Prime Minister Fruendel's Stuart's General Election Declaration

Document supplied compliments of Plantation Deeds

It is not the norm for the general public to get sight of how our political candidates allocate financial resources to support an election campaign. Caswell Franklyn has already asked some probing questions regarding Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s election declaration – Sinckler’s Honest Election Return. Here is the Prime Minister’s declaration with the compliments of Plantation Deeds.


140 thoughts on “Prime Minister Fruendel's Stuart's General Election Declaration

  1. @ Prodigal Son | August 29, 2013 at 12:55 PM |

    Yet we have a man in charge who claims he is a man integrity.
    If not the AG then who is legally responsible for making these requests? The Minister responsible for Information or National Security?

    We can expect ac to weigh in to defend the AG. But this is the same ac who argued the requests were made purely to assist in the investigations of criminal activities by Bajan Facebook users and yet the AG doesn’t know what is going on.

    Prodigal, it seems we are really up “shite” street. Don’t be surprised if there is further flight of capital and people looking to pull up sticks since we have an administration that doesn’t know its elbow from its arse. The municipal waste tax is case in point.

    How can a government cut the main Hospital budget by almost 24% and expect it to provide the same level of service and patient care? It would be interesting to see if it can find money to outfit the St. John Polyclinic. But don’t be surprised if it is ‘officially’ opened as part of the PR optics to fool malleable Bajans but remains “inoperable” (pun intended).

  2. Marsha Hinds-Layne
    A breath of fresh-air wherever she shows up. When I hear her voice , I am soothed. Soothing voice. Sound arguments. Pleasant disposition Keep it up. Makes me believe in women a bit more.

  3. @ Prodigal Son | August 29, 2013 at 1:20 PM |
    “I am waiting for the day ac and ccc and the other DLP yardfowls finally admit if we really believed the despicable election ads they run and if we were so naïve to believe them and that there would be no privitisation? I am waiting for that day to come!”

    One day coming very, very soon!
    There is one more big LIE to tell before the bottom drops out of the bucket.
    The Governor of the Central Bank would again come in his third quarter report and by a sleight of hand the $300 Million would miraculously reappear like a rabbit out of a magician’s hat. But as it stands this country’s foreign reserves will not go past December 2013.

    Unless the US $250 million bond floatation to shore up the foreign reserves is fully subscribed by November this country will be heading straight to the Bankers of last resort in the first quarter of 2014.

    You can bet that the sale of the Air & Sea ports would be up for sale to those with foreign money to buy. No Bajan dollars would be acceptable.

  4. Excellent posts, miller.

    Can you believe the Minister of Health this morning? Even with a cut of 35 million dollars, with no supplier “trusting” the QEH, with debts to suppliers mounting up of 52 million dollars, the man declares that patient care will not be compromised even in the face of the doctors saying that the QEH had to cancel surgeries the week before. And to boot, he says they are still planning to build a new hospital. Tell me that these Dems live in coo coo land.

    If only they had listen to advice from 2008/9 but yardfowls like ac and ccc and the rest of the newbies on BU kept feeding their egos and so we are where we are today! At a sad, sad point! A sorry place!

  5. miller,

    You see what I was saying. You have been offering advice to these silly people and look what we get…the post above from the one of the feeders of the fatted calf…ccc.

    Let them continue to delude themselves. They are not learning from their mistakes………the more you tax, the less tax you collect. The economy is contracting under the heavy taxation and the excessive out of control spending that has been the hallmark of this government.

    As a result of the incompetence of this bone head government, Barbadians now have to come to terms with:

    # Tuition fees for university students, many who can least afford to pay (there go their dreams)

    # Compromised health care and the introduction of fees for services for those who can lease afford private health care

    # An onerous municipal tax …………….I hope the rate is changed otherwise mine will be crazy

    # Another tax on my income……how much more of my salary do they want?

    And we are being alarmist??

  6. Rumor has it Eddie Hinckson has George Payne’s election declaration for sale. Pimp and whistleblower Caswell couldn’t buy it because he is one of 10,000 Caswell himself said was laid off last year. They’ve started executing lawyers in TnT. What are the implications for BIM? Is David BU awake this lawyer killing begs for a thread.

  7. You seem “to forget that to his credit Mr. Loveridge was equally critical of the tourism policies of the blp when they held office” only after he was publicly humiliated by George Payne of the blp at a public tourism forum!!!!

    you seem to forget that everything was honkytonky with MR LOVERIDGE and the government when he was invited to sit on the board until he started to put forward views contrary to the Minister’s. Until you mentioned it, I did not even know that MR SEALY referred to him as a clown.

  8. THe BLP message of Rubbing Clothes ” and outlandish and desperate attempt one that attempts to disconnect peoples personnal problems from the reality of the country economic problems and hangs it on the shoulders of a govt that doesn’t care. such an mesage would only resonate with the populace in good economic times when govt has the whererwithall to do all and does nothing. the people knows better and cannot be fooled.

  9. @ Carson C. Cadogan | August 29, 2013 at 3:10 PM |
    “You had the IMF running Barbados from oct. 2011. Why don’t you try your hand Meteorology? Your predictions are always wrong!”

    Who said there aren’t running Bim from Offshore? Modern ICT cuts down on the need to travel and to be resident to give instructions to incompetent figureheads like idiot Sinckler who can’t even appreciate the difference and fiscal impact of a tax on households between .7% and .07%.

    Who do you think gave the final approval to the MTFS as a foretaste of the restructuring medicine in store for Bim knowing full well it was not strong enough a dose for the Barbados ailing economy? Who do you think approved the current prescription for the stronger dose of medicine with another much stronger one to come? Sinckler, Boyce or Jepter or even Fumble?

    Why don’t you also say that the predictions regarding the UWI fees, layoffs and soon to be privatization are all figments of the miller’s imagination?

    You can attack the miller as much as you wish. He is a thorn in your side and a target in you idiots’ crosshairs but fortunately for the miller, unlike you, he does not rely on a pick on a Constituency Council to financially survive in this world.

    Dear Carson the Corbeau, please go back to your meal of Carrion in George St.

    Your Uncle Tom.

  10. Every thing that the BLP said about govt has boomerang .right into the lapsof the dogs of th BLP yardflows . Goverance is not only about economics but protecting the social fabric of a society a message that they scoffes at in their ridiculous effort to pin all the economic woes of Barbados starting at the last five years. the public would not be fooled.

  11. @ ac | August 31, 2013 at 9:45 AM |
    “Goverance is not only about economics but protecting the social fabric of a society”

    So why then break social contracts with the same society by laying off workers many of whom are sole breadwinners, by imposing tuition fees that were supposed to be sacrosanct and the hardest cut of all putting the QEH in jeopardy by $35 million forcing it to be unable to buy supplies like medicines and food for the very poor who are unable to access alternative health care.

    This DLP administration has killed the goose (economy) that lays the golden egg (society).

  12. @miller AS an advocate of Privatisation u got to be blind niot to see some of those entities are out of control finacially and some are unsustainable. as a matter of fact it does no good to break the backs of the taxayers to sustain aproject which can be adjusted therefore saving taxpayers money. the society is also made up of hadrworking people who can,t afford to be burden to support a few. Govt control is necessary and must be done.

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