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Donville Inniss GUILTY as Charged

Millar told the court that in August 2015, she attended a meeting with former chief executive officer (CEO) of ICBL Ingrid Innes and former senior vice-president with responsibility for business development and marketing Alex Tasker. Following that meeting, she said Innes instructed her to make “an urgent payment” of a referral bonus to Inniss. She said she was uncomfortable with

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The Donville Inniss Sub Story

Two of the most newsworthy and jaw dropping events to have rocked the local political scene in the last 18 months were – the decimation of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in the last general election, AND, the arrest of former DLP minister Donville Inniss in the United States. BU pages must record Donville Inniss entered a plea of NOT

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Nation Newspaper Closes Comments Under Donville Inniss “Others Bribed” Article

Dear Owner of Barbados Underground I would appreciate it very much if you would allow a submission I wrote on the nationnews blog to be featured here. It has to do with the nationnews paper decision to close the comments section of their June 23rd article entitled, ”Others Bribed.” Although the nationnews paper has a right to close comments to

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Inniss, Tasker, Innes Matter Filed Under DROSS by Barbados Authorities

The following report is reproduced by BU for many reasons. At the top of the list is the lingering curiosity by some Barbadians questioning whether local authorities will pursue this and other matters. The expectation is not meant to slur the character of anybody but to satisfy a reasonable expectation that justice must be seen to be done.. Barbadians have

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Connecting …

The map below is meant to connect dots based on a ‘relationship’. There are no rules to the request. Simply suggest images to add to the map and if the blogmaster agrees they will be updated. The blogmaster added a few to get things started.   Thanks NO and John.

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ICBL Bribe Case in Limbo

The following was posted as a comment to BU blog – The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – On the Prevention of Corruption by Peter Lawrence Thompson – David, blogmater From the INNISS indictment:- 3. Barbados Company Executive 1, an individual whose identity is known to the Grand Jury, was a citizen of Canada and a resident of Barbados. Barbados Company Executive 1 was

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