An Open Letter to the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice

Dear Sirs,

BU has come across seemingly incontrovertible evidence that warrants both of your immediate investigation. The evidence involves Mr Justice Olson Alleyne. Evidence suggests that Mr Justice Alleyne continues to practice law under the business name of “Olson Alleyne Legal”, despite his elevation to the Bench and has indulged in the practice of law during his tenure on the Bench, even up to the present day. We are satisfied that as little as 14 days ago, counsel received correspondence from Olson Alleyne Legal signed by another lawyer on behalf of Mr Olson Alleyne. If proved, this constitutes gross and dismissible misconduct and we refer you to section 84 of the Constitution, to be easily found  online.

This is a matter of the gravest possible national importance. It requires investigation and explanation forthwith. BU, out of fairness and to permit you to conduct an immediate investigation, will refrain for the present from publishing the evidence. You are encouraged to contact us should you wish to avail yourself of this evidence and we will make arrangements to have it delivered to you. We await your expeditious response. It would be a great mistake to test our resolve on this one.

If there is no interest shown in this matter by officialdom we will interpret this to mean you have no problem with BU pursuing this matter in the public space of the Internet.

193 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice

  1. @Bushie. “It is quite obvious that David has thought this through and while bringing transparency to the matter, has left room for the authorities to act.”

    I completely agree with your analysis AND WITH BU’S POSITION!!! The moreso as BU has stated that if the PM and the CJ do not know where to go for the evidence, BU will direct them.

    I have axed my questions and am now assured that indeed in this case there is no smoke without fire – a raging inferno, it appears at face value. And I can tell you now that it is NOT GOING AWAY!!! Not this time. Not until it is fully investigated and the Judge either cleared, resigned or fired. There is no room for half way measures on something like this.

    @newblood. I had a look at the case the link for which you posted. I don’t see the relevance to this discussion. UNLESS you are pointing out that two of the lawyers involved became judges. I have looked at the dates and in both cases the lawyers became judges AFTER their representation and I know for a fact that both, upon being elevated (“elevated” – with our present bench, that is a misnomer if ever there was one) passed on their outstanding cases of other counsel and closed their practices. My imperfect memory seems to suggest that Lionel Greenidge became a judge in about 1997/98 and Leroy Inniss in about 2000 or around that time. Is that the point you are trying to make? If so, it is not pertinent for the reasons I have stated. And I happen to know for a fact that Lionel and Leroy gave up their practices – because I not only know them both, but am close friends with some of their former clients who complained bitterly at the time about having to go to new counsel.

  2. Before we had BU very few Bajans knew what was going on in this country, those who appeared to be breaking the law with impunity and those who were victims of our degrading Justice system. The local media houses are nothing but a piece of floss with no serious Journalists willing to take on the establishment. With BU on the scene it can only help Barbados and Bajans be informed by exposing the injustices faced by Bajans. BU is the voice of the people and any attempt to muzzle BU will be an attack on the the citizens of this country.

  3. Disinformation Look and Well Well are practicing disinformation and in so doing eliciting disinterest in a topic that for a few of us, is of some interest since if it is true, it speaks to what a practice that is wrong but because of one’s position it is permitted. (Let me go on record to say that I have great respect for the man Olson and wish to cast no disparity against his character)

    My comments speak to the principle and i am using this submission to critique the overarching issue rather than the specifics.

    In fact if I were to go to the specific I am sure that a defamation lawsuit could easily be leveled against me and Lord knows with my CARICOM woes I just can’t take that.

    Yes a few will say here we go again with him bemoaning the imbalance in the system but I promise not to mention my five year wait for a court date for my CARICOM case and focus on request for meetings

    This goes alot deeper than the diatribes Well Well and Look keep hurling ar each other.
    The subject matter brings front a centre the issue where poor (black) people like me get one type of treatment by this judicial system but others are immune from any sanction or legal recourse.

    Why would a letter on a blog (that recent detractors are calling parochial and non international, yet make no less than 30 submissions on it) why would such am appeal cause either of these men to respond here?

    How many of us have written letters to our Chief Justice or our Prime Minister asking for an audience to speak of some glaring injustice we, or others that we know, have experienced or are experiencing?

    And how many of us have gotten responses to what may be for us of major import but to these men whom some revere as vassals of God?

    I submit that these men whom some confuse with being “servants of the people” are occupied with more pressing affairs of judiciary and state.

    I suggest that we desist from these lofty pretentions to engage these busy men and women and that all of us know our place and keep our banter within the rightful confines of banal conversations like the discussions going on between BU sunscribers and genuflecting appropriately when we see them on the TV

    My country is dying right before my eyes, assassinated by those people that you and I vote for every five years and then cringe when they become God’s vassals on earth.

    I give you the eighth wonder of the world, the miracle through which Barbadians appoint representatives to parliament, some of whom cannot even drive a donkey cart, and then open their mouths in amazement when these MPs, both sides, drive our economy down the road to the IMF

    Watch carefully how the responses to my submission will not focus on my message but will circle, like vultures, on me the submitter.

    Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?

  4. @islandgirl246

    That is precisely the point

    People forget how zealously the powers that be/were went about trying to find,and crush, this blog.

    Those two characters who are making this blogosphere their personal whipping ground totally miss the point.

    Say what you will about any personal political persuasions that David[BU] may have he has kept true to the “for the right that has no champion” which other media have abandoned

  5. @ BAFBFP | June 10, 2013 at 12:27 AM |
    “Now big Judge do moonlight … Maybe plenty light bring to bear on Judge moon … no?”

    That is a brilliant piece of punning there, B!
    One wonders how man can connect the humorous dots between a recent event involving a white queer queen doing a moon to say “KMA” to another black queen on the bench and this current one exposed to the light of night.

    We shall see what steps are taken to make sure night becomes day or darkness becomes light as far as this judicial system is concerned. Maybe a write-up in some popular British tabloid (say the Daily Mail) might do the trick to unseat this “mooning judge”.
    The worst civil malady to beset a country is a corrupt judiciary.

    With an incompetent police force, vacillating temperamental DPP and now a suspect mooning judge make for a justice system British nationals should stay away from in similar proportion holders of American passports should avoid travel to places controlled by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. Right BAF!

  6. @Miller
    I been tryin to think WHAT the PHUC Alair Shepard reminded me of BUT try as I could,I could not get a mental picture that related to what my MIND was telling me .Then I read you words..WHITE QUEER QUEEN.
    Muchas Gracias Amigo

  7. @David weekes 001
    Consider yourself shot!!
    Your words = My sentiments.

    Each day the Politicians become more Blatant.
    The whores become more slutish.
    Their Crassness more ignorant
    Their behaviour more unsavory
    Their disregard more obvious.
    Their Corruption Boundless.

  8. @David Weekes. As you know, I rate you very highly. Very highly indeed. You are the kind of person that this country needs a lot more of. Unfortunately, your knowledge of how to protect yourself is not great at all. But that is a lack that you share with all very bright and inventive people. And instead or looking to the future and protecting people like you for the good of the country, the country has let you down. Unfortunately, I do not think there is very much you can do about it. But you are not doomed to have just one idea, so next time please resist the urge to hand over your ideas without first ensuring that you are properly legally protected. It isn’t difficult, you know…..all you have to do is to curb your enthusiasm until the protection is in place. And that is sincere advice from one who really thinks well of you.

  9. Amused sound advice to David Weekes….One good thing David Weekes is that these vultures are on the prowl again looking for their next victim. Software becomes obsolete very quickly if you do not have the knowledge to update and expand it. As Amused said you will have other ideas bigger and better ones and I know you will secure it before showing it. Once bitten twice shy. Good comes out of bad and you have been betrayed in the worst way possible by your OWN. The fact is to know who your enemies are, befriend them and keep them close string them along and NEVER trust them.When the timing is right go in for the kill.

  10. @Miller
    You, I know, are far more knowledgeable than I ,in matters lawful.
    With this latest test of the bounds of legality/ illegality?
    Is there not any mechanism within the “Independance ” of Barbados from UK.?
    Whereby an appeal can be made via the British High Comissioner ,that intervention of UK can be requested.?
    Possibly citing a total breakdown of true legal process in Barbados.?

  11. @Dr Love. With the Mighty Miller’s leave, I will put my two cents worth in. The answer is NO! There is no mechanism for appeal to the UK and nor should there be. We are a sovereign independent nation that owes no allegiance to Westminster – and this is how it should be. Our courts no longer have, as the final court of appeal, the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Instead, we have the CCJ and quite frankly, the standard of the CCJ judgements could not possibly be higher and the time it takes for delivery is excellent. Pray God this continues. Really, they exhibit the very highest standards – each and every one of them.

    We are most fortunate that we have BU and David to carry out the functions of a free press. For without BU and likeminded blogs, we would be screwed. Matters like this would be hidden and only the select few would know. Those days of public ignorance are DEAD! Trouble is that those in power do not yet realize that it can never again be “business as usual”.

    We are very fortunate that we have BU and David. Unfortunately, most blogs lack a moral compass and a blogmaster of true integrity who also respects the rights of people to have differing views. Thus, when issues like this arise, it is not only the importance of BU that is highlighted and for which we must all be grateful, but we have to give thanks for BU’s blogmaster being the kind man he is.

  12. This message is directed towards the persons responsible for the administration of justice in this island. I have chosen not to specifically direct it to any particular person with the hope that someone associated with the administration of just would have the guts wisdom and sense of justice to deal with the matter.
    I am aware that those in authority may not want to micro manage, that may all be well and good as a policy of good management;. However on a practical level how well it for the country as a whole to hold fast to such a policy whilst people suffers injustices. My message is at large because those who are known to be supposedly in charge of the administration of justice seems to be urgently in need od some sort of Viagra to get started and the economy cannot seem to afford it.
    The issues which before I sought to draw to the attention of the public had concerned to a great extent to deal with the internal management of the Royal Barbados Police Force; this issue also deals with the same organisation.
    This is a call to the Coroner, the D P P and whoever for an early intervention into the investigation into a fatal accident that occurred at the round about at Jackson St Michael which resulted in the death of a poor gentle who was seated on the side walk by the stall where papers were sold.
    There are a number of suspicious activity surrounding this investigations. incidentally the driver of the vehicle that was involved in this fatality was driven by the brother of the police force administration and the cousin of the Police chief. Certain things were already hinted to in another section of the press.
    It is common knowledge within the ranks of the Royal Barbados Police force that in breach of protocol the vehicle which is an exhibit was taken to a private garage in either St Thomas or St James when it should have been impounded at District A until is was examined by an examiner from he Licensing Authority.
    Secondly, the collision expert who visited the scene was transferred from performing such duties after he refused to prepared a report contrary to his findings. This matters should be of concern for every Barbadian for there basic reasons; the deceased could have been either one of us but thanks to God we are here to read this post.
    Secondly, it is the tax payers dollars that were paid to trained the expert and we should demand value for our taxes and no civil servant should feel he has the right to misused the funds we put into our institutions.
    Thirdly, we should demand from everyone in Public service the highest standard of conduct in public office in other words corruption is corruption whether it is a constable taking or demanding a $ 150 bribe for a traffic offence or a member of the administration deliberately and openly manipulating an investigation because of family ties.
    The same way you love your family the deceased also has love ones and justice should be justice and should be justice for all.

  13. @ Dr LOVE | June 10, 2013 at 9:39 AM

    As the guru Amused outlined, the only recourse is moral suasion.
    Fortunately for us through BU- with the gracious kindness and indulgence of David- we have a medium to name and shame these corrupt incompetents.

    In the UK the traditional Press plays that role along with a politically impartial judiciary; but we only have our local BU to play that role.
    We must do every thing in our power to protect BU and undergird that most important role in our civil society by passionately upholding that lynchpin of democracy: Freedom of Speech.

  14. @Fair Justice | June 10, 2013 at 10:41 AM | A most important comment. I think you ought to email the details to someone like David (BU) so that it can be far more thoroughly looked into and reported on. Because it seems to me, from what you have said, that this man’s family may well have a major civil remedy available to them and, if you are correct, it would not just be against the other driver, but also against the Police. However, be aware and take on board that this is merely an impression gained by what you have said.

    @Miller. Well said. We, as a country, owe David an incalculable debt. And he will never be knighted or personally recognized, due to the need for anonymity, which makes the work and sacrifice all the more remarkable and worthy of the highest praise. But I think his stock with Bajans stands higher than any other individual anywhere, anonymous or not. As you say, we must do all we can to protect BU and its blogmaster.

  15. Miller

    How you come know who is faggot, a queer, a homosexual or a buller, them is your peoples?

  16. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | June 10, 2013 at 1:10 PM

    Unlike some on your side of the political divide especially at the apex of leadership in hypocrisy, secrecy denial and deceit I shall not deny my friends even if they are pals of lepers.

    Why don’t you yourself forget the dummy act and come clean with your demons and your god and leave the closet.
    We will not hate you or abuse you or shun you. After all, your god made you in his or her image. Then you can be friends of all and satellites of none including Leroy Greenverbs, sight?

  17. Honorable Comrade David

    For honorable service rendered to honorable people of honorable Barbados, I honorably present for you my second sheep for you to have honorable service with … no?

  18. Miller-the-homonaki

    I have no closet to leave, never been in one nor am I sexually twisted or confused. You on the other hand seem to know everyone’s sexuality, I suspect them is your peoples and as we know, misery like company.
    Miller after John Boyce removed that last half testicle you had in the recent election, I would have expected you to retire somewhere out of the spotlight and life out the rest of your days in the dark and dirty shadows.

  19. @Amused
    I can confirm that Lionel was my legal representative until he was elevated.I moved to another counsellor thenceforth.

  20. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | June 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM |

    I ain’t got a clue what you are speaking about. Barbados is just a place in the Sun for most of the year.

    It is not the miller who has hang-ups about people’s sexuality.
    It is persons like you with your black Bajan sexually suppressed Judeo-Christian brainwashing identity that need to sort yourselves out.
    You, in the main, are just a bunch of religious bigots with all the hypocrisy to see and the world having a laugh at your pretentious ignorance about human sexuality.

    Try living in a different and more “advanced’ place and you might just come to understand life. A good place to start might be the UK.

    Do you think the miller gives a rat’s rectum (no pun intended) about who is fucking whom whether man or woman or in whatever combination? Do you, really?

    What the miller is pissed off about and is diametrically opposed to is the pretentious hypocrisy of it all being parodied on this blog by a coven of poor great mal-educated small island motherfuckers!

    But what can we expect from a people who try to make it look as if the norm of family life in Bim is Mummy & Daddy with 2 children of a boy and a girl when the facts show that 70 or more % of children in this country come from “single-parent” family settings and HIV/AIDS is rampant among all socio-economic groups.

    Should you really care if Tom and Dick are “sleeping” with Harry or Jill? If you were to cease, along with the usual rear guard “closeted” homophobic suspects, looking into the bedroom business of people who share a different political view or sexual preference we would not be concerned if people on your side are in the closet or even out.

    Were you to spend your time and intellectual energy focusing on the current problems that face this nation maybe the miller would have no interest in who is who and “fooping” whom? He would be otherwise distracted with more meaty matters.

    But as soon as you come on this blog with your sexual morality and ‘holier–than-thou’ attitude he would leave no stone unturned in revealing the blatant lying hypocrisy of your behaviour similar to the cover-up practice in the RC Church strangely full of paedophiles and gays or to use Bajan parlance “bullers and wickers”.

    As for John Boyce, I know him not. But if you are trying to associate me with his opponent J X Walcott I would be most upset since I know him not personally neither do I want to.

    If you are prepared to open your myopic mind to intellectual substance and light, the miller would be prepared to offer some advice regarding the funding of the QEH which, from what was seen this evening, is in need of serious refurbishment and upgrade.
    Are you, my friend, prepared?

    From one Straight King of Spades to a Hiding Queer Queen of Hearts!

    PS: Dummy, do you really wish to continue this baseless debate about your twisted understanding of sexuality or do you wish to raise the bar and talk about more pressing matters e.g. the funding of the public health sector in Bim?

  21. but miller u are a two faced hypocrite on one hand u sing the praises and lead the charge against those who vilify homosexuals .then on the other hand u leave no stone unturned in your hot pursuit of rearing ending the PM in terms and definitions akin to homosexuality..

  22. ac

    Miller is an intellectual fraud. Like a boat in rough seas, bobbing up and down and moving to and fro. Everything he writes is expressed thru the act of homosexuality. Despite your protestations, you and I know the people of Ch Ch South prefer the baritone voice of John Boyce to the ball-less pitch of a bitch.

  23. On a point of order,lays ‘n gemmen,John Boyce would be classified as a Basso Profundo akin to Paul Robeson or Gladstone Holder.Baritone is of a lighter timbre,such as Dr Francisco Slinger’s range.

  24. @ ac | June 10, 2013 at 8:44 PM |

    The PM is a blasted joker, albeit lucky in life.

    No one has to “rear end” the idiot because he is doing an excellent job of it himself.

    I have great respect for the office but not for the lying hypocrite who holds it for the time being.
    Time will tell who is right or wrong about the fool!

  25. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | June 10, 2013 at 9:14 PM

    Since you refuse to focus on something substantially intellectual and uplifting here is a piece of advice that you can give to John Boyce.

    Instead of working his baritone jackass bone to death and arranging matters in the House to avoid the inevitable “no confidence motion” regarding the management of the economy here is what he should be putting forward to his colleagues in Cabinet.

    The QEH is in need of serious refurbishment. The public wards are in a dreadful state with floor tiles missing, dust, grime and dirt on the windows and wooden divides. Much of the furniture and equipment are in need of repair or replacement.

    Since the Central government is unable to meet the financial outlay involved why not institute a lottery called the Health Lottery as prevails in the UK? The net proceeds of such a lottery would be used for the upgrade of the public health service.

    If you agree with the idea we can discuss the mechanics.
    Now this is not rocket science. Neither is it about crappy issues like bulling so you might find objection or great difficulty in appreciating such an imaginatively refreshing proposal.

    Now prove me wrong, Dummy old queen!

  26. Mia Mottley is in taday’s paper claiming 60% of the population supports the BLP. Was another election held apart from the one in Feb which the DLP won? Mia wont learn her lesson she’s gone back using the discredited Wickham template. Well it brought the blp a defeat last time which they cannot get over and it will bring them defeat again unless she stops talking shoite.

  27. David, try and publish de ting do.

    Orson doing’e ting.

    Fruendel [ain’t] doing he ting

    Wuh you waiting for?

  28. FEB UP….you need to unfurl your ollar-for- vote batty ears….and stop flyin on hopeful radar….evabody knows the truth by now, so why write shhhhhhh… you really expect, given the condition this country will be in come 2018…people then will give you so the time of the day….AWAKE do !

  29. Miller

    I know you want company but sorry guy (or piece of guy) I am not a member of your tribe, the Bottoms-Up fellows.

    In case you have forgotten the BLP is not the government and you are no longer the Minister (or Mistress) of Health. The only issue of health you should be concerning yourself with now is your own personal health.

  30. Old Onion Bags

    Your girl Mia says she wants another General Election. If she feel OSA done she would be wise to kill (politically) the snake in her own house before launching into battle with the other enemy.

    She is still two steps away from Prime Minister.

  31. But seriously, what sense is there to wanting to become Prime Minister simply as a result of realizing a career goal? What does Mia or any of the current crop of public figures bring to the table that the rest of us can really make use of?

    Why not focus on what needs to be done and avoid the ego stroking … but that’s just silly ol’ me trying to think out loud

  32. @ Amused and IslandGirl246

    I have 17 patents and patents pending in several areas border crossing, anti-kidnapping, tsunami dampers, shallow draft landslide prevention mantles, census and elections, wildfire suppression mantles a whole slew of inventions and solutions.

    The point i would wish to make is that i am not a slouch with regard to legal protection that one is encouraged to get for various concepts.

    The problem does not lie in taking the steps to protect what is yours it lies in (i) the partners that you seek to collaborate with stealing your IP and (ii) the costs of enforcing one’s rights under the impotent laws of one’s country.

    Try to defend your house with a gun with no bullets when intruders are breaking in.

    The intruders in my matter I purport are the same governments that are supposed to enforce the provisions of my patent under the World Intellectual Property Organisation treaties that they have signed.

    Imagine that you are robbed and when you call the Police, the Commissioner of Police refuses to take your call and then actively ensures that none of his officers render any assistance to your matter.

    I will probably leave this sphere without my CARICOM matter being heard and the right for a speedy case that i am supposedly guaranteed under the constitution of Barbados will peter off into the wind but, if someone came into your house and robbed you at gunpoint of your valuables the two of you would assuredly protect what is yours.

    Intellectual Property is an asset like your jewellery, your car and other tangible things you you save and buy. The intangible that i own is no less an asset and i purport it is making companies like Accenture US10 Billion dollars.

    When you go off on your trips to America I purport that the passport swiping mechanisms that you use at GAIA are mine. ( I am starting to sound like Plantation Deeds yes?)

    Imagine that you are working at a government/private sector office and you dont get paid for your work yet the people who you work for are using your produce and getting a handsome income from it.

    Tell me if you are going to be happy when your bills come in at the end of the month, with them getting paid and you starving.

    Answer me if you are going to keep your mouth shut Amused and Islandgirl246?

    Do not think that i have paused in my development of other solutions,

    I serve a Living GOD who does not slumber nor sleep

    Each day HE provides and proves your comment on moving forward to develop new solutions to myriad issues to be true.

    I never stopped because of CARICOM in fact, it is as a result of this slight blockage that i moved onto other vistas.By the end of this year i will have another 10.

    Here is the real thing though.

    What an inventor has to work on is the monetization process for these ideas, the “from-thought- to-market” process, and that is the really challenging thing, you need money for that.

    And i want you to realise that the same way that you work on developing a solution (like you might pursue gainful employ each day) there are trolls that wait to poach your technology (like the thieves that linger by your house and break in while you are at work) and things that you have taken years to develop, they steal in 5 minutes

  33. @ The Dummy @ Dumo | June 11, 2013 at 7:02 AM

    Now here is a case of a classic brainless Dummy response to a most pressing matter of vital importance to the nation; the state of our main public health institution.
    And look at the reaction we got. A congenital fixation with people’s “bottoms”.
    What kind of anal freak are you?

    Can’t you employ the other top end of your body and think productively instead of talking arrant crap that seem to have met some kind of permanent blockage preventing its expulsion from your rear end?

    Man, do yourself a favour and raise your BU profile by at least responding to the proposal put on the table about a special lottery to help fund the vital upgrading of our lone national health institution.

    Forget about Walcott and his ilk including your perceived sexual alter ego the miller and make some kind of meaningful contribution to save this country from further socio-economic degradation. Or do you think you are really doing a fantastic job and the country is firing on all cylinders?
    Déjà vu 1992 all over again!

    Sorry Dummy if the miller is talking over your intellectual head or you trying to punch above your weight. But the only way to fight the air of ignorance stored in a dummy is to first deflate with the sword of knowledge.

  34. David Weekes…if your case is taking too long to be heard by the CCJ is there another avenue to try it in like the International court in the Hague? Please excuse my ignorance since I am no lawyer.

  35. @David Weekes. Patents are not my field, but I know a lot of people whose field they most certainly are – and NONE OF THEM PRACTICE IN BARBADOS. That is not to say that I do not have an excellent working knowledge of IP and related issues. Because I most certainly do.

    I am well aware that Barbados is a signatory to certain conventions on IP related matters. I set them out, not to show off, but because there is inevitably a vast degree of overlapping and no little difficulty with them (which is why experience is required). Also, they may be of some interest and use to others in your boat:

    • The Paris Convention (dealing with industrial property rights)
    • The Berne Convention (dealing with copyright)
    • The Stockholm Convention (at which the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) was established)
    • The TRIPS Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights including trade in counterfeit goods
    • The Patent Cooperation Treaty
    • Convention on the Grant of European Patents
    • Strasbourg Agreement Concerning the International Patent Classification
    • Patent Law Treaty adopted at Geneva 2 June 2000

    Now, if you can point me to a single attorney in Barbados who knows how all these conventions work and inter-link, and, more importantly, HAS EXPERIENCE OF THEM, I would be happy to know their names. Really happy. It is, frankly, outside of the experience of most (likely all) Barbados attorneys and by saying that, I mean them no disrespect whatever. You must also take on board that the local legislation in these areas of law in Barbados is in the dark ages.

    I take your point and agree about our hopeless justice system. Therefore, what you have to do is to apply for those patents somewhere else – like the USA, the UK or Canada. That effectively means that if those patents are not respected, you can forget about the Barbados courts and go to countries where the courts actually do work. I suggest that you find a major law firm that spans those three major countries.

    As for your business partners, well that is your concern and if you misjudge them, your problem.

    Now, like Plantation Deeds, you do not have to take my advice at all. If you want guidance on an international law firm, then I will axe a few questions. Otherwise, all the very best of luck to you – you do actually deserve it.

  36. @Islandgal. I would have to read the appropriate international accords to answer your question about whether Weekes could take his matter to the World Court, and I really don’t have the time right now. If it is international in scope, likely yes he could take action. If not, likely no, he could not take action. That is why I am suggesting that he make all future patents and transactions outside of Barbados so that they are international in scope and jursidiction.

    @Miller. I am in awe. Your posts have been a joy to read. With all due respect to MAM, I wonder if you would not be better to lead the BLP at the next election. I would vote for you like a shot.

  37. David W

    I think your concerns may be rapidly drawing towards a resolution. It might please you to note that the Minister of Education yesterday confidently proclaimed that “Barbados needs more innovators”. You see, good things always come to those who wait . .

  38. It would seem to me that millertheanunnaki is fixated with bulling and bullers. He’s always talking about it, in one manner or another. The simple truth is that other than for the entertainment value, the submissions by millertheanunnaki are in the main, pure crap.

    A raging cynical homo I bet.

  39. David Weekes
    We registered our trademark in the US via a company which specialises in such things, and they may well also deal with patents. The you are well away from the local corruption. I found them to be very professional and also reasonable when it comes to price. I ask David of BU if it is permissible to publish their name on BU.

  40. King Ferdy… your throne room is calling you and please take a bale of toilet paper with you, one roll isn’t enough!

  41. @Islandgal. Are you sure that one bale will be enough? I would have said two truckloads and then even that might not suffice.

  42. @ King Ferdinand the Viking Marine Warrior of Barbados & the Eastern Caribbean

    Your moniker says it all. It encapsulates everything that is good about you living in a small island cocoon of raging homophobic madness suffering from a serious lack of intellectual substance. What you want to do next? Burn me at the stake or lynch me from a tree in a gully?

    Forget the bulling tendencies of the miller and put some thing of intellectual value on the table for BU consumption. Don’t you see the quality of debates pursued and fruitful ideas that can be engendered when people of commonsense and integrity make interesting contributions?

    When are you going to join the queue and take your place at the table of the intelligentsia?
    For starters, let us hear your views on this homo’s proposal about non-central government (alternative) sources of funding to upgrade the QEH to make it fit for purpose of our people.

    Please, no more homo repartees unless they are about Homo sapiens, (if you get the message).
    It is most unbefitting of a King. Leave that to a Dummy!
    We want to hear contributions of intellectual royalty not common class shite from a regal fool!
    As you can see you can’t win the war of words so retract your verbally dull épée and come again with something of intellectual value worth fighting over.

  43. islandgal246

    you and amused are pretty intelligent. why am I not surprised? two misguided and sexually confused freaks.

  44. King Ferdinand

    I have to agree with milltheannunaki. Put something of substanc on the table or shut up.
    what is your position on the PM establishing a Commission of Enquiry to investigate the sordid affair at HMP Dodds? We need to know where/who this US$30,000,000.00 (thirty million US dollars) is going to every January when payment is made by the ministry of Finance.

  45. World Atlas …I am going to finish cut the grass, if you haven’t figured it out by the time I get back I will explain to you then. OK?

  46. @Islandgal and @Miller. I posted this on another more recent blog on BU that deals with – guess what – matters gay. But is seems that the geographically confused World Atlas has chosen this particular blog on which to favour us with his views on homosexuality. I thought we were discussing a moonlighting judge. However, so as not to further perplex poor confused World Atlas, here it is:

    I noted that some of us have relatives (children, siblings, grandchildren) who are gay – and you know what? We love them just the way they are and we would change not a single thing about them. And their partners become members of our families. And if someone doesn’t like it, they can kiss our collective ass.

    @World Atlas. You will, if you concentrate very hard indeed, find a blog upon which to vent your anti-gay sentiments. Let me help you. It is submitted by our friend and BU family member St George’s Dragon and it is entitled “Is Marriage an Institution Between One Man and One Woman?” Right here on BU – posted yesterday. Knowing your georgraphical confusion and not wishing to tax what the paucity of the English language forces me to refer to as “your brain” too much (or at all – as there seems to be none there) the URL (on which you can click – I suppose you know how to click – just) can be found at

    Happy reading.

  47. Amused

    Your english needs alot of work. My 11 year old son writes better than you. Why do bajans believe that writing paragraph after paragraph of useless words make them sound intelligent?

    For the record I am not anti-gay………………….. I am pro-creation. I would like the world to continue and humans to be a part of that continum.

  48. Baffy mee too I did like dem stars

    World Atlas…..Please do not embarrass yourself by trying to insult Amused. Amused is one of the most trusted and admired members of the BU family.

    If you are procreation…then those humans who are incapable of reproducing should be locked away forever? So if your sister or old aunt or brother or uncle couldn’t procreate then they too should be shunned?

  49. I am going back out in the field to finish cutting, so World Atlas please allow Amused to guide you like the North Star to a more appropriate blog where you can vent.

  50. Whether Amused is trusted or not is, you will agree incidental to whether his english mirrors that of an 11 year old. I didn’t think Amused needed someone like you to carry the battle for him, does he?

    I never talked or opined on the need to shun anyone, period…… get your facts right Ellen. The problem with the homosexual argument is that anyone who does not support bulling or wicking is deemed anti-gay, that is patent nonsense. Everyone is entitled to their views and opinions especially when it comes to issues of morality.

    Its like to trying to say that anyone who does not support the death penalty (for whatever reason) is pro-murder.

  51. World Atlas you do have a right to your opinion however there is an appropriate blog that discusses this and that is where Amused was guiding you to. What were we discussing before this interruption??? Oh …..a moonlighting member of the judiciary.

  52. @Islandgal. I have provided “the map” with directions to the article on which all this is being discussed. I am not engaging him on the subject of homosexuality on this particular article. Indeed, from here on in, if he is not addressing the subject matter of the article, I will do as I did to the two recently departed bloggers and simply scroll down. Recommend that we all do the same. I have a suspicion that Well Well and Look have now metamorphosed into “the map”.

  53. @AMSED

    i did not provide any link to which you reference. I was intimating that there are some lawyers who are ministers and who still do private work nder the radar, bt have fronters? R u aware of that?

  54. @newblood | June 15, 2013 at 5:13 PM | I am not aware of it, but I am surprised by nothing these days. If you have hard evidence, please post it. It is very important that these things he disclosed and dealt with. Only thus can we do something about the growing international perception (brought about almost single-handedly by the justice system) of Barbados as being a banana republic.

    In the case of the judge, if the allegations are correct, he is not only guilty of gross misconduct but has also committed a criminal act. So too, I believe, would any members of cabinet have done, if they continue to practice law while being members of cabinet.

    A law degree does not confer on one the right to practice law in Barbados. Only a current practicing certificate can do that.

  55. I’m so sorry I missed this debate. The whole thing is, as usual, orchestrated by Amused.

    Well Well

    You are the underdog. It’s not particularly pleasant is it? I note you gripe, quite properly, at being rubbished simply because you take a cautious approach, as also Caswell who has more commonsense than most on here. Yet…..I don’t see you hesitate at all now to rubbish when it comes to the expression of views opposed to yours when yours are the majority views. Did they ‘lick’ you into shape here then?


    You find this post distasteful. So do I. “We shall not hesitate to…”….Amused-speak. Oh give us a break from the nastiness of this shallow turd.


    My heart. You have become institutionalized. Six months ago I would NEVER have expected YOU of all people to show or counsel respect to anyone on here by reason of length of service . Indeed, why should we do that? Crap is still crap even if graced by wrinkles.

    A substantive point not mentioned as far as I can see….

    Any person appointed to the judiciary is permitted a reasonable time to wind up his practice – else his clients are left rudderless. The standard way of dealing with this is to hand the work over to associates.

    I see Mr Weekes acknowledges the integrity of Olson Alleyne. Having known him for 20 years, so do I. As a judge, he manifestly has considerable judicial quality. The Faery Queen, by contrast, I would cheerfully throw down the Supreme Court Building steps..His record on BU for lies and distortion is legion for those who have ears to hear. And if here – what of the rest? Yeah right. Sue me. Or report me to the PM. Oh gee…he’s gonna report me………

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