Lord Mandelson and the Child Sex Traffickers

Submitted by Peter Mandelson (Survivors and Allies)

You will no doubt have been made aware of the horrifying newspaper reports earlier this year concerning the close friendship and alliance, over decades, between Lord Peter Mandelson,and the sex traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/17262658/peter-mandelson-jeffrey-epstein-after-paedophile-underage-sex-probe/).

We have attached to this email some additional materials for your information.

Please examine the attachments in conjunction with the information to be found at the following links:

Lord Mandelson – Timeline of  his involvement with the child traffickers


Lord Mandelson –  His alleged involvement in the rape and murder of a youth – as documented by the late Surrey-based psychiatrist Dr. Joan Coleman

Lord Mandelson – Petition calling for his immediate suspension from the Labour party


Please help us expose the full extent of the historical activities and alliances of the deeply corrupt (and allegedly criminal) Lord Mandelson: including, in particular, his longtime involvement with the child sex traffickers.

16 thoughts on “Lord Mandelson and the Child Sex Traffickers

  1. David

    Are these the people with which inclusiveness can ever be possible? All the elites in Whitehall exist in such a cesspool.

    Slavery, still!

  2. David

    We’ve already been corrupted by all the elements of former empire.

    Have you not been bowing to a monarch in whose house a mountain of moral corruption has long existed?

    That even after the faux republicanism project such moral depravity still resides deep within the body politic even DNA?

    • @Pacha

      Were you married with traditional vows?

      Do you wear a tie, a suit?

      You get the drift?

  3. David

    What do you mean by traditional? Who’s traditions?
    A lot of suits have been, are worn, depending on weather but the ties we leave to you.

    But this is tangential to reality. Sometimes we’ve preferred the collar and tie persona who’s serious than the Dashiki wearing clown who ain’t about nothing.

  4. “We’ve already been corrupted by all the elements of former empire.”

    was speaking to one of my grands yesterday, and could only silently promise that there is NO WAY that one or the others will be trapped into the corruption of historical criminals…

    Theo…that’s just a facade, throw out a few sprats to cover the criminals actions of the evil sharks the real PEDOPHILES, traffickers of children….the real beasts in our midst….

  5. evil sharks the real PEDOPHILES, traffickers of children, boys, girls, teenagers, young men, women and even those more mature….no one escapes these creatures, these monstrosities..

  6. “Fabian Society [National Exec C’ttee 1989-1990; subsequently a member]”

    ah wonder if de BU experts/knows it all….but only AFTER SOMEONE SAYS IT…. figure this one out yet….. i aint talking about info they got on the internet….am talking about the real REASON for its existence.

  7. Anybody who speaks english or sees englishness as central to being should feel dirty.

    That a prince charles is a bag lady for bin Laden tells us level of decadence reached.

    Charles actually begged the bin Ladens for i million pounds cash and transported it illegally across border.

  8. In case you didn’t know
    Bin Laden Families and The Bush Families were BFF

    Some Sample Shit
    [Several bin Laden family members invested millions in The Carlyle Group, a private global equity firm based in Washington, DC. The company’s senior advisor was Bush’s father, former President George H.W. Bush. After news of the bin Laden-Bush connection became public, the elder Bush stepped down from Carlyle.

    In 1978, Bush and Osama bin Laden’s brother, Salem bin Laden, founded Arbusto Energy, an oil company based in Texas.

    George HW Bush thought the world belonged to his family. … funded by Saudi billionaires – including the Saudi family of Osama bin Laden.]

  9. @555Loyalist


    Flint was widely used historically to make stone tools and start fires. Is it considered detonator????

  10. Justice Cumberbatch spotted!

    Sexual orientation ‘a key discussion’

    DISCUSSIONS ON ADDING an anti-discriminatory provision specifically based on sexual orientation in the Fundamental Right of the Barbados Republic Constitution could arise says Justice of Appeal Jefferson Cumberbatch.
    He reasoned that although a similar push was dismissed by the Forde Constitutional Commission in the 1980s, due to a lack of support, the Constitution Review Commission which was set up this year, may not be unable to ignore it.
    “A right which might raise some complexity with Barbadians is the discussion on the right to sexual orientation. When it was advanced to the Forde Commission, back in the ’80s the Forde Commission did not feel there was enough support for it to recommend it.
    Fundamental right
    “But now given legislation such as the [Employment Sexual Harassment (Prevention) Act] and the Barbados Welcome Stamp, all those laws protect sexual orientation in some way or another so to have it as a fundamental right the time might be right for it now. I am not offering an opinion on it but I am suggesting that it could arise for future discussion,” Cumberbatch said.
    He made that point during the Barbados Museum and Historical Society’s virtual 2022 lecture series last week.
    Cumberbatch said that any of the provisions added to the supreme law in the country would be put there by the people unlike what took place leading up to Barbados’ Independence in 1966.
    “Constitutional Reform Commission affords all of us the democratic right to become a founding father of the new Barbados Republic Constitution. This is quite a contrast from the 1966 Independence Constitution,which was merely a schedule to the Barbados Independence Order.
    “We played no role in deciding what the text of that document would be. However,
    we are the framers of The Constitution so we will have the right to sexual orientation in our constitution as a fundamental right if we want it to be.
    “If we say we don’t want it or we say so in a sufficiently cogent loud voice then, it will not be included. But we are the architects or the founding fathers of our new constitution as we determine what goes into or what doesn’t,” he added.
    General election
    Another area that was brought up during the lecture included what should be done if there is no opposition coming out of a general election.
    “The framers of the 1966 Independence Constitution all thought that there would always be an Opposition and that there would be someone to be the leader of the Opposition. When that did not occur that threw us into tailspin so now we can provide Republican Constitution precisely what should happen if such an event should occur.
    “You have to look out for possibilities that seem absurd or remote and cover it, and had they looked out for in 1966, results which occurred in 2018 and 2022, then we would have been covered because there would have been a ready-made provision,” he added. ( TG)

    Source: Nation

  11. ““Constitutional Reform Commission affords all of us the democratic right to become a founding father of the new Barbados Republic Constitution. This is quite a contrast from the 1966 Independence Constitution,which was merely a schedule to the Barbados Independence Order.
    “We played no role in deciding what the text of that document would be. ”

    tell them again Jeff…especially those liars who claimed they are the ones drafted that Whitehall document written by some civil servant in the 1940s or EVEN BEFORE THAT…as planned…

    …..and…..depending on who is helping them draft this one, saw them begging Europe for help in that regard about a year or so ago….they will STILL have no control of what’s in the new fake republic document either.

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