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McManus Arriving at Inquest


THE DEATH on December 30 of 40 year old Emma McManus, daughter-in-law of zillionaire JP McManus, in the exclusive Caribbean Sandy Lane resort, reverberated around the super rich circles in Barbados as well as back home in Ireland.

Confusion was the order of the day and the memorial service initially planned take place at the start of January was deferred until the following week. Now the inquest is putting the tragedy back under the spotlight, featuring disputed references to alleged cocaine use.

Emma was married John Paul McManus, son of the Geneva based tax exile JP, who found himself giving evidence at inquest in Barbados yesterday – an experience that proved predictably intrusive. As reported in the local Daily Nation newspaper, John McManus had to deny that he told the office of coroner Graveney Bannister in a telephone call, allegedly made shortly after the death of Emma, that they had been doing “a little cocaine”.

Emma McManus

McManus confirmed there had been a party at their Sandy Lane property but denied he had told the official at the coroner’s office that any cocaine had been taken, also rebutting a claim that he had a convenient memory. When asked if he was claiming that Bannister was “making it all up”, McManus suggested the coroner had misheard him and also said he “would happily take a test for it”.

The inquest also heard that there was a dispute about calls allegedly made asking how quickly Emma McManus’s body could be released for burial, with John McManus denying he had repeatedly telephoned the coroner: “We were in a state of grieving and people were eager for answers, so it wasn’t me that did anything”.

His statement to the police, which was read into evidence by Sergeant Robert Jones, said the Emma McManus had left Sandy Lane’s Monkey Bar around 11.30pm on December 29 to return to the house, while her husband was taken home around 4am and put on the couch to sleep.

In the morning, he found his wife dead in the bed and she was rushed to Sandy Crest hospital. McManus’s statement concluded, “She was not smoking anything and I don’t know if she was taking any narcotics.”

The inquest has been adjourned until next month, when the toxicology report is to be read to the court.


  • What the hell WARU ….Donna wants to cannibalize me ….and you are worried why the govt stopped the boardwalk right in front of that hotel.


  • You want Donna to cannibalize you, i’ve watched you for days inviting her.

    As for that lowlife Soco or whatever he’s calling himself these days, the hotel shouldn’t even have steps, no human should be inside that rat nest.

    BTW….although i told Mia to ask ya boyfriend for something more intelligent than opening Canadian borders to export diseased people, she ignored the warnings and now look, you can’t even get out of Canada anymore..ya stuck Lawson…but i heard Air Canada got flights to Hawaii.

    have a neighbor trying to get back to Ontario but the test results in Barbados are coming in too slow and they had to push back reentry..


  • McManus wants private inquest
    Millionaire John Paul McManus wants the inquest into his wife Emma McManus’ unnatural death at their palatial home in the Sandy Lane estate to be continued behind closed doors.
    And his lawyer will be petitioning Coroner Magistrate Graveney Bannister to bar the media from reporting on it.
    The Saturday Sun has learnt that the Coroner’s Court has received correspondence from attorney Maya Carrington, who held a watching brief on behalf of John Paul McManus during last month’s first date of hearing, and who is asking that all further proceedings be done “in camera” to protect the privacy of the couple’s three young children.
    The inquest continues on February 26 when the autopsy and toxicology reports are scheduled to be read into evidence.
    Meanwhile, the Saturday Sun has also learnt that Coroner Bannister signed the writ for the burial of Emma McManus’ body last week, thereby allowing it to be released into the custody of her family for burial.
    The body had been in the custody of Lyndhurst Funeral Home.
    The funeral had been postponed last month pending the completion of an autopsy, but the Irish family held a memorial service at Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens in Christ Church on January 12.
    Emma McManus, 40, the mother of three daughters, was discovered dead in the bedroom of their Sandy Lane home Jane’s Harbour on the morning of December 30 last year.
    John Paul McManus is the son of Irish horse racing magnate John Patrick McManus.
    John Paul, as well as several Sandy Lane staff members who were at the property, have so far testified at the inquest.

    Source: Nation


  • Burying the body while the inquest is still in full swing? Pls tell me it is no so. That body should be held for further examination, if necessary, until completion of the inquest.
    I won’t be surprised if the body is released, then cremated in Ireland.


  • @ David,

    Is it ” legal ” to have a private coroner’s inquest in Barbados ?


  • @Hants

    Like the handcuffs issue of a person charged and appearing before the court to answer it is discretionary.


  • I see my reply to the semi-literacy of the suspected dangerous driver has not been published. Typical.


  • Because you posted it on another blog Mr. Dementia.No apology necessary. You are always right!


  • This new type face is silly.


  • Non-serious
    Lawson is really a bad influence..
    Made this comment before
    Looking at the BajAn women that are usually in Barbados today and they are all looking marvellous.

    Looking at the men and some need a touch-up. Tempted to return and set up shop and give the guys some help.

    However, some of the male politicians seem to be blossoming; their suits are becoming too tight. Saw a fellow in a blue suit and the middle button is under extreme pressure. Good eating???


  • Other blogs are a bit too serious for me with spinning top in mud discussions.

    Then we have a guy who seem to suggest that Baarbadians are drinking wastewater which contains covid-19. If that was true, we would not be talking of community spread, it would be national spread.

    Saw where some want to bring tourists to the island and then vaccinate them. Not be a good idea, unless the whole island is vaccinated or we have herd immunity.

    We were on top, but slackness gave covid-19 the upper hand. Now that we begin to make good headway, we planning to reintroduce covid-19 and it’s variant to the island again.

    ac must be smiling and waiting. Going to call our covid-19 policy Lazarus policy. Every time the horse die, we find a way to give it life.

    Well, let me take a victory lap…. CXC- called it right from Day 1 and my attention span was longer than 30 seconds.


  • Media put out of Coroner’s inquest
    LAWYERS for Irish millionaire John Paul McManus have succeeded in getting the Coroner’s inquest into his wife Emma McManus’ death heard behind closed doors.
    Yesterday, members of the media were put out the No. 8 Supreme Court after attorney Maya Carrington stridently objected to their presence.
    She referred to a High Court decision by Justice Shona Griffith who, she said, ruled that the inquest in the woman’s death at her palatial Sandy Lane Estate home should be held in camera. Coroner Magistrate Graveney Bannister, who is hearing the inquest, later told members of the media that in light of the High Court judge’s ruling that the matter should be heard in camera, “I am of the view that out of an abundance of caution, to err on the side of caution, I will ask you to excuse yourselves”.
    The development came after Carrington and fellow attorney Satcha Kissoon had made an urgent application in an attempt to halt the inquest proceedings as a toxicology report and the autopsy report on Emma McManus’ body were due to be read into evidence.
    In the application, the attorneys had petitioned the court to stay the Coroner’s inquest until the determination of a fixed date claim and to order
    the magistrate to provide them with “any and all documents and expert reports, including the copies of any post mortem reports”.
    The fixed date claim is alleging a number of irregularities, including that the Coroner’s decision to hold the inquest was ultra vires the Coroner’s Act; that it was unnecessary and that the Coroner made several errors of law during the course of the inquest.
    The suit is also alleging that the Coroner refused John McManus access to legal representation despite McManus’ request.
    The attorneys had further asked that the inquest be stopped permanently since they argue that Emma McManus’ death was found to be as a result of natural causes.
    Emma McManus, 40, the daughter-inlaw of Irish horse racing magnate John Patrick McManus and the mother of three daughters, was discovered dead in the bedroom of their palatial Sandy Lane home Jane’s Harbour on the morning of December 30, 2020.
    The court has heard from John Paul McManus, who had denied, under intense grilling from Coroner Magistrate Bannister, that he had told Bannister in a telephone call allegedly made to the magistrate shortly after his wife’s death,
    that they had been doing “a little cocaine”.
    John Paul McManus had further denied he telephoned the magistrate several times in an attempt to get his wife’s body quickly released into his custody.
    A number of Sandy Lane staff members at the property also testified.


  • @Hants February 6, 2021 11:37 AM “Is it ” legal ” to have a private coroner’s inquest in Barbados ?”

    Depends on who you are.
    Depends on if you have a heavy, heavy pocket.
    Depends on if you can afford to hire “pit-bull” lawyers


  • “The fixed date claim is alleging a number of irregularities, including that the Coroner’s…that it was unnecessary…The attorneys had further asked that the inquest be stopped permanently since they argue that Emma McManus’ death was found to be as a result of natural causes.”

    Really strange words.
    I shudda gone to law school.
    I should be rich, rich, rich, rich, rich, rich.

    Question: Since inquests are designed to ask hard, hard questions and find TRUTHFUL answers in other words attempts to find out ‘wha’ really happen here?’ how does the public know that “Emma McManus’ death was found to be as a result of natural causes.” since the inquest has not yet been completed.

    In any event I expect that few people believe that Emma McManus’ death was [found to be] as a result of natural causes.


  • Based on the report there is a precedent for a private hearing.


  • Who cares? I have no interest in whether some rich Irishwoman took cocaine and died. We all know that many rich people take cocaine and die. So stupid to try and hide the truth. I pity the fool. He has more money than is good for him.

    For all his money he does not sound as happy as I am. All I need is good music and a good book. Good Windies cricket would be icing on the cake. No need for cigarettes, drugs or alcohol even. No wild parties or orgies. I have fun watching bees, butterflies, ladybirds and birds in my garden.

    I pity him and his children. They are obviously in need of parents who just enjoy being their parents. I enjoyed raising my son and still feel I missed a few steps. Cannot wait for grandchildren to play with.

    Would not trade places at all, at all.


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