Another Priority: Protecting Homeowners

While reviewing the voluminous news in the blogmaster’s inbox this morning the following podnote from Bloomberg piqued the interest. The content is not 100% relevant to Barbados, it targets US consumers. However, it reminded the blogmaster of the pressing need for local homeowners to be protected at a time COVID 19 continues to wreck havoc on homeowners.

Source: Bloomberg

In one of many national addresses delivered by Prime Minister Mia Mottley a few weeks ago, she advised us that Minister Ryan Straughn was assigned the task of working with the “financial sector to address the issue of retail and commercial mortgages and loans, to allow individuals to have a greater level of certainty over the next 18 to 24 months”. She went on to include utilities in the rescue effort. It is more than one month since she issued the statement and the blogmaster is not aware of a progress update. As the saying goes – while the grass is growing, the horse is starving.

We are also reminded that the Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP) in 2013 promised then that reverse mortgages were to have been available ‘as early as this year’. A search of several websites of financial entities while blogging on the issue this morning came up empty.

The prevailing economic circumstances triggered by the rampaging pandemic has created an urgent need to expand the definition by government of who are vulnerable groups. There is a large so-called middleclass unable to meet monthly mortgage payments who must be protected. So-called because this group is a paycheck or two away from returning to the family house to beg for a lodging. In the current market not only do they stand the risk of losing homes but the equity which represents years of labour as they struggled to achieve the dream of owning a piece of the rock.

The blogmaster is always the first to acknowledge that “uneasy upon the head who wears the crown”. We are living in unprecedented times and when the politician comes to mind, we are reminded of Joseph Conrad’s “words, as is well known, are the great foes of reality”. Barbadians must continue to believe that our leaders charged with the job of navigating the global tempest that currently assails small and large nations – small island developing states being more vulnerable – will be successful in the undertaking of avoiding the rocks, reefs and other obstacles of the time.

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  1. @ David BU
    Are there no tasks for the crew and passengers on this ship of state? The mere fact that there are no reversed mortgages should be a red flag to you that it is not part of our culture to enter such arrangements. Most have pensions. They will try and live within them. Is that not what NIS was set up to provide? Most pensioners have to reduce their life styles.
    With respect to the recession and mortgage payments, The arrangements are negotiable between mortgagor and mortgagee. There is no gain for either party if arrangements are not put in place. GoB does not have to get involve in that. Middle classes owning houses need no protection. They do not form a vulnerable group. They are educated.

    • @Vincent

      Have no issue with your comment. The substantive point is that we have to find ways to protect homeowners during this challenging time. Thge reverse mortgage point was a catylst for the discussion. Also you should note the reference to leaders in this blog includes all of us.

  2. Laws have been enacted under cover of Covid….to STEAL YOUR PROPERTIES…Yes…the sellout government did that. How many years have yall been warned and warned and took it for a joke because it happened to others and not to you. Well it’s your turn now. Take these evil bitches down…YOU HAVE THE POWER..

    “They are many of us in Barbados who do not want the Vaccine and we want to retain our Personal Rights and our Property Rights and our Sovereignty! Recently a Very Harsh Law was Passed under the Guise of Covid saying that under the covid laws the government can seize, requisition or forfeit any land, property or goods. With a Piece of paper they can take over your property and your refusing to talk to them, they no longer have to Serve you anymore they can just throw the piece of paper on your property and they can come in and take possession and even use the Army/BDF to come and take it over. This is Not Right, we must Stand Up For Our Rights.

    Official Gazette, March 26, 2021 – PART A – No.37
    Go to the Arrangements and Click on the Writing of the 8th item… To see how your Rights are being Infringed on. Do What they Say or Else…Residents are reminded that: Any person who contravenes this Directive or fails to comply with any condition specified by the anybody they appoint, is guilty of an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $50 000 or to imprisonment for a term of one year or to both…

    Why After a year of Covid is this Law Being Enacted? Why Why?

  3. I saw it advertised a couple days ago that they will have to “aquire” properties, the only thing i could do was remember the ones who laughed right here on BU at Jackie Stewart, her Mom and all the other elderly and their beneficiaries they robbed of their properties, bank accounts, human rights etc from 1964 and sent to their graves in poverty…..well it’s your turn now….

  4. Our foreign banks can no longer bear these losses. The national detault was entirely at the expense of the banks, while the naïve masses in the public sector have been grabbing a brazen pay rise.

    It is time to share the burden fairly. After the debt cut, we therefore need a pay cut for the unproductive state sector, let’s say minus 50 percent.

  5. One would have to read the legislation in full to see how slack it is. If we judge from what Depeiza says It probably needs tightening up to properly detail the circumstances under which the property will be utililised and for how long before compensation becomes necessary and due for payment.

    Obviously this cannot mean that a person can be deprived of their property for no reason by any random government official, indefinitely and without compensation.

    This administration has a habit of foul ups and bungling of laws. Dale Marshall is a waste, it seems.

    The Constitution is supreme. Any law that contravenes it will not prevail.

  6. They have stolen thousands of properties since 1964 without that law….they don’t need the law to pick up properties and then never pay the owners…..this is to effectively cover up what they’ve done before…either way, Bajans must protect themselves.

  7. They ignored the constitution and tortured children, stole properties and violated human rights…UN accuses them of knowing about human trafficking which we have recently learned involves trafficking in children, women, etc……allow minorities to practice discrimination, racism, pay low salaries, and destroyed the economic for over 50 years, treat a segment of the population like slaves, all manner of crimes….and HID THOSE LAWS…parts of the constitution.. FROM THE PUBLIC FOR 54 YEARS that would have allowed the public to get relief from those crimes……they really don’t care after they beg for votes and get into parliament, they believe they…and not the constitution….is supreme.

    we were just lucky some people are so fed up that they exposed the parts of the constitution they were hiding and people were complaining for years weren’t available, so now they will legislate to roll back on the knowledge that was exposed…these black face wretches are Black people’s most deadly enemies..

  8. Ain’t nobody going to stand for arbitrary, wholesale seizure of property by the Government of Barbados.

    Full stop!

    “High win’ know weh ole house live.”

    Dem know who to play wid.

    They play with people who, whether it is merited or not, lack credibility in the eyes of the public.

    • Is it the government seizing the properties or lending agencies. To its credit the government of Barbados has publicly stated it will work with financial companies to protect delinquent homeowners.

  9. avid Bu
    There is no one to sell the properties to. Banks are not in the real estate business. That would be a no win situation for mortgagor and mortgagee. Banks behave rationally.

    • @Vincent

      Again, agreed but we need structure around how we should proceed by removing arbitrary forces.

  10. “Delinquent”
    Is that an appropriate word in a time of covid?

    Implicit is the understanding that regardless of circumstances debt holders reign supreme.

    A bit much from a government which itself defaulted in far less acceptable circumstances.

  11. I have to read the whole document for myself. Someone directed me to section 8, and what I read there was very troubling.

    I think for such a grave matter section 8 need much more detail.
    Is there an expiration date?
    What exactly would lead to forfeiture/acquisition.

    The section is very puzzling to me. Have to read the whole document, but section 8 needs some edits do as to reassure old guys like me.

  12. David,

    WURA is referring to something totally different. New emergency laws that state that Government may have to seize control of personal property if deemed necessary to handle the emergency.

    The law seems too loose and lacking in the details that recognise the serious nature of the act of depriving a person of their property rights.

    I have to read these laws because some jackass seems to be writing them.

    Somebody told me just yesterday that one of the emergency measures also states that not more than eight people of one household can be in their yard together at the same time. I told them “stay at home” could only mean on the property where your house stands, whether inside or out but that person has read the law and says nope, the language clearly states that outside of the house is a no-no for more than eight occupants at a time.

    If that is so, I doubt that could stand up in court.

    • @Donna

      Unfortunately emergency laws tend to be draconian given the nature of having to be prepared and act with haste to respond to the unexpected. That said we must be vigilant.

  13. “section 8”

    Theo….even where you can find the cobbled together law, sounds all wrong, am sure you are familiar with that term..

  14. They had plenty of time to get it right, David. If the average person can spot the difficulties they should be glaring to a professional.

    No damn excuses!

  15. You are joking, David?

    Yuh got restaurants open but nobody supposed to leave home!

    Bare confusion!

    And remember…..

    Yuh had plain-clothed policemen in unmarked vehicles expecting people to stop for them at night!

    That could never stand up in court!

    What kind of jackasses we got running things bout here?

    • AG clears up property issue
      Any person whose property is requisitioned under the COVID-19 Emergency Management Order will be compensated for the use of that property in the course of mitigating the crisis.
      This was revealed yesterday by Attorney General Dale Marshall, who once again sought to clarify the legislation, which resulted in many Barbadians expressing uneasiness with the measure.
      Speaking at a nationally televised press conference, Marshall assured Barbadians there was nothing untoward with regard to the parameters of the law, which he explained were in place as a precautionary measure.
      “The Government of Barbados is constrained by its Constitution, we cannot and will not take anyone’s property without compensation. You will notice that the order does not say that we will acquire, it says requisition . . . which conveys the impression that this is for as long a period of time as needed for the emergency. The Government may be required to take extraordinary steps and access facilities and assets that it does not have in its control.”
      The AG said the legislation was designed to contemplate all possible contingencies in a state of emergency. He said the legislation had been in place for close to a year and had never been triggered. “We’ve been very fortunate that we have not had to go to that extreme, but it is important that we have these reserved powers available and let me stress that they have been there from the very beginning, as every single COVID-19 order has been Gazetted.

      Source: Nation

  16. See the Wikipedia entry for billet

    Billeting is essentially a war time power. Even though Barbados has not been hit as hard by Covid as other countries, Covid19 is in fact a war. Nature is at war AGAINST all of us. In fact during World War 2, the Barbados government also asserted the power to use people’s lands, houses, properties etc. In fact the government can order us out of our homes if they are required to fight this war.

    The United Kingdom lost 383,600 military personnel during the 6 years of World War 2.
    The United Kingdom has lost 126,713 people in the 15 months of Covid19

    The United States lost 416,800 military personnel during their 5 years in World War 2. The United States has already lost 565,193people in the 15 months of Covid, that is 148.393 MORE

    During the period 1937 to 1945 my parents were young adults with several children. They spoke to us about the 1937 Rebellion, and the hardships, rationing and separation [they had to live in 2 different countries for 3+ years] they endured during world war 2.

    None of us have yet been forcibly separated from our spouses.
    None of us have to have a ration card in order to buy food.
    None of us have to lay on the floor in order to avoid being shot, not by a “bad boy” but by the authorities.

    Take it easy people.

    As my old man used to say “this too will pass”

  17. Even in ordinary times, progressive governments make law to protect any person owning real property subject to a mortgage as a consume. To suggest that mortgagors have adequate education to protect their rights in archaic and non transparent proceedings where they have lost a job in a small economy during a covid pandemic is laughable. \\\the real danger is that the banksters and their cronies will continue to take the wealth being created by bajan familiesin the absence of sensible guardrails to protect homeowners with mortgages. It is duplicitous to talk about inflexible banksters being rational and not wanting to get into the business of owning real estate. \\these two issues should not be conflated. Governments emergency power will be constrained by the constitution. The banksters ability to take the wealth of educated bajans can only be constrained by modern consumer protections.

  18. I understood the concept. I have not even read the law yet because as I said before, I believe it would be shoddy drafting not intended to seize property indefinitely, for no reason and without compensation.

    That would be unconstitutional and would not stand up in court.

    I worry only about the shoddiness, if Verla is to be believed, not about losing any property.

    I am quite sane.

    Dictators need armies behind them. I am not aware that one is being assembled or courted.

  19. B McDonald,

    I untangled the two issues a while back.

    Don’t even know how they could have been conflated in the first place.

  20. Did he bother to say why they need to “requisition properties” while UNDER the strain of A VIRUS….”precautionary measures” FOR WHAT…they been TIEFING properties for YEARS from the population…NEVER PAID A DIME and needed no precautionary measure to do that…so what changed….so this is something THEY DID IN SECRET a year ago…just after Covid happened and we only found out because it had to be gazetted… what did they know a year ago before the place was even INFECTED….

  21. Vile MOTHAFUCKAS, dutty niga hoped the VIRUS would kill off more than half the population and they would seize properties left and right….beneficiaries and survivors be DAMNED….then they would have a selling spree….

    let them come out and tell me that was not the plan…. don’t remember the island being infected in March of 2020 with Covid, am sure it happened closer to April or May or even later…

  22. Was the Governmemt tiefing properties or were private lawyers who may have at some time been in government tiefing properties?

    Government acquires property and compensation is often delayed way way beyond what is reasonable. That was admitted by Michael. Lashley but wholesale tieffing of property by Government is another matter.

    We have elderly people who have property, abandoned by relatives into the care of the State. Long time it was suggested that their relatives should surrender their property to pay for their care. We have not seen that law more than a decade after Donville suggested it.

    As I always say, we must speak the truth without exaggeration and keeping it in perspective.

    Or we may be treated like.the boy who cried, “Wolf !”

    And that defeats the purpose of saving the sheep.

    • Acquisition of public property is always a contentious issue not just in Barbados. If a property owner has concerns there is the opportunity to redress within the law.

  23. I stand corrected….it seemed much later….so you legislated in March 2020…IMMEDIATELY THE FIRST 2 INFECTIONS APPEARED….to SEIZE PROPERTIES….. you immediately knew ya would have MORE THAN 2 COVID INFECTIONS….and so ya legislated SHIT just in case….let’s see ya WIGGLE OUT OF THAT ONE…

    “By Staff Editor March 17, 2020

    Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic has confirmed that Barbados recorded its first two cases of COVID-19.”

  24. DOnna..there is PROOF OF THOSE MASSIVE THEFTS….people make videos, no one is exaggerating anything, if you don’t know, search for the information…these have a TRAIL OF VICTIMS in Barbados and in the diaspora and their RIGHTS TO THEIR PROPERTIES MUST BE RESPECTED…

    the blog alone has a LONG LIST….and there is more that was never put in the public domain for one reason or another..

  25. AND…they NEVER paid for the properties they STOLE from the vulnerable from 1954 to 2020…when they had billions of the people’s tax dollars playing the ass with……but they will pay for eminent domain properties now that they NO MONEY…and under the strain of IMF…

    my other leg is free…ya can pull that one too…

  26. Keep making fun,with these Crooks, Liars, and Scumbags who set up this Massive Land Fraud and Ponzi will keep coming, the Ponzi ran out of Money supported by these BBDLP , lawyers Ministers and business people running guns and drugs, Your government are low life last class criminals,with the Help of CIBC-Frist Caribbean Banking, I try no to post on BU for it seems people want to cover up my words of warnings, now the crooks looking at others, They took many of our Plantations and now they coming for yours maybe to grow weed and used to pull money from Bank to be liquid to where ever they run to next, The Human and Constitutional Rights of Bajans can never be seen or felt, To be based on these Despots who bought these votes, If SGN elections don’t give you a recent view of what Mia19 have for you all next, Time short Mia is coming , Removing them from office maybe the first step so show you are waking up, If you want another 5 years to live in theis manner until 2028 enjoy,We are sure they will get their and have as their own private DODDS,No More travel for them all will be done by ZOOM! The Supreme Law of the Planet maybe the Human Rights and not a racist Constitution ruled by Despots! Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles still working on them there is an after Life! looking down that walks with us! there is a Prison in the after Life call Hell! and that is where they are headed! RIH

  27. Correction:

    AND…they NEVER paid for the properties they STOLE from the vulnerable from 1954 to 2020..yes, they ROBBED a man who lived in UK of his properties even the watch his daughter gave him and then LOCKED her up when she tried to retrieve what is rightfully hers, as beneficiary….they even tried to access the deceased man’s bank account in UK and were redflagged by the bank..

    but they will pay for eminent domain properties now that they HAVE NO MONEY…and under the strain of IMF…

    the naysayers need to do their research….ALL the evidence is out there..

  28. All I can tell you is that my family from all sides had substantial tracts of land in great areas from five generations back that I know of and it remains in their possesion to this day.

  29. They are not the only ones Donna….it will take much longer than 56 years to get to all of you, so keep posting how much land ya family still got…

    Barbados – Forest area (% of land area)

    “Barbados’ total land area is 430 km 2 (166.0 sq mi), and it has a coastline of 97 km (60 mi) length. Sometimes compared to a pear or leg of mutton for its physical shape. Along the north–south axis Barbados has a maximum length of 34 kilometres (21 mi), and east–west maximum breadth of 23 kilometres (14 mi).”

  30. April 1, 2021 8:19 AM

    All I can tell you is that my family from all sides had substantial tracts of land in great areas from five generations back that I know of and it remains in their possesion to this day.@@@@

    Make sure each year you go to the land registry and get copies of deeds recorded, in case they rewrite the books with your names missing you have proof, and never let any lawyer hold your deed for safekeeping, Within 30 days after dealing with a Bank that needs to be corded with a lien from the bank, Many after paying off their deeds the banks can’t find the signed agreement for the mortgage note,So why are you paying if they cant find the Note , What proof they have you Own them? We they remove 200 plantations from the Archive records, from 1926 to 1969, Even National Trust, UWI, Barbados Library, Archives Department,Land tax records all removed, When you live for 93 years and all the island can show of you is Will, and Probate? Clean out and the new owners of these lands are the same people that Witness these deeds, Mia Grand Father E.D.Mottley as Mayor and Edwy Talma 1926 Conveyance of Worthing View Plantation Deed , so stay safe don’t wake up broke or dis-inherited for when they have done with us you are next, they have been taking from this estate base on records so for from 1980 laid the groundwork and all need to make sure they have now.Keep your top eye open! Vote Better Next election for Clear title Deeds and a correction of our history to open the Banks! Bajan Free Party also on Facebook! Alex Mitchell

  31. The most important thing would be to finally substantially reduce the land tax. Many Barbadian families pay 10000, 20000 BBD and more per year for their small home.

  32. April 1, 2021 7:02 AM

    Acquisition of public property is always a contentious issue not just in Barbados. If a property owner has concerns there is the opportunity to redress within the law.@@@

    Acquisition of public property is not a problem, the Constitution of Barbados in
    16.”Protection from deprivation of Property” check page 18 , where it starts to say they are to Compensation, the problem is they do not pay, these crooks pay themselves for taking your land and the land is for public use not private! many of these same crook build their houses on your land , Ask Glen Clarke as I was told and saw! they maybe more information on “Barbados Free Press”Blog!

  33. These do not pay for property they pick up and THEYHID the parts of the constituion that would show the people their rights…AND many of the crooks who collude to STEAL PROPERTY….sit on the bench of the dysfunctional, nonfunctioning supreme court…..setting up land owners..


    (1) No property of any description shall be compulsorily taken possession of, and no interest in or right over property of any description shall be compulsaority acquired, except by or under authority of a WRITTEN LAW, and were provision applying to that acquisition or taking of possession is made by writtin law-

    (a) prescribing principles on which and the manner in which compensation therefor is to be determined and given; and
    (b) giving to any person claiming such compensation a right of access, either directly or by way of appeal, for the determination of his interest in or right over the property and the amount of compensation, to the High Court..”

  34. Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?
    Can crooked Barbadian politicians write laws that are honesT?

    Not going to be as extreme as some and will modify the saying that “the punishment should fit the crime” to “the treatment should fit the virus”.

    I find it strange that we enter the realm of requisition of property to fight this pandemic. The government may be acting in a proactive manner, but our history has made us suspicious of any such action. With the fatted calf showing signs of anorexia and with “thieves” writing laws, it would be wise of us to ask for more details so that the laws and what they seek to remedy are transparent and in agreement.

    IIs this law a Pandora’s box? Indeed I have not yet read the law, but I wonder if there is anything besides land requisition in this new law. Is there anything related to medical marijuana, government industrial school, child trafficking, or any current topic in this new law?

    Without being personal, at times it may be just as impossible for us to walk a mile in a next man’s shoes as it is for him to walk a mile in ours. Thought impossible, we can still try to figure out what separates the man and us. In our society, it could be money, class, color or connections that keeps us from being a victim. Our realities can be different.

  35. Yeah…we have a pandemic with 2 INFECTIONS by March 17, 2020…which at that time info came out that they LIED and it was really 26 INFECTIONS between March and April.. what do we do, don’t waste that opportunity lets legislate to go “ACQUIRE properties and use an emergency law and the defense force……….right, that one should really help the pandemic…

    still waiting to find out WHICH EMERGENCY WOULD PROMPT THAT..

    Donna …please stay on your guard…some people think slower than others, but the result is the same, get one of the fowl slaves to peruse the land registry to see who still has property in the family 5 generations = 125 YEARS LATER….it’s a cakewalk..

  36. “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?”
    I thought it was can an ethiopian change his king

  37. “IIs this law a Pandora’s box? Indeed I have not yet read the law, but I wonder if there is anything besides land requisition in this new law. Is there anything related to medical marijuana, government industrial school, child trafficking, or any current topic in this new law?”

    it may be related to the rights of the underclass or lack of, shanty town homes and shops emerge on lands and Governments want to take the land to rebuild, beach is prime real estate that they want to claw back. Land registry files can go on walkabout if not computerised.

  38. Kings can be overthrown. Before skin-whitening products, it was impossible for the Ethiopian to change his skin.
    Seriously, who is responsible for drafting/writing these laws should be demoted.

    It also explains why horrible old laws stay on the books. Attempts to correct them would produce even worse laws.

  39. @WURA-War-on-U April 1, 2021 6:31 AM “…don’t remember the island being infected in March of 2020 with Covid’

    “The pandemic was confirmed to have reached Barbados on 17 March 2020 with the announcement of the first two cases” Wikipedia

  40. The pandemic declared to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020, and recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization on 11 March 2020

  41. @WURA-War-on-U April 1, 2021 6:31 AM “…don’t remember the island being infected in March of 2020 with Covid, am sure it happened closer to April or May or even later…”

    Barbados’ first shutdown was on 28 March, 2020.

    • Royal Bank completes sale of EC operations
      THE ROYAL BANK OF CANADA (RBC) says it has completed the sale of its Eastern Caribbean banking operations, but its Barbados business is not among those divested.
      RBC announced it was in receipt of required approvals from local governments and regulator, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), adding that the transaction closed yesterday.
      “This sale has RBC selling its Eastern Caribbean banking operations to a consortium of regional banks comprised of 1st National Bank of St Lucia, Antigua Commercial Bank, Bank of Dominica, Bank of Montserrat, and The Bank of Nevis,” RBC said.
      It noted that the sale included RBC’s 11 branches in Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, as well as St Vincent and the Grenadines.
      “This transaction will allow RBC to align investments and resources into markets where our vision for being the Caribbean’s digitally-enabled relationship bank can be executed most successfully,” said Rob Johnston, head of Caribbean Banking.
      “The sale of our Eastern Caribbean banking operations to indigenous banks is also a critical step forward in strengthening the domestic financial services sectors in each of the countries and territories involved. This will help create a stronger climate for further growth, development and prosperity.”
      Upon closing this transaction, RBC’s Caribbean presence – supported by 3 000 employees – will include 41 branches and offices across Aruba, The Bahamas, Barbados, Bonaire, the Cayman Islands, Curaçao, Saba, St Maarten, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, RBC said.
      In November 2019 the Bank of Nova Scotia sold a number of its banking operations to Trinidad and Tobago’s Republic Financial Holdings Limited (RFHL), owner of Republic Bank Barbados.
      The transaction involving RFHL’s acquisition of Scotiabank’s operations in Anguilla, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Maarten, and St Vincent and the Grenadines, was approved by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, the ECCB and the Central Bank of Curacao and St Maarten.
      CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank recently announced that authorities, including its lead regular the Central Bank of Barbados, had turned down its bid to sell the majority of its regional operations to GNB Financial Group Limited.

      Source: Nation

  42. Cuddear…i corrected that one, it seems like recent, a whole year passed without being noticed…so much drama.

  43. I am very impressed with the population, they are on EVERY PLATFORM…questioning EVERYTHING the government says and EXAMINING their motives….good….it’s your island, you fund it, hold the vote beggars feet to the fire…until they HOLLER…

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