Time To Question The Political DNA Of Media Houses On Fontabelle

…what has been the role of the media, can the media be bought or can the media push one agenda rather than another, rather than present the truth by getting the facts, all the facts and let people decide. It is about our intelligensia having the intellectual honesty to either declare who they support or give an unbiased view …

Sandra Husbands

The quote above is timely because it again brings to the fore the role of local media in civil society. Is there a local body which can be held accountable by the public if there is a need to question ‘journalistic ethics’? As far as BU is aware the Barbados Association of Journalists ( BAJ) has not suggested it has the the mandate to perform such a task. Here is an example, on page 9A of the Sunday Sun June 19, 2011, in an article titled ‘The way to health reform’ published under the by-line Sandra Husbands (Guest Column). Blatant in its omission was the fact the Nation newspaper did not indicate that Sandra Husbands is the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) candidate to oppose Minister Donville Inniss in St. James South when the bell is rung for the next general election. The article robustly attacked her political foe which makes the omission all the more irresponsible.

Recently the Nation newspaper severed seasoned journalists Chris Gollop and Wade Gibbons. BU understands the two had signalled an interest to accept a ‘package’ when the Nation sent home the first set of employees, Adonijah et al.. The Nation management, it seems, took the opportunity to part company with the two in the most recent sending home of employees. We find the decision interesting because with the dearth of journalistic talent at the Nation and beyond one would have thought the management at that newspaper would have vetoed Messrs’ Gollop and Gibbons request to leave. The deed is done but it forced BU to share a suspicion we have about goings-on at the Fontebelle newspaper.

To what extent are we (the public) satisfied the Nation newspaper has been professional in managing its editorial policy in light of the political affiliation of key principals at the newspaper. Barbados is a small island and it is not difficult to acquirer information. The Publisher of the Nation is known to be a seasoned BLPite, the Editor-in-Chief is a devout follower of Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur, lead columnist the decaffeinated one, a former legal guru and member of parliament and political correspondent known to be influenced by Mascoll in his writings are known to be BLPites. The question arising, to what extent can the editorial output of the Nation be separated from the political leaning of the key players named?

It is not surprising to some the news making the rounds that Sandy Lane and MQI have stopped doing business with the company. Barbadians need to start being more discerning and start to question the job our media is doing. Nothing needs to be stated about The Barbados Advocate.

… the full-extent of the damage ‘MLM’ has caused. Perhaps a good place to start would be on America’s own door-step; for it’s not just in distant lands like India where ‘business opportunity’ frauds are a problem. These cancers have been allowed to gnaw their way into small Caribbean States like Trinidad and Barbados. Fortunately, in the face of government inaction (and a mysterious lack of interest from the mainstream media), a few decent individuals are struggling to inform, and protect, their fellow citizens. Corporate Frauds Watch salutes the efforts of Barbados Underground…

David Brear

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  1. Looks like Ms Husbands will rue the day she decided to publish comments under her name on the blogs. Perhaps Ms Husbands is a neophyte politician who is unfamiliar with the use of surrogates to do the dirty work.

    Live and learn

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  3. Wait, BU now in bed with Sandra Husbands? I would seriously like to know what Ms Husbands feelings are towards the treatment of a senior Sister in her Party, the previous leader, by by the current Leader of the Opposition…! Is there no loyalty in the sisterhood?

  4. Excellent article David, I have said many times before were the newsprint any softer and would be easy on the bum the paper that the Nation uses would better be turned into toilet paper it would be very much more worthwhile and usefull in the bathroom on a roll.

  5. Is it true that the Nation in the Monday 20th June edition, on the front page in bold print, stated that the Prime Minister of Grenada is Dr. Gonsalves? I haven’t seen the papers as yet since I returned to the island this evening (Tuesday). Have the proof readers been paid out also?

    • @Chuckles

      These were the headlines on Monday which you referred:

      ‘HOLD ON. HOLDER!’

      Grenada’s Gonsalves asks LIAT chairman not to go yet

      Daily NATION – Monday 20th June 2011

      Perhaps the proofreader was sent home.

  6. I know their reporting to be so bad that they reported on the results of the golf as a Trinidadian having placed 3 rd In The Barbados Open when in truth and in fact the person who place 3 rd is very proud Barbadian.

  7. Chris Gollop is being considered again for the pick at the BGIS. That department is crying out for leadership as is much of the public service. Has anyone noticed that there are a number of acting appointments within the public service. Where are the unions in this Hollywood affair>??

  8. You fellas amuse me.

    Don’t you know that the Nation newspaper was started in the early 1970’s by wealthy Barbados Labour Party supporters?

    So what do you expect?

    Because of the battering the Barbados Labour Party was getting from the Democratic Labour Party in the 1960’s and early seventies , the Nation Newspaper was started by the BLP to give them the edge over the Democratic Labour Party. It had nothing to do with “Journalistic purity”.

    Simply tow the BLP line and help keep them in power.

  9. @CCC

    What about government’s relationship with the Advocate?

    What about appointing Eversley as head of news at CBC after he would have acted in the role as communications manager for the DLP last general election?

  10. This over at Barbados Free Press:-

    “barbadosfreepress.wordpress.com is no longer available.”

    “This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
    For questions or concerns, contact WordPress.com Support.”

  11. Have they no shame at all? How can they call themselves a newspaper and can’t get their facts straight? Is this a reflection of our education system?

    @Chuckles….”Have the proof readers been paid out also?”

    They never had any proof readers before! A few years ago I went to put an ad in their classifieds. I wanted a picture in the ad. I was told that they do not have too many pictures, I asked if they had any clip art programs to go with their classifieds. I was told no. I told them that they can download free clip art from the web and I was asked to send them the link. I will never advertise with them again. There are too many email based businesses that are cheaper and more effective. And there is also FB. Their classified days are numbered.

  12. Apart from the politics aspect, at least the Nation does attempt to report the news and do some investigative journalism. The Advocate, on the other hand, just recycles press releases and publishes “good news” stories.

  13. @St. Georges Dragon

    Should we understand you to be benchmarching the Nation to the Advocate?

    BU understands Chefette has stopped doing business with the Nation to add to Sandy lane and MQI.

  14. People who do not know otherwise, might come to the conclusion that there is only one media house on Fontabelle.

    How it go look, that you castigated the Nation and letting Bryan feel that he is in the clear.

    Where is the balance David?

  15. The addendum to the article suggest that you should also state the facts as it relates to the Advocate. No?

  16. Star Trek: The Next Generation

    Space… the Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

    Surely BU is not the West Indies, do not drop the ball now David.

  17. David

    I think you must be misinformed. you still see the massive advertising piece when cheffete does it full page charity ads. not to mention the advertising for wing dings. Now for sandy lane. there still post job opening in nation so that is buisness.

  18. It is very scandalous what the Nation is doing. Their articles are brazenly political and skewed to the side of one party over the other. They have a right to report on what is happening in a political environment. However, they should be fair and give both parties a fair opportunity to be seen and covered.

    I would even go further by saying that the sensationalism in their articles are very deliberate to stir up political tension. Really, we do not need that kind of atmosphere in Barbados. The opposition BLP wants the rest of Barbados and even the world to believe that Barbados is experiencing a serious doom and gloom situation. The Nation’s headlines since the last election have tried to portray that image.

  19. Let me see if I got this thing straight.
    The BLPcentic Nation owned DLPcentric Starcom. It was then “given” to OCM, who accepts the status quo and see no need to derail this gravy train.

    Whether BLP, DLP, PEP or PDC, whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself, they will all form partnerships with our beloved Fourth Estate.

    I am old enough to have noticed the same alleged white shadows and dark shadows prospering under both the BLP and DLP.

  20. @David | June 22, 2011 at 7:43 AM | @CCC

    “What about government’s relationship with the Advocate?

    What about appointing Eversley as head of news at CBC after he would have acted in the role as communications manager for the DLP last general election?”

    David, there are occasions when you become an enigma to me! I am probably the only one on this blog who has repeatedly made mention of The Advocate’s journalistically contemptuous, distasteful, relatonship with the DLP.

    I have also pursued Eversley’s inappropriate appointment at CBC DLP TV and RADIO, immediately after serving as communications manager of the DLP’S general election campaign. The main tenet of his appointment was to specifically transform CBC into a fiercely political extension of the BGIS, and more importantly, to block out coverage of anything to do with the Opposition, no matter how beneficial or valuable those views would be for the country’s progress. On those rare occasions when there was Opposition coverage, EVERSLEY would deliberately select those small, 2-second clips of any speech, that either had little impact, or were not germane to the particular discussion.

    The point I am trying to make here is that not once have you, David, uttered a single word in support of my contentions. Is it because that maybe you now find yourself a little bit on the defensive, that you are responding this way to CCC?

    The reason this man CCC behaves so snappish and crabby whenever you mention the Press, The Advocate, or CBC DLP TV, is because CCC is REUDON EVERSLEY HIMSELF!

  21. At least The Advocate is consistent, when the BLP was in power it was pro BLP now the DLP is in power it is pro DLP, they know where their bread is buttered.

    The other piece of fish wrap called the Nation was pro BLP and when Harold tried to show he had a pair and assert some independence he was called a Negrocrat for his brashness by the esteemed former PM.

    Never a dull moment where politics in Bim is concerned.

  22. BFP really pushed the envelope recently with too much anti-Muslim rhetoric and even I was cussed by them and they wanted to try and discredit me for daring to speak pro-Islam

    But the real deal is when they attacked the USA’s new Charge D’Affaires here and used WikiLeaks accusing him of trying to strongarm the Vatican, saw it in my e-mail alert this morning – went to check and found them gone…

    BU has to be concerned because if it can happen there? It can happen here…

  23. Truthman Burton, what utter rubbish, so we can claim you to be the wife beater with a charge sheet in Kerrie Symmonds ?

  24. @Pooposition Is At Sea | June 22, 2011 at 12:44 AM |

    “Excellent article David, I have said many times before were the newsprint any softer and would be easy on the bum the paper that the Nation uses would better be turned into toilet paper it would be very much more worthwhile and usefull in the bathroom on a roll.”

    POOP-AT-SEA, You persist in miss-spelling your name. Let me remind you again … It is NOT “Pooposition Is At Sea.” It is POOP-AT-SEA, and with a name like that, it’s no wonder that your mind is always consumed with bums, toilet paper (any kind of paper), toilets, and all those things that toilets are used for. Get serious man!

  25. To those suggesting BU is not balanced by excluding pro-government The Barbados Advocate and the government owned the CBC that is fine. Do a search of BU and pull up the blogs about the two.

    A media house is not only the physical space but should embody the tenets of the Fourth Estate of the Realm.

    While the business’ mentioned might still be seen doing business BU’s position stands if applied in a comparative sense.

  26. @HAMILTON HILL | June 21, 2011 at 9:34 PM |

    “@Truthman Burton………Have I been promoted? or is it a fact that your attention has lost its value?Even to those faithful to your cause you are now laughable.Wheel and come again .Try BICO, for ya CLICO ting doan seem ta be going naway.Every time I read ya, I remember Mr.Dale….I DOES HADTA LAUGH.Ya laughable.”

    I am pleased that there is a forum such as BU which allows me to get a better insight into the thinking of those certified morons operating out of George street.

    HAMILTON HILL, do you and your cohorts, actually believe that the CLICO matter is laughable?

    Do you all believe that it can be reduced to comedy, to buffoonery, even suggesting we try talking about BICO instead?

    Every time you read me speaking of the seriousness of the CLICO debacle, it makes you laugh like Mr.Dale?

    I challenge you to say that to Mrs.June Fowler and her Policy Holder’s Group who are on the precipice of great losses and undue suffering.

    I challenge you to say that to the poor senior citizens at BARP, who are in danger of losing their million-dollar investment in CLICO, their entire life savings on the edge of a headlong plunge into nothingness.

    Why not call up Mr Leroy Parris, and tell him that the REAL LAUGH you got, was when you read that he has petitioned the court for TEN MILLION DOLLARS from CLICO, BEFORE any of THE POLICY HOLDERS AND PENSIONERS CAN GET A CENT, but AFTER he and others appear to have plundered the company for years on end?

    Did you laugh when you read that the bonus agreement under which that court claim was persued, was brokered and signed by his No.1 pal, the late great David Thompson, but apparently in a way to obscure the fact that so much money was to paid as bonus at a future time?

    Did you laugh to read that a humongus bonus was due, NOT for outstanding performance, but for failure, many years hence?

    Why not tell PARRIS and the POLICY HOLDERS about the laugh you got when you read that he received payments in 2010 of over THREE MILLION DOLLARS, during the time there was an embargo against such payments to Directors etc of the company?

    Why not prepare yourself for a great big “MR.DALE-TYPE” laugh, WHEN AND IF, the Judicial Managers undertake a Forensic Investigation, and discover the details of the multi millions of CLICO funds that went into the coffers of the DLP and Families First to fund lying and deceitful election campaigns, ESPECIALLY the one of 2008?

  27. David the regular BU Family is well aware of your views of the failings of our Fourth Estate.

    Newcomers are unlikely to know that you regard the Advocate as so despicable you cannot bear to mention its name.
    It is a dirty job I know, but you have to keep exposing shit for what it really is, lest others mistake it for chocolate cake.

    You ever bought a 45 from Linda’s that only had one side.

    The title of this particular blog is “Time To Question The Political DNA Of Media Houses On Fontebelle” but it really should be; Time to Question The Political DNA OF The Nation Newspaper. That is all that I was trying to say.

    BTW, I think Fontabelle in the title spelled wrong.

  28. @ CCC
    Apparently there’s a technical problem which accidentally shut down BFP so not much concern at all.

  29. I think that Sanka price should do a follow up piece on the drug service reform in light of the letter published by Prof. Henry Fraser. Price has taken a particular interest in this issue and taken a strong stance on the issue. An experienced medical practitioner has put out a view on the issue and I think it begs a response from Mr. price.

  30. DAVID

    I don’t know that the Govt. has any relationship with the Advocate.

    The Advocate is just doing its job as any good newspaper would.

  31. @CCC

    Are you happy with the non coverage given to the matter of the appointment of a CJ?

    Are you happy with the non coverage given to the CLICO matter?

    The two questions apply to the CBC as well. of a CJ?

    Are you happy with the non coverage given to the CLICO matter?

    The two questions apply to the CBC as well.

  32. This piece does for the DLP exactly what Sandra Husbands’ article does for the BLP., ie push the politics of the particular party.

    It is hypocritical in its analysis while trying to give the impression its fair. We all know by now that the Advocate is the mouthpiece of the DLP.

    If you are going to critique at least be unbiased.

  33. David I realise that BU is a haven and heaven for the intellectually endowed, but must you always make it so difficult for lesser folks like me? 🙂

    If the Advocate is worthless, hopeless and beyond redemption and cannot be considered a member or the Fourth Estate, then why should lesser minds be taxed to exhaustion to determine this?

    If there is concern that the Nation will end up like the Advocate and we the people will be poorer for it, then say so upfront.

    Perhaps, given that it is perceived that the Advocate and CBC are doing a disservice to the country, the Nation is trying to ensure that an alternative hymn sheet is made available to the choir.

    Members of the choir are still free to decide which song they will sing, if they should even sing a song, or simply sing a chorus at the service, because everybody loves a good chorus and they are even well known to non members.

  34. @Raw Bake

    Never was there the intention to challenge you though all know you deliberately underestimate yourself: -)

    Seriously though, why waste time critiquing what has already been established? Both governments have abused the CBC and Bryan and the Advocate are best left alone. What the government and Bryan are doing is an embarrassment but have you heard the BAJ acknowledge it? Then gain the President of the BAJ is employed by the CBC!


    Is your slip showing?

  35. DAVID

    “Are you happy with the non coverage given to the CLICO matter”

    How much more coverage you want given to the CLICO matter?
    It is a matter which is being worked on.

    Do you remember the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure”?

    If under the Owen Arthur administration the Supervisor of Insurance had done his job properly and the then PM had insisted that everything was above board, then CLICO WOULD NOT BE IN THE POSITION THAT IT IS IN NOW.

    MARK MY WORDS IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN. I was watching the news on CBC I think it was last night and there is new company launching new investment policies and the CEO asking Barbadians to to buy these implements “because the banks are paying two and a half percent interest” and his company is paying ten percent. I said to myself,”here we we go again, TRADE CONFIRMERS AND CLICO all over again”.

    I am waiting to see how many “wise” Bajans will again take their hard earn monies from safe havens and invest in this company. Then when it goes belly up demand that the Govt. repay them.

    I am waiting!

    We are getting older but NOT WISER.

    Then again it would give DAVID something to write about.

  36. DAVID

    “We are long passed discussing cause.”

    Then that is why we will be forever discussing effect.

  37. @David et al

    could anything be worse than the appointment of Davis Simmoons as Chief Justice?,

  38. @ Halsall

    It surely has started. Why else would a Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of HEALTH, who is NOT an MP, be featured prominently at the renaming of a school in St. Andrew?

    • @Enuff

      It surely has started. Why else would a Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of HEALTH, who is NOT an MP, be featured prominently at the renaming of a school in St. Andrew?

      Did you omit that she is a past student of the school and would not have had control over the invitation probably?

      Would it not have come from the school?

  39. hello again from de river,not the one by de river side located in bridgetown, let me thank s de press, for letting we no bout, de old lady in dean village that really need help with she house, how come in this day people could charge de old girl. $5 ah week for rent, what hah shame, to treat de old people like that i call on dereck alleyne from urburn development will come out and help de old gale with ah new house.read today nation de 22 jun for more inform,under home sweet home,bu people let me hear from u pun that,

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  41. @Old Man River

    @Where are the politicains for that area. They should have seen the condition of that house. Has she got family that allowered her to live in such deplorable conditions and has any of her neighbours refer her to one of the social agencies? Are we no longer our brother’s keeper.

    Only today i had to call the welfare about a situation where a gentlemen has no place of abode and sleeps at the place he watches at night. Welfare promised to help him and the officer just would not hurry up and resolve the matter, it is a pity that some of us who know how to deal with the system to reduce the redtape dont get involved. I refer the matter to a senior officer and if i dont get a resolution shortly i shall put the case in writing.

  42. @David,

    No David,
    Slips are an unnecessary cover up these days, people want transparency, ( pun intended). LOL

  43. David, do you know if the elected, and presumably still living, representative for St. Andrew was in attendance or invited?

    Coverage of events by the media in St. Andrew since 2008 gives the impression that the Parliamentary Secretary in the MOH, is the de facto representative of the parish.

    That might very well be so, but the public can only speculate because there is never any indication that the MP was contacted for comment. but he declined.

  44. @Raw Bake

    Don’t know if the man with many hats was invited but what is obvious is the headmistress of the school invited the Parliamentary Sec :-).

  45. Fran | June 23, 2011 at 8:21 AM |


    No David,
    Slips are an unnecessary cover up these days, people want transparency, ( pun intended). LOL

    Now that was a great one !! 😉 😉 😉

  46. Looking at the political DNA of the Nation. I would have to say B-B-L-L-PP-A-N-T-I-D-L-P-P-R-O-

    Taking a look at the Nation Talk back live on the rising cost of health care. That was a failed PR campaign on their part. They made it a hot topic. Not only the Nation but Starcom. One and the same. The actual event did not turn out in their favour. The moderator failed miserably to get the conversation to go in the direction in which he wanted. For such a highly promoted event you would think it would be reported prominently in the same paper. Hardly much mention was made of it. After the event they had to retreat to the propaganda press room at Fontabelle to devise a strategy to save face for an event which did not turn out in their favour.

    They should focus on reporting on the news. I hope it would not be asking to much for them to do it accurate. They should stay out of the business of trying to create the news. Leave that for the enquirer. UFO sited in Hillaby. Owen Arthur abducted by aliens and implanted with an economic super brain. They will get that bold to run that as the headline article one of these days. Owen’s Economic Brain of Alien Origin.

  47. @ David

    I guess she’s also an old scholar of Hillaby/Turners Hall Primary, or is it because there is an Irene Sandiford-Garner prize?

  48. Maybe you should ask the question if the representative for St. Andrew accepted the invitation to the event. Was he in attendance. I agree if he was not there the paper should have reported that he did not attend and don’t try to cover it up. He hardly turns up to parliament to say anything on behalf of the constituency which he represents. I would not doubt if he received the invitation and did not think it necessary to attend.

    I have seen it done before there was an event in St. Thomas. Cynthia Forde was invited she did attend and was apart of the activity. She also makes her voice heard in the house to represent her constituency. You can say that much about her.

  49. @ Truthman Burton…… Not CLICO, you are laughable. I know your tactic and it will not work here. B U’archives can show exacly where this writer stands on the CLICO affair. The point I make even if clumsy in approach,is that the public and not TRUTHMAN BURTON,shall decide when this debate takes place. Yours is an attempt not just to have it take place, but to have it take precedence over the glaring chasm that shakes the very foundation of the lair that houses the illegitimate leader and his shameless minions who seem to think that five years and daily rhetoric from the likes of persons such as yourself, can remove the stench of his corrupt governance. “One term” seems to be your new clarion call, and one can’t help but agree with you . Lets all hope you are asking for one jail term for Owen Arthur and if no one else ,de millionaire wid muscles. He would love up there .

  50. @ RYAN ……..you mekking sport or what? dat man got de best brains anybody in bim eva had. i read dat right here not to long ago. and dat person ent even na Bee. or so dah tell we. my friend de truthman and de fraud,ah mean de scout ,would brek up any aliens dat try anyting wid dah man.

  51. @Ryan and David- you both are accurate.
    @Enuff your proffering of puerile insinuations re my presence at functions is regrettable. I welcome this opportunity tonight to enlighten you.
    I have been invited to graduations, church services, weddings, christenings (six new godchildren),sporting events etc in the constituency of St.Andrew since June 2007 and the invitations became more frequent after January 2008. I accept all and if I cannot attend I send my apologies.
    I have attended graduations at Chalky Mount, Hillaby, A. DA COSTA EDWARDS PRIMARY and St. Silas- every primary school in the constituency. And I missed three – due to travelling and this year due to a clashing invitation. Ever since the first year I take my money – I am not the MP and do not receive a cent in constituency allowances – and I donate prizes for the top student in English (which I was at A.DACOSTA EDWARDS PRIMARY); Most Determined and other categories.
    Ryan is right; Cynthia Forde accepts her invites and presents her trophy at Hillaby. I was featured speaker at Hillaby this year and have been featured speaker at Alleyne, St.Silas, Chalky Mount and A.DACOSTA EDWARDS PRIMARY. Probably the schools recognise I am not a parliamentarian who is averse to speaking.

    They probably sense that I am genuine in my appreciation, and do not start accepting invites on the eve of elections. They also know that if I turned up and the opposing person was also there handing out awards at any function I would not leave in a huff and embarrass myself and them.
    Enuff, no need to speculate because I receive invitations and accept.
    There is no mystery here. I was raised not to be arrogant;I was raised not to be rude.
    I was taught that If people think enough of you to want you around them, you humbly accept their invitation, with gratitude whether they be a maid or head of state.They are not obliged to invite you.
    Re the comments if the MP was invited to the re-naming, of course he was.
    I specifically asked when I was called re my attendance, if they made sure they invited the MP. I was told yes, an invitation was delivered, by hand, to his office. Just as I ensured he was invited for the Ryan Brathwaite celebrations at the same time ALL other parliamentarians were invited. Why on earth would the MP not be invited?
    David, not only did I attend the A. DACOSTA EDWARDS PRIMARY but I I knew the man-my dad worked for him- and I was instrumental in submitting the request on behalf of residents who felt, as I do that recognition of Joy was long overdue.
    I am also the only person who has a full interview with him which details why he fell out with the party. I did that interview when I was 20. Some of the story was printed in June 1981. I idolised Joy and I am thrilled that a long-cherished dream has come true.
    I was told come on the site because there was a discussion about the affair. Well, here am I.
    Enuff, sleep well.
    Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner

  52. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, Msr Sandiford Garner, you batting like Sir Garry, it is, no fault of yours if the people of St Andrew consider you their chosen representative,, after all the constituency has for toooooo long been poorly represented by an absentee arrogant runt in the form of a Pain.

    Represent the people and they will represent you well.

  53. @ Senator Sandiford-Garner
    Your long-winded response only served to reinforce my point (an “insinuation” according to you), which is that your appearances are about self-aggrandisement!!!

    It is a pity that in 2011, a politician (whether BLP or DLP) believes having his/her name on a trophy/prize/football or cricket tournament; and attending funerals, christenings, graduations etc is the epitome of good representation.

    Instead of the PR blitzes, spend more time trying to improve the health service, after all you are Parliamentary Secretary in that Ministry. Lest you forget, the lack of productivity (especially in the public sector) has been repeatedly identified as an impediment to Barbados’ development.

  54. @Enuff I believe that Senator Garner represented herself well and explained why she was present at the event. Her name was not the one being celebrated on that day. It was A. DaCosta Edwards. Things like that are important because it captures the history of this country. The children at that school will now have a reason to want to know who was A. DaCosta Edwards and his contribution to the development of the area. It gives them someone to try to emulate.

    With regards to her work in health. If you would stop reading the Nation and probably look at the Advocate and even Barbados today you would learn about what is happening in the Ministry of health especially the QEH. The quality of service and the look and feel of the institution is beginning to improve.

  55. @Senator Sandiford-Garner

    Pay enuff no mine, he opposes the DLP and no matter what any body associated with the DLP do or say he will ctriticize them.

  56. @Ryan

    You are spot on. Things are happening in Health Care. Go Donville continue the good work.

    How many read the article by Professor HENRY FRASER?

  57. Has the Nation devised a strategy to cause discomfort to the DLP, similary to what FOX News has done to spout negative rethoric about the Obama administration hoping that something will resonate with the elctorate ?

  58. Perhaps the Nation has taken a decsion that if it continues to spout negative rethoric about the DLP that something will resonate. Fox News had admitted after the midterm elctions that it had devised a strategy to feed the american public negative news about obamacare,

  59. @ Enuff
    It is a pity that in 2011, a politician (whether BLP or DLP) believes having his/her name on a trophy/prize/football or cricket tournament; and attending funerals, christenings, graduations etc is the epitome of good representation.

    You were upset that the Senator was in St. Andrew; she told you why and more and you change the subject and switch to attack the woman on representation. The representative is your pal Payne not the Senator!! His poor performance in the House when he attends and his rotten performance out is what should concern you.
    From what I have been seeing posted by the Yard Bees, I bet you soon hear them saying he did not receive an invitation because you all are past masters at propagating lies. From the highest official to the lowest minion in the BLP. Tell lies at the drop of a hat.
    She fix yuh good doh!.

  60. I hope that the Dems will be fair to the children who attend this A Dacosta Edwards school and tell the whole story of this “great man”. From what I recall of his history, I do not think he should be held up as any role model for our children. Tell the truth!

    Isnt it passing strange that everything around Barbados is being renamed after a Dem? Did only Dems contribute to this country’s development?

    I still am hopping mad that the Dems brought Eric Holder down here and put his name on a building that not even the Dems dont know anything about. What happen to Lloyd Smith? And to think that Eric Holder navel string aint bury about here and as far as I see it, he is the worst AG America ever had.

  61. @ Prodigal Son. When it comes to development in Barbados, do you think the BLP had an orginal thought. I would have you know that the plans for that complex in St. Joseph was the vision of Mazie Barker Welch during her one term as the representative of the constituency. If they had followed her original plans the complex would be much better. Just the same as the plans for the airport which i believe Noel took the credit for were left by the DLP. All be it they were obsolete when Noel took them up and ran with them. But he did not care. He just wanted to appear as though he was working.

    When you want to stabilize the economy, put it back on a growth path, and charter a path for the future. Look to the Democratic Labour Party. Education, NIS, ABC Highway, Developing the Tourism Industry, The Structural Adjustment of the Sandiford administration. Stabilising the economy in this current recession, Medium Term Fiscal Strategy, Medium Term Developmental Strategy, The Human Resources Development Strategy, The Tourism Relief Fund, These will all take Barbados forward.

  62. @Ryan

    What do you exspect from a Prodical Son, is he the one who wasted his talent and returned home to his father begging?

  63. @Ryan

    A Junior Officer brought to Noel et al attention that Jet Bridges were missing and guess what, To install them is now astronomical.

    The School Meals were introduced by the caring DLP, not the elitist BLP.

  64. @enuff, I think the Senator put you in your place. Honestly I think you are just a very jealous, spiteful narrow minded person, which brings me to my next topic why are some of you die hearted Bees so stupid? You hardly ever have any facts and all you do is come on the blogs curse and carry on with nothing educational to add. Owen took this country and rake it dry, ANY ONE REMEMBER OWEN’S CONTRIBUTION TO JAMAICA? JAMAICANS DO!!!!!!!!!!! GET real had enuff of your poor Government, 3 terms for the DLP no less cuz this economy is stabalizing dont want Owen taking credit for that, Oh and mascoll you suck travelling outta this country cant done now talking about fuel costs like you have a great solution, gab gab gab gab and ur travelling bill was over 900$ a month the tax payers had to pay that, if you know so much about the economy why jeptor ince projections kicking ur tail.

  65. THIS TO THE GOODLY SENATOR ….Senator Sandiford-Garner surely you would have heard the old adage A word to the wise is sufficient . Be reminded that dialogue with an idiot is enuff. Enough said. This attack ,precursory in nature, tells me that footsteps are being heard in the pan-yard where smoke screens and blind faith clouded people’s judgement since time eternal, where the mascot in de cork hat reigns. They from whom not one word was heard as this clown marched up the steps of parliament every Tuesday to say nothing. They who never once saw fit a demand for representation now challenge you even before you’ve taken the oath.”Lets not put the cart before the horse” should be your admonishment to Enuff . St.Andrew needs you .St.Andrew deserves you ,but given their propensity for vote rigging St.Andrew will only have you when due diligence and patience walk the same path. Just enuff patience and the Lord’s will shall be done.

  66. Really, Ryan, this what you think……………………….When you want to stabilize the economy, put it back on a growth path, and charter a path for the future. Look to the Democratic Labour Party. Education, NIS, ABC Highway, Developing the Tourism Industry, The Structural Adjustment of the Sandiford administration. Stabilising the economy in this current recession, Medium Term Fiscal Strategy, Medium Term Developmental Strategy, The Human Resources Development Strategy, The Tourism Relief Fund, These will all take Barbados forward.
    Really, when has the DLP other than Errol Barrow ever put Barbados on a growth path. Every time the people of this country in their wisdom give the DLP a try, they let them down. A diehard DLP friend of mine said to me that every time the DLP gets the government it seems as though they cant manage the country, everything just goes wrong. He had to admit finally that it is so.

    Read what one of your members Frank Alleyne who heads the government’s Economic Council had to say on Friday. He said that Barbados is back in the 1991 state.

    How’s that for growth for you?

  67. I agree with enuff, Mrs Garner-Sandiford was only grand standing. Look how she went forward and took all the glory and credit with the charade for Ryan Brathwaite.

    Poor fellow, since the DLP jumped on his bandwagon, like everything else they have touched, the DLP has blighted that poor boy’s progress. He has not been able to attain such heights again. I think he won a race today here but the poor boy has has a string of misfortunes, oh if only the DLP had left him alone!

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