Douglas Trotman Died Owed Millions by Government

The blogmaster extends sympathy to the family of Douglas “Slanty” Trotman who died today.

You know the poor and unconnected black man has to work 3 times as hard as the white man in the white man’s land but 6 times as hard as the white man in his own land. From March 3rd.. persistent delay in giving a date.Nov 18th .. will see the outcome”

(Douglas Trotman November 2021)

It is unfortunate Trotman died before securing legal fees earned from the compulsory Acquisition of property known as Sam Lords Castle. The blogmaster understands the transaction was frustrated by the Mottley government.

The documents filed with the Barbados detail the sorry tale.

238 thoughts on “Douglas Trotman Died Owed Millions by Government

  1. William Skinner
    It is broadly known that you are well aware of the class and race structures well embedded in Barbados.

    These are sometimes informal. permitting government to satisfy its obligations accordingly. These informal structures allow the people with the least or no relative power to be satisfied last.

    Racism with classism as its child.

  2. @ Pacha
    The problem is that too many pretend they don’t know it exists. It continues to be a dangerous trend.
    @ WURA
    Hallucinating seems to be the appropriate term. Many moons back it used to be called convenient amnesia.

  3. “The prblem is that too many pretend they don’t know it exists. It continues to be a dangerous trend.”

    pretending it does not exist has kept GENERATIONS IN POVERTY…below the poverty line…a repeat of what happened to the hotel workers who were ROBBED their benefits and salaries, so that THIEVES can pretend to be millionaires……..doh say nutten, it gine mek we look bad, ya gotta keep quiet, we cahn make Barbados look bad…..BUT …..NOT THIS TIME..

    William ..they FAIL to realize that this is a far different era with DIFFERENT MINDSETS…..they believe they are still dealing exclusively with the slaveminded.

  4. Barbados is deemed to be a wealthy ± ish nation due to some stinking rich
    but it is more like 3rd World Poor for many
    and in 3rd World people are paid less than $100 a month
    and sometimes not paid for 3+ months
    Covid means more + not less poverty

  5. Trotman ‘was ahead of his time’

    ATTORNEY and social activist Douglas “Slanty” Trotman was a man ahead of his time, filled with many ideas.
    That is how his friend and colleague Veronica McFarlane remembered him yesterday during a thanksgiving service at Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, The Ridge, Christ Church.
    “Doug cannot be captured in just a few words; he was larger than life. I often think the world was not quite ready for all Douglas was. I also think Douglas was a man ahead of his time, he was so full of ideas. While people were looking to build houses, Douglas was looking to build cities,” she said.
    Trotman passed away on December 5, 2021, following a brief illness. He had recently returned to Barbados after relocating to live and work in the neighbouring island of Nevis. At the time of his death, he was in the process of creating three smart cities in St Kitts, Barbados and Dominica, which were dedicated to his late wife.
    The former Lodge School student had always been passionate about improving the lives of Barbadians and strengthening the social fabric of the country. He was also very vocal on the implementation of cannabis for medicinal purposes, especially after his late wife Kathy-Anne was diagnosed with cancer.
    “It is really hard to come to grips with the fact that he is not here, and he will not be around to see his dreams and ideas come to fruition. In one of my last messages to Doug I told him to get his rest because once he recovers there were mountains for us to move. Now my friend, I feel somewhat lost without you by my side. I now have to recalibrate my thinking as to how I navigate those mountains,” she said.
    His eldest son Teferi Trotman paid a tearful tribute to his father, recalling him as a national personality; a man with a big heart but also a no-nonsense “I did it my way” type of guy, who exuded the spirit of a black Jacobin.
    “Douglas took on projects that may seem outrageous to the squeamish and was very willing to assist the disadvantaged, with little or nothing expected in return,” he said.
    Douglas ran as an independent candidate in the 2008 General Election, contesting the St Philip South seat, and according to Teferi, although unsuccessful, never gave up fighting for the rights of the under-represented.
    “Slanty, as he was called by his many friends, was a social activist, albeit a very outspoken and unapologetic one at that. Giving of his time and talent, connecting with ordinary people, and dedicating years of service to the underprivileged of Barbados,” he said.
    Douglas leaves to mourn his children Teferi (St Lucia), Naomi, Zahra, Malia, Toussaint and Thierry, all of Nevis. He also leaves behind his brothers Stafford, Adrian and Calvin McClean, and his sisters Veronica Blackman and Patricia Rowe. (RA)

    Source: Nation

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