The Coming Calamity of the DLP

Submitted by Pachamama
Author contended then that OSA was more likely to accept an offer of national unity

Pachamama posits that OSA was more likely to accept an offer of national unity

The absence of political maturity in Barbados is unhelpful in circumstances where the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) barely ‘won’ the last general elections. The general acceptance by both the DLP and Barbados Labour Party (BLP) that the winner should take all fails to leave space for more normative interpretations of the perceptions of the electorate as expressed by their votes. Indeed, we currently live at a time when the country that Barbados mimics and looks to for an understanding about ourselves has had a coalition government for a number of years. In fact, the British parliament is comprised of multiple parties that, in name at least, have a wide range of political ideologies and yet there is space in the political culture for bi-partisan government at several levels. Not so in Barbados. For some reason we would rather pretend that there are such fundamental differences between the two major parties that there can never be an overriding national consensus that goes beyond party loyalty. We consider the political tendencies of Bajans are much more sophisticated than this simplistic polarizing construct.

Let us theorize. We have previously argued that the general elections of 2013 presented a unique historical moment for Fruendel Jerome Stuart (FJS) to rise about the collective tribal instincts of his party and seek to form a government of national unity with a BLP headed by OSA. We contended then that OSA was more likely to accept such an offer given the prevailing global environment and our judgment that OSA was better positioned to accept such a proposition than a BLP led by MAM. We judged then that OSA was already PM and had therefore tasted near absolute power and as such could have been better persuaded that the national interests were to be above party in a new dispensation. It was clear to us then as it is now that FJS lacked the political instincts to seize that historical moment to reshape the political culture of Barbados and maybe the rest of the Caribbean. This lack of courage is likely to truncate the current tenure of the DLP, open up the administration to the vagaries of ‘second-termism’, deny Barbados the talents of a wider pool from which to draw and unduly pressurize an administration which could be expected to face tremendous burdens, given the global environment. Burdens no other regime in its history of Barbados has had to face thus far.

Our history tells us that politicians are less likely to be as ‘punctilious’ in a second term as they try to be in the first. This thinking suggest that actors are anxious to ‘settle certain accounts’ in the second term as they fear it maybe they last. So we are used to a higher number of disclosures about behaviors that often appear ‘inconsistent’ with the laws of Barbados, though nobody is ever charged or even investigated. Tom Adams tried something after 1976 but nothing much became of that. The pressures felt by political actors are well known to MAM. In her mind, she may well be thinking, that all that has to happen to topple this DLP administration is to find one or two weak links within the DLP, of course, FJS maybe also thinking the reverse. However, It could be at this ‘weakness’ that a sponsor could direct a certain quantum of resources. These targets might not have to pretend to confront FJS and his DLP, ideologically. He or she (they) could, for example,  have a temporary, life threatening illness as attested to by a competent physician aligned to the BLP and another general election would be in the offing. Other options may require a visit to the Governor General to apprise him of an arithmetical formulation that he might not have been aware of. In the case were a few early bi-elections are to be called the DLP is more likely to lose. In circumstances where an early general election is forced, the BLP is likely to have an advantage especially if a vote of no confidence is well ‘calibrated’ as done by OSA previously. All things are possible in politics.

These are the kinds of possible scenarios the failure of FJS has brought to Barbados and his DLP because other bi-partisan options could not have been explored. Politically, FJS could have intervene into the affairs of the BLP before MAM was even elected as its leader; present a win-win situation to OSA; bring a sense of shared bi-partisan responsibility to governance; forever remove party hacks, on both sides, from the national space; open up the Westminster system for radical transformation; put OSA in the unenviable position of saying that he will not serve his country under FJS when the country needed him most; and if the economic difficulties got worse, like we are guided they will, OSA’s BLP would have ceded the power to Stuart to blame him (OSA) for not putting the country first. This Bajan friendly strategy could have delivered to OSA the victory of never having MAM as leader of the BLP – high stakes. We know that OSA was reluctant to leave MAM in charge of the BLP. Only the passage of time can determine the extent to which Stuart’s deliberate misinterpretation of the electoral intentions of Bajans influence events.

For this writer the near tied political contest was a prime opportunity for the country to engage a self-directed radical transformation process. It is our considered view that Barbados has to find ways to break out of the stranglehold of a Westminster system that no longer serves our wider national interests. And yes, we believe that both the BLP and the DLP, in their present state, are unhelpful in achieving greater levels of democracy, a broader sharing of power, a better distribution of resources and so on. We are committed to the peaceful resolution of this national dysfunction using all means necessary. We were saddened that the culture did not throw up a leader who could break us out of perverse tribalism that is projected as politics in Barbados even though informally BLP-DLP divisions are not as clear cut as party loyalist, on both sides, would have us believe.

On the other side of the political coin where a BLP under MAM, assuming she is able to force an election or attract numbers to her side or that she can win such an election when called, nothing fundamental would of happened to change the political culture, the circumstances for most Bajans, the deteriorating global conditions or the underlying political-economy model. A BLP government, not unlike the current regime, will seek comfort in the tribal loyalists and extend the business as usual attitude. Unfortunately, for Bajans we would have missed a golden opportunity to transform politics and benefit from the quantum leap our country needs now more than ever. These are our central reasons for arguing for the intervention of the masses of the people in a non-partisan movement for national transformation.

87 thoughts on “The Coming Calamity of the DLP

  1. No one on the BLP’s side will EVER trust Freundel Stuart.

    Your post would be ideal in a real world but given our level of politics in Barbados, Dems will never join with the Bees it would signal to the world that the Dems could not handle running Barbados. MAM offered to help a few weeks ago provided that the Dems came clean. What did she get from the MOF………put your ideas on paper, we wont meet with you.

    Trust is the key to get the key persons in Barbados to the country going again. And that is the problem….no one trust Freundel Stuart or Chris Sinckliar. Who would trust Freundel Stuart? OSA tried to help the lying whelp from the gang of 11 who wanted to overthrow him and he turned around and used part of OSA’s note against him. Would you ever trust a man like that?

  2. All them Crooks, and will always be crooks, put them all out the people house , Get mad at us if you want to , but we can not get nothing done when you see all these people are crooks , laws mean nothing to them and you trust them with the people money.
    Master slave relationship ., pig in a poke,
    No one can justified their games on the people.
    The World is watching how these Caribbean Crooks deal with laws and rule of laws .There is none,

  3. @ Prodigal Son | June 28, 2013 at 9:06 PM

    Until Fumble apologizes to the people of Barbados, especially the politically abused CLICO policyholders, he has no moral authority to inflict any major fiscal adjustments or ask people to make sacrifices for the sake of the nation
    Fumble does not know more about the economy than he was told 4 months ago. What dramatically life changing events have taken place since the Estimates debate in March other than them going on long periods of leave from the House. Did the UK or American economy collapse?

    If he is looking for ideas how to manage the economy why look to the BLP whom he accuses of bringing about the circumstances that led to the current state of economic constipation.
    Why not look to his pal Leroy Greenverbs whom he dubbed as the greatest executive and business man Barbados ever produced.
    One cannot wait to hear the bullshitter Jepter Ince and the insufferable Reggie Hunte rain down on hailstones of blame on the BLP and the bogey international recession for this administration having to make such drastic cutbacks.
    Every thing prior to 2008 is to be blamed for this $400 mill correction. Not the unrealistically stupid fudge figure of $1.2 billion deficit included in the current Estimates.

    We wonder if the same DLP choir boys and girls along with their supporters in the BU audience like BT would still describe Fumble as a man of integrity, honesty and impeccable character well versed in the art of competent governance?

  4. miller,
    I am convinced that these Dems refused to listen because they actually believed that they had to do nothing but hope and “wait and see what happens”.

    From well before David Thompson’s sickness, we on BU were warning this government to do something. All during Thompson’s sickness, it seem as if NO ONE was in charge.The Dems seem to believe that Thompson was actually coming back as they alone knew what was wrong with him as they refused to tell Barbados that he as sick. After cries from the people, they sent Darcy Boyce to face the media……. with disastrous results. The PM then said he was only keeping house. He knew how sick DT was.

    So when these Dems want to blame the BLP, they should be ashamed. Those months that the economy was left to drift is what broke the camel’s back.

    By the way, has anyone seen or heard from Frank Alleyne since the election night?

  5. Prodigal
    What is Mia going to help do? We are in trouble because of some of her actions. Is she going to help sort out the payments for the Prison. Would she help with the massive layoffs in the Public Service that was brought down by Mr. Sandiford to a manageable number and balloon up by the BLP who got all of them appointed before being voted out.

    Most Bajans know that they are living beyond their means but continue like if we have all these resources and will not be affected like Spain and Greece.

    This Government must bite the bullet now and put the measures in place that would cut the deficit down.

    I would suggest the first place to start is UWI. Only pay for ten students who are doing sociology, psychology, social work, History, Linguistics and any other area that is not important to economic development at this stage. Who want to do these areas of study will pay using student loans from a bank or credit union.

    Increase the number of students into Polytechnic who can go straight into the productive sectors.

    Create an Agricultural Production Company and transfer half of NCC and drainage workers into it for agricultural production on Government lands and Plantations that are in bush. This will help with import substitution. Let Barbadian children get accustom to sweet potato chips.
    Stop all government officials from flying first class and they will only fly if the meeting is of critical importance
    All government vehicles that are not involved in an essential service must be park at the Police Stations as Mr. Barrow once did.

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  7. Prodigal

    Or Mia and the opposition can carry a resolution to the parliament to revoke the law that says salaries cannot be cut so that persons can keep their jobs but still getting a salary.
    That was an ignorant thing to do because it did save the country at that time. Nothing should be taken of the table when it comes to a small high living standards economy like Barbados

  8. @ Pachamama

    Well if the posters on BU are representative of the general population then no one should be surprised that the politicians are as inept as they are…
    One gets the impression that some posters are so upset at not having won the last elections that they relish the imminent demise of their own society…..such brilliant thinking….
    Bushie could understand Zoe and GP having such a relish since they pray daily for “…thy kingdom come…” and as such have only a passing interest in this society.
    Any normal set of people would focus on the common enemy of imminent poverty and collectively overcome that enemy BEFORE going at each other’s throat again….
    …but clearly brass bowls are different….

  9. like the pm said a balanced have to be met economically and socially. so to the malcontents who are sitting and awaiting for thousands of public workers to be sent home it is not going to happen. there is a possibility for mergers ,

  10. after yesterday the blp haters have become like raving lunatics frothing at the mouth wishing and hoping for the demise of the country, but it is not going to happen. and u know what wunna not going win the next election.

  11. @ Clone | June 28, 2013 at 10:08 PM |

    You and that pre-2008 blame game again!
    Hasn’t this administration subsequently showered praise on the wisdom of building a state-of-the art prison and its enlightened operational management? What about the Judicial Centre about which the PM recently expressed words of envy and delight even if not about its occupants?

    You and your lot had 5 years to sort things out but what you did was to exacerbate the problem by hiring 5,000 or more voting yardfowls and increasing the national debt from $4.7 billion to almost $9 billion.

    Clone, what you have recommended as proposals to help deal with the problems government is facing are not new. These have been proposed, put on the table and discussed ad nauseam.

    The problem is one of implementation deficit that has led to the current fiscal deficit.

    Let us look at just one example you mentioned; paying for tuition fees at the UWI.
    You think this is something new coming from you? But lo and behold the PM gave his non-negotiable iron clad assurance even in the recent Estimate debate that university education shall remain free under any DLP led administration. Over his dead body would Bajan students be asked to pay one red cent towards their tuition costs!

    I would not even mention the “No layoffs, No to privatization mantra” the complete opposite of which you seem to be promoting with intense vigour based on your submission above.
    What has changed you Clone, since February 20th?

  12. and miller what is the Blp alternative.l Massive layoffs and Privitazation. Now how in the hell would that save the economy.

  13. ,
    @ ac | June 28, 2013 at 10:27 PM |
    “ like the pm said a balanced have to be met economically and socially. so to the malcontents who are sitting and awaiting for thousands of public workers to be sent home it is not going to happen. there is a possibility for mergers..”

    Ac those thousand of public workers are the same thousands the DLP frightened into believing the BLP would have been sending home if re-elected in February last.
    Remember when you were prancing around this blog claiming that the BLP had plans to send home 10,000 public sector workers? Retribution, retribution!

    It is not the BLP malcontents like the miller, onions or the prodigal son you should be concerned about. We are just a load of hot air gasbags.
    We are not the ones that brought the country to such a sorry state. We were just the messengers, whistleblowers and even prophets of gloom and doom like Elijah , Isaiah or Nehemiah.
    It is the IMF enforcers who would be supervising your every move. Direct your venom towards them.

    So ac, why not suggest to this administration where to cut to reduce expenditure by $400 million?
    Don’t you think it passing strange that this $400 million figure seems to have magical qualities about it? It’s the same figure bandied about as the cost of building Lowe’s WTE plant, of creating a new sugar cane industry for Estwick, and, magically, the same fudged figure deficit used to balance the Estimates on the current account for the current financial year.
    No ability to borrow $400 million means no way of plugging the current account deficit, plain and simple. And that doesn’t even include the $150 million owed to the UWI as an off-balance sheet liability.

    Why not start small like the size of the Cabinet and fire Sinckler for a start?

    How can there be mergers in a service type industry without loss of positions? Are we going to have 5 managers being paid to do 2 people’s jobs? Do you really think the IMF would allow that kind of nonsense to prevail?
    Why must the private sector go through these manpower cutbacks and the parasitic public sector remains unscathed?

  14. @ ac | June 28, 2013 at 10:45 PM |
    ” and miller what is the Blp alternative.l Massive layoffs and Privitazation. Now how in the hell would that save the economy.”

    The BLP have no alternatives. They have their own internal blood letting like the DLP had in the bad old days of David T.
    Stop looking towards the BLP and get on with the initial $400 million in cuts that must take place before the end of this financial year.

    Get on with the people’s business. One wonders what you guys are going to say when you have to inflict severe pain and suffering on these poor naive folks (like the old lady in the TB electoral propaganda piece) who trusted you and voted for you, again. “The BLP & IMF made us to it”.

  15. Well Captain Yardfowl ac keep defending yah party with gusto. I hope you know the saying that a captain does go down wid de ship. You gine now come on this blog talking blasted lies on the BLP when at no time we advocated massive layoffs. I mean the Bees were the only ones,around election time, with GUTS to come to de people with some solutions to the crisis the DEMS creating and the DEMS choose the coward card to play politics, exaggerate what the Bees saying and keep saying nothing to de people. Wanna DEMS want putting in a political JAIL.

  16. Get out the pop corn and the soda, the economic movie is about to start. It is entitled “Fumble and Stinkliar economic recovery plan”. Look what the best country in the English-speaking Caribbean has come to! Devaluation of the currency and shortage of foreign exchange will be part of our diet in a few weeks. For sure the Guyanese and Jamaicans will have a good laugh.

  17. Cut $400M, as follows : Salaries &Wages $70M, Debt Restructuring to reduce interest expense by $200M, Goods & Services $30M,Transfers & Subsidies $100M

  18. @Bush Tea

    Some question why we post these political blogs which always result in partisan bickering. Well Pacha is correct, the final result in the last general election clearly shows a disillusioned electorate. The BU chatter on political issues is what WE have become;politically polarised. This has occurred despite billions invested in educating our people. BU has called for many things in the last three years but always the refrain is to be partisan.

  19. Off Topic. I look at the cricket itinerary for this Tri Nation tournament and the Pakistan tour to follow. Unless I look at de wrong ting but can any body tell me why Barbados is not hosting any of these cricket matches? You mean not one?! Is it that this ministah of sport has no influence? Man something got to be blasted wrong!

  20. We wonder if the balance of power was 15 – 15 and new elections were held and they kept giving us the same outcome, would we have to have new elections over and over again again. Are there no set of circumstances where Bajans deserve a government of national reconstruction? What about now that we have a weak government, does our country not qualify for all the help it can get, from both parties? We are really smart people, boy!

  21. It is clear that the Nation Newspaper is intent on doing the public relations job for the BLP. Every week Mia Mottley is either given front page or page 3 with stories that have nothing new or revealing.
    It seems like Mia Mottley picks up the phone, calls Carol Martindale ,her main “connection” at the Nation and is put in a prominent page saying absolutely nothing new.

    Sanka Price is a national disgrace as a newspaper editor. He repeats the same thing every week without any balance or countervailing view and if you had any doubt as to the blatant anti government bias in the Nation, a guest column is introduced to give a view on the PAC issue last Wednesday and the only “analysis” the Nation could provide for Barbadians is one from BLP yardfowl and former MP Ezra Alleyne.

    Day after Day, week after week, the Nation is bending over backwards to be the journalistic prostitute of the opposition and then the idiot Tennyson Joseph has the audacity to speak about trying to silence alternative views.
    The most biased and one sided media in Barbados is the Nation Newspaper.

  22. In recent months, both the Advocate and CBC have tended to be much fairer in their coverage but the Nation BLP newspaper keeps trying to be the mouthpiece for the opposition.
    How can anyone read the Eff I Wuz and Question time section of the Saturday Nation every week and not realize the partisan Blinkers that Sanka Price wears. The evidence is clear.

    Next Expose – Would the Chairman of One Media – parent company of the Nation newspaper , Sir Fred Gollop – a former BLP Senator tell the people of Barbados how much money he donated to the BLP campaign in the last election?
    Kaymar Jordan ,the fired Nation editor said she thanked Sir Fred for the opportunity to work at the Nation, could it be possible that the former BLP senator and still chairman influences the hiring of columnists?

    The Nation newspaper is in bed with the opposition, Their agenda is clear. Journalism in Barbados is at an all time low.

    Next time the Nation BLP columnists write, they should look in the mirror first.

  23. I look at the cricket itinerary for this Tri Nation tournament and the Pakistan tour to follow.Unless I look at de wrong ting but can any body tell me why Barbados is not hosting any of these cricket matches? You mean not one?! Is it that this ministah of sport has no influence?
    The Minister is innocent this time oilman the blame lays squarely at the feet of the BCA. This BCA board is the most incompetent in its proud history. If the head bad the body rotten. Barbados’ influence in cricket is at an all time low to the point of irrelevance on the West Indies stage.

  24. @fan
    Man I put it to you that no matter how incompetent de BCA is, a strong minister would mek sure that this nonsense don’t happen. I sorry but de buck stop at de ministah!

  25. Man it is things like this I look at more so than any troubles a government might have with finances. Yes you can have financial mismanagement on de part of a government but shite man don’t tell me that things that don’t call for money you failing to do.

    If these people did serious, them would mek sure we share in some of de spoils that can come from an international cricket tournament. Tri nation series, de matches shared between Trinidad and Jamaica. Pakistan tour matches shared between Guyana, St Vincent and St Lucia. This ministah of sport like he tek he eye off de ball.

  26. ac | June 28, 2013 at 10:27 PM |
    like the pm said a balanced have to be met economically and socially. so to the malcontents who are sitting and awaiting for thousands of public workers to be sent home it is not going to happen. there is a possibility for mergers.

    Do you read and or understand what you write?

  27. @ David
    A people ALWAYS get the government that they deserve. Our’s is a choice between shit and jobby.
    Education is NOT an end in itself. When you educate a brass bowl all you get is a certified brass bowl.

    Barbados deserves to be exactly where we are…. but it is fun hearing the brass bowls knock each other 🙂 …bet they will make different sounds when the bowls finally disintegrate…..

    • @Bush Tea

      Still hoping and praying. In these time there is nobody who can say that they have the answers BUT what we have to do is for there to be consensus/agreement on a way forward and everymanjack commit to put their shoulders to the plough.

  28. No, she does not, enuff.

    But wait how is it that we need 400 million now? What about the 600 million that the MOF boldly touted during the Estimates? Where was that to come from? Dems, you see now why it is difficult to believe a word coming out of this government’s mouth? No wonder the chief economic adviser, Frank Alleyne has gone into hiding.

    Oh my Lord!

  29. @ Pachamama

    It heartens an old man when among the young(er) Turks one sees such maturity and reasoned thought in one’s writing.

    Old Onions, Bush Tea and the Anunnaki would as men of reason while of a different political persuasion (begrudging) give you 9/10 for a superlative article.

    Ole man weighing in.

    Point 1. If only at the rudimentary level Fumble was able to comprehend the reasoning and wisdom of your first concept/strategy and seek to utilize a coalition, to consolidate his power now, before a forced by election which he will loose.

    For Fumble to employ such reason or wisdom he would have to understand that ” The enemy of my enemy is my friend” and that dear sir is where we arrive at my assertion that Fumble, as brilliant as he is in his recall of Homer and Copernicus etc, is probably the most ignorant Prime Minister we have had lead this country

    He is naive and does not understand how to be proactive in that regard.

    I have long since givin up on hoping that the dimwit would have seized the Kairos moment to bring a maturity to the political halls of these two cretinous political parties and to advance the ” we are the servants of the people concept” irrespective of the nomenclature of BLP or DLP

    That would require maturity and neither Fumble nor Mummy Why you bite me nor Seethru Arfa have reached that height of enlightenment yet. Assuredly Kerrie the Slasher, dale smiley Teets nor the other pretenders to the throne are light years away from that Aurora Borealis and Rubicon

    A friend of mine said it is time for a political party of men and women of conscience, morals and integrity but we wondered where such men sojourned on Mars since they could only be denizens of another planet and the air there was incapable of supporting life as we know it

    As if to signal how partisan we are even in cyberspace we assemble here each day and act as mirrors of our incompetent leadership being similarly disposed to hurl vitriolic comments and insults at parties known and unknown. We are where we are gents irrespective of the management and mismanagement and no drop of piety can retrieve the fallen milk from the earth where it lies.

    If BIM falls into devaluation, unemployment will increase rather will continue to increase and crime will skyrocket. We may be lucky not to have the Summers of Discontent with armed violent uprisings like the Middle East but suffering, irrespective of ostentatious manifestation is suffering nonetheless

    Let them continue to bicker and show themselves to be the nincompoops that we, in our weaker moments in January, and the last 20 years appointed.

    But I would as that we commit to coming here and while we can’t resist responding to the sometimes blatant idiocy that is blogged here, make it our business to submit alternatives for consideration, but with this slight difference ladies and gents, let it be that in our respective neighborhoods of existence, we start, wherever possible, to put all these ideas we are offering for active consideration, into practice.

    We Bajans does talk real powful but we are empty gourds and mout giants when it comes to delivering anything substantial

    Lets try to change that

  30. Fire and brimstone all u hearing from the BLP nothing of relevancy.. anyhow one sh..t head avocates dismantaling the safety net as a way forward to jump start the economy and save 4oomillion dollars wuh kind a proposal is that when all it is going to do is cut into the income of those who can least afford and that is the poor among us….Putting more people on the bread line is not the answer.

  31. @ ac | June 29, 2013 at 9:58 AM

    Please ac, why don’t you for once hearken to the advice of both PODRYR and David?
    What can you offer to help us get out of the serious hole we are in?
    Instead of just attacking or retaliating against the BLP and its minions like the miller why not make some worthwhile suggestions as to how we are going to cut back that $400 million?

    Why wait until all the water is sucked from the well before putting the house in order by a much need spring cleaning?
    It is the PM who said Bajans must be prepared to make sacrifices. What do you think he means if not laying off people? Defaulting on the country’s debt obligations or increasing taxes on non-existent economic activity?

    Help us out here ac, what should we do?

  32. Listening or taking anything seriously by the BLP, under Mia Mottley’s leadership, is a waste of time. The BLP with MAM at the helm is in a quandary.
    WHY ?
    1. George Payne , a senior BLP MP, publicly accused MAM of being a FRAUD. MAM is yet to deny that charge !
    2. CoP Darwin Dottin carried out many unethical activities with MAM blessings and approvals. MAM is yet to atone for such behaviour.

    So how the hell would one expect rational thinking Barbadians to put MAM in charge of this country national affairs. Especially, now the great USA Supreme Court has ruled…that it is happy…to be GAY !!

    Does not MAM stands for……Mia Attacks Meat ???

  33. Miller,

    I am glad you remember PM Stuart says it is a $ 400 million debt hole to close.

    Do you think that you and that con artist Owen Arthur can journey to GREENLAND and recover the $ 90 million wunna dump down there ? Then journey to the South Coast and recover the $ 340 million pumped into GEMS ? Those would be two good places to start.

    Barbados issue with the $ 400 million did not start overnight nor the past 5 years !

    That is why the BLP were rejected a second time !

    Wake up and smell the coffee or wait and get your head CRACKED !

  34. @Fractured BLP
    Yeah you right in telling Miller bout de money de BLP waste cause bottom line is that we ent get here wid all this debt overnight. But Fractured, why you end wid a threat to crack he head? Boy it seem as thought wunnah in de DLP serious bout inflicting violence.

    • @Oilman

      You have to take the comment – as DLPites would tell you – by placing it in context. How can a anonymous blogger ‘crack’ the head of another anonymous blogger? Context man!

  35. While people in Bim continue ad nauseam to espouse party, internationally, others are trying to come together as one to make sure they can withstand financial shocks that is not even around the corner anymore, but in plain sight, by sharing ideas on the best way to move forward. Again, as Obama told Caribbean leaders years ago when he first got elected, they got minnie me economies, so small they cannot register on any given scale and they should be adequately able to manage any problems given all the idiot certificates and law degrees they hold (my words), what would the government do if they had an economy the size and scale of the US economy with a population of 1/4 trillion, if they can’t diversify or handle a small economy with a mere 270,000 souls. What are they good for, only passing blame as the PM clearly showed.

  36. @ Fractured BLP | June 29, 2013 at 10:41 AM |

    David & PODRYR,

    Please come to the miller’s defence and protect me from this broken record of an idiot. Ask him to contribute ideas or proposals not slanderous attacks.

    Didn’t the same PM absolve all honourable members of the House on both sides of the divide from any involvement in corruption real or imagine during the debate of the Prevention of Corruption Bill in the dying days of the last session of Parliament?

  37. @David
    I tek you point but one would think that after de drama and angst that follow Jones’ ‘crack head and shoot’ statement that DLP people would try to calm things down. De fact that DLP people, even in blogging, have no problems threatening to crack heads says a lot about the mentality that exists within the bosom of de DLP.

    • @Oilman

      It is a tactic being used to press ‘hot-button’ words to intimate if only in a slightly subliminal way..

  38. @David
    Yeah and I hope people watching and taking note. These DLP people stoking a fire cause them seem to be invoking de common adage that Bajans docile. Well I would advise de DLP and all concerned to stop this nonsense of openly promoting violence.

  39. @ Piece of the rock
    Thanks for your comment. We generally agree with your remarks about FJS. However, this perceived weakness might be compensated by, for example, his relative ability to avoid activities for personal economic gain. Our larger point is that everybody has strengths and weakness BUT WHEN IT COMES TO THE MANAGEMENT OF NATIONAL AFFAIRS OUR COUNTRY NEEDS NOT BE IN A POSITION WHERE IT SUFFERS BECAUSE OF ANY ONE PERSON’S WEAKNESSES. In other words we must be able to find ways where our collective strengths out way are perceived weaknesses. We need to move away from personality politics for it is personality politics that stop us from putting our country first. In fact, we would suggest that the powers of the PM, who every he may be, are markedly reduced. Further that no one man or woman be PM all the time, giving some real teeth to collective responsibility. We see a cabinet of equals that is chaired alternatively. This is transformation. Of course, the people will have rights to call etc.

  40. @ Piece of the Rock

    You have now become the voice of reason as well as resident humorist (along with Moore when he drops in) on this blog. I salute you. Devaluation and hardships will indeed come.

    I got paid (pension) on Wednesday. Thursday I went to the Toronto-Dominion and got a bank draft in US $. Yesterday I went downstairs and brought up my collection of parchment paper. Today, I will bring down my collection of fountain pens and choose either a Parker, Esterbrook, Waterman or even my little 4 inch yellow Platinum and fill them with Quink (royal blue). After testing the nibs, I will choose one and maybe tomorrow, I will put pen to paper and send my draft off to Barbados.

    Why all the ceremony, etcetera? It shows the amount of esteem I hold for the addressee. The money is being sent to Mr. Jeff Broomes (cant call him uncle, I am at least 15 years his senior) for his Parkinson School Benevolent Fund. The kids will need it. Those of us in the BU family who can, should ante up according to our means.

  41. We all saw the coming calamity, even the CLICO forensic audit man who, pure reason says, probably jumped ship to an agency linked with CLICO before the sht hit the fan. The BU family pontificated on the various aspects of the country’s woes for several months now even if without the benefit of the numbers that are now coming to light, but where do we (the BU family) go from here?

    Miller’s prescription is to identify projects, many of which seem to be relatively long term. In my view this is admirable, but the very fact that the PM and GovCB appear to be now putting some serious figures and insights into the public domain belatedly that appear to lead nowhere else but to an imminent IMF programme and the attendant ills of such a programme which will seriously affect a people unaccustomed to the rigours of an IMF programme, suggests that another strategy might be necessary, perhaps in conjunction with the Miller one.

    I think that we should be examining in detail the likely short term effects of such a putative programme on the Bajan people and try to make suggestions that would help the general public to survive this new experience .

    The Government is quite unlikely to take up the BU family project offerings since I am almost sure that the various quasi governmental and governmental agencies would have been exercising their intellects on similar ideas for sometime now. That we have not heard of some of these projects / programmes being put on the front burner is a resultant of several factors, one of which is inertia at several levels, another is that the political directorate seems to have got the “throw up your arms in the air” syndrome and another might be unwillingness to publicize projects or ideas that have not reached an implementable stage.

    I think that the Government has a number of projects, mainly in the renewable energy area that are exciting but will not get off the ground for a couple of years and are necessary long term projects for repositioning Barbados in the future. But It is strategies for alleviating the current imminent problems that appear to be lacking.

    Many of us have lived through or at least experienced Structural Adjustment programmes in neighboring countries. eg. I can tell of the experience of a number of professional people with good jobs in one of our larger neighbouring countries telling no one of their difficulties but, without notice, walking into their bank, handing the bank manager the keys to their heavily mortgaged homes and then hopping a plane to a metropolitan country (usually the US or Canada) where they initially had to take up jobs as taxi dispatcher, Car Washer, Labourer, etc. Of course the current situation would be worse nowadays because such jobs or the option of emigration itself may not be available for many today. But you get the idea.

    I hope I have not sounded too alarmist but we are not the first ones to be in such a position. We should try to learn from others who passed this way before.

    But I am often wrong! Sincerely hope that is so this time.

  42. @ the Anunnaki

    No one has to come your defense, Anunnaki, you are like a gatling gun, 6000 rounds per minute so, unless your detractors are like superman, or your run out of verbal ammunition, they cannot get past your fusillade of bullets.

    You have however dropped the gauntlet to AC so I will try to pick it up.

    “We”, from now on I will use the third person plural to address our collective sins embodied in Roebuck Street and George Street, WE have, while “bigging up” St Lawrence Gap with cobblestone road surfaces, sought to murder SPEIGHTSTOWN and other less ostentatious places

    That simple act of murder, putting the new bus stand on the main road, THEN stopping buses from going through SPEIGHTSTOWN as a last stop has, in that one thoughtless move, barring the few vendors on its streets, made that once vibrant town, a ghost town

    One simple act by an insensitive MTW, it does not matter which minister it was/is, has done in one of the so called 4 towns of Barbados.

    Barring the now “quiet voice” of Anthony Cadogan, (quieted by this thing called life with its non communicable illnesses, a man who loves St Peter, the other so called champion of the northern folk don’t give a damn cause this is not the Gold Coast

    I am appealing to the powers that be, change back the north bound routes of all buses and let there be one last stop in S’town before the ZRs and buses go to the stand.

    Maybe, just maybe at this final hour of languishing, it may help this town out of the hardship it now faces.

    On the other hand, maybe the strategy is one that Spirit Gazer Richard Sealy has designed. Yes baffy, I see it clearly now.

    IF Speightstown were to die, Sealy would be able to save the ink that he spends on the brochures printing that Barbados has 4 towns. In the brochure he can omit the paragraph about this dead town and in so doing save us ink. Let me se 5 lines of ink, times, 30 cents a line times 10 (the number of different brochures the government of Barbados prints this information in, times 50 thousand brochures well how much does that contribute to the 400 million de government looking fuh?

    By the way Anunnaki, I mekking a picture called the 400. It is patterned after the hollywood mega picture 300, the plot is forming in my small ossified brain (not to be confudsed wid Ossie Mo’ nor Carl Mo’ or Less whu Viviane wants me to say)

    It got in wizards and viziers and court jesters and Jepters. I having a little difficulty wid getting de 400 million gold coins that features in de plot appear out uh thin air.

    I went to de Consultation wid de nation pun de 27th but dem was bereft uh any ideas fuh me script.

    De madam cuss me causing dey was short handed feeding de indigents in Bridgetown (a nex town dat dying too)

    Yes de madam cuss en bring sheself to sin causing de very day dat i was at Sherbourne Ninja, de fellow dat does be in town, expose he private parts tuh she en wink at she an’ sistah Gilkes (de one who used to look and de bulge in me pants befo’ de hernia operation)

    Well it teach me one ting and dat is not to go en look fuh no ideas from Sinkliar, Fumble nor Mia en she motley crew, how you lik dat play pun words?

    Vivianne, I still want dat piece, at de nation (not de udder ting) I wants to write (not bite0 something dat would mek me peoples happy in dis time of plenty (problems) and need when did fair land was ….

  43. I think that the BLP was somewhat shortsighted when it went to parliament with the idea of never yo reduce pubic servants’ salaries. I’m sure that most right-thinking Barbadians would like to see persons employed. why not reduce the work week to four days as opposed to the five-day week which currently obtains? May not work because that is a 20% reduction. Perhaps we can go with a 10% across the board.
    Better yet, let’s start with a merger of ministries if we want to be serious. We have far too many ministries. There should only be 10 or 11 ministries in Barbados.

  44. @pieceuhderockyeahright,

    SPEIGHTSTOWN could be developed into a lively town.

    Shopping,Entertainment and housing could revitalise it

  45. I agree that both parties should be working together to come up with ideas to strengthen this country and put it on a better economic path. But this author and some Bajans seem to have a short memory. The DLP offered an olive branch to Owen to come together and he flatly refused. I believe they did this on two occasions as early as 2008 at these economic ‘breakfast’ meetings. Why would the DLP look as if it was pining being the ‘expertise’ of OSA by asking for a THIRD time.

  46. @David

    there seems to be two new bloods here, nevertheless I shall state my case.


    Only the PM should travel first class, all others business class. The priveledge of Ministers being allowed to take their wives on one trip a year should be frozen. The number of overseas trips should be reduced.

    The consultants contracts should not be renewed. There should be import liecense for some of the shoite food being imported. A quota should be introduced for the importation of cars.

    BWu should should work with the port authority to improve efficiency there.

    Those revenue dept not collecting what is owed, the heads should be dottined.

    increments in the pblic service and statutory boards shoold be frozen.

    there should be no substites in the pblic service or stattry boards.

    attrition shoold be used to reduce the wage bill in the public service.

  47. There are still many choices with regard to trimming the bloated ministries and public service, I have been out of Canada for a few weeks but I understand that some businesses are cutting employee’s hours so as to streamline their bottom lines, there is always a way to trim, it should start with the salaries of the ministers, if they are really serious.

  48. @well
    the salaries of public officers cant be touched, unless there is a constitutional amendments. The parliamentary secretaries should be gotten rid of, so too should me the ministers personal assistants.

  49. Newblood……….whatever works best, they cannot keep them all and still trim, it will not work, that is where the sacrifices have to start.

  50. Newblood 8.37 pm.

    Good points, but given the nature of politicians in general and the current ones in particular and the importance of the travel perk in the financial and vacationing portfolio of Ministers, I fear that the excellent suggestions related to drastic cutbacks in overseas travel costs by Ministers (and their spouses and senior advisors) is very unlikely to be accepted. The situation re. travel is however not a clearcut one. Someone on another blog made a seemingly excellent point on the apparent wastage of over 1/4 million dollars on a recent trip to China by the MoA and a sizable delegation of his senior staff and advisors. However, there is a distinct possibility that that trip could result in very significant benefits, especially in the financing of the energy-agriculture sector interface that should outweigh the apparent excessive cost of the trip. As usual, the Minister and Ministry seem to deem it beneath them to explain such gambits to the public and are shooting themselves in the foot re. the public’s appreciation of the value of some of these visits. In my view there is a clear need for significant cutbacks in Ministers’ overseas trips but there is also a need for the public to be informed as to the rationale for the trips that meet the approval of Cabinet to which a comprehensive proposal for all overseas trips are made. Surely providing relevant information from the Cabinet papers on all trips through GIS should be a relatively easy matter leading to improved transparency.

    Re. some of your other points:-
    Shifting Sinckler for Estwick will have the same effect as shifting chairs on the deck of the Titanic.
    There should indeed be a reduction in Consultants and consultancies but since these are the legs of the fatted calf. The public will need some luck to see your suggestion implemented. Measures to ensure transparency in consultancies are urgently needed.
    Re. BWU and Port Efficiency. BWU has been for a long time the main reason for the inefficiencies there.
    Re. Attrition; I would be very surprised if attrition is not being used to reduce the size of the public sector. But there may well be a sizeable back door that allows the size of the sector to rise even though there is normal attrition. Perhaps the use and management of Temporary workers should be regularized so that Ministers have no say whatever in such posts.
    Re, freezing increments. I agree, but I think that Politicians should also volunteer to take say 15% cuts in salary as an example for others and to let the public know that the situation is serious. Senior Public Servants should volunteer lesser amounts depending on individual circumstances.
    Dottining the heads of revenue earning departments if they fail to meet reasonable targets sound OK on first glance but is dottining a fair process? Suggests written contracts and agreed targets be the methods for ensuring good management, not dottining.

    Buh wait. Yuh don sound like the other New Blood!

  51. @check

    david can tell i aint the other new bllood. nless one is a ghost of the other and can change ip addresses

  52. All this talk about firing Sinckler and hiring Estwick. Isn’t Cabinet a collective? Will the advisors be different? Someone explain.

  53. @ Enuff | June 30, 2013 at 9:58 AM

    Please don’t use the “F” word.

    Let us call it ‘Reshuffling’ or giving others the opportunity to develop and ‘self-actualize’ politically.

    Right now Inniss is the most qualified person in the Cabinet for that post not only on paper (holding an MBA) but also in the amount of bullshit he spouts both in his current ministerial portfolios and his previous incarnation as the MoH leaving a trail of unfinished business behind.

    Why not that Lashes fella dubbed the most successful Housing Minister ever and the so-called lynchpin of the DLP success at the polls?

    After all, he is much brighter than the Stinckler buffoon who used to copy from the same Lashley boy while they were at the Garrison. It is rumoured that Lashes even used to get his cut from selling exam answers to the more dull ones in the classes including Stingy Stinkliar.

    The one thing that is for certain is the coming root and branch changes to Government’s fiscal tree where money no longer grows.
    However, the tree surgeon this time will not be any local bobber jobber but an imposed set of overseas consultants. The problem is which one of those Cabinet fellas would be prepared to be the face of these faceless administrators.

    We know of one man who would just be too keen to fill that physically demanding role of Chief Financial Bullshitter to clean up the dirty fiscal deficit. Jepter Ince where are you man? Step up to the plate and give us some fun and games!

  54. VOIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol

    Every now and again de grandson does come by fuh de madam soursop juice en breadfruit pie mek from de tongue uh de breadfruit.

    I is be glad dat he come fuh two reasons.

    first, it does allow me to hide way en eat de breadfruit pie dat lef pun de platter (cause wid de diabetes en ting, dem does starve me bout heah wid low cholestrol dis and dat0 and second, i does tek tings from he minds and espouse dem to be mine own heah pun BU.

    Almost like de politicians does do, but at least i does tell wunna dat i tief de ideas.

    VOIP apparently lets the common man like you and me use things like Skype and communicate wid peeples all ovah de world.

    So tek fuh example dat VOIP system at de Ministry uh Foreign Affairs pun Culloden Road, instead uh using first class or business class seats en ting, fuh de first series uh encounters, all de meetings cud be accomplish by scheduling a VOIP session wid any body en, by using interpreters, de ministers and all de technocrats cud talk to dem counterparts, right heah in Bullbados!!!

    Heah however is de connundrum.

    How will Sinkliar, Boyce, all dem Permanent Secretaries en dem outside womens, boaf locals ones en de ones dem does be doing de f word wif (i observing de rule uh thumb dat my learned sage Anunnaki instruct Enuff earlier bout) how is dem gine to get de per diem en transport transfers while using VOIP???

    Per Diem fuh unna peeples dat doan have no guvment job is de free monies about US$500 to US$1500 per day dat dem parasites does be entitle to fuh travelling bout dis planet en talking shi*e annuder word dat i truncate from my lexicon of malodorous invectives.

    Dis removal of cus words from my writings got me feeling impotent like Jepter Ince.

    So dere is annuder suggestion fuh de powers dat be to cu down pud dem exhorbitant airplane bills en use de technology dat dem pay a whopping 75 thousand dollars for en does doan use cause Maxine (McClean) like to fly all ovah de place if only tuh show off all she new dresses en ting

    We is fighting a losing battle heah wid proposing all dese alternatives to help our country save money en ting,

    When dese peoples get ready fuh all uh we BU seditionists it gine be hell tuh pay en not even de Holy Saints crew at we Church at *** gine be able to intercede pun we behalf wid de Almighty Jehovah.

    I gine tomorrow self and buy one uh de said 1st class tickets, one way tuh Amerca, causing when dem find out my name en IP adddress, it all ovah.

  55. A nex one, a nex one!!

    The late Errol Walton Barrow tell all de permanent secretaries and de agency heads tuh bring he ML vehicles back tuh government HQ and park dem becausing dem did using de gas and diesel to drive bout tuh all dem friends house an’ non official business.

    De granson tell me dat de Transport Board pay ovah $2 million BDS dollars fuh an AVL system dat does tell de CEO at de Transport Board whey de buses is!!

    Automatic Vehicle Location, $2 million dollars!! En he say dat dem does pay a million uh year!!

    So effing dem was to put de same duflickey tings in all de ML vehicles, it wuk be possible to see effing ML140, de Minister car, de PS uh Home Affairs, emphasis on Home, driving dem car pun offician business during office hours, uh up in de Pine foop**g dat young Celestine girl dat only 15 or de young boy dat de udder Minister uh *** living wid.

    So i ax he, de granson dat is, if dis AVL ting would cause we to know which gas/diesel expenses is truly guvment business en he allw me to know dat it wud irrefutably let de different departments en Fumble Stuart know who doing de government business en who f**king de people uh Bulbados when de night come (literally speaking)

    Unfortunately I got bad news.

    De granson say dat it doan wuk doah and dat de $1 million a year greasing de minister (previously John Whisper Boyce) hand is a farce.

    So dere is 1 (million) out uh dat 400 (million) story dat i having difficulty finding material to develop my Hollywood picture 400.

  56. Piece………you need a throw away IP and a throw away email for the other conundrum, that is what we do when the blog is anonymous.

  57. @ David [BU]

    Ole man’s smile and appreciation. Grandson technical comments follow

    1. Pictures accessible through Alphabet tab and Topic

    2. Videos also grouped by topic, possibly predicted text feature like with facebook.

    Template for consideration which is a WordPress design so you would be familiar with this

    Layout Element modification using “whatstheBigIdea” for Bajan Flicks

    1. Replaces “You are here” with picture and “Poetry and Life” with “Todays Memorable Bajan Flick”. Modify Poetry and life with a brief description/narrative below the “Bajan Flick”

    2. Place “Most Recent Pics” in area where “Recent Posts” is now. Permit it to scroll the recent picture posts based on chronological order

    3.Where “Pages” and “Categories” are now replace with “We Pictures” and “BIM videos”

    Categories could include Social Issues, Places in BIM, Government etc.

    For Government you call begin using a general dropbox for pictures and, as time passes, sub-divide the Government section to include Ministries and show individual Fowlups, Bleeps and Blunders.

    Thanks you very much ***, Dat boy like he grandfaddah. Is he who gi’ me de cuntputer and he does tell me all de techie tings dem., he tell me to use a cloak tings to hide my IP but de ole man cyan hid so gud

    @ David, if we cant beat them with reasoned remarks, let us embarrass de living daylights out of them and show bajans what a wufless set uh ingrunt swine dat dem is

    We ent cay bout none uh dem, dis is we cuntry dem f*cking up and if de only way to get dem righted is to mess dem up wid dese reports en tings David I gine spen de rest uh me days doing my little piece

    De granson gine buy me a camera nex, he say dat he gine get night vision so i can tek de picture uh ML*** when it park up in de Pine., telephone lens en ting.

    I gots one problem doah, de madam doan leh me drive at night udder dan to church so i gine ax Vivianne fuh dat job at de Nation tekking photographs like Sankey Price en Carl “de Mo’ de monkey climb, de Mo’ yuh does see he tail”

    • @Piece

      Thanks for the feedback. Note that this is a WordPress hosted blog therefore we are limited in the bells and whistles. Changed the Theme and it is a work in progress. Continue to feedback. The Categories will expand as new posts are updated.

  58. How about reducing the salaries of the opposition members by 50%, that would go a long way in easing the situation. After all they don’t do much other than to oppose for opposing sake.

    A real drain on our treasury!!!

  59. Carson……….the now bloated cabinet also need to lead by example and take a salary cut, they all look unhealthy and pregnant, time to start cutting and trimming some fat…… all starts with the leaders, that is assuming they are serious and not only bullshitting the electorate again in the belief that only the poor on the island should make sacrifices and they themselves have none to make……we shall see.

  60. As hard as you say that things are, it didn’t stop SEETHRU from getting rid of his X5 and buying an AUDI SUV.

    Nearly $300,000.00?

    Good thing that “things hard”!!!

    You must let him give a drive in it when you are in town, WEll WEll!

  61. @JUST ASKING | June 30, 2013 at 8:47 PM |

    That’s too sweet a word to be wasted in describing a bleeding johnny like Carson the cunt Cadogan.
    The way he disrespected his fellow dead political family member Sir Richard Haynes is a true indication that he is morally incapable of appreciating the political niceties of not attacking in an officiously nasty way a former PM and a man who has officially signaled his intent to leave the political battleground, albeit mortally wounded in the heat of his last battle.

    But OSA can rise in glory and then RIP as his predictions of the DLP’s destructive economic policies bear poisonous fruit to feed the same society that is supposed to take precedence over any viable economy always hanging on a spider’s spun thread of effective and enlightened management.

  62. Methinks this motley crowd of dimwit Dems,none of whom have either the wit or the will to understand that you cannot be popular with other people’s money and then expect the offended people not to demand proper and just governance.On today’s Brasstacks Ryan Straughan was the proverbial bull in the china shop.When Commissiong,Inniss and Ellis were all wearing their political DLP and neo-DLP hats,Straughan was straight up and to the point–the cuts in expenditure will be severe and practically nothing short of sending home several public sector workers.It’s a replay of the 1991 scenario.If the IMF was the bogeyman then,it will be the bogeyman now too.Commissiong said the only difference is this time there will be a need to change the Constitution and that would require the BLP support.Maybe they can speak to Sir Lloyd to get a handle on how to avoid the No Confidence Motion that is coming as sure as the IMF’s unpalatable advice.Therefore,the first order of business is to meet with Sir Lloyd and try to get his opinion or is that not possible now.Is it too late?Will Sir Lloyd be listening to his bellyaching progeny?There is wonderment in the kingdom of the Dems.Down taw no brush,not a man move.Or, hiddy biddy shut up your lap tight, tight, tight.Sir Lloyd not listening again.

  63. Carson…………….Arthur’s audi has nothing to do with me, it’s how the taxpayers money is being handled by the DLP is my concern, how the taxpayers are being lied to is my concern, I have seen men who had more money than both Thompson and Arthur go broke, while they were alive or their families went broke after they died……..don’t know or care how the past PM got his money, if you have information that he stole it from the taxpayers, it is your duty to expose the information, why are you not saying anything about it, if it is a fact?? Carson……… is not the time to assign blame, the present administration needs to lead by example and start by cutting their salaries and getting rid of all their bed partners who are sucking on the public purse for free, they are parasites sucking the blood of the country hence why the country is in the current state of financial degradation………….you know it is true, so don’t bring up no Arthur with me, i passed through bim while he was in power and everyone had some money in their pockets, they same cannot be said about the DLPs governance, don’t let me start to talk out all the corruption, it is not yet time.

  64. Didn’t OSA put in place various measures for former PM’s of this country? I don’t remember the details but I’m almost sure a former PM is entitled to a vehicle appropriate to his status as former PM.

    In addition, the MP’s are all entitled to special loans which do not attract interest and as a former PM OSA would also be entitled to the pension of a former PM – probably somewhere in the region of $15k to 20k monthly.

    What he does with it is his business! To me that has no revelance to the ongoing matters facing the Gov. of Barbados.

  65. Well, Well,

    After reading your post we can now understand clearly why the dimwit CCC was saying all along… he did not want OSA to get his hands back on the treasury…..(asshole, as if a MOF can have keys to the treasury)………they have been raiding it and now we are broke. Bad luck…all of us have to pay for their greed!

  66. @ Prodigal

    Man what you sayin?….Ya mean even the NIS guts lick out?…man whay you telling me….Like you want people to get vexx vexx bout hay ya….HOW YA MEAN ALL GONE?….

  67. @ Prodi
    Now my telephone just ring…and I hear that Rommel and his pack of desert foxes ….had no plans to be back ….so dey drain out all D gasoline in the Panzer tanks….planting mines too as they retreated (IL and CLICO repay)…..Low n be still Crefo Dolla bills work and the deacons farm plans now back fire…..signs are wondersboy, signs are wonders..

  68. Bajans ! come on
    Rid the House of Assembly
    of jokers
    Free the people
    too many lies
    obstacle course
    Sandy 1888 and all that
    DLP /BLP
    pic-o-de crip
    pack o de scrap
    Dems will fall
    scrap metal


  69. Prodigal…………….I am now of the view that the DLP supporters apparently know only too well about all the irregularities and crimes committed by BLP politicians, since they are all friends and bed partners, and now think it is their right of entitlement to oneup the former administration and do more harm and damage to the taxpayers on the island…………this ‘i can thief more than you’ mentality has to stop and it’s up to the electorate to put the brakes and these knuckle dragging, empty headed, self-serving political blights on the island whose visions are consistently dedicated to self. this is not the time to play with them, they have taken their stupidity way too far and all at the expense of the poor taxpayers. Every time Carson types he allows us a more direct glimpse into the mentality of the politicians who are driving the country into the ground rather successfully.

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