Freundel Stuart Government Accused of the Economic Slaughter of Over 3000 Workers

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group
Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance (l) Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister (r)

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance (l) Freundel Stuart, Prime Minister (r)

The Mahogany Coconut Group has steered clear of the shameless political posturing regarding the economic slaughtering of over 3000 workers, in the name of a failed economic policy and a blundering administration led by Prime Minister   Freundel Stuart of Barbados. We have already called for fresh elections but we remain certain that even with fresh elections, and a possible victory by the Opposition Barbados Labour Party, nothing will change. Why an elections? We believe that the government has betrayed the country and the only legitimate stamp of approval will be that of the same people it has betrayed. In other words, if elections were called and the Democratic Labour Party is victorious, it would mean that the people have endorsed its current insane approach to economic management of Barbados’ affairs.

We urge right thinking Barbadians to take a look at the colour of those who are weeping and angry in the newspapers because they can no longer look after their families. They are Black. Not one white; not one Indo Barbadian. It is a reminder that the society is still in denial about wealth distribution and avoiding serious and objective debate about the ills of the country. We also ask right thinking Barbadians to take a look at those thirty political miscreants who are in parliament: Not one white! This harrowing experience of 3000 workers is therefore a black on black social and economic crime and the penalty should be the political gallows.

We are not saying that white and Indo Barbadians will be any better. What we are saying is that the white and Indo Barbadian business elites are raping the country and not facing the penalties. They can execute economic crimes and then leave the black political managerial class to fight amongst themselves. In the meantime the poor defenseless black working class, whose forefathers built the nation from scratch, are to be paraded on front pages of newspapers. The same newspapers that cannot find any writers, outside of mercenary party hacks, to pollute their pages on a daily basis.

The MCG will no doubt be accused of inflammatory rhetoric but we are not going to be muzzled in order to make the decadent BLP/DLP feel comfortable. We have reached the stage where there must be some voice to speak the truth to power. Having followed the political career of Freundel Stuart, we are shocked that he is nothing more than a shadow of the young idealist who was once identified as a progressive voice within the now infertile Democratic Labour Party. Unfortunately, on the Barbados Labour Party side, we note a progressive voice such as Trevor Prescod, being reduced to spouting “big words”, while the poor masses/workers he should be defending are being slaughtered in the collective abattoir of the BLP/DLP.

We are therefore calling for the immediate reinstatement of all workers whose labour of blood is running over the beautiful island of Barbados. We say to the government and the opposition to swallow their pride and form a government of National Reconciliation and Reconstruction without delay. The thirty elected political miscreants are collectively responsible for the chaos now prevalent. Anybody who feels that the Barbados economy crushed because of Stuart and the Democratic Labour Party or Arthur and the Barbados Labour Party is sadly mistaken. The white corporate and Indo Barbadian corporate elite must also share blame because they essentially control the economy of Barbados and like Dr. Don Blackman said a few decades ago these “shadows” stay in the background and create economic chaos because the political managerial class is mortally afraid to confront their exceptional brand of corporate deviancy. In order to rescue Barbados, it is necessary to expose not only the elected officials but the corporate leaders who have used the threat of widespread job losses as a tool of economic blackmail. It is time for the real debate about the distribution of wealth and land reform to begin. It is time for the thirty elected politicians to look in the mirror and ask themselves how they feel about three thousand black people, who look like them, being condemned to persistent poverty because they are only interested in joining with the white and Indo Barbadians ,in the collective and brutal rape of the country which their forefathers built.

Barbadians must use this time for serious reflection, otherwise they will wake up one morning and find that the country no longer belongs to them. These were the prophetic words of Errol Barrow. We now call on corporate Barbados to put the country before profit and we call on all citizens to express themselves about the future of their country. Do not be intimidated by the threat of the nefarious public Order Act! This may very well be the last opportunity because already the vultures are circling and preparing to blame poor Black working class citizens as the real demons when in fact those who are now paying the price have benefitted the least in the times of bounty.

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  1. So far this is the best article the MCG has written.

    I often ask if these black politician have no shame or empathy. They pretend to love the black masses during election time but in reality these vultures are shamelessly using people who look like them to amass wealth which they could not otherwise achieve.

    They break every rule and generally ignore the law with impunity since they know that they have a stranglehold on the public servants that are supposed to enforce the law.

    I say without fear of contradiction that every member of the DLP that was elected to parliament at the last general elections filed false election returns and should not be allowed to sit but who has the guts to prosecute. You don’t break the law to make laws: you break the law to get rich by whatever means necessary.

  2. Leading up to the last election I attended a political meeting at Rices’ playing field in St. Philip, whilst there I was sicked to my stomach to see the electorates of Barbados treating this event as if it was some calypso/comedy show, why blame the politicians now. I thought that the months if not years leading up to the last election Barbadians were in a right place for a paradigm shift, did we siege the opportunity….

  3. i say it and i say it again institutionalized racism is at the very core of everything that is happening in the Caribbean…..when will the people brek.for themselves.,,all the working class can do is vote ,,but the power of the vote cannot stand up to the fiery and fierce poitical and economical stronghold against those that control the carribbean economies ,,,,the poor black working class in a sense have become pawns and the powerful can no longer have them ripping away at their gains they must go…….but who pick up slack the few remaining blacks who are struggling to make ends meet,, while the rich and powerful sailed into the sunset without a care,,,,,,,John williams words still echoes in my mind as a reminder that the lower class workers would always be the doormat for the powerful living in our society,,,

    • If the people brek fuh themselves by voting with their feet, stop being consumers of the things provided by those who don’t have our interest at heart…that’s a shift!


    Caswell Franklyn | February 5, 2014 at 9:05 PM | @
    We at PLANTATION DEEDS agree, With Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group . We can sit back and take a rest,
    We are glad that someone or others out there is getting it,
    MIA , PM and AG are and were AG of Barbados at one point , We seem to see that taking land in the name of the CROWN and giving it over to NHC to be laundered , Its a crime when money changing hands to none land owners with the UDC and wire fraud going on,
    Better to leave the people working and reduce the buying from overseas, If slavery was put back in place , We are sure everyone would be called to the fields to work,Once we have to be paid , there is always a problem.
    No matter what party is in Power it will be the same , for all is still Fraud we dealing with,
    To go back to the polls is a good idea , maybe 1 or 2 3rd party will get in and speak for the people on the put side and to let them know what going on first hand on the inside ,
    We can not at this point trust the Bajan paid DBLP NEWS teller to print the COLD hard facts, No need to but the papers or Brass Monkey radio any more , Just come on BU and reply and read ,
    Keep at it Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group, We with you so far.

  5. Come on Nation get it right and report the facts as they are and not as you would like them to be.

    Mr Hallam Gittens a NHC worker and family gets laid off together. 

    This story in the Nation Newspaper is misleading and dishonest journalism. 

    These are the facts of the case of Hallam Gittens he was employed at the NHC in 2008 whilst living alone at Eastbourne St Philip and Andria Brathwaithe was employed whilst living in Blades Hill. 

    They came together in 2012. And Andria moved to the home of Gittens. 

    They do not pay rent. 

    The son never lived with them.

    He resides at Blades Hill. 

    They have never lived together as one unit.

    By the way Gittens let me ask Mr Gittens have you paid back the $2,500.00  you swindle from that lady you promise to get a house for under false pretense.

    What about the the $500.00 dollars you tried to swindle from the lady wanting a low cost unit.

    Isn’t it true you got a call from a retired police officer for the return of money for the said old lady and Is not also true that you only paid $200.00 

    Also please let us known that it isn’t true they had to move you from loans for suspect crinimal behaviour to maintainence. Isn’t it also true you falseify a degree to get a job, is also not true that you were reprimanded for being drunk on the premises while in the employment as a member of staff of the NHC ?

    This is the furthest from the truth that Family loses jobs.

  6. this an opportune time for people to band together and rally for the same cause,,,don’t expect the politicians to come to your aid,,,these times call for actions not marches not blood and gore,,, people are consumers a powerful and worthwhile tool ….big business depend on consumers for support,,so there is where the people power lies and it is up to US collectively to USE our purchasing power as as battering ram against those big business who believe that they can use people as door mats and not be held accountable,,,circumstances like these in most society make a huge difference people band together and rally for cause,,right now there is cause ,,,a cause to see that those who are unemployed are treated with respect and dignity,,,,,big business should be asked to help,and share in these people plight and not insisting on making life a lot harder for them by removing all or any stumbling blocks put in their way,,, but it cannot happen unless the people voices are heard ,,,and heard loud and clear,,, and if necessary force of action through lack of supporting their enterprises should be withheld exercise of letter writing campaigns folowed by closure of accounts if met with resistance they need us ,,we don’t need them as so far they have done so little .. the banking industry should be a starting point starting with the top and moving onwards,,,,their is a critical imbalance between the haves and have not… one that must be taken seriously addressed and corrected now,,,,,,your vote can only take you so far,,,,,,but critical thinking and action by peaceful measures would be enough to rectify , ,, stop waiting for the politicians to do it,, they are powerless .. the power lies in your hand…ask oneself who buy the cars ..who opens the accounts,,, think critical and everything would work out right,,,,,,,David BU this one is on YOU too this is where the power of the Pen is mightier than the sword,,, be good my hands are folded…

  7. MCG:
    Agree with you; also with the first comment.Your’re so right. I left this country as a young man, returning as not so young. I am ashamed to see the kind of ‘progress’ in Barbados, but that progress is a milestone away from the majority and is getting further and further away. The blame must be placed firmly at the feet of all political parties.

    MCG, you have stated, ‘Barbados is being governed by black politicians.’ Those politicians have become who they are, to satisfy their egos and not for the betterment of Barbadians. They joined their political groups in order to behave like a pack of hounds fighting for something to eat, with the strongest and bravest wining the prize.

    It matters not there are weaker ones in the flock who needs a scrap to save them from dying.. “I am alright jack.”

    Now you dare disobey and have your heads cracked or be shot.

    I am astounded our Media, Men of the cloth, Unions, university, have refused to speak out with the exception of 2 on behalf of the nation,

    MCG: I Think it is too late for you and I and for most concerned. Barbados is no more for Barbadians.

    Here is our epitaph:

    “These fields and hills were once our very own.” That is the message you and I must now pass on to our offspring.
    Thanks to our caring Politicians and our educated.

    I say, Men/Women with backbone, please step up to the plate. It is high time to form a New Political Party in order to salvage what little is left of the once great Barbados.

  8. I hope the post gives everyone a validation and makes them feel better. There’s certainly something for everyone. Thankyou.

  9. ”What we are saying is that the white and Indo Barbadian business elites are raping the country and not facing the penalties.’

    What a load of rubbish. What you wanna do, execute them? Probably. And leave Barbados to earn NOTHING and be left a Haiti in the Eastern Caribbean.

    There are MANY, MANY, millionaire professional and business black Barbadians, just as there are poor white and indo-Barbadians.

    Pulling the issue down to race is a cop out and finger pointing exercise based on inner hate, just as Hitler with the Jews.

    Get real, the issue is simply that the people of Barbados CONSUME too much imported goods and do not PRODUCE enough indigenous goods.

    But I guess you are going to blame the majority consumption and purchasing habits on the white and indo-Barbadians too, huh?

    The ONLY things keeping Barbados afloat right now is the tourism industry and international business, go ask the IMF.

    But go ahead, get rid of them too, too many white people for your liking.
    Then you will learn where Barley grow.

    And don’t bother to plant, remember Errol tell bajans they don’t need the field nuh more.

    THAT is why BIM as it is, bajans don’t want to produce. If you don’t produce, you cant survive.

    And the ones who do, their produce is stolen, and nothing is done about it.

    Problems of people own making, but go ahead, find a scapegoat, that is always fun.

    Why don’t you ask the PM and Finance Minister to REALLY tell you how things are.

    You think those few people on the front page are all:??? No, you are looking closer at 10,000 and upwards.

    Reality is sometimes WORSE than perception and white people, Indo-white etc don’t have the power some might wish they did.


    Now…go play…..

  10. Oh, one last thing. Maybe this will make some understand of the dangers of using jobs for votes, repercussions have to come sometime……

    Votes should be used based on policies, not what you are promised.

  11. The Mahogany Court Group,

    In essence, a very good article.

    However, we continue to have some serious problems with the notion of the DLP and BLP coming together and forming a national unity government of this country, when in truth and in fact they are the primary reasons why this country is experiencing its seventh successive year of political economic depression, why there is so much darkness sweeping this land, and why just a little over a year ago about 40 percent of total registered voters did not vote.

    Rather, (if you have not already started) you must now start to help inspire as many people as possible in this country to forever see the light and wisdom in ABSOLUTELY PERMANENTLY REMOVING both these two older intellectually and politically bankrupt and discredited political disorganizations from the political governmental landscape of this country, for all the wrongs and evils they have over the years been doing to so many people and sectors of this society.

    This rightful legitimate action is absolutely necessary if this country is to come out of these pits of darkness.

    Remove the damned DLP and blasted BLP now!!


  12. The Nation newspaper’s editors and the BLP columnists that saturate the Nation newspaper daily were criticising the government daily for not cutting spending.

    So with a decline in the foreign reserves and rising fiscal deficit, the government is now forced to cut its biggest expenditure : wages and salary.

    The hypocrites at the Nation have now changed their tune – talking about the poor families that are being affected. They do not have the intellectual honesty to admit that this is the policy that they were calling for.
    It seems that the only way you can get a column in the Nation is to show your BLP credentials.

    Journalism in Barbados is in the gutter with the Nation newspaper behaving like the public relations department of the BLP.

  13. @ NationBLPnewspaper | February 6, 2014 at 6:41 AM |

    Can’t you see your propaganda emissions are infertile and ineffective?
    The Nation is still selling newspapers and will continue to do so as long as there are clowns around like Estwick to provide comedy for readers.
    If you want to see the Nation go out of business from a lack of sales why not tell Estwick to keep his bloody mouth shut and you to be the first in the queue to stop buying or reading the rag sheet?

    Now let us hear what you have to contribute to the thread or is it so painfully true about the politicians especially the one who claim to be champions of the poor and working class that even ac is attacking her own brand of yardfowls.

  14. @ Crusoe | February 6, 2014 at 5:28 AM |

    I think you are making some pertinent points here.

    It’s always an easy cop-out to blame minorities when things start to go down the economic chute.
    It’s a standard fascist tactic to look for easy targets as scapegoats to appease and control the masses.

    Although MCG have made some informative and valuable analysis of the local political economy the attempt to pin the blame mostly on certain minorities for the current economic woes should be resisted and seen as taking a course of least resistance.

    Greater focus should have been made on the conspicuous consumption habits of a population 90-95% black with two black political parties calling the policy shots and directing the affairs of the country. The country is just living above its unproductive means on borrowed money (other people’s mainly white and soon Chinese).

    What is the majority of this borrowed money used for? To build economic capacity to create jobs for the masses, to earn forex to service the debt and pay back the loans? Or is it used primarily to maintain a conspicuous consumption lifestyle to appease the economic parasites aka the make-believe black middleclass with their unaffordable two SUV in the garage annual holidays overseas and latest in technology phone?

    Who were some of the brains behind the CLICO master scam?

    We need t ask who owns the vast majority of that alleged $9 billion in savings in foreign owned-banks and local credit unions which the ‘minority’ groups borrow to make more money and profit by importing crap (processed foods, trinkets and false hair) to sell to the same black majority to contract incurable diseases and to wear to look like those same minorities.

    How come the same black intellectual class (if it really exists) sees it fit to invite consultants and advisors from overseas (from the same ethic shade as the local minorities) to tell the policymakers what to do; with the odd crooked lying preacher man like Bonke thrown in for good measure to further brainwash the minds of the simple black masses?

  15. There is a lot of truth about the economic deprivation of the working class. However, it is our fault for we put power in the hands when we are lazy. We have let the fields run wild beyond recall. Greedy politicians have allowed land owners to cease cultivation and then sell the ‘rab’ land for housing at exorbitant prices, a backward step.
    The greatest problem we have after slavery has been abolished is that we have enslaved our own minds. We need to start working together like the ants. Check out Eric T Selby’s book Always A Crazy Moment on Green Island on; much truth about our situation is revealed therein.
    We have to stop blame-shifting and look at ourselves critically. We have failed the exam of unity. If one brother starts a business, we will not support him, saying that he will get rich. yet, we make others rich who do not care to put back into the economy to sustain growth.
    Again, the hungry politicians would not enforce taxation on the corporate giants. Some big businesses would not even pay their water bills, but the working class who default would get a disconnection quicker. I heard of a plantation owner brandishing a shot gun at a Water Authority employee who came to disconnect his supply for an unpaid bill. What did the Authority do about that?
    Those who owe the government should be made to pay. The ‘Sink’ ler man is only a lot of hot air, but does nothing to make the big fish pay their dues. Politicians are one kettle of fish, licorish, hungry for money and power; they dance to the tune of the highest bidder. They really do not care about the people among whom they lived as children. When they have reached the “heights and Terraces’, they are
    beyond recall. they seem not to even recall their poor origins wearing ‘saddle-patch trousers.
    We all need a spiritual bath which will awaken our consciences. Remember, if we are not our brother’s keeper, one day we will face the Judge of all the earth. Our account to Him will not be based on our financial account here, but on how we helped our fellowman.

  16. Francis,

    What do you know about TAXATION?

    What do you know about the ideological philosophy and psychology of TAXATION?

    What do you know about the social psychological political financial effects of TAXATION upon the minds and actions of those people against whom it is so wickedly evilly targeted?

    Why do you not go and impose this evil on the remunerations of the same corporate giants you write about – to really make the point that were you or any one else – including the government – to do so it would involve and be THEFT? Why do not you go and impose it, personally?

    Do you really like to wrongly immorally take that which is not yours? Huh?

    We sense a proclivity to be terribly greedy covetous on your part.

    A certain future coalitional government and of which the PDC will be a part of shall abolish TAXATION in this country and shall replace it with an efficient fair and progressive system of the government coming by greater of its own remunerations and proper greater access to money to do many necessary things – without ROBBING the relevant persons and other entities of portions of their own remunerations – which despicably happens under this evil wicked system of TAXATION in this country, and – in the process of the existence of the alternative system too – without absolutely violating the remuneration and property rights of persons of this country.


  17. @ NationBLPnewspaper | February 6, 2014 at 6:41 AM |
    Journalism in Barbados is in the gutter with the Nation newspaper behaving like the public relations department of the BLP.
    What says you regarding our state TV station refusal to inform Barbadians about the state of dismissals. As a matter of fact, last night the presenter failed to inform us about the dismissals, yet spend the entire night on press releases. So buddy tell us who have us in the information gutter – surely not the Nation. Probably you mean the Old Lady on Fontabelle.

  18. “We all need a spiritual bath which will awaken our consciences. Remember, if we are not our brother’s keeper, one day we will face the Judge of all the earth. Our account to Him will not be based on our financial account here, but on how we helped our fellowman.”

    Francis You are exhibiting the signs of a brainwashed person. Who do you think brought this to the Black slaves??? Didn’t the Black slaves have their own religion before this present one was forced upon them? The one with the White God I am talking about!

  19. AC………..are you calling for Bajans to march against ‘big’ business in Barbados?? I am in agreement that all the purchasing for foreign garbage posing as food and all that the consumers that bajans have become and continue to purchase should be boycotted, just stop buying the garbage, easy. …problem is, so many politicians in both parties have positioned themselves to be partners with the same business sector and ‘big’ business owners, that don’t you think you should also call on ministers of the DLP to refrain from the business practices that are detrimental to their own people? just saying….unless you don’t think enough names have been called that are thisclose to all the business people who continue to take advantage of Bajans with the aid of politicians from both DLP/BLP/.

  20. @millertheanunnaki

    “The country is just living above its unproductive means on borrowed money” You are 100% correct and that has a lot to do with a inadequate monetary system of pegging the Barbados dollar at a unrealistic value to the strongest currency in the world which is the US$. So we have cheap imports that discourage local production and expensive exports (tourism). Somehow we have convinced ourselves that the Barbados dollar is now worth 40% more than it was two years ago compared to countries such as
    Brazil. Things will continue to be in a downward trend until we spend FX at a level that we earn it. The politicians do not have the courage to make all of the changes that are needed. They will be forced upon us if we expect to continue to live off of borrowed money. The alternative is tighten our belts and get productive. Tying the Barbados dollar at a pegged rate to the US$ is the biggest deception every played upon us.

  21. Sith

    DD’s limited knowledge of macro economics says that if the BDS Dollar is unpegged and declines by 20% vs US$, the BDS Dollar debt represented by those borrowed US$ goes up by 20%.

    The sword has two edges.

  22. @DD
    The dollars owned stay the same in US$. A correction in value, if it is a reduction, will make exports cheaper and bring more FX dollars into the country while at the same time increasing the cost of imports which will encourage local production and reduce the outflow of FX. . Right now we appear to be running out of FX. . In the big picture what is owed in Barbados dollars is rather irrelevant. It is the necessity of having FX to pay for the imports and the servicing of FX debt that is ruling the day. That is why the IMF are here. Over the years and prior governments we have let the value of the Barbados dollar drop to less than junk bond status. Nobody in Government seems to want to recognize that. you simply cannot live on borrowed money forever.

  23. @Sith
    Borrowed money: The DLP basic error was borrowing for current expenses, namely wages & salaries. However going forward the DLP must borrow for Sustainable Development, in the amount of $ 250M annually for the next five years.

  24. @ac
    I must tell you, that the posting is very Good , please keep it up , I always thought you knew better , and should not be writing the way you wrote in the past posting
    Please say have you seen the light ?

  25. @ac
    All of the MP in B”does are Black and come from poor working class families, the PM only look alive when he is in the company of white people

  26. @Chaucer

    If the required borrowings are 1,250 million in US$ over 5 years, who will lend it? The most recent loan of $250 million was to boost FX reserves and pay for the import bill. The loan was obtained with very harsh lending terms and having IMF around was likely a condition of getting the funds from that loan. If the loan is required in Barbados dollars then just print the stuff because we cant lower the value of the Barbaods dollar any lower than it is. The problem with printing money though is that people tend to spend it on things that have to be imported and paid for with FX. That is where the problem comes in. Not enough FX money coming in to the island as there is going out.. That has to be changed.

  27. watchman | February 6, 2014 at 3:39 PM |
    the PM only look alive when he is in the company of white people.
    I hope that you are not surprised about this. This is the MO of many Bajans working in the hotel industry and the big stores in Bridgetown.

    • It seems incredible the Transport Board is able to send home 450 workers. IF it is able to function after the exodus one is left to wonder.

    • No hearing
      Added by Emmanuel Joseph on February 6, 2014.
      Saved under Economy, Local News

      There was no PowerPoint presentation by Dr David Estwick in Cabinet today.

      In fact, the Minister’s attempt to get Prime Minister Freundel Stuart and the full team of Cabinet to consider his alternative plan for saving the Barbados economy failed to materialize.

      A visibly upset Estwick, who is the Minister of Agriculture and a former Minister of Economic Affairs, emerged from Cabinet just before three o’clock this afternoon – half an hour ahead of his colleagues.

      Estwick confirmed that he did not make the presentation, but declined to go into details about the matter before departing Government Headquarters.

      It was not immediately clear what would be Estwick’s next move but in an interview with Barbados TODAY earlier this week he had made clear his intention to put his economic “solution” to the full Cabinet by PowerPoint, focusing on ways of addressing the Government’s debt service, which he estimated to be $10.9 billion.

      The outspoken minister had said then, his Government was using the wrong strategy of cutting wages and salaries and applying taxes in order to close a current account deficit, calculated by him to be $1.4 billion.

      Estwick had said that while he understood the strategy being adopted by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, it was not going to achieve the desired goal of fixing that deficit.

      ”So you can’t cut and tax out of that, which is the old budgetary tool, which is a classic IMF [International Monetary Fund] way of delivering it. I am not afraid to say what I have to say because I stand by my inferences and by my reasoning and my common sense. Where that leads me, it will lead me,” he said in an earlier interview with this paper.

      He had also said he was confident his measures would solve the island’s economic difficulties and avoid the need to send home people.

      “What I have to do now is to ask the Prime Minister to accede to a full PowerPoint presentation with the entire Cabinet . . . . Once that happens, and the Cabinet is in agreement, then I am in a position, with the agreement of the Prime Minister, to come to the public and say, ‘Look, these are the things we think we can add and do X,Y,Z. So what I was trying to do was to get a hearing, so they [Cabinet members] understand that these tools require supporting tools to achieve what I want to achieve; that is nationally economic development and growth,” he had stated.

  28. @colonel buggy
    I know how my black sis&bro get on , I work for CTO,CARICOM so I see the sucking up to the whites from the black ED&SG at the top to the maid , I used do freighting for a COW to my own black Bro& sis all over B’dos and would give them my # ***** to call me next time , they promise to call , but next time , its back to COW although the price is almost 3 times more

  29. Yes indeed, there is sufficient evidence to indicate that our Caucasian brethren would have made more progress more under black led administrations than the colonial run ‘Executive in Committee’ system of governance. Bajan whites know that they have nothing to fear from blacks. Have you ever heard whites complaining of bad treatment at black managed institutions like the hospital, the airport. the seaport etc. No. Why ? we blacks go out of our way to accomodate them perhaps seemingly out of fear, willingness to please or mental conditioning. Take your pick..

  30. David both Transport Board and NHC absorbed a large number of unskilled workers prior to 2008 in actual fact these were two areas of absorption used by the BLP in the lead up to the Elections of 2008.

  31. David
    Who wants to deal with the fact in as at the end of January, 2014 with the inflow of funds from Credit Suisse and tourist receipts Barbados still managed hemorrhage another loss of US$125 Million dollars.

    We are screwed and all the while the PM, Sinckler and Worrell seemed to care.

  32. US$125 loss of foreign exchange in one month. Boy the price of have a poor central bank governor and an idiot in the Min of Finance.

  33. watchman | February 6, 2014 at 3:39 PM


    the PM only look alive when he is in the company of white people all part of a learned behaviour,,,,,,
    , the masta syndrome , still alive and well in most blacks especially Caribbean blacks who are yet to understand the meaning and power of self determination,,,,,,would be surprise if he responded differently,, in reality can;t help ..he is not alone,,,,in this behavior,,,,just proof of after years of being physically free we still exhibits the same symptoms of our ancestors slave master mentally to the point of where we find ourselves mimicking their traits,

  34. Prodigal Son | February 6, 2014 at 8:07 PM |

    Was David Estwick allowed to make his power point presentation to cabinet today?
    Barbados Today stated that he failed to get a cabinet hearing. It went on to say that he emerged from he meeting half hour before his colleagues. His body action shows someone that had enough and might take matters in his hand. We await that decision. I have a sneaky feeling that a third party is going to emerge.
    I say so on February 6 @ 9.58 p.m.

  35. @well Welll
    what i advocated was peaceful demonstration using purchasing power as leverage or closure or movement of accounts from one financial institution to another, such a call is financial institutions weakness is money and thought of any business losing good customers always make them respond with rapid speed while acknowledging the consumer /customer concerns….rallying and galvanizing support for those unemployed is most timely and warranted at this time,,

  36. Was he upset on not being permitted to make a presentation or because barbados loss another US$125 million in foreign exchange in January 2014?

  37. Estwick beginning look and sound like mia,,,,,can’t ;t get a point across,,,,,,however there is always his new found friends those he can rely to make his point , barbados today and the BLP nation news paper

  38. If Estwick defects as he threatens to and elections are called who will win? Anybody? Estwick and Marshall aka Billy the Kid and Jesse James sitting on the same opposition bench. This would be a must see Kodak moment.

  39. @ Mahogany
    There is one thing seriuously wrong with this submission: it should have been written on November 30, 1966.
    But better late then never.
    It is a debate we must have as a nation. How about those people freewheeling on the West Coast in their multi-million pound homes?

    • why is it that here in Barbados the average person seems unable to contribute anything meaningful to some intelligent conversation,
      but yet seem to be experts on determining who are ‘know it all.’
      I’ve noticed this more so when persons are responding to black individuals
      who lived or are living outside of Barbados.
      maybe its because those of us who have lived abroad had to adopt this know-it-all attitude to demonstrate to others that we’re are not dumb ass schmucks from some little island. Even so, it wasn’t just an attitude, it was letting those who would assume shit about us know that we have half a brain.
      Now, talking about who has a bigger dick and a woman’s big ass is not what I’m talking about!
      The powers that be knows this about you, thus you’re continually fhuck with their big dicks, then rub big ass shit in yuh face.

  40. BLP supporter Ricky Singh has never really hidden his party preference. When Owen Arthur declared that he ad no confidence in Mia Mottley, Ricky Singh ran from that topic.
    He concentrated on his constant harping about freedom of movement but now he can devote his entire Friday article to David Estwick.
    I must admit – Barbados could benefit if such a space was given to Corey Layne or Roger Husbands or some other young community activist whose voice should be heard.
    Ricky Singh says virtually the same thing every week.

  41. Why do we pretend that Ricky Singh is some senior journalist? What original ideas does he have? What great contribution has he made to Caribbean journalism?

  42. I am sorry, but since I read him, in Barbadian and other publications, it is not a view I support. May be it is my bias.

  43. David

    After Hal’s comment on Ricky Singh, I hope you no longer admonish commentators who find Hal to be an incompetent just as he is inferring about Ricky Singh.
    The more Hal speaks the more he sounds like a know-it-all….but then again he went to 5 tertiary education institutions in the UK, works for FT and is tall enough to pass under a subway turnstile without bending thetefore must be an expert.

  44. David

    Take your tongue out of your cheek with that remark.

    Great Journalist my .big………… HE SHOULD BE OUT OF HERE LIKE YESTERDAY.He and his family enjoyed all Barbados has to offer and yet never has anything good to say baout Barbados.

    I don’t think many people read him anyway.I certainly have stopped long,long,long time ago.

  45. @ Enuff

    You have made two errors. First, I did not go to school (I though Barbadians loved education?) it is all a pretence and I am shorter than that. I am a natural limbo dancer. Keep tourists happy.

  46. @ NationBLPnewspaper | February 7, 2014 at 6:21 AM |
    “Ricky Singh says virtually the same thing every week.”

    Isn’t this a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black?
    Why don’t you look into the mirror and see a true blue Bajan Ricky Singh?

    In which newspaper does Singh write his articles? Is it the same newspaper your are addicted to?
    You poor sucker, you just can’t wean yourself off the Nation’s shit of crack cocaine.

  47. The Nation is (and has been for years now) the propaganda arm of the movement to destroy Barbados going under the name of ONE CARIBBEAN / CSME. Harold Hoyte accepted plenty pieces of silver to facilitate that strategy.

    Ricky Singh is a mediocre joker – of the same ilk as the other Indian joker calling himself a professor, who milked 4 Seasons for YEARS before being kicked off the bones.

    Enuff you could really hush. Hal is right.

    On the other hand, since the Nation and the likes of Singh and Persuad seem to be accomplishing their mission to destroy Barbados, perhaps jokers who support the CSME style destruction of the Barbadian way of life (like Enuff) will go down in history as the brilliant ones among us……when the new Barbados rises from the ashes ….at the lowest common Caribbean denominator – where we are headed…

  48. Bushie. I bet when you in your bushy habitat, you will prefer to get the full news from the said Nation which you hypocritically trying to cry down. Probably you prefer to read the paper of press releases filled with cut and paste from the internet. Where is the journalistic touch dealing with the issues affecting Barbadians. It looks as though CBC and The Advocate are in bed with this administration filled with the blessing from you Bushie, Fractured and those who criticise the Nation.


    Grenada was the first English-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country to have a change of government by the bullet rather than the ballot.
    How long before Barbados is next?

    Barbados have Political Independence and not Freedom ,and with this they Chuse to Crook the Nations in the name of the Queen , But the Queen of What?

  50. The Blp jokers are so full of …….. Where were these same persons now saying the Advocate is in bed with the Dems when prior to 2008 ALL the Editorials,ALL the news slant with Denzil Agard (the late) who was rewarded with 2 consultancies from Owen and the BLP under the then BLP advocate had nothing good to say about the dems and only carried BLP news.

    This is why the people of Barbados cannot trust the blp they will spit in your face and tell you it is milk,


    • @Commonsense is not common

      Are you suggesting because same occured under Owen that the Advocates’ policy today is ok?

  51. David,
    This joker above knows that the Advocate only switched sides when the owner could not get what he wanted. The dead king then promised him whatever he wanted but died before he could deliver. The Advocate is still singing for its supper.

    I have noticed that there is not much mention of the layoffs in the Advocate…………I guess like Fumble, they are not concerned with the numbers who are suffering as a result of the boneheaded policies of the DLP but with achieving targets……………so much for the notion that Barbados is more than an economy, it is a society. Well right now the economy is gone and so is the society.

    Does the DLP care? Why, most of these are the suckers who fell for their lies………….hook, line and sinker.

  52. Common sense is not common. However with you, common sense seems to be uncommon. Yes, prior to the the 2008 elections, the tabloid local owner was endorsing the Bees due to past friendship. As soon as David won the Government handbrakes were pulled with a 180 degree turn towards the Dees. Remember, newspapers profits come from the party in power through advertising. Get the picture my friend. It’s all about business.

    • As someone stated on the radio this week, a read of the Advocate makes one conjure up the belief that we (bajans) are in a different place. Bryan is obviously manufacturing a message in the same way many of our socalled political analysts are doing, Maureen Holder leads the pack.

  53. @Bushie
    Um is your party that destroying Barbados!! As for Ricky Singh I never commented on whether he was good or bad, I left that to you and Hal.

    Wunna waan beat me fuh being critical of Hal for being critical of Ricky Singh…..same shite I was saying. What is with the ranting about living overseas and black etc? Complex much? The UK is sometimes referred to as a little island too by the way and highlighting cut and paste artistry, foolishness and hypocrisy is contributing. Some of Hal’s ideas I like and some I don’t. Sue me!!

  54. David

    All I am saying is why didn’t the same ones hollering for bias now,call out the BLP when the advocate was even worse with its bias then.

    I think the paper has lost all credibilty and I feel really sorry for the few good journalists still left there.

    The BLP apologists are never able to call out their side on anything wrong it is as if they are whiter than the snow.

    Just think if The advocate and the Nation media houses were all pushing the BLP spin,what a sad state this country would be in.

    I believe media houses should report the facts and let they people do their own analysis.If you have columnists sympathetic to one side then do some balance and have the opposite side;s view as well

  55. @ Common sense is not common | February 7, 2014 at 6:34 PM |
    “I believe media houses should report the facts and let they people do their own analysis.If you have columnists sympathetic to one side then do some balance and have the opposite side;s view as well”

    Simply put, we couldn’t agree with you more.

    Only if your call was also directed at the sole TV station and also at the so-called political analysts aka spin doctors like Maureen Holder the supreme intellectual prostitute.

    But it so happens prostitutes in any form or dress have a very short “useful” life. She is becoming a bloody bore in the DLP propaganda bed with constant orgasmic failure.
    Don’t be surprised if she is ditched for a younger more refreshingly convincing model.

  56. @ Enuff
    Boss man.
    When Bushie’s party REALLY start mashing up Barbados um going be fire and brimstone in wunna tails….that is how we do it…. 🙂

    BOTH the Advocate and Nation are a bunch of gutless brass bowls who aided and abetted all the shit in Barbados FOR YEARS until Barbados Free Press and then the real McCoy David (BU) came on the scene.
    Not a word about the thieving
    Nothing on the courts and their nastiness
    Dumb about the bribery of politicians by businessmen
    Bigging up incompetents…
    But the NATION has also been noticeably ANTI everything Bajan….leading the charge towards the lowest denominator….

    Wuh who own um?….
    …a spade is a spade.

  57. Maureen Holder is a political hore who seems to be on PMS 24/7. What she needs to study is when history is written on this time what will it say about Maureen Holder?

    i’m sure her time will come and when it does i personally will take pride in seeing it.

    let the stupid bitch go rant and rave about that.

  58. man Lawson
    If you only knew how serious a situation we are facing you would be tense too…
    Um is no longer a laughing matter yuh….

  59. PLANTATION DEEDS FROM 1926 TO 2014 , MASSIVE FRAUD ,LAND TAX BILLS AND NO DEEDS OF BARBADOS, BLPand DLP=Massive Fruad | February 7, 2014 at 12:00 PM |

    Grenada was the first English-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country to have a change of government by the bullet rather than the ballot.
    How long before Barbados is next?

    You seem very close to getting a Yellow Card from BU

  60. @Boy Blue,

    Not even David Ellis would take her back. She hurt him badly……….in the way she treated him after he got her started on the call in programme. Then as soon as the fumbler got rid of PW, she ups and left David hot and dry! Not even a liberal like David would tolerate her again plus she has taken politics to a whole new low over there at CBC. She has now become a political whore!

  61. What in interesting about Maureen is that whenever some-one calls about a criticism of the DLP she cuts them off abruptly. She is really showing that the CBC is NOT a government station but a DLP station, she must be worried tonight awaiting the Estwick decision, if we go back to the polls and the DLP loses, she will join the jobless list.

  62. The BLP supporters are complaining about Maureen Holder but never say a word when for 6 years and in some cases continuing as I write:
    Pat Hoyos was given a column on Sunday and a moderator’s chair to campaign for the BLP in a most unprecedented and partisan manner and also in the Nation business paper.

    Clyde Mascoll , the official BLP spokesman is still being given a column every week to curse the government.

    Sanka Price was consistently pro BLP in every column he wrote and openly so.

    Albert Brandford is as predictably anti DLP as a you can imagine.

    Ezra Alleyne – former BLP MP was used to give “independent” analysis.

    Tennyson Joseph who has now come out on the BLP platform speaking at political rallies and calling the government fascist.

    Are you getting the picture?

    Harry Russell openly called for a change of government and used his Monday column to push this relentlessly even recently speaking at BLP political meetings.

    Peter Wickham who never hides his dislike for the DLP leader and is now being paid by Mottley to moderate “BLP discussions” at certain events.

    Caswell Franklyn ,long time BLP supporter who told this blog that his articles were not to be about politics but everytime he writes he is calling for the BLP to be in power.

    Of course we cannot forget the lady editor from St. Peter who is yet to produce the SIGNED letter which she eagerly told the world was delivered.

    In the last election we saw the scenario where the BLP was able to run 5 – FIVE different WHOLE PAGE ads with just headlines from the Nation newspaper over the last 5 years.

    Yet because of political blinkers, some supporters of the BLP would ignore the political prostitution at the Nation BLP newspaper and focus on Maureen Holder.
    Those who admire the Nation BLP glass house should not throw stones. The partisan behavior of the Nation BLP newspaper is there for all to see.
    The Nation newspaper is the BLP’s journalistic prostitute.

    • Idiot, point out anytime when any of my articles call for the BLP to be in power. You don’t want criticism. That is why all the riot gear that the AG don’t know about is stored at District A Police Station to quell legitimate dissent.


    • @


      Don’t worry because it was compensated for my Maxine, Harry, Tony, Maureen et al on Brasstacks.


    Posted by Carl Harper 2 days agoThe DLP promoted its mantra, “Barbados is more than an economy; it’s a society” to the extent it became their anthem.

    The society featured so prominently during and after the 2008 Elections, the economy was given little or no attention, even with the difficulties already being experienced by our main trading partners.

    During the first year of coming to Office, the DLP was obsessively preoccupied with renaming schools and other public places, and rewarding Party stalwarts with titles for their loyal support over the years.

    The middle-class was subject to a barrage of increased taxation, rates and fees during the first 2008 Budget that resulted in contracting economic activity and hurting business.

    Now today, thousands of workers are being sent on the breadline to endure untold “hardships” that were not part of PM Stuart’s plan. According to him, that fell under the BLP agenda.

    Suddenly, it is the economy that the Prime Minister wants to make “sound”, only after learning recently that 54 cents of each dollar of government’s earnings go to paying wages and salaries.

    Stuart not only has to grapple with a collapsing economy, but with a dissenting Minister who is at variance with his own government’s fiscal and economic policies.

  64. In a way it is tragic that Dr. Estwick finds himself in such a quandary !

    He cannot leave the Dems….because they all have the facts on him !

    He cannot go to the Bees…. because they do not trust him since his GUN expose !

    He cannot convince the Arabs that he will get his DLP colleagues to accept their money !

    And most FATALLY of all….it is alleged that he is driving around a lavish sports car paid for with Arab money…..but to which a price has to be paid by him !

    Think on these Barbadians….such predicaments often sends one in to a RANT and PANIC mode !!!!!

    Estwick – your WICK is alight !

    It is only a matter of time………

  65. I hope BU readers see how the Dems are willing to threaten/demonise even their own to hold on to power. Telling indeed.

  66. @Enuff
    I hope BU readers see how the Dems are willing to threaten/demonise even their own to hold on to power. Telling indeed
    That approach is emblematic of politics in Little England, it happens when the BLP is under pressure too as recent events have shown.

    Same play different cast.

    • It seems we are always willing to explain uncalled for political events by referencing similar on the other side. So around and around we go…

  67. I don’t recall seeing a threat broadcast on BU though; but letters and court docs ended up in the public

  68. @ Fractured BLP | February 8, 2014 at 7:26 AM

    Fractured, the cannibalism (or is it more ‘caninebalism’) in the blood sports arena in George Street has started. A sure sign of pending collapse of a shaky useless government.

    Cannibal Fractured, do you realise when you have Estwick for breakfast you cannot have him for lunch or dinner?
    Eat him for breakfast and see which side your bread is buttered for lunch.
    Remember your subtraction tables: 16-1 = 15 chickens being chased by 14+1 foxes (in your case mongooses).
    You know what the zero sum outcome will be, for sure!

  69. It is clear here that in the interest of Barbados, a fresh election should be called. An election of real issues and not an extended crop over, like what transpired during the recent elections,will be in everybody’s best interest. The MCG identifies with those who really put Barbados first. While we welcome, understand and essentially agree with the postings of the PDC, we are equally aware , that the acceptance and or rejection of a third party is in the hands of the electorate. While we remain vehement that both the BLP and DLP have outlived their usefullness, we are equally aware , that these two parties are now institutions and their collective shadow is very long. In other words, to rid Barbados of the BLP/DLP will in all reality be a herculean task that will call for men and women of vision and who are prepared to suffer : economically, socially,professionally and indeed politically before such an effort bears the desired fruit. The MCG , therefore, strongly believes , that citizens must be forever vigilant in defending their democracy and the path to do is clear via organs such as call in programs and BU. We must make it clear , that the long term goal of the MCG is to have a Caribbean Nation Government. We are therefore aware that our struggle will have to continue and we are happy to report ,that we have members as young as nine years old, who are being prepared to carry on and eventually execute this mission and vision.

  70. Fractured BLP | February 8, 2014 at 7:26 AM |

    In a way it is tragic that Dr. Estwick finds himself in such a quandary !
    He cannot leave the Dems….because they all have the facts on him !
    He cannot go to the Bees…. because they do not trust him since his GUN expose !
    He cannot convince the Arabs that he will get his DLP colleagues to accept their money !
    And most FATALLY of all….it is alleged that he is driving around a lavish sports car paid for with Arab money…..but to which a price has to be paid by him !………………………………………………………..

    I just knew that it would not take very long before the Dems brought out their knives and guns to go after one of their own.

    Remember what they did to Marilyn Rice Bowen when she dared to disagree with the one from St Philip North? They exposed her, saying that her son was getting contracts from the NHC.

    So wait, are you, Brek up Dem, accusing the doctor of corruption, taking bribes? Oh no, I wonder never believe that a Dem is on the take! I though only the Bees are corrupt according to you Dems……….. only Dems are squeaky clean. Well, well, well. Talk your talk, Dr Estwick, let the guns and knives come out so that we can see what is in these files the Dems have.

    But wait, Brek up Dem, just like you have files on David Estwick, has it entered into your fractured thick head that Estwick who is no fool must have loads of files on all you wild boys? Just think about that.

    Whither the much touted integrity legislation? Was this not the platform on which the Dems were elected in 2008? And to think Bajans believed you , not knowing that the chief architect of the lie was in fact the biggest liar, cheater and thief! My gardener, a poor soul told me today, the government lied and fooled Barbadians, even he knows that!

  71. I have seen coverage of the BLP rallies on CBC, I have seen coverage in The Advocate.
    Unfortunately, because the Nation newspaper has a strategy of using BLP columnists to attack one political party seven days a week , they want to condemn anyone who does not follow that line.
    The fact is that the opinion writers in the Nation newspaper are 99.9% known BLP supporters. I have consistently shown the names and have been vindicated by some of these people eventually declaring their hand openly like Harry Russell.

    We cannot hide from the truth , no writer at The Advocate is as one sided in their analysis as Albert Brandford, Harry Russell, Clyde Mascoll, Pat Hoyos, Tennyson Joseph and the list of other BLP supporters.

    The Nation newspaper is clearly a BLP spin doctor. Deal with the facts annunaki .

  72. @David

    Don’t worry because it was compensated for my Maxine, Harry, Tony, Maureen et al on Brasstacks.”

    Please show me where any of the above moderators also had a weekly column in the biggest circulated newspaper on Sundays calling for the defeat of the then BLP government as Pat Hoyos did and more recently Peter Wickham.
    I am waiting……..

  73. @Caswell
    “Idiot, point out anytime when any of my articles call for the BLP to be in power.”

    FRANKLY SPEAKING Column, Sunday, December 13, 2014 by Caswell Franklyn:
    “In Government the DLP are horrible leaders; in Opposition they were not good followers; and the only thing left is get out of the way for the sake of this country.”

    When last I checked, there are two parties that will form the government of Barbados- the DLP or the BLP. Therefore, Mr. Franklyn, one does not need to read a truckload of law books to know that a call for the DLP to leave office will result in the BLP taking their place.
    Even an idiot could figure that out.

  74. When will they pay the Drainage Workers their severance?????
    The minister needs to make a statement. They are breaking the law!

  75. What a sight …..
    DEM plates are full
    And all is well
    Whilst de Drainage Workers
    Smelling hell.
    Begging and borrowing
    to make ends meet
    Some already get put pon de street
    DEM chase them off
    with one phone call
    Had a meeting at Sherbun
    and that was all
    after giving them speeches like honey
    De poor people still want dey severance money.

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