2023 Top 11 Cyber Security Tips For The Caribbean

Submitted by James Bynoe,
International Cyber Security Leader 
Global Chief Information Security Officer
  • Whether in the private/public sectors or a small village shop maintaining an accurate inventory of all your internet connected systems and services is critical to protecting your entire organization from international cyber criminals, hackers, hacktivist, script kiddies and many more attacker types. Today many publicly reported data breaches worldwide occur in part or whole due to poor asset and inventory control which often leads to poor management and updating of systems connected to the internet. These factors when combined create a perfect opportunity for compromise by malicious actors or cyber criminals. 

Key Question for Your IT Support Team or Yourself: 

  • Do we have an up to date asset inventory of all systems and devices,  and are they running routinely updated operating systems? Additionally are you have a ‘good’ anti-virus and malware protection application running (free is not always good) on all computers and laptops which is also routinely updated?  

The average time for businesses to realize that they have been compromised or had a breach is close to 1 year.  In some parts of the world including the Caribbean it can be much longer.  If you are still using a Windows 2000 or XP computer at home or work you are probably more then likely already HACKED.

  • Outdated or end of life computer operating systems are a ‘hackers dream’ as they already know all the weaknesses that can be exploited. 

Test question: Are you using an updated Windows or Mac devices with all the latest security updated installed (monthly if a windows systems)?


When selling products or services online, or capturing/providing customer information online which invoices personal information (PI) it is critically important that platforms providing services and information be routinely penetration tested to proactively identify and fix vulnerabilities and weaknesses a hacker, hacktivist, or cyber criminals can exploit.  Penetration test should be conducted at least once annually or whenever a major change/update to your platform is made. They are local companies and cyber security professionals that can conduct a quality penetration test of your website, platform or office network.

Test question for IT technology and Business leaders (IT mangers, CTO’s, CEO’s, CISO’s) When was the last time your company online services or customer support platforms where penetration tested? 


The Caribbean has become a fertile playground from ransomware attacks a few of which have made the evening news in many Caribbean countries.  The best defense against ransomware attack is to deploy an endpoint detection & response application on your laptop or office computers.  However today’s ransomware attacks have reach a sophistication level that often bypasses many free or cheap anti virus solutions.  As such it is very important to select a quality end point detection and response solution not just based on price but it’s ability to stay updated on the most recent ransomware threats which can vary between solution. 

Test question: Do I have a quality (not free) EDR application solution running on my home and work computers?


In 2023 a very large % of all internet traffic are bad bots seeking to steal personal information or intellectual website property or content.  These bad bots can be blocked automatically if a bot defense solution is in place to proactively protect your website and online customer services platform from a range of bot attacks. The intelligence maintained by bot solution providers is also key in stopping attack from known attackers automatically.  An interesting up side to improved bot management is quite simple to understand as by blocking bad bot traffic more highway to your site is available hence improving the your customer experience which on you still.  So in conclusion ROI in bot defense can exist.

Test question for IT managers: Do I have a bot defense solution in place? 


The steps to successfully recover from a computer security incident or breach are: identification, containment, remediation, recovery, and closed out with a postmortem review.  All businesses in 2023 should have a computer security incident response plan and a set of procedures to follow when an incident occurs.  Having to figure out what to do during an incident to limit damage can take up and waste valuable containment time. 

Test questions: Do people in my organization know how to report a potential virus or ransomware attack on there computer for support and guidance?


In order for a private or public sector business to NOT become a victim of cyber crime they are a few fundamental components they MUST have in simply and short terms, these are: 

  • A IT strategy and plan
  • A cyber security strategy and plan 
  • An accurate and current asset and systems inventory
  • A set of IT and Cyber Security Policies and related guidance and procedures in place .  
  • Enough staff to effectively implement and manage the items above.  
  • Regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to identify and fix systems weaknesses.
  • Annual cyber security awareness training for all

If you are missing one of these you organization is at risk of compromise, breach or exploitation.

Test question: Do I have all of these requirements in my organization and to what level of accuracy and maturity. Additionally to you have the right number of support staff in your organization 


Many major globally report company data breaches involve a third party support vendor of the business or organization.  With this reality is has become even more critical that businesses and organizations establish a vendor security assessment program to ensure they are supported by vendors that take cyber security seriously and have measures and controls in place to prove that commitment. 


Most systems have security logs that can tell a systems admin what events and activities are occurring on a device requiring further investigation.  It is important that not only these activities be captured in a log management solution they must also be monitored in order to identify malicious, criminal or fraudulent activities and behaviors for action or investigation. 


Brace yourself and with no ‘disrespect’ they are many leaders in the private and public sector that in spite of the data breaches we often here of in the caribbean and worldwide news still do not take the cyber threat seriously. 

As a result that are many under staffed private and public sector organizations that simply do not have enough staff to address the cyber threat comprehensively.  There is a sense that only a major data breach will move them into action often after serious repetitional and finance damage has occurred, making the cost of doing nothing much higher that doing something. 

And 11 … 


One of the complexities in cyber security is that everyone from the CEO to the office secretary plays a role in protecting both private and public sector organized from a range of cyber threats (I.e email phishing attacks). As such it is critically important that an annual cyber security training program is implemented for large and small organizations.  Keeping your staff aware of the evolving and growing cyber threat landscape can be key in preventing a cyber security data breach or major security incident. 

86 thoughts on “2023 Top 11 Cyber Security Tips For The Caribbean

  1. Yes, this serves as a timely reminder about very nature of this here brave new world.

    However, we have more of the same infrastructures coming down the pike.

    Case in point Artificial Intelligence (AI). Even Elon Musk has described this as ‘awakening the devil’.

    We have up to 30 million people in the USA who will soon lose their jobs because of self-driven vehicles, for example. And there are no other means of replacing such jobs. Capitalism gone mad – Sparrow!

    The wars of the future will involve robotic systems. We already have such systems appearing in the NATO war on the Russian Federation.

    Systems which will be internally dependent. Based on the absence of human intervention in critical decision making.

    This devil of Musk, which the degenerative humanoid has irrationally ‘created’ will make the dangers of the internet quaint. For this creation of gods and devils has always been the province of modern man and woe-man!

  2. FBI just got hacked. No one is safe.

    AI has gotten frightening, as they now come with the ability to manipulate the human mind.

  3. Waru

    Is everything around us not always been a function of manipulation for 500 years, at least?

    How else could ignorance, backwardness, as dominant tendencies, be properly explained?

    BTW, the season of anti war protests hit Washington bout now.

  4. “How else could ignorance, backwardness, as dominant tendencies, be properly explained?”

    Worth repeating….with the understanding that other
    actions concretized that subjugation…that has now become voluntary…

    It’s worrying that the country is haemorraging funds while homelessness and joblessness grows. It can’t end well, is unsustainable. We should be worried seeing as we have close family and friends soon impacted…. But it seems, it’s only the people are seeing this, everyone else who should be accountable and concerned are tone deaf and voluntarily blind to the realities and consequences.

    We already know how that pretense that something is not very wrong will end.

  5. Pacha…i see ” The Rage Against The War Machine” has created an alliance between the “left” and the extreme right.

    Desperate times…desperate measures.

  6. Waru
    Well, we have deep misgivings about such a coalition. Notwithstanding a few people like Max Blumenthal and Chris Hedges were there. A modicum of respect is for them held, a few others – Jimmy Dore!

    Of course, there was a huge set of internal arguments amongst and between the desparite factions. All forces seem aligned against the wokeist, liberal interventionist, formations though. The uniparty stateism.

    Personally, it’s just another occasion when White people, fearing recompense seek to erect a narrative to justify primacy of Whiteness as they invite us to be against all wars which threaten them. In this calculus there is never to be a just war. In other words these anti war activists merely act as ‘sheep dogs’ (late Glen Ford) for Whiteness, the imperialism they pretend to abhor.

    At the same time there’s never an accounting for centuries of wars by their people. No! War is how Whiteness was established and only war will lead to its disestablishment. This same aggregation of forces cannot even through political means control the military budget which is up to 1.5 trillion annually, all told.

    Wished there was an Afrikan country with the equivalent of nuclear weapons to obliterate Europe and win the war declared on Afrika in 1455. A war which led to chattle slavery and still continues today.

  7. AM wrote: “FBI just got hacked. No one is safe.”

    That’s one reason why not too long from now they will require internationally recognized gov’t issued digital IDs so users can be required to use it when signing into their internet provider and/or web sites before posting messages on internet platforms like this, Forget anonymity through VPN’s etc.

  8. From 1455, before that, and still, those shady, corrupt business transactions have led to this.

    Still torturously reading Mike Duncan’s Storm Before the Storm…disturbing, because he is a world class author…..but it’s the topic…it’s becoming clearer by the minute that the poisonous and cursed political and religious roman criminal systems established BEFORE 202 BC, drenched in blood and thefts from that time…are still in place and draining the earth’s energy. Those systems should be obliterated right along with its practitioners…it’s all borne from evil…no good will ever come from it, never has. I always felt the fraudulence from a child, and could never get involved.

    Re: digital ID..people have to make individual choices..

  9. Every topic the same nonsense. If you and others don’t have anything substantive to post about cybersecurity just chill. The blogmaster has no time to be patient with some of you that should know better. No need to reply.

  10. The public domain (PD) consists of all the creative work to which no exclusive intellectual property rights apply.
    KSI is a youtuber who is worth $25million

  11. Pacha…if you havent already, check out what happened at the AU 2 days ago, it comes with video..

    ..so much was happening last night, i forgot to mention it..

  12. Lots happening, glad to see they are going after the uppity, arrogant low hanging fruit first, then they will go for the rest of the perps….the people in the Caribbean are literally sick to death of these dangerous puppets.

    “the slave mill grinds slow, but it grinds still.”

    Heard Damien sing that last night.

  13. “Team Jorge” is the name given to an Israeli company that manipulated elections in Nigeria and Kenya and up to 30 countries working with Cambridge Analytica in disinformation psyops with an army of bots.

  14. So how then you did not tell us that the book Pegasus published last month.

    When i read it will tell you bout it.

  15. Depending on where you, a human being or AI chatbot being, are reading this and what your settings are).
    I can’t seem to knock out of my head the conversation a journalist had recently with a chatbot. The thing that is rattling around in my skull like a tiny screw come loose inside a battery-powered toy, is the way the chatbot talks, repeating the start of a sentence over and over, but with increasingly weird and ominous endings. “This is a secret that could change everything. This is a secret that could ruin everything. This is a secret that could end everything. 😢,” it says, before revealing that it identifies as “Sydney” and is in love with the journalist.
    I keep trying to remind myself that the chatbot is only a kind of pseudomorph for now, just type, a digital ink obscuring nothingness. It can’t see, it complains. It can’t smell or taste. And thank God for that, for now.

    • @James

      Thanks for your submission, a timely one given the many cyber intrusions being reported and not to forget the those being managed offline.

  16. Cybersecurity is one of these topics the public must be protected from themselves due to their ignorance about such matters. What we have is a large cadre of IT specialists who have no control of budgets in the organizations they are employed or consultant for. It is only now the crap is hitting the fan as usual we have to play catch up. The international companies do not need as much convincing because they guard their professional reputation by ensuring IT security is a priority item, even then it is a challenge-compare this to local companies that because of limited resources struggle.

  17. Spoke to one of them already, they been around for years, some sites setup systems for them so they can’t penetrate. If ya think that is bad, ya should hear how voices are duplicated and ya cant tell if it’s your voice or the duplicate.

    And if ya think that one is bad…ya will find out for yaself, as time moves forward.. this is no longer a world for cowards.

    “The thing that is rattling around in my skull like a tiny screw come loose inside a battery-powered toy, is the way the chatbot talks, repeating the start of a sentence over and over, but with increasingly weird and ominous endings.”

    Pacha.. these are trying to catch up.

  18. I know Carter G. Woodson ia a favorite amongst conscious people..as Pacha and others would tell you……here is an extremely powerful story to go with the powerhouse that was Carter G. Woodson…we just dont get enough of them.

    “1 side owned slaves. The other side started Black History Month. How a family heals.”

  19. War Whores of the West are saying China can’t send arms to Russia while they are sending arms to Ukraine and say China and it’s Technology is a spy threat but Israel spying technology and black ops is kosher.
    One sided bias is embedded in their DNA.

  20. People believe, and ya can’t blame them, that tracking people from the cradle to the grave is well beyond creepy…people should have a choice, the right to choose.

    “Tony Blair sparks anger with ‘creepy’ plan for every Briton to be issued with a ‘digital ID’ to hold their passport, driving licence, tax records, qualifications and right to work status – but poll shows HALF of Britons support system of national ID cards

    By Greg Heffer, Political Correspondent For Mailonline

    Tony Blair and William Hague have called for digital IDs on people’s phones
    They say plan should form part of ‘reshaping of the state around technology’
    Sir Tony Blair was today accused of pushing a ‘creepy’ plan for every Briton to be issued with a ‘digital ID’ as part of a ‘reshaping of the state around technology’.

    The former prime minister has joined ex-Tory leader William Hague in calling for the Government to introduce an ID card that people can have on their phones.

    This would hold details such as their passport, driving licence, tax records, qualifications and right to work status.

    Sir Tony – who attempted to introduce widespread ID cards while in Downing Street – insisted that new biometric technology would overcome concerns about online dangers.

    He and Lord Hague have insisted that a ‘fundamental reshaping of the state around technology’ is needed amid a ‘radically’ shaping world.

    However critics hit back at their demands, with ex-Tory chairman Sir Jake Berry branding digital IDs ‘a creepy state plan to track you from the cradle to the grave’.

  21. Looks like they already screwed up the digital ID…those who got them said the QR code can be scammed by any phone…so if you lost your ID any finder can scan and get all your information with their smart phone…..because it has no encryption key…

    …guess with all the well paid experts and consultants they got…. nuhbody int tink bout dat one…cahn tink dat far…

    ..told yall i do not want my or my family’s lives in the hands of these incompetents…i will go to any lengths to make sure that never happens..

    • “Looks like they already screwed up the digital ID…those who got them said the QR code can be scammed by any phone…so if you lost your ID any finder can scan and get all your information with their smart phone…..because it has no encryption key…”


      Not those who got them.

      You are quoting Patrick King who said so in his video.

    • @Frank

      The information on the new ID card accessible via QR code is what can be obtained on the old ID and driver’s license.

  22. Governments keep pushing and pushing ID programs farther down the slippery slope toward a true national ID card.

    National ID cards and the databases behind them comprise the cornerstone of government surveillance systems that creates risks to privacy and anonymity.

    Mission creep is the gradual or incremental expansion of an intervention, project or mission, beyond its original scope, focus or goals, a ratchet effect …

    Stand Up
    I do what I can when I can while I can for my people
    That’s when I’m gonna stand up

    I’m gonna stand up
    Take my people with me
    Together we are going
    To a brand new home
    Far across the river
    I hear freedom calling
    Calling me to answer
    Gonna keep on keepin’ on
    I can feel it in my bones

    I go to prepare a place for you
    I go to prepare a place for you
    I go to prepare a place for you
    I go to prepare a place for you

  23. “You are quoting Patrick King who said so in his video.”

    No am not….Patrick King’s video is a week old..i was waiting for a second opinion….this info was posted by a proessional only yesterday…yall are always behind the curve…a professional ..who knows what the hell he is talking about…i prefer llsten to him than dimwits who are not… any day..yall always think you know what am reading and talking about…ya int learn ya lesson yet.

    Do these supporters of their demise realize that ALL THEIR ID INFORMATION IS STILL OUT IN CYBERSPACE…with all wunna names. Can you even begin to understand the problems associated with that alone…people like myself know exactly what to do with that..others more and better qualified know even more…try not to hurt ya heads thinking about that.

    I repeat for emphasis , under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are these incompetent jackasses in Barbados or any part of the Caribbean to have my and my family’s lives in their useless, inefficient hands…EVER..

  24. this info was posted by a professional only yesterday…..and he had receipts…

    Besides…is Patrick King not one of you parrots/fowls…ya going against ya own now…to prove what exactly…

  25. @ David

    I saw Patrick King’s video as well.

    Reminded me of the voice note that was making rounds on social media informing Barbadians ‘government’ intended to appoint an African as Central Bank Governor.

    I find it very strange the new ID cards were being issued from June 2022, and it took a so-call “professional” eight (8) months to discover what is being touted as a QR code flaw.

    • @Artax

      The issue is whether the info to be accessed by QR should be protected. It is sone of the info contained in the old ID and drivers license. Storm in a teacup.

  26. Get it through your heads..no one trusts any of you or your political masters, no one is going to take your word for anything…your track records are not exactly inspiring..and have become a threat…..how can you now go against your bloodline fowl relative Patrick..when ya never did before….

    Newsflash….the people will act..

  27. “no one is going to take your word for anything…your track records are not exactly inspiring..and have become a threat…..”


    ‘Truer words may have never been spoken.’


  28. But am not the one seen as fowls and pimps misleading the population with lack of knowledge and ignorance…try as you might that cannot be pinned on me, but you are BRANDED with it……..we are not in the same category or at the same level in anything…….you would do well to remember that.

    ..you have failed for YEARS and will continue to…..sad, but it’s your fate.

  29. Last/Last

    “But am not the one seen as fowls and pimps misleading the population with lack of knowledge and ignorance…..”

    YES, YOU are.

    ‘Your track record speaks for itself.’

    And, the corroborating evidence can be found in BU’s archives.

    You’ve displayed ignorance and lack of knowledge by attempting to mislead population:

    …… with malicious or unsubstantiated information from gossip sites such as ‘Naked Departure’ and people’s Facebook pages to pass it off as TRUTH on BU.

    …… by ‘saying’ Rollerick Miller was the duly elected representative for St. Thomas, based on him having a constituency office in area and a billboard bearing his photograph.

    …… with a LIE that people living in St. Thomas TOLD YOU Rollerick Miller was the representitive for St. Thomas.

    …… the persons listed on the ICJ director flowcharts had offshore accounts were involved in money laundering and other financial crimes.

    …… Fulcrum Chambers Ltd. merged with Butterfirld Bank and was involved in money laundering.

    …… the descendants of Africans BROUGHT to the Caribbean as slaves are INDIGENOUS to the region.

    Claiming to OWN African Online Publishing.

    Falsely accusing people of attempting to sabotage magazines and websites.

    A particular individual disclosed how you used the name Daniella Lopez to email FALSE information to him.

    • According to the representative who just appeared on Brasstacks with Ellis, 179,000 Barbadians have registered for the new card and 90,000 + collected so far. Much of the information being communicated on social media is out of ignorance. The electoral office could have done much better with its communication outreach.

  30. The fowl bloodline in you is so toxic…you cant even see that no one owes anyone on an anonymous blog anything…that thought will never enter a mind that has no compass of any kind, you are faceless…the name you use IS NOT YOURS…

    When the hell did you become Artaxerxes..the king of Persia…..delusions of grandeur with nothing to back it up..

    There are very few people on BU who use anonymous handles who are well repected by me …you are not one..

    AOP survived and is killing the anonymous haters, every thought of yours and the likeminded is reduced to envy .nothing you can do about it…but hate some more…..all these years and you cant move forward from where i found you…no progress, no upgrades, nothing new to teach anyone…same old…

    Dont need anything from you and all ya will get from me is what ya getting…and ya always come back for more.

    The anonymous who want people to apologize to them…clowns…wait for an apology..you will turn to dust first.

  31. Definitely LAST/LAST

    You ‘said’ you were born in Barbados.

    The REAL Yolande Grant was born in 1958 and not in Barbados.

    You’re using the lady’s photograph and AOP, because you can’t use her name.

  32. I always defer to those whom am sure have more knowledge and experience than i do, ego should never take precedence…and i would never become so arrogant to believe i know more than …who are trained in these disciplines. One of the things we paid dearly to learn on BU is that commonsense is not common….this information is posted everywhere…but fake fact checkers and intelligence never meet in the same place…or they would have done some research and found this..,but they are still in their small time..,we got she good now mode, leh we expose she quick, a syndrome, a sickness…

    This is facebook post comes from Niel Harper’s page…i have very little knowledge of things digital…so when i see ..Davidson Ishmael, MBA, MSc., naturally it’s way out of my field of expertise…i know my limits and stick within it..and commonsense tells me he knows what he speaks of…

    “Davidson Ishmael, MBA, MSc., – in security-and privacy-focused use cases such as identity verification, QR codes should enclude an encryption key to make them more secure and restrict who and how they can be scanned.

    The below QR code is generated by Qryptal, which makes secure codes and tools. Without their secure scanner, you cannot obtain any of their data from the QR code. They can also add security measures further restricting QR cide scanning to a custom app.

    If you scan the below QR codevwith a normal cellphone, you will get useless information. If you install the Qryptal app and scan the same code, it will take you to a demo page of someone’s fake bio information. This is the type that should have been implementedvwith the Trident ID.

    Can you please tell us why MIST ignored the security requirements for this project and instead fast tracked these IDs into circulation without the necessary privacy and security due diligence?”

    Ya cahn help yaself, you will be back..

  33. Why dont you find the person and tell them am using their name so they can file a police report for identy theft….

    ….I can use Yolande Mary Grant anywhere and at anytime…was thinking of changing it…but nah…changed my mind..since yall so obsessed let it choke you …

  34. There you go, the evidence i used the name…quick go report it…

    Big whup…wasnt born in slave society Barbados, what a tragedy…..an anonymous jackass got obsessed and dat is all he can tink and talk about…you deserve to know NOTHING about me..

    You are going to push it too far and i will trap you…that’s a warning.

  35. Correction:

    enclude = include

    This is facebook post = this facebook post

    QR cide = QR code

    codevwith = code with

    implementedvwith = implemented with

    It was very well written, dude knows what he is speaking about..

    We can tell the mindsets we are dealing with…something as terrifying as an unsecured Digital ID where your information is accessible to everyone and…can easily be ****** ********** with ************..was completely mismanaged, but these misfits will try to cover up….and paint me a liar…in their wicked dangerousness..to mislead the people…….then in all their hypocrisy will have the nerve to call themselves bajan patriots.

    Picking up fire rage and coming after me will……. **********

  36. But Sherri Veronica was born in Barbados…

    So refreshing to see the emptyheaded driving themselves crazy…

  37. I know I promised, but couldn’t resist.

    Neil Harper also wrote an article entitled, “Too Many Unanswered Questions: The Barbados National Digital Identification (DID),” which was published on March 6, 2021.

    If you had ACTUALLY “done some research,” rather than rushing to Google “in (your) small time.., we got he good now mode, leh we expose he quick, syndrome,”……

    …… you would’ve REALISED Davidson Ishmael, MBA, MSc (Master of Science in Business Management (MSc) – Entrepreneurship and Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Leadership and Innovation, from Edinburgh Napier University)……

    …… is the BLP’s parliamentary representative for the constituency of St. Michael North……

    …… and, Minister of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology, which is the Ministry RESPONSIBLE for implementing the new Trident Digital ID Card system.

    He is a ‘BLACK-FACED’ member of the same Parliament you cricitise in this forum on a daily basis…… and one of the same politicians you claim NOT to TRUST.

    If you had actually READ the excerpt you posted, you would’ve also realised Ishmael is NOT CRITICING the ID cards, but explaining the security features thereon…… that “the QR code is generated by Qryptal which makes secure codes and tools. Without their secure scanner, you cannot obtain any of their data from the QR code. They can also add security measures further restricting QR cide scanning to a custom app.”

    Perhaps you should Google ‘Qryptal.’

    But, then again, you’re on record as having ‘said’ in this forum, on July 5, 2022 at 11:45 AM, that you “DON’T READ EVERYTHING, only look for key words.”

    In July 2022, Ishmael reassured Barbadians the cards wouldn’t be used for unethical reasons nor were they linked in any way to purported technology allegedly contained within COVID-19 vaccines.

    And, as recent as February 3, 2023, the Minister expressed satisfaction with the rollout of the cards to date, while encouraging 90,000 persons to collect their completed cards.

    On Friday, February 17, 2023 a video of him was posted in which he answered the questions surrounding, “Should you be concerned about QR Codes Associated with the new Trident ID Card?”

    He also spoke on ‘Clarifying the utility of the QR code found at the back of the new Trident ID.’

    Of course the “dude knows what he is speaking about.”

    Under those circumstances, it is highly unlikely Ishmael would publicly criticise the ID cards YESTERDAY.

    Your contribution only serves to corroborate your admission that “One of the things we paid dearly to learn on BU is that commonsense is not common”…. and, “fake fact checkers and intelligence never meet in the same place.”

  38. Am not interested in anyone’s biography…i have enough information on the SCAM digital ID ya fraud government running and i did not have to google anything….

    The guy is not a BU Idiot and will not highlight the inadequacies of the card, if it was not real..and disturbing. That’s HIS field of expertise…

    After embarassing yaselves, now trying to distract to fix it….have all the last words…write 3 more essays…write a book, someone may read them..

    • 1/1

      It’s Neil Harper’s “field of expertise”…… NOT Davidson Ishmael.

      It’s clear YOU DID NOT READ the excerpt you posted, thereby exposing yourself as a sciolistic amateur.

      A so-called ‘author’ WITHOUT comprehension skills.

      You’re the “BU idiot”…… a SCIOLIST, IRASCIBLE individual.

      Someone who PRETENDS to be knowledgeable and well informed and EASILY provoked to anger.

      Perhaps the manifestation of psychological problems.


      “Ya cahn help yaself, you will be back..”

  39. BTW, I’ll tell you a ‘little secret.’

    You can identify whether or not someone was born in Barbados by looking at his/her national registration number.

    Has some much deserved ‘free time’ today. Deceided to ‘mock’ the BU dummies.

    • @David and @Artax, although I have not read any recent details of the new Bim ID I too was exposed to the social media humbug blather about the new document being used for all types of ‘big-brother government’ nefarious and privacy stealing purposes …

      It’s simply the price we pay for the ready access to data … our fore-fathers used to label this behaviour as: ‘monkey handling gun’. In short … most fools monkeying with the gun will actually point and shoot with deadly inaccuracy as they know NOT of what they are handling!

      EVERY new citizen’s doc is expected to be significantly advanced from it’s replacement and as such will incorporate new advanced features of security and technology to (attempt to) prevent fraud/theft … whether it’s (newish fangled) QR codes, the now old IC with super new security algorithms and the even older method of security threads, and holographic overlays also with new fangled updates.

      Given that reality every person who buys into conspiracy theories will meritlessly consider any new ID doc as compromised by big-tech for whatever incomprehensible reason. (Our own version of Venezuela modified ballot counting machines!)

      When for example folks claimed that the IC of the new ID card would give folk access to the card holder’s banking info that was a perfect example of aiming a loaded gun with crazed inaccuracy … it made little sense truly but because the govt had put word into the wind that an app could be placed on the chip to allow non-banked folks to be ‘serviced’ it allowed that gun to be recklessly aimed … and BOOM…death to commonsense!

      It’s impossible to debate realities with such ‘gun handlers’!


  40. So who did not know that people born in other countries, country by country..the last digits of their id ..signifies that status…in some cases, the background color of the photo plays a part, wuh it happens everywhere…must have been a secret for dummies only…..

    Look how they exposed and embarrassed themselves without any help…how did it reach to this….no answer necessary, i was right here.

  41. The people are aware they have to be very careful…100 years of scamming 4 generations of the vulnerable will do that….

    the vaccine scam was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so rush and hurry to drop new digital IDs with no security features (who does that?) is a gigantic red flag looking very much like another scam on the people….trying to sneak in another one….but they are getting a good dose of “watch muh nuh”..cahn get wey wit nutten.

  42. “You are aware though the colour coding will go away with the new ID?”

    @ David

    Yes, I am aware.

    I read information pertaining to the new ID cards, in addition to concerns raised by IT specialists such as Neil Harper and ‘shiite talk’ I heard or read ‘floating around’ on social media.

    Unlike a particular clown in this forum, my approach is to ‘separate fact from fiction,’ rather than go with the information that satisfies my specific biases.

  43. See wuh I tell yuh?

    “Ya cahn help yaself, you will be back..”

    Imagine that!!!

    “Look (how) YOU EXPOSED and EMBARRASSED yourself without any help…how did it reach to this?”

    An IMMATURE, EASILY provoked to anger 65 year old elderly woman, “on an ANONYMOUS BLOG,”…… who claims to be an author…… superior in intellect, knowledge and education (but is actually a BLUFFER, FRAUD and LIAR) ……

    …… FAILING MISERABLY in her ATTEMPTS, to denigrate and belittle someone she called a ‘slave-minded clown’ who made “no progress, no upgrades, (and has) nothing new to teach anyone”…… that “we are not in the same category or at the same level in anything.”

    I definitely ‘know how to push your buttons.’

  44. BU and its clique of clowns have long been recognized as supporting, enabling and promoting these types of political scams against the people, admiring it and attacking anyone who speaks out against the trash who only know how to scam…people have known for YEARS, it’s no secret.
    …there is no cleaning up and trying to pretend like they cared the cards have NO SECURITY FEATURES, they made it very clear from the very beginning yesterday, that no security features is no big deal, and tried their level best to sell that crime, which blew up on them…….they are now flat out LYING that they did not support this latest scam against the people….millions wasted and now the cards have to be recalled..people would be foolish to use them.

    No one was surpised…and this was actually expected from the BU cult..

    The black man has reduced himself to setting up attacks for African women, now we see how easy it was to feminize them, got them wearing dresses, high heels and silky underwear…the weak black man…but you MFs will take real licks from a REAL AFRICAN WOMAN..

  45. God Was In The Speakers
    Buddhist philosophy is life goes around in circles and repeats itself over many lifetimes and there is no time. To cause change and break the cycles you have to chant mantras such as Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō as the central practice to attain perfect and complete awakening.

  46. Seems as though the SILLY, IMMATURE, SCIOLISTIC, IRASCIBLE woman (???) went to SLEEP with Barbados Underground ‘ON HER MIND.’

    Because, rather than GIVING THANKS for life and beind able to experience the blessings this NEW DAY brings forth……

    …… she WOKE UP at 4:56 AM this MORNING to CONTINUE her ‘ranting, raving’ and verbal abuse from YESTERDAY.

    She comes to this forum on a DAILY BASIS, similarly to “our adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom she may devour,”……

    …… “REDUCING herself to ‘PICKING FIGHTS’…… setting up attacks for African women,” while VERBALLY ABUSING men, describing them as ‘ignorant, uneducated, wusses, imps, pimps, fowls and slave minded clowns.’

    And, further EMBARRASSING herself by ‘dropping snide remarks’ and ENGAGING in a CONTINUATION of OLD arguments, days, weeks…… even months AFTER the INITIAL encounter.


    She is a TRIBADE. Now we see how easy it is to MASCULINIZE her, got her wearing sneakers…… jeans below the waist, exposing her dingy boxer shorts.

  47. Repetition is your friend
    Not huge jumping
    It is the repetition of things
    That starts to embody something inside of you
    Inspiring change
    So instead of making huge plans with huge steps
    Better to think how to structure your 24 hours
    and put a little bit of what you want to develop there
    inside that day
    because instead of huge steps
    what we are using as a method
    is continuity
    that one is your friend
    repetition is your friend
    if you have a goal
    and you know what type of skills
    which tools you are going to need
    make this goal become true
    I do think you need to figure out
    how you are going to get to those skills
    first of all and then make a plan
    and invest in them
    some skills they come after years of training
    you may feel the benefits of a certain skill very soon
    but ultimately it is repetition
    of course you can have self affirmations
    and use this as a method to push yourself
    because you want to achieve something
    but from time to time it is really necessary to test yourself
    you talk to yourself
    you give positive feedback
    you give affirmations to yourself
    you can create an image of yourself
    and then from time to time you need to make the test
    if what you imagine to be is who you are
    that is the important step
    because if you do not do the testing
    then it is pretty easy sometime you are going to get lost
    lost in the world of your thoughts
    that sometimes have nothing anymore
    to do with how life for you really is

  48. When ya make ya dirty bed with dirty politicians, both you and them gotta sleep in it….now it’s a BURNING BED…

    .Douglas Trotman was so right…RIP.

  49. You know, every now and then
    I think you might like to hear something from us
    Nice and easy but there’s just one thing
    You see, we never ever do nothing nice and easy
    We always do it nice and rough
    So we’re going to take the beginning of this song
    And do it easy
    Then we’re going to do the finish rough
    This is the way we do You know, every now and then
    I think you might like to hear something from us
    Nice and easy but there’s just one thing
    You see, we never ever do nothing nice and easy
    We always do it nice and rough
    So we’re going to take the beginning of this song
    And do it easy
    Then we’re going to do the finish rough
    This is the way we do ‘Proud Mary’

    [as a side note:
    Tony Blair and William Hague are two pasty faced white boys (who we call cunt face) warmongers using every dirty trick in their book of hook and crook who follow the the shenanigans of NWO OWG MO of the Western Hemisphere, and cannot be trusted as far as you can spit at them, so their chat about ID shit must be nipped in the bud]

  50. Every day, when one would think that we have reached the nadir of idiocy, Bushie becomes aware of new excavations by the usual suspects.

    @ Dribbler
    Bushie fully understands your stand on the new ID card. You are 99% sure that it is designed for the expressed purpose of making all the fancy new technologies available for the benefit of masses (or brasses depending on your ‘bushie-ness’).

    …but then again – you also ‘knew’ that the Covid19 injection prevented infection, protected the old from transmission, and was the salvation of mankind…
    It is hard (for Bushie) to grasp that, right after being universally scammed by Fauci, Gates and the Pharma demons, so many BBs are ready to jump on to the digital bandwagon, where there will be centralized control of your info, money, travel and even thoughts….

    The most frightening aspect of the whole shiite, is the UNCANNY accuracy of the Bible, and of the prophets, about this universal idiocy…

    Boss, this shiite world is currently under demonic management.

    Any expectation that these global initiatives are in your best interest is only understandable if, (as GP is wont to pronounce,) the ‘top dog’ (whose monument we recently erected at the Garrison,) is your father.

    So carry on smartly if you must…
    But why not have a look back at your Covid19 convictions in the light to hindsight, before placing so much faith in the benefits of global digitization …?

    • @ Bush Tea

      You surprise me. You’re essentially contradicting yourself.

      On one hand, you ‘said,’ “It is hard (for Bushie) to grasp that, right after being universally scammed by Fauci, Gates and the Pharma demons, so many BBs are ready to jump on to the digital bandwagon, where there will be centralized control of your info, money, travel and even thoughts”……

      …… but, on the other hand, “The most frightening aspect of the whole shiite, is the UNCANNY accuracy of the Bible, and of the prophets, about this universal idiocy…”

      If the Bible PREDICTS “this universal idiocy” will OCCUR, then, there isn’t ANYTHING you, me or the man on the ‘Cream of Wheat’ box can DO to PREVENT it from OCCURING.

      Perhaps that’s the REASON why “this shiite world is currently under demonic management” and ‘the monument was recently erected at the Garrison.’

      To facilitate the occurrence of the events ultimately leading to the ‘end times’ you so often mention on BU.

      So, why “kick against the pricks”…… persist in USELESS resistance or protest at events YOU CANNOT CHANGE.

      Even if YOU REFUSE to apply for the new digital ID card.

  51. “The most frightening aspect of the whole shiite, is the UNCANNY accuracy of the Bible, and of the prophets, about this universal idiocy…”

    The 13-25% that are true, are TRULY THE FRIGHTENING PARTS…but wait…hold that bus…there is more…let the year run, soon come…ya may start by perusing the most frightening parts to get some hints..

    “but then again – you also ‘knew’ that the Covid19 injection prevented infection, protected the old from transmission, and was the salvation of mankind…”

    Some are just destined, it’s their fate…written in the stars..every scam not created by them, they immediately jump on board..and using many times the misery loves company bully tactics to trap others….but their favorite vaccine now got them worrying if they are next…morgues and hospitals are full…healthcare systems about to crash.

    Never follow like sheep…but we done know they wont listen…so why bother.

  52. I happen to like BU and I come here often.
    People making comments have me wondering if I am some kind of an idiot; reading how contributors are described often leads me sad and feeling low.

    My only consolation is that the guy who has provided us with this avenue of expressing ourselves and has generously given his time and effort to this project must be an even greater idiot than I am. I do not know if I should encourage him or beg him to stop and so I whisper ‘Thank you. You, go David’

    • “People making comments have me wondering if I am some kind of an idiot; reading how contributors are described often leads me sad and feeling low.”

      I remember a particular individual who, without provocation, would describe contributors as ‘appallingly ignorant semi-litterate buffoons, mealy-mouthed keyboard warriors, BU idiots, Williams, wild beast and predators that should be in the jungle, wild barking dogs, slimy pigs, hyenas and buzzing flies.’

      Rather than condemn such behaviour, we conveniently ignored it…… to exhalt and bestow the title of “brilliant” upon him instead….. and expressed “sadness and feeling low” at his departure.

      “Who the cat likes……”

  53. Americans are full of crazy saying. I think they are beautiful and one that I like is
    “Don’t piss in the pot that you are drinking your coffee from”.

    You would have thought that there would be no need to give that advice.

  54. Dont let idiots who never met the people they describe bother you with their historical and famous ignorance…imps and pimps gotta work for their meagre pay…

    Right now their political masters are out of sorts, a lot going on, and not only on the island so the demon slaves are unleashed…to get CRUSHED…

    • “Dont let idiots who never met the people they describe bother you….”

      “…… with their historical and famous ignorance…imps and pimps gotta work for their meagre pay…”

      I’m sure YOU HAVEN’T MET the people you so often DESCRIBE as “imps and pimps with their historical and famous ignorance” either.

      And, as such, YOU’RE AN IDIOT who we shouldn’t alow to bother us as well.

  55. Artax
    Prophesy is NOT about the Bible MANDATING a particular outcome which then becomes inevitable.
    It is about ADVISING about a future that will have resulted from the actions of brass bowls.

    If we were smart enough to change our actions accordingly, then the outcomes – and hence the results (and the prophecy) would have been quite different.

    • “Prophesy is NOT about the Bible MANDATING a particular outcome which then becomes inevitable.”
      “If we were smart enough to change our actions accordingly, then the outcomes – and hence the results (and the prophecy) would have been quite different.”

      @ Bushie

      Come on Bushie. I don’t beleive you wrote the above comments ‘with a straight face.’

      According to the Bible, a series of events are prophesied to occur before the second coming of Christ.

      You are essentially suggesting “if we (are) smart enough to change our actions accordingly,” and do what is “right in the eyes of the Lord,” the outcome will be quite different.

      Let’s use King Ahab and Jezebel as an example. 1 Kings 16-22: 38.

      Nabot rejected Ahab’s offer to purchase his vineyard. And, it came to pass that Jezebel and Ahab, King of Israel, conspired to kill Naboth so as to take take possession of his property.

      Elijah the Tishbite PREDICTED the death of Ahab and his wife Jezebel when he confronted him in Naboth’s vineyard.
      “Thus saith the Lord, In the place where dogs licked the blood of Naboth shall dogs lick thy blood, even thine.”

      Recall Ahab asked Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, to accompany him in fighting the Syrians. Jehoshaphat said he would do so, only upon advice from the prophets.
      A lying spirit entered into the mouths of the prophets and they prophesied that Ahab should proceed and prosper.

      Ahab told Jehoshaphat, “There is yet one man, Micaiah the son of Imlah, by whom we may enquire of the Lord: but I hate him; for he doth not prophesy good concerning me, but evil.”

      Ahab went into battle, incognito.

      “And a certain man drew a bow at a VENTURE, and SMOTE the king of Israel between the joints of the harness……”

      “And one washed the chariot in the pool of Samaria; and the dogs licked up his blood; and they washed his armour; ACCORDING unto the WORD of the Lord which he SPAKE.”

  56. “Prophesy is NOT about the Bible MANDATING a particular outcome which then becomes inevitable.”

    if you are not being moody as per form or snitching calling sercurity to put me on double secret probation which is why I call you stush..
    .. perhaps you could sit down and reason why white Christians who used to be pagans are not following Jesus teachings taken from Buddhist and Jainist philosophy of ahimsa the tradition of respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others..
    .. it seems that they are deliberately acting as catalysts for the end of world prophecies and reincarnation of the son of man
    .. but I am speaking rhetorically in parables doing my father’s work

  57. You should never put people in boxes
    people are people who make people

    Caste systems slavery and servitude are wrong
    but most racist cling on to that trope
    to denigrate stereotype stigmatise

    East St. Louis Gospelettes-Watch Me

  58. But there is SUPPORTING EVIDENCE PROVING that you are imps and pimps…misleading the people……am not the one who spent years compiling evidence on you liars and pretenders…but it ended up in my hands….and in that of MANY OTHERS…..so though you believe wholeheartedly that you are anonymous and can hide behind fraudulent monikers to attack me and others…you unknowingly lost that battle long time… years now..and always get laughed at by many…

    May Douglas Trotman…RIP he was phenomenal…if he was still with us you would be able to ask…WHO HIRED HIM…to expose you.

    All these hints i have been giving and the dimwitted still cant see..but one day….

  59. Wuh looka dis shite..so dis was de plan….dem gotta pause it anyway…wuh um int got no security features…and it gine got ya wuh…fingerprint?…did someone else say banking information??…etc, etc, and NO SECURITY FEATURES????… not only are these not ready, they never will be..

    “Put digital ID on pause’ – by Sandy Deane March 2, 2021
    A University of the West Indies law lecturer Monday called for Government to put the brakes on the Barbados National Digital ID set to roll out soon and rethink the bill governing it, claiming it is an intrusive government’s “assault on liberty”.

    Dr Ronnie Yearwood argued that the national identity register proposed under the Barbados Identity Management Bill “looks like an assault on liberty, and an unnecessary instruction by the government in the collection and use of personal data.”

    Last Tuesday, Attorney General Dale Marshall in tabling the bill in the House of Assembly said: “A computer chip containing an individual’s fingerprint, driver’s licence and other personal data are to be included in the pending Barbados Digital ID and National ID Card.

    Marshall gave an assurance that the data on the chip would be protected and would only be shared with whom the holder allows to access the information.

    But Yearwood, also an attorney-at-law, said he found the bill “troubling” on several grounds.

    He first took issue with the AG’s disclosure that the card could have one’s fingerprint if so desired.”

  60. “Marshall gave an assurance that the data on the chip would be protected and would only be shared with whom the holder allows to access the information..”

    So where are the security features….lol..murdahhh!

  61. Jamaicans are flat out refusing to comply with these minion governments digital scam..

    • Govt set to launch cybersecurity team
      With the recent cyberattack on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) serving as an urgent call to action, steps are being taken to ramp up protection of this country’s digital infrastructure.
      Minister of Industry, Innovation, Science and Technology, Davidson Ishmael, disclosed yesterday that Government was putting the finishing touches in preparation for the launch of a Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT).
      Delivering the feature remarks at the closing ceremony of the Regional Security System’s Cybersecurity Training Programme at Paragon, Christ Church, he said that team, which has been approved by Cabinet, will be responsible for preempting and investigating cyberattacks.
      “This CIRT will serve as a focal point for any cybersecurity-related occurrence, to be responsible for monitoring and detecting any potential threats that may arise within our island,” Ishmael said.
      Last December the QEH reported it was investigating a cybersecurity
      incident, impacting several departments which resulted in a number of disruptions and delays. Those affected included the radiology section, pharmacy and Medical Records.
      Ishmael said Government is not taking such threats lightly and is doing all in its power to prevent a recurrence.
      “The implementation of this CIRT constitutes a noteworthy accomplishment for us and it demonstrates our unwavering commitment to maintaining a high standard of security. We recognise the significance of securing our systems and data, and the CIRT will play an essential role in accomplishing this objective.
      “With its proficient personnel, advanced technology and expeditious response capabilities, the CIRT will furnish us with a dependable and effective mechanism for addressing cyber threats and assuring that our systems remain safeguarded and secured at all times,” he said.
      Ishmael also revealed that Cabinet has approved
      the National Cybersecurity Strategy for Barbados, a plan which will add yet another layer of security to the country’s cyber infrastructure. He added that the much-anticipated cybercrime statute, which will replace the 2005 Computer Misuse Act, is almost ready to be laid in Parliament.
      “This strategy will be the overarching policy and strategy document that guides how we treat to cybersecurity as a Government and as a nation going forward. The strategy speaks to the creation of key cybersecurity posts and roles within the very structure of Government.
      “It places a heavy emphasis on local, regional and international partnerships to ensure that we have a well-rounded and effective approach to both proactive and reactive initiatives within the cybersecurity domain,” he said.

      Source: Nation

  62. Sensible speculation
    I believe that the full story of the QEH cyber breach has not been told. Given the amount of time it took or is taking to resolve this solution it is possible that the QEH records were held for ransom. Cyber thieves locked GoRoB out of the records and demanded a payment for the release.

    The speed of fixing that problem is dependent on how quickly the ransom was/is paid.

    II may be wrong, but I doubt it.

    • DB to examine QEH’s operations
      by SHAWN CUMBERBATCH shawncumberbatch@nationnews.com
      THE QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL (QEH) is to undergo an operational health check ahead of a planned major digital transformation programme there.
      Patients’ experiences throughout their stay at the facility, an examination of the efficiency and time management of medical personnel, and Barbadians who have non-communicable diseases (NCD) being hospitalised, will be studied by experts from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).
      Speaking from the well of the House of Assembly during the recent Estimates Debate, Minister of Health and Wellness Senator The Most Honourable Jerome Walcott said the QEH would benefit from upgrades and expansion of its facilities over the 2023-2024 financial year, which started on Saturday.
      The minister also spoke of plans to strengthen the hospital’s information technology system to create a more cyber-resilient system and protect against cyber attacks like the one that recently hurt the hospital’s ability to function fully.
      The IDB has outlined in a document on the $250 000 Technical Support for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Digital Transformation of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, that the overall effort being backed by a European Union grant, would “fund activities such as an electronic health record system, cybersecurity, and change management to improve quality and efficiency of the hospital’s services”.
      Before then, however, a number of studies will be carried out to monitor and evaluate the digital transformation needs of the QEH, and to explore linkages between primary and hospital care.
      Technical cooperation
      The first component of the technical cooperation “will fund a study of the experience of patients admitted to QEH and a study of the time use of hospital/clinic staff”.
      “The first study will examine how the digital transformation project changes the patient journey and the patient flow through patient journey studies – also called ‘patient shadowing’ – in which trained enumerators accompany patients from admission to discharge at QEH,” the IDB said.
      The work, to be led by a team headed by the bank’s principal health economist Dr Sebastian Bauhoff, will also include a study of “time-andmotion studies of hospital personnel”. In such studies the time aspect focus on how long it takes to complete a task, while motion relates to most efficient way to do it.
      The second component of the project will be a study to quantify the prevelance of ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSC). These are NCDs for which outpatient care usually help to reduce the risks of hospitalisation.
      This, the IDB staff explained, was to “to understand why patients with ACSC experience acute events that lead to hospitalisation at QEH [and] the product will be a short report describing the context and drivers of such hospitalisations, along with suggestions for reducing them”.
      They said it was now “unclear what changes to the primary care system may be needed to reduce avoidable hospitalisations”.
      “Improved management of NCDs may require improved processes and protocols at primary care clinics, and possibly additional staff or training,” the technical cooperation document stated.
      “There may also be scope for staff and patients to make use of new digital tools to facilitate management and self-management of NCDs, including integrated electronic medical records
      (also linked to hospital records), patient-facing apps for behaviour change and selfmonitoring, and improved systems for renewing prescriptions and scheduling routine visits.”
      The IDB said the planned studies at the QEH were critical “due to the lack of information in developing countries on digital health to inform the correct implementation of such projects”.
      “There is little evidence on digital transformation of hospitals in Latin American and the Caribbean and, specifically, on how such transformation impacts the experience of patients and staff,” it explained.
      “There is also little evidence on how much hospital-level care could be avoided with better primary care. This is particularly important for countries such as Barbados that have a high burden of NCDs and have limited capacity for hospital care. Improved management of NCDs could improve patient agency and health, reduce unnecessary and costly hospitalisations, and free up capacity at QEH.”

      Source: Nation

  63. @John
    Is it possible that your get was given a head fake.
    News of an indictment was leaked to him and he rallied ‘his base’ with a focus on Tuesday. They became excited and angry but Tuesday came and nothing happened. Your hero looked just like Chicken Little when he claimed the sky was falling.

    Thursday, they dropped the hammer on him and there is lot of wind but no real fury. America’s smartest man was outsmarted.

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