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ANTOINETTE PILGRIM trying to salvage some galvanized sheets as workmen demolish the house she has lived in for many years. ((Picture by Maria Bradshaw

ANTOINETTE PILGRIM trying to salvage some galvanized sheets as workmen demolish the house she has lived in for many years. (Picture by Maria Bradshaw)

Mon, August 05, 2013 – 12:08 AM

AS ANTOINETTE PILGRIM tried to salvage some of the pieces of her home at Eversley Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael, she vowed never to vote for her parliamentary representative Freundel Stuart ever again.

“He can’t get my vote,” said the St Michael South constituent as she complained that the Prime Minister had not responded to her pleas for help when she called him just before she and her family were evicted from the land they had lived on for over 50 years.

Last Saturday she watched helplessly as workmen demolished the house following a court order. Pilgrim and her four children, aged two, ten, 16 and 21, had lived there, along with her 70-year-old stepfather Edwin Dyal.

The mother of four single-handedly tried to take away as many of the galvanized sheets as she could from the roof of the wooden home. (MB)

See link to Nation story: Evicted mum: Not my vote again!

26 thoughts on “These Fields and Hills (HOW ARE THESE THINGS EXPLAINED?)

  1. David let her reach Plantation Deeds if she need a place to live, We have a few Empty houses,
    We also hold the deed for Brittons Hill , love to see the deed and the lawyer with the court order,

  2. This is another typical example of one sided irresponsible journalism , for want of a better word , by the Nation newspaper. David , do you know that the process of eviction may only be carried out after a long winded process in the Magistrate’s Court and that this can take years before eviction is finally ordered by the Court ? So when this lady approached the Prime Minister ” just before she and her family were evicted ” what was she doing during the period between being served with a notice to give up possession of the land after six months and the other appearances in court and the actual eviction ? Were you aware that we have a PM who can perform Houdini magic ? The above questions may be usefully provided by the Nation .


    It’s a mess down there, its just a mess down there on that dot in the caribbean. Things will not get better, just worse. As bad as things are in the United States: Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Memphis, etc. its worse in Barbados.
    The United States so very long ago implemented conficating criminal property, Barbados is just NOW considering it. Corrupt lawyers and politicians in Barbados are not persecuted and convicted; they are in the United States. Also, the United States via Eminent Domain Law has right to take private property. The private property owner, however must be compensated. The estate of Violet Beckles to date has not been compensated for Kensington Oval, Sandy Lane, Six Men, ABC Highway, etc.

  4. I think I have that lady’s point.Common knowledge has it that $5,000 in the hands of a minister of government can usurp the immigration process,so a Prime Minister surely could repeal a court order.

  5. Court Marshall |@ if we know the name of the lawyer , then we may have an idea that someone was moved to the front of the list, Not all person have money to fight a so called land lord that may not be the true owner. , But many house are empty build by paid of Minister to get votes , Even the PM build new house and buildings in Brittons Hill still empty ,,,,They need to do like the girl that was kicked out by the boy friend and move in a govt house over night. Nothing happen to her for the homes were for the needy.
    Plantation Deeds are the only ones that can show a deed for Brittons Hill , not even the Barbados Library can show the name nor the plantation ,, what crooks we have for history?
    Yes we have that deed 1957

  6. Plantation Deeds you have the “deeds” for every parcel of land…dwl!! You soon claim to have the deed for Barbados EEZ and own the flying fish.

  7. @ Enuff

    Responding in proxy for Mr. Deed, how this family got on your land. Why did you ask, why should he answer? You said “I am tire of the Violet Beckles. You said that. Read your own words

  8. Enuff @ When you all believe that COW own most of the land , you all happy and use to white looking people .. But when you are told that a lady that look black is the true owner , you all look vex. master slave relationship.
    No one can dispute what we have nor show who ever want to see , even you if you want to see, Also ask your Fraud Government and Ministers that know the truth will not speak against US.

    Yes we have deeds that you cant see nor find no were else in Barbados. Police know we not lying nor making up words we never seen before on Earth.
    We only bring and give you what the BLP/ DLP will not give you , So no need to be mad at us for giving and showing the truth ,
    Freedom of Information is what Barbados wants , and we do that. The government of Barbados is hiding their records and we will show any one, We even give copies of 90 percent of what we have to the Police Fraud Squad and sign 40 pages of statement to COW and HAM .
    So we only wait for the PM to bring out what they have on record to rebuff what we have,
    Other countries deal on the level with land ,, Not Barbados ,for the many trespass they have done. Other countries also know no need to invest in land fraud for the owners by law can take it back , So we await the Law to arrive in Barbados as other invest in other countries, People of the World are not as stupid as the Barbados Minister want them to be,
    So when the Big Hotels fail they may be only one with Tax payers money to buy it Back from them self with not clear title ,
    No real back will give loans for such , But Barbados washes its dirty deeds just to its own banks and credit unions, .. Even LIGHT AND POWER CREDIT UNION IS IN ON THIS FRAUD,
    Bay Plantation on Bay Street ,, the John Beckles of 1930 the black cat Beckles and not the John Beckles of 1832 the former AG at that time ,
    Payments for Slavery will get them also , The owner ship will come in to play and now they play down the payment for the slavery,
    Matter of time ..I hope that is Enuff for now.

  9. LOOK @ We know this info is new to most and VERY HARD TO BELIEVE , Someone have to have answers to their questions and we not like the Ministers,we will answer all questions dealing with the land, If Enuff say the plantation he/she lives on we will do out best to give you the info we have, We were not able to re cover all things after the crookedness of HAM and COW , but we will do our best.
    Bajans were put sleep with smile and titles of the Biggest crook know the CC , Until Allen Stanford was Jailed no one Would Believe us he was a crook , So Billion play with Billion so watch the other billion dollar man to know who they play with.
    If the NEWs in Barbados was on the level all this would stop over night , and now to run from law suits where the truth may come out ,,
    We are the Few the Proud and these color never Run,
    Justice and enforcement of law is what we SEEK.
    Ask you Ministers all of them when you see them these questions and report back to BU.

  10. Enuff | August 5, 2013 at 8:24 PM |

    @ Deeds
    1957+>50 = >2007. How this family got on ‘your’ land?@

    They bought them , they were up for sale, We sold no Plantations , Yet lawyers and crook Ministers feel they own them , We love to see who singed the deeds they may have.
    That is why its call Fraud, and now Barbados is paying for their greed . We know it more than 400Million they stole from the people.
    When the PM David did an Audit people were removed , None moved after he died.


    carrying the canes on your head from day to day
    swinging the cutlass to make U-rope rich,
    handing down the baton
    from generation to generation
    handing down landless vulnerability
    and dependency
    from generation to generation.
    Still no fundamental change in
    your robbed and exploited situation.

    Blinded by an illusion of progress,
    Never mind the fact that the ship you are sailing on is still another man’s property.
    Contented because he dresses his servants well and gives them TV.

    But the truth is that your fate today is in great part a consequence of your fore-parent’s fate yesterday.

    If you look at life through a historical perspective
    you will see A SLAVE that worked for centuries to make the plantation rich,
    and now today you see A LANDLESS SLAVE being told

    Now you see why it is so necessary
    to keep the culture of foolishness pumping and grinding,
    celebrating the FORCED LABOR
    that reaped the crop
    that made of slave-owners
    rich property owners today.

  12. Rastafari Visions@ they will wake up when all things they think they own or have a right to is gone. Lawyers in the back watching to pick them off one by one. more to come , keep watching ,

  13. Plantation…………the lawyers are trying their utmost to keep that system intact, they too are in for a shock to their systems.


    The ladies are BIM history
    Their distinctive lives to many are NOW slight memory.

    The ladies and those plantations – so many of them
    created the past of BIM.

    History again must be RIGHT on track.
    So, if BIM could just look back,
    the ladies would come back out of the black.

    The deeds taken from their hand
    would surely be found thru HAM that crooked man.
    BIM must do this and can.

    Give back BIM its true history,
    unmask the man of trickery.

    The ladies and those plantations – so many of them
    created the past of BIM.

  15. [youtube=]

    This is how things are explained. Violet thru Beatrice became an accidental rich lady that ultimately faced people of avaraciousness. All did the dirty dirty low down: Owen, Mia, Ralph, Mark, Samantha, COW and Johnny Cheltenham. Those deeds stolen from Violet made cash money. Those deeds were stolen but for the love of money.

  16. [youtube=]

    So many stole and took advantage of that old lady, Violet Beckles but DON’T LET IT GO TO YOUR HEAD.


    The soci­ety that ruth­lessly amassed vast wealth from such preda­tory begin­nings can nat­u­rally be expected to be char­ac­ter­ized by extreme oppo­sites, and will be pro­pelled by the forces of eco­nom­ics to grow fur­ther and fur­ther apart in wealth accumulation.

    On one side will be seen the handed-​down pros­per­ity that comes from prof­itable robbery,

    On the other side will be seen the handed-​down tragedy that was bound to be the lot of those that were chewed, and sucked dry, and then spat out LAND­LESS in the hells of mod­ern dog-​eat-​dog crabs-​in-​a-​barrel exis­tence.

    If we were to honor the truth there would be no deny­ing that these land­less ones are the bat­tered his­tor­i­cal rem­nant of slav­ery, geno­cide and rob­bery.


    Quote from the book BRITAIN’S BLACK DEBT BY Hilary Beckles
    words in brackets inserted

    “I (the collective I) have suffered this harm and injury in deep and profound ways as a citizen. I might have escaped its POVERTY TRAP and transcended its brutalization (see but the majority of Caribbean citizens have not.

    SLAVERY AND GENOCIDE in the Caribbean are LIVED EXPERIENCES despite over a century of emancipation.

    Everywhere their legacies shape the lives of the majority and harm their capacity for advancement.” UNQUOTE.


    When fellow citizens keep silent on these issues they become complicit in the crime, and…


  19. Been trying to post this since yesterday, wondering why i have not seen it in a local Barbados paper, unless i missed it.


    KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday August 7, 2013 – The Mona campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) is to offer a course on reparation, looking at the issue of compensation for slavery in the Caribbean.

    The course is being designed by lecturer in the Department of Government in Political Philosophy and Culture, Dr. Clinton Hutton, who said the curriculum will examine the argument for reparation within a historical context.

    Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders at their summit in Trinidad and Tobago in July, agreed to establish a committee under the chairmanship of the Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to drive the issue.

    Suriname has already said it would instruct the councils of the Union of South American States to collect “all relevant information for Suriname and CARICOM” on the reparation matter.

    St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said the Caribbean is demanding reparation from Europe for native genocide and African slavery.

    Hutton said that it is important to educate the Caribbean population about the issues of slavery and reparation, as many young people still do not see a connection between themselves and their enslaved ancestors.

    “In other words, they are unable to feel empathy for their own ancestors,” he said, noting that the same lack of feeling displayed for our ancestors is the same that the Europeans had towards black people.

    Hutton said that during his lectures, some students have argued that the reason their foreparents were enslaved was because they were uneducated.

    He argued, however, that some of the people, who came across the Middle Passage, were state makers, scientists and highly skilled persons.

    “In fact, the reason for Europeans going to Africa was that Africa was rich in tropical agriculture and not because of the physical makeup of our ancestors,” he stated.

    “We need to walk through the passages that our ancestors walked, and we can only do that if we educate ourselves,” he added.

    He said education will also generate a bigger and growing political voice to support the work of the National Commission for Reparations (NCR).

    “I have no doubt that if the people are educated they will begin to think differently,” he said.

  20. Well Well @ they playing my song,, As We told them at a meeting here in Barbados , I asked a question no one wanted to answer , Well its to be 120,000 to be paid , I know My name or My Family name is on any list.As always we are here to help those to get what is due.

    They have not called another meeting as yet for We let them know that Plantation Deeds will come up , Who own what and when about 1830 and that will lead us to Who crook what in the 1926 till now.
    All of a sudden all went dead on the meeting and they said We have from 2013 to 2023 to get these FUNDS,
    We said too dam long for they have all the records Now.
    So as said before the Slaves are walking out the graves in the books of history ,, Barbados, let them and the PM to show their records ..on who own who and what.Let them not be the last for Barbados to take the lead ,,,, its going to be a great Party on both of the BLP /DLP parties.
    Minister should never be caught lying

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