Be Truthful Prime Minster

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

The statement made by the Prime Minister, in relation to Court Marshals, in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 is a clear indication that he is reckless with the truth or that he has a chronic truth-telling problem.

When Freundel Stuart was the Attorney General, he made a speech lambasting Marshals for not adequately performing their duties. At a subsequent meeting with the Registrar of the Supreme Court and the Marshals, he apologised for his remarks when he was shown that he was in error. He also claimed that he was unaware of the problems and promised to rectify the situation as soon as possible. He did nothing and, is now setting up the Marshals for ridicule and abuse from the public.

The truth is far different from what the PM would have the country believe. Persons appointed as Marshal II are responsible for serving court documents. There are 55 such established posts. When the DLP took office in January 2008, there were 25 vacancies for the post of Marshal II. Of the 30 remaining, thirteen are assigned to do duty in the High Court and Court of Appeal. In addition, others are assigned to the Magistrates’ Courts. Most days there are a maximum of thirteen Marshals available to serve court documents. Things have gotten so bad that some districts do not have a marshal assigned to them.

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The 25 vacancies increased when a marshal was retired medically unfit last year and, and another retired from the Public Service in January. To be fair, I have to report that Government recruited five (5) persons in February this year to fill the 27 vacancies.

How on God’s earth can the Prime Minister be so unreasonable to expect 30 persons to do the work was intended for fifty-five. When the department was at full strength in the 1980s, the 55 Marshal II post were thought to be insufficient to adequately do what was required. I do not believe that he expects the job to be done. A blind man can see that his Government is setting up the Court Process Office to fail.

I firmly believe that the PM’s constant abuse of Court Marshals is the forerunner to a sinister move to privatise the process serving aspect of the Marshals’ duties. He hinted that much in his speech. When the PM constantly misrepresents the facts about the situation at the Court Process Office, the public would have no sympathy for the much vilified Marshals when Government privatise their functions.

Come on Mr. Prime Minister, you know that you are not being truthful. Such deliberate misrepresentations are unbecoming of anyone holding the high office of Prime Minister. SHAME ON YOU!

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  1. The PM who was the AG is also not telling the truth about Violet Beckles either . Telling the truth is very hard for people who is built up on lies. Someone else will have to tell the truth of things for which he already know .
    Barbados and all Bajans will be better in their land when the truth is told, What ever is wrong, they will work together for truth if their leader can make his lips move to speak it. Once truth is spoken all other will shut up and get down to the People business.
    The truth of things can not be stopped , all is a Matter of time, To change to truth the heart and brain may hurt , but most will feel better to know. Truth V Lies pick one ,

  2. I too wonder what some people have against these civil servants Caswell….we hear no real action plan forward to deal with sloathed judges ….but Marshalls who are over worked and underpaid quick to fell the crack of the whip…30 men doing the work of a required 55…what more can be expected….by the way are they given vehicles to expedite these documents to allow the required urgency?

  3. Another aspect of the PM’s speech which made me smile was when he criticised the slowness of the court and judges for their tardy judgements.

    I have a friend, a Dem mind you who grew up with the PM, well this person hired the PM when he was a “practicing” lawyer. For years, Freundel Stuart sat on the person’s case, he became AG and up to now, the person is still waiting for the case to be heard. The PM is such a hypocrite!

  4. @ Prodigal Son | June 27, 2013 at 7:45 AM |

    The miller has been saying that all along. Not only a hypocrite but a liar too!
    And there is much more in the hypocrite’s mortar than just a lying pestle.
    Not a word about the promises he made to the CLICO policy holders but Leroy Greenverbs is still his pal and greatest business executive Barbados ever produced.

  5. @ David

    I think that an excellent opportunity is being wasted with this BU “project”. Surely there has to be a way to get discussion to focus on ideas and solutions rather that the same tired, peurile, partisan silliness?

    Somehow the blog is under hijack from bloviating talking heads and at risk of becoming an online Puddin & Souse.

  6. Frankly Franklyn you of all people have the Gallows to call someone a liar?

    You of all people who has submitted articles posted in the Nation under the name of Sir David Seale, ? What form of lower life do you exist. In?

  7. @ David

    make sure blog commenters understand the relationship between blog freedom and blog responsibility…

  8. @ David | June 27, 2013 at 10:03 AM |

    Good question to 70th week!
    Let him put ideas and proposal on the table that we can discuss them instead of Puddin & Souse issues!
    Don’t be surprised if the 70th refuses to respond and as usual run away or indulge in the same kind of ad hominems of Puddin & Souse qualities.
    Here is a suggestion for 70th week to mull on. Let us discuss the foreign reserves and means to get the economy from out of the doldrums before social unrest sets in.

  9. @ 70th week

    With some reluctance I have to agree and disagree. In favour, I do not think that some comments placed here ought to be here. However, I am not one for stifling freedom of expression (and I have been a victim here, notwithstanding that I can and will fight back if necessary). Perhaps you may request stricter moderation, but certainly you cannot leave it up to ‘blog commentators’ to have the duty of care in terms of freedom and responsibility.
    Personally, I think you must bold yourself and sift the wanted from the unwanted. Without the figurative ‘Leviathan’ it is unlikely that you will get your wish and may rather attract the type of commentary for which you are opposed.

  10. @ 70th week
    Noble intentions, but you are in good company where you err…EWB made the same mistake when he assumed that a strong focus on EDUCATION would result in practical constructive action on the part of Bajans.
    Excellent educational work by BU (David) can ONLY be a means to an end, it CANNOT be an end in itself…..
    …right now, BU is performing perfectly…just like our education system did for many decades….facilitating an environment of KNOWLEDGE.
    The problem with the education system is that we were unable to build on that knowledge to produce competitive results. Bajans discovered the luxury life of tourism (prostitution) and that was that…

    With BU, many have discovered a luxury life of anonymously promoting their own political agendas from which (like johns) they expect political crumbs to flow- and they are using BU to milk that new found capability….

    The problem with both the education system AND with BU is that when we educate (empower) a brass bowl we just get a certified brass bowl…. We have to learn to accept that reality.

    The REAL challenge is for Bajans to be wise enough to demand a new, creative, innovative systemic revolution in government AND governance that reflects the wisdom of all that we have learnt in our educational system ….and through BU over the past years.
    ….don’t hold your breath.
    ….and don’t mind miller…..he still waiting to exchange the suppositories that he had been taking orally… 🙂

  11. @ George C. Brathwaite | June 27, 2013 at 10:41 AM |

    And you should also advise 70th week that the best way to deal with lies and propaganda is to counter with the truth, information and knowledge.

    Let him come up with reasonable proposals instead of just shouting down people who oppose the party he sycophantically supports and violently defends.
    Let us judge him by the quality of his comment. Now here is his contribution on another thread on the new aircraft for LIAT:

    “..But Bajans like um so…We spend so much time trying to pull down fellow Bajans that any ‘outsider’ can pull the wool over our eyes”

    Of what value or how responsible a statement is that and its relevance to the LIAT situation?
    Who is in charge of making the decision to continue invest in LIAT or allow the HQ for LIAT to remain in Antigua which has no financial interest or shareholder commitment in or to that airline? The same ordinary Bajans that he wants to ‘shoot’ down (no pun intended) or the administration the people have elected to work on their behalf and in their interests? Let him focus his critical condemnation at the Bajan government and not the powerless ordinary people.

    • Miller, George, Bushie et al

      I hope you guys realise that this post is about the PM lying to Parliament.

      Mind you, I could be wrong, his actions might not be deliberate: it might just be dementia. I will be able to confirm if he starts walking away.

  12. @ Bush Tea | June 27, 2013 at 11:10 AM |

    Aren’t you engaging in the same Puddin & Souse issues that the same 70th week is ranting and raving about?

    And is that the way you refer to the country’s No.1 forex earner and a major employer of those so-called products of the EWB experiment? If Tourism is prostitution we can then conclude that the MoT is the biggest pimp of them all, can’t we?

    If No tourism (Prostitution according to you) what then? Back to the cane fields?
    Why not be constructive and come up with realistic alternatives to tourism (prostitution)?
    Or are you placing all your bets on your BBE returning very soon to sort all things out and therefore giving excellent justification for you to call for the closing down of all schools and the dismissal of all proposals or strategies from both political parties and private sector sources to revive the massively ailing economy?

  13. @ Caswell

    Noted. I also heard your radio intervention and I cannot disagree except to suggest that the decency of the current prime minister precludes him of the mens rea which would of necessity find him guilty as charged. Hence, we may say that his departure from providing accurate and full details was inadvertent and unfortunate.

  14. Looks as if Caswell decide to go for broke. The man deliberately saying wicked and highly defamatory stuff about respected persons moreso the ones he thinks are DLPites. His constant disparging remarks on the PM are uncalled for .When the innocent people he villyfies take the offensive against madman Cassie he better be prepared. God dont like ugly. Chickens do come home to roost Frankie boy.

  15. @ Caswell Franklyn | June 27, 2013 at 11:20 AM

    It is not the first time that he has gone down that path.

    We shall see how he treats to the upcoming retrenchment of public sector workers including the court marshals whose function is up for outsourcing or privatization.

    He has also given his parliamentary ironclad decision never to change the current system of “Free” tertiary education. We shall see how he handles the UWI funding situation without going back on his word.

    Not one public sector worker to be dismissed.
    Even the long promised merger of the Customs & Excise, Income Tax, Land Tax and Licensing Authority into the super Department called the Central Revenue Authority (CRA) will not involve the cutting of staff numbers even if they have nothing to do.

    No privatization of any functions currently performed by the public sector including the Court marshals.

    University education shall remain totally free and accessible to any one.

  16. @ With hands folded
    Respected persons? I respect the Office of PM, but I do not respect the untruthful pathways. “His constant disparging remarks on the PM are uncalled for.” Do you not think that the PM has a duty to be honest, forthright, and speak to the fullness of the issue as Caswell is suggesting? If so, the remarks may be worthwhile despite my attempt to couch Stuart’s actions in different language.
    Sorry my friend, we all run foul at some time; the one with the stench at this time appears to be the prime minister based on the charges laid here and certainly based on what I know to be factual.

  17. Wonder what people are going to say when certain information that is now being slowly leaked comes out full blast, this info will affect both parties and the holder of the information, that is what happens when you have dirty skeletons in your closets and demons ruling your life……… amount of posturing and pretending will prevent the truth from coming out.

  18. Miller said
    “Let him come up with reasonable proposals instead of just shouting down people who oppose the party he sycophantically supports and violently defends”

    How brilliant to arrive at this conclusion from what I stated previously?

    Now you see why Bushie is right to remind you that suppositories are not to be administered orally? Honestly boss, is anyone on this blog more blindly partisan than you? More hypocritical? But I digress…

    You ignorantly believe than one party has all the answers and the other has none. News flash: they are both equally clueless about fixing the countless issues, the economy notwithstading. Is that truthful enough for you?

    It is bodering on insane to have a serious discussion about “earning forex” in a long-term, sustainable manner without first examining the fundamental structures we have in place to earn that forex. That discussion must be placed within our own Bajan context and not in some partisan/ idealogical vacuum. By now Miller, surely even you must realise that our problems are systemic in nature.

    For example, some want the gov’t to pump money into the system, which is fair enough. BUT. Where will it go? How do we know it will go where they say it will? Who will monitor it? Who will benefit? How do we measure if it is successful or not?

  19. If Tourism is prostitution we can then conclude that the MoT is the biggest pimp of them all, can’t we?

    ———–Lil Rick is a prostitute
    one minute Digicel/next minute -Lime
    who next ?
    —all for money
    will not limed just because of that
    Freundel Stuart/Mia Mottley
    Allison Hinds/ CGI
    who got the biggest balls ?-the question of the year
    or Dan Coopa
    -a foopa

    Yagga does it again

  20. Well Well @ the truth is out ,and if we have to wait on them to say, all these people are wrong , It may stay hidden even if we see and know them , Its more than Skeletons , its a grave yard over filled with bodies on top of bodies and bone x bones.
    The Barbados National Trust, as said before, cant not be trusted with what they look up , find , then hide. then publish .
    We at Plantation Deeds will seek the truth and will let people know some of what we find , As others speak out of their neck and put up a questions . Please dont get mad if we have the answer we found.

    This is again an American style of Disinformation they put on the so called Blacks in American , Different books in different states with different information about the same time in American History.
    They are pulling the same mess here , We need to FOCUS and all need to pitch in to Solve and bring out the Truth,
    Most will then get mad when the taxes, prices, living cost get out of hand.Then get on bad for head to cracked and bullets fly as Jones seem to have planned.Only a Matter of time ,, And at that point we will not have to worry about tourist coming to BIM . The USA and other will call this a no fly zone, warnings to the public and put it on the NEWS as unrest of the Island in the Sun.
    Noah warn the people and many made jokes and fun. We hope you all have your Ark ready,If you know your Bible , try to read whats going on around you, If some one have to knock on your door to tell you , It maybe to late…In God We Trust and God Trust Us to tell you all the Truth. if you want lies and long talk , just listen to the BLP /DLP .Ask them a Question about Deeds and remember their Answer.

  21. Seems PM Stuart’s speech this morning was merely a roundabout way of saying ‘my government erred’ in word and deed. I wonder how many roundabouts can this country afford if the problem is not being solved nor as John Williams is suggesting, the medicine is not being applied? Just my simple thoughts.

    • @Caswell

      Was a time and motion study done by government to justify establishing 55 Marshall IIs?

  22. @ 70th week | June 27, 2013 at 1:47 PM |

    Now that you have administered your own suppositories anally you are still allowing to flow profusely only a lot of bullshit nonsense about problems being systemic.
    What about the quality of managers and workers operating this imaginary system?
    Well if the problem is systemic what are you proposing to be done with the system?
    At least Pachamama has proffered alternatives to the system.
    What do you have to offer? At least one concrete proposal to improve the “system’ would be acceptable from you and not some nebulous offhand criticism of some make believe imaginary system divorced from the operators and the people it is designed to serve.

    One proposal, just one proposal and not elusive allusions to systemic failures and we can go from there, 70th week!

  23. @ Ac and all those who denounce the miller for constantly revealing the lies this government has been telling you:

    The truth Will Out!

    Now where from and how would this $400 million fiscal adjustment come about to stave off a pending devaluation? How many weeks of forex left in the fast leaking kitty?

    Are we going to see in a few weeks a serious set of strategies to get rid of the superfluous numbers in a most unproductive public sector?

    Would we see a serious programme of privatization and outsourcing of functions from the public sector to private enterprise with citizens required to pay increased user charges?

    Would we see UWI students having to pay at least 25% of tuition costs?

    The IMF is on the door step ready to knock!

  24. David

    I said when the department was at full strength in the 1980s should have been the 1990s. The establishment of the post of Marshal II was increased from 42 in1998 to 55 in 1999.

    I do not know what rationale was used. All I know is that they needed more but were forced to make do with 55.

  25. @ Miller…
    Let us help the DLP rescue our nation, but be ever mindful that never again can we rely on DEM political gimmicks AGAIN! This is only about 4 months since an election. It is my considered opinion, and give the nature of this blog, that several untruths paid off remarkably but now Barbados has to come together and face the challenges. Barbados first, we can always deal with the politicians once we have fixed our country.

  26. LOL @ Caswell
    …those were the days when, if a fellow did not produce you could just ignore him and hire two more….
    …now the typical employee NEEDS to do the work of 5 in order to just JUSTIFY keeping a job….

    In those days there were no cell phones, IPads, GPS systems etc
    …you better try and apologise for abusing the PM before he wake up and maul you with linguistics.. LOL 🙂

  27. @ George C. Brathwaite | June 27, 2013 at 6:08 PM

    The miller has always been of that persuasion. But the problem is that it is always extremely difficult to work with LIARS.

    The DLP leadership including the BIG Liar Sinckler must come clean and very clean with the people and admit they misled the people just to win an election by lying about privatization of many functions which will be the main plank of government’s immediately needed fiscal adjustments.

    The government have been told by the rating agencies and the IMF that unless drastic roll back of government’s involvement in economic activities and its continuing subsidization of services like tertiary education they would have no alternative but to declare the country bankrupt and therefore trigger an immediate devaluation.

    Let this government come clean and do what they should been doing since 2 years ago when the termites really started to eat away at its fiscal house and you would see some leniency and critical support from the miller.

  28. By the way, was Chris Sinckler at this forum today? I did not hear any comments from him in the evening news!

    • @Caswell

      Understand the point but we need to begin from a point where we understand in a scientific way how many Marshall IIs are required to do the job. These are funny nights and the way how resource (HR) allocation was made back then was based on a largess approach. The politicians, unions and other players need to get on the same page because it is not business as usual.

  29. 70th week you are not saying anything that has not said already repeatedly on BU. Stupse. David keep it going what!!! Another self-praising paragon of virtue…pimrp do.

    • @Enuff

      The not too subtle point to 70th Week is that he or she should make their contribution and forget what they think is nonsense by other contributors. We can’t control what others write and all types make the world go around..

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