The Final Frontier is Full of Danger

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

This past September 26th the Dart impacted a small asteroid known as Dimorphos, 285 hours later the Hubble Space Telescope caught the image, noticing material debris NASA announced they wanted result of this experiment, that the Spacecraft known as Dart was able to alter the asteroid’s orbit.

Why is this event important? It is the first time humanity purposely changed the motion of a celestial object. What is the fuss? Well do you remember Dinosaurs and how they became extinct? A massive asteroid struck the earth long ago, and the disturbance created a massive climatic/environmental disaster, filling the earth’s atmosphere with debris for years. Nothing could grow in such an atmosphere, so these dinosaurs died in time. Such an event can happen again. That is one of the reasons NASA and many other global agencies study the stars daily, studying how celestial objects motion works, and looking for objects of interest.

The Dart struck the asteroid hoping to nudge it off-orbit. NASA is studying how they can protect earth from future collisions with asteroids. But knowing there are dangerous threats in advance is the essential element studied by NASA. Dimorphos has been known and studied for decades, but what about objects coming into our galaxy for the first time? Scientists has journaled known asteroids for many years, knowing what part of the sky they will appear, how long they will show themselves to us, and what path they will proceed too.  Can scientists manage celestial collisions successfully?

Questions arise however, about rarely seen objects.

1. How can humanity predict and defend earth from rarely seen objects.

2. With space being filled with humanities various objects such as space crafts, satellites and space junk, can these objects act like the Dart, deflecting foreign object towards the earth?

3. Can scientists locate and act upon a future threat in time?

4. Earths problems demand monetary investments, yet the cost of scientific studies compete with these same efforts. Feed the world, or protect the world from asteroids?

Why do humans wish to explore space? Perhaps we want to understand our place within the universe? Space exploration expands our technology, creating new industries while fostering peaceful connections to other nations. It is our curiosity and innovation that may well preserve and protect our world.

Other dangers surround us. Our Sun has potential threat meters also. Earths protector, the layer of atmosphere known as the ozone layer, acts as a filter from damaging gases, chemicals and the Sun’s Solar radiation. Earth’s Ozone is under threat from within, affected and depleted by earths self- created CO2 emissions and pollution. As the Ozone layer thins out, the Sun’s radiation warms out planet. Solar flares (Coronal Mass Ejections) have increased in intensity, affecting the earths electrical grids and communications. The more radiation we are exposed too, the greater medical, environmental and social threats placed upon humanity. While the earth absorbs @50% of the Suns radiation directly and indirectly, only 15% of this radiation is absorbed by our atmosphere. That is a problem. Decreased ozone levels leave people and the environment under threat. Medical conditions like cancer develop in regions where the ozone thins. Excessive droughts in other regions challenge humanity in their ability to keep our regions inhabitable.

The Globe is under attack from within and outside of our atmosphere. The challenges humanity is facing cannot be ignored. Studies in every scientific pursuit will be necessary, and with it the funds needed to maintain and protect our futures.

11 thoughts on “The Final Frontier is Full of Danger

  1. Utter shite…

    and,,,i saw the movie on Netflix MONTHS before they claimed to perform that stunt…

  2. Mankind wants so badly to be ‘safe’, and to be ‘saved from destruction’ that we are prepared to spend trillions of valuable dollars on speculative adventures in space.
    Yet, when presented with a simple and direct program for ‘salvation’, we scorn and reject the ‘massive price tag’ attached – to love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and most of all, to respect and love the entity that CREATED the whole shiite.

    If there was a word ‘worser’ than ‘brass bowl’ that the Blogmaster would allow Bushie to use to describe such misguided $%#@$*&^%, ….then that would have to be the bushman’s choice.

    If it is not OBVIOUS that this shiite world is nothing more than a TEMPORARY project, designed for some explicit process to be completed within a defined timeframe, …then there is little point in casting pearls to brass bowl swine….

    Let us therefore continue to ignore the EXPLICIT PROCESS INTENTfor which EVERYTHING was created, and concentrate our resources on diverting planets… That certainly sounds like a good brass bowl plan to Bushie…

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  4. “that we are prepared to spend trillions of valuable dollars on speculative adventures in space.”

    a whole load of horse shit….it could not even happen in the movie because it just cannot happen as straight forward as they would like the gullible to believe, they don’t even know what they are looking at out there, they are NOT the creators…Ra is…

  5. @Steven

    Good piece…

    The #Dimorphos Simulation is just that: #A_Simulation!!!

    Like much of what we see in the supposedly observable universe, that is within our cognitive grasp has been so co-opted by the nefarious forces of scientism that it is nigh impossible to tell what real & what’s is NOT*…

    NASA* & the US Space Force Program has billions of dollars of useless #MonopolyPaperMoney (not forgetting “DIGITAL”) to regurgitate on pet & vanity projects while #Skidrow resembles the back street of London during the #BubonicPlague of the 15th & 16th centuries.

    If & when an asteroid is going to hit earth, Hollywood will have to call in #BruceWillis & Co. to repeat their #ArmageddonStunt – if Bruce can remember his lines!!!

  6. David; I fear that Steven Kaszab might be right in most respects. When I first saw the report on the projected Dimorphos project I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Why would NASA so blatantly tempt the entities who control the known universe?

    I think I might now have a clue as to what might have been happening. It was a practice run.
    There are now reports, during the last 2 or so days, that a Giant Asteroid appears to be potentially poised to intersect Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Yesterday’s and Today’s reports indicate that it is now behind the Sun and cannot be directly seen because of interference by the Sun’s rays. When it emerges from behind the Sun the authorities will be in a better position to forecast the probability of It impacting the Earth and when.

    It seems that Earth, and LIfe as we know it, are now possibly facing great dangers, not seen for at least 10,000 years, and that confronting the dangers posed by the Dart experiment was absolutely necessary as a possible means of gathering data that could be used to reduce the possibly imminent threat of the giant Asteroid impacting Earth.

    But we should also be aware that the Apocalypse playbook seems to be playing itself out. The drum rolls of the Ukrainian war, the threats of a Nuclear apocalypse by Putin and his inner circle, the utter strangeness of the American public actually flirting with their votes and taking Trump seriously, and the increasing threats of Pandemics, etc, suggests that it might not be too alarmist to suggest that Mankind might be nearing another historic Apocalypse.

    The threat appears to be much more imminent and potentially Earth shattering than any seen by Mankind in the last millenium.

    Watch the Scientific News as the global political Authorities navigate what might turn out to be an Earth shattering situation. I wonder if the Elon Musk Twitter buy-out was another harbinger of the danger that might be approaching and might actually be a last ditch effort to prepare the World’s population on what must be done / to confront the situation and ensure that certain Elites on Earth survive the possible Apocalypse on or near Earth.

    • @Lylall

      The blogmaster must admit these kinds of extraterrestrial transgressions are above the page grade.

  7. David; The chances are high that the topic is not only too esoteric but too fearful to contemplate. But, do you get a feeling that these times are not normal? that Unknown, and perhaps unknowable, forces might be at play here in a cosmic game of chess where Earth and its riders passively wait for a denouement that either extends the status quo or ushers in a new age only hinted at by the sages of yore.

    Perhaps there might be a difference at this time and the current crop of mankind, writ large, might be actually doing something that it couldn’t do before, i.e. influence a different outcome to the ones the Earth bore in earlier apocalypses that have left its fossils strewn around this globe.

    • @Lyall

      There has always been the “unknown “ and the fear of the unknown for some, for others the unbridled curiosity to explore and do what no man has done before. It is a matter of how perspectives change as we traverse epochs.

  8. @Lyall
    “…But, do you get a feeling that these times are not normal? that Unknown, and perhaps unknowable, forces might be at play here in a cosmic game of chess where Earth and its riders passively wait for a denouement that either extends the status quo or ushers in a new age only hinted at by the sages of yore.
    ‘Unknowable forces’???!!!….
    ‘Only hinted by the sages of yore’??!!
    Boss you serious?!!!!
    You talking ’bout Bushie’s Step Father..?

    Bushmen have been saying this stuff for EONS now..
    Even little Bushie has been pushing this on BU now for a decade ….. that time is UP on project “Life on Earth”.. and its brassbowlery.

    We had prophets like Bob Marley leaving the message ALL OVER THE WORLD… in music…for DECADES.

    Not to mention the HOARDS of other Prophets, mainly from J’ca such as Big Youth, Bushman, Luciano, Iroy, Hugh Brown…. (where else? wunna was looking for prophets out of London? 🙂 )

    From January, stinking Bushie warned right here on BU that THIS year-end will be like NO OTHER…and the period following …..murda!! ???

    …well even the skeptics are now predicting woe and turmoil, so no point in Bushie going there anymore….

    Suffice it to say that things will get so bad, that the very CREATOR will have to step in to avoid total and complete annihilation.

    The ONLY really good news is …. well, …The GOSPEL.

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