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The Management of CarMax, a used car company owned by McEnearney Quality INC (MQI) is being accused of selling a pre owned Kia Sportage 2000 under questionable circumstances. The sales person at CarMax sold the vehicle to the complainant as a well maintained pre owned SUV based on MQI records.


The vehicle is a Kia Sportage 2000 cc diesel 4WD A/T AC Engine# D4EA5H112253. Within the first year of purchase the vehicle would ‘hard start’ and overheat. Despite changing air, oil, diesel filters, radiator, thermostat and hose as well as all parts recommended by a mechanic the problems have persisted. In the spirit of full disclosure there was a three months warranty that expired. The running expenses to maintain the Kia even to satisfy minimum travel requirement was financially overwhelming. The frequency of hard starting and overheating eventually led to a complete breakdown. A mechanic who worked for MQI removed the faulty KIA engine last year. COVID-19 shutdowns have delayed the sourcing of parts and repairs, also MQI stocks are limited for the vehicle.

The blogmaster was supplied with a garage service document which shows that the poorly performing engine in dispute has a history of poor performance.

The matter of poor support from CarMax/MQI management to fix the mechanical problem has evolved into a more serious matter.

From documents in possession and inspection of the vehicle in question it appears CarMax officials supplied false information on documents included with the sale. The MQI document records the Engine Number as D4EA5H112253, however a mechanic has identified that the Engine Number number is D4EA9H903688 – see image below. The issue now is that the CarMax/MQI Sales Executive sold the vehicle to me as a well maintained and legitimate vehicle. The has also has implications for the owner as far as perpetrating insurance fraud.

Customer name not captured

Regrettably the customer is forced to use this forum to highlight his plight. The reasonable ask of CarMax/MQI is to do the honourable thing and give satisfaction to the CUSTOMER!

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    • @Artax

      The person involved in this transaction is an ordinary black man who appears to be wronged by the system. The fact that it is a brand name company is a worry. Hopefully someone from ANSA the parent company picks up on it. These are the kinds of issues we need to attack to achieve social justice in the society. The new we have a rabbit coming on the blog spouting Rh about slow week.

  1. Lol David come on man . You know this is well beneath your usual bar. You dont want to get into a one side argument that is a civil matter. I bought a rav a few years back ,picked it up about two months later the dealership called me , and said they made an error had sent my suv to Ethiopia by mistake they did not notice the mistake till they tried to register it over there and serial numbers didnt match. Honest mistake a little paperwork sorted it out. They gave me a set of snow tires for the trouble Lets face it if your buying a 2013 car you have to expect problems… flash it aint new.

  2. @ David

    The fact MQI may be a “brand name company” shouldn’t be “a worry.”

    I’ve found entities such as Fair Trading Commission and Office of Public Counsel assist people, despite whatever company is involved. FTC, for example, is inundated with complaints from consumers who also believe they’ve been “wronged by the system.”

    The problem sometimes is people ‘sit on’ these issues for too long before seeking redress for an infringement of their rights.

    However, I’m aware of several complaints about the ‘shabby, disrespectful treatment’ customers receive from these ANSA companies, i.e. MQI, CarMax and especially Consolidated Finance.

  3. David et al,

    Piece of advice about buying vehicles in Barbados. Stay far away from diesel private vehicles, especially used.

    Pain in the tail to service and maintain. Been there, done that.

    It is as if mechanics have no clue about diesel in BIM. Yes, the diesel quality is bad, but it is more than that.

    Apart from pickups, which are only diesel, I guess. But these also used to have issues due to bad diesel, it is very hard finding a good diesel mechanic.

    Petrol vehicles are dirt easy to maintain, unless they are damaged and that is physical repair, not engine maintenance.

    Buy lighter, so less gas guzzling.

    Lastly, Toyota is by far the best car in Barbados.

  4. not a car guy….but isn’t it possible the dealer had two cars and mixed them up? They were both Sportages. Local authorities will know if both identifiers are on record in Bim.
    I owned a car once, it had been a company car which I purchased, and 6 years later when selling, the buyer said to me, the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on the ownership documents do not match the VIN on the vehicle. Many hours of searching later, it was discovered, an error had been made initially by the company who leased the vehicles. I had the VIN for another vehicle delivered to the same company fleet, and that vehicle had my car’s VIN. Same make, year, model and colour.

  5. Had an experience in the 90s with a slipping gearbox on a new car and when ever I took the car it never showed the problem . Unfortunately, 6 months after the new car warranty ran out the gearbox gave out. Sadly, I was young and timid thus I accepted my fate due to naivety.

    Fight it with all means at your disposal.

  6. @Lawson, what hogwash you spewing. Utmost goodwill still means something and as an asset, should be protected.

  7. Kammie the hogwash I may be spewing is I thought it was a 2013 but I see it says 2005 model. So really if its a 2013 car I would expect repairs to be needed if it is a 2005 maybe getting a car for your spouse wasnt the great deal that it seemed lol

  8. I do not know what year the car is purchased, but the GOB should not allow cars older than 10 years to be imported for sale to citizens.

    If the car was from the US, I would wonder if it was a salvaged/flooded vehicle with the odometer rolled back.

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