A Marriage Made in Heaven

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Mia: ah hay Dipper tell you to form a national unity gouvment
Fruendel: well, I was tinking that Owen would have been a better partner. Dipper seemed to feel so ………….
Mia: Tom like he would agree too. But I is the maximum boss now, not Owen. He would never be able to overthrow me again!
Fruendel: the boys down under got other plans fuh he. Well, we can consider dah idea for the country. Like the social partnership, but deeper, as deep as Dipper use to dip and broader. The boys from down dey tink we could deepen we personal relationship too, yuh know.
Mia: but you aint got nuh wife
Fruendel: and you aint got nuh husband
Mia: so are you suggesting a powah alliance that is not merely political

Fruendel: oh lawd, yuh is too much woman for me, boosie. Dont forget I am just a wukking class boy from Martin’s Bay and you are from the social class line of Rrugged and he is the one who help the Bees to consume the Conservatives.
Mia: I know my grand fahdah was able to bridge social economic gaps. Duh like to say that I just like he. He was a reel womanizer, dey say?
Fruendel: but it seems like we trying to do something that Owen tried, unofficially with Mascoll – uniting Bees and Dees. I dont want what happen to he to happen to me too, so this conversation has to be top secret, hey! Yuh cant let dem people on BU know. Dem mout aint got nuh cover. Yuh know I got a lot of pretenders on my side positioning duhselves to tek over from me because dey tink I am a walk over. And you on your side too! Let we show dem we got the direct connect to Tom and Dipper the leaders of the underground gouvment
Mia: but how you tink such a political arrangement could wuk
Fruendel: well, we would have tuh mek some changes to the constitution and secure broad acceptance by Bajans on top if the one underneath geh we the go ahead
Mia: yes but that the long formal process. But as a practical matter, how would you suggest ….
Fruendel: yuh know the Dems were accused in the past bout a one-party-state. We talking bout national unity in difficult times now. Suppose the election ended in a 15/15. We have to finds ways to properly interpret the desires uh de people and try to avoid uh constitutional crises
Mia: dey aint no harm in talking. It was Dipper who said dat our differences need not be great and Tom was fairly pragmatic, in private. That is the kind of talk Dipper and Tom sending bout hey through de Babadus Underground (BU). It is only the yard fowls with misplaced loyalty to the Dems and the Bees who trying to stop progress. We have to go beyond that.
Fruendel: well, I’ll be PM and you could be my deputy. Yuh know a deputy essential. Cabinet posts and other high ranking appointments could be shared on a 51/49 basis. In the interim, we could occupy separate sides of my House, fuh now. We could involve some civil society people too
Mia: dat sound fair enough, but how would we sell this new formation to Bajans? Yuh know the hardcore Dems and Bees! They don’t know that everybody bout hey is family.
Fruendel: but after our discussions we gine need to present a program to the people to deepen relations, people to people.
Mia: de changes to the constitution gine to be tough but we have to commit, hey
Fruendel: Mia wuh you doing this crop over weekend, girl
Mia: yuh know tonight I gine to the finals
Fruendel: me too! leh we meeting up, maybe for a drink afterwards, and then, and then …

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  1. Today in the Sunday Sun, political scientist George Belle finally admits that he does not support the Freundel Stuart administration in an interview blasting the government written by who else …Sanka Price.
    Everything that George Belle has said since 2007 and his infamous and discredited “reverse swing” poll revealed that he was singing in Owen Arthur’s choir.He was actually one of the paid BLP “consultants “getting taxpayer’s money for doing nothing
    What a shame that like Pat Hoyos, Belle can still come on VOB and pretend to be independent .He never was.
    At least he has come out of the political closet finally.

  2. The Nation BLP newspaper political operatives like Sanka Price are quick to accuse their detractors of using propaganda but I have followed Price’s writings for the past 6 years as he portrays himself as the know it all about the economy and politics and at every turn he has refused to level any serious criticism at the BLP opposition even for structural issues in the economy that were ignored for over a decade.
    Who could ever forget his BLP pr article called “The Best Brains” and he has the audacity to accuse others of propaganda.
    Now, on the eve of a budget presentation, Barbados will see if the same Sanka Price who was calling for cutting spending will be the first to be lambasting any proposals to do such.
    The coming week’s press coverage will show if Price, Hoyos, Brandford et al are journalists first and BLP supporters second.
    I somehow think that we all know the tone of their post budget articles even before the budget has been delivered.

  3. @NationBLPNewspaper

    Just because you level severe criticism against a political party, in this case the DLP, DOES NOT MEAN that you support another party.

    Dr. Belle is the quintessential “Political Scientist”, he does not “practice” political science, like the posturer Dean Dr. Robinson, sucking the phalanges of those in power just for personal benefit, and being the voice of lackeyism, DR. BELLE IS A POLITICAL SCIENTIST.

    In 2008, Dr. Belle got sideswiped by that Boxhill poll.

    Here is what happened.

    Boxhill, the Jamaica pollster from the UWI Mona Campus, was the person who the BLP engaged to carry out the poll.

    Boxhill, the Jamaican polster from the UWI Mona, was the person engaged by the DLP to carry out the poll

    The BLP engaged the Jamaican Pollster Boxhill from the UWI Mona to carry out this now infamous poll.

    I said it three times with a hope that dimwits will read this statement.

    Boxhill, as a colleague out of said University, reached out to his counterparts at UWI Cave HIll to utilize a few UWI Cave student to assist in the enumeration/polling.

    The courtesy of facilitating the enumeration was accorded Dr. Boxhill as an “inter-campus civility”.


    Dr. Boxhill, utilizing the methodology of garrison polling, WHICH WORKS IN JAMAICA, extrapolated a similar poll for Barbados, WHICH WAS INCORRECT!!!

    DR. Boxhill was asked to comment on his poll during TV coverage on the elections and, AS HAS BEEN CUSTOMARY EVERY YEAR THAT I REMEMBER, Dr. Belle was invited to comment at said TV session.

    BOXHILL’s methodolgy WAS WRONG, in the Barbados scenario,

    DR. BELLE WAS IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA AT THE SAME TIME THAT BOXHILL’s POLL WAS BEING ASSESSED and Dr. Belle got tarred with the same brush as Boxhill.

    Dr. Belle, out of an unwritten scholarly respect code, was unable to decry the methodology of one of the collegiate body, while he was in that setting.

    In fact, if video footage was examined you will see that he made a few comments about the methodology while there on the TV!!

    If it were me, unlike Dr. Belle, i would have stated my feeling, on that TV show, irrespective of who got offended, but Dr. Belle chose at that time to be silent.

    He subsequently remarked on it in a full page article in the Nation, an article which you dont seem to have seen, notwithstanding your name.


    The ironic things was/is both you and the DLP big ups interpreted this Boxhill incident the same biased way, namely “because Dr. Belle is on the same TV with Boxhill, he is supporting what Boxhill is saying”

    So, if i use your/their infantile reasoning, Fumble and Chris Sinckliar MUST BE BULLERS because they were on the same TV set talking to the renown pollster Peter ***

  4. @ All

    I know that this will be missing in the fray as our populace goes merrily around, oblivious to the shipments of arms and stockpiles of weaponry on BIM.

    “The visit by commander of the Miami-based United States Southern Command, General John Kelly of the Marine Corps, marked the beginning of talks concerning transnational threats and the Caribbean’s counter illicit trafficking strategy”

    No General has ever set foot on this “piece uh rock” barring those during the Grenada revolution

    I, and I am sure that Seethru too, wish to express deep gratitude on behalf of my people that you have seen it fit to intervene with your forces and to place your *** so close to our shorelines.

    It has disrupted this aspect of their plan and while we sleep in the afterfumes of our Kadooment revelry oblivious to all that is happening like Owen, even though a man with his foibles, a staunch Bajan, we would ask you to continue with your drone surveillance and protect us from the Night of the Long Knives

    I will quote here from the words of a greater man that I could ever be.

    “But death doesn’t matter with me now,” he said. “Because I’ve been to the mountaintop. And I’ve looked over, and I’ve seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know that we as a people will get to the promised land. So I’m happy I’m not fearing any man….”

    I know that it is a very strange quote for an article titled “a marriage made in heaven” but for the few of you who know the nature of the bride, it will make sense.

  5. If any of you believe that this is the end of the line politically for Arthur you are so far wrong you have no idea, he has not fought his last fight with Mottley as yet as recently as This week he called a prominent business man to cuss the DLP govt and the Prime Minister and three Minister of Finance and the person said to Arthur if you are preparing to ride off into the sunset why are you worrying about govt, the Prime Minister or the Minister of Finance?
    His response was very informative Mottley do anything that would make you feel that your daughters or granddaughters could be safe in her company well it ain’t only about young girls being safe in her company she is not fit to lead a pack of stray dogs was Arthur’s retort.

    The gentleman who had the conversation with Arthur was not left in a moment’s doubt of Arthur’s eagerness to lead the BLP into the next election in 5 Years from now.

    He may well have no choice to lead once the Dottin Case is concluded and the hand and the instructions of Mottley to Dottin the public are made aware of the fact that she used the listening devices installed in this island by the Israel technical team for Cricket World Cup that she instructed that it should be used for Political purposes and instructed Dottin to listen to her own boss the said Minister of Defence and Security to listen to Arthur’s call and his communications so to PM David Thompson and PM Stuart and his head of Security as it says never before has this island ever had a Commissioner of Police Who was involved in Criminal Activities aide and abetted by a Deputy Prime Minister and an Attorney General in Mia Mottley.

    So yes it may not be of his own doing but it maybe more out of a need to restore some semblance of order or respect to a dysfunctional leader at present in Mia Mottley, nor does Symmonds have any honesty or credibility left after his theft of the $ 5000.00 on the day before elections 2008, he to has fallen into Arthur’s bad books for not being as clever a thief and a crook as he Arthur was in his hey day.

  6. Piece under the rock

    You are dead wrong and Nation BLP Newspaper is right on this one.
    George Belle is an outright die-hard almost sychophantic supporter of Owen Arthur.

    Owen during his regime had created private consultancies for him, for which he was paid handsomely.

    George Belle was more credible in his younger days when he was a quasi communist or socialist (never sure which he was).

    I hope the Nation newspaper and VOB stop trying to pee – pee in people’s face and calling it rain by using Belle after this Budget, or even after, as an “independent” political scientist.Same goes for Ryan Straughn.

    Frank alleyne and others accused VOB and the Nation of being anti-government and lately even to a visitor from Mars, they appear to be pushing a propoganda for the BLP and negative hysteria against the government.Balance is needed.

    As for Justin Robinson,not very sure about him as yet but will be observing to see if he is giving fair and balanced comment.

  7. Right now I would welcome Arthur back to lead the BLP.

    What I am hearing about Mia and her phone tapping with Dottin is very scary.Mia is all about heat and no light.

  8. The news story in the Sunday Sun, August 11, 2013, about Dr. George Belle’s opinion that this ‘DLP Government is the worst ever’ is very concerning more so because of its basis, quality and its timing, than about the performance of this DLP Government, which the PDC has long ago dismissed for, et al, its thorough and complete lack of revolutionary political will, its disgraceful lack of a people centered ideological and political perspecacity, and its lack of inherent ability DNA to pursue many social political truths and therefore to share them with the people of Barbados.

    Such encapsulates our essentialist position that it (or the a BLP Government) should never have been voted into office to form the government of this country.

    That Belle has apparently now seen the light says much about his lack of ability to properly project think visualize certain domestic political trends, as a veteran political analyst.

    For this is years ( and with the evidence of this growing by the day) that the PDC has been saying that the DLP and BLP are two intellectually bankrupt and politically incompetent factions that have been positioning themselves to get the favour of the majority voters in order to mainly satisfy their own personal familial financial corporate cronistic interests rather than to satisfy the fundamental interests of the country, nation, and public of Barbados.

    Dr Belle – the putative independent political non-partisan thinker he wants some people in Barbados believe that he is – but which he is clearly not – should also have seen the light every since too about these things and should not have waited until now to publicly express the type of views he has now he thinks that the masses and middle classes are going to be greater abused with greater levels of TAXATION.

    Clearly from his tantrum and harangue it is clear that Belle’s credibility is seriously at stake.

    Instead of calling on the masses and middle classes of people of Barbados to march and bring down this jack ass DLP government, or calling for some within the DLP parliamentary team to defect to an equally stupid monstrous BLP opposition to bring about governmental change, Belle should have been at this juncture leading the way with his Worker’s Party of Barbados in marching against this archaic corrupt DLP/BLP rubbish and even looking to take over the reins of government in this country.

    Also, Belle should not have waited until the financial cancer at the Campus at Cave Hill has become financially diagnosed and is growing more aggressively – to the point where he and some others down there may be seriously directly indirectly adversely affected – to be now calling for regime change.

    What a political character he would be to be deluding himself that he will get many persons in Barbados to accept his own version of an old stale political template.

    Belle must be told in no uncertain terms that people like himself, Bobby Clarke, David Denny, etc have long passed their political best, and that the days of the foolish DLP and the stupid BLP mucking up the lives of the vast majority of people of this country are flipping well over!!

    Worse of all, Belle – the political scientist that he claims he is – should have by now been recording a sufficient degree of success in the search for a new model of development for Barbados (an a typology of an indigenized, egalitarianist, participatory, people centered one at that) and not be at this stage seen by many people in Barbados to be reacting to the vicious oppressive symptoms of a model of development ( a westernist, oligarchic, dependency, exploitative one at that) that has never ever obviously generally functioned in the broad fundamental interests of the broad masses and middle classes of people of this country.

    Remove the Damned DLP and the Blasted BLP.


    • What has happened in six months post-February general election to provoke such a vehement condemnation of the government’s performance by Belle?

  9. George Belle has degenerated to being nothing more than a gutter snipe. How could it be that a former academic, or current, could make this grand charge without supporting evidence, or even pointers, not proof, to support his contention. Surely, Belle cannot be drunken by his political loyalties, can he? We remember well after the fall of the USSR he mysteriously sought refuse in Ma’at, a Kemetic governance system for philosophical protection. That was quickly forgotten never to be heard of again. Is this the kind of ‘bits and pieces’ man that chooses to pollute the political space with trite. The people of Barbados wasted time educating and supporting him for decades. Belle maintains a deceptive smile. A smile that tells us he should know that either government, given the current formation, could do no better.

  10. i offend ask myself who voted for this government? that is not is say or imply they were not fairly elected but if you talk to persons or hear people talking you have to ask the question. i have not spoken or heard one of my friends who i would call die hard DEMS support their party post election.

    so, David the question I would ask on Belle’s comment is if he is wrong?

    • Refer to Pacha’s comment, well part of it. If the academic Belle can make so bold to suggest that this government is the WORST in history then he owes us a response where some academic rigour can be applied.

  11. @Pacha “he should know that either government, given the current formation, could do no better.”

    i would like to use a few choice words here but i would not, any government could do better by starting to level with the people and STOP the LIES and GAMES.

    anyone that does that is better that this government.

  12. It matters not who or what you talk to David not BU the fact that an election was called and your party was relegated to the Opposition where your rightful place is. So it is not about who you talk to or if anyone talks to you.
    Elections done and gone get over your defeat and stop sulking.

  13. @ David (not BU)

    Our position is that either government has told and will tell lies as long as we have the current system. The bigger the lie the better, in their minds and the systems that support them. Our larger point is that there is nothing within the span of control of anybody in Barbados. Yes, there could be some tinkering here and there but that has been and will be merely window dressing, nothing more. Barbados needs a quantum leap. Neither the Bees nor the Dees, alone, will ever be able to to deliver this. In fact, the presence of this paradigm prevents transformation.

  14. George is typical of the highly paid “doo-littlest” secured at Cave Hill and living on the public purse while contributing zilch.
    ….it sure sounds as if he is upset that this government seems headed to stop funding his accustomed largesse…

    …..let’s say George was “Dottined”….. What exactly is it that we stand to lose…?
    From a cost- benefit POV one can understand George’s being upset…

    @ David (not BU)
    …so if this Government is the worst EVER, and Bajans made a CHOICE to elect them over the BLP….what does that say about the BLP? …they must be bare Shiites…

    …..or are you, like Miller, saying that the people of Barbados are Brass Bowls…? LOL Ha Ha …oh Shirt!!

    …or like Bushie …..all three of the above…? 🙂

  15. Mama Mia !

    Many people who crave that position of Prime Minister hardly ever get it and if they do , it is ————

    Mia got to watch it. Somehow Arthur aint finished yet !

  16. David (not BU)
    …so if this Government is the worst EVER, and Bajans made a CHOICE to elect them over the BLP….what does that say about the BLP? …they must be bare Shiites…

    It says that the people were tricked, lied to or bought out by the DLP.

    All the polls said that the DLP would lose.

    However , do not discount the power of prayer.
    A lot of the New named Churches had their prayer warriors praying,

    Sometimes You get what you pray for whether or not you know what you pray for.

  17. We think that Bajans know well and have known for a long time that all politicians are, by nature, liars. This should not be a surprise to anyone. We must expect them to always lie to us. Why act surprise? We have also gotten use to expect academicians to at least give us the reasoning behind their conclusions – a comparative analysis etc. If there is now no distinction between the academician and the politician or party hack, we are really in a different place. This is why, for example, we need our right to recall a government. If that were so we would have the power to do something about liars for politicians. But neither party will ever recognize the rights of Bajans and the right to recall a government. Neither B nor D…….. unless we move to assert our rights.

  18. “We think that Bajans know well and have known for a long time that all politicians are, by nature, liars. This should not be a surprise to anyone. We must expect them to always lie to us. Why act surprise?”

    have ever been in position like this? keep lying. may God help us all.

  19. @ Bush Tea | August 11, 2013 at 12:55 PM |
    “…or are you, like Miller, saying that the people of Barbados are Brass Bowls…? LOL Ha Ha …oh Shirt!!”

    Don’t you go palming off this administration on me! The people got what they deserve.

    The miller is well pleased with the result as he correctly called it.
    Let this bunch of lying hypocrites for a DLP administration stew in their own “No Layoffs, No Privatization juices for at least 18- 24 months of pure heat and confusion.

    Ask David BU if this was not the miller’s consistent POV and clarion call after the DLP claimed that there will be ABSOLUTELY NO LAYOFFS OR PRIVATIZATION.

    Watch the meat start to burn in the pot as the heat is turned up starting this week! Not even you Bush Tea can ‘cool’ down things for them.

  20. Not looking foward to this budget at all.I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that some harsh measures are coming.

    I hope sinckler thought long and hard about what he is about to do.

    If the measures are pitched right and are realistic in their outcomes,then I will agree that we may have to suck salt for a little longer,but…..

  21. @david 1:51

    You seem pretty sure about the bitterness. Lol

    What’s interesting is the BCCI’s call for a quasi-IMF intervention. Not sure anyone has ever asked for that.

    Belle is as red as it gets. He would never say anything good about the DLP. If he has, that would have been years ago. Let’s see what Tuesday brings!


    • @Observing (…)

      This is why there is so much distrust of the academics. All of them are politically tinted. Where is the independent view? Why do we spend millions on educating the people again?

  22. and there in is the problem David.

    you are asking for the independent view but when anyone comes and talk they are labelled or politically tinted. that is why i ask the question before, lets forget Belle, is he right or wrong?

    we would do well to deal with that point.

  23. David; Re. Bitter Tuesday;

    Are we forgetting that Freundel is in charge?
    Has he shown at anytime that he is proactive?
    Are we forgetting that Sir Frank Alleyne advised him that it is better to go slow and easy on the economic changes and thereby to moderate the bitterness of the economic prescriptions in this budget?
    Have you heard anything from the GoCB recently?
    Has the Governor been chastened by the reactions of his PM?
    Is Chris likely to prescribe anything significant that his PM and most of his colleagues are against?
    Isn’t it possible that, true to form, the current DLP Government, the worst Government we have had on record, will do very little, produce a palatable budget and then invite the IMF to come in, after everything falls down, to prescribe the absolutely necessary bitter medicine later at which time the government will claim that they lived up to their promises re. jobs etc, and it was the IMF and the BLP’s past performance that got us into this mess. Not them!

    What bitter day what? Everything is pointing to no or ineffectual action by this Government on Tuesday.

  24. why wunna losers don’t stop setting wunna self up to look like fools on Tuesday, ac knows what she knows but she ain’t telling.. wunna fools.

  25. I forgot to add above.

    Is’nt the usual strategy by all Barbados Governments re likely unpalatable budgets to promote a discussion about the severity of the cuts and the budgetary measures and then bring a much softer budget that can be praised by the private sector as well as by their UWI academic supporters? This one might be true to form in that regard but the hidden sting in the tail now is the probable later involvement of the IMF.

    I see that Observing has obliquely alluded to this above.

  26. @So what is the yardstick we are to used to make dispassionate determinations?

    who cares if Belle is a Bee or Dee? look at how the discussion is lost when we start placing people? how about we discuss when he said? would that be so wrong?

    • @David(not BU)

      But that is the point, Belle has said nothing. He has not provided any analysis. What is so hard to comprehend?

  27. @David,
    Politicians,economists and pollsters are all “cricketers” in the vein of Ramdin,Valentine and Muralitharan.

    The term spin doctor applies.

  28. so I see two yardfowls gave ac a no confident vote, that’s alright ,cause come budget day I am confident that them two yardfowls gonna look like fools.

    • @checkit-out

      You only need to refer to the government’s strategic document which was circulated at the consultation. Isn’t there 266 million in cuts which was committed to? And 66 million from emoluments? If the plan is to apply this super tax this could spell the final nail.

  29. AC; Just give us a hint if the budget is going to be predominantly made up of sharp, incisive cuts and brutal increased revenue measures designed to achieve the 400 Million dollar deficit or if, on the other hand, it will be a relatively innocuous budget that will have manageable comfortable cuts as suggested by Dr Frank Alleyne?

    Most of the people you would normally characterize as Yardflows appear to be suggesting bitter brutal cuts that would go against the grain of the DLP’s election promises. Are you saying that they are wrong based on your pre-knowledge? Are you therefore saying that we need not fear the budget in the short term?

  30. where is Carson…….thought he too would be on here boasting about what a glorious day Tuesday will turn out to be for mankind.

  31. David unless 50,000 Bajans emigrated last year and there were 100,000 new long stay visitors it stands to reason that the budget will have to be cuts in spending and higher taxes.

    buh doan mine me. I ent got nuh degrees.

    • Agreed Hants, it is a commonsense thing. The MoF stated in his interview with Ellis that there will be cuts, the discusion debate is how will it be done.

  32. David; re. your 5.51 pm post.
    Yes! The document suggested that there would be very hefty, deep and dirty cuts. But that was before Dr Alleyne jumped in with his approach that seemed more suited to Freundel’s style. Do little or nothing slowly.

    In the last few weeks the wind seems to have shifted somewhat. Where is the voice of the CB Governow now?

  33. Only diehard dems will disagree with George Belle.The fatted calf lobby is not interested in Barbados,neither are they interested in Freundel Stuart.They have a view that dolittle knows not what he is about,therefore as long as he is at the hellum the fatted calf brigade can have a field day.This is indeed the worst government Barbados has known.An incompetent cabinet,a PM who fails to engage the country and under whose watch Barbados has been downgraded twice,has overseen negative growth,has watched over increasing job losses and
    and is about to invite the IMF to remedy their profligate spending and retrograde taxation policy.

    • What is difficult to comprehend is that the electorate responded positively to the PM when he ‘awoke’ during the general election and immediately after scraping a win he has reverted to his old behavior. The man refuses to communicate with Barbadians at a very difficult time in our history.

  34. @ check…it out…….do not expect a doomsday budget .. BLP as always misses the boat…most of what will happen has been hinted by sinckler periodically in interviews and speeches. clearly the number one focused would be creation of new jobs on a long term strategy…

  35. AC; Thanks! So you are suggesting that the Frank Alleyne approach will be followed. The budget will therefore avoid significant sharp adjustments as suggested by Delisle Worrell and will not attempt to cut the 400 M deficit gap. The sting will come afterwards!

  36. @ checkit-out | August 11, 2013 at 5:08 PM |
    “Isn’t it possible that, true to form, the current DLP Government, the worst Government we have had on record, will do very little, produce a palatable budget and then invite the IMF to come in, after everything falls down, to prescribe the absolutely necessary bitter medicine later at which time the government will claim that they lived up to their promises re. jobs etc, and it was the IMF and the BLP’s past performance that got us into this mess. Not them!”

    You can rest assured that what you have predicted above would be the dish of the day to be served come Tuesday.
    Over half of the MoF’s speech will be taken up with blaming the international recession and the failures of the previous BLP administration for the current state of the country’s economic affairs. Nothing to do with their failed MTFS and its recent ‘cold soup warmed over’ set of growth and development strategies.

    You will hear ad nauseam how well Barbados is doing compared to places like Greece and Spain and as a result Bim will have to make some ‘proactive fiscal adjustments’ in order not to be contaminated in the same way.

    You just ‘check it out’ and see if what the miller (the prophet and doom and gloom according to ac) has been saying all along about the IMF and thing does not come to pass.

  37. I am convinced that among other things the BLP lost the last election largely owing to the silly note OSA wrote to Stuart about taking Mottley off his hand and Stuart used that note to good effect to prove disunity in the party.Secondly the stupidity of Noel Lynch and his crappy platform speech in Heroes Square and at St Joseph.Thirdly,OSA in his platform speech in St Joseph in support of Marshall.I have had a lot of respect for OSA but I think he was completely out of place to take Stuart,a colossal incompetent, into his confidence as the expense of his former deputy,a super competent individual,her personal foibles aside.You don’t do that and inspire confidence in people who have supported the party for years.I can tell you from personal knowledge some of the blue bloods of the BLP support over the years refused to vote because of what OSA said and did regarding Mia,and what disgusting statements the stupid Lynch made about Stuart.OSA can return to the helm but between Payne and Hinkson the BLP has a lot of dirty laundry to clean up.I think they have lost it again unless the augean stables are cleansed quickly and decisively.It will be another Herculean effort.

    • @Gabririel Tackle

      So unfortunate that we have a government in waiting with its eyes attention focused inward.

      On 11 August 2013 19:10, Barbados Underground

  38. @ check it out I suggest do not listen to the mouthings of miller the soothsayer.. cuts will be made in areas where there is lot of waste in terms to govt spending on goods and services not delivered , if one looks at the auditor general report, one can also gleam necessary targets that definitely where govt would put significant focus in saving and spending, stay away from the soothsayers, this budget is not being dependant on throwing people to the wolves to save money, the govt have seen many reports where money can be saved due to waste and unnecessary spending,

  39. @ ac | August 11, 2013 at 7:50 PM |

    It is a pity if not downright incompetence that these known areas of wastage were not identified and removed in the annual Estimates recently presented to Parliament.

    Come on ac, if this DLP administration with all its love and electoral indebtedness to the people of St. John especially Negroman can’t see it fit and proper to make provisions in the Estimates for the opening and operation of the St. John Polyclinic aka the David Thompson Mausoleum now how in the current fiscal world of $400 million in cutbacks can such an expensive complex be ready by David’s anniversary of either death or birth this year as a show of marked respect for the dead and almost politically forgotten?

  40. Piece uh the Rock is the most intelligent articulate and forthright Commenter that I have ever seen on this or any other blog.


    It is obvious that Dr. Belle likes my comments on BU .Others do too
    I call it as I see it I am neither B D or C.Right now the Bees are a better choice We suffer very much under the DLP everytime

    I dont know why the ass the people does vote for them and that is why I pronounce that the people in St. John need all the help possible:.. They need to be saved from ignorance. They are so frigging backward !!!!!!!!!!

  42. GABRIEL Tackle
    I disagree with you
    The DLP won because people were saying that you have to give them a little bit more time. Five years is not enough, Stuart begged for more time and it resonated -Nothing more. !t was reasonable some people reasoned


    Look out for the book

  44. @ JUST ASKING | August 11, 2013 at 8:17 PM |

    We agree with your assessment of the old owl of sagacious knowledge and experience.

    But suppose PODRYR turns out to be a wise man from the East still living in St. John that has no hate or vicious venom directed at homosexuals, would you still hold true to your view?

  45. The Budget like it is going to be DREAD !!!!!

    The BIG MOUT OF THE SOUTH –JONES talking shite about people paying for tertiary education. Asshole -where are they going to get the money from

  46. I call it as I see it . There is no bias
    So if St. John produced or maintains him — I presume he is a man because women are not logical thinkers and I should know,–makes no difference to my assessment.

  47. Today on VOB (started listening again on Sundays since Mafew Farley lef’), and witnessed one of the Trinidadian panelist being cut when he started to say the he was “a director of a major corporation in Trinidad and was surprised when the lawyers advised that it was okay for them to pay bribes …(cut … for about 20 sec’s) ..” when the volume returned he was talking about political parties. Hmmmm

    I just yearn for one thing, and that is for the members of the academic community in the Caribbean, the ones who continuously make statements in public, to accept that Political Parties are in BUSINESS and there by refrain from making allegations of “corruption”. The business model has been in existence long before any of us were born and it is about time that it be exposed for what it is. Then and only then can there be serious developments towards serious change.

  48. I am convinced that among other things the BLP lost the last election largely owing to the silly note OSA wrote to Stuart about taking Mottley off his hand and Stuart used that note to good effect to prove disunity in the party.

    I do think that the reasons forwarded by you did work to the detriment of the BLP in the last elections but I still think that careful analysis would show that THE NOTE was just as much an indictment of Mr Stuart as it was of Mr Arthur in that Mr Stuart according to the contents seemed to have approached Mr Arthur first for help in dealing with his own disgruntled 11

  49. ac I do agree with you in your positive budget pronouncements but for different reasons. I feel the DLP would put political considerations before country and it would be a nothing budget. I hope i am wrong and I am prepared to apologize.

  50. Balance i disagree with your last this budget must cut along social problems aswell as economical not much room if any left for campaign promises..This Must be an ACTION BUDGET.

  51. The following is noted.

    More Police presence.

    More armed police present at specific points.

    More police patrols.

    More “military exercises” across the whole island.

    Fewer joint Defense Force & Police patrols (to address the “intelligence bleed” between the RBPF and our military) and of course the defensive *** measures.

    Can’t talk about the countermeasures, only the *** team know that info. Yeah Right this is Barbados and secure information is available don’t mind who believes it to be confidential

    The “preferably bloodless” coup timed for this week, and one quotes “post the onerous Budget speech” has been averted/contained or whatever you wish to call it, for the time being.

    Seethru, you need to let the people know what you encountered with ….., it is a debt that you owe to us.

  52. @Checkitout

    For the slow among us, the list above is not a contiguous line. Go figure.

    Ask a few discrete questions and you will hear what I going on

    We Jonesing enthusiastic blabber mout that he is (as is many a female in a male body) is on record when he let the chickens out the bag with his famous statement ” we going have to crack some heads and kill some people”

    A lot of us living in lala land oblivious to what is going on in Bulbados

    Just like Sinckliar and Fumble oblivious to how poor people suffering in Barbados

  53. A Marriage Made in Heaven@ Mr and Mrs Crook

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