Blackout at Starcom

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL

Vic Fernandes – CEO Starcom

Even though Thanksgiving here in the US is symbolized by a bird we know as a turkey, somehow on this chilly thanksgiving morning other birds come to mind. Perhaps the Bajan in me comes to the fore anytime the temperature drops, but even so why am I thinking about sitting ducks and yard fowls? Maybe, just maybe it has something to do with The Market Vendor.

This morning the vendor took as his choice of discussion the selective nature of the media here in America. Market you fa real?  Market up to this very moment the Starcom stations have not been notified of the fact that there is a God. They have not been told that Kaymar Jordan [and lets put it nicely] has parted company with the Barbados Nation, their very own subsidiary sister. Perhaps she does not have the stock of a David Ellis, who was force fed contrition after being left by those blowhards and jokers at the BAJ to twist in the wind, so that a public apology sufficed, while she was made to fall on the sword of political immolation, a clear and distinct sign that her usefulness to her masters, and yours had expired. A sitting duck dat.

Market I must tell you this. I grew up in de village and would have frequented every single rum shop therein, as well as those close by if only to discuss cricket, calypso and politics though not necessarily in that order. Given such a setting Mr. Market you would appreciate my familiarity with what you would call colourful language, since the same is a staple in the market. When our parliament is reduced and publicly so to the ass-imilation of the fish market and your stations, the most listened to mind you, know nothing of this reprehensible behaviour, I say to you Mr. Market Vendor…….A yardfowl dat.

Anyone may dare spin to their heart’s content but the fact of the matter is that this  again reflects terribly on who we claim to be as a people. What makes it even more terrible is the fact that certain sections of the main stream media refuse to recognize the semblance of complicity that springs from coverage of convenience. Mr. Market Vendor I must tell you that based on all that has gone on more and more people are inclined to believe that a very great player in our politics is the Owen Control Media…[ah still love de OCM doa]

I too gone fa now cause de turkey done, and yardfowl day is one day coming soon.

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  1. Just a word to the wise. The Barbados Association of Journalists was re-established on December 28, 2008 after being dormant for a decade. The David Ellis incident that I believe you’re referring to happened well before that.

  2. Can anyone tell me about this molasses affair and the BOLT arrangement with Preconco? Is it really true? If the GOB is entering such arrangement shouldn’t the taxpayers of Barbados ( the people who will be paying for it) be inform?
    How come it is not highlighted on the media or on this blog which pushing for FOI?
    Didn’t the highly esteem minister who don’t take bribes ( because, as said by one contributor on this blog, he is well off, he don’t need nobody pay off) just last friday in the news that politicians were trying to manipulate the people with untruth to garner votes. Does that include him also, after all is a politician too

  3. @coffee

    The great thing about BU is the Senator Symmonds or anyone in possession of undisclosed details about the deal can submit and be assured it will be published.

    There is a reason why the tradition media avoids BU, we are like a ‘bile’ on their backside but it is not personal. We love to underscore the importance of the fourth estate.

  4. market vendor sucks majorly tho. it lost its entertainment and satire factor years ago. now its just annoying. i switch the station when he comes on.

  5. The Starcom stations have been reporting on the Duguid apology.A bajan somewhere,lets say in Africa who listens only to VOB must wonder what this apology is all about.Continuity it seems only apply to political interference in news dissemination….and it comes from both sides of the fence.

  6. @ enuff…While this post was meant to expose the shortcomings of the starcom network,there certainly is no intention to excuse the CBC.I have major problems with any group of journalists who allow others to dictate the path the story takes on its way to John public.

  7. @ Enuff…I support the DLP and that is no secret.My love for my country however supersedes that for any party.I have great admiration for the finance minister and I love Senator Sandiford-Garner,but that does not mean that I would not be critical of either one of them should I feel the need to.

  8. @coffee
    should you mention something about BOLT , you forget the prision was built by criminals the BLP supported, the price change to uUS overnite . the Judicial centre , the Coast guard facility alll tiefing BOLTS that the DLP had to bring to account , didnt mention the SSS DEAL . oh forget the miullions in GREENLAND > tThe Loan owen had for a rainy day>

  9. That loan for a rainy day is what allowed Fraudel and his team to sleep. If not for that loan they couldn’t give they friends like H. Gollop money for the thing called the Alexandra Commission, or the branch presidents and DLP Candidate(PAtrick Tannis) money to be incharge of constituency councils duplicating what other goverment department are already doing.

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