Of Old Wine and New Skins

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What value should we place in the word of a Prime Minister. Should we dismiss Prime Minister Stuart’s promise as election campaign rhetoric? Should we dismiss the promise the late Prime Minister David Thompson made to CLICO policyholders? Are we finally willing to say to politicians, ENOUGH! Read Nation article PM’s Word

What value should we place in the word of a Prime Minister. Should we dismiss Prime Minister Stuart’s promise as election campaign rhetoric? Should we dismiss the promise the late Prime Minister David Thompson made to CLICO policyholders? Are we finally willing to say to politicians, ENOUGH!

Read Nation article PM’s Word

For by thy words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned – Mathews 12: 37

Here we go again, the furrowing of quotations from the Good Book to suit ends.


We no longer being perplexed by a Beast of Ephesus (fought), or monsters of Beelzebub, nowadays the demon takes on persona of goats’ skins and sheep skins. Mr. McDowall et al beware. Some prefer old wine “in bed” to youthful drams of inviolable wines. This lull currently being experienced is but a calm before a storm. Rest assured plans still remain to slaughter deemed ‘old sheep’ as we speak.

From way back PM Stuart has taken a liking to parable twisters. Every since giving parlous advise to teachers of Alexandra (time you catch-up), PM Stuart seems to have red in his eyes and fire in his tone. Ever since the Opposition Leader signalled that she won’t be leading HM Opposition back into Parliament until stipulated amends, Stuart being seeing red. Nowadays bozie, it is of new wine and old skins… Grapes of Wrath …brackish wine.

Those UWI students for instance, who were looking forward to their promised bursaries from MOE Jones. After PM Stuart’s echoing at the party’s George St. Headquarters, that  Bajans have 125,000 spanking new motor car and many colossal houses of concrete … and that they should be able to find monies for their children’s tertiary education,…in-need students have good reason to worry.

Pray tell Mr. PM, how many of these ‘so called rich’ Bajans families’ children are being denied a university education, or for that matter, are applying for these $1,000 bursaries? Seems like we gone back to the days that GHA and EWB fought so hard to put behind us.- Future doctors and lawyers coming from families of means.

‘Needy’ new wine can no longer cleave to the ‘old skins’ for subsistence. Your parents will either pay your way or you falter behind and be further disenfranchised. Bitter wine to swallow indeed.

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15 Comments on “Of Old Wine and New Skins”

  1. Artaxerxes August 6, 2015 at 6:53 AM #

    Barbados Today: September 12, 2012: “10,000 to Go Home”

    The Barbados Labour Party is planning to send home 10,000 public servants if it wins the coming general elections.
    This charge was made by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler last night as he addressed a meeting of the St. James South branch of the Democratic Labour Party.

    “The labour party will tell you that you need to cut expenditure, but they will not tell you where and how much to cut because they want to present the have-your-cake-and-eat-it- too to the public of Barbados.”

    “They don’t want to say to the public that if they are elected they will send home 10,000 public servants, which is what they really planning to do. And I can say it now WITHOUT FEAR OF CONTRADICTION that Owen Arthur, and Clyde Mascoll and Anthony Wood and Tyrone Barker and that crowd meet every week at the University of the West Indies … with a secret plan … and that plan is to gut the public service.”

    “SO ALL THOSE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO ARE HOLDING ON TO A JOB, THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU HAVING THAT JOB AND YOU NOT HAVING THAT JOB IS THE DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY WINNING THE NEXT GOVERNMENT… At the end of the day the BLP is in political business to serve their masters, and their masters are not people who look like you or me. They are in business to serve the people who they have to pay debts to.”

    “The DLP, on the other hand, is in the business of politics to serve the people of Barbados…”

    The following excerpt, from Loop News, is a synopsis of what Sinckler said pertaining to the civil service, during his December 13, 2013 ministerial statement:

    “In a Ministerial Statement in December 2013, Minister Sinckler outlined Government’s Fiscal Consolidation Programme for 2013-15, which INCLUDED THE RETRENCHMENT OF 3,000 PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2014, as well as a wage and hiring freeze in the public service.” [Loop News]

    When any individual of reasonable though read the above excerpts, juxtapose what Sinckler said at that DLP St. James South branch meeting, to what occurred between September 2012 and August 2015, how can they say Barbadians are not justified when they cuss Chris Sinckler and Fruendel Stuart?

    Barbadians were retrenched from the Drainage Unit (8 days after Sinckler’s ministerial statement); Transport Board; NHC; NCC (who, after Stuart admitted there were irregularities in the way they were retrenched, referred the matter to a non-existent ERT) and temporary workers (who Stuart told when last he looked, the definition of “temporary” had not changed); all of whom had to wait over 6 months before receiving severance.
    And especially those former Beautify Barbados employees who, almost 2 years after being retrenched, are yet to receive severance.

    What amazes me is how the DLP “rift rafts” assigned to BU accuse people of being “political and unpatriotic” when they voice their concerns about Barbados and the plight of their brothers and sisters who were retrenched.

    I guess their definition of “patriotism” means “love and loyalty to the DLP” rather than Barbados.


  2. Needy One August 6, 2015 at 9:54 AM #

    Mr. Prime Minister you word should be your bond. All the big words you using says nothing when you go back on your word. As a result I am walking Bridgetown looking for a job when I should be at UWI studying. It hurts Mr. PM . I came up studious and this is the shitty-ness you put me in today. You and yours got theirs why deny me mine? You have gone back on your word and I and many more are suffering as a result.


  3. Frustrated Businessman August 6, 2015 at 10:20 AM #

    Have we reached the point in Bajan politician dis-credibility where we just assume they are all liars? No apology for the lie, only excuses why it was told? If we don’t hold our nation’s leaders accountable for their statements and actions, how can we hold anyone else in our society accountable? Is accountability not the single biggest challenge we have throughout the entire snivel service? No end to the misery in sight.


  4. Al Capone August 6, 2015 at 12:21 PM #

    snip >

    11th November 2011
    Nation News (above)

    PRIME MINISTER FREUNDEL STUART says tertiary education in Barbados will remain free across the board, dismissing suggestions that only the “less well off” should receive state subsidies. And, he insists that reintroducing tuition fees would be a step backwards in the country’s development.

    Let’s STOP beating around the bush, the MAN is a BLASTED LIAR!



  5. Prodigal Son August 6, 2015 at 6:55 PM #

    Did anyone hear the plight of a young lady called “CC” on Tuesday’s Brasstacks?

    This is what the policies of this inept incompetent government are doing to our young people. Young people who were promised that their tertiary education would be “free” are now put out to pasture and are in despair and totally frustrated.

    I felt so sorry for the young lady and what disgusted me was people calling in telling her to become an entrepreneur………..what dont they understand the young lady has no money……..one man said she should borrow from family and friends. This man did not seem to understand that the average person has no more wriggle room in their finances. This is what the incompetence of the DLP has done to Barbadians.

    But no worries…….the “brek up dem” and the ac’s are happy.


  6. Prodigal Son August 6, 2015 at 7:20 PM #

    A lady called Brasstacks today saying that she went to the BRA to ask about her tax refund. She was told that she would have to write to the BRA detailing why she needed it and they would determine if the need is urgent.

    Has anyone ever heard such madness? Is this what Barbados has come to? A bureaucrat determining if a person requesting their long over due tax refund is urgent? My goodness, we are slipping further into decline.

    In both the years 2013 and 2014, upon filing I had to pay a bit more consolidation tax. I went to the Income Tax Department and asked them if they would net off what I owed against my refund…….I was told it is better for you to pay. I am yet to receive tax refunds for these two years………..you cannot owe this government but they can owe you for years and refuse to pay interest.

    The moron we have pretending to be a Minister of Finance, bragged in the Budget debate that…………..”as we speak, 24,000 envelopes are being stuffed with tax refunds…….”
    He was bragging about giving back something that should have repaid some 12-15 months earlier. What an asked…..hole! I know some people have received their refunds but a lot more are due.

    This government raised 70 million dollars from issuing bonds and could not pay off all the tax refunds to owe to Barbadians who are reeling under the heavy burden of taxation they have imposed on them.

    Can you imagine that they are getting ready to float another bond issue? Well OSA has again warned about these bonds, so it is up to Barbadians to be succoured in by these LIARS!


  7. Dompey August 6, 2015 at 7:21 PM #

    Prodigal Son

    How would that young lady learn the value of hard work and personal sacrifice, if she continues to look to government for her entitlements? Young ladies on this side of the river manage to joggle fulltime jobs and pay for their entire education without the assistance of government. So stop it. And try to encourage the young lady to be self-reliant.


  8. Prodigal Son August 6, 2015 at 8:27 PM #

    You JA, how the hell you expect the young lady to be self reliant when she had to drop out of university and has not been able to find a job for three years. I never said that she was looking to government for entitlements……….have you not heard that your DLP government is BROKE!


  9. ac August 6, 2015 at 9:44 PM #

    hey Prodigal Sound bits from brass tax does not win races, everyday you blowing off hot air about some body say this or that on brass tax, any body can say any thing wid their mout, you sound so foolish talking the same tripe everyday, sumbody say ,,,,


  10. Prodigal Son August 6, 2015 at 10:09 PM #

    What ever became of the radio station you morons were supposed to have up and running since the last election? You morons cannot run a radio station far less a government!

    You have reduced the bright and intelligent young people of this nation to “beggars”. They have nothing to look forward to…………

    ……our young people cannot go to UWI
    ……. the QEH is in a mess
    …….. the garbage situation is getting worse
    …….. poor people who have to catch buses daily cannot get a bus on time
    ……… Barbadians in St Joseph cannot get running water
    …….. law abiding citizens who pay their taxes on time cannot get their tax refunds
    ……..law abiding citizens who pay their NIS contributions dutifully cannot get their claims when they put in claims and…….

    You dems think that Barbadians are stupid and would believe your lies all the time.

    The people are so frustrated that they have no other choice than to vent their frustrations on Brasstacks because God knows “Morurine” Holder will not let them do it on CBC.

    And you with your arrogant out of touch self can come here and say……….”any body can say any thing wid their mout, you sound so foolish talking the same tripe everyday, sumbody say”………….

    You are feasting on the fatted calf so life is good for you! Get lost, you moron!

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  11. Dompey August 7, 2015 at 5:44 AM #

    Prodigal Son

    Brother are you off your meds or do you need some kind of medication or behavioural therapy to address your paranoia? Sir do you not know, or perhaps it is difficult for you to comprehend that the past with its good and evil lives in the present?


  12. Dompey August 7, 2015 at 6:05 AM #

    Prodigal Son

    You have reduced the bright and intelligent young people of this nation to beggars Prodigal exclaimed.

    Now people here is a voice clearly interwoven in delusion, so perhaps, GP can offer some of his medical advice to address Prodigal obvious psychosis.


  13. In and Out August 7, 2015 at 8:20 AM #

    A pattern is developing with the new destructive NUPW leadership its pellucid clear that the national interest doesn’t take precedence in their viewpoint. They attend meetings with government make agreements, shake hands with a grin and shortly after call the media to renege on whatever agreement or progress was achieved and declare there will be no compromise. To hell with the national interest its about NUPW. The customs, sanitation et al could remain on go slow indefinitely for all they care. Dr. Byer for once stepped up and called out the NUPW as strangers to the truth after the social partnership meeting when they summoned a press conference to gloat. Now again the McDowell boy after sitting with Sinckler and giving the public the impression the sides were on a path of reasonable give and take towards a solution says NUPW is going back to square one. The customs slackers will stay as they were. No doubt the perennial go slow will continue to bleed the economy to death. McDowell, Smith and Waldron couldn’t care less. Compromise is not part of their pattern.


  14. ac August 7, 2015 at 8:42 AM #

    And do not forget that the young lad who has never had experience in industrial relations would have little or no say so In these problems. As events unfold McDowell would waffled and flip flop on a slippery slope one deliberately put in his way to derail any any attempt by him to compromise
    The young lad has much growing to do and his independence would only come about when he make decisions that are perceived as his own and not be jolted by an exuberance of a political will of white shadows lurking in the dark


  15. Looked Over Student August 7, 2015 at 11:59 AM #

    Say what you like but bare moojans running this place you hear! The country broke, the economy in a rut, people who should know better just running their mouth. Now we students whom have made many many sacrifices to get here being told SHOITE! We supposed to find this money at short notice just so. But you know what, WE TOO getting a chance to VOTE in 2018.


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