The Nation Is At It Again

Submitted by Barbados Election Watch

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

One can now be left in no doubt that the Nation Newspaper has set itself the agenda of getting rid of Prime Minister Stuart at all cost. On more than one occasion, contributors to this blog have drawn attention to the unmistakably biased approach of that paper towards the Prime Minister of Barbados. It would seem that  whatever he does, or fails to do, no matter that he conducts himself with the highest level of decorum, and honesty he can be the subject of some form of ridicule . Very recently noted historian and  veteran trade unionist Mr Robert Bobby Morris drew attention to the way the Prime Minister was depicted by the paper when it sought to comment in a front page  article on the results of the CADRES poll . Mr Stuart the tallest of the persons presented in a form of picture chart , was made to look like some puny midget in a straight-jacket while the others , of shorter stature , were much more favourably presented. Other persons have been commenting on the kinds of photos of Mr Stuart that the paper has been recently using in its efforts to ridicule him in some form or fashion .

Today however, the newspaper has done its worst. The BIG BOLD HEADLINES IN RED SCREAMED …” NOT A WORD”. BHTA head says PM has not responded to request for meeting “It was a story by a Gercine Carter in which the paper has outdone itself in its efforts at  vilification . The Prime Minister was being ” rapped for failing to respond to a Barbados Hotel Association ( BHTA ) request for an urgent meeting to discuss the  plight of the Island’s vital tourism industry “. It went further to state that “the Prime Minister’s priorities were yesterday called into question by the outgoing president of the BHTA, Colin Jordan, who pointed to Stuart’s promptness in meeting with Cuban ex-convict Raul Garcia at Dodds Prison recently, while a letter requesting the meeting more than two months ago had not been acknowledged to date “.

Those of us who were prepared to reason beyond the superficial immediately asked ourselves a few questions :

  1. Is there not a Ministry of Tourism and a Minister of Tourism to whom this letter could have been addressed? Certainly it cannot be expected that every single request for Government intervention must be addressed to the Prime Minister. And is it not a fact that the Prime Minister’s intervention in the Garcia matter was triggered by the fact that he is the Minister of Defence and security?
  2. Is this not the same Colin Jordan who was a prospective BLP candidate for one of the constituencies who was being given a chance by a partisan and unprofessional rag and a partisan organisation of the BHTA who was once led by Colin Jordan’s present boss Peter Odle now the senior collector of funds for Owen Arthur second only to Hallam Nicholls  and was it not only designed to score a political point?

But the charge became even more serious. “Jordan said that Presidents and past presidents of the association had come together and had written to the Prime Minister requesting an  urgent meeting to discuss the plight of the hotel sector and tourism in general. After two and a half months we are still awaiting that requested urgent meeting with the Prime Minister”, Jordan said. “I believe that the situation where full service hotels are concerned is far more urgent than the situation with Mr Garcia “.  This story was certainly meant to depict the Prime Minister as a leader who had no idea of what the priorities in the decision making process should be; it was a rude censure.

However, lo and behold, the news on the sister medium VOB boomed out at 12 : 30 pm. ..The outgoing President of the BHTA Colin Jordan said he was misquoted by the Nation Newspaper; the Prime Minister DID IN FACT ACKNOWLEDGE THE LETTER .

We must therefore ask AGAIN: How could a newspaper reporter who represented herself as being present at that annual general meeting GET IT SO WRONG ? Or, was it a deliberate  piece of mischief by the newspaper itself to wilfully avoid the facts as part of its crusade of vilification of Prime Minister Stuart? On this occasion it would have found a willing ally in  Colin Jordan.

Whatever it is, we are here presented with another opportunity whereby we must say to the Nation Newspaper ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We must not stand for anymore of this unseemly conduct from a newspaper which depends upon the support of the public for its survival .


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  1. Ross

    The individual involved does NOT want to become another Barak going after an institution that continually changes personnel and winding up only with paper judgements. No the person that is occupying the office is the target of the exercise or there can be NO resolution.

    Thnx for the ongoing interest friend.


    Who is BFPFA. But with the liklihood that you can be referring to me, let me say that I have NO party affiliations, none, and am just disappointed that in Barbados, as in the rest of the Caribbean (in particular the Bahamas) we have the same Jack Ass types presenting themselves for public office with little to demonstrate that they have the slightest understanding oh what true development is ..

  2. David

    Two White women, part of a population of less than two and a half percent … Now that must mean that Black people, and males of all colours can’ visualize a shite worthy of international merit …! Well, well, well … there obviously was no broad based consultation now was there … Reserve your congratulations for something of note. This is not it. Sorry bro’.

  3. @BAFBFP

    Surely you can appreciate that recognition of one local artist in the creative sector enhances the cultural movement? Surely can appreciate that both of the creatives mentioned unlike many others have dared to contribute to BU using their names? BU has not problem congratulating the two artistes their colour not withstanding.

  4. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all those fathers who have not seen it mot only as a duty but a privilege and a well deserving one to be a good father to the children through the good times as well as the bad.

  5. @BAFBFP
    apology for getting it wrong……especially on father’s day…..TO ALL THE GOOD FATHERS LIKE ONIONS….sips a JWB…we deserve it !

  6. David

    Fine, if you must. but if something stinks, someone has to get up and say cover your nose, unless you have become immune to decay … which too is understandable …!


    Thanks. It’s good sometimes to be the proud owner of a penis. Onions you know wha’ I talkin’ ’bout …! My poison is EAS Field tho’, JWB is a little outside of my league …!

  7. @ Old Onions and BAF and Me…yes HFDay.

    @ BAF

    Will be ongoing.

    @ David

    If there were thousands of entries wonderful! But on using their names – if you don’t get embroiled in the shitty stuff why wouldn’t you? The price of tomatoes is not quite the same as…well almost anything else.

  8. What was revealing in the video (Athur interview in St. Kitts) above was the following quote by Owen Arthur:
    “The only year that the economy did not grow in the 14 years that I was Prime Minister is when we were affected by 9/11”
    In other words ,the economic shock of 9/11 in OUR MAJOR TRADING PARTNER caused ZERO growth in the Barbados economy when Arthur was Prime Minister an Minister Of Finance.ZERO GROWTH!

    But now in the worst financial crisis in a century with global food prices rising, with a financial meltdown which is 50 times worse than 9/ 11 and which is mashing up the US/ UK/ and Eurozone , Arthur is trying to convince intelligent Barbadians that this economy should be growing at 3%.

    The DLP has done a good job in stabilising this economy in the worst global recession in a hundred years. There is nothing special about the BLP on the economy.

  9. “The DLP has done a good job in stabilising this economy in the worst global recession in a hundred years.”

    i hope that helps you sleep well election night. High cost of living, high unemployment, lie after lie after lie from the MOF which means no confidence in the market place, someday soon we will have a junk bond rating and you sit there and type shite about the DLP has done a good job in stabilising this economy? who’s economy? cause you can’t be talking about Barbados’ own.

  10. This is what the BLP love to support and condone, this corrupt frail gone past his better use before sell by time.

    During the 2011 Budget debate Owen Arthur tried to distance himself from the stench surrounding the arrangements for the new prison built under his reign. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler however managed to straddle him and nail him down to the scene of the breach for future scrutiny.

  11. Enuff | June 17, 2012 at 7:41 AM |
    SUN, JUNE 17, 2012 – 12:12 AM
    Since March 30, they Jordan and BHTA had written to Stuart requesting “an urgent meeting”
    Two and a half months later?

    Here is the Sunday Sun account> the BHTA letter dated March 30 reach Stuart desk April 10 the PM wrote back to Jordan on April 20 Jordan acknowledged receipt of the PM’s letter on June 6.

    Jordan took nearly two months to acknowledge receipt of the PM’s letter but come now heaping all the blame on Stuart?
    Jordan give me a break we know among your political advisors are the Sue Springer woman, Muscle Mary and Capaldi, Seale , Banfield and cant be left out Odle. So we understand your gymnastics with the facts. The BLP is pleased with your work.

  12. “an urgent meeting”

    you people are so stupid. should you not be responding and saying the meeting will be X date? this country really going to hell in a hand basket.

  13. You people are so stupid and naive, that a liile balck boy like collin Jordan is being used by the white hotel owners to castigate the Prime Minister of Barbados, aided by the nation Newspaper.

    He ought to apologize to the people of Barbados. Is the hotel sector the only sector that generate employment in barbados and wasnt a stabilisation fund place at ITS disposal. and hasnt arrangement been made with NIS to write of penaly and interest, among other things, for businesses?

    I often said, that Colin Jordan, is stupid, and i am convincesd now, more so than ever. What stupidity, Barbaddians being able to claim some funds towrads staycation against income tax. Mr. Jordan, go further with you stupid idea and ask for person who buy local products and services to have a percentage written off against income tax. Mr. Jordan, can you recall when the said hotels used to discriminate against using their hotels. have you solved the problems with imported chefs being paid more than local chefs. Mr. Jodan go to hell, were i the Prime Minister I woud used some good bajan venacular on you ass that you would shiver. I have had enough of your insular approach in dealing with the barbadian public. Go rot in hell.

    Mr. Jodan, then where the hell the govt would get money to provide services to the population of barbados if it continues to grant all these concessions? When those fx hotels make their big profits where will the profit end up, not in barbados repatriated.

    Mr. Jordan, yes you have a plesant voice, but some of the mouthings that come out is enough to fill a pit toilet. SHAME ON YOU. YOU OWE BARBADOS AN OPOLOGY AND THE PM SHOULD DEMAND ONE FROM YOU AND THE NATION.

  14. @ To the point | June 17, 2012 at 8:59 PM |

    Your vituperative condemnation of Mr. Jordan- although leaving a bad taste in the mouth- can be somewhat overlooked because there some measure of validity in it. However, asking the man to apologise is going too far. Why should he apologise when the PM has refused to apologise over the CLICO backing in his infamous “Leper” speech in Parliament.
    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
    First ask the PM to apologise to Parliament; then insist on Mr Jordan’s apology. Fair enough?

  15. This DLP is taking this country to hell in a bread basket.

    I could not believe my eyes tonight, third news item……the Minister of Housing, Mr Michael (5 & 10) Lashley’s baby christening is news for Barbadians. Well, I never!

    And we have DLP yardfowls on BU pretending that they have the monopoly on morals.Yet DLP yardfowls who will come on this blog and castigate Owen Arthur for having a daughter before he got married, the current PM has a daughter and is not married but they could find fault with Owen. But why the hell is Michael Lashley’s child born out of wedlock news?

    Nation critic, I want to hear you on this. Are you recovering from the stress of reading the Nation today?

  16. The Sunday Sun of June 17, 2012 reinforces the obvious fact that the Nation newspaper is a functioning part of the BLP campaign.
    On the same day that Barbados was receiving an international designation for its capital city, the Nation newspaper in its mad rush to print anything which put the DLP in a negative light puts a FRONT PAGE story suggesting that the poor BHTA cannot even get an acknowledgement from the PM.
    The next day issues a tiny,cowardly clarification on page 4.
    Then on Sunday, The Nation lets loose the BLP attack dogs in Peter Symmonds, Ezra Alleyne and Albert Brandford to further mislead the public.
    What is worse is that the Nation newspaper gives Albert Brandford an entire page every week in its most circulated paper to consistently criticise and pull down the DLP government and then puts an the end of the article that Brandford is an “independent” writer.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, if Albert Brandford was consistently criticising Owen Arthur , you can bet your house,land and all your possesions that he would not be still writing in the Nation.
    The Nation newspaper has been compromised. Let us hope that journalism in Barbados will improve but with Kaymar Jordan and Sanka Price in daily telephone planning meetings with Owen Arthur, that will not change at the Nation anytime soon.

  17. I am at a loss for what has these DLP yardfowls on this blog so angry at what Colin Jordan said that the man could become the ire of all of them. I mean, the Dems are vicious, mean, character assassins. Heavens help Mr Jordan if he had said anymore.

    The fact of the matter is that Freundel continues to show that he is not PM material. He is out of his depth. Now I can understand why some lawyers take so long to complete people’s business. The fact is the BHTA in the interest of the country requested a meeting, the letter was acknowledged but NO MEETING has taken place.

    In the last three months, the PM has been to New York, Washington, down the islands and to Toronto as I remember. Could dear, give the people an hour of your time, you lazy man. We still want to know if the taxpayers footed the bill for Hal Gollop’s trip to Toronto.

    We know when the pressure is getting to these Dems, they get really personal and launch the ad hominem attacks…..which frankly speaking is so unbecoming……now Mr Jordan is a nigger boy as one of DEM said, doing the bidding of the white man, why all this race talk only because your man has been shown up to be what we know he is. Sue Springer is no BLP sympathiser, she was close to the dead king, all of the same BHTA was in the DLP corner in 2008.

    The Dems are desperate, desperate, desperate.

  18. I wonder if anyone at the Nation newspaper takes a look at their mirror image and how this once fearless paper is now sitting and planning with a political party how they attain political advantage by only using columnists affiliated to the Barbados Labour party.
    They certainly now have no moral authority to criticise CBC for following a policy that has been in force under both BLP and DLP administrations. The Nation newspaper now follows a policy that will see NOT ONE of its columnists criticise or attack Owen Arthur because the Nation newspaper is part of the BLP’s campaign.
    The standards of the Nation newspaper are in a race to the gutter.An absolute disgrace for a sad day for journalism in our great country.

  19. @Prodical

    you forget to say he had a daugther while married to beverley and further he had his current wife as the the then outside wife and secretary who used to take dicktatation and he was still married to Beverly. Dont you go condemning Mr. Stuart. Owen has no morals.

  20. @ prodigal son : June 17 , 2012 at 10 .15 pm
    ” we still want to know if the tax – payers footed the bill for Hal Gollop’s
    trip to Toronto ” .
    Why if YOU want to know don’t you call him and ask him ? Is this the best you can do ? If so you are nothing but scum .

  21. @Prod

    your reasoning reminds me of a person who professes to have common sense, but from your mouthings, it seemed to have escaped you o is is the law of diminishing returns entering your brain cells.

  22. On the whole journalism in this country needs to mature, The Advocate was around for many many years and need not to degrade itself to be deemed a party paper for either side. However, we all know this is not so, the Advocate has become the rag paper for the DLP, so if the baby paper the Nation does the same thing for the BLP, DO FUH DO AIN”T OBEAH. It just shows a lack of maturity by both papers. The CBC is a totally different story, I won’t be surprise after tonight to see a newscast of a DLP candidate walking out of an electorate’s pit toilet to show how DOWN TO EARTH that candidate is. Right now, I’m disappointed in the party, I held so dear to my heart for the level they have to resort to in trying to get a SECOND term in what can be considered the worse stage of political administration in this country. i know I will be blasted for saying so but one has to face reality.

  23. After all the concession the govt give to these business enough is never enough rather than called a collective board meeting in trying to iron the many problems they are having in tourism industry they first thing is that the ran to the govt for MORE of the TAXPAYERS money and use “GOPHER” and errand boy Jordan to do so who in his unsuccessful bid to deliver to them and receives there warth and jordan the loyalist he is to the big ups takes matters even further by taking a swipe at the PM a typical “House negro” with no allegiance for his country or fellowman. Jordan ought to be ashamed of himself.

  24. @Ac

    It reminded me when one Chistopher Mchale was insulting to then PM. Sandiford by calling him an errant school teacher. It is clear that there is an orchestrated stratgey by the Nation and the Red Legs; the hoyes, the boos and the house niggars to sustain an attack on the PM for the white shadows waiting to get richer at the expense of the tax payers. The Nation and the BLP have unleasehed June Fowler on the DLP, although the matter is before the courts and the judicial managers are trying to get the best for policy holders, but again her masters are calling the shots.

  25. Wow all of a sudden Mr.Jordan is a ‘house nigga’.
    How do we characterised the Eager 11 who, it is said, met with person(s) of the Caucasoid race or Minister Sealy who supported the idea of government offering financial assistance to Redjet? What about Coverley?
    The desperation deepens.

  26. But the eyes of the taxpayers are wide open and at last beginning to understand the shanagians and the back room and board deals that go on to undermine the goverment and take the taxpayer for a ride. the yardboy jordan need to get a lesson in ethics and figure out which side of the fence he is standing on for the forces with which he has allinged Himself with have no use for him except to use him ! then chew up his black a…..s and spit him out.

  27. This is what the BLP love to support and condone, this corrupt frail gone past his better use before sell by time.

    During the 2011 Budget debate Owen Arthur tried to distance himself from the stench surrounding the arrangements for the new prison built under his reign. Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and Finance Minister Christopher Sinckler however managed to straddle him and nail him down to the scene of the breach for future scrutiny.

  28. One cannot help but note that Colin Jordan’s further explanation in the Sunday Sun,when read in conjunction with the GIS release in defence of the government’s position, all the venom and invective spewing from the DLP party machinery on this blog,that a raw nerve has been exposed again and and all hands have been summoned on deck to the defence of the sinking ship.

  29. Least we forget.David the BHTA continues to act with the arrogance of the former government, these guys have no concept that some taxes are to be expected of them it would not be so bad were these leeches to be playing a role some role in the marketing of any of their properties with the exception of The Crane and to his credit Almond Resorts not one of these jokers spend a single cent of money to market their properties but rather then whine when they want more given to them but play no part in their own sales and marketing effort, can you think of car dealership selling a Ford car but not making any and no effort to advertise or give that brand any exposure but they will wait for the ministry of public works to say to people going there to license a car to go have a look at a Ford, absolute rubbish and gross neglect and laziness on hoteliers of this island .

    The only reason is the make up of the BHTA it reeks of politics with the likes of Peter Odle now and always has been a bag man for Arthur.

    The other item of value is not one of the past presidents are struggling financially personally and with every one of them with properties offshore in London, Surrey, Iver London, to some with homes in Portugal and Toronto and Ottawa and one with a ski chalet in Austria their wealth is sprung far and wide but will live in Barbados and pretend to be paupers and try to fool people into government grants and free money giveaways, least we forget the Ward family at Silver Sands when the Tourism Industry Relief Fund was created to keep people working in the hotel and tourism sector, the Ward’s applied and were paid in excess of $ 750,000.00 and four months later they shut their hotel down.

    These same ones who now are crying crocodile tears and seeking more government grants money to be used to buy more offshore homes for they themselves and family, should be told to use some of those foreign funds that they siphoned off of their hotel properties in the good times and repatriated some of the money taken out of their hotels and brought back to work and support their properties now that is needed back at home..

    How can it be right for a chap like Peter Odle with two luxury homes in London and one in New York to expect the taxpayers to prop up his lifestyle and extravagance with more grant money that poor Barbadians. Contribute to making money available to him by the sweat of their brow, it could never be reasonable or rational ?

    I bet these Champagne and Caviar drinkers a eaters are smiling if they feel that they have pulled off a coup to fool this government, this Minister, and this Prime Minister to fill their bank accounts off the labour of hard working Bajans.

    When fellows like Jordan go to battle and do not know who or where the enemy is, they can run into severe problems, his problem is not with the Prime Minister at all but with those around him who have set him up to fall flat on his face.

    In addition to this recent shaming he must also answer the public who listened to his remarks as broadcast on VoB on the midday news report and then his feebleness and lame attempt to say he did not say what he did clearly say in the news item of the day before, does he take Barbadians to be as foolish as he is?

    Now then having been proven to be a puppet of Arthur and Lynch what words coming out of his mouth are worthy to take consideration of, he has destroyed any semblance of trust or credibility that he may have hopes to have left office with, all because of political mischievous behaviour.

    This clown was set up to do crap by Odle and Seale and blindly he obliged and will now suffer as Barbadians have now passed judgment on him as a simpleton and one that can bent and twisted in each way possible only because he has no morals or standards or worst yet has no understanding of what is right or what is wrong and even worst is that he is a stranger to the truth, a terrible trait to carry as a Financial Controller and handling money everyday.

  30. Rational Son,

    I really don’t know how one person can get so many things wrong.

    ‘it would not be so bad where these leeches to be playing a role, some role in the marketing of any of their properties’

    Ask the 70 small hotels that are not members of Intimate Hotels exactly what part of the 2011/2012 BTA marketing budget of $92 million was spent promoting their hotels. Simple answer – ZERO.
    Add up all the taxes WE pay, including $60,000 in corporation tax last year, plus VAT, NIS, licence fees etc. Even the tiny amount previously granted to Intimate Hotel was either reduced or eliminated this year.
    IF we did not spend a substantial part of OUR generated revenue in marketing our OWN property we would not enjoy the near 97 per cent occupancy level we experienced last winter.
    There is not even a small hotel marketing committee
    within the BTA or BHTA.

  31. And I forgot Land Taxes which the Government increased 50 per cent this year, in a recession when hotels are closing down all around us.

  32. @ Amazing !!!! | June 18, 2012 at 12:43 AM |

    @ prodigal son : June 17 , 2012 at 10 .15 pm
    ” we still want to know if the tax – payers footed the bill for Hal Gollop’s
    trip to Toronto ” .
    Why if YOU want to know don’t you call him and ask him ? Is this the best you can do ? If so you are nothing but scum ………………

    You have to be scum to call someone you do not know, scum. I am not but it seems you are………… seeing that you are judging me by your standards.
    If it was the BLP, you would be screaming corruption! Yardfowl!

  33. @ To the point | June 18, 2012 at 12:54 AM |


    your reasoning reminds me of a person who professes to have common sense, but from your mouthings, it seemed to have escaped you o is is the law of diminishing returns entering your brain cells……………..

    I know what I say is right when it is riling you DLPites. Dont wish that on any one, remember another person told someone he was past his sell by date, he was like a rancid cartoon of milk. The man who said this is now dead and the other man is still alive. Be careful what you wish on other people……and to quote you “the law of diminishing returns entering your brain cells”…… maybe before mine!

  34. From all i have been reading it seems like these corporation have an open and closed policy of what they expect from the taxpayer and nothing more or nothing else . in any major country these people would be laughed to scorn for expecting so much of the taxpayer dollar to prop their business up. In the booming years why didn.t the movers and shakers in industry formate a viable and sustanible plan for economic shock rather than now having to bitch and belly ache about having to pay your fair share.

  35. You have to be scum to call someone you do not know, scum. I am not but it seems you are………… seeing that you are judging me by your standards.
    If it was the BLP, you would be screaming corruption! Yardfowl

    Nah you can’t be Scum, Scum floats and you are lower than that you would have to Sediment and that sinks to the bottom.

  36. Would anyone be surprised to know that Albert Brandford confers weekly with Clyde Mascoll about the contents of his column- You ever realise the similarity in writing styles and that both men use the generous space provided by the Nation newspaper to launch cowardly attacks primarily on Chris Sinckler.
    Owen Arthur arranges how the BLP events will be covered with Kaymar Jordan during their daily calls.He is guaranteed front page, back page or page three in the Nation anytime he goes before a microphone. In other words, Arthur and the BLP have the Nation newspaper as their propoganda tool.

    There is a definite and orchestrated attempt between the BLP and the senior editors at the Nation newspaper to print anything which puts the DLP in a negative light.
    Because the Nation “unofficial” policy is not to hire any columnists who are affiliated to the DLP between now and the election, you are guaranteed to have a Nation newspaper where all the columnists cannot “touch” the opposition leader.
    The number 1 commandment for Sanka Price / Albert Brandord / Ezra Alleyne, etc is to criticise the government constantly and NEVER , NEVER say anything negative about the current opposition leader. Journalistic standards are clearly falling while the Nation newspaper is cutting a “sponsorship” deal with a political party.

  37. @ BAF

    Mindful – and getting nowhere very much – i consulted with someone to do with tennis. His attitude was as mine. I thought he might know of some arcane something or other. But I have also sent an email to a very very tried and trusted in the area – but haven’t heard back from him. Maybe he will chisel an answer. It’s the ‘personal’ thing which is the problem. But please don’t think I’d forgotten dear friend.

  38. Wow, that boy Jordan took some severe body blows yesterday from
    Verla Depieza, Senator, Jepter Once, Senator Haynesley Benn and Senator Maxine McLean, he Jordan is a total and complete idiot and BLP Yardfowl.

  39. Amazing,

    Put the bias aside and think for a moment. What on earth does ANY of the names you mentioned know about tourism?
    At least Mr. Jordan has a proven track record in the real world.

  40. To the point,

    I honestly cannot answer that question, but I do know that the industry is under a great deal of pressure and it would appear there is no public sector
    policy direction. I could list all the things that are NOT being done but would struggle to list the things that ARE being done.
    We keep losing airlift, hotels keep closing and hundreds, possibly as much as 1,000 jobs have been lost in the industry.
    Yet there is no Tourism Master Plan (after 4 1/2 years) no BTA restructuring,
    no national tourism marketing plan and a whole pile of people on boards and other areas of influence that neither have the knowledge or passion to make a positive difference.
    If I was Mr. Jordan, I would certainly not be able to hide the level of frustration he clearly feels.
    It certainly does not help when a Senator utters emotive phrases like ‘the private sector was 98 per cent profit and 2 per cent social obligation’.
    Who does he think has kept thousands of people employed and the majority
    without ANY Government assistance.

  41. @Adrian
    wasnt money made available to the industry under a stabiliastion fund.? Are you saying that the amount of money spent by the BTA to market Barbados’ tourism is a waste of time. Dont most hotels obtain tourism business from this marketing strategy? Do you believe that the staycation concept as a deductible have any merit, and if yes should other industirs ask for concessions, like the furniture manufactures who provide jobs as well.
    Would you agree with me that the hotel industry is the one that receives the most concessions, and that some of the hotels refuse to pay their water bills owing govt millions of dollars.

    Would you agree with me that hotels need to upgrade their plants out of their profits, instead constantly asking for concessions to do so. Would you agree that some hotels need to look at their pricing structure and cost containment for their survival. I am sure that you are aware that its takes time to negotiate for airlines to fly to Barbaods, and the fact that they expect subsidies from govt if a load factor of x does not materialise. Perhaps, Govt needs to introduce a levy on guests to subsidise the entry of new arlines into the market, and the hotels should also set up a stabilisation fund to assist.

    Despite there being no new tourism plan, as you have calimed, what are the hotesl doing to restragetise to maintain or increase beusiness, taking into considerations that a the framework is and has always been there for tourism development.

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