Are We to See the Second Coming of Roy Part II

Submitted by Nomen Nescio
Roy Morris

Roy Morris

Well guess who, it is Nomen Nescio again. I found it interesting reading the comments to my post that perverted Roy Morris will be returning to the self-dubbed family newspaper or Nation Newspaper. Thank you David for your comments against those doubting Thomases such as, in particular, Plantation Deeds and BAFBPF or Baffy.  I will respond to them at the end of this update.

Since the posting of the article more cutting edge information was received which I felt compelled to share with the BU family. As I first suspected and was confirmed by impeccable sources, the resurrection of Roy Morris was triggered by the Board of the Nation Publishing Company, which as I said before is chaired by that hypocritical Harold Hoyte. We going get to the salacious on him after we deal with the facts of the matter.  And I’m going to be fair to all.

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The board did not initially set out to hire back Roy aka ‘DOGGIE’  Morris. The board felt that revenue was down and Return On Invest was paramount. So instinctively they said we need to fill the post of Editor-in-Chief with someone who could bring back the coppers (not policemen). So they looked internally and the two most likely candidates from inside were Eric Smith – who  now runs the newsroom and Sanka Price, who acts running the newsroom when Smith is on leave. Now some of you were wildly guessing that I Nomen Nescio is either Sanka Price or Eric Smith. I felt grossly insulted when I read that. Eric Smith is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – always take what he tells you with a pinch of salt. And Sanka Price is known as the Sultan of Slime, the greatest ass kisser every born in Christendom. His rise at the Nation has been synonymous with bad talking others and kissing derrieres. A man who would concoct ‘I confess’ articles to increase circulation.

Yes the DLP want some stiff lashes,  but Imagine Sanka Price who on two occasions was the editor for Liz Thompson’s campaign magazine when she ran as a candidate, now ‘bout the place pretending that his column is an impartial one and that his criticisms of the government are about the interest of Barbados. Imagine a senior journalist who at the time would have been overseeing the newspaper’s campaign coverage was the editor of a candidate’s campaign magazine. Hold on doah, Liz’s godfather Harold Hoyte, who at the time was the Editor-in-Chief also had his input in her campaign strategy. Yuh mean he couldn’t even say cuh dear Lizzie, uh is yuh godfather but how it going look if I as Editor-in-Chief play a major part in your campaign. Wish she well but have principles. So you all could big up people like Harold Hoyte because you all don’t know better. That mealy mout’ one who want to pretend that he so holy and wash in the blood of the lamb; if yuh ask me he wash in the blood of swine that yuh does mek puddin’ and souse with on Saturdays.

Oh shite the train went off the tracks there for a minute or two. Talk ‘bout digressing. So the board felt that that the bottom line was Return on Investment, looked internally and turned down Eric Smith and Sanka Price. So of course Morris’ name was them placed in the mix. Given that at present he is Editor in Chief of a newspaper, no matter how small, it was felt that this warranted considering. The board felt that he had the skills for the job. So after agreeing that he could do the job, they were confronted with the elephant in the room (maybe I should have said the doggie in the room). How would it look bringing back a man who only five and a half years ago yuh had to fire – yes fire, he didn’t get nuh package I understand– because he couldn’t see the young girls, including interns’ pokeys, (wait yuh could pluralise pokey) and leave them alone. Anyway you don’t find morality in the board room, yuh does find greedy phuckers.

She got she faults but to be fair to Anne Gittens she objected to Morris’ return. And don’t talk bout this was because she jealous, cause back in 2007 Anne was reluctant to fire Roy since she liked how he ran the newsroom and they worked well together. But, the weight of his past, the then allegation and his impending charging by the police was just too overwhelming to keep him in the workplace. And don’t fuhget when Roxanee Gibbs had Roy hiding out Anne knew where he was hiding and visited him at least once, so don’t accuse the woman of being jealous.

Anyway, given that the majority of the members on the Board were looking at the bottom line, or as the young people would say was only interested in ‘paper’, Anne was out-voted. Subsequently Anne threatened to resign and call it a day. It was only because of the persuasion of her husband that she not collecting unemployment cheques today.

Now it will be interesting to see if his departure will result in the closure of the Barbados Today (BT). Very reliable sources say that sometime last year the Nation was approached in an effort to see if they would pay a sum for BT and incorporate it into their corporation. If this happens this is something for the Fair Trading Commission to look at with regards to antitrust practices that deals with monopolies and competition. But then again Kiffin Simpson buying up all the gas stations in Barbados which means soon from now if yuh getting treat bad at one dealer yuh can’t carry yuh business nuh place else, and yet FTC not saying anything. Money talks and bullshit walks.

What would be interesting in the case of Roy and Barbados Today would be if would abandon those workers who he lured away from the Nation. If yuh ask me Roy ‘bout Roy nuhboddy else.

I promised earlier to touch up that one Harold a bit more. Oh shite I shouldn’t really use that phrase in this context. Pieceuhderock (POTR) wrote on July 20 at 12.28 p.m. that contrary to my allusions Harold (people hold him in such high esteem that wunnuh knight he before the GG could lift he sword – if wunnuh only know) has an insipid chuckle and an eccentric way of life. That was very funny and clever  POTR. And that he was only interested in big botcy women; uh huh, fool yuh self. Leroy Parris would know though. Who you all think organise for Harold to get he personal money out of CLICO when people ‘bout here praying to get theirs out. Yuh think Leroy only do it because they used to walk every morning a 5 a.m. Wunnuh think wunnuh know this Barbados.

Well Plantation Deed you had quite a few things to say and David actually dealt with you appropriately. But let muh get muh piece David. Plantation you wrote that you were sure that there are more people more guilty than him that still in place wrecking Barbados. So this is the little sin, big sin argument. But you know what for a rape victim your issue might be the little sin and theirs the big sin. I find it interesting that someone like you who is seeking justice would be so comfortable with such skulduggery as rape and repeated targeting of teenage females by a man a man now in his early fifties and someone whose position should engender trust. It tells me a lot.

And yes BAFBPF, better known as Baffy. I must confess your comments surprised me, since you always seem like a person interested in justice, especially in  your criticism of governments (including those outside the region). I realise recently though that you were reluctant to criticise the permanent secretaries; I guess you mekking sure your government payments for your business don’t get block. Boy everyone, including you know what to do to survive, even if it means turning a blind eye. I still like when you used to call Brass Tacks. So Roy Morris could be excused because he is an effective Black male? And I am still waiting for you to tell the BU family how Doggie Morris got set up. I agree that rape accusations are always difficult since they are hardly any other witnesses but a rape accusation is not far fetch for someone who targets teenagers and has a history of female harassment.

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  1. You know Ms Nomen Nescio (there is no question in my mind that you are a woman), I agree with you, and I agree with your assessment of me, but my opinion of Permanent Secretaries is sincere wto this current batch.

    Assessment like your tone and your of the key newsroom personalities. Now compare them to this group of broadcast professionals .. David Ellis, Stetson Babb and Dennis Johnson … see any similarities? Seems to me that there are rules to the game that have to be understood to “progress” with in certain environments …

    As for Mrs Gittens … my one beef with her is that to this day we as members of the consuming public, still with the notion the we have a “Right” to know, are still uninformed as to why there was a Great Exodus from the FTC that was leas by the resignation of the Minister responsible for it at the time.

    Roy Morris is effective… you cannot deny this and at the end of the day that is ALL that matters. His many flaws, now made very public, can be contained.

  2. Whuloss!!! I speechless. I do declare!

    I promise myself that I gine stan out uh dese tings where one’s character and sexual persuasion come under the microscope or two reasons.

    Firstly, here in Barbados, unless I am Superman, Man of Steel, who can leap over buildings in a single bound, and has super speed, and xray vision to see into bedrooms and see (the abominations of) men lying with men, and women with women, I think that I will abstain from any assertions on behalf of anyone and by remonstrations who is straight and who is not.

    Next thing you know, because PODRYR rushing in to defend person x and y, i gine get tar as one uh dem and whaplax, Sis Headley ent gine give me de sisterly hug pun a Sunday no more.

    Secondly, there is a really thin line between how we live our lives, the way we interact with people and how such ultimately becomes how people assess who one is and assigns them a character slot.

    If we really were to do an analysis of the situation we would see that with any careful examination, we ALL fail the character examination and subsequent Assassination tests.

    Then it becomes “the degree of big sin and little sin”

    Case in point.

    After hugging Sister Headley my right hand touched her botsie, twice, and i dont know who saw but de madam makes it her business to watch these hugs pun a Sunday.

    PODRYR now becomes a dirty ole man because, at my age, bereft as i am of locomotoral skills, as the Bible speaks of “the strong man bow”, this act of a body fast becoming dust to dust, now makes me “perverted”

    So, since i have touched de sista asset twice, not withstanding, mens rea, I, pervert PODRYR, being the same man as you Roy, leave you to the other men and women on this blog, who are not perverts, nor maligners of character, nor petty thieves taking home de government stationery every evening from the office, nor adulterers, coveting their neighbours ox, nor ass, figuratively or literally (after all this is Bulbados) nor ass-lickers seeking favour to secure one’s job/promotion, i leave you to the holier that thou crew.

    I pray you well Mr. Morris and hope that this appendage, and the bothers arising, do not assail you until you leave this plain because here in Barbados, using your parts AND BEING CAUGHT, this latter condition being the centric part, will doom you to a life sentence.

    Socrates, to whom various debating skills and critical thinking are attributed, is not as much remembered as the author of elenctic method, but rather as a pedophile who, on being tried for “perverting young boys”, took hemlock and perished.

    “Memories (of our indiscretions) dont leave like people do, they always stay with you” Tom Jones

  3. David; Check BajanFlick? Yuh hinting dat PODRR is nomen nescio? I didn’t see any new pics? Nomen Nescio is evidently a frequenter of BU. he writes extremely well (In the class and style of Bushtea and PODRR). He / She has to be someone the BU family knows but might be a very infrequent poster

    Very salacious! So Harold Hoyte is Liz Thompson’s Uncle or something? So Harold Hoyte walked or walks with LP early on mornings and that makes him a kindred soul and confidante to LP? You might be amazed at how many people got advanced information on CLICO’s imminent downfall and were advised and assisted to get their money out quickly and did not walk with LP on mornings. I know several, that is why it adds to the enigma of Freundel that he apparently (of practically all the big shot friends of LP and other CLICO insiders) did not get his CLICO money out early. But note that he will get back his full principal with the Government’s proposed solution that the Cabinet provided to the JM. But of course no one is interested in that now.

    I have a lot of empathy with NN’s explanation of Viviannes’s input into these alleged shenanigans as I knew her quite well a long time ago and could not envisage that Vivianne helping out an alleged rapist

    Nomen Nescio does not write like most women I know so I would suspect that he / she is a male (But I may be totally wrong there) However, I am amazed that there is a male with such strong feelings in this matter to pen the two NN articles without being a serious contender for the job.

  4. The Nation newspaper is a disgrace to fair and balanced journalism. Has anyone ever noticed how there are striking similarities in the columns written this week by Sanka “BLP Promoter ” Price and Clyde “Mock B ” Mascoll.
    Tennyson Joseph started the ball rolling on Tuesday, Sanka Price followed on Wednesday and surprise surprise, Mascoll repeats the same thing on Thursday.
    Is this coincidence or could it be that ALL the columnists at the Nation newspaper are known BLP supporters using their columns to push a partisan agenda first and foremost,
    Let the truth be told on how Roebuck Street controls the Nation newspaper- the BLP branch in Fontabelle.

  5. How could any newspaper that cares about letting Barbadians hear different views and making their own opinions allow their publication to be dominated by known BLP supporters ?
    Clyde Mascoll’s column is political first and economic second as he spends much of his weekly column dealing with political strategy.
    Barbadians need to hear different views but it seems that the only way to get a column in the Nation newspaper is to kiss the BLP’S ass and criticize the government. Ask Caswell Franklyn.

  6. @ Nomen Nescio,

    In parting, I will put this one observation on the table for (wasted) thought.


    You are someone’s proxy and judging from (a) the content of the article (b) the absence of content herein (LOL) it becomes evident whose proxy you are.

    The content of the submission changed, being crafted to “heighten” emotions, evoke ongoing focus (by the internal reviewers) and stoke some fires, specifically those around Vivianne and Roxanne.

    As proxy, your style would be unknown by parties concerned, but if they were to look closely to the content they will see who you are and therein comes your predicament.

    In all seriousness, neither Sanka at any Price nor Eric have the requisite skills to run the Nation.

    They are both myopic men, either suffering from a lack of global outlook, marketing experience or blinkered by political obsequiousness. (The reason that Eric WENT BACK to the Nation, yes he was with the same Barbados Today that Roy heads, is because he is one of the poorest marketing managers that exists in Barbados today, no pun intended. Sanka, well he could not spell “good journalism” far lest be a good journalist, even if the words were in letters as big as the Hollywood sign in California!!)

    ROI, in the final analysis Nation directors are concerned with money and lifestyle, inasmuch as ole people like me might consider it as to be part and parcel of assessing a man, de Nation is not too concerned about who you sleeping with, if de female under aged, if you bite out somebody clitoris, it wants to know if you can deliver a profit and a dividend for shareholders. Sad but true.

    Case in point the DLP administration, if CrackHead We Jonesing, was managing an effective Education Ministry and we children was getting educate and coming outta school/university and getting jobs, or creating dem own, given our $500M/yr education costs/tragedy, Bajans would be prepared to forgive him and his “de chilren, not to be confused with the children, have a pacific, not to be confused with specific, tasks to accomplish”

    People will tolerate “indiscretions” as long as you deliver.

  7. @ David[BU]

    Oh Lawsie David.

    According to Check it Out I may be Nomen Nescio!!

    Whuloss, i now making submission, and den i is answering dem, a serious personality disorder!! Bipolar Manic, schizophrenic supreme!!

    If dat news get to de madam dat she husband is de bajan equivalent of de tree (not Three, remember We Jonesing) Faces of Eve, you know Eve White, that woman who suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or multiple personality disorder. (Please come to my rescue and let dem know dat NN ent me!!)

    Dere it go again, dat buzzer tingy, breakfast ready so i gots to go, de madam summon me.

    When I get time (yeah right), I mean to say, when she let me loose (Man thou art Loosed) I going come back here and pen an article in my alter ego, Buffalo Sincliar, for indeed i now admit to all the Bajans that I am he, I will write to you all indicating my 13.9.13 Obeah plans for this economy ……… (these are not dots of continuity as some of you might beleive, but sprinklings of salt that the obeah woman dat i am cunsulting told me to end each disassociative conversation with. This is the same obeah woman that Richard Sealy is also using i.e. talking with and is responsible for him looking up into the corner at the spirits)

    “Yes pookings, I coming……”

  8. This whole island is a deep morass of an incestuous pit where there are circles within circles and labyrinths within labyrinths where those who aren’t kissing butt are having their buts kissed now where was I….

    Glad to see that Anne has some integrity left after all she is still a country girl at heart and us country folk know that bull shit can remain bull shit even if someone tells you it is good for the garden.

    I am flummoxed that the Nation as the only game in town is experiencing falling revenues now I can’t consider them for my lemonade stand in the Sahara, as to the return of the newsman to boost circulation and profits I look forward to those articles on old men preying on young girls in the Bus Stand …….wait oh never mind Editor get me rewrite……..

  9. PODRYR;

    My abject apologies! I plead guilty to not reading your posts on this matter before I posted mine. Re. the mention of POTRYR and Bushtea comparison I was only referring to the top of the class style, turn-of-phrase, wit and quality of the NN posts, not the content per se. Your above posts on the matter leave no doubt that you are not NN and to consider Bushtea to have taken an NN alter-nomen would be more than ludicrous. Perhaps NN (he/she) copied your style or went to the same journalistic school.

    Keep it coming. Actually the only posts I make certain to read all of and everyday are yours, Bushtea

  10. @ Nomen Nescio:

    Here is a possible solution to your Roy “Doggie” Morris conundrum.
    Since ROI is the primary objective of the Nation as confirmed by the Board of Directors why not get an editor-in-chief (and for that matter Publisher & CEO) from Trinidad?

    Trinidadians practically own the entire distribution and retail commercial net work (except for finished petroleum products). You only have to see who are the CEO’s at these Trinidad owned businesses including Republic Bank and its financial associates.

    That dying newspaper is just another peddler of gossip and outlet for politically biased propagandistic columnists for the boringly simple minds and to addictively attract the continuing readership of morons like “NationBLPnewspaper”.
    This repetitively complaining idiot NationBLPnewspaper pretending to be a dye-in-the-wool critic of that rag sheet (why not boycott it with both his eyes and his wallet) would be better off submitting countervailing (pro DLP) threads to BU to replace those two frustratingly boring bigger idiots ac and CCC with Alvin Cummins not far behind.

    PS: Please leave the Leroy Greenverbs’ “strangely close friendship” business out of this topic. You don’t really want to open up a Pandora box, do you now? Do you really want to see the skeletons of the man’s closest friends, both dead and alive, fall out of the closet, do you?

  11. @ Sargeant | July 25, 2013 at 8:35 AM |
    “I am flummoxed that the Nation as the only game in town is experiencing falling revenues now I can’t consider them for my lemonade stand in the Sahara….”

    I like that word “flummoxed”. A most bewilderingly perplexing state of mind!

    If not for the life-saving millions of dollars pumped into the Nation’s coffers through the purchase of political propaganda advertising space by both political parties during the last elections the Nation would have had to fire (layoff) more workers and streamline its operations; and most likely under the strictly profit-oriented guidance of a Trinidadian CEO.

    Further pressures will soon be brought to bear on this financially exposed newspaper operating in a dying industry. Imported newsprint represents an important cost of operation calling for the use of scare foreign exchange.
    How will such wasteful extravagance designed primarily to promote gossip, political spin and false advertising stack in the priority queue of forex demands?

    Should we pay for imported newsprint instead of lifesaving medicines or medical equipment with over 40% of the local population afflicted by NCD’s brought about mainly by the consumption of imported processed food that make up a significant portion of the $800 million per year food import bill?

  12. Any entity or profession that purports high mindedness but relies on the financing that is provided by private interests is not worthy of this level of scrutiny.

    • A former President of the forever stillborn BAJ admitted publicly that he is aware of stories which were cancelled because of the fear of offending the advertisers.

  13. Nomen Nescio whoever you are, yuh had muh laughing, lol. Get Roy Morris to start back The Investigator. I miss that paper, I will buy everyday, thanks.

  14. Men will always say that the flaws between their legs can be contained. They see rape as a joke when women see only flashbacks, pain and eternal agony. They sit with their things between their legs and think they can shake it and wag it at everything that passes without thought for the consequences. Now if a man, a journalist, who is supposed to help protect, along with lawyers, the judiciary, the state and police the interest of the public, especially little defenseless children, cannot do this and we support it because of that eternally “flawed” male fraternity of backward self-righteousness in this small island, then God help us all. It is disgusting and sickening. Barbados has reached the point of no return.

  15. Nomen Nescio @ We nominate you to be Editor in Chief of the Nation News paper for you seem to know all the News already and can run it by your self. All other staff can go home.
    Roy Morris and the girl /lady ,if had police and evidence was to leave it in court with the DPP and see it to the end to what ever the end is.
    Your posting before this one seem very shy on facts and just seem to be a bloggers blog and not her case nor his, for either had input to you or your subject matter.

    Justice for all , and seeing that you know so much who , you can tell us all what lawyer did what and who rob this nation of it money 400M.

    What is the root cause of all the Fraud in Barbados and where is the CLICO MEMBERS MONEY.

    ROY MORRIS ,, as news paper man and not a blogger , If he can bring the truth to the people as you seem to bring the truth as you see it .Then that will be great , for Us all who live and pay VAT in Barbados.

    If there is a case on him then let the lady and him deal with that , for we are not the keeper of their facts ,and will stick to those FACTS , UNTIL SOME OTHERS FROM WHERE EVER SHOW US DIFFERENT ,



  16. Who or whatever you are Nomen Nescio, you seems to have a problem with Roy and everything and everyone relating to The Nation. Without The Nation and Barbados Today news would be loss like the silence of our PM and the bias reporting of CBC and the other newspaper. We need BU, Barbados Today and The Nation now more than ever.

  17. Plantation……… i said previously i don’t know the facts of this story other than the initial newspaper article so i can’t say yea or nay. In saying that, it is coming to my attention that the 2 bit thieving lawyers in Bim living on a 2×3 island have gotten so full of themselves that they believe they can subtly try to intimidate, scare or to take on people who live in North America and Europe and who know the truth of their wickedly corrupt victimization of people who are/were their clients, and whom are not afraid to speak or afraid of them, let’s hope they are only posturing and/or try calling our bluff. The only way I see them trying to stop us is by calling in a bomb scare up here, and we would love that.

  18. I guess a journalist is not supposed to report on himself or else we would know the truth by now about Roy Morris in Barbados Today or the Nation newspaper. What a farce. What hypocrisy.

    • Let us make sense of the argument. Some work at companies where there is a rule book about what the organization will accept and the consequences. So what are we saying? Because an employee is a so called good employee that ‘indiscretions’ should be excused? Shouldn’t the indiscretions be factored when determining what is a good employee? The lack of logic when discussing these matters is interesting. BU holds no brief for Roy by the way. liked his minibus stories.

  19. DAVID/Nomen Nescio@
    Let us make sense of the argument. Some work at BAR where there is a rule book about what the BAR MEMBERS will accept and the consequences. So what are we saying? Because a LAWYER is a so called good QC ,MP , SIR ,LAWYER,COP that ‘indiscretions’ should be excused? Shouldn’t the indiscretions be factored when determining what is a good MINISTER / LAWYER ? The lack of logic when discussing these matters is interesting.TO PLANTATION DEEDS ,, WE holds THE DEEDS for ALL WE CLAIM by the way. liked MASSIVE FRAUD COW & HAM stories WITH CLICO,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  20. A great story coming from the Nation newspaper

    “Historic operation at QEH:-

    Thu, July 25, 2013

    History was created at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) yesterday when doctors performed the institution’s first foetal intra-uterine transfusion on a 31-week old foetus that was anaemic.

    A release today from the hospital explained that a blood sample indicated that the mother’s immune system was Rh–sensitized resulting in the destruction of fetal red blood cells. This was further suggested by ultrasound scan findings. It was confirmed through a foetal blood sample and a transfusion was given by delivering donor blood into the umbilical vein which was previously cross matched with the mother’s blood.

    It further stated that blood replaced the foetal red blood cells that were being destroyed and will keep the foetus healthy until it is time for delivery which is preferably in another two weeks.

    The one-hour procedure was conducted by Dr Na Tisha Robinson, a Maternal and Foetal Medicine Specialist who recently returned from Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto where she completed a two-year fellowship in Maternal and Foetal medicine.”

    How is it that positive stories such as this never make their way to Barbados Underground, only DOOM AND GLOOM?

  21. I move a motion to rename Barbados Underground.

    I propose a new name of:

    “Barbados Doom and Gloom

    Bringing all Bad News and Poor opinions to the People.”

    I need someone to adopt the motion and someone to second it.

    Who is with me?

  22. GemGone

    Wait … you must know that women are NOT without fault hear. Anybody that has worked at the Nation will be aware at the salacious things that have taken place over the many, many years. This is an institution that employs virtually equal numbers of male and female who can be expected to work all hours of the night. I once walked in on a manager (married of course) and caught him with his hand up the senior assistant’s skirt. I did jealous man, ha ha ha,… GREEN, but that is the Nation, it was and probably still is an animal farm .. ha ha ha, nice place to work, if you could deal with the internal politics and cow-swiping … HA HA HA. Roy is the man fah the job … Sorry

  23. Carson said:
    Carson C. Cadogan | July 25, 2013 at 7:30 PM |

    I move a motion to rename Barbados Underground.

    I propose a new name of:

    “Barbados Doom and Gloom

    Bringing all Bad News and Poor opinions to the People.”

    I need someone to adopt the motion and someone to second it.

    Who is with me?

    Carson………….i guess it depends on what the DLP is now trying to simultaneously hide and lie about to the taxpayers next. You know the only people who would trust you are the ones who think just like you, right?



  25. Plantation……….there is even more to the story, the politicians in Bim want to become instant millionaires on the backs of the taxpayers, they just ruined everything for the island……they were trying to squeeze the guy at Redjet and it backfired, everyone worldwide now knows them for what they are, two bit con artists posing as lawyers/politicians, that is a major threat to the island’s progress, they have succeeded in dooming any forward movement for the people.

    Ross is a dirtbag lawyer, i believe one of the stories i have about dishonest lawyers is about him, i will watch his comments going forward and apply the story when the right time comes.

    Plantation………you are doing fine, keep the pressure on, as soon as you have gotten rid of the thieves and squatters, print their names and those of their attorneys in every media imaginable world wide. Start working as soon as you can to expose the Fitts Village squatters as well as the Sandy Lane and Sunset Crest squatters, what they did to the trusting, the weak, dead and dying in Barbados is beyond unconscionable and evil…….make sure everyone in the world knows who they are, they cannot hide anywhere.

  26. @ David | August 1, 2013 at 6:35 PM |

    That letter to HQ once it starts making the rounds in the social media will effectively scuttle any chances for Roy’s second coming.
    It is possible the VAG might have something to do with its impact.

    Poor Roy he has fallen into the Venus flytrap and there is no escape for a second incarnation at the Nation.
    Expect an EiC from T&T.

    BTW David, assuming that he was reengaged as the Chief Editor how would you suggest this “soft” issue be managed to ensure that productivity does not suffer as a result of this glaring disrespect for the female branch of the workforce?

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