Roy Morris (and his gun) is Back

Submitted by Nomen Nescio
Harold Hoyte, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nation announced the return of Roy Morris

Harold Hoyte, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nation announced the return of Roy Morris

Roy Morris is back and his gun turns up.

On August 20 at 9.50 a.m. staff at the Nation Newspaper were informed via intercom that there would be a general staff meeting at 10 a.m. that same morning. Imagine ten minutes notice of a general staff meeting. Why not inform staff the day before? Anyway at 10 a.m. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nation, Harold Hoyte, informed staff that former Associate Managing Editor Roy Morris will be returning to the Nation as Editor-in-Chief from September 16. Harold really knows how to do things. Now the very people that this would affect, the editors, sub-editors and reporters, were not present at the meeting when Harold made his announcement, because of the short ten minutes notice of the meeting and also because most newsroom staff don’t arrive early since they work late into the evening.

Anyway Harold proceeded to tell the staff present that there are some who will not support the return of Roy (nuh wonder he hide and announce it to non-newsroom staff), but it was the decision of Board of Directors and he stood by the decision. Basically he was doing like former Prime Minister Erskine Sandiford did in the 1990s – saying like it or lump it. Hoye told staff that following advertisement of the position, Morris applied and after an interview process was chosen as the man for the job. Well if wunnuh think that Roy would just ups and apply for this job because he saw an advertisement in the Nation, wunnuh need wunnuh heads examining. Adults should leave lying to children. Roy had already told the staff of Barbados Today that Harold had called him and made the offer. Anyway Harold knows how to fool the staff at the Nation. He is notorious for crying, back in the days when he was Editor-in-Chief, when the Nation had to lay off staff. And wunnuh know they had some foolish bitches that would cry with Harold, including some uh those going home. But that for another occasion.

Nomen Nescio has learned that this return of Morris is not as transparent as Harold would like people to believe. This ent only about advertising and circulation numbers. It seems as though those Barbados Labour Party investors in the Nation think it is time to turn up the heat on the ruling DLP and they think Morris is the man for the job. I know I’m going to disappoint some of you, like Plantation Deeds, who think Roy is this fearless journalist and that he does let the chips fall where they will. But let me tell you all something when Roy was at the Nation no reporter could have written anything negative about Simpson Motors. Cause when Debbie call down there it is either suspension or go home. So yes the Bees on the Board think it is time for Hardball. Let me inform wunnuh that the last two general elections Roy worked for the BLP’s publicity campaign. In the February 2013 election he was the one who designed and managed the BLP’s blog. Well after Harold did his little song and dance, oh yea he’s good at it.

Publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens, in her no nonsense manner, told the staff that there were some conditions surrounding Roy’s return and that there will be zero tolerance. She also told staff that if they have any complaints when Roy is back, feel free to approach her. I guess she meant that if Roy makes any passes at any of the women feel free to report it. Mrs. Gittens I take my hat off to you. I would like to meet you and give you a kiss. You are the only one willing to stand up and be counted. That hypocrite Harold Hoyte couldn’t care less if Roy pull off one of the female’s panties in the newsroom in full view of all, once the paper mekking money. I forgive Haorld cause I guess when you ent too adept at something you does give others who skilled at it a big slap on the back. Yuh know Errol Barrow say Bajans got short memories. For those who are puzzled don’t forget Roy, who is known in Fontabelle as ‘Doggie’ Morris, because of his insatiable appetite for   young slim ladies, especially interns.

He was on August 14, 2007 arrested and charged with rape of a teenage girl who was an intern at the Nation. Remember the girl reported that Roy had pulled his licence firearm (I nearly said weapon but I don’t think he got nuh licence for that weapon) and put it on the dashboard, we guess in an effort to intimidate her into giving in to him. Afterwards many people were wondering if the police had taken away the firearm from Roy since it was alleged to have been used in the commission of a crime. Well life has many ironies. The firearm has finally appeared. At the same time that Harold Hoyte was sneakily telling a handful of Nation staffers that Roy was returning in September, Morris son Rafiq was appearing in court on gun, ammunition and assault charges. He was later remanded to Dodds. I know a lot of you does don’t believe Nomen Nescio so wunnuh could read it on page 22A of the Nation dated August 21, 2013, headlined Teen face gun charge.

Well as the story goes young Rafiq had some issues with one of his friends checking his girlfriend so he went into Roy’s bedroom and took up Roy’s firearm and went off and confronted his friend. I leave the rest for the court. But all along we were wondering if the police had taken away Roy’s gun, well we know now compliments of Rafiq the firearm was still in Roy’s possession. Ain’t life funny. Wuh even when a police officer is suspended he or she has to hand in their service firearm. And here is a guy who has been accused of using a gun in a crime he was charged with and the police ent tek way the gun from him. That is when yuh got big-up friends in the police force. Now tell me who would have been at fault if Rafiq had shot his friend and killed him. Yes Roy for not safeguarding the gun, but also the police for letting him keep it after it was allegedly use in the commission of a crime. Don’t forget the rape case ent done yet since it was adjourned sine die – which means without a date.

If it is one thing I always admired Roy for was his zero tolerance attitude when it came to certain things like the ZRs and the shite they does do. He really went too far with his zero tolerance when he put those two school teenagers necking and making out in Queen’s Park. I would prefer any day my 17 year old son to be necking he little teenage girlfriend in the park than he looking to shoot he friend. Still I encourage the blogs to pray for Roy. He like he need a good old Bajan bush bath. Boy trouble don’t set up like rain yuh.

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84 thoughts on “Roy Morris (and his gun) is Back

  1. Some may call me an apologist for the DLP but rest assured that Hamilton Hill is only calling the game as it unfolds on the field of play. Folks we are about to witness the resurrection of ” Kaymar’s Kennel”.

  2. All lies and innuendo; Roy is a fearless non-partisan reporter, and that young girl was a DLP operative planted by Fruendel Dee’s to discredit Roy. Yet Roy will have no axe to grind as he reports the news as Fox says, fair and balance. bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL

  3. Credible Balance Committed lot on the Nation’s Board.

    So where is the DLP’s PR. This info is not new. Heard about it (not Rafiq) the move of Roy’s return in July late June when discussions were becoming more and more concrete.

    Vivianne did not look herself at the Health Day or some event they had – I really could not make her out.

    So, we will see how long he stays with the Nation. Those favouring him are definitely not the ones reporting to him. Bless them that curse you. Bless and curse not. So we will continue to pray for the human beings at the Nation because we know that God’s grace is sufficient.

  4. This administration has paid scant attention to public relations and seems hell-bent on showing all and sundry that machismo trumps prudence where politics in Barbados is concerned. The love I have for this country compels a thought process that tells me this. Rooting for Empire to kick Spartan’s ass every time, for South Wales to beat both the Dames and Everton in any football clash and for Venice Richards to finish with more wins than Chally Jones was grounded in simple rivalry. If this government fails Barbados falls and those of my ilk are the ones most affected. Ya really think I give a damn about B or D at this point?

  5. LOL @ Adrian Hinds | August 22, 2013 at 8:42 PM |

    All lies and innuendo; Roy is a fearless non-partisan reporter,…………………………….

  6. Rooting for Empire to kick Spartan’s ass every time, for South Wales to beat both the Dames and Everton in any football clash and for Venice Richards to finish with more wins than Chally Jones was grounded in simple rivalry. If this
    I keep telling ignorant ass AC (another clowncunt) and CC (colossal clown) that this is not a football game or cricket game whereyou back your team regardless. In politics you are dealing with people’s lives , their future , their welfare you cant be supporting the nonsense the DLP is doing because its your party, that is is so dishonest.

    I heard the Young Democrat President saying that they supporting the tuition fee/budget nonsense.
    He should be chastised and I know how

  7. If Vivianne Gittens was as straight as you say, she should have offered to resign … and lef it at that. I like Roy because the nations staff fears him, and that makes him effective. There is no true practicing journalist in Barbados and number includes Roy, who has also come wrong with me. And a boy chosing to pick up his fathers weapon to show off in front of a peer is plain dumb… boys will be boys.

    Again Harold lies, Vivianne Gittens tries to appear resolute and this Jack Ass writer tries to make this out to be a DLP-BLP cuffing match, when ALL of them are clued in on the real deal, and that is the consolidation of the advertising revenue in this two by four called Barbados. OCM calls the shots, NOT Harold, NOT Vivianne and very soon from now, NOT Roy Morris either …!

    As the Mafia would say, “Its only business …!”

  8. The bottom line is to increase revenue ‘by what ever means necessary.’

    The Express in TT has full stories online not a portion. Roy has managed with success an online newspaper with advertising, even with your eyes shut you can see the benefits of wanting Roy on board at the Nation.

    He even changed the layout of the page and his news stories were increased with the advertising as well.

    But we will see how long he stays.

  9. Man dat same gun that was put on the dashboard, and in li’l Alex’s face also shot Roy’s dog dead (I mean 4 legged Rover). If ya never heard the dog story, yah ain’t hear nothing yet.

  10. @ Nomen Nescio

    1. Your use of the present tense confirms you to be a worker at the nation, this is not reported speech.

    2. You are, based on the structure ( not content) not one of the senior editorial staff, but passingly educated, the Latin nom de plume confirms that

    3. Flawed construct, trying to make this a DLP BLP thing. Roy is not needed for the demise of the DLP

    4. Puerile emotive construct your dribble about 10 o’clock and other senior staff absent. Senior management would have been told before in another forum. So you were either not there since you are not one of them or off duty at that time

    5. This is about $$ not politics.

    6. Vivianne doan care bout no body, she is spineless and has no principle that would influence her to resign for any cause

  11. Peter Harris due to have meeting with Barbados Today staff to confirm this, but who will succeed Morris? Cannot see Donna Sealy, sooner can see Wade Gibbons doing it… Bees would quake then!

  12. So Baffy
    …you mean that after Harold Hoyte sell out Barbados to the enemy by putting the Nation into Trini hands for a couple pieces of silver he now masterminding a scheme to add Barbados Today to the enemy’s camp?
    Shiite man!! He like he trying to out-traitor the fellows that sell out BS&T, and Light & Power to the foreigners…. Harold like he wants to retain the title of TRAITOR número uno…..
    This move will take him pass Fields you think…?

  13. Bush Tea

    What David needs to understand is that media houses represent one of very few opportunities to get an advertising message across to the general public. They are like guardians at the gate that demand a price to get past and as it stands, success in Barbados is dependent on patronage, the response that is had only after a message has been delivered. Business activity is used to define the worth of the economy (…it is what it is …), so the media houses actually participate meaningfully in the development of said economy … or NOT … !

    When the “crisis” hit, the talk about doing business differently, curbing executive salaries, and maintaining labour was rampant. Starcom (read OCM) opted to send home its sports department, buy a new Audi for its CEO and MAINTAIN even INCREASE advertising rates, all of which ran counter to a national objective set down by the political authority. Then there came a viable alternative through BT that bastardized the available advertising revenue from OCM.

    What would have been so wrong eg with making effective advertising affordable to even micro enterprises, ie: broadening the base of eligible advertisers and making/creating the opportunity for larger numbers of people to get their message across (yellow page type scripting is #$%#$@) in a recessionary period …?

    Now OCM will claim even greater control over this key economic activity.

    Whether Hoyte approached OCM or the other way around, whether Fields approached N&M or the other way around the similarities are stark … Both men were due to retire and romantic notions like nation building would be the last thing on their minds ….

    • @Baffy

      So what is the role of the FTC and the need for a legislative framework to align with national objectives?

  14. Man Baffy, let Bushie answer David wid the FTC thing ….we don’t want you to cuss and get on like a black hat….

    The role of protecting national interest BELONGS to the people collectively. What FTC what?
    The FTC is just a mechanism for the powers that be (and right now those powers do NOT reflect the public’s interest) to ram their own agendas down our brass bowls throats.


    If you can manage to control the information that is fed to a collection of brass bowls then you can accumulate what ever amount of jobby you may wish to heap up….
    This is why they brought out Harold Hoyte and Gollop….

    The OCM Trojan horse then prepared the way for Fields and King to transfer the REAL assets to Trickidad…..

    Wunna know how many YEARS now Bushie warning about the obvious INVASION in the name of CSME / one Caribbean and the other nonsense….while O$A was changing our laws to facilitate the takeover….?

    Had it not been for BFP and BU, and lately for Barbados Today, the brass bowls of Barbados would have continued to be filled with mock news, mock issues and mock sport …..while our spoils are raped by the new owners….

    Word to the wise David…..
    Dum going want BU next… have been converting too many from brass bowls to pressure cookers……

    • @Bushie

      We obviously have a crisis of institutions. Guess we have to continue to ask the questions.

      BU continues to resist encouragement to monetize. BU is defined by the contributions from the family, it can’t be bought with the expectation to continue as a going concern. Unless to discontinue.

  15. @ Bush Tea | August 23, 2013 at 11:32 AM |
    “Dum going want BU next… have been converting too many from brass bowls to pressure cookers……”

    This observation although meant in a tongue-in-cheek way contains therein a lot of serious advice.
    You see, Bushie, even the miller sometimes does agree with you as long you are making sense and not talking “jobby” about unjustified discriminating against those who are ‘different’.

    But how would these anti-BU powers –that-be go about trying to silence BU?
    Instead of making reference to a politically dead man called OSA why not look at the real Trojan horse and remember the call from Hal Gollop for the need to bring a legislative framework to contain the pressure cookers called the Blogs with specific targeting of BU.

    Now that you are on the talk about ‘selling off and out’ Barbados to foreigners namely “Trickidadians” we would be glad to hear your views on the Editorial in today’s Weekend Nation Newspaper.

  16. Seems that the Government is funnying up
    Somebody pooped
    and somebody else swallowed
    Hear the news
    5000 public workers not paid
    by Barbados Government
    Taken off the pay sheet
    wham Bam/just like that

    wow !
    Caswell Franklyn was so right

  17. Bush Tea

    I’m pretty sure that you’ve had that conversation with David before … many times… It ain’ dah David head hard, it is that David like to provoke big people. A few years ago I would have obliged, but these days …

  18. @Dr. GP

    I think you misunderstood POTRYR, “nomen nescio” is latin meaning I do not know the name. “nom de plume” is french for pen name or alias. I think POTRYR was referring to ‘nomen nescio’ as the latin phrase.

  19. Who else was interviewed for the editor-in-chief job? Anybody know. Based on what I reading here, it look like the whole thing was a set up to give the impression it was open, fair and transparent when the decision was taken long before the interviews were held. The other people who got interviewed should sue the Nation for deception. Only in Barbados though.

  20. PAT




  21. @ Pat

    Thank you very much for enlightening the dear Hippocrates I was of the opinion that the insulin I am using had expired and coup conspirator as I am felt that the kindly doctor was giving me a hint that the current medicine was in fact a dose of “be-off”

    I actually had to look back to see if it was one of my rambling texts

    Roughly translated it it name of pen or pen name

    The doctor is normally coherent and barring his untamable use of caps for which he has the prerogative, I am sure that he slipped slightly

  22. By the way GP didn’t they require that medical students do Latin as a perquisite in your day?

    That might mean that you are a younger man or that you did not attend Lodge and dat Harsun College institution for criminals on Crumpton Street. Long live Cawmere.




  24. They won’t want Reudon at the Nation, even though he is the most qualified of the lot. He is seen as a big Dem so he won’t be seen as someone to get involved in a plot to bring down this government. But Reudon did a good job when he was editor of the Advocate and show he know his stuff.

  25. Who here has shares in OCM i.e. the Nation? We all have shares in CBC that is where to direct the venom and or simply refuse to buy the Nation. Don’t we have a MoF doing as he wish and still keeping his job? Oh how e get sidetracked so easily or focus on the wrong things.
    David I am with you on this one.

  26. Have to say that what made BT a success was really NOT Morris, but gimmickry (could be wrong, but not by far).

    Years ago, when only just out of short pants, I had the opportunity to meet with the Editor in Chief of the Advocate ( … can’t remember his name, and it was not Grovsnor whose son passed just last year). He had given a presentation of sorts to members of our staff (Intel Barbados). I asked the good gentleman why was it that his newspaper continued to be so big in size when Barbadians were clearly showing a preference for the smaller sized paper. His response was that there was still and that there would always be a need for the “newspaper” and that the nation was not a newspaper, but a “tabloid”. Guess there are both “tabloids” now.

    The easy response to BT should have been to buy the same software that BT was using, you know the presentation that would show the page turning when the next button is pressed and highjack has many email addresses that they could get their hands on. The nation opted for the standard webpage with partial stories,and a subscription approach, in order to protect its printing press investment. They must have lost significant advertising revenue.

    If one is in a competitive environment I see NOTHING wrong with simply copying what the competition is doing, if it is showing results … But that’s me …

  27. No Surprises here. The Nation newspaper is the public relations arm of the BLP. WHAT IS SHAMEFUL is that the management pretends that they are impartial .

    Do a critical analysis of the writers CHOSEN by management to write every day of the week and just like the biased commentators on Fox News WHO CLAIM TO BE FAIR AND BALANCED, the Nation BLP Newspaper over the last 5 years only employs columnists who attack the DLP consistently-
    Ask Pat Hoyos, Albert Branford, Clyde Mascoll, Sanka Price, Harry Russell and more recently Caswell Franklyn- all BLP yardfowls .
    The evidence is clear.

  28. Sanka Price often writes about officials pushing propaganda but that is laughable coming from a man who uses his weekly Wednesday column to push an obvious partisan preference and agenda.

    Price has now even resorted to trying to blame the AG and current commissioner of Police for a domestic unit not being fully operational in the RBPF and blaming the unfortunate and brutal death of the lady in the fish market.
    Of course the Nation BLP editor Sanka Price will never touch Dottin and Mottley. We will need to leave that to a professional and independent journalist. Sanka Price cannot play that role. He is disgracefully biased and one sided.

  29. @ Baffy

    I doan know if you believe in GOD but there is a passage the refers to (a different law for ) the Medes and the Persians.

    Rommel benefited directly from the award of insurance premiums to CGI when he was Minister of Transport.

    Much like Minister Whisper Boyce benefitted from his fiduciary infelicities with cost u more, i almost said infidelity, lol Rommel, not being admitted to the ABLOT, the Ali Baba Legion of Thieves on Roebuck Street, that is not related to ALBA, and not initiated into the Order of Ministers Taking Bribes Brotherhood, committed the unpardonable sin of taking $$ without the sanction of Seethru

    Now Baffy you, being a man of principles and fair play, would not be able to understand this code among thieves rule that Rommel, not being seconded by a brother, had committed.

    Plussing, when Seethru asked Rommell for his share as Prime Mollyfoxer among the 30 thieves, yes, yes, your mud dash told you about Ali Baba and the 40 thieves but this is Barbados and you have to be colloquially correct, Seethru Baba and his 30 Thieves, Rommel tell he some ting bout, “go and tief fuh youself” and to ad insult to injury, add ” Seethru, you ent gi’ me nun uh dat $9 million kickback you get fuh turning zone 1 land to zon 3″

    Whaplax, dog dead

    Well Baffy you know dat by now dese different readers who accuse me uh being a BLP supporter, Cocky Locky and de udder mixed sex, husband and wife tag team, dem dun tie up causing here I is pelting licks all over de place.

    I soon expect dat dem PDC clowns gine soon try to claim me as dem leader or political advisor.

    Yeah, yeah Baffy you tink you cud ask (axe) Roy Morris if I cud get a pick at de nation?

    Tell he dat I wants Carl “de more” de monkey climb “de more” yuh does see he tail or dat Sankey fella job

    My first article gine be bout “Guns, Sex and Coleridge Street”

    I doan want to publish it heah, I ent gine get pay heah plussing I wants to be in de company of all dem nubile, big botsie, British ‘ummans dat Sir Harold does hire at de Nation, barring VivianneG, she ent have none,

    Oh loss Baffy I done gone hit dat post comment thingy I guess if I pour some Seethru pun de cuntputer dat would slow it down, en i cud find and delete it, whu tou tink?

    Sum uh we ole people shun’ got nuh cuntputer right?

    • Is it possible that all the female columnists may soon withdraw from the Nation newspaper because of the coming of Roy?

  30. @BAFBFP
    I had the opportunity to meet with the Editor in Chief of the Advocate ( … can’t remember his name”

    You probably mean Robert Best who was then Editor in Chief.

  31. David wrote “This is a posterity moment……..”

    I saw that as a crass attempt to induce people to subscribe to the Nation “e paper”.

    I don’t believe the “equipment failure” b e.

  32. It appears that Harold Hoyte is cut from the same cloth as Roy i.e. a penchant for younger females. I read in the the nation a few months ago how Hoyte met his present wife (wife number 3) who was an employee a junior one at that, at the Nation where he was chief cook and bottle washer.

    She recalled that he approached her telling her he like her and wanted to take her out and she ignored him. Then at a Christmas party he hid her shoes and the only way to get them back was to go out with him. Tell me if that doesn’t reek of sexual harassment in the workplace? I suppose if she had told him no and got annoyed she would have had to look for another job. She fell for the entrapment. What if it had turned out differently?

    The problem is that these men in power don’t think that what they are doing is wrong, morally or ethically wrong. Yet no one would ever accuse Harold Hoyte of being a sexual predator because of the position he holds. No one not even he would believe that dating an employee should be frowned on and should be prohibited. Women have been brainwashed to believe that they can’t say no to men with power and position. Sad very sad!

  33. Piece

    Ha Ha … You know I is always hang onto your every word … HA HA HA

    Robert Best is the man… Thnx … Remember his face like it was yesterday, but I fear he may have passed so I am NOT allowed to use the word JackAss

    The truth is women are drawn to power … Young un’s are enticed with the security that it promises… I certainly can’t fault them, no more than I can fault the older guys who could still take full advantage of a young female’s company… When you die there is no heaven with virgins awaiting. That is a tale dat dey is tell soldiers … and Hoyte sure as hell ain’ gon’ be puttin’ he life pun de line fah a fella. Look at Bizzy, accepting a bet to could bed a particular young chick, and now he getting put ta pasture …!

  34. She recalled that he approached her telling her he like her and wanted to take her out and she ignored him. Then at a Christmas party he hid her shoes and the only way to get them back was to go out with him. Tell me if that doesn’t reek of sexual harassment in the workplace?



  35. @Dear islandgal246:

    Both Harold and Roy are scared of some of those Nation women.

    Neither of those two men dares to ax some of those Nation women a question.

    Ya tink some dem women is mek sport?

    The only women they can ask a question of is foolish young girls.

    Because a lot of the Nation women are better educated that either Harold or Roy, and can find work anywhere in the world where English is spoken (sorry written). Yes, yes, spoken and written.

    And David that is another reason why Bajan parents believe in education.

    Education is a great liberator.

    It permits you to say to the boss puck you, and to find work the next day.

  36. @ Dr. GP

    Thanks for the information re that book by Hyman. Read some reviews on line and went to the library to borrow it. Just this minute got back. They are all out on loan. I put a hold on it. The librarian told me I am ninth on the list. Not to worry she says, it will move fast, we have 16 copies! must be some good reading.

    Thanks again.

  37. There must certainly be a reason why he has married three times, Harold Hoyte, but look at the Owen Arthur/Julie Price situation, same thing – Sexual harassment. Julie Price accepted it because it benefited her. Janet Burney, an ex-employee (Chrysler) accepted it (sexual harassement) too. When she (Janet) no longer accepted it, it caused problems that forced her to seek legal assistance. She filed a lawsuit against Chrysler and prevailed.

    Some things just some how fade away as did the Roy Morris rape charges and the Clarence Thomas sexual harassment charges prompted by Law Professor, Anita Hill. Roy Morris is returning to the Nation News (Barbados) and Clarence Thomas is still a United States Supreme Court justice.

    • What is happening in Barbados? BU understands Donovan from the National Sports Council has been arrested for stalking a police officer and he made some of his calls from the phones at the National Sports Council. it seems he and Rafiq are sharing quarters.

  38. David asks “What is happening in Barbados?”

    The same Shiite that used to get cover up before the public could find out.

  39. @ Hants

    You does kill me doah.

    Quick repartees that immediately shed light on the fact that these strange behaviours that some are trying to attribute to the domain of the dimwitted DLP abounded in the BLP camp.

    When Mark Williams beat he pretty outside woman in Deacons no body ent hear bout it.

    He beat her to such a pulp that the Sargeant who was called to the scene had to be constrained when he saw the lass’s face.

    No one heard about it because the BLP wiretapper was AG (or what i call the ABLOT Ali Baba Lot of Tieves from Roebuck Street) and the police report get quash by Dottin.

    What bout de Police Officer who went visiting Ms. Weir place pull he gun when de resident in Cave Hill tell he he car blocking de resident driveway, chuck in a shot in de gun and blow off two uh he fingers??

    Dottinned clamp down pun dat story till de Jada man kill he son and den a never dun investigation was commenced AND ENDED.

    De Law of de Medes and de Persians dat Baffy does talk bout

  40. @BAFBFP

    I meant the noise bout Bizzy and the young chick and being put out to pasture.

    I thought only Well Well knew everybody’s business. But it seems that you and POTRYR are right up dey wid she.

    When I want a good laugh, I does turn on me cuntputer and read PIECE, YOU and WELL WELL.

  41. Pat

    You u don’ liv ’bout hey … Yah only gotta get out and open yah eyes… Dey really ain’ got many secrets ’bout hey, and the birdies that bring messages ain’ all dah small nider … but you’re right of course. It is indeed gossip, and I apologize for the offense ..!

  42. how any can anybody welcome back that known well say “PERVERT roy morris and a man known to exhibit anti social behaviour indicitive of sexual harassment towards woman in and out of the work place! is unbelivable. THe management and those who made such a colossal error of judgement should hold their heads in shame. this goes against the grain of moral and social fabric and responsibilty of any reputable organisation who by law should catorgorize such behaviour as unetheical and illegal and take such matters seriously .,Apparantly the Nation would prefer that ROY behaviour be dismissed on the grounds that FINANCIAL goals and achievements are a preferance while obviously dismissing the fact that the cries of respect and decency of woman in the work place should not be ignored..

    • On page 21A of today’s Nation there s a full page ad blasting the benefits of subscribing to eNation (electronic version).

  43. look- you seem to be a fan of former president Clinton otherwise how could you forget to mention one of the most renowned sexual predators of all those mentioned and did he not end up as one of the most popular presidents of the usa having been endorsed time and time again by the womens lobby

  44. balance Yes clinton was wrong both ethically morally and also an adulterer , however the two cases are not the same, Roy was charge with rape. the most Clinton was charged with was having an illict affair,

  45. @Simple Simon
    Because a lot of the Nation women are better educated that either Harold or Roy, and can find work anywhere in the world where English is spoken (sorry written). Yes, yes, spoken and written.
    Do you really believe some of the shite that you write? There are educated men and women all over the English speaking world who can’t find jobs yet some Bajan women can just waltz in any number of countries and find jobs.

    Moving on, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac but some of these of these middle age men think that they ooze so much sex appeal that when they approach young women they throw their knickers at them similar to what they used to do at the Tom Jones concerts.

  46. The problem with Barbados is the news has become old and stale, hopefully the new editor will have the wherewithal to attract new interest by bumping up the stories for example

    Large white woman fights off attacker at the garrison savannah police are searching for a near sighted man carrying a saddle.

    Ancient bones discovered at Bathsheba park, the women from the commission claim we cleaned that washroom yesterday

    Three thought extinct lichens have been found in Barbados, one in st Thomas one in st George and one on a union leaders back.

    Six women in Bridgetown claim to have had sex with an alien, 3 describe it as having a green body with white genitals 2 say it had a white body with green genitals the 6th said it was purple with bumps all over its body. Authorities are on the lookout for a person with bad acne that works at a paint store.

    Use a little embellishment to get interest

  47. Mad panic at the Bridgetown port,a stampede erupted when a pregnant woman pointed down the wharf at one of the ships

    Shortage of hoes at the agricultural dept. govt spokesman says if we legalize it there will be no shortage.

    Residents of St George are distraught, after a committee watched many kadooment day videos they have been told the gun hill lion isn’t the biggest pussy on the island

    It isn’t hard to make news interesting

  48. Today’s Nation August 26th editorial put some warm lashes in Maxine McClean and her under performance along with some of their DLP touts at overseas postings.Maxine is listening to too many call in programmes and not attending to matters of state which seem to be beyond her capability.As is the position with almost all the cabinet led by the WORST PRIME MINISTER OF BARBADOS IN THE SHORT HISTORY OF INDEPENDENT BARBADOS.

  49. how any can anybody welcome back that known well say “PERVERT roy morris and a man known to exhibit anti social behaviour indicitive of sexual harassment towards woman in and out of the work place! is unbelievable

    AC- based on the revelations arising out of Mr Starr’s investigations, your comment above seems to fit Mr Clinton. you seem to be a fan too encapsulated by you supposedly pro-women defenders by Mr Clinton’s obvious charm and charisma.
    By the way, none of the persons mentioned in LOOK’S post HAROLD HOYE, CLARENCE THOMAS, OWEN ARTHUR were ever charged with rape to the best of my knowledge.

  50. @ Gabriel Tackle

    Maxine McClean is neck and neck with Richard Sealy for the worst “minister” in the Barbados Cabinet in History.

    The two of them are clawing it out like a Bolt and Asafa Powell, it is saddening.

    Then we have Adriel “Slit Eyes” Brathwaite, singularly the most incompetent Attorney General that has ever sullied the office since independence.

    You have to feel for PM Fumble though, surrounded as he is by

    (1) a global economy that is lurching
    (2) a local economy in shambles
    (3) a Minister of Economic Affairs whose budget speech is (badly) written by an “accountant” Darcy Boyce
    (4) an assembly of cabinet ministers who seem to have been haplessly pulled out of a(n) (un)lucky dip
    (5) an inability to reshuffle any minister, particularly the recalcitrant Sealy and/or Sinckler because either of these puerile characters will, do to the attendant shame of being retrenched, will bring down the DLP administration
    and, my personal favourite
    (6) the coup faction that waits until the US Command leaves the region

    The canopy that is to be built at Llaro should in actual fact be a bunker to protect him from the fusillade of economic woes, incompetent ministerial colleagues, entrenched BLP espionage agents and the usual assembly of piranha and stragglers who surround the Party in Power or PI(M)P

    God Save our Gracious Queen…send her victorious, happy and glorious, long to reign over us….. (the tune echoes in my mind these 80 something years)

  51. What irony, it is alleged Kaymar Jordan will head Barbados Today? So she & Roy swapped companies? ROFLMBAO – plus she’ll be arriving into a lawsuit, and I wonder how she & Wade Gibbons will pan out? Considering she gave him his walking papers at Fontabelle?

  52. Barbados Today was Roy’s own creation, dreamt up in his dorm at university in the US. Does Roy still have a stake in the company, or was it taken off him?

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