A View Of The NATION From Underground

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Kaymar Jordan, Editor-in-Chief of the NATION Newspaper

No Kaymar Jordan you did not tell the truth and stand justifiably accused by the general public. Your manipulations and distortions converted what could have been an otherwise great story into a scandalous piece of journalistic tripe. Now you and whoever helped you write that editorial would hoodwink the public (again) into believing that there was merit in what you did; all you have done in the editorial is to confirm the stupidity of the NATION’s newspaper policy. Technology has seen it fit that newspapers remain widely read. So what was the point you were making about technology again? No amount of spin doctoring will alter what remains a travesty.

You distorted the truth – for effect and commercial gain and possibly out of pure ignorance. You could not even give the public that your deliberateness in distorting was influenced by the expectation of more information and for that you apologize. I now say any decent newspaper would have fired you or put you on the back bench like they will put Sinckler. I for one will not buy another Nation or Sunday Sun newspaper. But what does it matter? Who cares? Not the Nation . Harold Hoyte I am ashamed of you too because I know you still have influence in what goes on at the paper.

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  1. Quoting Caswell Franklyn “compared to the high treason that it exposed.”

    Barbados is a constitutional monarchy.

    But Freundel Sturt is NOT the head of state.

    Fruendel Stuart in NOT the king (nor the queen neither)

    Therefor no treason has been planned or committed.

  2. Woman you now say something that got me cuffufle … I know a fella that barely threaten to do harm to the GG because he thought he was robbed by the system and he get sen’ up for a couple years. He now works outside at a gas station, no one else would employ him. You saying that all those years ago he would have been better off if he threatened Tom Adams instead?

  3. Random Thoughts

    You don’t have to be an expert at journalism to recognise poor journalism when you see it.

    Just read the Nation newspaper of two sundays ago!!!

    I always knew that Kaymar Jordan was a joke.

  4. Quoting BAFBFP “tedious repetitive work like that done by surgeons”

    Surgeons work is NOT tedious, NOT repetitive. Cut open a human being and ya never kow what you will find in there.

  5. Quoting BAFBFP “You saying that all those years ago he would have been better off if he threatened Tom Adams instead?”


  6. “….Cut open a human being and ya never know what you will find in there…”

    …mostly a lot of s#|+.

    @ Lemuel
    “Engineers are not people of thought”

    If micro mock engineer was still with us he would eat you alive for such an uninformed idea…. Thoughtfully of course

    @ David
    Did you read that first class editorial in Barbados Today – of coups plots and lies? Bushie likes it

    Could you not do a series of blogs that would try to answer a key question asked in the article?

    Why do clearly square pegs fight to gain, or to remain in leadership positions that are round – and wrong for them?

    Apart from the obvious political jokers currently under the microscope, why do you think that so many other such failures continue to cling to leadership positions? Is it the mortgage? The perks? Or are they really “successful” and the rest of us are misled…?

  7. I especially like this piece from Barbados Today “If you were man enough to plot; if you were man enough to make phone calls to people boasting about your support without knowing who or how many were at the other end aware of your ranting and were therefore in a position to say “Yuh lie!” when you tried to spin another tale afterward; if you provided information to people you previously publicly lambasted, but were dumb enough to suddenly believe they would not share it with their “friends”, you should be man enough to stand up and take your licks…Anything else pushes all politicians farther down in the pond. It certainly ought to make people wonder what quality of leader you would make!”


  8. De man went to Garrison, ah mean seriously, where is the pedigree?

    People in politics clamor for leadership because it is sweet living and you get to travel the world and rub shoulders with really great people and speak as equals. You get invited to the biggest fetes and the proceeds from the sale of West Coast land foots the bill. You get notoriety and a pension at full pay. People look up to you no matter how short you are and they fear you.You have near absolute power where even the police force takes instruction from you. You get to say who becomes Chief Justice, Judge, Chief of Police, Senator, Cabinet Minister, Governor General, Governor of the Central Bank, Head of the Civil Service, contract winner, sole supplier of Twiwood Toilets, persona non grata …

  9. Random Thoughts

    “I especially like this piece from Barbados Today”

    Are you refering to the online journal owned by the RAPIST?

  10. @CCC

    You are always labelling and I understand from a very reliable source that you have had 2 similar charges brought and they were dropped for one reason or another. Even if I am wrong, was there a conviction? It is a good editorial regardless of what you may label the man. Give Jack his jacket and keep the Queen isolated.

  11. I got to admit that I rape a couple ah people in my life, technically speaking … they did say “no”! I suppose there should be a rule as to how the know is said and when … I mean a “NO” is different from a “no” which is different from a “nnnnnnn n n n o” …

  12. @BAFBFP

    So what does this say about us who vote for these parasites and who discuss their juvenile moves at length – as though there was some national developmental significance attached…?

    How come Bushie can’t get your support for the alternative system of governance that BT proposed on another BU blog?

    BTW – that ‘Garrison’ comment is low …. Even for you.
    But admittedly, Bushie’ also wonders what kind of country we expect to be if those persons who have been filtered by our expensive education system as being specially talented, are NOT the ones who are elected to the complex responsibilities of leadership. …these days are indeed funny nights.

  13. There is a need to examine the motives of Miss Jordan. What did she stand to gain? Who are her friends in the DLP or the BLP? Who was once her fiance and does she carry a grudge? Yes George Braff, she is a journalistic junior who obviously was given a hands up. What assets did she have to offer. Her credentials are inadequate for sucha job. But who knows.

  14. Does it matter what school you go to or is it more important what you did while you were there. The mention of the Garrison by BAFBFP demonstrates the savage prejudice of some individuals. I wonder where he went to school. Was it the school of classicism. Did he live in the village of bigotry. To the best of my knowledge the MOF is well qualified and better qualified than most, surely better qualified than BAFBFP it would seem. My apologies to others for this sideline.

  15. David

    U Understand …:)


    “So what does this say about us who vote for these parasites and who discuss their juvenile moves at length …” At least some of us are having a bit of fun ..! I believe, giving all credit to the BU Bloggers that they really view all of this as showmanship nothing more, or have I misjudged these people …?

  16. BT

    I support your co-operative form of Government. Maybe you should keep bringing it up. I am more a transparent dictatorship type individual but I did yield to you if memory serves …

  17. @ Random Thoughts

    The Barbados Today editorial is interesting enough. The only glaring omission is that it does not say where and why they the media went wrong! Other than that, it’s a fine piece.

  18. To Ping Pong:
    I know that you are sweet on engineering skills, but show me this engineer who has within the model of his training produced this thought of which you are so proud. Before you hasten to belittle your self read the question carefully. Engineers are trained to seek SOLUTIONS; they are not trained to be thinkers. This can also be said of most professionals that we have here in the Caribbean. Without thinkers we shall go no where fast. This is why we are having the political mess that shall not leave us even when Stuart, Owen and their gang have left the political scene.

  19. The Nation are only in possession of a copy of a letter a whistle blower gave them, not the original. they exposing the issue may be the reason why the origin letter was never sent. Although i believe that most media houses slant news items to suit their agenda, I cannot blame the Nation for anything except possibly approaching their “Eager Eleven” before publishing the contents of the letter; unless they did and I am not aware of such.

  20. lemuel

    Stay thy hand. I too am an engineer (or use to be) and I will shoot your argument down by example alone. You are so wrong that I am embarrassed for you. But have a drink and save something for the new year. Peace

  21. To BAFBFP:
    Remember that the technology you are utilizing is part of the original thought of another thinker and not a tinker. Really, BAFBPF the point I am making is that all of us who are trained professionals are not trained to be original thinkers. Very few universities or training institutions do that. Some way along the way we are presented with the need to adopt original thought. Some of us do; other do not. I am not picking on engineers, but at the time they seem like the great example of those trained with a slavish mentality, and I am sure many of them of frustrated you in your time. You did not pick concepts about cooperatives and the socialist thought from engineering.

  22. @GEORGE

    The higher the monkey climb the more he does show he tail, and the more you write the more your ignorance shines. Pity the gov is investing in yout education. Kaymar was not telling the truth from day one and she will cause the Nation to pay out a tidy sum.

    What was her motive for slanting the headline the way she did? The nation should be held accountable for its actions and the barbadian public should demand an apology.

    Regardless of our politcal allegiance, we should never allowe Miss Jordan to get away with this heinous crime. She sensationalised the story for a whole week, perhaps to heigthen sales to assit with the damages that it would have to pay.

    I like your honesty on this topic, not that i am saying you are not bang on most of the times, but we must hold the Nation to certain journaslistic standards it is the dominant player in the market in its area and is always bragging bout this dominance, similary vob brags about its dominance.

  23. So Carson, you dubbed someone a rapist. Do you have any information to suppport this claim. Can I, by the same token, call you a buller ?.
    See how easy it is to tarnish people.

  24. Spy

    IF you want a buller talk to Caswell, he knows where they lurk, he could smell them at a distance, uncanny, but Caswell knows where all the closets are located. Franklyn does not fear bullers …! Cas is the man …!

  25. BAFBFP has an opinion and a confession:

    “I got to admit that I rape a couple ah people in my life, technically speaking … they did say ‘no’! I suppose there should be a rule as to how the know [sic] is said and when … I mean a ‘NO’” is different from a ‘no’.”

    Who did you rape, BAFBFP? WHO DID YOU RAPE?

    You think this will be inconsequential, you ridiculous little dick?

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