both sides is mediocrity at its best.

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  1. David;
    Does the Central bank still belong to the people of Barbados. How could the Governor ban someone form a public place which is supposed to act to the benefit of all Barbadians. I want to see if the Minister of Finance shall let this behavior slide.

  2. If only the governor would put the same amount energy into managing the economy as he has put into trying to discredit the Nation, Barbados would be a paradise economically speaking. Not that I think he has what it takes at this time.

    For the life of me, I cannot understand what is his beef. People who work in the CB have been telling their friends what a horror it is to work there. They have been saying that the Dems have politicised the bank. They say that the governor brought in the American to “reimagine” things. When staff complained, the one who is in PR said they were told………yet she cannot explain to them what the American was supposed to be “reimagining”.

    These are ways that the bank has been wasting money at a time when the bank could do with some maintenance. I was in there recently and was amazed at the state of the place especially the bird damage.

    The governor is angry that he has been called out for presiding over a fail economy and a bank making a loss three straight years. The lay off list was drawn up some time now and the governor knows this. Sixty persons is the number being bandied about and staff are saying that they hope the governor name is the first on the list!

    My take is that the Nation heard the 60 number from sources in the CB and when the governor confirmed that staff would be cut, they used their info. So sad that the grumpy old man reacted as he did!

    Delisle Worrell is way past his sell by date.

  3. i hope the nation don’t misinterpret the CB press release as giving the nation wholesale authority to print more junk news or whatever they damn please …..under the banner of freedom of speech…..

  4. @David
    “In any event what we are witnessing on both sides is mediocrity at its best.”

    uh huh……and? hasn’t this been the status quo for God knows how long???

    Just observing

  5. What a roll … The media houses in Barbados have become a law unto themselves. I stand behind the Governor, and I am sure that Loveridge would have good cause to do the same.

    When appropriate standards have been attained, the Nation and any other banned institution can be allowed to return to the table..

    It may not be possible to bell the flipping cat, but it cannot hurt to make it uncomfortable from time to time. Stetson Babb went into the streets to sample the view of the “masses” and of course he chose the most ignorant of them, the ones that had a problem with the decision …

    I glad as shite … fah real

  6. Delisle Worrell will not always be the governor, the Nation will live to get the last laugh! The governor is out of control, he must have forgotten to take his meds on Thursday!

  7. any body with a grain of integrity would not in as much compare the dissemination of facts in a truthful manner to one as that of killing an ant with a hammer….balderdash and poppycock,,,,,,,the issue is bigger than the nation,,,,truth is what is at stake in the debacle,,,,but one should not be surprised that in a political climate as hostile as this one …. truth would be the first casualty,,the gov had a moral obligation to bring this fact to the public attention,,especially when the fourth estate has been given full authority to disseminate fact from fiction..truth from lies,,and more often than not ,,the nation,,,has failed miserably in doing so,,,,,,,

  8. Come on Lemuel.
    Do you really expect the MoF making any comment about this issue. Accountability disappear after the loss of such powerful Prime Ministers like Barrow, Adams, Sandiford and Arthur. For a Government to be effective, a Prime Minister must be assertive and must be in control of his cabinet. This is not happening since we heard about weapon used to intimidate a parliamentarian. Statements like cracking heads and shooting people; talk about bald pooch cat; talk about a parliamentarian running down Broad Street naked; seeing real life vote buying; overhearing two people planning to attack a leading political official and not a word from the head of Government who gone back to sleep. Even T’dad leader has more balls than our leader. Any of her ministers risk touching a female inappropriately and that minister is through the door.
    Now we have a GoCB threatening a media house about being banned. This country of ours is on auto pilot and our populace is sitting back and accepting all this nonsense. When will we get up and be counted.

    Unfortunately, we are in ducks guts with our Opposition Party with its infighting. Owen seems to forget that he gave up the leadership to Mia and it look like dementia is affecting him. Now we are seeing Mia taking a back seat due to constant pressures from the ex leader. Lord, come for your world.

  9. Tell Me Why:

    This is the time when the opposition should take the DLP to task and let them explain if this is the kind of policy the DLP is happy with. Baffy, I can not join you in this one; this is a matter of freedom of the press!!

  10. BAFBFP you said “The media houses in Barbados have become a law unto themselves.”

    Are you speaking about CBC who operates as a Government PR house. Business leaders objected to the GoCB and our CBCTV refused to bring the story. or maybe the Advocate who print every press release from the government side. That is what you call a law unto themselves Mr. Devil’s Advocate.

  11. drum roll please ..way to go gov,,,you might have taken a few hits,,,in bringing this matter of Truth and the way it was presented by the nation periodical to the public ,,however the issue of truth in the media is problematic …..long over due and a matter of concern which should have been dealt with a long time ,,,,,using a one sided and nonchalant approach in the delivery of news is unacceptable especially in terms where damages intentional or otherwise can be done to any one person or parties. ,

  12. ac. Some part of the story have to be true. A reporter would have heard actual discussion for that story to be written. When a drink is in your hand, you can expouse effluent.

  13. well then are u saying that the judgement( calll)should be left up to the reader to decide which part is true , from which is not…..then what is the job of the fourth estate,,,,,only to sell newspaper,,, i think most here who are condemning the gov and waving the flag of freedom of the press ,has lost side of a most and valuable piece of factual informantion. TRUTH ..to whom much is given ,,,much is expected,,, and there is one word that binds the public right to know and which is a link between public and freedom of the press and that one word is RESPONSIBILTY,,,,,,once that link is broken,,,,,those who the public depends on to be the eyes and ears they becomes useless,,, i truly applaud the gov ,,the licks that he might have gotten,,might be in some way ever so small inject a sense of professionalism within the media helping to remove the cloak and suspicion of an imperial fourth estate .

  14. The Governor of the Central Bank has gone too far. Issue a Press Statement condemning the faulty reporting, and even demand that the Nation censure its reporter, but to say that the Nation cannot send anyone to future Press Conferences is petty, childish, and ego-tripping.


    Let the crooks talk , more will come out in the wash, Let the snakes eat them self. It all will lead back to MIA and Owen,
    VAT equals UDC is the key and the proof of the land laundering,
    Let Governor of the Central Bank talk and let them fight , The wall of lies is falling , this will be the freedom of Information we have been waiting for,…
    NATIONS NEWS PAPER need to be added to this cover up and holding back the NEWS ,
    Welcome to the world of DBLP Government ,
    Look what they got for music , and a T- Shirt ,
    Party is over go home you ARE FIRED. GET YOUR PINK SLIP AND YOUR CHECK ,

  16. We have three high profile men in Barbados who love to wear fancy hats ,and that seem to be the only thing that they are good at.
    1 The Central Bank Governor
    2 The Chief Justice
    3. The Member of Parliament for St Andrew.
    Apparently there is not a hat big enough to fit either the PM or the Min of Ed heads, otherwise they would be similar outfitted.

  17. Micah

    Okay … okay … your point is taken. Hey, but banning is far more dramatic, and sometimes drama and the attention that it brings, is what is needed.

    Tell Me Why

    CBC is and has always been a PR operation for the incumbent. They do not factor in this.

  18. @Lemuel | May 12, 2014 at 8:33 PM |

    Does the Central bank still belong to the people of Barbados. How could the Governor ban someone form a public place which is supposed to act to the benefit of all Barbadians. I want to see if the Minister of Finance shall let this behavior slide.”

    For me, the answer is that the CBB belongs to the people of Barbados as much as Barbados does. But who is dese peeples doh, an wuhpart Buhbadus is?

  19. Prodigal Daughter

    Please do not worry yourself over the Governor of the Central Bank because no one has sued him for defamation.

    What you need to have your pissy ass do is to tell us if the BLP is so ready to take over the reins of government and is so cohesive and united as a party … Why is George Payne still suing Edmund Hinkson for defamation through the Court of Barbados and why is Edmund Hinkson not backing down ?

    It is time you give Barbadians an honest answer to that question if you and the BLP are to be taken seriously .

    Glynne Murray article in the Sunday Sun of 11 May 2014 is a good place to start in search of that answer.

  20. in attempting to castigate the Govenor for reacting to the deliberate unprofessional act of the Nation it would be of interesting to find out how many defamation lawsuits they have before thw courts and how many they are trying to settle out of court . Talk about unprofessional ….THE NATION .

    • What is more interesting to find out is if the Governor of the Central Bank has had reason to lodge a complaint against the Nation anytime during his tenure. This information will help to determine whether the reaction is too severe (relevance).

  21. @ fractured Blp
    Most things come in pairs, @Ac, plus one
    So are you the other mag from David Thompson dead body ?
    He recalled Mark Fenty and send you?

    • Would be interesting to find out if the ban of Nation reporters at Central Bank press conferences was a unilateral decision or one directed by the Board.

  22. The Nation newspaper is making a living out of misrepresenting what people say and do.
    Many people in the business community will tell you that they do not trust the paper even though they accept that it supports the BLP which some of them also support.
    The standard of journalism in Barbados is being brought to an all time low by the Nation newspaper. Unfortunately , because the newspaper is so blatantly political, people are lining up on political sides and ignoring the bigger picture.
    The Nation newspaper should be ashamed but as recent events would suggest , the Nation newspaper has no ethical standard in its reporting even if it is pornography.

  23. I guess the governor has realized how silly (unconstitutional) his ban was and has now done an about face.

    Of the 60 he should be the first to go.

    Methinks he has passed bus “best-by” date.


  24. Here is some questions I would like answered please. AC darling help a sista out here pumpkin been nice to you all week,

    1, Did the nation represent verbatim the stated facts as indicated by the Governor of the central bank?
    2. Has there not been claims by other persons from different walks of life complaining that when you tell the nation A they print an A minus or an A plus?
    3. Is the nation newspaper not accused countless times for misrepresenting facts and creating sensational article- selling- headlines?
    4. Is the nation not accused of under report?
    5. Is the nation news paper not accuse of having a political agenda – one that is anti the current government but for the “government’ in waiting?
    6. Is the nation news paper not accuse of collusions with high officials and other persons of prominence and affluence to not publish certain news as a means of protecting their pipe pipers and their deals?

    If there are all of these accusations against a media house for one reason or the other should greater scrutiny not be applied to the manner of their reporting? Is this not the same nation whose investigative journalism is rated at zero minus 1-1?

    Dr. Delise Worrell’s banning of the nation news press or any other media house is not something I would advocate because it will make him and his agency look like they have something to hide. However in the interest of communicating accuracy and stated facts, which the nation has been accused of not doing from time to time how could anyone not understand the position of the Central Bank Governor for banning these sons of bitches who are know to print part of story, or taking the bits that sound controversial whilst leaving out the bits that compliment or explain the controversial bits. The nation does this and that my friends is a misrepresentation of stated facts. I am with the goodly doctor on this. If you can’t print what I say than your ass ain’t coming back to none of my live broadcasts. We will send you transcripts or take the info from our website. Let me see how you gine misrepresent that!!! DAHHH

  25. Whenever I want to hear of a free clinic opening, that everything is well in paradise or just a nice picture of people with Easter bonnets I read the advocate
    But to see at least some of the Barbados underbelly I read the nation
    Clamp down on free speech at your own peril, it is your job as readers to get as much information as you can and make an informed decision. Many of you were outraged at an old cardboard box, yet when your access to a different point of view is taken away you just nod okay like those bobble heads in the back window of a car ….Bizzarre So if it wasn’t 60 how many will it be?



  27. A certain future coalitional regime of Barbados – and of which the PDC shall be part – shall Abolish ALL TAXATION in this country, and replace it with the right strategies and programs for the new state management entity greater coming by money out of the core financial system of this country and for its making greater political commercial uses of the talents, skills and services of those persons that shall own the state management entity that itself shall be responsible for managing the affairs of the government and people of this country.

    Thus, what shall also be very fundamental corollaries to such shall be the creation of a POST-TAXATION society for Barbados, and a POST-PUBLIC DEBT society for this country.


  28. AC…..where is the transparency legislation and freedom of information act again? Worrell et al (DLP) are trying to stifle information to the public as usual.

    The only issue i have with the nation newspaper is that they SHOULD have printed that the manager in the H&B Hardware matter is/was bajan white….in for a penny in for a pound………but, if not for the nation newspaper bajans will only be able to talk behind their hands about what really goes on in the country and very few people outside of Barbados would know about the charades practiced by politicians…….the politicians would continue to “re-imagine” everything and pay out good taxpayer’s dollars to foreign entities/individuals to help them “re-imagine” even more shit…….DLP/BLP.

  29. look SsS as far as ac is concerned you are banned for life .. and no where in contents or context of ac vocabulary woulf the name SSS be found…you have displayed a total lack of insensitivty that goes beyond ridiculous for a black sista..not to mention a lack of respect for yourself.. being that as it may life being too short to hold on to negative thoughts which burdens and depletes. the mind ac through pray and. supplication might reconsider what i belive to be the best punishment of grevious and salicious mouthings prepetrated on ac by you SsS

  30. This is a bit off-topic; BUT:

    DD tried to post a comment to Nationnews.com yesterday; but could not register; so sent the following email to Sanka Price.

    To: “sankaprice@nationnews.com”
    Sent: Monday, May 12, 2014 2:26:03 PM
    Subject: http://www.nationnews.com/articles/view/how-to-turn-around-economy/#view-comments

    “Just a heads up

    The photo of Dr. Justin Price at the link above, has a striking resemblance to (a much younger) John Baird, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.”

    The incorrect photo is still posted in the Nation’s epaper website this morning at:

    Perhaps Sanka Price is so upset with the CBB Governor, that she did not notice that Dr Robinson appears to have undergone some major cosmetic surgery.

  31. @AC
    Have I not been a good girl? Did I not say that when your writings become balance and sensible that I will no longer ridicule you? So far most of what you have been writing recently is quite good. There is an improvement and thus I will not pummel your ass until you start to write shite again and defend the ignorance of your party. What ever tongue lashes you received from the SSS was orchestrated by your attack on my woman-hood. I am a woman to my word when I say that as long as your writings are balance I will not call you a cunt any longer or a pimp. When last I called you those words? If that hurt you, you deserved it at the time. But SSS told you that she is a bitch and one who do not care what others think of her. What I am is that I am. But if us sistas are gonna shout amongst the men, I can’t afford to have a sista like yourself writing a bunch of shite more regular than usual and be the target of much scorn on here. So what say ye sista…We mend the fences and move on. You are angry because I was slack. I told you that is my nature. Lets focus on the writings and not the bridge that were y-our trouble waters. By gones be by gones pumpkin? I am ready to start a new leaf.

  32. How can the GCB refer to a newspaper headline which says ‘A’ and then assert ‘NOT-A’ without clearly implying ‘No, you got it wrong’? Since he refers to freedom of the press and the intention to keep all media houses fully informed, on the face of it he is saying that ‘Not-A’ is an authentic response to the Nation’s assertion of ‘A’. He may then want to say that his third paragraph simply provides examples of how media houses co-extensively but not co-terminously with the possibilities will be kept fully informed.

    The over-all implication is that he knows very well he has dug himself a hole but is now filling it with sinking sand rather than cement. For ‘sinking’ read ‘slippery’.

  33. @Due Diligence the “Press” and NationNews.com is “Free” to make mistakes.lol

    John Baird would be flattered.lol

  34. This is even more off-topic than my earlier post; but thought it may be of some interest to the BU family who advocate for FOI legislation in Barbados.

    The shenanigans of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a topic reported on in the Toronto daily newspapers on an almost daily basis, and is becoming a bit boring.

    The Globe and Mail had a report yesterday concerning possible conflict-of-interest by Mayor Ford and his brother Doug Ford in lobbying city officials on behalf of a client of the Ford’s family owned business.

    That, in and of itself, is not likely to be of any interest to most of the BU family.

    What should be of interest is the degree to which the media has access to information via Freedom of Information legislation.

    There is an article “Reopen Rob Ford probe, lawyer urges” in today’s paper at:


    Of greater interest is the link to “RELATED Document trail: Read the e-mails that show how the Fords intervened on behalf of a business client” at:


    Perhaps this explains the reluctance by both parties to introduce and pass FOI legislation in Barbados.

    With real teeth in it, an FOI law makes it very difficult (not impossible) to conceal self-dealing by politicians.

  35. Hants | May 13, 2014 at 10:56 AM |
    @Due Diligence the “Press” and NationNews.com is “Free” to make mistakes.lol

    Nobody is perfect; but I would expect the Nation to remove the incorrect picture when advised of its mistake

  36. Due Diligence “What should be of interest is the degree to which the media has access to information via Freedom of Information legislation.”

    What I am asking is how with all the evidence against him, Rob Ford has not been arrested and charged with anything.

    FOI so far has appeared to do nothing more than create comedic fodder.

    What is really needed are Police and Prosecutors who are not sympathetic to politicians.

  37. Hants

    I agree that now that the media has published documented evidence of the conflict of interest dealings of the Ford Thugs, the city administration, the police and the prosecutors have to take action and charge them; or at least throw them out of office

    And just imagine the stories the Nation and other media could publish with FOI legislation.

  38. David holding my comment to AC’s response. But it ain’t bad at all. David please release. I am fixing bridges here with my girl AC

  39. @Well Well
    She says I am ban for life. But I am not sure what she means. AC come on girlie…won’t you want someone like me at your side. Got a few articles writing for David…you are gonna like them…

  40. The Nation should be reporting the news, not making it, and the Government shouldn’t be trying to censor it! We should give both the benefit of the doubt, until proven otherwise. There shouldn’t be any bias from neither. Now in the real world, it’s just politic’s. Until the public stands up to be heard, it’ll never change.

  41. Hants:

    I tell you you is a old fart. Tell me which country that the police and prosecutors are not partial to the politicians. It happens especially in Canada, where the white folk smile sweetly with you but do not want you in Canada!!

  42. Lemuel…. stop the bullcrap ……. if we didn’t welcome you into Camada our police and prosecutors would have nothing to do

  43. Hants you are right ..nobody can prove what Rob Ford was sucking on. Having not seen it hopefully the picture of john baird doesn’t have him sucking on something as well …so the late night guys can have another field day.

  44. David it said it would use the money to pay off loans that were coming due …isn’t that what Bernie Madoff was doing?

  45. David

    This one?


    “Govt seeking to raise record $4b

    TUE, MAY 13, 2014 – 12:09 AM

    WHEN THE House of Assembly returns from the Easter recess today at 10 a.m., Government will be seeking to raise the loan limit to the highest amount ever – a record $4 billion – through the issue of Treasury Bills and tax certificates which is almost double the current level set two years ago.
    And with proposed amendments to the Electronic Transactions Act also on the Order Paper, there are indications that the cash-strapped Government may not be able to pay people eligible for tax refunds in cash but may do so with the tax certificates.

    Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler is down to pilot a resolution asking Parliament to approve the raising of the money through Treasury Bills, tax reserve certificates and tax refund certificates under the Treasury Bills And Tax Certificates Act, passed in July 1987.

    The money raised, which is coming 43 days after the start of the 2014-2015 financial year, may also be used for the purpose of paying off, at maturity, bills already issued and outstanding.”

    What is a tax refund certificate?

    • @Lawson & DD

      Yes and importantly it runs counter to what the IMF advised in the last Article IV. In fairness to the Governor he disagrees with the IMF position.

  46. This government wants 4 billion dollars more to spend. My goodness, these people are drunk with power and the hard thing to swallow is that this government has no money sense!

  47. Owen Seymour Arthur MSc,one of the best Prime Ministers and one of the best if not the best so far,Ministers of Finance Barbados has produced and who gave back a thousand fold to his country.A sincere,loyal son of the soil.May he continue to prosper and dumbfound all the poor rakey,barefoot,bag blind hoes Barbados ever assembled in one place at the same time in the House of Nothingarians and with a head who is one of the biggest donkeyholes the almighty ever punch a posterior hole in.

  48. The Central Bank Governor is saying that there is no ban against the Nation .
    Barbados has got so bad that you cannot believe anything anyone says. Neither the Central Bank Governor nor the Nation newspaper. Neither The Democratic Labour Party nor the Barbados Labour Party. neither the National Conservation Commission nor the Minister Dennis Lowe. Neither the National Union of Public Workers nor the Barbados Workers Union. Neither the Barbados Water Authority nor its Minister Estwick. ” Lying and Denials” has now replaced “Pride and Industry” as our National Motto
    No wonder that the Bishop , Dr. Sir Wilfred Wood is pleading for the Truth to be told in this country.

  49. don’t tell me that the BLP malcontent would forgo such a loan…and rather govt raise more taxes to cover the bad debt left by the previous administration….i meaning if the the BLP has a better alternative please say,,,,,,,

  50. What we should be watching is the FX reserve. When the Government borrows money in local currency and virtually everything on the island is imported, there is reduction in FX reserves when the local money gets spent. As I have pointed out in other posts, a flexible exchange rate is a safety valve to maintain a competitive position against other free trading currencies. Without that we become less competitive. If you are not competitive you loose business. When you loose business you loose jobs and create higher unemployment and higher social unrest. The burden of being non competitive is carried by those who loose their jobs whereas if the Barbados dollar traded freely, gains and losses in standard of living would be shared by the whole nation. If tourism is our main FX producer we had better make it competitive and quickly do so.

  51. Newspaper spat puts ‘serious dent in credibility’ of Central Bank of Barbados

    A spokesperson for the bank declined to comment on claims The Nation has been banned from attending press conferences; newspaper is considering legal action

    Author: Arvid Ahlund

    Source: Central Banking | 13 May 2014

    Categories: Governance

    Topics: Central Bank of Barbados, DeLisle Worrell, Barbados,Transparency


    A Barbados newspaper is considering legal action after the country’s central bank has purportedly banned it from attending the press conferences of its governor, citing a "lack of professional integrity".

    Bridgetown-based The Nation said on Sunday that it had received a letter from DeLisle Worrell, head of the Central Bank of Barbados, on Friday, notifying the newspaper that it would "not be invited to any future press conference or media event hosted by myself as governor of the central bank".

    The alleged ban was prompted by the paper’s claims the previous day that the CBB was looking to lay off 60 of its roughly 250 employees, associate managing editor Tim Slinger confirmed toCentralBanking.com today. According to the paper, the claim was retracted the following day.

    The central bank commented on the alleged ban yesterday, stating in a press release that it "assures media practitioners in Barbados as well as the public at large that it will continue to keep all media houses fully abreast of all developments on economic and other pertinent matters that fall under its purview, including the Nation Publishing Company, as is normal".

    "The Nation Publishing Company will receive all press releases and other communications issued by the central bank," the CBB added, but made no mention of press conferences. A spokesperson for the bank declined to elaborate on the statement or whether a ban had been issued against the newspaper.

    Slinger described the press release’s language as "technical", noting that it "doesn’t say we’re able to attend any press conferences". He interpreted it as the ban was still in force. "We’re having some legal advice on the entire matter. Our lawyers are looking into it," Slinger added.

    Ryan Straughn, a risk management consultant and a CBB economist from 2002 to 2005, agreed that the "wording of the [press] release is quite curious and is open to much speculation".

    Straughn, who added he had been in contact with the central bank, said he had been informed that "no follow up correspondence has been sent to the Nation to formally reverse the intended actions" of Worrell’s letter on Friday.

    He described the fallout as "widespread" with "lots of discussion on the radio regarding the matter", adding: "A serious dent in the credibility of the institution has occurred and will take some time and significant work to repair".


  52. I might be wrong but I think the original Nation article referred to “sources” in the CB mentioning that 60 people were to go. I thought that meant the Governor, speaking off the record and that his subsequent fight with the Nation was because they didn’t treat it as off the record.
    Might just be my fertile imagination.

  53. DD Googled Barbados Tax Refund Certificate

    This is from http://www.barbados.gov.bb/ird/pages/TaxRefundC.htm

    Tax Refund Certificates

    A person due a repayment of tax under sections 68 and 68A of the Income Tax Act may opt to have the full value of the amount to be repaid issued to him by way of a tax refund certificate.
    Where the certificate by virtue of its denomination is not for the full value of the amount to be repaid, the excess shall be repaid to that person (in cash) (Sect. 69A).
    The Treasury Bills and Tax Certificates Act 1987 was passed to give effect to the above (Sect.69A).

    This is from the Nation article “Govt seeking to raise record $4b”

    “And with proposed amendments to the Electronic Transactions Act also on the Order Paper, there are indications that the cash-strapped Government may not be able to pay people eligible for tax refunds in cash but may do so with the tax certificates.”

    So, according to Barbados Government (Inland Revenue Service) website, a person due a refund may opt to have paid to him by way of a tax refund certificate.

    But, if the Nation article is correct (a big if), and if I am reading it correctly (another big if) the cash-strapped Government may not be able to pay people eligible for tax refunds in cash so is proposing to amend legislation to give Government the option to pay with the tax certificates.


    Will government now will be paying Adrian Loverage and others owed VAT refunds with VAT Refund Certificates.?

  54. ST ,george yeap it is your fertile imagination……now go get plenty rest ..nutting to worry about,,,,,the blp yardfowls love a fist fight,,,,,ever fowl and cockmaster going throw their hat in the ring , the lawyers right now laughing gleefully,,,,easy money fuh dem…

  55. Due said:
    “Will government now will be paying Adrian Loverage and others owed VAT refunds with VAT Refund Certificates.?”

    Now that would be something to see..

  56. @ Due Diligence | May 13, 2014 at 3:59 PM |

    “What is a tax refund certificate?”

    When tax payers file income tax returns and are entitled to an income tax refund, the tax payer can opt for a tax refund certificate, which is redeemable, with interest, sometime in the future. Similar to bonds and treasury bills, expenditure from tax certificates are used to finance government expenditure.

  57. A ‘flexible exchange rate’ is another way of saying devalue the Barbados dollar.US currency is not a problem in Barbados so i don’t understand this nonsense of a flexible exchange rate.Talk about making the US dollar the currency of the realm and I could give you some support on that.I will not state the obvious but there is a simple reason why Trinidad,Guyana and Jamaica have currency problems and Barbados does not.
    Former Minister of Finance Richie Haynes introduced a similar Refund Certificate during his stint of MoF in another DLP administration in the 80’s and the late great EWB was PM at the time.
    The moral of this story.Never trust the DLP with the finances of the Barbados.They tend to get it all wrong.Sandy scraped the barrel when he raided the nest egg Nicky Sealy,a true,true civil servant and a top notch engineer who knew what he was doing,Sandy took away the BWA mains replacement nest egg and put it at the disposal of his cabinet which they promptly raided and spent on paying senior civil servants and senior police
    bigwigs inflated salaries so he could win the 1991 elections.This punk got the gall to say he save Barbados from a devaluation!
    The DLP is the worst when it comes to managing anything let alone a Government of Barbados!They should perish in hell,all ‘o dem..

  58. arterexes i left a note for you on the economic blog…..go pick it up it got some golden nuggets for you to chew on,,be careful not to break yuh wooden teeth …..lol

  59. @Gabriel
    “A ‘flexible exchange rate’ is another way of saying devalue the Barbados dollar” Do you not have any faith in the ability of Barbados to make its dollar worth more than a US$?

    “Talk about making the US dollar the currency of the realm and I could give you some support on that.I will not state the obvious but there is a simple reason why Trinidad,Guyana and Jamaica have currency problems and Barbados does not.”

    To make the US$ the currency of the country, who do you think would change all the existing Barbados dollars for US$. Barbados dollars are worthless outside of Barbados and we are fast running out of US$ to pay for imports. Barbados is the country with the currency problem,. When you can’t trade Barbados currency freely and you keep printing more of it and at the same time keep spending FX for most of the things you consume, you eventually run out of FX. That is where we are headed. Check out Venezuela.

  60. Little PHVCKING Boys in big men pants

    A real man in circumstances where he felt that there was a need to ban a fellow from coming at his house, which is the right of any homeowner I will add, would have kept his phvcking mouth shut, held his house brams, and not invited the man who does put he foot up pun you furniture, tief your cutlery or, wussa still, look at your wife ass…

    Again, we are dealing with a set of little children, who do not want the nex fellow tuh play wid dem toys in de sand pit and like Putin de big bully, not content to stop people from coming in his sand pit, gone nex door to tek ovah a nex fellow pit.

    Recalcitrant children, these Delisle’s and Sinckliars and the whole bunch of them that we have entrusted our economic well being to and put the care of country and economy into these shadows of men.

    But behold a miracle.

    Along the cool sequestered way we seem to have awoken up, and through a glass dimly now wonder how these female rabbits are now in our driver’s seat managing the motor car

    A motor car that we 300,000 bajans, less these 30 cvunts called parliamentarians, and “x” Permanent Secretaries, ?? indolent public servants and 200,000 illegal guyanese, not to mention our own DPP Charles Leacock (de guyanese fellow) happen to be in…

  61. This evil wicked unproductive parasitic TAXATION system in Barbados will – so long as it exists – continue to bring about, and help bring about too, massive and fundamental political financial commercial problems for this country.

    All the evidence of these problems so far is there for the viewing of those persons who wish to see, find out, etc.

    It is very clear that these intellectually and politically bankrupt and discredited DLP/BLP governments – when they continue TO STEAL/ROB countless portions of the remunerations of the relevant people, businesses and other entities in this country – and calling what they are doing TAXATION – that they are acting in total disregard of and in absolute contempt for a certain very cardinal and axiomatic principle.

    So, what they are dastardly wickedly NOT doing – when they ought to be properly engaging such – is refusing to make substantial use of the following principle and application of it to the government sector itself.

    This principle is that businesses/entities in this Barbadian society must (be able to) present/give (provide/pass on) ANYTHING (resources, assets, goods and services – human and other wise) under specified contractual arrangements to the relevant other people (users) from the relevant others of the SAME ANYTHING (human and or other capital, resources, assets, investments) – until their expirations their voidances, and under those same contractual arrangements be able to take from ANYTHING (MONEY: nominal remunerations/credit transfers) that which is or can be used by virtue of what it is, to give the same ANYTHING (MONEY:nominal remunerations) – until their expirations their voidances, to the relevant people/entities, and by such constancy intensity pervasity coterminity circularity of activities altogether making significant contributions to the advancement of the human society in Barbados.

    Indeed, this is what Cave Shepherd and co, BS and T, Rayside Construction, C O Williams Construction, Eddies Trading, Furniture Ltd, Tri Mart, Shop Smart, outdoor business people and all other privately owned and run businesses have been successfully doing over the years. No doubt more and more businesses will emerge to do similarly, and more and more businesses will leave the scene, leaving many others to do similarly.

    But, these backward dotish DLP BLP governments, by massively failing to honour, first, and to apply/practice, second, this great canonical principle to itself throughout (not slightly as it does) – and by continuing to demonically impose this evil wicked unproductive parasitic TAXATION system on the vast majority of people in this country – are accelerating the processes of the vicious dedevelopment and retardation of multifarious social, political, material and financial affairs of this country.

    Thus, when it was seen in the Sunday Sun, May 11, 2014, the absolute intellectual foolishness that was attributed to retired Professor Michael Howard – that the decline in tax revenue (tax revenue?? more colossal ignorance supposedly from him) in recent times cannot be blamed on the inefficiency of the VAT but on the stagnation of the economy as a whole, it must be and is totally absolutely clear to the PDC the reported rotten backward and unstudied ideas coming from him in such a case of illogical and false deductions.

    For , it is so patently clear that by the government TAXING and continuing to TAX countless portions of the remunerations of the relevant persons, businesses and other entities in this country – manifoldly means too that it is STEALING ROBBING and continuing TO STEAL ROB massively parasitically from the financial outputs of the relevant others yearly, whilst hardly contributing to this country’s growth and development, via its little national financial output yearly, and via its little commercial use of the local market system that is or can be used for the passing on of resources, goods and services to the relevant others, and under the same contractual arrangements, the receiving of remunerations from the relevant others, whilst so massively overreaching itself and gorging itself by commanding so many of the resources, goods and services provided in this country – and which are things that it cannot maintain directly or indirectly on its own.

    So, what putrid nonsense from Howard the implication that VAT is NOT massively contributing to this prolonged political economic depression in Barbados.












    Dr. DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank@
    Better NEVER late, Better late than never, He spoke up to Truth support him ,So other will come out and speak the truth , MIA / OWEN and the DBLP is looking to spend what we dont have , and to TAX more than God allows .THINK PEOPLE THINK , AND DONT JUST FOLLOW THESE CROOKS LIARS AND SCUMBAGS.

    • Can anyone, anyone explain how the Central Bank and the Governor issued a ban on the Nation newspaper but yet welcome them with open arms at a function this week? The question is against the background of the Central Bank not making any statement which nullified the ban on the Nation. What is this tom foolery?


    David | May 24, 2014 at 3:34 PM | @
    If they are asked more Questions , the Answers will lead to where all the Billions of VAT and other taxes went to before and After Mai and Owen, the PM Fumble today and his AG and MoF.
    It will then lead to an Audit of what was bought and what was paid for by the Crooked Parties DLP< BLP and the NEW DBLP governemnts

    Under the new Banking laws of Basel 3 Banking ,, they will have to show movement and what is laundered in different manners,
    That then will make Auditor to look at the Land in which was used , Now to apply the law before Sir Henry Forde use his pimp title to weaken the laws and the rules to Crook and steal as they please,
    And David you know the rest . We are where we are now because the POLICE and the DPP is in the pocket of the parties, ,

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