Douglas Trotman Died Owed Millions by Government

Douglas Trotman

The blogmaster extends sympathy to the family of Douglas “Slanty” Trotman who died today.

You know the poor and unconnected black man has to work 3 times as hard as the white man in the white man’s land but 6 times as hard as the white man in his own land. From March 3rd.. persistent delay in giving a date.Nov 18th .. will see the outcome”

(Douglas Trotman November 2021)

It is unfortunate Trotman died before securing legal fees earned from the compulsory Acquisition of property known as Sam Lords Castle. The blogmaster understands the transaction was frustrated by the Mottley government.

The documents filed with the Barbados detail the sorry tale.


  • The properties acquired are generally not single non beach front house spots upon which a person has built a stone residence which they occupy.


  • “According to Barbados Today Douglas Trotman died on December 5, 2021”

    the other months do have 24s in them so he would have come in prior to December 5 if he died here, i put it out there just as i got it, but from what is being said he apparently was called into the island for the case in October.


  • David,

    The Courtney Browne Pavillion was that pressing that you had to deprive a man of his property without provision for timely compensation????



    Blowing things out of proportion is counterproductive. One must strive also to keep things in perspective and place in the right context.

    My standard response is intended to do just that.

    To behave as though injustice is peculiar to Barbados serves no good purpose.

    Now….I do not believe that the governments intend to permanently deprive these persons of their property.

    It is simply slackness. They pay people late because they are allowed to get away with it.

    If one has dealt with receivables and payables one knows that the longer one allows a debt to remain outstanding, the more the debtor puts payment on the backburner.

    It seems to be a weird mental thing where the more time that elapses the more they feel like the debt is unimportant. It’s like they believe that if you really needed it, you would have done more to collect it and faster.

    After a while people become totally detached from their debt.

    Weird but true. When somebody owes you it is wise to get on it promptly and stay on it.


  • Here we have the problem: A citizen is deprived of his legal monies by the government for over thirty years and we talking about whether the government intended to so.
    This is tantamount to defending the infelicities and wrongs.
    “ A mistake committed more than once is a decision” Paulo Coelho”


  • @ David
    Successive governments have been refusing to pay citizens for compulsorily acquired property before they were “broke”.


  • “This has been ongoing since the mid 60s when the SCAM was devised….”

    William …..we can ignore fools who know nothing about anything….it’s all documented how many THOUSANDS of people were displaced for DECADES, estate owners and their BENEFICIARIES DEPRIVED and RoB-bed because of government GREED….and collusion…the archives are filled with such cases, many people who live on the island and MANY who live in the diaspora lost out and 3 over 2 generations pushed into poverty because of these THIEVES…

    this time the net will extend far and wide and the shite talkers will also be scooped up….but when they come crying on BU just click IGNORE…


  • I speak of what I have experienced with human beings and their attitude to debt. NOWHERE HAVE I EXCUSED THE BEHAVIOUR. IN FACT, I HAVE SAID THAT IT IS UNCONSCIONABLE.

    You don’t know the difference between explaining and excusing?

    What I am doing here is telling Barbadians why they should never sit back and allow debts to remain unpaid long past what is reasonable while trying to appear reasonable.



  • @William

    That point has been made repeatedly on this and other blogs, the point though is that we are here now. How do we correct?


  • btw…we notice the backward are giving away all types of freedom even to descendants of slave masters, but where is the freedom from the Public Order Act, the crypto-racism, neocolonialism and the 1600s colonial constitutional framework for the MAJORITY POPULATION WHO ELECTED THEM…

    don’t they know in all their bullshit fraud pomp and ignorance that the Black/Afrikan population who ELECTED them are the ONLY PEOPLE THEY CAN FREE…from this 400 year old CRIME SCENE…..asholes and a half don’t have any power to give anyone else any freedom…idiots..


  • @Pachamama December 6, 2021 10:21 AM “We are still are unclear about the socalled “canefield murders” of women.”

    Unclear about what.

    Those murders were committed by MEN. MEN who think that their orgasm is worth more that the life of a woman. There are such MEN in EVERY country in the world. They deserve to be hung by the balls until dead, dead, dead.


  • @Pachamama December 6, 2021 10:21 AM “Amongst these were a prime minister who up to this day the country has no definitive idea about his death.”

    Presumably his widow and or his mother has/had a copy of his death certificate which lists his cause of death. I certainly have such certificates for my parents. If his family chose to share or not share that information that is their right. Once you are dead you are no longer Prime Minister and the country has no business up in your business.

    Oftentimes people die from their own bad habits, carelessness, stupidity.




  • Sit there and hope for it. You had to go to court. I did not.


  • @ David
    Name any individual who is “ broke” and can borrow several hundred million dollars.
    Politely, I am amazed that each time a citizen is “ unfaired” we tend to either blame the citizen or get into diluted nonsense about how government works.
    I go further and say that I can’t remember white people and other minorities in the papers broke and literally begging for what is theirs legally . Maybe they don’t need to because they are not starving and living in dilapidated circumstances.
    What is even more shameful is that those who are elected and the lawyers , were educated freely by the same black people that they are economically and systematically destroying.
    Some of these contributions seem lcomplicit and the duplicity on these nefarious actions is mind boggling; trying to be intellectually cute and failing to simply state the frigging obvious that black people rights to monies owed to them by successive governments are being openly denied in broad daylight.
    We also know , if we want to be brutally frank, that the vast majority of them cannot afford a blasted cheese cutter or bus fare but we are asking them to fight a government with all its resources,
    And I don’t need to be reminded it happens in other countries. I know that.


  • “Presumably his widow and or his mother has/had a copy of his death certificate which lists his cause of death”.

    autopsies were not done on PMs…unless they have a known sickness like Thompson did where the cause of death is known and none is necessary anyway…..they were not autopsied….don’t know if that stance has changed..

    “What is even more shameful is that those who are elected and the lawyers , were educated freely by the same black people that they are economically and systematically destroying.”

    say it again, nigas have no shame, they crawl around the depressed areas dead broke with not 2 dimes in their pockets, some could not even pay their phone and light bills, but begging for votes to elevate themselves as OPPRESSORS of the people.

    the clown show never ceases:

    “Some of these contributions seem lcomplicit and the duplicity on these nefarious actions is mind boggling; trying to be intellectually cute and failing to simply state the frigging obvious that black people rights to monies owed to them by successive governments are being openly denied in broad daylight.”


  • William…the people are on the move, our years of bringing all of this to the fore was not in vain and is now so powerful it will keep we can see the end clearly …the PEOPLE will ultimately be the winners as long as they stay focused.


  • @William

    You are confusing some issues. The government is borrowing foreign dollars/concessionary loans for institutional strengthening, bolster in ternational reserves to guard the peg to USD etc. You are suggesting for government to cash in foreign reserves to settle domestic bills?

    There is a reason government just floated 125 million government paper and chances are the central bank will have to eat most of that issue which translates to printing money.

    Here is the question for your William – what does printing money mean? What are the implications for turning on the printing press?


  • just saying, but when ya TIEF 5-6 BILLION DOLLARS from a vulnerable economy, ya running a 5-6 billion dollar DEFICIT and HAVE TO TURN ON THE PRINTING PRESS until the DEFICIT disappears…if it don’t, ya will ALWAYS be priniting…


  • There is a reason why the people rebelled and voted the last government out 30-0. Our debt to gdp was through the rough. You are saying this government must repeat. Do not confuse the blogmaster’s position about whether people should be paid. We have to be able to understand the current state of play to understand the predicament we find ourselves.


  • Is everything about money, including fucking / love.


  • @Heather December 6, 2021 12:20 PM “There is a voice note on WhatsApp which infers that it is the oxygen machine that is killing the people.”

    I was on a ZR on Saturday and a young man wearing his mask under his nose was saying the same thing. He gave a whole treatise on “how de doctors killin’ people, becausin’ nabody int dying home, so how come they dying they dying at Harrison Point.” I didn’t tell him that old people and very sick people die all the time in hospitals all over the world, because I doubt very much if I could have persuaded him. But I did I ask him to pull up his mask which he promptly did.


  • “What are the implications for turning on the printing press?”
    Or maybe one may ask the implications of NOT printing 🤔


  • Thanks NO, a better question.


  • @ David
    Killing a person and then asking how we are going to dispose of the body does not mean the person is coming back to life!
    This position that a “ broke” government cannot or do not pay bills is pure hogwash. The reason they borrow is to pay bills.
    The case under scrutiny at this time has been outstanding for over thirty years. We have gone to the IMF at least three times during that period.
    Furthermore within that period, people like you, have hailed great economic progress. Why the hell the citizen was not paid then ?
    No time for puerile excuses when governments can afford all kinds of lavish exercises.
    Pay the man and let him enjoy what we have denied him for almost half his life . It will not break the treasury or cause a downgrade.


  • @Heather December 6, 2021 12:20 PM “There is a voice note on WhatsApp which infers that it is the oxygen machine that is killing the people.”

    I doubt this Heather. Very likely people are dying from the corona virus which is know to have killed people in virtually country in the world, millions in all, 200+ died in Barbados too. And if these people are old, have hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, sickle cell disease etc. the corona virus is easily able to make mincemeat of them. Swallow them down, and then spit them out dead, dead as door-nails. A very, very efficient killer it is. Combine the virus with stupidity and or ignorance and ya gone clear. You don’t need nuclear bombs. Don’t need to pay and feed no soldiers either. Nor buy them boots.


  • There is too much pollution, killing the ozone

    So now they tax you for the air you breathe

    If life was a thing
    money could buy
    the rich would live on
    and the poor would die
    I can’t take it
    no, no, no, no, no


  • @Cuhdear
    I was on a ZR on Saturday and a young man wearing his mask under his nose was saying the same thing.

    Didn’t you write that you stopped taking ZR’s?


  • @William

    You are missing the point so Carey on.


  • @WS
    “The reason they borrow is to pay bills.”
    Not exactly. The lenders available are few and far between. And they are bi or multi lateral agencies who lend “within a mandate”, meaning, you can’t use the funds for whatever you choose.
    Since the Govt can always execute “compulsory acquisition” of land, there is no pressing need to settle. Paying unfunded public pensions, public salaries, replenishing NIS cupboards etc etc all rank ahead of the few owed money for lands acquired.
    The narrative of whether they are “a small man”, “an ordinary Bajan”, “a poor black man” only serves you. Otherwise they are the former owners of land acquired via compulsory means.


  • @Donna December 6, 2021 3:27 PM “Wait, Tom Adams still alive and hanging out with Elvis?”


    I forgot to tell wunna, that I saw both Elvis and Tom on the ZR on Saturday.

    They are their usual handsome and sexy selves, not a minute older than the days on which they died.


  • @Donna December 6, 2021 3:40 PM “Who is authorised to bring Douglas Trotman’s children back to dangerous Barbados?”

    Since some or most of the “children” are in fact adults, they have the usual adult agency and can return to Barbados or not whenever they feel like. I have close relatives who visit Barbados twice per year and I have close relatives who visit twice per 50 years [some are petrified of flying, some neva see an airplane yet that they didn’t like] I love then all. Adults can do as they please. If they are minor children, I would expect that an older sibling or a grandparent, godparent, auntie would be next of kin and can apply for formal guardianship of the minors, or can do as we have long done informally in Barbados “just raise the child.” One does not need a legal paper to raise a child well and safely to adulthood.

    Many, many grandmothers have raised children in Barbadoss, including some of the people on this very blog.


  • @ NO
    Not going to get into all the intricacies of what government does with what they borrow , I have had my piece on that. The question remains: Why the hell citizens cannot be paid what they are owed after thirty years.
    I follow the press, the victims are usually black and poor. You say that “serves” me. One of these days I will work out what that means. I know it’s the truth.


  • The party is over, those who are wide awake have come to the realization that they HAVE TO STOP LISTENING to the contrived HALLUCINATIONS leaking out of and issuing forth from manufactured colonial politicians….if they want to PROGRESS and get away from the dangerous and toxic system so their future generations will stand a chance…

    only the dimwitted are interested in the same old.


  • William Skinner
    It is broadly known that you are well aware of the class and race structures well embedded in Barbados.

    These are sometimes informal. permitting government to satisfy its obligations accordingly. These informal structures allow the people with the least or no relative power to be satisfied last.

    Racism with classism as its child.


  • @ Pacha
    The problem is that too many pretend they don’t know it exists. It continues to be a dangerous trend.
    @ WURA
    Hallucinating seems to be the appropriate term. Many moons back it used to be called convenient amnesia.


  • “The prblem is that too many pretend they don’t know it exists. It continues to be a dangerous trend.”

    pretending it does not exist has kept GENERATIONS IN POVERTY…below the poverty line…a repeat of what happened to the hotel workers who were ROBBED their benefits and salaries, so that THIEVES can pretend to be millionaires……..doh say nutten, it gine mek we look bad, ya gotta keep quiet, we cahn make Barbados look bad…..BUT …..NOT THIS TIME..

    William ..they FAIL to realize that this is a far different era with DIFFERENT MINDSETS…..they believe they are still dealing exclusively with the slaveminded.


  • Barbados is deemed to be a wealthy ± ish nation due to some stinking rich
    but it is more like 3rd World Poor for many
    and in 3rd World people are paid less than $100 a month
    and sometimes not paid for 3+ months
    Covid means more + not less poverty


  • Trotman ‘was ahead of his time’

    ATTORNEY and social activist Douglas “Slanty” Trotman was a man ahead of his time, filled with many ideas.
    That is how his friend and colleague Veronica McFarlane remembered him yesterday during a thanksgiving service at Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, The Ridge, Christ Church.
    “Doug cannot be captured in just a few words; he was larger than life. I often think the world was not quite ready for all Douglas was. I also think Douglas was a man ahead of his time, he was so full of ideas. While people were looking to build houses, Douglas was looking to build cities,” she said.
    Trotman passed away on December 5, 2021, following a brief illness. He had recently returned to Barbados after relocating to live and work in the neighbouring island of Nevis. At the time of his death, he was in the process of creating three smart cities in St Kitts, Barbados and Dominica, which were dedicated to his late wife.
    The former Lodge School student had always been passionate about improving the lives of Barbadians and strengthening the social fabric of the country. He was also very vocal on the implementation of cannabis for medicinal purposes, especially after his late wife Kathy-Anne was diagnosed with cancer.
    “It is really hard to come to grips with the fact that he is not here, and he will not be around to see his dreams and ideas come to fruition. In one of my last messages to Doug I told him to get his rest because once he recovers there were mountains for us to move. Now my friend, I feel somewhat lost without you by my side. I now have to recalibrate my thinking as to how I navigate those mountains,” she said.
    His eldest son Teferi Trotman paid a tearful tribute to his father, recalling him as a national personality; a man with a big heart but also a no-nonsense “I did it my way” type of guy, who exuded the spirit of a black Jacobin.
    “Douglas took on projects that may seem outrageous to the squeamish and was very willing to assist the disadvantaged, with little or nothing expected in return,” he said.
    Douglas ran as an independent candidate in the 2008 General Election, contesting the St Philip South seat, and according to Teferi, although unsuccessful, never gave up fighting for the rights of the under-represented.
    “Slanty, as he was called by his many friends, was a social activist, albeit a very outspoken and unapologetic one at that. Giving of his time and talent, connecting with ordinary people, and dedicating years of service to the underprivileged of Barbados,” he said.
    Douglas leaves to mourn his children Teferi (St Lucia), Naomi, Zahra, Malia, Toussaint and Thierry, all of Nevis. He also leaves behind his brothers Stafford, Adrian and Calvin McClean, and his sisters Veronica Blackman and Patricia Rowe. (RA)

    Source: Nation


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