For Love of Country… a Coalition Government

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte

Heads of Government :  Stuart, Arthur, Mottley, Sinckler
Minister of Finance : C. Mascoll
Attorney General : K. Symmonds
Minister of Tourism :  D. Inniss
Minister International Business: D. Marshall
Minister of Transport: M. Lashley
Minister of Culture: T. Prescod
Minister of Education: G. Payne
Minister of Labour :David Estwick
Minister of Health : R. Jones
Minister Housing Land: R. Sealy
Minister Agriculture: R. Toppin

Ministries to reduced eleven. Salaries of Ministers reduced by 25 %. Permanent Secretaries salaries reduced by 15%.

67 thoughts on “For Love of Country… a Coalition Government

  1. I am not sure if this list is meant to be a joke, but the principle is sound. However re-appointing the very same people who over the last 19 years have left the country shipwrecked because of their lack of ideas is a silly way to go.
    A government of national unity, yes, but let’s look for new talent.

  2. Why would anyone want to be among fools and incompetents? That would be a recipe for more disaster. Imagine someone like Fumble and Stinkliar having to take advice from Mia and Owen? Do you think they will take it? Let us get real we need competent people COMPETENT people. The present lot has shown us how inept they are. What do businesses do with people like that? FIRE DEM RASS and replace them. The present government MUST look within themselves and select the most competent persons amongst them to help steer their ship. If they cannot find those persons then they should disband and flag down a properly crewed ship to rescue them.


    a Collation Government@ A Collation Government members of the DLP/blp Crooks, Fraud and scumbags,,all the crooks on one side of the fraud table, crook X crook= CROOKS, LET THEM ALL SINK

    Cant you all see, we have a Collation Government now lololool WARRANTS FOR ARREST IS IN ORDER FOR THEM ALL , SOME WILL GET MORE TIME THAN OTHERS,

  4. islandgal246

    “………a properly crewed ship to rescue them.”

    I hope that the “properly crewed ship” would not include you or anyone you support.

  5. Think I agree with P…..

    If we do anything we should form the coalition inside Dodds and let the people outside who can, do.

    I don’t mind if a room at Dodds is set aside and named the Parliament room for the coalition of former MP’s to have their customary parliamentary debates that go nowhere so they don’t feel like they are missing out on anything.

    … but for heaven’s sakes ….. not outside in the real world.

    Get these jokers off the street and where they belong.

  6. Porgie and Murda…….LOL…….What is this? Whaloss… enuff gine sit up this morning and take note……Things REAL SERIOUS den……stark reality is that the people business is not being properly attended to and something MUST BE DONE. Wait T & T had one …was it not Chambers and Panday……

  7. As a party that has long been promoting a very serious policy of coalition government for Barbados, we in the PDC find this particular article to be a very disorganized, ill-conceived, and untenable one, nonetheless the provocative opinion of the person/persons who submitted it.

    Here are a few reasons why we have been promoting such a serious policy of coalition government for Barbados.

    First this: at the ending of every reason we will provide questions so as to, in turn, help readers of this PDC post, form their own impressions, if so, about the fundamental weaknesses and deficiencies contained in the above article. And, we are not doing this to come across as if we are intellectually philosophically superior to anybody, but to show that through serious rigorous reasoning and thinking the intellectual philosophical practical bases (proposals, assumptions) for any form of sound feasible coalition government for the country, and the reasons given by any creators for them, can inevitably be arrived at anytime and that therefore such intellectual results ought to be construed by many Barbadians as outlining where Barbados should have been at this stage in its history. Well, it is for these reasons and more that we must render our position why we think – for sure – that at this very socially politically materially financially depressing dedeveloping juncture in the history of this country, that kind of article should never have lived to see the light of the day.

    Anyhow, the reasons are as follows:

    1) To provide for eligible voters in Barbados to each have a say in the election of such a constitutionally sanctioned Cabinet of Barbados, which will be an executive coalition Cabinet made up of representatives of successful candidates of contesting parties, other contesting political groups and individuals contesting such an election at such a pre-fixed time and held for the primary purposes of duly electing such a Cabinet. Such a Cabinet shall be headed by a President who shall be the Head of State of the Republic of Barbados. That said: is that type of state building political developmental thinking strategizing (for there could easily be other types too proffered) informing the construction of the letter? ;

    2) To provide for some certain divisions of the managerial entity responsible for managing the constitutional political and other affairs of the state/government to be reallocated away from what it is right now under the present Cabinet system of government in Barbados ( in effect, single party government that is supposedly running all ministries, statutory entities, companies, etc, of the government), to those of the other components of this restructured reconfigured Cabinet, i.e, to the other would be successful candidates that would be either representing non-party political groups and individuals themselves and that would be – primarily because of their nature of thinking training operating – ideally functionally better suited for, more efficient than the status quo in presiding over those particular Divisions (Ministries now). For instance, the Attorney General position must be held by an independent within the would be reconfiguration of the Cabinet system of Barbados. Again, is this type of thinking about one possible WAY FORWARD for the rebuilding of Cabinet government country that is underpinning the article?

    3) To provide fair opportunities for not only political parties, but also other political groups and individuals to make very important contributions of their own and many others at the highest levels of national decision and policy making in the country. Is this sort of philosophy ingrained in the above article? Or is that article having been constructed on the basis of the same narrow selfish partisan considerations as those that are afflicting many affairs in the country?

    4) To provide for the appropriate type of electoral system that would be far and better suited to members of such a Cabinet being elected on the basis of eligible voters across the country’s perceptions/realities of the skills/competencies of knowing strongly believing that these successful candidates – no matter where they live in the country, no matter where they will themselves vote, or who they will vote for – that they are the ones that have very much what it takes to do the tasks required under their portfolios and by extension what it takes to operate more than the status quo in the fundamental interests of the country at the national level. The proposed appropriate electoral system for primary purposes of electing this executive coalition Cabinet will be a variant of the proportional representational electoral system. Will this dispensation not be far better than under this current electoral arrangement – the first past the post electoral system – where voters are NOT ONLY prevented from electing the Cabinet BUT ALSO are prevented from voting for who they want to do good for the country? but who rather are seen by the PDC as playing the role of marginalized ineffectual pawns in the cultivation by especially these DLP/BLP parties of very narrow factitious political constituency relations, even as these relations help to result in some kinds of falsely significant but incoherent illogical bases for the forming of Cabinet government in Barbados ?(Not to mention that under the current constitutional order it is the prime minister’s Cabinet!!) Does the article draw upon these or similar assessments and considerations?

    5) To provide for the understanding of some that in executive coalitional government of the type proposed by us – serious and fundamental political checks could be provided against, on one extreme, laissez fraire government, or on the other extreme, tyrannical government, by that type of government focusing on coalitional consensus building responsible government. Indeed, coalition government, in the way how we have envisaged it for Barbados, is the best form of executive participatory democratic government yet for the country and once properly ideologically constitutionally politically legally anchored (not as in Italy, Japan, etc) and once properly gone beyond mythical flawed concepts like the politics of inclusion ( a so-called brand of political government some years ago practiced by former Prime Minister Arthur) to the point where it is grounded in sound social political managerial design theory application, and where leading up to its formally systematically methodically being established in the political culture system of Barbados – can thereby be proven by proper implementation control monitoring to be the best form of inclusive government right now for Barbados. Also, the above four items do show that executive coalitional government can be well established and founded in the interest of the proper development of the governmental political affairs of this country. Are these concepts rationalizations syntheses comparisons presented for discussion in the above article?

    Anyhow, that is it for now. Hope readers would understand, or further understand, if they have to some extent already – that building a coalition unity government of Barbados is not anything to be trifled with or trivialized.


  8. See u ! see U rotten onions.u not see dat the business people getting sick and tired of wunna “mottley crew” talking down the economy…..let that be a red flag ….that money talk b/s walk..unna think unna hurting govt. betta think again cause them people sore losers someting they got in common wid”mottley crew” but the last thing is to hurt thm pocket uh hear lef them people alone. they gonna get unna real good.

  9. ac…….enough with the slave mentality, you are a member of a population that is in the majority on the island, you cannot be dependent on the minorities forever, stand up and womanup for once in your life and stop embarrassing the black race of women who have had to put up with nonsense for centuries, you SHOULD know better regardless of your the limited intellect that you are proud to portray.

  10. AC I swear you are getting paid well for monitoring and responding to the posters on BU. You are definitely working for the present Government because I have NEVER read where you have criticized them for anything. In both your eyes they have done nothing wrong and you are so loyal you would NEVER criticize them even if they did. Girl sometimes I worry about your loyalty to this government. They are leading you down the road to your demise and you will still support them. Girl that is dangerous when you won’t and can’t criticize your politicians.

    Me I ent putting NONE of them on any pedestal. I will criticize all of them if I see they are doing shoite with my country Barbados.

    I want Barbados to shine again BUT we have nuff house cleaning to do. We have a population that is drifting because of lack of leadership and direction from our leaders. We have a population that is feeling helpless and burdened with high taxes just to keep the political johnnies living in style while many suffer silently. We have to now choose who to pay first when the bills come. We are being ripped off by the merchants who hold us to ransom for their goods. No one wants to give us good service they just want our money. Past and present governments are only giving poor quality leadership, poor service and charging exorbitant prices. What are we to do? Accept that as the norm?

  11. I fail to see how men and women who make a living by exploiting Barbadians could be expected to behave any differently as a result of Barbadians being forced to refer to them as Honorable…. coalition my ass!

  12. Baf……but they can be exposed, Williams failed to say in his lying ass article that the international investors are turned off because of scum like him who they are well aware are nothing but ticks and leeches on the island, he can only fool the likes of idiots like ac with his crap…..outside here, the investors are well aware of what is happening on the island, it is up to the DLP/BLP to let it continue and they will see the investors will be forever turned off from doing business in Barbados, it is all up to them now, let’s see what they are really made of.

  13. Things really get “hot” up in here looka dat the BLP yardfowks turning on their own freinds ” the busines community. Look out licks like peas .

  14. @ ac
    Wait why you don’t give it a rest…..Ya blaming Onions now???…..wait ya dun wid OSA…..ya went fa MAM…….now ya want D Onions ..tekk care ya …I might put D middle foot pun ya (miller)..and denn…ole stew chicken gine cluck…..whaloss…ask Bushie bout D bill fish how demm duz holla ….LOL

    (aside)…Brass Tacks: David Ellis got nuff time to spend pun Rhianna containers and Sanka folly today….boy ya rite….affa Tuesday… fire away!

  15. The Barbados Labour Party and MIA seem to believe that Bajans are stupid:


    What is it called again when your morning words and evening words don’t match? It is said that the best way the judge the character of someone is how they behave when no one is looking. Well if you are not looking then you can’t see, (haha) so I think a better way to judge them is how they behave when there are no immediate consequences.

    Picture this: October 2010………
    The MPs in the BLP wanted to change the LoTO, at the same time that she was making a bid for further power in the party by running for chairman.

    At that time, instead of co-operating with her party, the LoTO took to the newspapers and airwaves to ‘take the country into her confidence’ and accuse her party of about 10 different strains of malfeasance including ‘disenfranchisement’ of a large section of the party. She promised constitutional reform, and in fact produced an amendment to the constitution at that conference which some claimed would finally drag the party into the new millennium.


    October 2013
    Mademoiselle is LoTO again. The conference is here again. She wants to be chairman again. This time, she had 9 months as leader.

    Constitutional Reform? What is that dirty word? We are having nun uh dat in this party!

    Far from further enfranchisement, delegates turned up to conference to vote and there was no voting. All morning and lunchtime, (as is the norm) candidates were canvassing for positions on the party’s executive.

    Then. Nothing.

    Informally, delegates were advised that the delegates list had been misplaced and voting would commence either after lunch or today. Rumours flying all over conference, apparently a decision was made (by whom?) that ‘to avoid confusion’ (who would be confused by an election process?) the officers of the party will be ‘chosen’ (by whom?)

    To everyone’s great shock and consternation, an executive was announced in late evening, and ALL the positions quoted as ‘unopposed’.


    Requel Gilkes

  16. Now you see why it is an atrocious idea to link the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party together?

    The Barbados Labour Party would contaminate the Democratic Party, we have better sense than to let something like that take place.

  17. Even though people turned up to vote for an Executive, lo and behold no voting took place as should have been done, but the Barbados Labour Party is now saddled with an Executive which was chosen not voted in and who choose it is yet to be found out.

  18. @ Carson C. Cadogan | October 28, 2013 at 1:56 PM |

    Would it also be “an atrocious idea” to make it abundantly clear to idiots like you that if Barbados’s foreign reserves are not topped up by at least $1/2 billion by the end of the fiscal year your DLP administration ass is grass?
    Far from contamination from the BLP there would be an economic meltdown that could make Chernobyl look like a five star upscale residential area.

    Carrion, what do you have planned to stave off the dreaded “D” word? Another cussing of Auntie Christine from the lying lips of the glabrous garden gnome called Worrying Worrell?
    BTW, how is the “No Layoffs, No Privatization” stew coming along? Ready for serving or are you awaiting approval from the Chef de cuisine (IMF)?

    The Rihanna fiasco is just another degree of intense heat up your lying ass before lowedown or M C kicks the political bucket and brings the whole charade to an end. Don’t you think 6 years are too long for you to wreak such economic damage? How long is too long when it hurts so painfully up the rear of poor Bim?

  19. From Facebook:

    “Bizzie Williams says there’s way too much negativity pervading Barbados right now. “It is dragging down investor and consumer confidence and helping to cripple the economy”, he said. Many of us already know that, but Bizzie, you can thank the BLP for that. They are on a rampage to destroy Barbados. At the recent BLP Conference, Mia Mottley said that Barbadians have been warned to prepare themselves for a rescue mission since THE PEOPLE will decide that enough is enough of the Democratic Labour Party. You hear that? THE PEOPLE. I.e. SHE will dictate to the people what they must decide. She is on a “rescue mission”. Really? Well, the question is … who will rescue her from her own Party?”

    Margaret Knight

  20. CCC why you post the comment from Facebook where Raquel Gilkes said the conference was called off? you and her are just alike. total waste of space.

  21. So Miller
    Why is Mia no longer interested in constitutional reform to strengthen democracy in the BLP? …..was it only important when George was winning the presidency?
    Is it true that um was you and Mia who hand picked the executive last Sunday? 🙂

  22. David (not BU) | October 28, 2013 at 3:46 PM |
    CCC why you post the comment from Facebook where Raquel Gilkes said the conference was called off? you and her are just alike. total waste of space.


  23. and why anyone in their right mind take anything Margaret Knight says seriously anyway, Carson you disappoint me.

  24. Miller……….glad to have you back on the blog. Your 1:56pm posting should be taken seriously by all Bajans. Only today, an email was sent out to all Secretary/Treasurers of secondary school informing them that with immediate effect, they. the (secretary/treasurers) will have to call on a monthly basis down to the Ministry of Finance to find out if there is enough money available to pay the teachers. This comes on the heels of another email which came out last week from Ministry of Education/Finance telling the school administrators that all estimate meetings for their respective schools have been cancelled. Now I believe Clyde Mascoll that things are worst than what is being told to us.

  25. @ Georgie Porgie | October 28, 2013 at 4:52 PM |

    Well put, GP!
    Carson C Cadogan has NEVER EVER made a contribution that could be considered constructive and valuable.
    Not even one idea, proposal or constructive criticism to help solve or effectively manage any of the myriad problems facing the country and by extension his DLP administration.

    His sycophantically blind support of that moribund and incompetent party has deprived him of the intellectual energies required for original thinking. If only CCC could turn those pointless arrows (aimed at those he perceived as enemies of his party) into meaningful proposals to assist his mortally wounded government.
    CCC, could you for once offer at least one solution? What about in the area of tourism where you find tremendous energy to attack Adrian Loveridge? At least Adrian has made a contribution even with his “little Inn?

    What have you done other than attack the man and those who dare criticize and offer alternatives to what prevails in that sector? Tell us how the DLP plans to borrow all that money from the Chinese to invest in a declining industry which produces neither raw materials, nor commodities.
    Prove both GP and Uncle Tom wrong before you commit him to Shady Pines, or in my case George St. where the lie mill runs 24/7.

  26. More fun from the Barbados Labour Party.

    “To everyone’s great shock and consternation, an executive was announced in late evening, and ALL the positions quoted as ‘unopposed’”

    How will the BLP spin this?

    “unopposed” what will the BLP do next?

    Now you see why no one supports MIA?

  27. @ Bag Juice | October 28, 2013 at 5:11 PM |

    Thanks B J, glad to be back!

    What you have said should be of immediate concern to Bajans especially the so-called middleclass about to be hurt rather badly. Mascoll knows what’s really going on behind the scenes as the country is blindly taken down the economic path that leads to the IMF door of major restructuring involving the significant reduction in public sector manpower numbers and privatization of many State owned and managed functions.

    The major reason there appears to be an atmosphere of seeming despondency, despair and general negativity is the blatant cover up and untruths continually practise by the current administration. Until the truth is told the light of recovery and armour of confidence would not come to the fore.

    Imagine that blatant liar passing off as the Governor of the C B has the bleeding gall to say the recent attempt at floating of bonds was not really necessary but just discretionary “term” insurance because the country can afford such luxury.

    Why increase the foreign debt of the country if it is NOT necessary at a time when one of the major economic negatives is its over-indebtedness and being in the top ten of the heavily indebted countries of the world.
    Does the idiot really understand the significantly increased financial burden that would be placed on the country’s already struggling debt servicing commitments?
    This man is a big bull-shitter and you guys fail to see through the crap he spews forth.
    But the old folks who went to primary school only had a saying that sums up the Bajan administrators class of today: “Edication ain’t Commonsense.”

  28. I have not seen or heard a worse idea. Before we combine the members of the two parties, there should be someone appointed, similar to the US special prosecutor, to investigate the conduct of all the proposed coalition member. This special prosecutor should have the power to institute criminal proceedings against any of them for misconduct while previously in office.

  29. John | October 28, 2013 at 7:48 AM |
    If we do anything we should form the coalition inside Dodds. can, do.
    Get these jokers off the street and where they belong.
    Black Rock is a viable and more apt alternative.

  30. @ Caswell
    “….Before we combine the members of the two parties, there should be someone appointed, similar to the US special prosecutor, to investigate the conduct of all the proposed coalition member. This special prosecutor should have the power to institute criminal proceedings against any of them for misconduct while previously in office”
    You mean like a National Supervisory Committee right?
    It COULD be done, but who has enough knowledge and balls to launch and lead such a committee…..?
    …..Mmmmmmm let us see….??!!

  31. who has enough knowledge and balls to launch and lead such a committee…..?
    …..Mmmmmmm let us see….??!!


  32. Why bother….like we forget Eager 11. Too much ” I want to be leader or else …..We in a bind….It would be preferred and OK for Lagrase and Co. to come and call the shots…..when finally evabody backs staple to D wall….than for someone to say .”.bah looka this is we rock…..cum lewe put we balls together and see how best to float this Rock”……For Love of Country…

  33. @ Old Onions
    Mendicancy at its most shameful….like a child…
    “We can’t look after our own selves, we need the smart, efficient white people to come and get us on our feet again….then we can beg for our freedom again….”

    @ GP
    Wrong answer!
    The correct answer is of course, CASWELL.
    A man who knows the rules, the tricks, and who (correctly) thinks that everyone has crooked intentions.
    He is not perfect, does not have all of the answers and can be a scamp, but that is only because he is human.

    That is wunna business if wunna can’t see a valuable asset when one stares wunna in the face….

    Re Bushie
    …wunna ain’t ready for a bushman yet.





  35. LOL @ GP
    Last thing Bim needs is a bushman with a plaster for every sore..
    ..but if they don’t come up wid a sensible plan soon that is EXACTLY what they will get… 🙂




  37. Caswell Franklyn | October 28, 2013 at 7:31 PM |

    I have not seen or heard a worse idea. Before we combine the members of the two parties, there should be someone appointed, similar to the US special prosecutor, to investigate the conduct of all the proposed coalition member. This special prosecutor should have the power to institute criminal proceedings against any of them for misconduct while previously in office.

    Not many, if any, will be left!

  38. After many years of observation I have come to the conclusion that one useless individual is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is parliament.

  39. Is there any medical condition associated with getting bad feels whenever you see Freundel or Stinkliar, Some type of psychological distress.
    I think the images of the two of them is what has caused such a negativity in the country. To know your country is being led by two inept incompetent pieces of drift wood. How can a people not be insecure and negative!

  40. Sinckler has distinguished himself now as being the ABSOLUTE WORST Minister of Finance, Barbados has ever had in its history.
    Notice that whenever he is not given a script to read, he attacks people.

    I feel sorry for him because he is a fool and he knows not that he is a fool.

    How much longer will we allow this goon to lead our public finances? Even Gearbox or NinjaMan would do better.

  41. Surprised that there seems to have been no comments on BU re. Prof Howard’s reasoned call for an early invitation for assistance by the IMF and an equally reasoned rebuff by an apparently very knowledgeable and calm MOF. He was very impressive in his interview by Stetson Babb yesterday. I heard most of it.

    Just to note that in every instance of the IMF being invited to countries in this region there is spirited denial up to the day of the announcement of the invitation.

  42. @are-we-there-yet

    If the IMF comes in with a restructuring plan, it will mean the loss of sovereignty, if only for the period of the rescue mission.
    As your name implies, are we there yet? In any case, Prof Howard should have a word with his colleague, Frank Alleyne, who thinks the economy is competently managed.

  43. Hal Austin;
    In this case, I say Sovereignty, Smovreignty! Sovreignty pales in importance and significance when viewed against the unwonted effects of the likely debt cycle if Barbados postpones and mistimes an approach to the IMF. As you implied the loss of sovereignty will be only for the period of the invited IMF intervention and it seems logical that the longer the Government takes to call for that intervention the longer will be the period of that loss in sovereignty. But of course, the Chinese and / or other sources of expensive usurious loans may make it unnecessary to call in the IMF. Only time will tell.

    I have now lost much of the respect I had for my friend Dr. Frank Alleyne. His performances over the past couple of years indicate that he should have opted out of the positions he still retains some time ago. His analyses seem flawed and very partisan. Prof Howard is still in the Economic saddle and is much more believable at this time.

    Are we there yet? I think we are, given the information in the public domain. But am I sure? the MoF’s interview yesterday was reasoned and much more mature than I have heard him for sometime and gave some assurance but there were several opt out phrases and words that suggests we are probably there.

  44. I find it disappointing that people in power still seem to take Frank Alleyne seriously. He should be quietly relieved of his public responsibilities.
    I am sorry I missed the MoF interview and VoB does not do podcast.
    Sadly, I cannot rely on the printed media for an accurate report, with the exception of BU..

  45. I will be respectful to my elders and say to Frank Alleyne, your sell-by-date has expired. Those old philosophies you expound are irrelevant in today’s world. Frank my friend, you are stuck in a time zone in the mid-20th Century but we need forward thinkers for the 21st century and beyond.

  46. Since when we need someone from university to tell us that we CANNOT continue spending more than we are earning and not expect to become someone’s slaves?
    Since when we need the IMF to come in to add up our expenses and income and to:
    Shiite man!
    Only CHILDREN should need such basic guidance and discipline …..oh yea….and brass bowls.

    • @Bushie

      You are simplifying the problem, you are belittling macro economics, you are disregarding behavioural economics, hell you are not giving credit that people understand externalities.

      On 1 November 2013 23:30, Barbados Underground

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