Sell the Monkeys!

There is a growing monkey population in Barbados. It was inevitable as development encroached on the natural habitat of the primate. Hold on, could there be a solution? The short video gives hope …

26 thoughts on “Sell the Monkeys!

  1. Mr Blogmaster, should we climb into a swinging litany of primate clichés and pun … Is this a light hearted Saturday morn sighting or has a monkey stolen your news folder !

    Fah real brother, you seem quite tongue in cheek above.

    And why should we be worried, distraught or even jump up and down on what legitimate methods are used to control the monkey population in Bim … as you noted we have encroached on their natural habitat and are thus facing the issues of them frequently parading through our Heights and Terraces, so we must manage those parades properly and in some instances close them off!

    If Chinese love monkey meat then let them have their buffet … the Sri Lankas (as we do) have lots of other matters to deal with on which our Asians friends are more than willing to lend assistance … not sure why this one is worth a monkey’s derriere😎 , yeah!

    • @Dee Word

      We have to do something, the problem with monkeys is greater than parading through the heights and terraces.

  2. Monkey business.

    This should not be approached at the surface as per usual.

    Nothing ever should be!

    One has to discern the unspoken language coming from this Indian bitch.

    Know history, the current environmental import to think about monkeys.

    Those bipedal or not!

    Such an interpretation speaks to the deeper issues people like her believe that India has with China. For example..

    So she disparagingly pokes at China, on the fringes.

    You will never hear this eerie voice of hers interrogating the Dalai Lsma who has been a mere monkey of the CIA, for decades.

    A socalled Dalai Lama, purporting to be some man of peace, as he demands that a toddler sucks his tongue in a public place, a man or monkey sheltered by Indian all this time for Western proxy.

    A monkey of the West who used Tibetan temples for 10 years after 1949 to store weapons as Tibetan monkeys conducted a Western supported separatist war on China. A hybrid war by monkeys which continues to this day.

    Don’t get it twisted. Avoid knots in yuh nickers!

    For while we welcome the self interested role of India in BRICS. We simultaneously hold a visceral critique of their fascist Hindu nationalist general tendencies when monkeys are monkeys are monkeys.

    Pacha, why can’t you ever talk foolishness as directed?

  3. On following up.

    It’s commendable that the Bajan monkey in charge has taken action, on the below thread, ostensibly against another Bajan green monkey, well known for talking the same shiiite for decades here, as totally misinformed by a known book of lies.

    A monkey handling gun?

    It’s way past time that anybody saying the same shiiite all these years be asked to supply the over 30 different kinds of empirical proofs in support of such specious claims. In the absence of which such ideas properly should permanently reside within those twisted minds, their households.

    More fundamentally, such wanderings eliciting that brand of foolishness as written by a recently coined doctor boo-boos should, within a perfect world, be interdicted at source.

    Never could this writer be convinced why such monkeys would continue to insist that the public square is to be infested with nonsense.

    Does not every monkey have a basis of existence? Of all the monkeys in the world, why, like in this Farm Animal, some assholes monkeys must be more equal than all the rest?

    Any monkey, so insistent, an arrangement, should be made for it to have a face to face meeting with the Indian monkey god.

  4. You see first hand where such monkeys are liable to end up…they paved that road for years……..they are fortunate i still give warnings, but that was my last, i finally ran out…..dont understand how the dumb could be so reckless and foolish in their obsessions.

  5. Waru

    Maybe, just maybe, the powers that be have long realized that Pachamama can link any shiiiite to all the other shiiite. LOL

  6. They may want to do like Pachamama and sing the nursery rhyme…the shin bone is connected to the knee bone….and go through the whole body jigsaw….

    I posted on here that everything is linked, to not see it, thought processes could never be in sync.

    That’s where they keep falling repeatedly, shortsightedness, unable to see direct connections…..weee cant help them.

  7. Well, they can ship some of those monkeys to St. Kitts and Nevis. I met a Kittitian at the Calgary Stampede in 1978 who told me how sweet monkey meat is and that its popular in St.Kitts. I think his last name was Bowry or something like that.

  8. Pacha…the monkeys may be having the better life….so much being said re approaching criminal charges…and people being warned even if they step down, try to run, they will still face accountability…

    This is really not a place anyone wants to be…prosecutors are working overtime…culprits gotta face that fire…

    How did they reach here???? Very well it seems..

  9. Waru
    Have gone to a number of places where monkey is a highly desired.
    Even knew a Bajan who use to eat them. Said they are similar to chicken! Don’t know, can’t know. But if chicken, the most fowl of creatures could be eaten, why not monkey, donkey? When life sends a lemon ……. make lemonade, we guess!

  10. Rainfall predictions for this and the next two months are below average and Barbadians are being warned to prepare for possible water-rationing measures by the Barbados Water Authority (BWA).

  11. Yep….pretty much. Yes, it’s known that monkey is good meat, never ate it, but it’s legendary..

    ..lots of chances to make lemonade coming up.

    All am seeing is confusion everywhere.

  12. Two recent posts have been about our relatives – the monkeys!

    In both, it’s sought to attribute blame or other cause for the activities and consequences made possible by humanoids to our family.

    The people who seek to monkey around are those who have foresworn any familial relationship to monkeys or even an amoeba.

    In none of this monkey business has the name of the chief primate, Mia Amor Mottley, been called. We call it now! For the troupe which she leads is vastly more problematic than our family. Our family don’t want lgbtq rights. All they want is air to breathe” food as right, water and forested areas as home.

    It’s as if a concerted disinformation campaign has been mounted to shield this Monkey Mia Mottley by blaming poor monkeys.

    This, at a time when the Monkey Mis Mottley has landed us deeper into a culdesac than imagined. Watch muh!

    That monkey, by her lack of vision, irreversible commitment to Washington Consensus thinking, the startling failures to respond to tectonic shifts in our world, too high a devotion to her curators in Washington, an abiding reliance on the tinsel of respectability, and on and on …… has centralized monkeying around with matters pertinent in ways not even real monkeys will ever approach.

    Now, who’s the real monkey and who’s the Monkey Mottley.

  13. Rainfall may be low for the next 4 years.

    World coming out of 3 years of bountiful and in some places excessive rainfall of La Nina.

    Will always get exceptions like Fort Lauderdale.

    If the ONI keeps rising this year could see a below average hurricane season.

  14. Pacha…though i will no longer discuss the besotted employees of Empire at certain levels, this blurb may answer some questions.

    “Deputy managing director of the IMF, Bo Li, admits that countries are required to enforce climate policies as a condition of borrowing money from the IMF.”

  15. @Rabbit,
    As a believer of you covid/water theory, I have questions
    So… How will the ater shortage affect the covid in the water?
    Do you see the covid becoming more concentrated and thus we have more cases?
    A next shutdown?

  16. Sell the monkeys!
    Say what?!

    Okey dokey
    $1 a monkey
    $ 2 will get your two

    Run to Your Mama
    Rolling with the rain
    Boy, you better run to your mama now
    Lightning in the sky
    Boy, you better run to your mama now

  17. Looks like El Nino may be back soon.

    The floods of the La Nina phase will probably be replaced by drought in the El Nino phase.

    Less floods less likelihood of disease spread, most infectious diseases are transmitted by water.

    The next La Nina phase in 4 to 6 years may be bad enough to create conditions conducive to disease spread, not only COVID.

    Whoever released COVID on the world had a keen understanding of the climate.

    Logic is kind of simple!!

  18. Once there is a disease to be spread, water will spread it.

    The more water, the wider the spread.

    If there is a disease like COVID knocking around in a country c. 2030, the floods associated with the next La Nina will spread it.

    Check the period between SARS, MERS and COVID, about 10 years.

    Check the major flood events by country!!

    Check La Nina.

  19. We should always look for opportunities. We have a monkey problem
    and have a facility here which controls, somehow….. the monkey population.
    We know exporting animals for research is a contentious issue.
    Why not bring the research here by giving the parma companies incentives,
    we seem to be good at this, to establish some research here in Barbados.
    This would solve several problems.

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