Race Issue: Barbados and Everywhere Else

During the sitting of the Senate of 25 March 2021, Senator Rev. Dr. John A. Rogers delivered an interesting presentation. He referred to the heinous event history recorded as the Atlantic Slave Trade and its relevance to Barbados formulating fit for purpose policy to protect our future well-being in a volatile global space. The blogmaster recommends those interested in pursuing serious discussion to take the time to listen to Roger’s presentation from around 30 minutes of the video.

…it revealed that the top one percent of households globally own 43 percent of all personal wealth, while the bottom 50 percent own only one percent. That top-tier one percent amounts to 52 million people who are all millionaires in net wealth (after debt).

Top 1 percent of households own 43 percent of global wealth

In a related event this week President Joe Biden had reason to say in response to Georgia’s new suppression law that it is antithetical to who Americans aspire to be. The issue of race is not a Barbados condition, it is a human condition, a condition that has created an US versus THEM condition. It is also a zero sum condition that benefits the capitalists. When we we learn.

The Senate – Thursday 25 March 2021

The blogmaster has been around the block long enough to know the divide and conquer mentality of imperfect humans based on gender, class AND race will be with us until the end of time. However, as a people we will be forced to co-opt creative approaches to mask and contain the prejudice, bigotry and yes- racism of many who will walk beside us because the establishment is vested in the system.

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  1. This is one of the reasons i can tell the snake oil salesmen/women from the Slave churches/cult houses that they are ALL FRAUDS…..they are merely creatures and creations of the colonial slave system.


    By Dalian Adofo – Spirit is Eternal (book excerpt)

    The anthropomorphic conceptions of the Creator/’God’ amongst Africans have never been solely confined to the human form, hence it is quite common to have more than the one title of reference with varying meanings within the same community of people that each encapsulates an aspect or function of this Divine source.

    The many titles of reference given and their meanings reflect the broad approaches utilised by Africans in conceptualising the penultimate source of all things.

    So, for instance, the name might mean ‘the provider’- indicating the community’s understanding that all sustenance comes from this source, or it can mean ‘the all-powerful rock’, a reference to the Creator being a source of strength/support for adherents and so on.

    The Kikuyu (Kenya, East Africa) name for the Supreme, ‘Ngai’, means Creator, a reference to a function, whereas ‘Akongo’ means ‘the beginner and the unending Almighty and inexplicable’ for the Ngombe of Congo (Central Africa), a reference to the power and greatness of this source.

    The various titles show quite clearly that Africans sought not to personalise the concept of ‘God’ into a human being,

    “It does not make God in its image but tries to see itself in God’s image. So, if God is every and all things at once and we the human being, the bumblebee, the butterfly, the grass, the tree, the callaloo, the corn, we are all different expressions of that singular essence having our peculiar experiences, which all interdependent on one another for survival.” (Small, 2013)

    Mainstream religious attributions of God such as being Omnipotent (all powerful), Omnipresent (everywhere at every time) and Omniscient (all knowing) are also explicit in these African references to their Creator.

    The Creator/ ‘God’ as Nature

    Sobonfu Some (2013) encapsulates the importance of nature in African societies across all sectors of societies including its spiritual knowledge systems in the statement; ‘In Africa, nature is everything’.

    The reference to Nature is not just limited to the vegetation and soil, but also animals and the earth itself, including the four elemental sources- air, water, fire and minerals/rocks.

    This by no means excludes the planetary bodies and universe at large and the constellations within it, many of which also inform particular ritual ceremonies as evident in full moon rituals or the appearance of interstellar objects such as comets or meteorites visible in the earth’s atmosphere.

    The Omnipresence (ever present) of Nature is evident the world over. It is all encompassing and enduring. Even where vegetation is absent or gradually erodes, it assumes the form of sand (deserts), and even in such environs, we find whole ecosystems of life forms still striving and being sustained.

    The Omnipotence (all-powerful) of Nature is explicit in the destruction wrought by tsunamis, tornadoes, whirlwinds, earthquakes, fires and the like. In these ‘natural disasters’, we witness an awesome power that even all the technological advancements of humanity has yet to surpass or even curtail.

    Its incredible power is further gleaned in its ability to sustain life in some way, shape or form even in the harshest conditions. Often its power to destroy is complementary to that of its power to create, as is observed with new growth and fertile soil after a bush fire for example- again we see reflected in this the notion of balance as covered earlier.

    The Omniscience (all knowing) of nature is witnessed in the changing of seasons at prescribed times, just as the day ‘knows’ when to become night.

    In the same vein, the planets revolve in alignment, with their phenomenal effects on earth evident for all to see- whether it’s the female menstrual cycle or the tidal effects at sea and on other water bodies.

    There is an innate creative intelligence that spurs on a harmonious dynamic interchange that is well beyond human comprehension.

    Nature also meets many existential needs for humans. It is a source of plentiful and varied food types; plants and animals with different vitamins and nutritional qualities. It is also a source of housing materials to meet sheltering needs, medications to help cure various ailments and so on- the list is endless regarding nature knowingly providing for our needs.
    It is thus not surprising that it is conceived of as Divine and worthy of veneration across the continent and its legacy in Diasporic communities that has carried on the traditions. It also explains why we find different formations within nature being respected as sacred.

    The Masai (Kenya, East Africa) refer to Mountain Kilimanjaro as ngaje ngai, “the house of God”, whilst Matabele mountain in Kuruman, South Africa is revered amongst the Zulus and Xhosa.

    Trees such as the Sycamore of ancient Kemet, Baobab, Iroko and Nyame Dua in West Africa and rivers as well as vast water bodies such as Lake Bosumtwi in Ghana or Lake Bambline in Cameroun and so on.

    Excerpt from Spirit is Eternal (book)

    By Dalian Adofo “

  2. WURA,

    My concept of God – the Creator who set things in motion. We have only to live in harmony with the creation of which we are a part. Everything has been provided.

  3. someone told me recently they were in the Middle East and a doctor told him how much he hated black women and he became a doctor just to kill them because they will populate the world.., they make too many babies the piece of useless shit and waste of oxygen said…he also said that Covid is to repopulate the world from Black people…the person was not even surprised that i was not surprised..

    ..these stinking cave beast and savages must be watched very closely. Black people are at high risk of being genocided…. and being very nonchalant about it and believe all the useless crap fed to them….by dirty black misleaders, frauds from the slave churches/cult houses and everywhere else…

  4. “”Kawaida is essentially an on-going synthesis of the best of Black Nationalist, Pan-Africanist and socialist thought and practice.

    Kawaida defines nationalism as the concept and conviction that we are a distinctive people with a distinct historical personality and that, therefore, we should unite in order to gain the structural capacity to define, defend and develop our interests as a people. Moreover, as: social theory, it becomes analysis and strategy. And as social practice, nationalism expresses as three basic activities:

    redefinition of reality, i.e., redefining the world in our own image and interests as a people. In a word, thinking and acting from an Afro-centric perspective;
    social corrective – building alternative structures that house our aspirations and define, defend and develop our interests as a people;
    collective vocation of nation-building – the Fifth Principle, Nia, to make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness. To make African presence both powerful and permanent thruout the world.”
    -Maulana Karenga, Kawaida: An Introduction”

  5. From my memory alone I KNEW Lawson’s statistics were off! Where did he get them?

    It appears that Police Departments are not all mandated to keep proper statistics and the FBI undercounts as well. Not much co-ordination.

    Best stats come through media tracking. I checked!

    But even taking that into consideration, Lawson’s figures are ridiculous!

    What else would we expect?

    He would have said the same thing in 1721, 1821 and 1921.

    “White man means you no harm, n**ger!”

  6. John Knox is equally ridiculous. He would have us believe that of all the moments George Floyd could have died of heart disease and drug overdose, it somehow happened while he was suffering compression to the neck. Not any of the moments before, but after suffering compression to the neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds.

    Racists and racism are never logical. They always ask you to believe something other than what you see and hear twisting themselves like ugly pretzels in the process.

  7. “”Kawaida defines Pan-Africanism as the totality of theories and practices designed to. define, defend and develop the interests and image of African peoples thruout the world. There are essentially two kinds of Pan-Africanism defined by focus: global and continental. Kawaida draws from and stands most definitively for global Pan-Africanism which is in the tradition of Garvey, DuBois, Blyden, Crummell and others with a worldview of and world [approach to the question of power and place, for African people.”
    -Maulana Karenga, Kawaida: A Introduction”

  8. Donna put out your figures…..how many unarmed black men were killed by police in USA last year 10000, 20000 put out the number you think it is about check out wapo or dept of justice or statista or something before you do try being honest.

  9. Did you not see where I said there was no proper data collection by the authorities????

    Check the media for the stats! They follow up. Come back and tell me what you find! Let’s see if YOU can be honest now that Trump has faded to into the background!

  10. Notice how the white man thinks he can order me to do his bidding.

    Google the thing and see what you find! Try the Washington Post! They have been tracking them but cannot guarantee that they have caught them all.

  11. TLSN…a white brit told me years ago that Barbados was racist second only to South Africa, UK came in 3rd and this dude was connected to the tourist industry that they are so proud of……they boast about their racist tendencies…..it’s a mental illness, they culturized racism and think it makes them look great and intelligent instead of the blight they allowed to run rampant and which they now cannot control…..but let’s see if they criminalize it as they love to criminalize the Black population….they can’t pin it on UK for sure because they said they know nothing about any racism….

  12. I have information that can’t be shared, the level of lack of knowledge is WAY TOO HIGH…..and too many love their comfort zones of not knowing..

  13. WURA,

    The reason why Barbados is always mentioned is because we were at the forefront of slavery. Nothing mysterious about that. And the remnants remain. Nothing mysterious about that. Laws have changed but not some minds. Nothing mysterious about that.

    Bajan “whites” still cling to their inferiority complex manifested as a superiority complex . (Per Richard Browne the psychologist who was one of them.) Many Bajan blacks still suffer from an inferiority complex. Nothing mysterious about that. This mindset became entrenched over two hundred years.

    A Bajan judge once said with respect to weekends and the work week, “Two days cannot undo what five days have done.” In other words residual tiredness is inevitable.

    Barbados was the bastion of slavery for two hundred years. It is approaching two hundred years since its abolition.

    Already we see the signs that two hundred years is is ready to undo what two hundred years have done.

    We are ready now to shake off the shackles. Re-education is the key. We have never done it. We have never systematically sought to repair the damage SYSTEMATICALLY DONE to our collective psyche.

    It should lately have started with the toppling of Nelson when we were stuck at home with little to do. We should have been bombarded by a structured online programme, by the culture, the history, the TRUTH! But John King is still Johnnie Ma Boy! Maybe he still wants a plantation at any cost.

    But he has the perfect opportunity to redeem himself! The Season of Emancipation begins in late July. This should merge seamlessly into the culmination of a new look Cropover Festival on Emancipation Day and should seek to prepare us for becoming a republic. There should also be an online forum for interaction to involve the general public in the discussion and a community competition of some sort to promote widepread participation.

    The thing just plans itself but I would involve Adrian Greene, my soul brother.

    The programme should continue long after we become a republic.

    That was an excellent link posted by TSLN. Everyone should read it. Very enlightening. Explains a whole lot.

    You should keep on posting the African stuff!

    One thing I agree with Lawson on though is that “you are never going to cuss your people into changing.”

    The politicians come from among us. The reason why they are all deficient is because they suffer from the same damaged psyche.

    They too are in need of rehabilitation.

    We can do this together!

  14. “Already we see the signs that two hundred years is is ready to undo what two hundred years have done.”

    what are those signs?

    “But John King is still Johnnie Ma Boy! Maybe he still wants a plantation at any cost.”

    johnnie ma boy is now busy trying to suck up to the Maroons in Jamaica…Gabby with his colonial title is a good tool to use or so they believe….they got a ZOOM discussion coming up…but some are already trying to turn it into a small island scam that will go nowhere because they have no clue.

    “The thing just plans itself but I would involve Adrian Greene, my soul brother.”

    fir the level of knowledge on the island…Greene is a good fit..

    “You should keep on posting the African stuff!”

    i can only post certain things, most things yall are not mentally ready for yet..

    “One thing I agree with Lawson on though is that “you are never going to cuss your people into changing.””

    no one really cares if they change or not, they are mostly mental liabilities and they are more people than we need who already woke up to achieve what was started…the dregs can stay in their enslavement comfort zones…..they are a danger to us and have already been identified…

    the politicians are traitors and cannot change overnight or over centuries…it’s a bloodline defect…

  15. Instead of being SELLOUTS and MENTALLY WEAK….ubuntu.

    ““Ubuntu rejects the notion that any human being can ever be entirely self-made because no person can exist in isolation. I am only because you are. However, it also goes further and highlights the incredible power we can harness if we choose to stand together.â€
    -Mungi Ngomane, Everyday Ubuntu”

  16. WURA,

    It is always wise to meet people where they are without making them feel lost!

    Translate that into one of your African languages and understand what I am saying.

    Try not to talk down to people. It closes their ears.

  17. What I am trying to say, Wura, is that our politicians are like many of us. They were made in Barbados.

    There is a saying in Barbados, “Wuh he would have to be an idiot to get in poor and leave poor!”

    Many many Bajans would do the same things if given the chance.

    Understand that being mentally enslaved means that the infection of greed is deeply embedded. We judge ourselves by their standards. We see ourselves and the world through white man eyes. We define ourselves and success as they do.

    Somewhere deep inside the African side is buried. Sometimes it surfaces.

    But we are are fighting a war within ourselves. Some of us are doing better than others.

  18. “Translate that into one of your African languages and understand what I am saying.

    Try not to talk down to people. It closes their ears.”

    i don’t talk down to anyone..i call things EXACTLY AS I SEE THEM…the problem is not me…it’s those who were socialized and culturized NOT TO FACE REALITY. and stubbornly hold on to their social engineering and dangerous, to them, colonial views……am not here to massage anyone, ya either get it or you don’t….then i move on..

    “There is a saying in Barbados, “Wuh he would have to be an idiot to get in poor and leave poor!”

    or…”well ya know the fellas gotta get someting fah deyselves”…

    ignorance not only kills BUT LEAVES THE IGNORANT IN POVERTY…

    “is that our politicians are like many of us. They were made in Barbados.”

    though manufacted socially like most of the population…politicians, once elected, REMAKE themselves into NASTY, GREEDY SELLOUTS…who then believe they have arrived, no longer the descendants of the enslaved, believe they are better than those who elected them, and acquire FAKE elitism and even FAKER pedigree until they need to BEG FOR VOTES AGAIN…every election cycle…don’t get tied up..

  19. Donna…you still have a very long way to go, reeducation is essential….for the VAST majority on the island.

  20. Africa is multi-cultural and multi-lingual as we should be…some tribes speak over 500 different dialects….

    the above video consists of spanish and palenquero…”Palenquero (sometimes spelled Palenkero) or Palenque (Palenquero: Lengua) is a Spanish-based creole language spoken in Colombia.It is a mixture of Kikongo (a language spoken in central Africa in the current countries of Congo, DRC, Gabon, and Angola, former member states of Kongo) and Spanish.”

    one platform i go on you can find posters speaking several languagues from across the continent and elsewhere, that’s our birthright….

    “Kombilesa Mi is a Palenquero Hip Hop group, they rap in Spanish and Palenquero. Any Kikongo speakers here comprehend any of the Palenquero words?”

  21. And understand something, am not here to stop anyone from being colonial minded, it’s their loss, we have over 1 BILLION AFRICANS…who want to stay slaveminded in the west, it’s their own choice, am not begging anyone to emancipate themselves and free their minds from mental slavery, got better things to do…

    ..Bob begs them from the grave still, his sons still beg them, his grandsons do too, bet ya his great grands x10 will still be begging them when we are all gone…. to free their own goddamn minds..i personally don’t have the time to waste, i got my own family and future generations to think about….

    until then, i will post what i know they can handle mentally and intellectually.

  22. The African Diaspora government is moving FORWARD…who wants to stay colonial and LOST, begging, stuck in a matrix ..that’s on them…

    “In March, the month of women and feminism, the State of the African Diaspora ratified its commitment to African and Afro-descendant women by creating the Development Fund in support of these Women. As a result, on 21 March, the World Day of combating racial discrimination, the results of the ‘First Call’ were released, in which 16 women-led projects were selected, with an emphasis on topics ranging from food production, health, education to remembrance of our history. It highlights the international scope of the call and its results, which expresses a remarkable area of concentration in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the participation of young Afro-Feminist leaders.

    Chaired by our Prime Minister, The Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Gender Equality, the first workshop was held with women whose projects were selected, starting the process of implementation of these, under a rigorous schedule, letter of commitment and an accompanying plan with international experts. There, the Network of Entrepreneurs funded by the State of the African Diaspora was born.

    The general objective of this Network is promoting the autonomy of Afro-descendant and African women, through charitable and successful entrepreneurship strategies. It includes Afro-descendant and African women from Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.”

    Dr. Louis-Georges Tin Dr. Rosa Campoalegre Septien
    Prime Minister Minister of Gender Equality

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