Senator Caswell Franklyn Fired from the Nation Newspaper

The blogmaster regrets to share the news that Senator Caswell Franklyn was dismissed this week (12 June 2018) from the role as a columnist at the Nation Publishing Company. Senator Franklyn has established a reputation as a  social commentator who is never afraid to challenge kith or kin. One would have thought given the paucity of Opposition in the House of Assembly the Nation newspaper would have seen the benefit in giving a platform to one of two Opposition Senators in a configuration where the Lower House is represented 29 to 1 and the Governor General had to exercise a razor thin judgement to appoint the leader of the Opposition.

The blogmaster hates the idea that the Senator was fired because he was critical of the government in his one and only column as an Opposition Senator.


  • Mariposa
    The Opposition is a “farce” because your beloved DLP government was a farce; and the people made the decision that the DLP lacked the requirements to be the government or opposition. A decision that was fueled by the behaviour of the DLP inside and outside Parliament, including yours here on BU. #watchmuh #watchwe


  • @enuff

    You are missing the point big time. Here is a comment the blogmaster posted to FB.

    The point is that Caswell who has been a tireless advocate against wrongs in our little island is required now more than ever given what transpired on the 24 May 2018. The ease with which some of us are happy to accept some old irrelevant rule of engagement ignores the bigger issue. The blog is dealing with Caswell and his track record of public service.

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  • @Jeff

    So true but it should not deter those whose tirelessly chip away so that the ignorant can one day see the light.

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  • Rest easy Mariposa. I feel sorry for you because it is clear your party’s loss hurts you to the core. Our democracy is healthy. I was never so proud of Barbadians than I was on the 24th when collectively they said no to the continued degradation of our country by a corrupt government. If Mrs. Motley becomes corrupted like they we the people of Barbados will vote them out too.

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  • “……….so far what is to be seen is a govt holding press conferences with no voices to critically analyze what is being told to the public is that of the truth and that should be a red flag which should be of major concern to all.”

    Rather than answer any of my questions, you wrote rubbish.

    If Mottley holds a press conference during which she accuses the former DLP administration of some wrong doing, what PREVENTS the DLP from holding a press conference to explain their side of the story?

    I recall a few days after the contract signed between the Port Authority and Global Ports Inc. was exposed, the DLP issued a statement in the press explaining the reason behind their decision.

    The DLP does not have a presence in Parliament, yet a few days after this new BLP administration delivered its “mini budget,” 4 DLP members held a press conference to criticize it.

    Solutions Barbados’ Grenville Phillips II and UPP’s Lynette Eastmond also commented on the budget…….reinforcing the fact that Barbados REMAINS a democratic society.

    If the DLP, SB and UPP were prevented from expressing their opinions, then I could agree with you that we have to be careful of a dictatorship. But this is not the case. Freedom of speech and association still exists in this island.

    But for you to suggest that a government should hold a press conference and invite people to refute statements or give an opposing view, when such has never been done before…….is ludicrous.

    I suspect that, because of the 30 -0 situation in parliament, the DLP’s strategy is to stir up Barbadians by mentioning, in innuendo, that the society is set to become a dictatorship. And that is your role in this forum. However, they should have allowed someone that is much more intelligent than you to “spear head” the agenda.

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  • Mariposa has long gone past the defeat of the dlp. However it seems to be a narrative in play to keep dlp supporters mouths closed when criticising this govt
    My focus will remained on govt interaction with the populace and its truthfulness as to whether the govt sole purpose is to ride on an agenda to keep the eyes of the populace close while in doing so delivers a pseudo form of subliminal dictatorship which is hard to see ir undermine but easy to partake
    The red flags of such interaction with the public are already put in place and staged as repetitive news conferences with suttle phrasing and repetitive words to sensitive the mind that what govt is doing is right
    Watch me ! I got this one! words to penetrate and to convince the mind without having to show proof or giving people a need to question or seek answers


  • David Bu….your assistance, please.


  • It will not work, Barbadians in great numbers have become turned off by the tired narrative of the political class.Truth be told, if the electorate had credible alternatives on the 24th the BLP would have felt the wrath of the electorate as well. It is why Mia should realize that she needs to exploit her political capital with haste.


  • Listen up peeps Once again the defeat of the dlp does not bother me.
    I have never seen or met any one of these ministers in ten years or previously so any defeat to this party would not affect me mentally or physically or financially
    However what is upsetting to me is a Democratic process of free and fair elections which can be easily undermined by a govt without a opposing voice in Parliament which can be a for sure stepping stone to lack of transparency ! corruption and other illegalities which would never be seen heard or brought to the public attention
    Already such concerns have been highlighted by international creditors after Mia had a news conference to tell public barbados had defaulted on its loan but fail to give relevant and pertinent details as to how she made the decision and who where those economic advisors in agreement with here decision
    Here now at the eleventh hour barbadians are being told that those creditors to whom barbados has defaulted was not involved in the decision making
    This is a matter which goes to truthfulness and to how what and in which manner the truth would be told to the people

    ####buyer beware


  • Blah blah blah

    Have heard that the dlp been punished multiple times repetitions does not make a difference most have already dealt with the result
    Now it is time for the new govt to deliver on its promise so far what is being rolled out are a potpourri of poisonous injections placed upon a political rhetorical propaganda of news conferences absence of any form of critical analyses or opposing views for all to swallow

    Not me###:


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “However, they should have allowed someone that is much more intelligent than you to “spear head” the agenda.”

    Lol, lol…

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  • David BU

    I believe any individual has a right to support and defend the political party of their choice and to criticize any party they choose to.

    However, what I am currently seeing is the DLP and its supporters have been using this forum to stir up disharmony in the country by constantly pushing their dictatorship narrative, not based on factual evidence, but “manufactured evidence”……..and in circumstances where the current BLP administration has not done anything, so far, which suggests a dictatorship is on the horizon.

    So far, we have seen a government that is willing to engage the public, stakeholders, special interest groups and the social partnership………something unheard of during the DLP’s ten year tenure.

    I believe what these people are doing is wrong.

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  • Mia Mottley holds a news conference on her return from meeting with the IMF nothing of substance pertaining to what concerns the IMF might have about the budget and govt abilty to satisfy its external creditors and internal creditors demands based on a budget that have giveaways that can impact drastically on expenditure and which might in the long term asked the populace to sacrifice more
    Now what was rolled out was a news conference built on steam rolling more of the same stlyed campaign propaganda to draw people into belivieng that this govt have all matters negatively impacting the economy under control which is a grandstylish method akin to dictatorships brainwashing and keeping the peoples eyes closed and mouth shut.

    Relax i got this
    Is Mia fuh real

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  • David

    I am not!! I have said I do not support the Nation’s decision. Isn’t it ironic, however, that only a few weeks ago this “happ[iness] to accept some old irrelevant rule of engagement [while] ignor[ing] the bigger issue” was strongly supported?


  • @Artax

    And just like what happened on the 24 May nobody is buying it.

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  • I am not against govt engaging with the people given that there is an opposing side to refute a oneside narrative as it is now been seen as the case and is clearly manifested
    There in lies a danger than can lead this govt into beliving that everything they say or do is right because the voice or voices are not there to oppose
    The evidence of which i speak is clearly shown or reflected in dictatorships which use the media to control the way people must think or behave because the voices opposing are muted since they have no way of acessing govt documents in ways that can refute or disclaim
    Here in barbados the media has not been shy in advocating a political bias for this govt
    So therfore a question which should be asked who will bell the cat.
    For certain not a blp supporter or anyone having an affliation with the govt be it Union Private Sector or media
    Yes the red flags are already up as to what kind of goverance would emerge from this mandate

    ###: eyes wide open


  • Not asking anyone to buy or belive any thing i say in my comments
    However this i would say that barbadians are slow to react and quick to follow until it is too late
    If this govt is allowed to speak without any retraction or criticism the slippery slope of an abscence of opposing dialogue would encompass this country and shut out its abilty to be engaging because of a fear to speak out a fear which has nestled itself within the hearts of the people.

    to thine own self be true


  • Mariposa

    Of late I am beginning to able to read and digest your comments a little better.You keep on doing what you are doing and don’t respond to the BLP Detractors who feel so smug in their ignorance and arrogance that they boldly declare who is stupid and seek to put their spin on anything that goes against their party’s Public Relations.

    Haven’t you heard Mia saying in her first or one of the early press conference where she outlined what she intends to do and stated – watch me?

    Thompson in a few of his early press conferences asked the people of Barbados to ‘wrap themselves around the bdos flag’

    Now contrast the two -‘watch me’ and ‘wrap yourselves around the flag’.

    If there were honest pollsters around this election result would be dissected for :

    (1) What it said and;

    (2) What it did not say

    And then the mouthings would be different and some people would feel less intimidated to voice dissent – or else the red brigade would jump down their throat telling them ‘Redwash’.

    Don’t only listen to the very loud voices of some of the BLP CALF EATERS – BUT PAY ATTENTION TO THE SILENCE OF A LARGE SEGMENT OF VOTERS – the majority in fact who did not vote for Mia or any party or voted for one of the other parties.

    Long may the third parties live.


  • Another thing Artax, this blog is not about yardfowls like ac, do not make it so. Let us change the narrative on the blog. Let this period be about ideas and engaging the BU family who see Barbados first. This is not meant to be taken in a personal way. The country is at the cross roads in a perilous state, all sincere Bajans will have to have country at the centre of what we do.

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  • @T. Inniss

    You should also ask why they did not vote for the DLP.

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  • David BU

    Re your 8:35 AM post……I agree wholeheartedly.


  • Any patriotic barbadian would want to put barbados first and along that narrative all must and should have a voice in how goverance impacts a democracy
    For crying out loud how can any one in good conscience who says that they are patriotic should not be allowed to speak freely without a concern as to how govt presents an agenda exclusive of opposing views
    Sooner rather than later the scenario becomes titled too far to right and almost impossible to pull back


  • Another thing Artax, this blog is not about yardfowls like ac, do not make it so. Let us change the narrative on the blog. Let this period be about ideas and engaging the BU family who see Barbados first. This is not meant to be taken in a personal way. The country is at the cross roads in a perilous state, all sincere Bajans will have to have country at the centre of what we do.(Quote)

    Well said. About time. We now have to condemn the foul language, including banning the term yardfowl, and calling people party supporters.


  • David for peat sake the election is over stop your continual disrespect for the dlp supporters who have another point of view that is crtical to good goverance
    You are begining to come across as a spoiled brat having a temper tatrum who dare anyone to take the cookie away

    ##:::##::all about transparency


  • Changing the narrative of the blog whatever that means
    However i would interpret those words to mean
    ” leave govt alone and let govt do as it dam please” no need for accountability transparency
    Mia got this


  • Chukwuemeka Michael Enyiocha

    “Well said. About time. We now have to condemn the foul language, including banning the term yardfowl, and calling people party supporters.”

    Have you ever thought of starting your own blog, where you can dictate your own pace?

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  • Wishing all Fathers Starting with you David Blogmaster that you also may be Model Fathers for your Children…Your Teachings and Example are what will Sustain them through their lives and for Generations to come.

    Robbie Brown
    I wrote this poem to celebrate the legacy of a man that everyone loved – SEVELL C. BROWN JR. Please share this with your dad and CHERISH every moment with him. GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU ALL – HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!
    A VISION OF LOVE – By Robbie Brown
    A vision of love is what you are
    The light for our family like the Bethlehem star
    A vision of love, that’s where it begins
    You’re not just my Dad, you’re everyone’s best friend
    You are a tower of joy, wisdom, strength, and spiritual course
    You are a vision of love, and power with the almighty as the source.
    In a world so cold where the single mothers cry
    A vision of love, for your children you stood by
    When confusion is abundant and too hard to bear
    The vision of love from wisdom’s womb, you are always there
    It would take one thousand lifetimes to express my gratitude
    You are a vision of love daddy and I truly, truly love you.
    Rest Daddy


  • Good morning to all.
    I will leave all decision maker to the blog master, but if he banned yardfowls — shop closed.

    No rum shop owner banshis regulars.


  • Good morning BU.

    I will leave all decision making to the blog master, but if he banned yardfowls — shop closed.

    No rum shop owner bans his regulars.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    Neither the current yardfowls nor exyardfowls are strong enough to stop the wave of change taking place in the minds of the majority population on the island…just read the Facebook postings and you see the profound paradigmn shift in consciousness..

    This new age force of like mindedness in the collective, cannot be trifled with, tricked or ignored.

    Politicians/ministers will learn and have to accept that they are PAID SERVANTS of the people…nothing less will appease or please the electorate and the population as a collective moving forward. .


  • Good morning all.

    What we are seeing here to some degree is the Americanisation of our political discourse. They are “polite terrorist in our case” if we disagree or stop or don’t start to drink the “kool-aid”. Yet we all gladly embrace the right to freedom of speech and freedom to assemble and associate written into our constitution.

    The press or journalist are attacked by some segment of the party faithful. A “you cant believe them because … ” campaign is being waged; on both sides. As DJT once said “they are good people on both sides”. DJT never elaborated on what exactly they were doing on each side.

    I will simply say this. If Any in the BLP or DlP or any other party, think/feel that all knowledge resides within their party HQ then we got a demi-god in our mist. Apparently at least 4 gods given each individual party’s mouthing during last election cycle. (So god(s) in some fashion is a Bajan?) I for one don’t think that will ever be the case.
    Our competitive politics framework doesnot always see the cream of the crop in our society dreaming/aspiring to be politicians. Honestly the “elected 30” are chosen from the selected among the party ranks. If you think about it the political parties official membership as a percentage of the adult population in Barbados is relatively low.


  • Theo,
    Tell me about your rum shop experience?


  • @Hal
    It would be a long day if you told you of my rum shop experiences but here is a short story.
    Some friend of mine were liming and one off us was being tough on a rummy woman. “I wouldn’t hit that if she was the last woman on earth. You couldn’t pay me enough money to …..”. And all the woman said was “Night has no eye”.

    With a few words she had ripped through his hypocrisy and lies. We say one thing and if we think we can keep it hidden then we do another,

    Let me know if you want more.


  • *typos do not indicate consumption of alcohol


  • I agree with banning of the use of word yardfowls. Let us keep the yardfowls themselves but let’s call them “apologists”.


  • Theo,



  • Theo,

    By the way, you said rum shops do not ban regulars. Is that true in every case?


  • Some Bajans avoid rum shops and those are the ones that scare the hell out of me. Who knows what horror we would hear or what demon we would see they became drunk and lose their control.

    Also frightening are those who can take a good drink, get drunk and not reveal any secrets.

    I will keep quiet or return to the discussion on where to put the deck chairs on the titanic.


  • Dude, you are confusing me with John…


  • lol..I do my best typing sin typos or any errors whatever, when I have been sipping Baileys or some other such nice milk creme, mixed with Poncha Cuba of course.


  • I agree with banning of the use of word yardfowls. Let us keep the yardfowls themselves but let’s call them “apologists”.

    @ TheoG

    Maybe we can introduce a new term of endearment. “confined poultry”; “street poultry” “yard poultry” or “headless poultry”?



  • Caswell Franklyn

    I was just reminded that Senator John Wickham wrote a column in the Nation for years while he was a member of the Senate

    Sent from my iPad


  • re I was just reminded that Senator John Wickham wrote a column in the Nation for years while he was a member of the Senate




  • ‘headless poultry” works for me, I always called the exyardfowls emptyheaded anyway.

    Caswell……ya got much better media for your articles, Facebook alone has over 2 billion readers, Nation newspaper belong right where they are, in the dark ages.

    No one takes them seriously anyway, you need to brand yourself and go global.


  • I’m here wondering if downgrades, sewerage in the streets , no garbage pick up for weeks on end , potholes , few buses , Qeh in a mess , citizens waiting years for income tax returns and companies waiting years for Vat returns mean absolutely nothing to these people who are quick to represent the last government. The current government has not even had to courtesy of a 100 day honeymoon like most governments around the world . The new PM has come in and hit the ground running and instead of giving her support doesn’t matter which side of the device your on Barbados belongs to all of us I at least thought we would all wish her well and hope Barbados could at least some semblance of normalcy the statements are unreasonable and or a country that boast such a high literacy rate I’m sure you can do better than this.


  • I will wish this govt well after showing proof of doing a good job in restructing barbados debt
    I will wish this govt well when a persistent occupation to be fully transparent takes front row and not drawn on govt mouthings without begin crtically analyzed by fourth estate where therin lies the rub
    Day after day of the typical PR spin wrapped in a see through paper of patriotism labelled “the people right to know” is not sufficient in itself and persuasive enough for me to give this govt a good rating as of now
    Let me see a letter of documentation from the IMF after govt meeting that states that the IMF is fully in agreement with the policies govt are implementing to cut expenditure
    Spin and sound bits like “relax”and “i got this one” does not cut it
    Govt is not a mere joke with formulas based on reality TV
    The level of discourse is and must be applicable and satisfying to all the people


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Your assistance here again please


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    @ Artaxerxes

    Recently I have to admit that I have been one of those that is “guilty” of what inadvertently seems to be an anti BLP campaign

    But i will pause a while and share with you what is my desired goal and where I SHALL BE COMMITTED UNTIL I LEAVE THIS DEPARTURE LOUNGE.

    “I understand sheeple”

    I hope that that word has not been banned as well (i understand that yardfowl has been banned though)

    But here is the real thing Artaxerxes.

    Most people here believe that the BLP won the General Elections but that is not true

    THE DLP LOST!!! but to explain that will take some time and reveal a formula and THE SECRET for fighting campaigns to all and sundry AND I ENT GOING DO THAT.

    But what i will tell you is this.

    Voters in general and BAaans in particular won this engagement.

    I know that you are going to say that i said that wrong and that it should be “Bajans in general and voters in particular won that engagement.

    But that is totally wrong.

    Right now there is a fallacy that Madamoiselle Mia Mottley is the winner of this election but that is really a fallacy.

    Observe the following Stoopid Cartoon.

    You are a keen observer, tell me what it is saying?

    The May 24th Battle of Trafalgar Square IS NOT a victory won by any MAM or Hartley Henry crew.

    It is Barbados’ victory and it will be key to observe what happens now going forward AS WE COLLECTIVELY ENSURE THAT THE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE POWER THAT WE HAVE.

    “Watch Muh Now”


  • @ de pedantic Dribbler
    June 17, 2018 5:31 AM

    AS usual a None Trump supporter cannot understand Mr. Trump whether as a Candidate or President, but for those that follow Trump they know what he is doing and why he is doing it. You have to start from the Premise that he loves America and puts America FIRST and wants all leaders in the world to do the same for their countries. For so long you have had Politicians Playing Polotricks and here you have a man that is Not Politically Correct and who calls it like it is.

    It is an Indictment against you that you cannot tell the Truth but hide behind your Pseudo truth the same way you couldn’t see the popularity during the Campaign. The same way the ‘Lame Stream Media’ of which you are a Fan ALWAYS GET IT INTENTIONALLY WRONG because they believe in the same Deception as you. Please do not Pull BU into your Collusion Delusion. The only out let that Trump has that are at around 50% positive and 50% Negative are the New Media Outlets and Fox. That is the Reason why the President Tweets Directly to the American Public, is to be Transparent because of the LIES Perpetuated otherwise 24×7.

    But Dpr your Favourite Media runs between 93% & 97% NEGATIVE. You are Suffering for what has become known as the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

    Pres. Trump Stands for the Law… Session’s Stands for the Law. Pres. Trump does not want to Rule by Decree. You need the Democrats Vote to Change the Law…”I hate it,” President Donald J. Trump says of administration’s policy of separating children from parents at the U.S. border, claiming he has no ability to alter the policy without votes from Democrats.


  • It is very disheartening for all right thinking 💭 Barbadians that less than one month in office……Madam PM has carted off this fair land to the IMF !!

    And she committed such hasty act she UNILATERALLY defaulted on payments to this country’s creditors !

    Oh I weep for BARBADOS 🇧🇧

    Gem 💎 gone ………!!




  • And before she committed such a hasty act ..


  • @ The Honourable Blogmaster

    I have been trying to post a few articles here from since 3 or so today unsuccessfully

    THe content of the posts is as usual – controversial but not libelous

    However it would appear as all eight or nine of them EVEN requests for you assistance AND email have not been successful

    I do hope that de ole man has not exhausted his welcome with the site based on the content and the tangent of my posts.

    Why that might only make one feel that there is a plan afoot to interdict against the persons WHO WILL NOT BOW TO THE NEW ADMINISTRATION

    I will see if this item posts and failing that I guess that heheheheheh I may have to resort to some Bowman type posts

    I await your response …



    Nobody is intetionally blocking you comments.If WordPress does not like your IPs you should look at the proxy list you are using if you know how.

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  • @ pieceuhderockyeahright,

    Did you remember to click ” post comment ”

    doan mine me I trying to be a comedian. lol


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    My apologies.

    I have previously been treading in some dangerous waters and once this Caswell incident entered the mix, I “dived” in.

    Where we are as a country, WE HAVE NEVER BEEN BEFORE.

    and one thing that we can be assured of, from what we have seen with the last lot, these guys DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES. They are ruthless.

    Look at how even Dr. David Durant has prostituted his soul in the service of the DLP and he is a man of the cloth.

    They were prepared to kill a nation, ALL OF US, while they secured their self preservation AND some of US, because of what we have done, AND WHAT WE MUST CONTINUE TO DO, HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BE vigilant.

    and I, paranoia notwithstanding, have to be even more vigilant than most others.

    Apologies but I assumed that because your norm is 6 a.m. with *** and it was mid evening, i misread that *** because it broke your clockwork pattern.

    The posts and the follow-up email coupled with not getting you customary response, triggered my response.

    You do realize that I usually wait and have done so for longer periods..

    Apologies again.

    There is a lot to be done and little time, for some of us.


  • “Well said. About time. We now have to condemn the foul language, including banning the term yardfowl, and calling people party supporters.”

    Yes, I agree wholeheartedly…………….and while we are at it, let’s come of our “high horses” and equally condemn the insulting, snide, pejorative and childish comments that you seem not to be able to resist from using to describe other contributors………

    ……………….and the nasty, arrogant, condescending, snobbish and sanctimonious attitude you so often exhibit in this forum.


  • “Why that might only make one feel that there is a plan afoot to interdict against the persons WHO WILL NOT BOW TO THE NEW ADMINISTRATION.”


    I believe you’re not being fair to the blogmaster. Uh mean……I have seen contributions appear in this forum that are downright silly, from an individual or individuals, with multiple monikers, in which they always mention someone or something always “got muh bawling..” and “uh dat ilk.”

    As such, I don’t see any reason why David BU would censor your excellent and informative contributions, especially since I’ve never heard you complaining of him ever having done so in the past.

    Wuh de ole man should do is leh de grandson show you how to look at the proxy list (hehehehehehe)


  • NorthernObserver

    seems that you and petite Madama Butterfly have a common information source?
    Big on the unilateral default.
    Why don’t you explain to us how a “negotiated debt reduction” might play out? Remember who the BIG creditor is. Somebody has to get skin?
    Prior to the election you were big on No LEC, grandiose proclamations. You were correct. The only one with an LEC was your dethroned King FJS….LOSE EVERY CONSTITUENCY.
    Permit me to inform you that IMF = In Memory of Fumbles.


  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    “Right now there is a fallacy that Madamoiselle Mia Mottley is the winner of this election but that is really a fallacy.”

    That is why first thing on the May 25 2018, it was made very clear that over 111,000 voters won the election for themselves by breaking away from and destroying the ball and chain that was DLP….to free themselves from that 60 year old blighted political party, one of them had to go permanently. .

    The election was a victory by the people for the people in a fight to free themselves from the 2 party political tag team of tyranny they have been subjected to for 60 long years.

    Politicians and yardfowls both present and former need to get that very clear in their minds with no misunderstandings.


  • And didn’t Mr Kellman write his nonsensical column for years as a member of Parliament?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @FreedomCrier, the amazing reality is that you were not laughing when you wrote ur piece above…but it surely is quite laughable!

    Why do I have to support Mia Mottley or Donald Trump in order to understand them and their policies? Do you support Hitler…as you show a wonderful appreciation of his type of actions. Must be a joke !

    I am glad Mr Trump loves the US…but quite disappointed that such professed loves appears by the cascade of his words and actions to be firmly located in a discriminatory place which hails the actions of white supremacists and supports divisiveness. That too is another good laugh ….love of one type of people in as diverse a nation as the US is surely your type of greatness. More power to you.

    And the joke to bring the house down is definitely the twin laffs of “Pseudo truth” and accusing others of politricks.

    The man who they said made 18 misstaments of facts in one morn tweet storm (one can be deferential and not outright say the President lied) is being heralded by you as ‘calling it like it is. Good joke dat.

    And the same man who has a cabinet secretary operating in the palms of lobbyists and doing rather unethical things but whom he likes and refuses to dismiss you boast is destroying political shennagans in govt. 🤣.. as the bloggers say: oh loss, ma belly!

    Very good routine you have here on BU…an invitation to Comedy Central or some other comedy club is definitely in your future…keep the jokes flowing!


  • “I am glad Mr Trump loves the US…but quite disappointed that such professed loves appears by the cascade of his words and actions to be firmly located in a discriminatory place which hails the actions of white supremacists and supports divisiveness”

    Where were these according to Mr Stuart ” incoherent noises” when former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan Robert Byrd was occupying a life long seat in the USA Senate on behalf of the Democratic party whose members love black people and which has been garnering majority black support since the sixties.


  • Interesting that Barbados Today now features a column called “Opposition Speaks” by Opposition Leader Joseph Atherley. The blogmaster notes that the last column posted by Senator Franklyn we called it “Senator Franklyn Speaks”. Clearly the rules of engagement for BT do not agree with the Nation newspaper. Continuing to observe.


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