A Matter of Integrity – Call for Michael Carrington to Resign, OUTSTANDING

Integrity is the cornerstone of good governance and democracy. By upholding the highest ethical standards, public servants conserve and enhance public confidence in the honesty, fairness and impartiality of the federal public sectorValues and Ethics Code for the Public Sector

One of the enduring and unflattering memories of the Stuart led government so far is the matter of the case of Speaker of the House Michael Carrington vs Johns Griffiths [BU High Court 2015]. Carrington was ordered by the Supreme Court of Barbados Justice Cornelius J to pay $200,000 to a former client, seventy year old John Griffiths. These were monies owed to Carrington’s client the proceeds of an estate settlement. In summary: the High Court of Barbados had to issue an order for the Speaker of the House to pay his client.

Eighteen months later the knowledge that Carrington was not disciplined by Prime Minister Stuart  remains a blotch on the type of democracy we practice. Bear in mind in the build up to the 2013 general election Stuart won the matchup against Owen Arthur on the integrity question.

It is the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) leadership who first trumpeted that is committed to building a society. What kind of society can be built if key stakeholders in the DLP by their actions are not committed to the key value of integrity?

In the build up to the 2008 general election another promise was made by the DLP that a code of behaviour guideline for ministers would be implemented. As far as we are aware this is another promise outstanding designed to hold members of the DLP team accountable on the issue of integrity.

Leaders must lead!

The news that Sweden’s youngest ever government minister, Aida Hadzialic, has resigned after being caught driving over the alcoholic limit is interesting. She faces a possible term of up to six months in prison after police detected a blood-alcohol level of 0.2 grams per litre. To put it in perspective the minister admitted to drinking two glasses of wine. It is unfathomable that any minister or public official in Barbados would resign under similar circumstances. BU is aware the legislative framework does not exist in Barbados to scientifically test and prosecute DUI cases.

Hadzialic’s resignation is important to send a message to the electorate that elected officials are prepared to hold themselves accountable. Accountability is not defined only in law Mr. Prime Minister Stuart. Your advice to Carrington to hire a lawyer sent the wrong signal to a society crying out for leadership at this time. There is right and wrong. It was wrong for Carrington to have withheld clients money from seventy year old Griffiths. You missed the opportunity any leader worth his salt would have used to exercise leadership.

Prime Minister Stuart how are you able to stomach Carrington sitting on the Speaker’s Chair in the Lower House after what he did to that old man?

Mia Mottley how are you and your team able to address the Speaker given his indiscretion?

What credibility does Stuart or his ministers have to lecture Barbadians on matters of morality?

Relevant Article: Drink-driving Sweden minister rues ‘biggest mistake’

The Missing Mark Maloney Quotes

Submitted by Heather Cole

Without him even having to give one Hail Mary, we seem to have given Prime Minister Freundel Stuart a pass regarding the latest scandal in his administration. Mr. Stuart will go down in History as the weakest and most unpopular Prime Minister of Barbados. Among his failures to date are: the un-kept promises made to the electorate for two consecutive general elections, the buying of votes, the economic downgrades as well as the overall handing of the economy, increases in taxation, decline in the delivery of social services and his government’s action of not providing free tertiary education to the children of tax payers at the UWI.

He has not displayed any leadership skills either to his Ministers or to the people of Barbados. His approach does not demonstrate an ounce of responsibility towards the people of Barbados. He is so out of touch with the reality of life in Barbados that he can only be likened to a man who literally fell asleep at the wheel. Perhaps he lives in the wrong time and may have been more suitable to have been living in Medieval England as he enjoys flowery speech.

Then they are the scandals.

Under his leadership the government has been rocked with scandal after scandal making the TV series by that name quite tame. Just when you think it can get no worse, another explosion is seen and heard. The most notable of these have been the Clico scandal, the scandal involving the Speaker of the House, the Coverley Scandal, the Cahill Scandal and now the Mark Maloney and TCPD scandal.

It is a well known fact that the Prime Minister was intimately connected to three of the biggest scandals to rock the island. The first scandal occurred when the Speaker of the House was found guilty by the High Court of stealing a sum of money from an septuagenarian. It was some time during that scandal that the PM used those infamous words that have now become immortalized by every Barbadian. Amidst the allegations, when the story first broke and had not yet reached the Courts, the Prime Minister was quoted in his defense of the Speaker of the House advising him to get a Lawyer.”

With regards to the Clico Scandal, thousands of Barbadians lost their retirement savings in a Ponzi scheme involving Leroy Parris and other managers of Clico as well as deceased Prime Minister David Thompson and his wife Mara Thompson. Again in this scandal the PM delivered another quote that will remain in living memory for many years to come. In defense of Leroy Parris, he stated that “Leroy is not a Leper.”

The Cahill Scandal involved a group of government Ministers signing an agreement to build a plasma Gasification plant on the 166sq ml island without the approvals of the Town and Country Planning Department, an Environmental Impact Assessment or the usual Town Hall Meetings to involve the public. Despite the public revelation of the signed documents on the Internet, the Prime Minister’s in his own defense in a much publicized quote claimed that nothing can’t happen unless I say so.”

I cannot recall him stating anything publicly about the Coverley Scandal even the circumstances surrounding the death of young Abijah Holder.

The latest scandal involves business man Mark Maloney refusing to comply Town and Country Planning directives to remove a structure he is currently building. The Prime Minister must have commented. This brings me to the source of this article that we are missing the infamous quotes made by the Prime Minister in defense of or regarding Mark Maloney. These quotes may have again brought him into disrepute. In an effort to avoid being involved in the scandal or his name associated with the scandal or yet again having his infamous quotes on the lips of every Barbadian, the Prime Minister passed the responsibility for the Town and Country Planning Department unto Minister of Energy Darcy Boyce.

The real dilemma here is that the Prime Minister made a very short sighted judgement. While he may have won the battle, he has lost the war. He forgot the Laws of cause and effect. The Prime Minister appears to have created a psychotic monster. We now know because we have seen the evidence twice of his laughing at a young man’s death, ordering plants to be dug up and removed as well as his delusional rants that there is a ruthless, narcissistic personality on the loose. One wonders what he will do next. Does it mean that the Prime Minister himself is afraid to deal with the serial law breaker Mark Maloney? Can this lead to a matter of national security with the rise of a Bajan Mafia who believe that their entitlement puts them above our laws and that they can take out whoever opposes them? Will the rest of the population have to pay bribes to the Maloneys to get simple things done? Does it set it stone that bribery and corruption are now part of the norm for everyday life in Barbados?

One would have thought that the Prime Minister would be cognizant of the fact that Mark Maloney in fragrantly disregarding the Laws of Barbados is sending the wrong message to the rest of the population and that he would have stood up like a real man and do as the song says “I and I created a problem and I must solve it

The George Brathwaite Column – Say Some More, Sir

George C. Brathwaite

George C. Brathwaite

It is generally useful, if not inspiring, when the nation’s executive leader speaks to the governed about ‘getting Barbados right’. On the face of things, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’, in his recent interaction with the media, spoke on important and controversial matters requiring redress.

Regardless of our take on things such as Cahill, the latest Auditor General’s report, the unending water woes, the flouting of instructions given by the Chief Town Planner, sooner or later, PM Stuart had to address Barbadians on these burning and vexing issues.

Among the explanations coming from the Prime Minister, there was a clear admission that several perplexing occurrences are compounding issues of governance in Barbados. He agreed that there are still “many risks out there” and suggested that he was energized in such a way as to respond to the numerous challenges confronting his Cabinet, inclusive of the requests for public servants to receive salary increases.

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Cahill Energy Agreements EXPOSE Prime Minister Stuart as Withholding the Truth from Barbadians

In her response to the budget of  June 2015 leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley gave impetus to the Cahill Energy debate when she shocked the country with the revelation that four ministers (Darcy Boyce, Denis Kellman, Chris Sinckler and Denis Lowe) had signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Cahill Energy dated 15 March 2014.

Signatures of Ministers Boyce, Kellman, Sinckler and Lowe on the Power Purchase Agreement

Signatures of Ministers Boyce, Kellman, Sinckler and Lowe on the Power Purchase Agreement

The government defended (not very well) the agreement with the Claire Cowan Cahill Energy company, however, subsequent events have proved the Fruendel Stuart led government withheld vital information from Barbadians.

Barbadians were NOT told that on the 13 September 2013 Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart signed a Heads of Terms Agreement related to Cahill Energy that committed the government to specific deliverables which have cost and legal implication for Barbados. For example, clause 5 of the agreement reads as follows:

section 5, heads of term agreement.

Clause 5 of the Heads of Term Agreement

Why did the Prime Minister remain silent on the matter of his involvement during the June 2015 budget debate? Why did he not defend Minister Denis Lowe – who had lead responsibility – and the other ministers who were heavily criticized for their involvement with Cahill Energy?

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart's signature next to Clare Cownan, CEO of Cahill Energy

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart’s signature next to Clare Cownan, CEO of Cahill Energy

What adds to the Cahill intrigue is the letter (parts 1,2) signed by Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart dated 3 March 2014 addressed to Clare Cowan advising that Cabinet approval was obtained and the agreement with Cahill had been submitted to the Solicitor General’s Office as part of the required due diligence process.

In 2013 Prime Minister Stuart in his head to head with Owen Arthur won the debate on the matter of who was perceived to have greater integrity by the public. The Cahill Energy transaction has given justification to those who now question the honesty of our prime minister. The public announcement last week by Minister Denis Lowe  – forced by the No Confidence Motion – is not the final chapter in the book titled ‘Governance‘.

United Nations: Prime Minister of Barbados Freundel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister of Barbados Fruendel Stuart delivered speech at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 in New York.

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Fruendel Stuart: DLP Party Members Will be Protected

Submitted by Anthony Davis
Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

The Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP’s) 60th annual conference opened with the party’s President, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, jabbing at Opposition tactics.

In an address to delegates, Stuart spoke of the party’s […] Continue reading

Of Old Wine and New Skins

Submitted by Old Onion Bags
What value should we place in the word of a Prime Minister. Should we dismiss Prime Minister Stuart’s promise as election campaign rhetoric? Should we dismiss the promise the late Prime Minister David Thompson made to CLICO policyholders? Are we finally willing to say to politicians, ENOUGH! Read Nation article PM’s Word

What value should we place in the word of a Prime Minister. Should we dismiss Prime Minister Stuart’s promise as election campaign rhetoric? Should we dismiss the promise the late Prime Minister David Thompson made to CLICO policyholders? Are we finally willing to say to politicians, ENOUGH!

Read Nation article PM’s Word

For by thy words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned – Mathews 12: 37

Here we go again, the furrowing of quotations from the Good Book to suit ends.

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DEMinishing Political Capital

Brenda Mazibuko: You’re risking your political capital, you’re risking your future as our leader.

Nelson Mandela: The day I am afraid to do that is the day I am no longer fit to lead[…] Continue reading

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart the Words of Your Mouth and the Meditation of your Heart Must be Acceptable …

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL
Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

It was December of 2007 and I was home for the holidays. I had not yet exchanged a single Christmas Gift, but via CBC channel eight I got one that not even my wife could match. It had come from Prime Minister Owen Arthur. He had called elections and Comrade Thompson in very short order would right the listing vessel. January 15th was the appointed date of the new beginning.

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Well Done Freundel

Submitted by Douglas

Freundel StuartSaturday, 21st February, will mark two years that the Democratic Labour Party, under the leadership of Prime Minister, the Right Hon. Freundel Stuart, Q.C., M.P, was re-elected to serve the people of Barbados. Every day over those two years we have kept our commitment to the people of Barbados to deliver on our promise to develop a Barbados which is: socially balanced, economically viable, environmentally sound and characterized by good governance.

Our Prime Minister, his Cabinet and members of the parliamentary team have shown that they are capable of managing the affairs of Barbados in the most challenging period that this country has ever gone through. We wish to commend our Prime Minister and party leader for his mature leadership style. He has handled every challenge faced with a fearless resilience and integrity.

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Greece, Spain and Barbados – When a Government/Party Really Seeks to Represent Its People

Submitted by Pachamama
Prime Minister Stuart - when words mean nothing

Prime Minister Stuart – when words mean nothing

It is impossible to understand the current cultural wasteland in the Caribbean unless it is properly located within its wider regional and international contexts. In Barbados, for example, only a Pyrrhic victory is possible by rightfully positioning the local political and economic elites at the centre of the circular firing squad which passes for public discourses. Our basic truth is that the future of the Caribbean, as has the past and present, is being decided elsewhere.

On the 25th January the people of Greece elected a near absolute majoritarian Syriza government. In an election pregnant with meanings for those who contend that no government anywhere truly represents its people’s interests, as a primary consideration. In opposition to the Troika’s colonial mandates, Syriza was serious about its promises to the people of Greece. Our reference to a circular ‘logic’ may even extend to the birthplace of western ‘civilization’ as this alleged ‘mother’ is now being raped by her children.

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Submitted by Old Onions Bag


PM Stuart shows another side

Nowadays have you all noticed the ‘fiery gusto of recent’ coming from our PM Stuart? Think it was Prodigal who first noticed a change in the temperament of Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart. Not wanting to play devil’s advocate, but every since giving parlous advise to Speaker Carrington, Prime Minister Stuart seems to have red in his eyes and fire in his tone. Ever since Miss Motley signalled that she won’t be leading HM Opposition back into Parliament until stipulated amend, PM Stuart seems to be on a war path.

There was also ‘pigskinned’ news about a luncheon at the Hilton, served with a difference. Nowadays, the old adage “when elephant pun rampage, the whole jungle had better size (rund)”seems to apply as vexation seems to come with his calling cards. Take for instance those UWI students who were looking forward to their promised bursaries from MOE Jones…after Stuart’s most recent indulgence at the Party’s George St. Headquarters, that if Bajans have 115,000 motor car and many big houses of a concrete kind…they should be able to find monies for their children’s tertiary education, students have reason to ponder. And good reason too after recent news in the media, that the long awaited bursaries are all but slam dunk.

Could these infers by our PM be signals that something could be in the ‘works’ or could it be just annoyance that a good friend’s predicament seems all but Florence in summer time? With three more years to go before elections and Stuart in his second term, one could also ponder if this is not part of the PM’s plan to show how once unmoved ‘giants’ react when feeling thorns.

Who is the Sanctimonious Hypocrite Prime Minister?

Submitted by Anthony Davis

“Sanctimonious hypocrites!”

That’s how Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has described some of those who disapproved of his advice to Speaker of the House Michael Carrington to ‘get a lawyer’ during his publicized legal dispute with a former client. “Speaking as tough to critics of Government’s University of the West Indies (UWI) tuition fee policy, Stuart today made it clear that his administration would not be changing course on that matter to please any minority group, even in the face of a letter from the president of the Cave Hill Campus Guild of Students Damani Parrish, ‘threatening’ action if the decision was not reversed”Barbados Today

Well, well, well, what a tirade!

The question here is: who is being a sanctimonious hypocrite?

The Speaker of the House should resign, or be made to do so. You and your party came to this country with all kinds of promises just to win an election, because you have reneged on all of them – especially the one about “our children”. It turns out that you really meant YOUR children, and not those of our country. You have sold them down the river, by refusing to look after them at UWI. You have also put their lives in jeopardy by cutting the welfare some of their parents have to collect. You have deprived many of a tertiary education by making them pay tuition fees – even if only a part. Those who wanted to study certain subjects cannot even afford the 20% they have to pay for them.

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Black Political Class Funded by White Elite

Submitted by William Skinner
Bizzy Williams,  leader of the entrenched white corporate class, slapped him down and reminded all and sundry who pays the bills and calls the tunes.

Bizzy Williams, “leader of the entrenched white corporate class, slapped him down and reminded all and sundry who pays the bills and calls the tunes

Our erudite Prime Minister, Mr. Freundel Stuart spoke the truth, when he said that there are powerbrokers that want to control black politicians but want no contact with the masses. As the Prime Minister said: “They don’t want to dirty their hands.” In other words, they avoid politics but want to be powerbrokers within the system. He also asserted that he is proud to be of the political class and that this class knows how to bury their differences when it is necessary.

Former Prime Minster, Erskine Sandiford, once reminded a group of corporate heavy boys that he was “not elected in a board room”; Dr. Don Blackman reminded us that there were white shadows, whose main focus was to influence and control the black political management class and another former Prime Minister, Mr. Owen Arthur, called Mr. Harold Hoyte, a black power player, a “negrocrat”. When we examine these comments, we realize that Mr. Stuart is not that far off target.

On the heels of Stuart’s speech, we have the Mr. Ralph “Bizzy” Williams, informing us that wealthy business persons pump money into the elections campaigns of both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party. The revealed strategy, according to Williams is to be equally generous to both parties. He boldly proclaimed that he supports the PIG, which is the Party in Government. We note the acronym P.I.G- those who feed at the public trough.

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