Mum Wants Answers, Mum Got Answers

Submitted by Jay Arthurs

The Mother – Nation

Now that it has been proven that the student did steal the boom box:-

  1. Is Ms.Whittaker going to the Nation and having them print a back page for Thursday as an apology to the Principal?
  2. Is the officer at the Ministry who advised Ms.Whittaker going to call her and advise her to go to the Nation and have an apology written?
  3. Who is going to pay for the destruction of the Principal’s reputation?
  4. What is the Ministry saying now that the truth is out that Darron’s witness verified that it was Darron who took the boom-box? Is it going to tie the Principal’s hand behind his back and flog him?

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18 thoughts on “Mum Wants Answers, Mum Got Answers

  1. it is always fair to hear the two sides of any story before we begin to form opinions which can be very destructive

  2. “Question, why did the Nation publish the picture of the juvenile?”
    Because David, the Nation is committed to its mission which is to do everything possible to bring Barbados to heel in order to facilitate our conformance to their ONE CARIBBEAN goal.

    Send them an uplifting story (and there are many) and see if they will print even a brief note….far less a photo of the hero.

    Their focus is on Criminals, ugly half-naked wutless women, destitutes who need a home (any of the dozen or so around), street characters, and of course Principals who have balls and standards -who they seek to humble.

    … check Bushie’s boy Jeff Broomes? Class is Class then!
    Shiite man, even retarded ac seems to be highly impressed with the new CLASS that he has PROFESSIONALLY brought to Parkinson.

    Wonder who the bunch of menopausal old women picking on these days….? πŸ™‚

    • @Bushie

      Leadership is a prerequisite to success BUT AX was a wakeup call for Jeff. A second chance to make a good impression maybe?…:-)

  3. Bush tea u “old goat” too early in the morning to be calling people names… now go find something constructive to do. like wash u swibbly balls…….unlike u Jeffs broomes got the message and finally understands that the role of a leader cannot be accomplished or demonstrated through dictatorial leadership….. something that your constipated brains would never understand BTW don.t forget to drink u PRUNE JUICE…..u outdated fossil……

  4. @ ac
    Balls already washed and prune juice drunk. πŸ™‚
    Why don’t you jump on your broom and come up here let Bushie show you a thing or two…? Bushie knows exactly what you need….

    • Today is another example. Why emblazon a picture of a grieving mother on the front page? Is it because she is poor? No, it is because it is sensationalism and will SELL newspapers!

    • @Kevin

      You are missing the point. Why do we have to strip this poor woman of her dignity in a moment of grief? The tragic event could have been portrayed in many other ways.There should always be a morality attached in every thing we do.

  5. Good Morning Bushie sweetie pie…..what de rasta George yuh freshing up wid AC for ????? I gine leff yuh out fuh pieceofderock…waaait come to tink of it I ent see he bout here recently. I wunder wha happen…hope he ent ded. PODR please send us a line to let us know dat yuh still in de land of de living.

  6. Oops Islandgal sweetness…. Bushie was not freshing with ac, just wanted to invite her for a bush bath to wash way her evil spirits.. πŸ™‚

    …..wait doh! You ain’t know it is bad to move from bush to rock…?

  7. @ islandgal246 | June 2, 2013 at 10:53 AM |

    I too miss the Old Rock of Bubayduss.

    Oldtimer PODRYR, if Father Time has not yet caught up with ya, please give us a ‘shout-out’ to allay our concerns.

  8. Bajans can be very naive.It took an observant police sargeant to tell parents not to allow their children to go begging for sponsored events to raise funds.Any concerned parent should have known that is a no no given the deviant lunatic fringe walking around looking for prey.Why would Principals turn a blind eye to that.Why was a law officer have to spell it out for you.I have repeatedly warned all who would read;do not trust anybody especially pastors priests,policemen,attorneys,undertakers,doctors and all those whose professions bring them into contact with children.As in this case even family members you cannot trust.It’s a sad day for all Bajans.

  9. The principal is a scholar and a gentleman. Can’t say that about too many people these days, but he is the genuine article.

  10. Maybe somebody should explain to the foolish mother that indefinite means that the student can return to school as soon has he has come to a Christian understanding, and that can be as early as the next day or as late as never.

    Oh! And parents should provide moral guidance to their children.

    And where is this boy”s father anyhow?

    Reluctant daddy please step forward and teach your boy right from wrong.

  11. Contrary to popular belief I have not passed and rumors of my pending appointment with the harbinger are yet still a figment of fertile imaginations.

    Yet there are a few who would want de ole man dead since I have made known my desire to get a pic at de Nation even though being irreverent to their ignoble leader Vivianne.

    It is also my understanding that the Minister of Gutters and Sidewalks Patrick Todd bears me no love and seeks to have me excommunicated from the church.

    Hernia is a serious thing and I urge those men and women with the condition to get it attended to soonest.

    Dear islandgirl246. You have finally abandoned Bushie for he who used to be solid as a rock. Our dalliances must now be mental for me feareth that all else hath gone. Bushie promiseth more but maybe he too imagineth what could be as opposed to what really is. Time and gravity has a way of bringing down all things.

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