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There is the saying often posted in this space that the price of freedom (democracy) is eternal vigilance. A necessary component to safeguarding our freedom (democracy) is a relevant media. An extract from The Role of Media in Democracy: A Strategic Approach authored by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) states:-

A free, objective, skilled media is an essential component of any democratic society. On the one hand, it provides the information which the polity require to make responsible, informed decisions. On the other, it performs a “checking function” ensuring that elected officials uphold their oaths of office and campaign promises and that they carry out the wishes of the electorate.

The blogmaster is reminded everyday since March 2007 when Barbados Underground (BU) went live on the WordPress platform the importance of a relevant media. We recall the VOB Sunday Brasstacks show when social commentator and retired hotelier Adrian Loveridge was forced to contribute to the program from a separate studio because it was the condition for the participation of former Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch.

During one of last week’s VOB’s Brasstacks shows the blogmaster was again reminded of the naked manipulation of traditional media by a caller (was it you William?) who questioned the Nation Publishing company’s decision to anoint Khaleel Kothdiwala a columnist to replace Dr. Kristina Hinds. The caller’s simple and well articulated logic was – with the BLP in total control of the Lower House, why select Khaleel who is a BLP card carrying member. It does not mean Khaleel lacks the capacity to share a perspective on a myriad topics, however, making Khaleel a columnist ensured the leading publishing house in the country slammed the door on an opportunity to improve vigilance in our democracy.

This is not a personal attack on Khaleel, he obviously is an intelligent young man who is committed to be a BLP sponsored politician. And it is his right, to align with a political party of his choice. This is an attack on the Nation Publishing for allowing itself to be manipulated directly or indirectly into making Khaleel a columnist. We may speculate this is the Nation Publishing being opportunistic by contracting a young man whose star is rising or that ‘someone’ made a telephone call.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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  1. Informer Inna Di Area

    Informer, Informout, Sugar Minott

    Informer, Jah Batta, Sugar Minott, Tear Down The Dancehall, Little John

  2. International Herb, Sugar Minott, International Dub, Dougie

    Tek A Set, Sugar Minott, No Way, Wackies Rhythm Force

  3. WB
    I din even realise you were on this thread trying hard to be relevant. The fact that you interpreted my comment to mean that you had no right to seek a nomination or be a moderator on Brasstacks is a sign of your lack of comprehension skills. So let me help you. The same rights you have are available to Khaleel Kothdiwala.

  4. PR Job?

    US$175m 175m project soon soon off ground

    Pierhead plans well advanced and Hyatt in final stages
    By Gercine Carter
    The first major phase of the plan to redevelop Bridgetown, coming after the Government-organised 2019 Investment Forum which attracted several local and foreign investors, could soon be getting off the ground.
    Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley recently announced that certain projects were about to take off and while some investors who have bought into Government’s vision continue to hold development plans close to their chests, information to the Sunday Sun, however, suggests that at least one project, the Pierhead Redevelopment is well advanced in its planning, while the long-mooted Hyatt hotel is reported to be in “the last stages of all arrangements to start the project.”
    Welcoming investors to the Investment Forum in Barbados three years ago, Prime Minister Mottley said: “We are pleased to extend to you the Barbadian warmth of old friends and to showcase this exciting investment opportunity.” She pointed out that Carlisle Bay, “the crescent bay in front of a historic capital city that is unique in the region and beyond” was “at the centre of our redevelopment project.”
    Close watch
    Writing in the 2020 edition of Terra Caribbean’s annual real estate publication Red Book, real estate agent Betty Cathrow noted: “Investors are watching this area closely and property has been trading quickly. A few select developers are already on board with plans implemented or progressing for significant projects which are expected to provide economic uplift and regenerate the vibrancy of this historic area if implemented appropriately.”
    Cathrow added: “The Pierhead project is also taking shape. Sitting on 1.86 acres of land, it includes the buildings which run along the Careenage, starting at Bridge House and continuing along the wharf to the Screw Dock, leading to the stunning northern end of Carlisle Bay beach. “Current plans for the area include a mix of food and beverage, retail and assorted services on the lower levels of the buildings with office space and apartments on the higher floors. There is also the potential to add a signature hotel in the area as well. The architectural heritage of existing buildings will be reflected at their existing levels with a more modern appeal displayed at the levels above.”
    Detailed information
    Barbados Tourism Investment Incorporated is the agency charged with the responsibility to facilitate both public and private sector-owned investment in the tourism and hospitality sector in Barbados, along with other areas. On its website there is detailed information about the 2019 Investment Forum including the list of sites which offer investment possibilities in terms of development, as well as guidelines for the facilitation process, to enable investors.
    The Forum document states: “The Pierhead Strategic Reinvestment Area celebrates its pivotal and historic setting with iconic hotel towers, mid rise buildings fronting Bay Street, new public spaces and enhanced promenade/beachfront access. This area is planned to host three taller building sites, including a landmark 25-storey tower at the precipice of the Pierhead peninsula. In a mid-rise and taller elements, over 1 000 new hotel units can be accommodated, restaurants and cafés.”
    Former chairman Coca-Cola company, who support Government’s redevelopment and country by taking on revealed that Isdell the Pierhead and was end of the city, “much capital, Dublin.”
    According to a source has been specifically Project, a team is currently project with residential for the site which encompasses the waterfront where the now closed Waterfront the sea on the western The Sunday Sun development is one for what is known as projects are the proposed hotel which, according group of investors from where the recently on the Pierhead) is The Hyatt Ziva Barbados 3.6 acres of beachfront accommodated, along with amenities, cafés.” chairman and chief executive officer of the company, Neville Isdell, is one of the investors Government’s vision for Bridgetown’s and has demonstrated his faith in the on the challenge. Mottley recently Isdell had purchased properties near was eager to develop the southern much like he had done with the Irish source familiar with Isdell’s plans for what specifically identified as the Pierhead Waterfront currently working on creating “a lifestyle residential apartments, shops and restaurants” encompasses the area along the section of where buildings such as that which houses Waterfront Café stands and runs towards western side.
    Sun was informed that the Isdell one of three large projects being planned as the Pierhead Project. The other two proposed Hyatt Ziva Hotel and a second according to reports, is to be built by a family from Trinidad and Tobago, on the site closed Massy Store (formerly Mannings is located.
    Barbados is earmarked for approximately beachfront property close to the northern end of Carlisle Bay, on an extensive site formerly occupied by the Harbour Police Station, the Liquidation Centre and another commercial building, stretching along a section of the popular Browne’s Beach. Those buildings have already been demolished to make way for the Hyatt construction.
    In July 2016, Hyatt Hotels Corporation announced that a Hyatt affiliate had entered into a management agreement with the Barbadian company Vision Investments Inc for the construction of a Hyatt Centric on the site in question.
    That plan was later altered when Visions Developments Inc applied for planning permission to construct an all-inclusive Hyatt Ziva instead.
    Estimated at US$175 million
    The new hotel was originally scheduled to be opened in 2022, however, subsequent plans are for the project estimated to cost US$175
    million, to break ground this year. Vision Investments director Mark Maloney told the Sunday Sun they were “in the last stages of all arrangements to commence the building of the project,” which consists of 380 hotel keys, 40 condominiums and over-water suites.
    “We have all of our regulatory approvals and our teams have been working assiduously to have everything completed on this major investment and tourism project, showing our further commitment and confidence in Barbados,” Maloney said.
    It was projected that the first down-town hotel expected to be constructed in Barbados would provide 2 500 direct jobs during construction, while a further 1 500 jobs were expected to be created when it goes into full operation, contributing an estimated US$70 million per annum to Barbados’ gross domestic product (GDP).
    “This city of Bridgetown is special . . . and I hope and pray that the continued work of this Government will not only be looking at the buildings, but will also be looking at the organisation of the traffic flow of this town . . . that it will be abuzz with activity 24/7 . . .”
    Prime Minister Mottley said recently, while delivering an address at the launch of the University of the West Indies’ Cave Hill Bridgetown Campus located in the iconic Mutual Building.
    The recently-opened Golden Square Freedom Park on the corner of Probyn and Fairchild Streets is part of the broader plan to make Bridgetown more inviting, with residential developments, an extended Boardwalk and new Pierhead open spaces proposed as other features for the transformation of the UNESCO World Heritage site.
    While outlining the redevelopment plans for Bridgetown at the Investment Forum, Mottley told investors it was an opportunity for them to participate, “as we transform and modernise Barbados while maintaining those things that make it special.”

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