Race Issue: Barbados and Everywhere Else

During the sitting of the Senate of 25 March 2021, Senator Rev. Dr. John A. Rogers delivered an interesting presentation. He referred to the heinous event history recorded as the Atlantic Slave Trade and its relevance to Barbados formulating fit for purpose policy to protect our future well-being in a volatile global space. The blogmaster recommends those interested in pursuing serious discussion to take the time to listen to Roger’s presentation from around 30 minutes of the video.

…it revealed that the top one percent of households globally own 43 percent of all personal wealth, while the bottom 50 percent own only one percent. That top-tier one percent amounts to 52 million people who are all millionaires in net wealth (after debt).

Top 1 percent of households own 43 percent of global wealth

In a related event this week President Joe Biden had reason to say in response to Georgia’s new suppression law that it is antithetical to who Americans aspire to be. The issue of race is not a Barbados condition, it is a human condition, a condition that has created an US versus THEM condition. It is also a zero sum condition that benefits the capitalists. When we we learn.

The Senate – Thursday 25 March 2021

The blogmaster has been around the block long enough to know the divide and conquer mentality of imperfect humans based on gender, class AND race will be with us until the end of time. However, as a people we will be forced to co-opt creative approaches to mask and contain the prejudice, bigotry and yes- racism of many who will walk beside us because the establishment is vested in the system.


  • “Maybe some lessons from you in Buddhist mediation techniques can show them how to open their pineal gland in order to bring about their much needed ‘Awakening’ to return to their spiritual roots.”

    A 1000 mile journey begins with the first step
    yes, a 1000 mile journey is too long, seize the moment now


  • “Then there was a time when a white woman went missing for a few days. I sat here and read how people were being pushed around and threatened. All of those silly ass secret society and not one group with enough sense or courage to protect the community.”

    i totally agree that the majority don’t stand up for their rights, i also know that politicians have their dirty hands in that, they use fear and the Public Order Act, the police and whatever is handy to keep the majority in line, i also know that the majority would quicker ATTACK EACH OTHER…than to stand up to racist trash…..BU is a good example…i would beat up on racists all day long and very few people would put in their thoughts, they would read what i type and say nothing…they would not form a group to PUSH BACK against the evil, even if they did, check what the government does to the rasta community because they refuse to assimilate into a slave society…they have violated these people’s rights for decades…until weak, idiot leaders grow the strength and character to love and PROTECT Black people and not just everyone else…….it will go on and on…

    .it’s a social engineering problem where they were/are PUNISHED for asserting Black human rights…there’s is a lot to wade through, myself i would stand up in the middle of town and tell ya ass off, any racist coming near me with shite will feel my tongue,

    i don’t need their stinking jobs, know how to survive on my own, use my initiative, business etc….Bajans on the other hand are afraid to open their mouths, fear of arrest etc….fear of losing slave salary jobs….it’s a mess that needs cleaning up…..but racists,thieves and those who sabotage black rights and opportunities are NOT TO BE GIVEN ANY PASS…they know how to protect themselves, they are CRIMINALS….its the population need protection, from themselves as well…


  • “Don’t tell me about the powers of the minority and of racism on the island. The majority need to look at itself and ask why? Many of the problems can be fixed with an ounce of courage.”

    minorities only have “powers” because of careless, corrupt politicians/ministers….all that fraudulent power is easily taken away……because it’s not real

    you and i would analyze the hell out of what goes on, the average person would tell ya

    wuh i can’t do nuthin bout dah

    so wuh you want me to do

    dah is how it is

    we can’t change dah

    i cant

    we can’t




    culturized, socialized, engineered to be DEFEATIST…

    i had no choice but to study this social phenomena/experiment that is Barbados..part of the reason am always so pleasant sometimes…



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  • Dr. Amos N. Wilson.

    “”I’m going to look briefly at European history as MYTHOLOGY, as propaganda, and as the creator of personality (which it is). It’s MYTHOLOGY. European mythology (European hallucination) can only work against us where there is an ABSENCE of contact with REALITY, an ABSENCE of KNOWLEDGE of Afrikan history. We hallucinate every night. These hallucinations are called dreams, and they occur at the point where we become DETACHED from REALITY. We maintain our MENTAL BALANCE and SENSE of SELF by the INPUT of our sense.

    It is necessary that for human beings to MAINTAIN SANITY that they receive RANDOM INPUT (and changing input) from the world. That is why we suffer so much when we are put into solitary confinement-where we can’t see or hear anything-we may begin to have VISIONS and HALLUCINATIONS as a result thereof. There are what we call DESENSITIZATION EXPERIMENTS. Some of us might have gotten a chance to see the movie, ALTERED STATES, that speaks to this kind of experience where when you REMOVE a person’s capacity to see, feel, hear, touch and so forth, very peculiar things happen to the mind. Hallucinations begin to occur, orientation is lost. The individual becomes IMBALANCED because the information that’s normally used to maintain MENTAL EQUILIBRIUM is ABSENT. We’re in a similar state when we are ASLEEP and the mind CREATES ITS OWN REALITY, its own movie show, and we watch it throughout the night. Often we don’t know that we are in an UNREAL WORLD until we WAKE UP the next morning”.

    Mythology and hallucinations, such as those European history represents, can take us where it has taken us only as the result of the fact that we are NOT in touch with REALITY, NOT in touch with our Afrikan history in a realistic sense. European history is written in such a way, or projected in such a way, that we become DETACHED and DISCONNECTED from the REALITY that maintains our SANITY, maintains our BALANCE and ORIENTATION. We then can fall VICTIM to created VISIONS and HALLUCINATIONS, DELUSIONS and ILLUSIONS. In the final analysis, European history’s principal FUNCTION is to first SEPARATE us from the REALITY OF OURSELVES and SEPARATE us from the REALITY of the WORLD; to SEPARATE US from the REALITY of OUR HISTORY and to SEPARATE US from its ramifications. We will then take the hallucinations which result from these SEPARATIONS as REPRESENTING what is REAL. That is its PRIMARY FUNCTION-as mythology.

    “FROM THE FIRST DAY A REPORTER ASKED THE FIRST TOUGH QUESTION OF A GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, THERE HAS BEEN A DEBATE ABOUT WHETHER GOVERNMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO LIE. IT DOES. AND IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, GOVERNMENT NOT ONLY HAS THE RIGHT BUT A POSITIVE OBLIGATION TO LIE.” This is stated by Jody Powell (who served under former President Jimmy Carter, as press secretary) in his book, The Other Side of the Story. A very interesting admission. Many have heard me say that Europeans, who comprise 10 percent of the world’s population, can only rule over 90 percent by LYING, by DECEIT and FORCE. The only way that we can be in the condition we are in, as a people, is to BELIEVE LIES.”


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  • Some ramble on with much ado and no one listens, Others make their point with few words and everyone listens. Toast Masters 101.


  • “Blacks, especially the females, must start the deprogramming process by learning to perceive their Creator in their own image and likeness as, indeed, they have been created”

    How so? Do you know how addicted our women are to non-African hair. How do you expect to foster the next generation of revolutionary young adults when their mothers are too busy fixated on what rests on their heads. What ever happened to the good old fashioned afro hairstyles?


  • @TLSN
    Most of them are programmed from young to hate their natural hair. If you observe and see an older female with her daughter its most likely she would be wearing a mop of a wig on her head or straightened hair and that will tell you enough to know why most young women are obsessed with non natural hair.
    Simply put trying to be as non African as possible to escape their fractured self esteem. When I had an afro , can you believe older women (with natural hair I might add) had the audacity to react strangely and imply my hair was unkept , being in its natural state? That experience shows me how deeply rooted self hate is in the mind of the typical Barbadian female. It starts with (some of) the mothers implying that their daughters hair is “too hard” “too thick” “too knotty” and they have to straighten their hair to look “neat” and it all goes downhill from there because those phrases imply that being your natural self , represented by what grows from your scalp, as an AFRICAN is wrong. There goes the poor girl’s mind onto a journey of self hate because that negative experience with their hair. Hopefully that answers your question.


  • TSLN…socialized to accept “whiteness” which in reality DOES NOT EXIST….instead of Africaness, would do that…a STAIN on the parliament of pretenders…..with their self-serving personal agendas…..for allowing the practice of racism and discrimination to ferment and survive for decades against the population, every generational cycle…..with their dependency syndrome on tourism..and unnecessary need to have “white” and other employers…all of which they are INCAPABLE of addressing..

    Miller….information about DECALCIFYING the pineal gland can be found just about anywhere….you can find people on every forum posting stupid shit, they can use that time to google the pineal gland and ways to get it functioning again…

    “Dr. Welsing was able to apply a psycho-historical analysis to white, western culture, by focusing on its “major patterns.” She used the symbolic matrix of white collective behavior to “decode” the cultural system.“ Welsing focused on the particularity and peculiar nature of this smallest and most violently anti-life collective. Joel Kovel, a white psychiatrist, in his book, White Racism: A Psychohistory, also attempted to apply psychohistorical methodology to a study of the same phenomenon, but, as we would expect, reached very different conclusions. Dr. Welsing correctly particularized the white collective psyche, identifying it feelings of inferiority and self-loathing. That is what makes her so formidable and threatening to the white world and to academia, as she focuses on their uniqueness.

    Their illness is not shared by other racial collectives. Kovel, on the other hand, assumes Freudian “stages” of development to be universally applicable. His conclusions are, in the most important respects, the reverse of Dr. Welsing’s. She maintains that racism/white supremacy is the result of white self-hatred. He argues that in the psyche of all human beings, whiteness is a desirable trait because in the anal stage of development, Blackness is associated with feces, and whiteness with “purity.” White skin, he argues, enabled the white collective to “discover” and use this symbolic “purity” to structure and exercise their power over other populations. Whites have used this kind of elaboration of anal fantasies” systematically…in the generation of power. No other culture has so drawn upon these primitive beliefs to superordinate itself to others” (Kovel, p.95). Welsing forces white people to look at themselves as aberrations (mutations). No white theoretician, no matter how “liberal,” no matter how “radical,” is going to approach the analysis of white racist behavior from that perspective. Dr. Welsing takes the ball out of their court. She examines racism/white supremacy in terms of white genetic inferiority and its attendant defensive behavioral construct.

    Dr. Frances Cress Welsing raises the question of the psycho-biological implications of melanin in the human body. She argues that melanin is a neurotransmitter, and, as such, has the ability to enhance human communication, development and functioning . She postulated that melanin is a “superior absorber of all energy” (p. 231), and suggests that it accounts for “soul” or connectedness. She related melanin to the “affirmation of life” in contrast with “evil” as the destruction of life (p. 233). Speaking directly and forcefully to her people, Dr. Welsing tells us that it is our role to confront and fight evil, and that to ignore evil is to participate in evil (p. 234). In her view, psychiatry needs to deal with the proliferation of “evil” in the world. Her analysis has spiritual implications. Her ideas demand the serious scientific study of melanin/melatonin (See T. Owens Moore, The Science of Melanin, 1995). Melanin is a subject conventionally avoided by the mainstream white supremacist-controlled scientific hierarchy. They always avoid the subject publicly, often studying it intensely in hard to find places (see: the Journal of Pineal Research). No one wants to talk about melanin. The findings might imply that there is indeed a special role played by “Blackness” in Afrikan human functioning, especially since the first humans were, indeed, hued and quite Black. Whiteness, on the other hand, is caused by the absence of proper melanin functioning in a way that supercedes the perfunctory role that it plays in the “albino mutant” body. Whiteness is caused by the absence of melanin, the absence of “hue”, resulting, as it did, from a mutated adaptation to the conditions of the ice age. (see Cheikh Anta Diop, The Cultural Unity of Black Africa, 1989; Civilization or Barbarism, 1981; The African Origin of Civilization, 1974 , and Vulindlela I. Wobogo, Cold Wind From the North, 2011).

    Dr. Welsing used her healing skills to address the “inferiorization of the Black child.” While there is a plethora of studies, articles and books addressing the poor and “negative” self-image of our children, almost none of them (with the exception of Bro. Amos Wilson) place this tragic circumstance in the context of the need to confront racism/white supremacy. Sister Frances was concerned with “enabling patients to neutralize the impact of white supremacy on their lives” (p.258). She told us that our “Black children can achieve a development of their Black genetic and constitutional potential second to none.” For Dr. Welsing the objective of healing and nurturing the potential of Black children is much more than getting better grades, or even admission into colleges, professional schools and “good jobs.” She was concerned that the Black child become a Black warrior, capable of “destroying destruction” (Ayi Kwei Armah, Two Thousand Seasons). This can only happen if their parents are mature enough and have the “space” to train, support and love them. It is because of her vigilant Afrikan warrior posture and commitment that for over four decades, she advised us to have fewer children, later in life. We have misunderstood her meaning. She was concerned with preparation for parenting, in order to prepare our children (our people) for war. She is not trying to show us how to be “successful” within the confines of the white supremacist “social” order. She was preparing us to confront it and to neutralize its power over us, which is the necessary prelude to war. This was her work. This was her intent.”


  • I can add that the society also promotes self hate. The attack of African features which is perpetuated in many social dynamics ever since a child comes out from the womb. This can be seen by the individuals that have an appearance that is closer to the European , they will be praised and uplifted by the society. To think many Barbadians will scream that “colourism does not exist!” when this topic is brought up for a serious discussion, knowing deep down inside that it is true and start to deny because the society is based on that construct that is upheld and propagated by people that look like them.


  • Is it not wonderful all the information available for those who did not know before HOW to ADDRESS the issues plaguing their lives…a treasure trove including the ways and means to DEWHITEN the Black mind…..this is the right time for all of it to be presented for those who are inclined to understand, ACT…and do something about the crimes against Black humanity, against themselves, in Barbados….there is no longer any excuse….i can’t, is not an option……it’s too defeatist…

    ya also have to tell them they are doing it for themselves and THEIR FUTURE GENERATIONS…cause many would act as though they are doing it for those who put the information out there…wrong, most of us made sure our families understand all of it first…..the thought of their future generations more often than not, does not come into play…

    so all the rest is up to them to enforce and let sellout governments know that their evil shite with criminal minorities…will no longer be tolerated or accepted..


  • ““Dr. Welsing was able to apply a psycho-historical analysis to white, western culture, by focusing on its “major patterns.””
    ““Is it not wonderful all the information available for those who did not know before HOW to ADDRESS the issues plaguing their lives…a treasure trove including the ways and means to DEWHITEN the Black mind…..this is the right time for all of it to be presented for those who are inclined to understand, ACT…and do something about the crimes against Black humanity, against themselves, in Barbados…””

    @ War on UUU
    Re: Welsing / Welsing / Welsing / Welsing..
    Your assignment was to read the book so you can think about it yourself instead of plagiarising everyone else’s thought
    instructions were given to read the preface and introduction at least she cross references other books to read which is also required for building knowledge a link was provided on previous page to download the PDF and assimilate the information


  • Another good point. The blog is meant to encourage discussion read offer perspectives based on one’s experience. The point needs to be restated that for the majority Barbadians are also influenced by their European ancestry. It is not a binary issue. We need to do a better job educating our people but it will not negate the point that we are are mixed ancestry.


  • “We need to do a better job educating our people but it will not negate the point that we are are mixed ancestry.”
    the school of thought is to embrace the black side

    Re: processing information
    An empty vessel makes the most noise
    Fill my cup and make it overflow

    Click to access the_isis_papers_-_francis_cress_welsing%20%281%29.pdf


  • The thought is that we have been conditioned to be more Eurocentric and North American in thought than African. We are bombarded daily by messaging at school, TV, Internet etc. We have to strategically educate about our African side, it will not be achieved by an adversarial approach and it will take time.


  • The idea to be promoted is we are all world citizens
    the african within can exist and express itself anywhere and everywhere physically mentally spiritually emotionally
    it is more about promoting the underdog and the rejected and opening minds


  • It is about educating our people to equip them to make good decisions.


  • Are Bajans not world citizens in Barbados Caribbean UK USA and many other places with majority coming from Africa they are an explosion and an implosion of human race, a key point in the history of heinous slave trade.

    Are the poorest the less mixed / blackest


  • Read something here that sent me down a negative path of thought. Trying to pull out, but it’s not easy.

    Typing and deleting.


  • “We are bombarded daily by messaging at school, TV, Internet etc. We have to strategically educate about our African side, it will not be achieved by an adversarial approach and it will take time.”

    subliminal messaging….we have to search out the information that can eliminate this deliberate act…..we have to do it ourselves and reverse the damage that bombards us daily with utter nonsense….all the information on Black power, empowering the African mind, eradicating the poisonous falsity of whiteness, all is available online to reverse the damage caused by implantation…it’s left to every African descended individual to search out the truth about their African identity, RECLAIM IT…..and apply the principles on the road to healing and wholesomeness. A personal choice..

    ..in reality, the African identity WAS STOLEN….so those disconnected from the Motherland now calling themselves this and that eventually adopted a false identity given to them, beaten into them, bullied into them, forced into them with all the associated LIES and MISINFORMATION….the shameless leaders will never remove that stigma as long as they benefit from it within the false system of real hopelessness…

    555…don’t tell me what i have to do or what assignment i have…why did you post none of it since you believe you know so much..and was aware/KNEW all of this existed….i know what i have to do and understand the bajan mind better than you ever could…


  • First and foremost, those who IDENTIFY as African…have to DEMAND from the government that the Public Order Act be REMOVED from the statute books…..

    indians can easily practice their heritage on the island be it hindi or muslim

    syrians can easily practice their heritage on the island be it whatever..

    whites can easily practice their fake heritage of racism, descrimination, oppression, sabotage and thefts from the Black majority without worrying about being arrested for human rights violations and violating the constitution…..

    but Black people are PRIMARILY DETERRED from being African and practicing Black consciousness their NATURAL HERITAGE…which was OUTLAWED UNDER the Public Order Act by sellout Barrow, African Spirituality was CRIMINALIZED before that, as soon as the individual islands became independent and installed yes negros…

    …..William can correct me if am wrong because he knows the timeline better than i do, but i believe Barrow committed this act of treason against Africaness and African survival sometime in the 1970s or just before…

    and Theo…therein LIES THE RUB…it’s not cut and dried but has many, many moving parts, everyone can take some blame including the people themselves who have no problem DEMONIZING those who practice Afrikanization or natural hair or just being their Black selves….the power of indoctrination and social engineering…the total destruction of the Black mind.


  • “555…don’t tell me what i have to do or what assignment i have…why did you post none of it since you believe you know so much..and was aware/KNEW all of this existed….i know what i have to do and understand the bajan mind better than you ever could…”

    the knowledge you learn are just tools in your toolbox by reading the texts you are absorbing the information opening and storing it in your mind and psyche so it manifests in your reality and is developed further through your own experiences. I have been promoting Welsing’s thinkings from the get go on day one on BU about 10 years ago, her interview videos and books and her ideas about guns, tattoos, ball sports, white supremacy, brainwashing, the details of which would have changed your thinking phenomenally, the fact that you were sleeping on it for 30 years means you need to cram to understand it now. I also read the books she cross references like COINTELPRO USA’s war against blacks and native Americans etc.


  • Am very pleased to add that just as those who recently DISAVOWED and DISOWNED any knowledge of racism they are sure to also DISAVOW AND DISOWN any knowledge that Barbados is the testing site and launching area for ALL CRIMES against Africa and Africans..as it always has been..

    …they rightfully left the dumb parliament negros holding the bag, JUST AS THEY DESERVE….let’s see if these foolish colonial titled black people in the parliament allow the criminal minorities to continue with these crimes so that i and others can do what’s necessary….or if they will OPEN THEIR GREEDY EYES AND SEE WHERE ALL OF THIS IS HEADED…they are much too old to be spoon fed…

    555..there is a time and place for everything, this is THE RIGHT TIME..and this is the right place…..if you knew anything about the Bajan mind, they are now mentally prepared…due to events…..at any other time before, all of this would have been ignored..


  • at any other time before, all of this would have been ignored…..WHY???? because they were born and bred to believe they are british more than the brits, can practice self-hate more than they are hated, led at the front by leaders who believe in fantasy, illusions, delusions and continuing the idiocy……and now have the African population stuck in A NO MAN’S LAND…with no African identity…

    can’t blame UK for that one…there was ample time to REVERSE all of this, but they love being nobody with no identity pretending to be elite, pedigree and whatever other dumb shit floats into their empty minds…


  • “f you knew anything about the Bajan mind, they are now mentally prepared…due to events…..at any other time before, all of this would have been ignored..”

    ROK had already heard of Welsing so the information message didn’t go over his head the same way

    sometimes same words just go straight through in an out of people minds and they go glassy eyed acknowledging nothing


  • ROK understood what went on better than you, i knew him personally from we were youngsters, it was a long fought battle that went nowhere because of colonization and the determination of the parliament negros to keep the crimes against Black humanity in play……. LONG BEFORE THE ADVENT OF THE INTERNET…


  • Your default answers and bad logic are always the same
    I ain’t bajan / black like you / can’t tell you nothing / teach you nothing
    which is mindless shit and makes talking with you a waste of fucking time


  • According to Waru War on UUU .. the Black Bajan mind is 30 years behind the Black American mind
    reality is they are the same people from same family who were taken and sold in western slave markets for $1000 to work in same plantations for same people


  • Ready when you ready
    Try reading her book using scanning skimming practise scrolling through the books quick fast picking up concepts facts subjects titles diagrams covered for intuitive overall understanding to catch up to speed


  • A couple of years ago, I watched my country England play against an international team of young West Indian cricketers at the UWI.

    After the end of play. I took a tour of the institute and spotted the Chinese Confucius institute.

    Errol Barrow suppressed the voices of those who promoted Pan Africanism and the teachings of our own Karl Marx figure – the great Marcus Garvey.

    Why does our government continue to promote an outdated colonial education system on their young people? Why are the the teachings of Marcus Garvey and black history off the school curriculum? Why is this government happy to push the values of Confucius on our young?

    Our leaders, are no better then the plantation overseers from yesteryear.



  • The intro to Welsing’s book says it is for all people of colour which requires 3 pages of reading to comprehend

    American slaves could well have been Bajan slaves children taken away from them for sale in America


  • “the Black Bajan mind is 30 years behind the Black American mind”

    stop MISLEADING THE BLOG and assuming nonsense…..there are Black Americans, just as lost as Black Bajans, the only difference, US Blacks have had access to MUCH MORE AFRICAN INFORMATION …for decades longer than Bajans….it is taught in SCHOOLS from very young ….but the culture of indoctrination persists even in US and it’s a personal choice to follow that indoctrination and SHED IT …OR…reacquaint yourself with African cultures, traditions, education and music….the Blacks who remain stuck in the matrix, do so by choice…

    Scholastic provides even more info for the very young to GROW AND LEARN ALL THINGS BLACK, particularly the history of why things are the way they are…………..


  • Who is going to listen to you when you are not acquainted with THE DEPTH OF what goes on in Barbados let alone in the Caribbean, so far you have OFFERED NOTHING worth repeating or acknowledging pther than maintaining a disrespectful, insulting and corrupt status quo, when you do, i will let you know…

    it’s no ones fault that the FRAUDS for whites/minorities in Barbados painted themselves into a corner with their covetousness, envy and hatred for Black people while robbing them of land and money for 2 generations……they gotta live with that and in reality only the parliament negros, yardfowls and Slaves will care…i am enjoying their discomfort……you have no clue how much..


  • New colonizers replace the Brits.


  • What a beat down.


  • Like

  • “Who is going to listen to you when you are not acquainted with THE DEPTH OF what goes on in Barbados let alone in the Caribbean”

    when you speak of backward bajan minds you must be including yourself
    what is the difference between you telling others to read a book for enlightenment which you have not read yourself and me telling you to read it for context of the same enlightenment.
    Welsing’s book was written from an African Americans perspective not Bajan and written in 70-80’s when there was more white supremacy racism and segregation and less integration. She was writing about black power and self leadership unlike you who talks about black leadership failing in Barbados.


  • Some leaders in Africa are just as backward as some in the Caribbean when it comes to PROTECTING AFRICANS from racists, thieves and colonizers, and these are countries with resources and wealth, but when ya are dumb FAKE COLONIAL titles mean nothing.. it’s a work in progress to decolonize backward leaders….

    keep making this about me….and see how far that gets ya….ya can’t stop this train…that’s enroute.


  • Either walk that road to FREEDOM in 2021 or remain A MENTAL Slave indefinitely…it’s a personal choice.


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  • Can’t stop this train with useless rhetoric.


  • Natural hair is a big thing in Barbados right now and has been for a few years Mine has been natural for years.

    The times they are a-changing!

    How many young Barbadians do you know?

    I know plenty who are free of that crap!

    What they are missing is the African history to back up their new found pride in their blackness.

    They need to be exposed to African thought and culture at a deeper level.

    But their eyes and ears are open. They are ready.

    A few years ago Nigerian movies were all the rage.

    They are ready for something deeper.


  • now ya have reduced yourself to lying on and misinterpreting an ancestor….a new low, lying on the deceased. Dr. Welsing was speaking of the African FAMILY WORLDWIDE…there is only ONE AFRICAN originating from the continent……not several…stick to posting videos, you are not an interpreter nor a translator..only certain bloodlines carry that trait..

    “We have touched lightly on some of the salient themes that make Dr. Welsing’s work so impactful and so extraordinary. She helped to change the way we see the enemy, the way we see ourselves and the way we reason about reality. This discussion is admittedly only the tip of the iceberg with regard to her impact on our thinking. As a racial collective, we have barely scratched the surface of her brilliance and her warrior-scholar-practitioner import for the Afrikan/Black political agenda. We must listen to her voice much more carefully now, lest we miss what should be its continued ideological and organizational impact on our political thought and behavior.

    Let us now turn to a critical issue that is a major feature of racism/white supremacy, yet has not been analyzed deeply by the Afrikan Sovereignty Movement. This discussion will help to demonstrate the timeliness, contemporary relevance, and the urgent need for the analytical framework that Frances Cress Welsing has given us. We have focused on her argument that white fear of genetic annihilation is the cause of their racist, white supremacist behavior. But we have dealt far less with the implications of her analysis as it relates to the real threat of total Black annihilation.

    Sister Frances argues that “people who classify themselves as white” operate from a “kill or be killed” imperative. Let us suppose that is accurate and not merely a rhetorical exaggeration (which most “Black leaders” need to believe it is). Dr. Welsing is absolutely correct in her assessment of the motivation and objective of the white supremacy, global system of domination and control. If she is correct, if this overwhelming fear drives them, causing them to be psychopathically and compulsively destructive of Black people, then what would they be doing? What would they be saying? What would their geo-political policies be? Indeed, what is the “logic” of white fear?

    In 1798, Thomas Robert Malthus, a yurugu Briton, published the book, Principles of Population. In it, he argued that the human population was increasing in geometrical ratio, while their subsistence (food resource, agricultural production) was increasing only arithmetically. He warned of the danger of too many people, not enough food. He suggested that human reproduction be limited to the amount of food they needed to survive. Malthus was expressing his white fear of genetic annihilation and giving it “scientific” rationalization. Frances Cress Welsing has alerted us to this syndrome. Malthus was responding to his own observation and instinctual grasping of the fact that nonwhite populations, Afrikans in particular, outnumbered the white population, and were reproducing at, what for Malthus and other whites, was an alarming rate. The white population, on the other hand, was small and getting smaller. Scary? You bet.

    So Malthus constructed a “white lie” (the “biggest” kind), which has become the argument for Black extermination in particular, and the destruction of first world melanated populations in general. White “scientists” certainly did not want non-whites to realize their power potential, nor could they consciously face the implications of their own extreme minority status in the world. So they made up a story, and made it sound “real.” “If we don’t get rid of the majority of the earth’s people,” they reasoned, “we will starve.” So now in 2016, children are learning in school that “there are too many people on earth, and something must be done about it” (says the Gates Foundation). “The food supply is shrinking, so we must manipulate it and patent seeds for the good of mankind” (says Monsanto). Malthus sublimated the real fear with this new invention – the proliferation of Black life, and exchanged it for the fear of inadequate food supply, but it didn’t work. White genetic inadequacy still terrifies them. What Malthus did achieve, however, was the “rhetorical ethic.”  The diversionary lie floats, and too many of us go for it.

    What is the real deal with agriculture and food supply? There are 30,000 species of edible plants on earth at this time. Less than 100 are being cultivated. The yurugu (white) collective controls the cash food market. They create scarcity for profit. (Global, monopolistic capitalism). About 90 percent of what the world eats comes from only 20 species of grains and vegetables. This group cultivates the foods that they choose, that suit their taste, and that make them money. (This information comes from Dr. James Conyers, and Sturtevant’s Edible Plants of the World, also Dr. Vandana Shiva, Five Pants that Changed the World.) So the claim of “inadequate food supply” due to inordinate population growth is a “big white lie,” a cover for the extermination of what the white racist capitalists, call “useless eaters.”

    Dr. Welsing has given us the only explanation for the perpetration of genocide by the white population against the Afrikan/Black race. A further elaboration of the Malthusian doctrine is seen in “eugenics,” a white “social movement” of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries in which white fear of genetic annihilation takes the form of the promulgation of non-white (Afrikan/Black) genocide. “Eugenics” is literally “good genes” – “science” which becomes the ideology of white dominance. The stated objective of this “anti” social movement is to “improve the human gene-pool.” This is done through selective breeding, sterilization of those who carry “inferior” genes, and other mechanisms of genocide. Eugenicists, like Galton (Darwin’s cousin), in 1869 said that what was needed were higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with “desired traits,” while simultaneously destroying “bad genes.”

    Sound like “The Cress Theory of Color-Confrontation”? It should! White people are subconsciously aware of the fact that they have always been genetically and numerically “minor.” So they label everyone else as “minorities.” (“Hypocrisy as a way of life,” Yurugu, p.312f) The truth is that their fertility index is dangerously low. “Improving the gene-pool” means many more whites and fewer Afrikan/Black people. Black people should be discouraged from reproducing, whites need to be encouraged. But Dr. Welsing explained that white self-reproduction is problematic because they despise themselves and so do not want to reproduce themselves. However, for some decades now, several European countries (including South Africa), monetary and work relief incentives have been used to encourage pregnancy among the white population. The U.S. magazine industry is inundating the public with images of Hollywood personalities being pregnant and having babies.

    Who are these eugenicists? Are they merely the “lunatic-fringe,” without financial means or influence in the world, figments of an active “conspiratorial” imagination? Think again. All of the players on the chessboard of global white supremacy are eugenicists. John D. Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, J.P. Morgan and now Bill and Melinda Gates, Ted Turner are some of the names that supply the funds that not only keep this “movement” alive and well, but also provide the ideology out of which the power institutions (schools, hospitals, agencies, foundations, corporations, etc.) are molded.


  • Nigeria is the wealthiest African countries in terms of resources but one of the most colonized and indoctrinated African countries to be found anywhere and just like Barbados they don’t know it. People are now trying to wake them, especially the dumbed down ego saturated leaders.


  • “now ya have reduced yourself to lying on and misinterpreting an ancestor….a new low, lying on the deceased. Dr. Welsing was speaking of the African FAMILY WORLDWIDE…there is only ONE AFRICAN originating from the continent……not several…stick to posting videos, you are not an interpreter nor a translator..only certain bloodlines carry that trait..”

    Read the book for fucks sake as you are ignorant and prejudiced and backward

    she talks about white supremacy racism against all people of colour

    that is a simple and basic concept to grasp for even the most simple minded out there


  • YOU read the book, you are the clown trying to rewrite what she wrote, but there are strong forces and her written word out there to debunk your idiocy…..do you even have any idea what i have access to….suck on this…

    “The Rockefellers and other East Coast elites including Prescott Bush, the father of George H.W. Bush, funded and supported the pseudoscience known as eugenics” (Nancy Turner Banks, AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire: The Deadly Virus of International Greed, 2010, p. 223) These powerful eugenicists have put systems in place that will guarantee their power for generations to come. (See Nancy Turner Banks, AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire, 2010) .

    The term “eugenics” is no longer “politically correct;” it is too obvious racism/white supremacy laid bare. So a new, more seemingly benign term is in use: “population control.” This is the same Malthusian doctrine in a somewhat new package. Eugenics now goes by the name of “population control.” The 2016 eugenicists claim to “love humanity,” especially Afrikan/Black people and other “underdeveloped” first world people. Their weapons of choice are: vaccines (2.3 million women and girls in Kenya sterilized through tetanus vaccines); GMOs (controlling the food supply); HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) using the environment (weather) to create unnatural disasters (for more information, go to geoengineeringwatch.org); chemicals polluting water; and forced vaccinations in Afrika. All of these are forms of race-based genocide. The Rockefellers have always been eugenicists; the World Health Organization is a vehicle for Afrikan extermination; The Centers for Disease Control helps to spread disease among Black people and promotes unnecessary and harmful vaccinations. In the 1950s and 60s only three vaccinations were recommended for children; now there are 60-70!

    “The Vaccine Inquiry Compensation Program is a federal project that began in 1986. It relieves vaccine manufacturers, doctors, and hospitals from liability for vaccine damage. VICP has paid over $500 million taxpayer dollars to compensate families for damage and death caused by vaccines that were also paid for by your tax dollars.” (Banks, AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire, p.36, n.49)

    The work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is to stop the expansion of the world’s non-white population. According to Melinda Gates, she “loves” the people whose destruction she finances, and when asked what she considered the greatest gift to humankind in recent times, she quickly answered, “Vaccines.” The Gates couple believes in “population control.” What population? Who controls? Ted Turner says that the total population of the world should ideally be 250-300 million, a fraction of what it is now. The present population is approximately 7 billion, 280 million. Do the math. Who are the “extraneous” people? Who decides? Who does the killing? One guess. Ted Turner says that the world would be better off if almost 7 billion people no longer existed!

    Dr. Welsing is the only one who explains such psychopathic behavior. These are the strategies of racism/white supremacy that threaten our existence. The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey warned us. Nana John Henrik Clarke warned us. It’s simple. The whites are thinking “there are too many of them and not enough of us.” Yurugu with money are funding projects guided by policies that attempt to balance the scales, no matter what it takes; ”kill or be killed.” Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has told us clearly that “White Supremacy is the greatest evil on earth.” Are we listening?


    To more fully understand the meaning of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s transition, we must go to Afrikan spiritual philosophy, which is rooted in Afrikan “deep thought” (Dr. Jacob Carruthers, Baba Djedi Shemsu). An explanation of the Afrikan life cycle and ancestor communion provides the context for that understanding.

    In the eternal cycle of Afrikan life, a human being is acknowledged as having come from the spirit world (the ancestors and the source of life and being.) Spiritual reality manifests as “human beingness.” Thus, the Afrikan human being (Muntu) comes with a consciousness (‘Kra,). His or her “destiny” (Nkrabea) is carried within the ‘Kra and contains a “mission,” a “message,” an “intelligence.” We who are Afrikan have chosen to be so. To choose to be Afrikan is to choose to fight for Afrika, otherwise, why come back? We believe that each of us is an ancestor returned. Rebirth into Afrikanness is, then, both a privilege and a duty. We achieve continued connection to the Afrikan family and we become part of the race army. As Afrikans, we have serious work to do. Being Afrikan is not meant to be easy.

    The cycle is maintained through the progression of developmental stages. These stages represent ever-increasing levels and degrees of responsibility, participation and maturity; moving from birth through childhood, adulthood and eldership. Movement from one stage to the next is a “transition.” Understood symbolically, one “dies” from one stage and is “reborn” into the next. Birth, death, and rebirth form a cycle of growth in human beingness, in cultural beingness, and commitment. Life begins at the source of being, energy, power and reality, (the life force, Odumakroma, Amma, Oludumare) and returns to the source, to be reformed into new life, or, the alternative which would be ultimate disgrace, pain and failure; that is, to become totally disconnected from the cycle: spiritual and cultural “death.”

    At each stage of our development as Afrikans, we become more knowledgeable. We become “bigger” as we become more spiritually powerful. Perhaps the most important transition that we will make is that between being an elder and becoming an ancestor. The physical “death” of an Afrikan elder is not the end of the life of a muntu, an Afrikan human being. If handled properly, it is the beginning of a transition to the next stage in human beingness. Our “muntuness” takes on another more mature, spiritually and culturally powerful form. Physical death for the Afrikan is not the end of human conscious existence. We still are able to act with will and intent and to influence the physically alive world nation of Afrikan people. All cultural growth is focused on the achievement of becoming an ancestor, who is capable of guiding, protecting and nurturing the Afrikan/Black race. This achievement is of extreme political importance. It is the warrior ancestors who tell us where to go and what to do as a people. The ancestors are in front of us (Dr. Mario Beatty), so if we are culturally and racially connected, they will lead us. Thus Afrikan ancestor communion (“worship,” but a spiritual joining in reciprocal relationship), is a political, ideological concept, as well as a spiritual and cultural one. It places us within a system of race-accountability.”


  • The only thing you are right about is that people should read her book, it’s a damn shame you do not take your own advice.

    She turns racism upside down and inside out and spits it out in bubbles and is essential reading for all people of colour.
    30 years later her thoughts have trickled into mainstream now and whites admit racism was wrong and unfounded lies.

    You may not agree with all her principles and may have different views to her but you will never know until you read what she is saying.

    The brain is an organ that needs to be stimulated and exercised like a muscle to grow and get stronger. Read her book and open your mind to new thoughts.


  • What makes you think i haven’t read it , i never said i didn’t.

    she created a full movement with the help of Dr. Wilson, Dr. Clarke and whole army of ancestors.

    “Dr. Frances Cress Welsing is now transitioning to the ancestral stage of her existence. She is being “reborn” as one of the most powerful Afrikan ancestors in “Ourstory.” Our relationship with her is one of reciprocity (Maat). With our help, she will continue to guide us, to teach us and to love us. It is our responsibility to remember her, commune with her warrior spirit, and to elevate her, as she guides, protects, and blesses us with her wisdom and courage.

    Although some may take umbrage, the discussion that follows is elevated far beyond what some might consider a “personal attack.” It is simply race, family business! (and if you can’t stand the heat…) I am speaking specifically to those Black people who have chosen this time to attempt to critique of Dr. Welsing, those committed to anti-Afrikan ideologies and death-styles, who couldn’t take her on when she was “in their faces.” They are revealing the same fear that she used her energy to heal: fear of the responsibility of being Black. They are clinging to ideas and elevating anti-life behaviors that do not work for the achievement of global Afrikan sovereign power. Not only are their loyalties misplaced, but they are manifesting intellectual and moral cowardice, and they are at a serious disadvantage. Having separated themselves from Afrikan spiritual deep thought, they have made the serious tactical error of acting as though Dr. Welsing would be easier to attack in what the European world view defines as “death.” Based on the Afrikan concept of the eternal cycle of life, we operate from a radically different frame of reference.

    As the honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey tells us, “In death I shall be a terror to foes of Afrikan liberty!…If death has power then count on me to be the real Marcus Garvey I would like to be!…I shall never desert you and make your enemies triumph over you!” So if you were afraid to confront Nana Welsing “in the physical,” you should be terrified to confront her now! For you have struck a rock in the spirit of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing and you have not only her to deal with, but all the rest of us, race vindicationists, who honor the lessons that she taught us. You were afraid to confront her when you could see her, but she sought you out. You were afraid of her, but she was not afraid of you. In fact, she would have healed you if you had only known that you were Afrikan and ill (Nana Arimenta Harriet Tubman, “I could have freed more of our people, if they had only known they were slaves.”). In attacking our Nana Frances, you have compounded your tactical error. Black people will dismiss you as nonentities in our race movement. No one who loves Afrikan/Black people will listen to you, for we are seeking to be healed of “Black fear.” We are seeking to claim our power. Those of our people who may have been confused or ambivalent will never again pay attention to anything you have to say! They will gain a new clarity. This is a moment of truth (Bobby Wright). It is time to look the “bull” in the face.

    This is indeed a learning/teaching moment. Dr. Welsing’s passing separates the race-warriors from the race-traitors; the sovereignist-vindicationists from the integrationist-assimilationists. She is separating those who are not afraid to be “race-first,” from those who have made an ideology out of sexual behavior. Make no mistake, if it ain’t about race-first, it ain’t about nothing.

    Dr. Welsing told us, “If we do not have confidence in our ability to make independent Black observations, Black analyses and Black plans for Black actions, why should we talk about or seek Black liberation?” (p.160)

    Clearly, no person who “loves black people” (R.L. Stephens’ claim, in Black Agenda Report), no matter how often they professed to, would respect the ideas of Karl Marx, who dismisses Afrika, her history and civilization as “primitive.” Marx’s analysis is limited and cannot be used to construct the guidelines for the “Afrikan World Revolution” called for by Nana John Henrik Clarke. Marx was an avowed white supremacist whether the name was applied to him in the 19th century or not. He very often referred to Afrikans with the “n-word” in his writings and disparaged our physical characteristics and mental abilities.

    “It is now quite clear to me that, as his cranial structure and hair type prove, Lassalle is descended from the Negroes who joined Moses’ flight from Egypt. That is, assuming his mother, or his paternal grandmother, did not cross with a nigger. Now this union of Jewry and Germanism with the negro-like basic substance must necessarily result in a remarkable product. The officiousness of the fellow is also nigger-like. (Karl Marx from a letter to Friedrich Engels, 1862).

    Marx was incapable of critiquing the European world view, or of putting racism/white supremacy in its proper context. He was just another yurugu with despiritualized ideas about the acquisition and distribution of material objects to be manipulated.

    Dr. Welsing focused on the need for the development of collective self-confidence and self-respect as a prerequisite for overcoming Black fear. Her passing is a critical moment for us. Will we be true to what she has taught us, or will we be intimidated by those who criticize her? This is an opportunity for our people to move forward toward authentic Afrikan sovereignty. Let us remove the naysayers from the discussion. We have no time for academic bantering. This is not a “seminar.” Dr. Welsing’s work was to get us to think clearly in the interest of Black people. The Marxists are clearly powerless. They can only “talk.” The fact is that the white sexual ideologues are powerful at this time, but only within the system of white supremacy. They have financial backing. They are well-organized and have used mafia-type methods to co-opt entire industries. As an organized collective, they usurp valuable real estate from Afrikan elders. They intimidate through phobia-labels (perhaps because they are heterophobic). They constitute a powerful lobby within white supremacist electoral politics. The left has aligned itself with this power-base. So do those Black people who identify as part of this political cohort. The Marxists have been parasitic.

    They need Black power. So they get some of us to refer to ourselves as “the black left,” as though it were an authentic movement of Afrikan/Black people. They are being manipulative. (But we outgrew Marxism with our ancestors, Richard Wright, George Padmore, even W.E.B. Dubois and others.) Why not just “the left?” The answer is “because they need our energy.” They have none of their own. No popular movement can be sustained by rationalistic, academic discourse and semantic repartee alone. They construct “fronts” which feed off of our spiritual and cultural energy. There is apparently no “black left” that has not capitulated to the financial and political power of homosexual politics. Their agenda is not Black. It is not Afrikan. And we certainly do not need Marxian analysis in order to critique capitalism. We know that capitalism is anti-Afrikan and bad for Black people. (see Wobogo, ch. 6, and Armah, Remembering the Dismembered Continent, 2010, ch. 3 “On Marx and Masks”) The so-called “black left” cannot be trusted. Dr. Welsing knew that. She was clear. She spoke truth (Maat). She stayed the course and so must we.

    Everything is political. Every choice has political implications and issues from a political position. To choose one’s pattern of sexual behavior over Dr. Frances Cress Welsing is a choice made in fear. To listen to those who tell you that you have to make that choice in order to be “free” is to listen to the cacophony of confusion that she was able to expose as mere noise. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing is already sacred and iconic to the global Afrikan/Black Collective. Her detractors, choosing the time of her passing to come out of their closets, have effectively removed themselves from the discourse of a truly “Black agenda.” Dr. Welsing is the quintessential Afrikan; she is the “Brain of Black Power.” This is not a “defense” because she needs none. This is an announcement that any would-be critics at this special time, have made her all the more powerful among us and have exposed the opposition.

    As she would point out, the “left,” ironically, gets its power from white supremacy. Within Afrikan sovereignty, and an Afrikan power system, they have none. She has forced them to expose themselves. They messed with the wrong one. Their critique is an affirmation of her work. According to one critic “1000’s will be influenced by her ideas” (R.L. Stephens, published in Black Agenda Report, January 5, 2016) Absolutely! Thousands have been influenced by her ideas and thousands more will be, and your feeble attempts have done nothing so much as increased that number tenfold.”


  • Read again….

    “They are clinging to ideas and elevating anti-life behaviors that do not work for the achievement of global Afrikan sovereign power.”


  • “What makes you think i haven’t read it , i never said i didn’t.”

    It’s obvious from what you are saying and how you think that you have not read it
    it is some next level shit that would affect your reasonings and bring them to a higher level
    bluffing about reading it would not resonate with the righteous ring of truth
    cutting and pasting other peoples reviews is not same as reading a book
    but does imply that it has impressed many others
    calling me a liar was just a reflection of a desperate big liar


  • If you read the book it would help and enable you to focus your thoughts and arguments about the racism in Barbados and it’s legacy to slavery and break it down coldly and rationally like a science with less anger and emotion and more about achieving change and results.


  • ..it is the kind of book that everyone should read before they have a discussion about racism.

    .. it is also the kind of book that the white world find too radical.


  • Too bad for you that you are WRONG ON ALL COUNTS….

    Welsing was always very stringent in her views on racism, oppression, suppression etc…practiced on African people everywhere, she didn’t know how lowcrawling, covetous and greedy, small island racists are….but she never deviated or softened her tone, so i know for a fact that you are lying….and you will not plant shit in my head and claim to be an intellectual…when i know it’s a fantasy of yours which you will never ever achieve….you got exposed on here already..


  • oh…and i have a whole LIBRARY available to me on her literary work…same for Drs Clarke and Wilson and some others am sure you did not even know existed….it’s all very impressive..


  • Like

  • You can try and lie like a rug to save face but you have not read the book to hear her thoughts straight from the horses mouth.
    Her stuff may be dated a bit now, but people use her works to break down racism of today such as prisons, employment, policing and to revisit slavery and racism of the past. You don’t have to be an intellectual to understand her book as it is expressed to be easily understood, you wouldn’t even need a dictionary.


  • This is a very important video..


  • As is this, there are volumes and volumes of educational material available from our Black intellectuals that explains the current predicament without glossing it over with lies.


  • 555 dubstreetApril 10, 2021 4:40 PM

    How can there be racism in Barbados today where the minority ethnic groups are not viewed as victims but extra-special interests groups to be courted by the black political serfs?

    You ought to bear always in mind that Barbados since so-called Independence has been a majority ‘black’ country governed by so-called educated civilian ‘black politicians and not military dictators.

    To continue to blame slavery or even the white man or Indian or Chinese for the current state of black economic disenfranchisement is a mere cop-out and an alibi wrapped in intellectual laziness.

    Maybe the cause of their continuing economic serfdom is a result of their ongoing mental enslavement dressed in ‘hand-me-down’ religious robes; but clearly not the absence of political authority among the black elite or lack of academic achievements of the black masses.


  • There are 2 parts to this video…Miller…no end of information and edu tools…everything the people in Barbados and the Caribbean need to know.


  • @ WURA-War-on-U,.
    Your pal Artax made a comment with reference to the blog’s unnecessary attention to all things African. He stated that it was important to focus on Barbados.

    I watched the video that Hants sent with the Chinese in Zambia. It made for grim viewing.

    I am uncertain if the continent of Africa has the capacity to fend of the influx of the numerous countries who are trying to insert their influence on the continent.

    Over the last ten years, countries such as Ethiopia have been leasing out agricultural land to golf Arab nations. The Russians have become embedded on the continent, likewise India, Turkey and a host of other nations.



  • Miller….555 is totally lost..

    He wants someone to indulge his sick fantasies…..

    the corrupt, bribetaking, attention seeking leaders on the island are the main problem, they are Black people’s biggest and most dangerous enemies, because they allowed the mental enslavement and INDULGED racists and thieves to reduce the Black population WITH THEIR GREED, criminal behavior, human rights abuses and ignorance….none of these crimes against the people could happen without them…..and neither the sellouts in the parliament or the tiefing minorities should be given a pass…..i have said that on here for years and years …they are criminal by intent and always will be as it relates to any Black/African population…and will always create and devise scams to rob them BLIND….that is it in a nutshell…


  • “I am uncertain if the continent of Africa has the capacity to fend of the influx of the numerous countries who are trying to insert their influence on the continent.”

    some of the countries are high risk, because the leaders have the mentalities of Caribbean politicians, weak-willed, greedy and stupid…..they never put the African population FIRST…so those will be easily over run….the chinese tried that in the Gambia and got their factory burnt to the ground, then the youths dug up all their pipelines…not every African is dumb….only fire will rid the Continent of parasites….as they build, burn it down…..run gas lines if needed, when they build again, burn it to the ground…all they are doing is stealing from the people….and not all will sit quietly and don’t retaliate…

    there are multiple blogs going, but one blog will bother them, the Slaves will be offended by an African themed blog, but who cares…all of this will separate the yardfowls, Slaves and sellouts so they will be easily identifiable..


  • Always remember that Africa has 54 countries….and some countries are so huge…it’s unbelievable…and the population is

    As of 2019, the total population of Africa is estimated at 1.3 billion, representing 16% of the world’s population. According to UN estimates, the population of Africa may reach 2.49 billion by 2050 (about 26% of the world’s total) and 4.28 billion by 2100 (about 39% of the world’s total).

    of mostly young people and that is what scares many….the young are nothing like the older folk…if you ADD the nearly 300-400 million in the diaspora…many of whom already resettled on the continent and work between east and west……well you get the idea….


  • Part 2..the hardest thing is to know.


  • William Skinner

    @ WURA
    I notice an old divide and rule tactic coming into play on BU. Every time some cannot prove their point or counter someone else’s opinion, they introduce the word “ emotion”. It is a word used by whites and apologists to make one feel that their are really irrational. It is a tool used with devastating effect against Afro Americans.
    The next step is to brand people crazy.
    I know you are acquainted with Massa’s tactics. Don’t let them deter you.
    They are nothing more than weaklings; ignoring them is the best answer to the nonsensical positions they take. Ignore them and move on. Also look out for self appointed editors, who want to control and influence what others write rather than put their positions. They are the vanguard of the corrupt BLPDLP.
    Just write on and ignore them.


  • “It is a word used by whites and apologists to make one feel that their are really irrational. It is a tool used with devastating effect against Afro Americans.”

    a tool that is TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE ON ME, racists don’t faze me one bit, i know all their weaknesses….facts and proof will burn them, the ancestors mean what they said.

    i have been called crazy on here at least once a week for 8 YEARS….haven’t heard it lately so they must have gotten tired….lol

    don’t think self-appointed editors want any part of me in this new going down…..and they know it, it’s best to keep the peace..

    i warned them YEARS ago, that they were wasting endless time on the blog with pettiness, they never listened and only got worse until they have nothing left…..wasted years…


  • “Maybe the cause of their continuing economic serfdom is a result of their ongoing mental enslavement dressed in ‘hand-me-down’ religious robes; but clearly not the absence of political authority among the black elite or lack of academic achievements of the black masses.”

    You sound tongue in cheek.. but what is stopping a lower class / poor black man/woman running for office and to get votes from his fellow lower class / poor people


  • “.. Miller….555 is totally lost.. ..”

    You are the ideal person who should read Welsing

    as there is a big gap in your arguments where she would fit in


  • TLSN April 10, 2021 5:33 PM #: “@ WURA-War-on-U,. Your pal Artax made a comment with reference to the blog’s unnecessary attention to all things African. He stated that it was important to focus on Barbados.”

    @ TLSN

    Please indicate to BU, any word, phrase or sentence in any of my contributions that could be reasonably interpreted as I referenced the “blog’s unnecessary attention to all things African” and “stated it was important to focus on Barbados?”

    Sir, if you don’t have anything to worthwhile to contribute, wouldn’t it be much better if you remained silent rather than spew untruths?


  • “as there is a big gap in your arguments where she would fit in”

    you keep waiting to prove a nonpoint to justify ya small time racists and thieves in Barbados…..i know exactly when to give you Nana Welsing and what to give….


  • @ Artax,
    Calm down! You made a comment which in its context was valid and reasonable. I recall seeing it a few days ago. I was unable to retrieve it. My interpretation of it may have been clumsy however I understood where you was coming from.

    BU is a rum shop and not a court of law. From my days of playing cricket I would always leave the wide pitch delivery alone.

    Goodnight night Sir.


  • “you keep waiting to prove a nonpoint to justify ya small time racists and thieves in Barbados…..i know exactly when to give you Nana Welsing and what to give….”

    Her definition of racism is spot on genius and worth the price of the book in itself

    “Functional Definition Of Racism = White Supremacy = Apartheid: As a black behavioral scientist and practicing psychiatrist, my own functional definition of racism (white supremacy) is as follows: “Racism (white supremacy) is the local and global power system and dynamic, structure, maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined; which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action, and emotional response, as conducted, simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet Earth – a planet upon which the vast and overwhelming majority of people are classified as non-white (black, brown, red and yellow) by white-skinned people, and all of the non-white people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white-skinned people.”

    Black politicians allegedly screwing a black public falls outside that definition of racism

    abuse of power for greed is bog standard bad leadership


  • WURA,

    That is why I said the people need something deeper than Nigerian movies. But…. their willingness to even watch something African was an indication that a mindset was changing.


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