Innotech Issues Pre-Action Letter to Nation Newspaper RE: Paul Clifford

Paul Clifford

The late Paul Clifford

We write with reference to an article published in today‘s Sunday Sun and also republished online in the e-edition of the Nation newspaper as well as on its social media platforms. The article is potentially defamatory of our client for the reasons set out below, and at the minimum, is false…

See two documents issued by Innotech to the Nation Newspaper on 17 March 2019:








31 thoughts on “Innotech Issues Pre-Action Letter to Nation Newspaper RE: Paul Clifford

  1. That is how easily things turn to shit…this is one serious mess, i can actually see why Innotech is fighting to distance itself, i did not even realize that much info was out there initially….am sure BAMC will also start distancing too, and well Terico, ah wonder who is their spokesperson, PR and how come no one has jumped out to issue a statement…

    More importantly…who are the owners etc of Terico.

  2. Salemite
    There were clearly no comprehension or english lit classes in Salem. You should therefore enrol in Reading Comprehension 101 forthwith, then you would understand the moral of this story: make sure what you write or say is factual and is not “potentially defamatory”. This you’re often guilty of, as is clear even in your last post where it is obvious you’re trying to question a company’s legitimacy. Oh the irony! #hardearsyuhdoanhear……

  3. No…trying to find out if like the government printery funded by taxpayers that was funneled to a company owned by Trevor Prescod…a minister….even before the ink was dry on the swearing in at government house for this now very questionable government…….if Tarico is also owned by a government minister…so sue me for that…,cause yall fallback is always to sue for defamation….but when ticktick stops…yall will be too damn busy to sue anyone…ask Donville…

    Anyway….as i said…i can clearly see why Innotech does not plan to go down alone…especially with another named company involved in this shitstorm..,which in no way impacts me..,cause i aint BAMC..,nor portvale factory….all i get is free entertainment.,,..

    ….what yall should do is sue Scotland Yard for defamation….WHEN THEY COME KNOCKING….ticktock.


    • Why do we always come back to an irrelevant issue?
      In light of the pre action letter we w@itto see if the Nation newspaper retracts without prejudice?

  4. The one thing we all know and can be 100% certain of that limited intellect yardfowls can never grasp…is that the MAJORITY BLACK POPULATION…the taxpayers and pensioners who have kept the island afloat for decades with their money….,HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW ….who owns these fly by night shady companies who government contract with and pay taxpayers and pensioners money to….that concept is way above any intelligence yardfowls may think they have..and the only people who will never understand this…are yardfowls,,

    Ah know the dummies in true miseducated fashion will jump out to tell me…wuh DLP do the same thing too….and i agree….so that is why everyone of u corrupt so and so who colluded to rob the taxpayers and pensioners….should all be in prison… exceptions…

  5. Nationnews might actually have to do some real investigative journalism for a change to get out of this BEFORE printing a full retraction……. .finding out who is behind Tarico FIRST…the problem i see for Innotech…is a he said she said, they said scenario …since Innotech has a history of applying for work permits for the deceased….so now the newspaper’s best bet is to investigate and find out Tarico’s relationship to the present government…,,,and see if a document or 2 can fall off a truck in this regard…this is not the time to take falls for known crooked governments…and nationews should pay a heavy price for continuing to pimp for useless governments….

    And ah so love a good story…lol

  6. It’s simple to deduce from the letters to Nation News that the newspaper did not check with Innotech prior to publication of the inaccurate information and similarly does not want to have to admit that they did not do so when issuing the correction and apology. Innotech probably get a few million from their insurers.
    Totally useless newspaper, nothing more that a political prostitute rag.

  7. When these local newspapers stop doing the job of being foot soldiers for this govt
    They would eventually get back to being the 4th estate
    Innotech has been at loggerhead with govt for not paying its bill
    Not surprising that the Nation would jump feet first into the fire of wanting to make Innotech look bad
    This country would never become a place where the truth is put forward as truth.
    The media has now resorted to delivering sensationalism and fake news
    Shame on the Nation for as many times being called to issue apology
    Your journalistic licensed should be revoked.

  8. @Mariposa
    Don’t worry though, Nation News pick the right party in Innotech to fight with. Innotech is going to embarrass them and also hit them financially in their pockets. That company don’t back down when wronged, them guys there don’t care who they fighting.

  9. I am not the one did the research NO…and i did voice a concern….and i sure as hell not putting my name or moniker in any such search…oh hell no…lol

  10. Mr Blogmaster I have always been impressed that searches re Bajan matters will often return BU at top or close there-to!

    Not sure what u do to get to the head of the class but whatever then kudos!

    That’s the only ‘important’ aspect for me of this story .

    Why is an inaccurate news report where an alleged aggrieved party seeks a retraction/correction such a big debate point?

    Happens often.

    What are the REAL underlying issues at play here? Please enlighten.

    And @Mariposa on what grounds would ISL get some large award for such a feeble, misreported story!

  11. It reads like a “non- apology apology”. The Nation in the “apology” linked the deceased to Innotech to perhaps justify that they were correct in their decision to publish the connection and using language e.g. “We have been informed” is not the same as e.g. “we are satisfied” that X was not working for “Y’ etc. I will wager that Innotech will still fell aggrieved with this “apology” and may pursue the matter further.

    • @Sargeant

      The Nation management knows who they are playing with hence the sanitized response from Ezra.

  12. The bottomline here is….Innotech is trying to clear their name, they are adamant that they know nothing of the arrangement between their deceased employee and BAMC/government/Tarico/portvale factory….the employee had a time stamped work permit that Innotech applied for….so what the taxpayers need to know…is who are Ricky and Nicole Narine fronting for in this Tarico company located at Bushy Park….and why is government read BAMC hiring an employee brought into Barbados whose work permit is supposed to be exclusively valid to work with Innotech…

    That is the explanation owed to taxpayers…by government..ah know they think they people who pay their salaries are nobodies…but they damn well owe the public an explanation….along with the explanation they will have to give the british consulate about the dude’s death…

  13. Is there a police investigation in to the incident? Is there a health and safety investigation in to the incident? Are insurance investigators looking in to the incident? Is the coroner looking to the incident?

  14. let me rephrase this for the nitpickers, am surprised no one has jumped out to correct me…ah wonder why…….although in doing so….rephrasing……it makes the Mia government look even more questionable…

    .and why is government read BAMC hiring an employee THROUGH Tarico….who was brought into Barbados on a work permit and whose work permit is supposed to be exclusively valid to work with Innotech…

    what is the relationship between government and Tarico..

  15. Nation need to get off their known lazy asses and investigate government’s involvement with Tarico…but ah guess they will all be afraid to find out where that arrangement leads…they so like pimping advertising dollars and see nothing wrong with covering up government corruption and business corruption because they put advertising dollars in front of good journalism and doing right by the majority population who made them…without whom they could not even have become a halfassed newspaper.

    They need to stop being held to ransom under threat of defamation suits by government ministers and lawyers…..had they started as a reputable newspaper that could not be bullied, threatened or ruled and controlled by shitehounds and the corrupt in and out of government….it would never have reached to this….but here is their opportunity to set things right…do the right thing for once…as a newspaper…..investigate what really happened, who is involved and put it out there for the world to judge…if they are threatened for doing their journalistic duties…..expose that to the world as well….and those doing the threatening will know what for…..

  16. And…in case yardfowl Enuff is not noticing…no surprise there….short attention span…limited brain activity…

    Innotech is rightfully…according to what they are saying….threatening Nationnews for a retraction and whatever relief….despite nationnews obviously at that time not knowing the facts of the arrangement between all involved…leading up to the death…

    …. but guess who is going to be threatening nationnews with lawsuits too…all for defamation, in an attempt to cover up their crimes of funneling taxpayers money to some crook company…so it can be syphoned off and land in their pockets…to be split among thieves………

    ah could even list them…

    there is already Innotech….fighting to keep their doors open…loss of ISO certification is serious business…

    there will be the individual ministers who will swear someone defamed them…knowing that they are lying and that it was all true…that they colluded again to tief taxpayers money…and can’t blame DLP for this one….

    there will be Tarico…claiming to be aggrieved and injured…no explanation on why they hired the deceased…without a work permit applied for by Tarico….got him working on someone else’s immigration permit approval…..and what ya want to bet that is the norm…the to deprive black families even of the shite wages they pay, deprive them of opportunities for them and generations of their children….it was bound to come out….we have suspected this for decades..

    and…there is BAMC…government again…where am sure everyone ran for cover when the dude hit the ground….ah doubt any of them peeped out since…getting their stories straight..pass the blame around until there is no one left to pass it to…

    That is why it is imperative that for once in the history of that newspaper…they do the right thing, name all involved and expose it to the world…

  17. Salemite
    Nooooo, I have simply made a decision to ignore you because you’re clearly in need of help.🖐🏿

  18. Yeah….ah need help eating all that dark chocolate..

    ah need help with some brandy ah about to drink to go warm my pool… i can do some laps….and float on water…

    ah need help laughing my ass off…

    and ah won’t bother to tell yall what ya will soon need..

  19. I am following this story with interest.
    Of course, I have sympathy for decease and his family.

    It would be good to see this mess untangled and the questions raised elsewhere all answered.
    Meanwhile, even the blind should be able to see “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.

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