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Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister

Fruendel Stuart, Prime Minister

According to the PM it is possible to have social development when no economic development is taking place because structural changes are taking place which are intended to make life better for a larger number of people. [Economic Growth Should Benefit The People: Advocate 5/16/2013]. I am unsure exactly what he means by social development. Yes further social development may indeed be possible; but given the cost and the absence of economic development where will the money come from to facilitate it? Are you prepared to borrow the money to facilitate social development? Today the national debt is about $70bn which we cannot pay. If so then you are sending the country further down the drain.

He noted that in colonial times there was economic growth but there was no evidence of social development there or in the region. “There was no evidence of schools, hospitals or safety to protect the elderly, child labour and crude disrespect for women.” As was noted in Alleged Bajan Slavery the Jews built and developed the country until the Blacks took over the government in the early 19th century. The schools he went to there were built by them and his parents worked in Bridgetown.

In Certified But Uneducated he tells us that attaining certification is not the end all and be all of attending school and is troubled that some souls are leaving secondary and tertiary school uneducated. It occurs where the emphasis is on certification; when or where the distinction between “schooling and education becomes blurred….They do not see the acquisition of knowledge as empowering beyond attaining a better salary.” If so then doctors, lawyers, dentists and other professionals are guilty of blurred understanding. He is concerned that too many taxpayers’ dollars are being spent on such souls. Exactly what does he mean by education?

For him “education has an empowering dimension to it that connects people to the challenges posed by their environment, and that allows them to face those challenges courageously and confidently, not because of what they like or do not like but because of their capacity to understand.” Exactly what does he mean? There is hardly anything in the secondary level related to the environmental challenges. It usually happens at post secondary institutions not elementary and secondary schools. Our schools are not equipped or designed to teach/inform kids about environmental challenges. We are still to develop a skilful knowledge based economy. So far there in nothing in education to connect people to the challenges of the environment, not even at Cave Hill. Have a look at New Education For Development.

His comments raise the question exactly what does he mean by education. If it refers to knowledge and understanding then he apparently is uneducated. He apparently knows/understands little or nothing about the country’s history, economic development, less about the region and is prepared to sell out the country for his own personal benefit. Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to the wise. So expect the country to go further down the drain. Ask him if he ever visited a country in the region.

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  1. According to the PM it is possible to have social development when no economic development is taking place because structural changes are taking place which are intended to make life better for a larger number of people@
    We can see this… Apply Plantation Deeds ..We already started.

    • To guide the debate:

      Social development theory attempts to explain qualitative changes in the structure and framework of society, that help the society to better realize its aims and objectives. Development can be broadly defined in a manner applicable to all societies at all historical periods as an upward ascending movement featuring greater levels of energy, efficiency, quality, productivity, complexity, comprehension, creativity, mastery, enjoyment and accomplishment.[1] Development is a process of social change, not merely a set of policies and programs instituted for some specific results. This process has been going on since the dawn of history. But during the last five centuries it has picked up in speed and intensity, and during the last five decades has witnessed a marked surge in acceleration.[2]
      The basic mechanism driving social change is increasing awareness leading to better organization. Life evolves by consciousness and consciousness in turn progresses by organization. When society senses new and better opportunities for progress it accordingly develops new forms of organization to exploit these new openings successfully. The new forms of organization are better able to harness the available social energies and skills and resources to use the opportunities to get the intended results.
      Development is governed by many factors that influence the results of developmental efforts. There must be a motive that drives the social change and essential preconditions for that change to occur. The motive must be powerful enough to overcome obstructions that impede that change from occurring. Development also requires resources such as capital, technology, and supporting infrastructure.
      Development is the result of society’s capacity to organize human energies and productive resources to meet challenges and opportunities. Society passes through well-defined stages in the course of its development. They are nomadic hunting and gathering, rural agrarian, urban, commercial, industrial, and post-industrial societies. Pioneers introduce new ideas, practices, and habits that conservative elements initially resist. At a later stage, innovations are accepted, imitated, organized, and used by other members of the community. Organizational improvements introduced to support the innovations can take place simultaneously at four different levels—physical, social, mental, and psychological. Moreover four different types of resources are involved in promoting development. Of these four, physical resources are most visible, but least capable of expansion. Productivity of resources increases enormously as the quality of organization and level of knowledge inputs rise.
      Development pace and scope varies according to the stage society is in. The three main stages are physical, vital (vital refers to the dynamic and nervous social energies of humanity that propel individuals to accomplish), and mental.

  2. Now you see why the PM seldom speaks on anything. When he speaks nobody understands what the hell he is talking about. In an attempt to sound learned, he is starting to speak on things that he does not understand.

  3. According to the PM it is possible to have social development when no economic development is taking place because structural changes are taking place which are intended to make life better for a larger number of people. [Economic Growth Should Benefit The People: Advocate 5/16/2013]. I am unsure exactly what he means by social development. Yes further social development may indeed be possible; but given the cost and the absence of economic development where will the money come from..

    social development does not require money in its entirety it is a component of the way society see his fellow man and the ability to speak out about injustice, great social leaders are born and have an inbred sense to feel and relate to the pain and suffering of the downtrodden and forgotten .Martin luther King was one such leader his message was one of peace and resonate among people of all races forcing society be they rich or poor in understanding that economic growth is not the where all and end all to social development but a desire and willingness to do what is humanely right and universally just towards each other. Martins luther message for social justice elevated the dignity of mankind , opening doors which were a cause for implementing structural changes burning bridges that others thought were impossible .social development without economic growth is possible especially where their is injustice be it rich countries or poor

    • It is interesting how some always seek to separate social from economic when it suits a political agenda. Social development by definition requires a harnessing of resources and while a component of said resources is intangible physical resources is a requirement as well.

    • Georgie Porgie

      Apparently, you haven’t heard the news, he has been mauled by the Beast of Ephesus long ago: he was no match, but as usual CBC did not bring the story.

  4. there are many movements that have been the drivers which have made dominate changes to social development. the woman movement which empowered woman showing woman their importance in helping to build and mold a society, not having to fear being genderised and ostercised because they were female but understanding that there voices should be heard in order to bring balance to an all male dominated society without fear or reprisal…. there are other areas of social development which have been overall for the betterment of society and worked effectively without growth in an economy,

  5. I am surprised that you georgie porgie a man well learned and knowledgeable in theology would scoff at the PM remarks when most of what he was hinting can be found in the teachings of Christ most appropriately his works and teaching related to social development.

  6. “He noted that in colonial times there was economic growth but there was no evidence of social development there or in the region.”

    How could someone touted as being of high intellect make such a comparison knowing very well that the lack of social development was a deliberate strategy to protect the planter class interest? PIMRP do!!

  7. there is no separation of political agenda ,the fact is that social development evolves out of partnership and and necessity to do what is humanely right. all the economic growth and the basics foundation of human rights are taken away social development withers away, ,

  8. ac | June 22, 2013 at 9:20 PM |

    the concept of the neasts of Ephesus is taken from 2 Corinthians
    It has nothing to do with the teachings of Christ or his works nor does it has anything to do with social development.

  9. Caswell
    I confess that there is much that is happening at home in the last 10 years of my self exile that I do not know.

  10. there can be social development withot economic growth, All social development does not incur economic cost, for example, the need to re-instill values of looking after or elderly, the efficiient use or the shifting of resources to ensure that the less fortnate in our mist are protected. there can be social development without economic development.

  11. We should comment in the context of the PM’s reported statement. What are these structural changes which are taking place in the economy?

    • David

      The structural changes are quite evident: all of his ministers are getting fat. Some have increased their weight by as much as a young adult.

  12. GP this article is about the moral fabric of a nation and society in general in making and shaping the society, nothing to do with beast , again I reiterate that your lord and Saviour was an inspiration and a leader for social development which includes justice a role which he took on unselfishly and one which he was committed to even unto to his death.

  13. The PM is right.
    It IS possible to have social development independent of economic progress. In fact, it is often possible to make BETTER social developmental progress WHEN there is no economic development or even when there is economic recession.
    ….so ease of the skippa please. (Wunna only making ac look good)

    A classic example is the expansion of cooperatives and community self help initiatives that result from an economic downturn. When citizens turn from their closeted self-centered lives and become immersed in community projects to help one another.

  14. @ac ” the ability to speak out about injustice, great social leaders are born… .Martin luther King was one such leader”

    :Look ac. Freundel in no Martin Luther King.

    Get it?

  15. @Caswell Franklyn “Now you see why the PM seldom speaks on anything. When he speaks nobody understands what the hell he is talking about”

    I second that.

  16. @ac “teachings of Christ most appropriately his works and teaching related to social development”

    Look ac when people were hungry Jesus gave them bread and fish…not na lotta long talk

    When they were sick he healed them, not just talked about it.

    When they were about to drown, he calmed the waters, he didn’t give his disciples talk.

    When they ran out of wine, he made wine. He did not tell the wedding guess na foolishness ’bout imagining wine.

    But Jesus was the Christ and had the powers.

    Unless Freundel is the Second Comijng tall me how the hell as Prime Minister he expects to DO social development without money?


    Really ac you don’t get tired defending the indefensible?

  17. @newblood “the need to re-instill values of looking after or elderly”

    When the elderly are looked afteer at home instead of in government institutions all that means is that the cost is shifted form the government to the family.

    The family forgoes paid job opportunities in order to look after the elder.

    Or the family uses their money to pay a private caregiver.

    The family users their money to buy food, shelter, diapers. medicine etc for the elder.

    Values does not buy the diapers or any thing else Only money buys diapers, food, shelter, etc.

  18. @ David[BU]

    Fumble is admittedly not my favorite PM because he has never understood in governing a people how a leader MUST remain in contact with his forces or suffer the consequences of disconnect.

    The fact is that Fumble is really an extremely learned man. Note that I purposely did not say bright.

    He is unassailbly among the top 3 Caribbean PM’s our region has seen for the last five years but he, like all thing born of woman, barring the Immaculate Conception, is flawed and one of those flaws lies in one word – disconnected!

    Fumble is learned (with the acute over the e) and is not in sync with the people that he leads so when he makes a comment like “education has an empowering dimension to it that connects people to the challenges posed by their environment, and that allows them to face those challenges courageously and confidently, not because of what they like or do not like but because of their capacity to understand”, the fact is that he DOES REALLY UNDERSTAND what true education.

    What is sad about this is the way he (or his speech writer, I doubt that he would deign to have. Speech writer though) has said it.

    Fumble not taken time to brek it down to brass tacks.

    What Fumble trying to say is dat “Irrespective of dem letter behind you name David, de Bsc, Msc or PhD all uh dem ent mean nuffing lessing you able to apply what you know in a meaningful way, in de place whey you is, whedder you like whu you has to do or not, en you does you job wid competence and confidence causing you education was of de type to mek you goooood at de ting you wukking at.”

    So here we gots a man who is very educated, but equally disconnected, talking bout we education system, dat while being a so called envy uh de world is very disconnected and doan serve we environment, causing it doan deliver nuh confidence nor competence tuh we peeples

    In one sentence de man saying dat we education system is failing we and dat previous, and by extension, de current We Jonesing Minister uh Education got to come tuh de batting plate and mek a difference

  19. @ Enuff | June 22, 2013 at 9:21 PM |
    “He noted that in colonial times there was economic growth but there was no evidence of social development there or in the region.”
    “How could someone touted as being of high intellect make such a comparison knowing very well that the lack of social development was a deliberate strategy to protect the planter class interest? PIMRP do!!””

    He is not only intellectually shallow to make such a statement but myopically small in his world view and understanding. This happens when ‘travel’ or lack thereof fails to broaden the mind. Reading Shakespeare would not provide you with any understanding of the many social ills that existed in colonial times from its zenith in Victorian Britain right up to the start of its dismantling following the end of WW11.

    Maybe a deeper read of Dickens might provide greater insight into the horrendous social conditions that prevailed during colonial times despite the great economic wealth generated by Empire.
    Barbados was always just a few steps behind its mother country on the social development road. One only has to research the history surrounding the introduction of pipe water and its expansion to the wider public, public health facilities, primary and secondary education and the welfare system to see a strong correlation between what took place in Britain and what was replicated locally in so-called colonial. That is why Bim was always ahead of the other territories in the provision of public goods to the populace.

    The same way the Labour movement and other and political and socialist inspired agents like the suffragists and Suffragettes acted as catalysts of social change in the UK similar strategies for change were being copied, conceptualized and in some cases implemented in Barbados and indeed across the wider Caribbean especially in T&T.

    Such regionally and locally grounded anti-colonial social change agents go way back to the days of Samuel Jackman Prescod and Rawle Parkinson right through to Charles Duncan O’Neal and T.T Lewis with G H Adams, Wynter Crawford, Cox and others playing a vital role in passing the baton on to the winner of the relay race for social justice EWB.

    We will deal in another contribution with Bush Tea’s argument that social developmental progress can take place when there is no economic development.
    The classic example he used is clearly one born out of a colonial period of so-called harsh social oppression. When does he believe the cooperative movement (friendly societies, sou sou and a sense of community belonging and responsibility) sprung from? In 2010 when the harsh economic winds started to blow real steadily?

  20. look simple simon u are dumber than chalk I u don’t understand what the PM was talking about u need to butt out……there was a time in our society not so long ago when social development was the heart of keeping a community together . people were very poor but the need to HELP each other supersede the need to be Rich, In todays society that concept has eroded and in its is place the NEED for Greed and self interest has taken its place,,, dumb DUMB … .. not wether he is MARTIN Luther or Whoever, but an ideology man’s responsibility to help each other which leads to social change irrespective of money,

  21. look miller Barbados is not the world and the PM on his part would have been speaking in a broader context connecting other countries where their was significant growth and a lack of social development ,,,,, for one the USA comes to mind and even across Europe where a significant class of people were left behind in areas of education.. jobs which were regulated on skin colour .. even the ability to go into certain neighbourhoods because of govt laws and restrictions.. yes the PM is right social development is not about being economically rich but requires a higher level of social responsibility from its citizens involving a radical cleansing of the mind ensuring that as a people we are treated with respect and dignity and no one is better or greater than each other and that does not require money, it is a right a philosophy and a given,

  22. @Bush Tea

    We need to stick to the script ie. read the newspaper link. Social Development can be broad and unless we know what the PM means when he refers to structural changes in the economy then we are debating in a vacuum. For example, social development can be about eradicating poverty. This requires resources. The report on poverty which was recently handed to the PM by the CDB records a damning picture of rising poverty in Barbados. One would have to assume this is a priority of government. What are we discussing?

  23. @ ac | June 23, 2013 at 6:59 AM
    “look simple simon u are dumber than chalk I u don’t understand what the PM was talking about u need to butt out…”

    Neither does he know what he is rambling on about.
    You are referring to a set of conditions in recent history that prevailed right across the globe from Europe to North America to the West Indies. Those are the conditions that gave rise to movements such as communism, socialism, Equal Rights for blacks in Southern USA and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.
    Even the struggle to liberate African countries fro mthe exploitative grips of European colonialism reflected those socially depressing times for so-called Third World countries.

    There is nothing enlightening about what your confused leader is saying. What he should be commenting on is the clear observation that many of the conditions that gave rise to those movements for change are beginning to reappear starting with the snowballing stark unemployment and underemployment especially among the youth who are more ‘educated’ than their great grand parents. There are no more cane fields to whip their asses back to. Only the possibility of cracking some heads and killing the rebels.

    The greatest hallmark of any leader- whether one for change or the status quo- is the ability to interact and communicate with the people.
    Our sage “Piece of de rock” with his octogenarian font of knowledge and wisdom made the same point quite forcibly despite his added (now subtracted) stones to carry around. (LOLL, Piece of de rock ,yeah right!!)

    Your friend Jesus did it, Gandhi did it, Martin Luther King Jr. did it, Nelson Mandela did it, Grantley Adams did it EWB did it.
    Would you say your man of convenient silence and perennial sleeping sickness is doing it at a time when the people are seeking guidance and rays of confidence and hope to understand and carry the burden of these challenging times?

    If Fumble is a leader capable of being mentioned in the same sentence or paragraph containing any of the above mentioned names then Gearbox still walks the streets of Bridgetown with one hair in the air and many Rihanna C word for Bajans around it.

  24. miller and u know why these conditions are re-appearing because the social movements which played a significant role in helping about bring about change where in fact demonise as being liberals looking to give the poor a free pass in society . now in todays society we see a emerging of an ugly past that was supposed to have been stamped out . taken over by a society driven by greed and self absorption not giving a rats ass about nobody but themselves , most of the social leaders who brought civility to life while presenting a path of greater humanity for all or non existence / those in leadership today were handed the baton but preferred to throw in by the wayside literally becoming masters of decadence and greed not really caring about social justice but what is best for themselves, social justice is about caring and wanting what’s best for a people and country .not a melting pot of the rich getting rich while the poor keeps getting more through economic growth. there is a debate on going about Africa economic growth and its affect on social justice..

  25. Piece………….i believe the PM is trying to impart information that most of us already know, he is trying to do so without causing unrest, the island is dead broke and everyone has to learn to start from scratch and survive without the benefit of money. I hope he realizes he is like 3 years too late in trying to ease in that bit of advice, telling lies to win an election will find you in that predicament.

  26. In the context of all those words, I wish Mr Stuart would explicitly define those problems(whether social, economic or metaphysical) he believes are within the Government’s responsibility and capacity to address. Further, it would be appropriate to state those conditions i.e the metric set which would indicate that those problems have been diminished if not eradicated. I would then expect the fashioning of detailed plans of action to achieve these desired indicators and lastly there should be faithful and disciplined implementation of those plans.

  27. the problem is that everybody looks for govt to implement change … when the responsibility lies in the hands of the people. like they say ‘ We are our own worst enemy”

    • THE BIG PICTURE: Falling academic standards
      It should come as no secret that Jemmott is one of BU’s favourite columnist. Even if you disagree you can follow his logic. (Sorry Carl Moore you “don’t” make the grade :-))

      By Ralph Jemmott | Sun, June 23, 2013 – 12:00 AM
      Delivering the feature address at the local launch of The Human Development Report 2013 on May 15, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart expressed a concern that students at all levels, but more alarmingly at the university level, were more obsessed with certification and titles than with a totally rounded education.
      Noting that the distinction between schooling and education was becoming blurred, he is quoted as saying: “People go to school, whether it be at secondary level and nowadays more ominously at university level, but leave uneducated because of the obsessive preoccupation with getting a designation or certificate and not seeing the absorption of knowledge and internalization of information as a way to equip them to better understand their environment and to establish meaningful relationships with their fellow human beings.”
      Just in case you might be thinking that this applies only to Barbados and the Caribbean, let me quote an article by Professor Geoffrey Alderman in the British newspaper The Guardian of April, 24, 2007. Alderman is a visiting research fellow of the Institute of Historical Research, University of London. He laments the same trend with which Mr Stuart is concerned. He wrote: “As UK students come to pay a greater proportion of the real cost of their tuition, they view themselves less as clients in the learning process and more as customers with needs to be satisfied. They are less interested in the acquisition of knowledge and the critical skills needed to evaluate it, and more interested merely in acquiring and regurgitating those segments of knowledge necessary to obtain a degree.”
      He continues: “It is now commonplace for students to complain if they are expected to read more than the ‘recommended reading’ set out in the module syllabus, and some will even protest if they are asked to go into a library and read material of their own choosing, not included in the ‘course reader’ they expect each lecturer to provide. And if material not included in lectures appears in an examination question, their protests are likely to be louder still.”
      The Guardian article is about falling university standards generally, of which student attitudes to intrinsic learning is only a part. It begins with the story of Paul Buckland who resigned his post as professor in environmental archaeology at Bournemouth University, when the university authorities awarded a pass to 13 students whom Buckland and a formal examination board had deemed to have “failed”. The reversal was due to the authorities’ endorsement of the view that the students should have been able to pass the course merely on the basis of the lecture notes, without doing the required reading. Say what?
      Professor Alderman notes that “nothing could better illustrate the sorry level to which academic standards have fallen in many British universities in recent years. And it’s a problem that affects many parts of the sector, not just the post-1992 universities of which Bournemouth is one”. In 2006 Liverpool drastically reformed its grading system, as a result of which the number of students receiving first class honours jumped from seven per cent in 2005 to over 17 per cent two years later. The article concluded that “it is now possible for a Liverpool university student to be awarded first class honours without having actually achieved a first class mark in any individual component of their degrees”.
      The professor’s contention is that in the UK most of the falling standards is occasioned by obsession with what he calls “the league tables culture”, where the more first and upper seconds a university awards, the higher its ranking. So each university looks at the grading criteria used by its league-table near rival and if they are found to be using more lenient grading schemes, the argument is put about that peer institutions must do the same.       It is one thing to be presented with falling academic standards, it may be a graver concern when graduates at any level fail to develop an intrinsic interest in knowledge acquisition or in the skill sets contained in a given discipline. This is particularly disturbing at a time when we are talking about continuing education and life-long learning. If the Prime Minister’s concern is valid, what we may be seeing is not life-long learning but continuous credentialism for work promotion and better jobs, with a diminishing qualitative output. With so much money being poured into tertiary schooling, often at the expense of other sectors, tighter quality controls must be put in place to guarantee cost-effectiveness.
      We continue to look at education non-contextually. The development which concerns Prime Minister Stuart and Professor Alderman may be more a reflection of two facets of contemporary culture. Gladstone Holder used to quote Colm Brogan’s dictum that education, formal schooling, hardly ever rises much above the culture in which it functions. The current narrow obsession with marks, grades, certificates and degrees may reflect the utilitarian, materialist ethic in the wider culture which says that some extrinsic monetary or status gain must be derived from any pursuit. Sadly, art for art’s sake no longer applies.
      The second factor may be the fact that the decline in the book and the rise of a visual culture, plus a muscular entertainment ethic, has seriously eroded intellectual vocation.               • Ralph Jemmott is a retired educator and social commentator.

  28. Either the real David taking a break today and one of the BU assistants holding on…or Bushie needs to take a break himself (no advice needed from ac or Onions on that…)

    First thing…
    Don’t you know any better that to challenge Bushie on esoteric subjects such as ‘eradication of poverty’ and ‘social development’? You know full well that there is a common way of looking at such matters and then there is the correct way… 🙂
    What the hell is poverty? Why would we need more resources than we presently have to address that?
    Poverty is a matter of opinion. Bushie is a poor boy hovering on the brink of poverty….if you compare the bushman to Carlos Slim.
    However compared to Caswell, Bushie is a veritable king… 🙂

    A poverty stricken Bajan, struggling to pay his or her electric bill to keep the 50 inch TV and two door water and crushed ice dispensing fridge going is a king ….if compared to a we
    Well to do village elder in some parts of our small world.

    How much is enough? What REALLY is poverty? Is someone who does not work unless the job worthy of their status is presented- and who therefore has no money, a victim of poverty….or lazy ignorance?

    Trust the bushman David, we could (COULD) eliminate poverty in Barbados on HALF of our current resources….. There may be other problem as a result… But it is possible.

    @ Ping Pong
    You are too smart for your own good.
    There you are @ 9:23 a.m. Calling on the PM to produce both a strategic plan AS WELL as an implementation program…as would be expected from any leader of a little scout troop…..
    LOL…you even asking for Key performance metrics??? LOL Ha Ha …muh belly!…oh Shirt…
    ….but you done know that such a basic leadership concept is unheard of in the annals of Bajan politics…. 🙂
    ..nice try though….

  29. Jesus Christ was a man of action

    He was not afraid to drop some lashes with a bull pistle in the r@$$e$ of the financiers in the temple. He didn’t talk. He beat them and chase them the hell outta there.

    What would Jesus have done with a modern day “financier” like Leroy Parris?

    Would he like Freundel have said “he is not a leper, he is my friend”

    Or would he have dropped some lasses in his r@$$ with a bull pistle?

    What would Jesus do?

  30. David, your man Ralph ain’t a bad fellow, but he is just another Alvin / Terrence/ George. – Ie another wanabe academic theorizer.
    Bushie not impressed with the lotta fancy references…..What is HIS assessment and HIS solutions?
    Man every body who can walk and chew gum, (Plus everyone who ever read BU) KNOWS that the education system is a big failure.

    It should also be obvious why our students are going after certificate and not performance / competence/ innovation.
    …and we pay for “education” which is measured in certificates and degrees.

    Remember the comparison with Singapore?
    Wuh he is the prime minister, who does he want to change the national priorities? …Bushie?
    If we paid for performance, innovation and productivity THAT is what we would get….

    Reduce the $500m education slush fund to $100m. Create a meritocracy funded with the $400m and presto…you get performance…
    Jemmott built his whole life on that slush fund…you think he would ever come to this conclusion….LOL Ha Ha

    How about Ping Pong for Minister of education?…now ya talking.

  31. @ David | June 23, 2013 at 12:16 PM |

    Although Ralph’s article does indeed highlight a regrettable state of affairs in our education environment we must also open our eyes further to see a similar set of degenerative outcomes in our judicial system and public administration, civil and otherwise.
    We only have to assess the basis used to award lawyers with the title Queen Counsel or look at the contribution to national development by people awarded knighthoods and other national awards. Partisan political association is the main criterion to be in receipt of such medals making Muttley a real deserving creature for every medal under the Bajan Sun.

    The PM is in no position to comment on falling standards in any aspect of Bajan life.
    Until he recants his unwavering support and admiration for Leroy Parris as being a most estimable and outstanding business man in the country who should be welcome into the bosoms of intelligent honourable men and hopefully women then we have a problem hearing this man who has no moral compunction about lying and making false promises to the CLICO policyholders.

  32. @ Bushie

    Now because you do not introduce yourself as Doctor Tea – you will not be taken seriously. You will however get – ‘interesting views’ ‘very good ideas you got there’ and the regular ‘worth looking into’ and a rapid move on saying the same thing that you said in the same English Language but using different words.

    What did I say – oh I commend you on your true analysis based on your findings through your own personal experience and choices.

    Bushie, how do you get the Min. of Education to do what is needed in our current education system? That is to:

    (1) honestly evaluate/appraise the teachers: punctuality, mannerism, quality of teaching, students’ response/understanding/grasping of the information shared by the teacher;
    (2) Provide training/intervention based on teacher’s appraisal: it may be counselling to manage their personal anger and not the child’s.
    (3) Assess how many children are successful based on teacher’s teaching style and method.
    (4) Act on information in the honest and true appraisal.

    Our education system continue to deteriorate and the Min. of Education apparently (I have no idea) is not overseeing the organ responsible. Each year he comments on the grades of Maths at 11 plus.

    … But you are no Doctor Bushie- why don’t you just tell the people the truth and let yourself be known to all and sundry of the sterling work that you are/have been doing in Barbados, the remainder of the C’bbean and the world. I think that BAF would recommend you for an Honorary Doctorate and then your views would become practical. Caswell would only oppose in the next day’s paper and his views would not be relevant then … I believe that he would say that it was loooonnnnggg overdue. My opion.

  33. According to the PM it is possible to have social development when no economic development is taking place because structural changes are taking place which are intended to make life better for a larger number of people

    Right now I have a job that allows me to buy fish to eat and the ones I catch in the river and lake are released (after taking a picture for bragging rights).
    If the economy gets worse I will change from “Sportfishing” to keeping the fish I catch for me and my neighbours.
    That is social development without economic development right Bushie?

  34. My response to PM’s comments on social development whilst structuring path for monetary increase:

    (1) A corporation is currently engaging its staff in social activities without using corporation’s funds. Check it out.

    (2) Over the weekend a number of women gathered to share and one was given a car, insurance, road tax and spending money – not from Gov’t – the other women present. I heard this I was not present.

    Without money in the society – I can become my brother’s keeper. Working and progressing professionally I become cold and dis-engaged without noticing my sister, brother, uncle, neighbour has a need that I can fill.

    I interpret the PM to be saying that we are going to build stronger communities (become concern about our neighbour, care about his daily living, help when and where we can) now, as we work through the recession.

    I ask – is Barbados feeling the impact of the recession yet? or are merchants folding up to ensure that they have money in hand before the impact comes?

    I totally agree with Bushie – poverty in Barbados is thwarted (my word). I will not work in the s/market and have no money; I take out a mortgage of $4,000.00 monthly because of the skipping and diddly doodling of the loans officer I get the house that I want but have in my hand monthly revenue of $3,500.00. Am I poor?

  35. @simple simon

    u seem to be money brain’s sister. do u understand what is social development. we have a responsibility to look after our elderly instead of shifting the responsibility to the state. How many persons are there in govt instittions that have property that can be used to look after them? u nderstand my drift or is that too simple for u?

  36. @enuff

    there are many theories on development. google and argue the one that suits your taste bud. George Bratwaithe can guide u on this one based on the angle he choses.

  37. @ Brief
    “But you are no Doctor Bushie- why don’t you just tell the people the truth and let yourself be known to all and sundry of the sterling work that you are/have been doing in Barbados, the remainder of the C’bbean and the world….”
    Lord hav’is mercy!! Looka Bushie crosses now….!!
    Man brief – what sterling work what?!
    Bushie is a just a little old fellow from de country wid a big mouth… and a few BBE connections….
    You like you got the bushman over rated yuh! 🙂

    LOL @ Hants
    In your case, social development could also mean losing the Beemer and rubbing shoulders with your neighbors on the subway….
    Many of the toys that we have come to define as ‘basic necessities’ are nothing but barriers to the TRUE path of social (as well as personal and spiritual) development.

    …perhaps it will become clearer why the original bushman made the claim that it was a “blessing to be poor…” …not having the DISTRACTIONS of our ” basic necessities” can often allow us to focus MUCH more closely on the REAL important developmental issues of life…

    The question though – Is Freundy a bushman? …or is he clutching at straws now that we have clearly sunk our economic development potential?

  38. Well Well @Stark realities for a tourist dependent economy.@

    As we say and will keep saying , If we have to wait on plane loads of people to land to have an ECONOMY , WE ARE DONE. As the crooks cut down food trees and plants to build houses 2nd and 3rd homes for people not born here , Then to ship food in from Florida ?
    Have you seen the price of MILK , and sweet bread lollllol. Madness
    Better get rid of the lawns and plant some food.

  39. Plantation…………..they were warned for years about the dependency on tourism only, putting all their eggs in one basket, clearly their only self-confidence lies in being totally dependent on larger economies, hopefully they are now clued into the idea that the dependency is a clear signal of demise.

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