Leroy Parris v BLP, Nation and Barbados Advocate: Chief Justice Gibson Produces a What the Hell Moment

Barbadians were treated recently to the news that the enigmatic Chairman of CLICO Holdings Barbados Leroy Parris who was deposed when the bottom fell out of the CLICO parent company in Trinidad has filed a legal action against the Nation, Barbados Advocate and Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Parris would not have made the top 200,000th popular person list in Barbados prior to his recent court action. Now that he has filed the action his position is likely to slide to 250,000th.

It is Parris’ right to sue and BU will join citizens in Barbados and across the region to monitor this case where the demise of CLICO has wreaked havoc upon the lives of many. Of interest to the BU family must be the timelines associated with this case. The alleged defamation took place during general elections 2013. The case commenced on the 17 May 2013 and in an efficient three months Leroy Parris has been able to get his case elevated to be heard. This is a startling accomplishment against the background that hundreds of cases of ORDINARY citizens continue to languish in abeyance in our Court System.   The Chief Justice Marston Gibson at a recent lecture at the University of the West Indies lamented about the large case load which the Courts of Barbados continue to be burdened. Imagine our horror when we realised that the sitting judge in this matter of Leroy Parris versus Nation newspaper, Barbados Advocate and Barbados Labour Party is Chief Justice Marston Gibson!

The Chief Justice is head of the Court of Appeal and normally does not try cases at first instance. The Registrar of the Court would not normally schedule him to hear such a case at first instance.

Therefore, he (Gibson) must have requested that the case be assigned to him. BU can only conclude the reason for Gibson’s decision is because of its high profile nature and the ongoing publicity that it will garner for him. Perhaps he needs to be reminded that we do not elect our judges, therefore there was no need to pull a PR stunt. Given this development BU is challenged to recall another case where in the High Court or the Court of Appeal a Chief Justice has stepped down to hear a case. To be fair to the Chief Justice, he has the right to sit in any Court even if in this instance it appears to be publicly distasteful and insensitive on several fronts. Unfortunately it is a chambers matter, so there is no press reporting.

Ordinary citizens continue to be licked by the judiciary of Barbados.

Update George Payne v Edmund Hinkson:

Hinkson has applied to the Court for an Order delaying his delivery of an SOD, but have set the application to be heard two weeks AFTER the deadline expires. BU has no information on the position taken on this by Payne. However, BU’s understanding of the procedure is that, if the application is not heard within the time set out in the CPRs for delivery of the SOD, then Hinkson can be noted in default and Payne can apply forthwith upon expiry of the time limit for summary judgement against Hinkson. BU cannot update on what position counsel for Payne has taken.

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  1. the only factual thing about it is that Mr Parris has brought a lawsuit to protect his name;



  2. This intellect mind for certain can, has the ability to discern PURE STUPIDITY, islandgal246 and you Smooth Chocolate.

  3. @ Well Well

    Based on what you posted, maybe, just maybe Mia has a secret buried with David Thompson. Read between the lines.

  4. LOOK

    Don’t show yah face pun foreday morning betw 1 am and 5:30 am hear … unless you stan’ prepared to be corrected … in spades … Har har har

  5. @Bush Tea. My heart bleeds for you. I said “A prophet is NOT without honour, save (except) in his own country. Words spoken (not by me) but by one greater than I; Jesus himself. Sorry you did not or do not understand what it means. And you are not fit to untie the shoe lace of Provessor Wade. the man has many patents etc…as I said go and read about him in the Ins and Outs of Barbados Magazine, borrow one from somebody..
    @David,(not BU). Parris “sold policies when he was told not to” this is subject to interprettions. I pointed out already the decision of the Supervisor to stop the sales of “Policies” was challenged in the courts..not sure if a final decision was made..the challenge was that the supervisor did not have the authority to stop CLICO from selling insurance policies. So if CLICO continued selling insurance they were within their rights. the jurisdiction of the Supervisor was to stop the sale of the Investor instruments the Flexible Premium Annuities and the Executive Flexible Premium Annuities, comletely different from life insurance policies. Persons who have life insurance policies are protected. It is those who “gambled” on the interest rates offered by the FPA and EFPA’s .
    @Well Well,
    Lots of Trinidadians lost money in CLICO, that’s why the Trinidad intervened (lots of bobol there too) and forced CL financial the parent company of CLICo to turn over the majority interest in it to the Trinidad Government. My comment about the eleven plus was directed at those who denigrate the exam and every year advocate its demise. It is just to show that contrary to what a lot of these advocates say the exam is not a deterent to progressing. Sorry I should have clarified it. .

  6. @Bush Tea,
    In an effort to help you and your edification, and possibly help you in your cynicism The following is some of the information on Professor wade. This information was since in 2001.

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    Warde grew up on the small Caribbean island of Barbados. As a young boy he started making his own toys. In Barbados he attended St. Christopher’s Boys School, Boys’ Foundation School and Harrison College, and was a sprinter on the high-school track team. His parents demanded excellence of him in school, but gave him lots of freedom and support so he could engage his inquisitive mind outside the classroom. By age 16, he had converted his father’s unused carpenter’s shop into a chemistry and physics laboratory, and with his high school friends he was launching homemade rockets (with mice aboard) from the beach near his home. Fortunately, he says, none of his rockets escaped earth’s gravity and most of the mice got their freedom when the rockets crashed.

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    If you want further information on Professor Wade just go to Google and put in his name Provessor Cardianl Wade/MIT and you will see how much information there is on the man and his inventions and work. As I said” Aprophet is Not without honour…”

  7. Look……………the secret is not buried with Thompson, a lot of us know only too well what the secret is…………………..

  8. @Bush Tea,
    I keep telling you all don’t mess with me.

  9. Alvin……………I was actually alluding to Trinidadians living in Barbados being affected by loss of money in the CLICO debacle, I too should have clarified. I did understand your point about the 11 plus, was just trying to show that it really is not the deciding factor in someone should genius abilities.

  10. Alvin………….that should read 11 plus is not the deciding factor in someone showing genius abilities.

  11. @Well Well.
    I understand and agree with you . the underlying abilities will always show through.Hope you are well. That is what I mean by a prophet… Instead of rejoicing at the success of one, or many of us, we Bajans are always looking for ways to negate the achievements by trying to find warts and magnify them.Bushie’s commeents about Professor ward whom he knew nothing about were treated with cynicism and even scorn.

  12. @Islandgal
    I love everybody. But if I mention you in the same sentence with Bushie and Dr. Love it is because it seems that “birds of a feather flock together.”

  13. Alvin………..hope you are well also, I was doing some research on geniuses and realized that most of them not only did not like school, but did not attend, yet they are the Dr. Wards, Einsteins, Eli Whitneys, Nicola Teslas Dr. Ben Carsons of this world and every society is riddled with such geniuses they just need the support and freedom to display their genius.

  14. Alvin don’t pay Bush tea no mind. here is a person that knows everything about anything and can’t even managed or up date a website /blog that he started since Adam was a lad yet he pretends and acts as if he is “Governor SUPERIOR”

  15. ……Imagine our horror when we realised that the sitting judge in this matter of Leroy Parris versus Nation newspaper, Barbados Advocate and Barbados Labour Party is Chief Justice Marston Gibson!

    The Chief Justice is head of the Court of Appeal and normally does not try cases at first instance. The Registrar of the Court would not normally schedule him to hear such a case at first instance.

  16. …..Continued….

    A REAL family thing here boy….”No Lepers here”..might see some leap froging though…but I hear it all in Chambers….whaloss!

  17. Onions

    The Nation and Advocate took the money to run the adverts all the while, like you, believing the BLP could not loss the election. Well as we know, the BLP get their asses beat and now the Nation, the Advocate and George ‘the Fondle Master’ Griffith gine have to pay out some warm dollars.

  18. this is an accurate self-description of bush tea by bush tea

    bush tea about bush Tea
    Bush tea is a miserable old Bajan man who has become disillusioned with life as we know it in the early 21st century. He wishes for a simpler more meaningful existence, but has developed various outlandish theories to explain every conceivable mystery; to solve every problem; and to challenge every known fact accepted by society. ….


    Responsiblity Please !!!@ ???? F.O.I OR I.L , As i see in THE US.of A. Who ever at the top is in charge and when shit hit the fan they are the first to go. Leroy did not go no where and knows nothing of what he was in charge of.IRS head gone understand .
    Barbados AG and PM know first hand that laws being broken and people pockets and still standing for lawlessness .It seem the laws are written against us and not for us ,
    So Responsiblity Please !!!i dont know what family member you looking out for ? or whos parties you are invited to , BUT why those looking for justice must prove what crooks doing or did and hiding in the laws behind the people that make the laws , to adjust them when needed to un- crime their crimes..
    If we make up the answers and we are wrong , then the crooks need to show how we are wrong ,and their is a gun shot wound to the head.
    All we know is the trigger was pulled and the man dead and Leroy was the only person in the room and he is not talking.
    Well let me say this ,again , if there were pay offs then he might be the one sending the finds by wire , so he will need to know the accounts numbers to off shore accounts which then would be the Black-male along with who is bulling who,.remember cant talk when bulling mouth full.

  20. What’s up–( Dummy)?…We all know the circumstance… fowl play and green backs…But this one like a kinda new…even green onions can’t force such tears to eyes as any regular kitchen hand can attest…So wait this case deserving of a new kinda SPECIAL TREATMENT?…Man doan mekk sport!

  21. @ Well Well

    I wish I could communicate with you privately, would like to. It’s about time for another trip to the New York Metropolitan Museum but do you like Jazz? The Montreal Jazz festival?

    Some people are discrete, never open their very private door (s) – for no reason. Some, sad to say are just pure stupid – blog posters on this site, this blog in fact. Mottley is a gay SUSPECT. She even talks like a man, but to my knowledge she has never confessed her sexual preference either way – men or women. Her sexual preference may be woman. It may also be men or just one in particular. Read between the lines. I know a woman personally. She and her husband have been separated for over ten years now. The husband is living with another woman. The woman he is still married to still wears her wedding rings, still waiting for him to come back home to her. Something is wrong with that picture, her too. She should move on, could be getting it on with somebody else but she wants only her husband. So, it’s true, really it is, people hold on to past relationships and for various reasons. Carole Boyce from Barbados is 275 lbs, wants one particuar man, a Barbados man, 130 lbs or less and impotent. They were engaged – REALLY. He said there was little sexual activity and non-satisfactory. She provided oral sex, that also was non-satisfactory. He said that publically, via the internet. Believe it or not, she’s still putting his penis in her mouth., journeyed from LaSalle Quebec, Canada down to St. Lucy, Barbados putting his penis in her mouth. Something is wrong with that picture, her too, must have been raised on a monkey farm.

  22. Old Onions…………….it’s an affront and disgrace, not to mention a slap in the face to taxpayers and all those alive and dead who have lost money in the CLICO scam. What they need to realize is this is being watched, investors who would normally think of investing in Barbados will now rethink. By the time the case is over, if any warm dollars are awarded they will not be worth toilet paper and they may have to be rewarmed just to wipe the awardees ***. That is what happens when you have people with no vision.

  23. Look………………I think the Montreal Jazz festival is in the summer, and i should still be here. In all fairness to Mia, she inherited her voice from her mother, I was in Bim at the supermarket check-out line one day and heard the voice, swore it was Mia and when I glanced around it was her Mom………….her sexual preferences or lack thereof, I always reserve comment. I remember years ago when Marvo Manning was the bomb, she was reportedly in love with only one man throughout her life, regardless of her preferences, i keep away from commenting on such.

  24. Well Well

    He’s not entitled to seek refuge in the Law? If not, why not and please spear me the bullshit about CLICO.

  25. Also the questions should be asked is if June fowler and those representing the policy holders have sufficient proof of Parris stealing funds from the policyholders why not on behalf of the policy holders file a law suit against Leroy which will put some of this matter to rest…..all one hear is how much Leroy stole yet not one fellow has independently lay claim to such an allegation and seek remedy through to the court.

  26. Dummy………………first of all those laws should not be on any statute books, secondly, what the hell is he seeking refuge from?…………..a goddamn truth? As I have said, I am sorry that Trinidadians living in Barbados were not also victims, or better yet Parris was not one of the Trinidadian CLICO executives, then he would have to seek another type of refuge…………..why are thieves always the ones to want the most refuge? maybe you can answer that…………….Dummy.

  27. I wish some of you can answer me where Thompson got $30,000,000 million from to leave in an estate. So if Parris did not touch any money, who did?

  28. Well Well you blind or what?…Look mekking a play for you and you thinking she just friendly. ROFL You like you real slow on the uptake! LOLL


    The Dummy @ Dum@ let him seek refuge in the Truth

  30. @ Well Well

    The answer is in a dead man in his grave. The answer may be also in his widow (still living). Some people are discrete, never open their private door (s) for no reason. The widow, whatever knowledge she has will never surface. Some don’t have a desire to spill their guts and don’t have to. Never-the-less, curious minds want to know who fathered Michael Jackson’s children. Curious minds want to know what actually happened to Whitney Houston in that Beverly Hill hotel room hours before her demise and curious minds want to know the networth of David Thompson’s estate.

  31. @ islandgal246

    Don’t panic. I’m not a thief, don’t bother things that don’t belong to me, especially another woman’s man. Well Well and I have common interest, art work collected by John David Rockefeller from all over the world and he obviously likes jazz. Claim your property [if] its yours.

  32. LEROY PARRIS, former executive chairman of CLICO Holdings (Barbados), earned over $80 000 in salary and perks monthly and was guaranteed a whopping $10 million in gratuity by the company.
    In addition to a $30 000 monthly salary, he was also paid $300 000 a year as a bonus payment and another $300 000 yearly for providing management services.

    where is the secret I think he earned his money by signed contractual agreement with clico.

  33. This blog is becoming painful. David how do you cope? I tip my hat to you for continuing to provide a medium for the likes of ‘acunt’ to consistently and persistently call Barbados’ 97% literacy rate into question. At least Alvin Cummins, despite his hilarious suggestion of exporting golden apples, exhibits some level of sense.

  34. AC …what are you smoking??? You can’t be serious about that garbage you just wrote.