The Volcano is Going Off!

Submitted by Nathan’ Jolly’ Green

The volcano is going off! what volcano is going off? They are all going off!

The volcano is going off, what volcano is going off? They are all going off. What do you mean they are all going off? When that last happened in 1816, it created the Year Without Summer and almost brought the end to all humanity.

Vincentians know what is happening in their back yard, and often in their neighbours. But currently, Saint Vincent is in such turmoil with people running frightened from the COVID 19 virus; few look over the neighbours’ fence anymore in fear of catching the COVID. Vincentians know that La Soufrière is erupting, but all the others in the world who cares.

Around the world currently, most of the volcanos are in some state of eruption. They are all smoking, rumbling, or fully erupting. We lack the final piece in the 1816 year without summer equation, Indonesia’s Mount Tambora erupting explosively.

In April of 1815, Mount Tambora exploded in a powerful eruption that killed tens of thousands of people on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. The following Year 1816 became known as the “year without a summer” when icy, wet conditions swept across Europe and North America in August.

The Year 1816 is known as the Year Without a Summer (also the Poverty Year and Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death) because of severe climate abnormalities that caused average global temperatures to decrease by 0.4–0.7 °C (0.7–1 °F). Summer temperatures in Europe were the coldest on record between the years of 1766–2000. This resulted in significant food shortages across the Northern Hemisphere.

Evidence suggests that the anomaly was predominantly a volcanic winter event caused by the massive 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in April in the Dutch East Indies (known today as Indonesia). This eruption was the largest in at least 1,300 years (after the hypothesized eruption causing the extreme weather events of 535–536), and perhaps exacerbated by the 1814 eruption of Mayon in the Philippines.

With most of the Worlds volcanos making activity from 1800 causing cumulative upper atmosphere contamination, that in 1815/1816 the upper atmosphere was densely contaminated with ash and debris which blocked out the sun. Everything needs the sun to grow, needs the sun to live. But 1816 saw a year of little sun and a year-long winter. In August in New York, Frost and snow and freezing fogs, people starved around the world as crops failed, no wheat, and bread riots in Switzerland. People in the East Coast US marched across the country having heard it was a little warmer on the West Coast. Domestic farm animals were dying no food, no grains, no vegetables. Wild animals and birds stopped breeding, stopped replacing those that were dying by the millions. Had the intense volcanic activity continued for another two or three years and continued to exclude the sun. It would have most certainly been the end of humanity.

But back to the matter in hand, you can stop looking over the neighbour’s fence. Let us look again at the current evolving eruption of Saint Vincent’s Mount Soufrière. What is the worst that can happen?

Massive eruptions bring massive lightning storms, a deposit of ash that blocks rivers and closes off roads. Bridges fail due to the rivers’ blockage. The rivers in Saint Vincent are traditionally poorly maintained almost always containing lots of dead trees and debris, mix that with volcanic ash, and pop goes the bridges. Landslides block roads; roads collapse; people are stranded, no escape. Do we have to wait for all that before we attempt to evacuate our people from a situation that would prove impossible and the people may perish?

So why not rescue the people in case a tragedy unwraps, how about evacuation just in case? How about evacuation as a precaution? How about evacuation right now?

One of the most significant strains on the Vincentians’ minds living in the red and yellow zone is not knowing if or when not knowing the evacuation plan. Not knowing the meeting points, what they should bring and how to get there. No trial run of evacuation, no test run, no information, can you imagine how that plays on these people’s minds.

For the government to wait until something happens before they move into action, really may be just too late. Tell the people the whole plan, tell them now, they are not children, tell them, comrade. Give every one of them written instructions.

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  • liar
    Who removed it
    People needing help and BU blocks
    What a nasty low life


  • It is being reported that Barbadians are washing their cars! Please tell me this is not so! Are we such an idiotic people! Somebody needs to explain to the masses that it will be raining ashdust for several weeks.

    Priority number one should be to block the ingress of ashdust into the home. Second priority should be to remove the ashdust/sludge from the house gutters. Third priority should be to remove all ashdust that has collected on outside floor surfaces both outside the house and in the surrounding environment.

    The best advice for all concern: stay at home.

    The government needs to get on top of this situation and fast!


  • Some if them need to use their vehicles for work
    Some people are concerned about their air vents and engines clogged
    The options are few but applying commonsense would not hurt
    Cant drive with windshield cover in dust and ash blowing through air vents


  • Let’s be fair.

    So far, ‘government’ has been doing its best in the prevailing adverse conditions. They continue to issue advisories based on information received from UWI’s Seismic Research Centre. Personnel from BWA, RBPF, Chief Medical Officer, Barbados Meteorological Services, Environmental Protection Agency, DEM, etc, have also kept the public informed.

    A common-sense approach is necessary in these types of situation. We’re having ash-fall and intermittent rainfall, thereby making the roads slippery. Yet RBPF has to be continually warning motorists to desist from speeding.


  • For some if govt tell them to walk on hot coals the govt doing it’s best
    Hate to see it’s worst
    Yesterday PR messages to the public was a mixture of yuh wrong if yuh do and yuh wrong if yuh don’t
    Hence today people doing what they believe would make life a little bit more bearing
    As some one said the messages sent none of the govt ministers have to life by daily cause they can afford to pay their bills and hire people at their time and leisure to wash their cars and clean their house
    The average bajan on the other hand got to grin and bear trying to make decisions that can be hard given the unbearable circumstances presently at hand


  • There was a press conference tonight, and a ‘keyboard warrior’ is ‘talking’ about shiite DLP goon Guyson Mayers wrote on FaceBook.

    But, what else could we expect from someone who made the bold claim on BU that they haven’t ‘watched’ television for several years, but are relying on biased, ‘second-hand’ information from a DLP yard-fowl.


  • Artax @ac

    Fool.before there was television people read newspapers and received news from the radio
    Today news reporting goes beyond tV
    But still much of what is said on TV can be heard on the radio and read via internet
    Fool it is time yuh tek uh head out of Mia backside

    The PR yesterday was a muddled combination of gibberish left for the bajans to sort out
    The volcano situation seems to be out of govt control
    A hasty rolled out PR which accomplished nothing


  • David,

    I see the Minister said that clean up had to stop because of the stupid ass drivers. He will have to close roads or ban unnecessary driving between certain hours or get the crews out during the night to minimise that problem.

    I am going to start at 4.00 a.m. as I did yesterday morning. This time I will clean first instead of washing off the plants. I will wash them off when the jackasses have mostly gone off to work.

    I have found that a sprinkle of water soaked left to soak through and dry out a bit makes the ash easier to rub off the clay tiles with a nice hard house broom. I am conserving water in other ways so I will not be increasing use
    unneccessarily. Gutters will be next. The dust up here is only a couple of millimetres thick on the ground sò it shouldn’t present much of a problem.


  • New water conservation plan. I will wash my clothes and use the final rinse water from the washing machine to wet the ash. All it requires is to remove the hose from its slot and redirect it into a bucket.

    Wish I had thought of that yesterday.


  • Seems as though you’ve NOW become the ‘obsessive, perverted stalker.’

    My friend, judging from the narrow-minded, political perspective you approach every issue and how you continually misrepresent the facts, it’s ‘pellucidly clear’ you don’t read the traditional or online newspapers, or listen to the radio either.

    Okay. I’ve been called worse things than a “fool.”

    But, only a semi-literate, blithering idiot would come into a forum to persistently and shamelessly display the level of idiocy and buffoonery that you display on BU daily.

    When your idiocy and lies are exposed, rather than ‘chill out,’ you would return with more nonsense to justify the nonsense you originally presented. I call it the ‘Ossie Moore condition.’

    Couldja imagine someone ‘said’ yer intelligent and called Cuhdear Bajan “the village idiot?”



  • The truth unlike milk does not sour
    The facts would be hard to hide things said and done would not be buried under this big could of smoke and ash
    Right now barbadians are fending for self
    Govt has been clueless having no measures in place to deal with the problem
    The volcano did not explode suddenly the signs were being sent for many months but govt ignored them
    The dept of planning and management said their were not prepared for this disaster


  • Got some patches of blue and red in the sky up this side.

    Hoping to see some sort of sunrise!


  • 🎵Here comes the sun!🎶


  • ac my be here to stay
    What’s next?
    The rainy season
    Should we have or shouldn’t have cropover?
    Rebooting the tourist industry?


  • It is the best morning we have had since Friday.


  • @Artax

    What is the point of debating issues with anyone who have no sense of being rational? It makes the exchanges on all the blogs nothing more than an echo chamber.


  • DavidApril 13, 2021 6:42 AM


    What is the point of debating issues with anyone who have no sense of being rational? It makes the exchanges on all the blogs nothing more than an echo chamber.
    So silly
    Echo chambers work.
    They are known to have saved lives


  • You may have the last asinine word.


  • Here listening to Brasstacks.

    SSA had to to stop collecting garbage because igrunt wrasse whole idiats driving too fast on the ash covered roads.


  • @Hants

    These are some of the same people who have to vote and are expected to do so sensibly.


  • @John April 11, 2021 9:54 PM “You may have fertiliser collected already in the gutters!!
    Unclip sections one by one, remove and empty into a container on the ground.”

    Sadly I don’t/can’t do ladders anymore. My father was climbing ladders into his 90. Alas! I am not he.


  • @lawson April 12, 2021 4:12 PM “…adverse effects it can have on machinery…”

    Me too.

    I expect that mechanics will be kept busy. I did some outdoor cleaning yesterday. Washed my clothes when I came in. There was a residue of gritty ash on the clothes and in the machine. I doubt that this is good for the machine. But I was planning to replace the machine this year anyhow as it quite old and has already been previously repaired.

    P.S. The vets have advised farmers to keep their animals indoors and to try to source hay/fodder which had been stored indoors. And to keep pets indoors too.


  • HantsApril 13, 2021 10:25 AM

    Here listening to Brasstacks.

    SSA had to to stop collecting garbage because igrunt wrasse whole idiats driving too fast on the ash covered roads.
    Poor planning / management by govt
    Some road closures would have been necessary along with reduction of lanes on highways to slow down the speed of some
    Also temporary signs posted of reduce speed along with police presence
    Govt had no plan going forward hence madness happens


  • Here is another case of nonsense, finding excuses for inconsiderate motorists.


  • DavidApril 13, 2021 1:05 PM

    Here is another case of nonsense, finding excuses for inconsiderate motorists.

    It is nonsense because I post it
    But what is your solution or suggestion
    Outside of talking be about inconsiderate motorist
    U have said nothing new… people are people and some are downright selfish
    Govt should know by now that chaos or madness would happen
    Hence putting barriers in place is the only solution
    Treat the situation in similar fashion as to when roads are being repaired
    No! but govt sets out on PR strategy unprepared to face the backlash and then blame the people for careless actions
    Good planning first
    Next PR strategy next
    Getting all ducks in order was the first goal


  • Why do we pay highly degreed Permanent Secretaries?

    Such things are elementary! Or they should be!


  • This ash crisis could damage the Barbados economy severely.

    There are no easy solutions for coping with volcanic ash.

    ” Volcanic ash consists of fragments of rock, minerals, and volcanic glass,”

    It is not like ash from burning sugare canes or wood.


  • Should we now accept that tourism is off the menu for the seeable future. Even Lawson and his family may be forced to abandon Barbados for another year.

    Liked by 1 person

  • You are probably right tlsn, you have been hit with a trifecta sargassum, covid, ash . Its becoming obvious that even people who are vaccinated wont have total freedoms until everyone is. The near future looks like a no go but lets hope things change around after the hurricane season.


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