A Policeman’s Cry to Prime Minister Stuart

Submitted by Benny
Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

I wish first to congratulate you on your  return to office. The people of Barbados have instilled their confidence in you. I do personally admire you, and despite the beating that your leadership style has taken throughout the years I am satisfied that the Barbadian electorate is justified in returning you to office.  We believe that your are  honest,  of sound character and  fully capable of making this nation proud again. I must say though that I felt disappointed that you thought is necessary to respond to Muscle Mary as it was not worth the effort. In a day like today when persons cannot articulate themself without referring to another person physical appearance it is a sad. We accept the beauty of your character and honesty and the magnitude of your intellect; I buy into your concept of building a society. Mr Arthur explicitly stated that he does not know any  philosophy about building a society, he only  knows about building an economy. Well where the only vision is an economic vision the society becomes an open prison where respect is lost and freedom is curtailed by there resulting acts of criminality. Mr Arthur failed to see that when everything is premise on the almighty dollar it leads eventually to a state of anomie.

Mr PM you must take fully in your hands the reigns of leadership. You have created history being the first Prime Minister to inherited a Government and won back in the election, and  to add to that, in the toughest economic times. This definitely speaks volumes to the high regard in which the right thinking Barbadians hold you and your Government, may God bless you and give you the health and strength to continue.

Sir I would advise you that you meet with the British Officials in earnest and do as much damage control as possible with this matter concerning the rape of those British visitors. Mr Prime Minister this issue has far reaching consequences. I watched  the interview with those ladies on the BBC News channel, we all know that this has potential to affect Barbados even beyond the British market.

I cannot for one minute understand the wisdom of the Commissioner of Police (COP) insulting the intelligence of those visitors, by saying that all black men look the same to white people. On what evidence or theory does he premise this. Why then do we continue to accept evidence of identification when they are victims of crime. If that theory is true I must wonder how many black people are in prison wrongfully. Even if one could accept a single victim was mistaken could he reasonably believe that two grown and well educated women  are mistaken on the same issue only because they are white? Lord man, grant the people some intelligence.

As head of the organisation he  never sought to address the concerns of the victims, but rather to insult their intelligence. I believe that by the very next day he should have been asked to demit office. Does the police motto count for anything? Where is the reassurance that he should have given those ladies if nothing more than a commitment to a full investigation? What investigations could have been done in a few days that he could have made that statement with such certainty?

Sir I have already made the revelation on this blog  as to the reason for his stance. You of yourself are fully aware of the challenges of the police in voicing their concern. I will take you back to the conference you attended at Diatrict A as Attorney General (AG) when you expressed your concerns that even correspondence coming from the Police Association on any matter must first be seen by the COP. Should I recall correctly you were of the view that this should not be the case. The general public would not know this but if if there is a matter to be complained of about the COP you should according to the official policy direct it through his office.

I urge you Mr AG to have an investigation done on the concerns being aired on the issues in the Royal Barbados Police Force, if you fail to act, eventually you  will have to act and it will take considerably more effort to try to rebuild the organisation. It is on the verge of collapse. Can you imagine that in these hard economic times it is difficult to motivate officers to perform additional duties for the allowance? The extra pay is not even attractive in the current environment.

There is no fairness in the application of discipline, promotions, assignments to post and the list can go on. I draw it to your attention that the COP sought to embarrass Sgt Goddard  who is now suspended and would say rightfully so, when he asked him to explain to the audience at a meeting who is “Cookfood” and his association with him. Cookfood is a known drug dealer and of notorious character, associated with violence and everything that go along with drug trade. Now the only association that ever came to light is that Sgt Goddard is his brother in law, but  he was on the run and it is known that he had close relations  with his sister.

We now have another situation where it is rumoured that a female police sergeant just had a child for one of the biggest drug runners in St Lucy, at one stage she was assisting with a murder investigations in which he was a suspect and if is believed that that was how she eventually became so closely associated with him. I believe that rumours should not be acted on to the disadvantage of person unless there is some evidence to support a case against the individual, but certainly something as serious as this merits some sort of investigations but there is family ties at the highest levels in the force and nothing is being done. You see it is Dottin, friends and family all the way his personal organisation.

I believe that in a similar vein she should be asked to account just the same as Mr Goddard. No one can tell her who to love but at least she should not be working with the very team that has to investigate him. Sir it really pains me to  make these type of revelations and I do think this will be my last. The Royal Barbados Police Force is too important an institution in this country for me to continue. I thought long and hard before doing this but, a lot of what I have revealed is already out there in the public domain. My only hope is that I have done enough and said enough to draw your attention to what is taking place under your watch and that it would cause you to act. I am pleading for a full investigation and that everyone  would be treated fairly as you are known to do.

I admire your wisdom, sense of fairness, and honesty and urge you do to your best to help restore our value systems and build back the community we once had. I know that BU would want more but my aim is a call for action and  hope that I have been successful in doing so and it is time to say goodbye. My aim is to build and not tear down unfortunately  sometimes there has to be collateral damage.

May God bless you again Mr PM and give you the strength and support in fixing the problems of this country I know it is not easy. You have the wisdom, the knowledge and the vision may you  reap success. God bless.

Sorry fellas I will make my exit I will do no more damage to the image of this country I have no intentions of ever leaving her shores. Let us please put a positive effort into rebuilding this land. Whatever the success or failures we all share in them. David , Caswell, Bush Tea later, I believe that my work is done. We have a new government Mr Arthur practice politics of inclusion let us put aside all political jealousy for the time being and work towards building one Barbadian community



  • Geez Benny ya really pucking up miss Dottin ……The Force was a time bomb ready to explode since Darwin took over …..tick tock tick tock the prison burn down now the police force exploding …….MIA ya good God help Barbados if you ever become Prime Minister of this country ……btw is Cookfood the same person that own the football team akademixs that won Mia’s football tournament …….well well Benny you were really to the point


  • Reality check | April 2, 2013 at 9:00 PM |

    When one looks at the two women in this terribly unfortunate case one cannot help remembering Patty Hearst the heiress to the Hearst of California billions.

    Patty Hearst was kidnapped by a freak Caliornia group the Symbonese Liberation Army. They held her captive for awhile apparently raped and abused her. Unbelievably the next sighting of Patty Hearst after her abductucion was with a wicked looking AK47 holding up a bank. Patty Hearst was not poor suffering for the lack of money she was worth billions. But here it is she joined her captors not only to rob banks but sworn to the SLA cause of violently overthrowing the government of the USA.

    The victim became a criminal apparently forgiving her captors and becoming one of them. It is not that far fetched when you witness what is happening with the unfortunate rape victims. Stranger than fiction sums up some of the outcomes of these horrible circumstances


  • @Reality check

    Your reasoning is flawed and does not meet the BU standard.

    Patty Hearst was kidnapped and held captive. She was a victim of the stockholm syndrome.


  • You have stated that this is your last post but before you sign off I am asking that you disclose who you are to allow me the chance to make an example of you before the law courts. You rightly said that rumors destroy people and I have taken these rumors being tossed around for too long. I have never been and would never be involved with anyone and I emphasize anyone from the criminal underworld. I have consulted my attorney about this and we have concluded that the law courts is where this should end. How can you a grown person in this age of technology where it is so easy to prove paternity allow yourself to be caught in something so easy to disprove. I seem to have offended you in some way along the path but don’t you think it is gross to try to smear a person’s character with lies and lies that can be proven false as well. I will hold no ill will towards you whoever you are but please allow me the opportunity to prove to you and your followers how wrong you are that way this nonsense can be put to rest once and for all.


  • @sandra

    you have a right to be concerned if the rumours of baing involved in a crimninal who you are investigating. As we are aware, a fact can be verified and hence rumours can be damaging to one’s career if not dealt with.

    i wish you well in dealing with this matter if it is a rumour, and i specifically mean the one with the paternity of your child.


  • @Reality check | April 2, 2013 at 9:54 PM |
    “The victim became a criminal apparently forgiving her captors and becoming one of them. It is not that far fetched when you witness what is happening with the unfortunate rape victims. Stranger than fiction sums up some of the outcomes of these horrible circumstances”

    u piece of rass ass…the situation is totally different, u like the police is suggesting that the white women were wrong. these are highly intelligent women who knows the differences between a middle age black man and a younger black man, the difference between a stocky type black man and a fat black man. grow up please


  • This guy Derrick Crawford was alittle younger when this rape took place and he has put some weight on what are you going to say about the DNA and Mr.Darwin Dottin got to deal with alot of them corrupt police including the last Deputy Commissioner Bertie Hinds he was the biggest criminal so far Mr.Dottin did a good job knowing what he had to deal with some back stabbing indifferent co workers.Look how many of them get put before the court.


  • @Crabbie

    Do you mean the CoP putting policemen like Bowen before the disciplinary body?


  • As a blogger reading pinkie must say the name suits him its the colour of a c**t. The Hearst case is exactly like the rape case. We are sorrowful of what happen to the women as a matter of fact it should never have happened. pinkie and other pieces of shit like Dr. Love have an agenda we dont.

    Like the Police detectives who worked their behinds off to find him we are unconvinced the Crawford man is a knight in shining armour. We are more convinced the seething anger of the women particularly the older one at the COP blurs their sense of rationality. The COP should put all the evidence in the public domain. Dont know if that’s legal or can be done.

    This is a case where the victims and the law enforcers dont win but we have a hunch the culprit is laughing at us all.


  • lawdy loh….. dem gots some real idiots wid computers bout hey!


  • severalposts and news relatedarticles on the rape has been going on from the outstart since 2010 most of which have been negative against the island of barbados. The person apprehended and charge as stated by the woman was not the accused. however it has come to the point that after three years of pro and cons on this issue that the constant bashing of barbados is begining to wear thin among the populace and there is an emerging backlash of enough is enough against these woman whose actions of repeatedly having this case tried by media is refecting an image or appearing to have sinister motives .


  • Reality Check…………….as far as I know victims of rape who are also kidnapped and held captive for long periods of time at some point start to identify with their captor(s) and eventually becoming dependent on their captor for everything and even go so far as to have sympathy for their abusers………….this was correctly identified by David as the Stockholm Syndrome…………..i never heard where these two british females were kidnapped for any length of time…………….don’t see where this would apply, both females seem quite articulate to me in what they described.


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