Time To Rein In The Nation Newspaper

Kaymar Jordan, Editor in Chief, Nation Newspaper

The following was submitted by a concerned Barbadian who prefers to remain anonymous – Barbados Underground

It really is about time that every effort is made to bring some sanity back into the operations of the Nation Newspaper and deflect it from the path it has embarked upon. In its present state the newspaper is no more than a scandal sheet whose main agenda seems to be doing no more than creating sensation, much of which is anti government, and in the process breaking all the rules of propriety.

Some time recently one of the lawyers for Mr Leroy Parris of CLICO upon whom they have been waging a personal vendetta, went on national television to complain about two articles which the newspaper published . The first suggested that his client had gone ” MISSING ” in an effort to avoid being served process by a Marshall of the Supreme Court; the second “SERVED” referred to the first article and suggested that his client had gone overseas and also imputed that this was in his attempt to avoid being brought before the court on a CRIMINAL charge. Mr Parris’ lawyer made it very clear that he was informed that the CHIEF MARSHALL had no record of any failure by any Marshall to serve Mr Parris. In addition, the marshal for the area had confirmed that he had neither tried nor failed to execute service on Mr Parris. He also informed that his client had refuted any claim that he had left the island; in fact he had not left the island for months .

The newspaper went another step further on the road to establishing its status as a rag through its front page story in the Monday 19 March edition. The bold headline jumped out at you ” NOT WRONG ” and the byline continued “PSV head : Drivers not to blame in two accidents”. It went on to inform: “Executive member of APTO’s interim committee, Morris Lee said the association had conducted its own investigations. The circumstances relating to the accidents indicate they were not acts of carelessness. One was the fault of a slick from a nearby oilfield, and the other occurred when a car tried to overtake the ZR and struck it. As such , our investigations have revealed there is no liability in those matters which can be attributed to those drivers ,” Lee said. My immediate reaction to this story was the exclamation of incredulity…”

WHAT!  this is a serious contempt ”; investigations in this country, as far as I am aware are conducted BY THE POLICE; innocence or guilt is proclaimed BY THE COURT. But the matters have already been decided BY THE NATION NEWSPAPER. How can justice in these circumstances be achieved? This is a small jurisdiction where everyone is already affected by prejudice of some form and the Newspaper is amplifying it a thousand fold. Certainly it is about time that the public impose the greatest possible censure on the Nation for its continuous irresponsible conduct.

Is there no public agency to which this matter may be ventilated so that some sanity can be restored to the operations of that medium of information? Will somebody please help us ?

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  1. @nationblpnewspaper
    You have a week to catch yourself. Same program, same issue, next sunday.

    One would think on an issue as major as the economy where the opposition seems able to put holes in the balloon flown by the government that they could find at least ONE person officially to represent. Have we ever heard the minister of finance? Darcy boyce? Jepter (other than a phone call) or estwick in the studio??? Please. The people deserve as much respect as the politicians claim they do with regards to their time. Put up, shut up or go home. Thiss BS about bias and being unfaired ain’t washing. Get in the damned ring and mix it up for the cause of party, government and country so that people at least understand where we r going, how we are doing and why things have to be the way they are.

    Whew. Typed a little more than expected.

  2. Yes, he did but Darcy Boyce has also spoken on VOB and others. Starcom says it will do another programme on Sunday. I hope that when the government spokespersons come to the programme we can at least have an “independent” moderator and not Pat Hoyos.
    There was no disagreement between Mascoll and Hoyos but then again how could there be – Mascoll is the Thursday BLP Nation spokesperson and Pat Hoyos is the Sunday BLP Nation spokesperson. They have the same agenda.

    • Does anyone know what Hoyos said off-air which he had to apologize to Minister Kellman who heard?

      It would speak to credibility.

  3. With Starcom claiming that they invited the government representatives to the studio to give their side , I wonder if the Nation would also tell us how many DLP affiliated persons were invited to put forward columns for balance?
    Maybe Starcom should lecture the Nation about inviting alternative views?
    Don’t hold your breath.The Nation has no intention of providing balance because the Nation has a clear pro BLP bias.

  4. @ NationBLPnewspaper

    “I dare any bloggers here to show me DLP columnists who were as critical of a government as Pat Hoyos is and still “moderate” a programme on VOB?

    Let me try this again. How did Peter Wickham do it?

  5. the NATION alias “DIRTY RAG” has already be condemned to the illiterate Hall of Shame! i read and weep! today they stage an article with bits and pieces i had read before in an alternative periodical andcall it an interview. This Paper has no integrity and its daily doses of garbage only plays to the BLP audience . THis kind of “garbage reporting” wouldn’t see the light of day in international countries and if so would be labeled ” Tabloid Journalism ” the kind you see at check out counters!Seriously ! how can any one take that rag who borrows and changes articles that runs along their political leanings.Steupse………..

  6. @NationBLPnewspaper | March 25, 2012 at 1:34 PM |
    “I hope that when the government spokespersons come to the programme we can at least have an “independent” moderator and not Pat Hoyos.”

    Then what about Tony ‘the deposed’ Marshall? Would he be acceptable as a ‘fair and balanced’ moderator after being ejected from the NIS chair and kicked in the ass stumbling right through the 4 Seasons happy hour door.

  7. miller,

    It makes no sense to engage the nation critic. He has one view and one view alone. Only pro DLP persons must be on VOB or write in the Nation to complete their total control of the media. I did not hear him complain about a DLP bias when VOB had Tony Marshall, Matthew Farley, Vere Brathwaite, Harry Husbands, Maxine McClean, Atoulalove Corbin, Maureen Holder and Peter Wickham, these were all DLP leaning moderators that I can remember now.

    The DLP had more than their fair share of coverage in the Nation leading up to the last general election. The dead king was sweet cakes for everybody and they all pushed the DLP. The problem is that these same people are very disappointed and this is what also has the critic angry! Poor fellow!

  8. Appearing in the Nation newspaper of Monday , March 26 , 2012 was the headline ” Layne hits back ..Former Supervisor of Insurance says he was a man of action .” Included in the story by a Geralyn Edwards is the most revealing piece of information by Mr Layne..It was he who ordered now defunct Narsham Insurance to stop writing new business or renew old policies because it failed to set aside an adequate reserve cover . Mr Layne boldly announced ” I stopped Narsham from writing insurance …..and they ended up taking me to court . I didn’t have to speak to any politician about that . I took action and stopped them from writing insurance …”
    One must admire the spirit of independence here proclaimed by Mr Layne; he refused to be brought under the influence of any politician , EVEN THOUGH SECTION 4 OF THE INSURANCE ACT UNAMBIGUOUSLY SAYS THAT HE HAS TO SUBMIT TO THE MINISTER OF FINANCE . But Mr Layne should place greater emphasis on the fact that the Barbados Court of Appeal held that the action against Narsham Insurance BY HIM was illegal . In fact the court awarded damages against the supervisor .
    It is the popularly held view that a similar error was made by the supervisor against CLICO . That being the case one can expect that CLICO will also be able to recover damages. How much , will be left to be seen . This is a matter that must not be taken lightly in the total debate on the CLICO saga .. Peace .

  9. all other countries are leetting go of the dollar, the queen has been using drug dealing money. All hell has broken loose.
    Me and my partner here in england have been served with letters from hackney council telling us that from 2002 we owe them £800 or so. its not true but they are clutching at straws trying to squeeze us because of the nasty Veneesa Feltz show on BBC radio from 2008, when i blasted the jews for their corruption and now the world can see it. It also caused my cousin Denroy Davis to be shot in his head at one o’clock in the morning there in Barbados.
    Irish (IRA) and Jewish (CIA) are involved in all terror attacks around tghe world and need to be watched. Apparently it doesn’t matter who they are married to either!!.
    They have taken eggs from my body and took pornographic pictures of my sister and tried to sell us as prostitutes. They had Jamaicans help them.

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