Barbados Underground Puzzled By the Actions Of Our Two Newspapers


To the Publisher of the Advocate Newspaper we want to know:

What is the deal with the Advocate not covering the funeral of Stephen Alleyne in yesterday’s edition (23 October 2007)? There are many reasons that should have qualified him as someone who the country must respect for his contributions. His life should be held up for current and future generations to examine and be used as a model in terms of setting personal goals.

Not only was he a cricket administrator, Alleyne, after a meteoric rise, served as CEO of one of Barbados and Caribbean insurance companies. He was a respected Barbadian who at the time of his death was a director in many leading companies in Barbados. Just for his work at the national level to rationalize our Pension Fund, makes Stephen Alleyne deserve a better tribute. There must be something happening about the decision that is worthy of public discourse.

Ok, so you get the picture.

Why would the Advocate which is one of the two dailies not cover Stephen Alleyne’s death? Of course they are not obligated to, given that it is a private company. Their action caused us to indulge in some generous logic which led us to think that it could not have been an oversight. The Advocate is located in the immediate precincts of Kensington Oval, for them not to be aware of the event which had taken on a national significance would be negligence on the part of their reporting staff and management. We therefore came to the conclusion that it was a deliberate editorial decision not to cover the Stephen Alleyne’s funeral. The Advocate newspaper owes its existence to the support of the Barbados public and we deserve to know why would such a decision have been made!

To the Publisher of the Nation newspaper we want to know:

In the Albert Brandford column on Sunday (20 October 2007) he made the observation that subsequent to Stephen Alleyne’s death tributes had come from far and wide, but he had noticed that “not a word from the Minister of Sports Anthony Wood – with whom Alleyne would have been associated since schooldays and more recently in their professional capacities preparing Barbados to host the final of the Cricket World Cup – or from Prime Minister Owen Arthur who had entrusted him with a significant portion of this country’s treasure and international reputation to stage a successful event, which he did.” He chided the government for the five day oversight, if that is what happened. Brandford surprised the nation and BU by doing something which a political correspondent is not known by referring to a rumour as the basis for substantiating a position. He suggested that the reason for the oversight might have some root in certain differences of opinion which occurred at the highest level, it made us go ummmmmmmmmmmm.

The PEOPLE want to know if the two strange occurrences are related, even if they are not we still want to know.

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  1. I really do not believe the above came From THE Adrian Loveridge because the facts I have obtained from my overseas Canadian experts remind me that hundreds of American Draft Dodgers came to Canada where many still are and have been given Canadian Citizenship.

    This letter from Adrian Loveridge is obviously filled with lies and it is contents are seriously flawed. Canada has had and continues to receive refugees daily from all over the World and the USA.

    The very nature of the letter is suspect and seems to have some ulterior motive that I am sure will surface soon. I suspect the author is a bit unstable!

    The posts under the name Adrian Loveridge were deleted for the usual reasons. It would help if commenters place these impostors on ignore.


  2. Point taken and Adrian I knew that letter was not from you. I have not seen the others, but quite frankly unstable people must be pitied.

  3. Well I am glad BU has picked on this sin of OMISSION !

    It just shows what a SLIME BAG Albert Brandford is !

    Days before his passing……Steven Alleyne was hounded down by Owen Arthur to change the contents of a written ( DRAFT ) report that Alleyne had prepared on CWC 2007 !

    Stephen Alleyne stood his ground while Owen shouted through the telephone……” change that R…….ole report man…….leaving that ” IN ” (kickbacks ??) ( no lights at de Oval ??) would mek me look bad ! ”

    Being the gentle man he was…….Alleyne said my INTEGRITY means more to me……..!

    A man’s heart can only take so much and no MORE !

    Next time Owen….watch how you conduct yourself on SPEAKER PHONE !

    There is a tape……Albert Brabdford is aware of it……it was no RUMOUR…..the TRUTH will come out !

  4. Actually, I believe that the Advocate does not carry any real news because it is put to bed 24 hours before publication. Hence the coverage of Mr Alleyne’s funeral in today’s edition.

  5. For what reason are we comparing the Leader of the H M Loyal Opposition Mr David Thompson to a drunk womaniser Owing See Thru Rum Arthur?

    When really the only reason is for Owing to carry this lame bunch into elections hopefully for him to win it for them and shortly thereafter to have him replaced as PM and head of the party.
    He is tired and he is making a lot of very bad decisions that are affecting all of us taxpayers, our public servants are constantly crying out for their wages from gov’t, they have been involved in cost overuns on every single project that they have touched, even at Oistin this work is behind schedule and over budget and now the BTIC is coming forward to pay the bills in the hope that it will finish, the PRISON three times over cost, the road works three times over cost, and where do you suppose these cost overruns are ending up ?

    In the bank accounts of the Owing’s the Nicholl’s the Bannister’s, the Shorey’s.

    Least we forget his deposit of his cheque for $ 750,000.00 to his PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT this is wholesale fraud that we are powerless to address but time will assist in putting all these ills right.
    While on the subject of ills tell me what has Ms Walcott achieved during his term as Minister of Health?

    The hospital is certainly worst off now than when he took it over, very much the case with Tourism our airport is less functional today than before they destroyed the old building etc and the Minister is living in a $$$ million $$$ home and has spent in excess of another million dollars in renovations to his estate home doing all of this on the slender salary of minister of gov’t, but gets all flustered when he is asked where he amassed his wealth from in 3 short years.

    Why are we considering that Owing will be involved in politics for another term when he was all set to step aside and let Mottley run the ship but then he wrote those questions and told the interviewer to ask Mottley about Condoms in Prison and same sex marriages and legalising prostitution and homosexuality and low and behold she fell for the bait and then Owing beat her into submission and has completely broken her spirit.

    Owing will not endue the leadership of the party and will be overthrown or ousted from his post so why even factor him into any future equations?
    He is at war with so many of his members he is luck to be able to count 10 loyal supporters to himself, look at his most recent encounter with Haamy Lashley who has served him well but his use has expired to Owing so he is now treated like a piece of trash and destroyed.

  6. Well Well Well all of a sudden from the depths of despair the Barbados Statistical Service comes up with some amazing increases in Tourist arrivals to Barbados in 2007 from Jan-June. The industry is on fire!

    Now we must wait and hear as we surely will from the Industry or those who tell the truth.

    I wonder if the REAL Adrian Loveridge might have some facts about this article appearing in to-days Barbados Advocate?

  7. Eavesdropper // Oct 24th 2007 at 6:39 am

    Well I am glad BU has picked on this sin of OMISSION !

    It just shows what a SLIME BAG Albert Brandford is !

    Days before his passing……Steven Alleyne was hounded down by Owen Arthur to change the contents of a written ( DRAFT ) report that Alleyne had prepared on CWC 2007 !

    Stephen Alleyne stood his ground while Owen shouted through the telephone……” change that R…….ole report man…….leaving that ” IN ” (kickbacks ??) ( no lights at de Oval ??) would mek me look bad ! ”

    Being the gentle man he was…….Alleyne said my INTEGRITY means more to me……..!

    A man’s heart can only take so much and no MORE !

    Next time Owen….watch how you conduct yourself on SPEAKER PHONE !

    There is a tape……Albert Brabdford is aware of it……it was no RUMOUR…..the TRUTH will come out !

    I remember Owen Arthur visiting Boston a while back with Rodney Wilkinson, and after addressing the gathering and in a private conversation Owen asked me as is his custom of asking “overseas” bajans, —– “so when are you coming back to help in the development of your country?” I jokingly said to him, having to work with or under politicians isn’t something that is ever going to be appealing to me, that it could lead to they or my untimely death, and i love life. 😀 I have said it before, it amazes me that young bright Barbadians continue to allow themselves to be prostituted by the political class in Barbados and to be hounded to death for their compliance to engage in corrupting dishonest practices.
    …….When i hear the comments about Stephen Alleyne being a peacefull man, a quiet gentle giant, the fact that he is dead in the circumstances that is being suggested, only reinforces my approach that nice people will always finish the race of life the earliest. I will never be nice to people that i believe don’t deserve that approach, and it matters not their assumed role in life, or the office they hold.

  8. Wishing In Vain

    Please,please,please,could you desist from posting the same comment on different issues and on different blogs,e.g,BFP,BU AND EVEN THE DLP BLOGS?

    Most of us read all the blogs and it is very irritating and frustrating to click on your name expecting a fresh comment only to be confronted with the same comment you posted about 6 or 7 times all over the place.

    Some of the time your post doesnot even fit into the discussion.

    Please be considerate of us fellow bloggers and readers and desist WIV,because for the most part we are appreciative of your comments.

  9. barbados underground you arnt the only one puzzled i am wondering why myself and on brasstacks yesterday a caller raised the same issue shame on the barbados advocate

  10. Peltdownman we are with you on this one. It is not unusual for the Advocate’s online edition to be posted by 8PM the night before. It makes a mockery of bring news!

    One could have reasonably expected that the Advocate would have flexed their publishing times to accomodate coverage of Alleyne’s funeral as they should any other newsworthy event. We have to give the Nation newspaper credit for doing it.

  11. I can not think fo any reason why the Advocate should carry the funeral of Stephen Alleyne. Thanks to his role in CWC Barbadians are now in more debt than ever before.
    I, for one , don’t miss him. Right thinking Barbadians should not either.

  12. It certainly appears to me from all the actions and reactions that Owing Arthur is in self destruct mode with not much help coming from his members within his cabinet or generally from the elected members of the house, if we consider the relationships between himself and Mottley who has been dismissed and put out to pasture, Liz Thompson who has been fired and rehired why?, Rommel Marshall for stealing a mere $ 500,000.00 when Owing has stolen in excess of $ 200 million but has not yet been fired, Gline Clarke a wuk for wuk crook, Hammy Lashley being lambasted becuse he speaks out for the poor people, Trevor Prescod,George Payne, Ronald Toppin,Kerrie Simmons,Noeless Lynch ,Joseph Edghill,Reginald Farley,Rawle Eastmond,Anthony DEADWOOD Wood Rudy Grant, you may ask what all of the above have in common a certain distrust and hatred for Owing Arthur, why because they have all see the destruction that he has done to the party in his corrupt acts and they all know how much he and cohorts have raped this island by and they see their future as one tainted by Owings wide spread dishonesty and stealing as for the others like Dale Marshall, Lynette Eastmond,Joseph Atherley,Cynthia Forde and CLYDE MASCOLL may well be the biggest idiot with a degree but yes a total lying dishonest liar with corruption written all over him in such a short stint in the BLP cabinet just guess how the longer standing members have amassed.
    This lot are there because they are in Owings hip pocket and feeding at his will.
    The blp is about to implode and it will do so in such a horrendous manner that it will not be amusing.
    To add insult to injury when we see his outburst and cursing towards Hammy Lashley and Steven Alleyne, is this the manner that the Prime Minister of our island is expected to behave?
    I would expect a level of decency that is better than this that is on display, we need morals in office not uncouth manners.

  13. hey people’s
    the C EO OF Hardwood Housing just get arrested again for sexual assualt,
    this is his second charge.
    well Well well

  14. Adrian Hinds

    Could this have anything to do with what you spoke about in your post (eavesdropper) above???

    Taken from ‘Flying fish and Cou Cou’ in Saturday’s Nation of 20Th October 2007

    Long and short of abuse
    SOME ARE SAYING that a prominent individual who has gone away was subjected to unwarranted verbal abuse before his sudden departure.
    Word is that he received the abuse from another very prominent person who is known to have a very acid tongue and who is never averse to using it, even in the most public of settings.
    Some are conjecturing that the individual might have had aspects of the incident on his mind prior to leaving.
    Whatever the case may be, unless the abuser tells all, no one might ever know what the situation was about since it is highly unlikely that the other individual involved will talk about the incident.

  15. Indeed, I did not read my favourite colum last week, but Albert “de penman” Brandford spoke about this issue in his last column.


    can’t they see that this is going to be a deadly and futile endevour?

  16. Watchdog,
    Where can one see or get a report of this incident it has not been aired on VOB,THE NATION ,THE ADVOCATE, CBC nowhere have I seen the first incident reported.
    If this is true did ASSCOLL rush in and pay his bail money from the HARDWOOD HOLDING accounts?

  17. ** Mr. Stephen Alleyne’s ” friends ” stated that he cleared his bills at the Empire Bar hours before he passed away….!

    ** Such action they claimed was unusual given that he usually clear his bills at month – end….!

    ** Were any toxicology tests done on Mr. Alleyne’s remains….?

    ** Why did Owen Arthur appear so nervous at his funeral…?

    ** Who is willing to purchase the taped conversation of Owen’s outburst with Mr. Stephen Alleyne…..?

    Albert Brandford

  18. I agree with you Eavesdropper,Owen did look quite uncomfortable at the funeral,but I tell you his days numbered.

    Read his press release again (in the sunday sun),and you will see there is a lot that was not said ( very flat with no enthusiasm) and read the part about going forward without animosity.

    Why can’t the media stop covering up Owen’s action and publish this cussing out behaviour?

  19. No ASScoll did not appear,He is not so stupid with all that is going on ,However i understand from reliable sources that the police turn up at the factory this morning with a warrant for his arrest and took him, he was charge AGAIN,sexual assualt of one the Female workers ,he did appear in court and he has been granted bail,I do not know who paid his bail.
    will ASScoll deny this also?
    that man just use his position to molest innocent young women you just wanted to make a living.
    but time longer that twine.
    and i guess his is running out.

  20. Persons are even calling these girls and begging them to take monies and drop the case.
    because he has backing’s of ASScoll and company .I hope that these girls even though they may be from a poor background tell them where to take them monies .
    he want locking up!he nasty!he does treat the staff like animals,cursing them and telling lies on them ,one foolish carpenter with NO education ,the man do not even know how to send an e-mail.

  21. All of the remaining non nationals who are still employed at Hardwood Housing were asked to sign a letter agreeing not to be paided over time on Saturadays or double time on Sundays,this is just so wrong. The non Nationals workers who were unionised were sent home and new (Non Nationals)workers hired who promised not to join the union.This company really needs investigating.
    All of the Laws of the Land are being broken.

  22. Yuh see this, this is a big can of nasty worms.

    It very well might be the rock in the road that causes the cart to stumble and spill all its goods.

    There is a turning that was not anticipated. When I saw that open letter in the Nation News today to Reginald Farley, I know that the populace have had it up to here.

    Before people would hide and whisper, now people are standing and shouting.

  23. If the story of offers of money is true, I hope those young ladies refuse and go ahead w ith the criminall charges. If they want money, they can sue in civil court for damages – pain and suffering, abuse of person, loss of self esteem, etc. They should seek psycholigcal help and add a few mental disorders: work anxiety, panic attacks brought on when near employers, or at interviews, etc. They should be in North America. They would do that natiness once and no more. They would all end up broke and the business bankrupt.

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