For the Record DONVILLE INNISS is an Outstanding LIAR!

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The supposedly “honourable” Donville Inniss, Barbados’ Minister of Commerce and Industry, is a liar of the highest pedigree, as is evident by his outrageously mendacious comments about the racial self identification of David Comissiong while a teenage school-boy at Harrison College. (In a recent debate in the House of Assembly Inniss claimed that David Comissiong self identified as a white boy when he was a student at Harrison College)

David Comissiong– the son of a Methodist Minister of Religion– migrated to Barbados in 1971, after living at Victoria Square and attending Tranquility Primary School in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in the midst of the Black Power revolution that erupted in the communities of Port of Spain from the month of February 1970. (Incidentally, Tranquility Primary was a government school that also produced Dr Eric Williams, Stokely Carmichael and Tony Martin).

The eleven year old David Comissiong ( and the family that he was a part of ) were required to live in the Methodist Manse in the semi-exclusive residential area known as Highgate Gardens, and almost immediately he challenged the race and class structures of that residential community by seeking out friends from the black working class community of the Pine housing area.

The Comissiong home became a veritable community centre in Highgate Gardens , and became the locus of an extensive group of black middle class and working class boys drawn from both Highgate Gardens and the Pine who grew up together and became life long friends. Furthermore, many times the young David Comissiong was forced  to defend his black working class friends against racist white residents of Highgate Gardens who were opposed to their constant presence in the hitherto exclusive residential community.

Actually, David Comissiong did not come to social activism as an adult– he was fighting race and class struggles in Highgate Gardens from as early as thirteen years old . Indeed, what Donville Inniss may be blissfully unaware of is that there is a whole generation of people from the Pine– particularly from the areas of Blackman Field and Princess Royal Avenue — who knew the teenage David Comissiong well.

But it is not only the people of the Pine who were able to witness and scrutinize the teenage David Comissiong up close– virtually the whole of Barbados had a good view of the young David Comissiong. You see, while he was still a school boy at Harrison College, David Comissiong used to regularly appear on a CBC television programme called “Understanding” — a programme in which he and other young students such as the now deceased David Thompson and former Government minister Liz Thompson, would interrogate adult public figures and would express their own social and political views.

The reality is that David Comissiong was literally born Black conscious and from as far back as he can remember self identified as a proud Black human being.

Indeed, David Comissiong’s first published Letter to the Editor was written when he was 14 years old and was a defense of Black people against a scurrilous racist attack. In addition , David Comissiong was known at Harrison College for his big Afro hairstyle, and he had the distinction of once being called out by the Headmaster (Albert Williams) before the whole school at morning assembly and instructed not to return to school until he had cut his hair!

It may also be usefully noted that David Comissiong appeared in theatrical productions at Harrison College and for Harrison College at NIFCA, and famously played the part of the African prince!

David Comissiong , who distinguished himself at Harrison College as a House Captain, Editor of the School Newspaper, Vice Captain of the school’s Track and Field team, Barbados Exhibition Winner, and who was voted by his sixth form peers as the student who had made the most outstanding contribution to the school, actually has no recollection of Donville Inniss at Harrison College.

He , however recollects many other presently outstanding citizens of Barbados who were at Harrison College with him! One of them is prominent Attorney-at-Law and Cricket administrator Philip Nicholls, who has recently published a book in which he refers to the teenage David Comissiong.

Here, for the record, is one of Nicholl’s recollections of the teenaged David Comissiong :-

Extract from Philip Nicholl’s recently published book entitled “More Binding Than Marriage: The perils of a legal partnership” :–

“From Merrivale I moved on to Harrison College in 1971….. At Kolij I met up with some persons who were to become lifelong friends, guys such as Edmund Hinkson, Solly Nana, Frank Belgrave…. David Comissiong…and Reuben Bailey…. Already, however, those early days were seeing auditions for our future interests. Those present at our many summer limes that included robust playing of road tennis will remember well David Comissiong’s mortification that some of us could be supporting “imperialist” nations at the 1978 World Cup when African nations and Brazil were playing.”

Oh, what a congenital liar Donville Inniss is!

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125 Comments on “For the Record DONVILLE INNISS is an Outstanding LIAR!”

  1. ac November 24, 2016 at 8:30 AM #

    Lol afro was symbolic and it was worn across all racial lines blacks wore it as a symbol of identity. White’s wore it as showing support for blacks causes
    However back to crux of the on going now what has become a feud and it’s
    relevancy to self identity
    Commisiong sensitivity to his self identity to which DI references gives reason to belive that Commisiong had presented two sides of himself .There is a possibility that in all earness Commisiong struggled with his identity and protray either side in his quest of trying to be accepted during his school years
    Of course within time as race became a well publicised and vocally unacceptable Commisiong decisions of readily accepting himself to be black became a lot easier
    Today one can easily see by his record on works through African organizations where his heart lies but one should also easily understand that in an era of hositly towards blacks his variances to fit in with both faces and cultures would have been forced by a willingness of wanting to be accepted through no fault of his own.A force and a challenged which he fought through his school which might have been a misrepresentation of himself and unintentionally misread by DI
    A lie NO an unintentional misrepresentation Yes which can easily be forgiven given the time period and era of racial discontent both men lived in.


  2. Retribution-things that make me go hum! November 24, 2016 at 8:39 AM #

    “All over Barbados there are successful businesses owned by the Closed Brethren, and heavily patronised by Barbadians.
    It would be interesting to learn which secondary schools, old or new, did most of these Close Brethren businessmen attended?”

    Close Brethrens or Plymouths whatever they feel like being identified as are educated up to 3rd or 4th form mostly the females, they do not go as high as 6th form. Their businesses strive because they are great accountants, they leave school early to become certified accountants. Their English language skills are deplorable.

    They are a bunch of alcoholic uneducated hypocrites. They hire blacks simply to under pay them. The Poli trickians in Barbados should be eradicating these injustices meted out to Barbadians instead of constantly attacking each other for fame.

    Donville Innis and his DLP counterparts are all LIARS.


  3. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 9:22 AM #

    ACs….wont yall dumb asses feel insulted being associated with white ideologies, any smart conscious black person woul and would also voice it have you no commonsense, it’s even worse if it’s a lie.

    I have heard black men boasting, through ignorance that they have “white in them” without knowing that they are demeaning themselves, they then pass that lack of knowledge of white ideology on to their children, ehich in turn produces asses like yall.

    When the uneducated ministers and minstry of education finally learn that “whiteness”…is not a skin color, but a state of mind and start legislating that this awareness be taught in the schools, there will be no moe confused psychologically damaged jackasses like Dumbville parading in the parliament trying to use the blighted lack of knowledge by people like himself….for political leverage and gain.


  4. ac November 24, 2016 at 10:36 AM #

    bush sh//it u are a real fart hole fuh trute doah, uh alwayz ready n able to be a low life sneaking side winding snake with uh slimy attacks using the same vernacular u condemn others ,,u miserable creep


  5. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 10:37 AM #

    Well well

    I’ve also witnessed white people here in the states argued quite persuasively that their have black in them, and these people are obviously correct because the evidence is there to support the fact that the blood of the African as well as the European in the western hemisphere is indeed mixed. Now the question is: should we be celebrating this as though it is to be wore as some badge of honour, certainly not? The sad fact is we are all human beings equal on every level, but the institution of slavery has obviously damaged the collective psyche of the human race, but it will take time to change this erroneous way of thinking I suppose?


  6. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 10:48 AM #

    Dompey….in reality, there is nothing such as a white person, it’s an ideology. In reality, there are people of African descent, lighter toned, darlpker toned, whatever.

    Whiteness is made up shit in the last couple centuries by people who were searching for thir own identity and some riches. some KKK literature, it will help you tremendously, yuugely, bigly.


  7. Bush Tea November 24, 2016 at 10:56 AM #

    @ WW&C
    …what nonsense are you encouraging now?
    Reading will only serve to confuse Dompey more….

    The only way to get through to dopey is with licks. Unfortunately, that wise teacher that he had at St Leonards did not get the opportunity to finish the job he started…..
    ha ha ha


  8. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 11:28 AM #

    Lol..just trying to hepl out Bushman.


  9. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 11:28 AM #

    Well Well

    You need to read Sir Arthur Lewis as well as Claudette Williams book called Charcoal & Cinamine, to better understand the origin of the concept of whiteness as it applies to the people of European extraction.


  10. Vincent Haynes November 24, 2016 at 11:30 AM #


    Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 10:48 AM #

    ….in reality, there is nothing such as a white person, it’s an ideology. In reality, there are people of African descent, lighter toned, darlpker toned, whatever.

    Whiteness is made up shit in the last couple centuries by people who were searching for thir own identity and some riches. some KKK literature, it will help you tremendously, yuugely, bigly.

    Finally sense emerges.


  11. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 11:39 AM #

    Well Well

    You really can’t help me with much regarding race because there isn’t much that I haven’t read in the way of relations as an immigrant living in a in country founded on the principles of racism and sexism.


  12. Anonymouse - TheGazer November 24, 2016 at 11:40 AM #

    Thanksgiving day and who do i see .. Dompey 🙂
    I will still give thanks


  13. ac November 24, 2016 at 11:40 AM #

    One cannot deny that skin color is a normal form of racial identity if that was not the case we would all be categorized as a people without a race or just simply the human race which is not the case but encouraged and accepted as one of many reliable way of recognizing one race from another by use of skin color
    So for those with their so called boring and boorish intellect setting out to dehumanized a normality of the human gene i say to them take their ridiculous ideas albeit with selective scientific findings to persuade and discourage and disassemble a well know truth that people skin color is a marker used to differentiate the race of a people and culture
    In any case the ideology of whiteness has nothing to do with the topic at hand . The difference being the skin color is an identity marker genetic to pigmentation while the ideology is a construct meant to have superiority over one race that does not remove identity


  14. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 11:46 AM #

    Well Well

    Are you aware of the fact the American Constitution made no provision for women, minors of people of colour at the time of its ratification? And that a lot of the views on women regarding the suffrage amongst many other things, came about as a resulted of the thinking of the quite a few philosophers from the western intellectual tradition?


  15. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 12:23 PM #

    ACs…that was such a stupid comment from yall, not even worth answering, keep up displaying yall lack of intelligence and everyone will stop indulging you…lol

    Dompey…it’s been days now I have been saying on here that the constitution was created by long dead people, for long dead people, to ensure that only white men and no one else had any rights, it was never upgraded sufficiently by the living to assert the rights of everyone, except for a few measily, nonfunctioning amendments…

    ….. therefore, long dead white men are still controlling living people’s lives negatively from the grave, because the living refuse to bury those long dead ideologies wth those long dead white men.

    In the case of the black leaders in Barbados they love being controlled from the grave by long dead white men, or they woud make drastic changes to their constitution to benefit their own people.


  16. ac November 24, 2016 at 12:30 PM #

    it is stupid because you cannot refute my point of argument you choose to turn the subject matter into an ideology built on a premises of superiority which was not the intent or for which was Commissiong concern
    However it is not unlikely for you to bring in your boorish recants as a way to control the content of any given article
    Always so f ing annoying


  17. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 12:34 PM #

    I am not helping you Dompey, I told you to read t KKK literature, that will help you, I know you never read any of it by your comments.

    Vincent…none of that is new, there are just many more underlying factors to deal with, you take what I posted and post it on the website of any KKK, Neo Nazi or far right extremist group and see their reaction, better yet, confront them physically with the truth and see what they will do to you.

    I have always held that view, but you want to change the mentality of blacks to reflect that truth and expect them to act accordingly, but you said nothing about changing the nasty racist mentalities of the whites and other groups…it’s not the job of blacks to stop them from being stupid racists….and that is where we diverge.

    So how are you going to convince racists around the world that they are supposed to be accepting of their black brethren and sistren and that we are all one and of the pelau race and yada yada….

    The floor is yours Vincent.

    I suggest you start in the US, UK, Germany and Canada….not the Caribbean.


  18. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 12:36 PM #

    ACs…only annoying because you cant get anything in your mind to make sense, by the time it reaches the blog, it’s gibberish.


  19. Vincent Haynes November 24, 2016 at 12:57 PM #


    Present day humanoids’ DNA indicates that they are all of the same origin,that melanin is not a gene,hence we are one race with many tribes by virtue of cosmetics such as environment,geography, culture,etc,etc…..tibes form,disappear,new ones emerge.

    Present day Caribbean has had a makeover during the last 700 years and by crossfertilaisation of many tribes,there is presently an opportunity to classify ourselves as a new tribe that I refer to as Pelaus due to our variety of ingredients like our Caribbean dish pelau.A Pelau covers the full quantity range of melanin and has shared experiences.

    Once we identify ourselves,accept that the rest of the world does not owe us anything,stop looking at everybody else,develop our own code of operation and a vision,we will be ready to take on the world and establish our place as an equal.

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  20. David Comissiong November 24, 2016 at 1:08 PM #


    According to, Donville Inniss was born on 1st January 1966. He would therefore have entered the first form at Harrison College in September 1977, the year that David Comissiong entered the sixth form. And it would appear that Donville Inniss went as far as the fifth form level at Harrison College.


  21. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 1:10 PM #

    Vincent…that does not fix the problem of racism practiced by the very tiny minority of whatever they call themselves lately against majority black populations in the Caribbean, which is apparently state sanctioned, nor does it repell racist tourists from visiting the Caribbean shores, racism has been a blight on the Caribbean islands for those centuries, how do you reprogram racists, you are living in a fantasy pelau world…a dish I really like and cooked on Monday, but the reality to your fantasy….is quite different.

    Ad whenever tha is fixed, you still have the curse that is classism embedded in society coupled with racism….solutions Vincent, not fantasy.


  22. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 1:17 PM #

    Re Dumbille..that so explains everything.


  23. ac November 24, 2016 at 1:22 PM #

    Sure WELL WELL like your well recitations and retorts of the same boorish arguments like your 12.34 comment blah blah blah
    however for good measure i crowned you Bu Turkey of the day just another ideology one that is factual and cannot be refuted having all the stuffing and trimmings well placed for those of your likened mind to gobbled up


  24. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 1:27 PM #

    Well Well

    Racism and classism speaks to a mentality that is intricately interwoven with some measure inadequacy because why does one have to determine his or her self-worth through one’s race or one’s enabling means?


  25. David November 24, 2016 at 1:34 PM #

    It is regrettable we have these politicians who drop untruths in the public space and it is given currency by yardfowls. Agree with you 100% holding them to account.


  26. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 1:52 PM #


    What are you trying to imply by suggesting that yardfowls giving currency to untruths which are perpetuated by politicians? Are you suggesting that these so call yardfowls take these untruths and influence the rest? If not, then why should it even matter what these so call yardfowls do with these untruths if such untruths do little to influence the majority?


  27. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 1:53 PM #

    Dompey..the problem in the Caribbean is dismantling both evils of racism and classism, bith state sanctioned and both heavily embedded in the society and in most people’s psyches after hundreds of years of programming, it’s particularly bad in Barbados.’s not an overnight thing, no matter how much Vincent, or I or others wish that it were…..both will take many decades to dismantle.

    The ACs and ministers of government and parliamentarians are perfectly good examples of the damaged psyches…Alvin is an 80 year old example of how difficult the process of reversal of all that psychological damage caused by racism and classism would be if undertaken.

    Personally, I would start by changing the names of all the schools with an ugly past of practicing racism and classism, if they had changed the name of Harrisons and recognized it as the high school it is, Dumbville would never be using it as a reference point to whiteness, racism or classism, in the house of parliament, the degrading, psychologically damaging example would no longer exist.


  28. HAMILTON A HILL November 24, 2016 at 2:01 PM #

    Nov.23rd at 2:00pm. That post attributed to ac lends validity to the linkage of the aforementioned one and King Dyal as simply characters of bajan folklore. Perhaps the two were even married.


  29. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 2:22 PM #

    Well Well

    I understand the machinery of classism in Barbados quite well because as a younger man vacationing in Barbados, I had my share of young girls and middle women by my mere status as a Bajan Yankee. These same women would have never given me a second glanced had I been living in Barbados, far less more want to be in my company and share my bed. And like any blue blooded Bajan boy I took full advantage of the opportunity Bushie!


  30. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 3:14 PM #

    Dompey…you do have daughters and grand daughters right.

    You do understand that the high standard of education really refers to the high standard of programming. ..centuries old programming, as well as cultural which is decades old.


  31. ac November 24, 2016 at 3:29 PM #

    Bro yes you bro Hamilton hill why u feel the need to be so fixated on what i say. What is your problem?


  32. ac November 24, 2016 at 3:42 PM #

    Hamilton Hill King Dyall sent you this message

    The Barbadian Defamation Act contemplates the defense of “comment” and the defense of “privilege to a prosecution for criminal libel. The defense of comment is a defense against the prosecution of criminal defamation where the libel or slander is a fair comment on a matter of public interest.208 In an action for defamation where the statement (literally, the “words”) include or consist solely of expression of opinion, “a defense of comment shall not fail only because the defendant has failed to prove the truth of every relevant assertion of fact relied on by him as a foundation for the opinion,” provided that the assertions proved to be true “are relevant and afford a foundation therefore.”209 Moreover, the defense of comment shall not be limited or otherwise affected by the fact that dishonorable or corrupt motives have been attributed to the plaintiff.
    The defense of privilege includes absolute and qualified privilege, which protect, for example:
    • the publication of a fair, accurate and contemporaneous report in any newspaper or broadcast program of any proceedings in public before a court (including a court established by a disciplinary law and a tribunal or inquiry recognized by law and exercising judicial functions);

    • proceedings of Parliament;

    • reports commissioned by either House; and

    • the publication of a fair and accurate report of proceedings in Parliament. However, the defense of qualified privilege shall be defeated if the plaintiff proves that the defendant in making the allegedly libelous publication had a malicious intent.

    King Dyall told you to read with understanding

    ###a voice from beyond


  33. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 4:15 PM #

    ACs…did yall take ya medication today.


  34. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 4:24 PM #

    Well Well

    Dompey do have daughters and granddaughters right? And?


  35. Well Well & Consequences November 24, 2016 at 4:40 PM #

    Just asking Dompey, be very thankful for the US….as it’s thanksgiving day, you have lots to be thankful for. ..


  36. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 5:16 PM #

    Well Well

    Girl you ain’t lying because I got every kind of woman on the face of the earth to choose from here in America . If I want Japanese, Italian, Polish, Australian, African, African American, Hispanics, aborigine, East Indian, Native American, West Indian, Bosnian, Malaysian etc, its all here in America and the culinary traditions to go with them as well. So I am living in a bite size piece of heaven, so therefore, I am thankful Well Well.


  37. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 5:23 PM #

    Well Well

    There isn’t any place like America is the history of human race because the entire would lives in this bite size piece of heaven here on earth.


  38. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 5:25 PM #

    Sorry world


  39. Dompey November 24, 2016 at 5:56 PM #

    Well Well

    Don’t envy what Yahweh has preordained because it was fated Well Well. Can’t imagine live my entire live on an island now that I have been give this opportunity to experienced this bite size piece of heaven here on earth.


  40. HAMILTON A HILL November 24, 2016 at 8:59 PM #

    @ ac…….the unbalanced and topsy-turvy land over which the political class hold serve is just that….unbalanced and topsy-turvy. For how else would this nonentity attract attention, while the blatant attempt to fleece a poor octogenarian floated harmlessly by beneath the radar of public scrutiny for nearly ten years? I shall repeat. Much that has happened along the urban corridors of Barbados would have attracted the attention of a D A if such had occurred here in New York. Who goes on trial for public funds unaccounted for in the name of Housing? Please understand my dear ac that it entails a fee to change flight plans. I did that back in 2008, so as to be at the BUSA roundabout .” I would not steal, cheat or lie”. Sounds familiar to you ac? I watched the big screen as it highlighted the document with the signature of Owen Arthur. Must I remind you that $75,000 is miniscule where the escapades of this administration is concerned? How do you not see why I Hamilton Alexander Hill is pissed off? Your post of 3:42pm seems to imply that a word to the wise is sufficient. Please say the same to your colleague Chris, should he dare venture into the sphere of Barbadian morality. In good old bajan parlance we does talk bout putting yah mout where yah money is.
    Where politics are concerned all bets are off, don’t you think? Oh and please tell the disgrace that now fronts as leader of the government { cause you and me know dat he aint got no real say bout nuttin} to go to parliament and attempt to legislate unionism….a fantastic way to test the pulse of the people.


  41. Well Well & Consequences November 25, 2016 at 5:37 AM #

    The AC’s minds are very disorganized, which makes it extremely difficult for them to articulate their thoughts coherently, hence they need to plagarize and copy and paste in an attempt to get a point across, or to threaten who they cannot convince, their mindwash is ugly and total….that’s the lot of yardfowls.


  42. Hal Austin November 25, 2016 at 6:17 AM #

    Donville is at it again. The problem is not really his, but poor journalism by the editors of the various publications he uses to vulgarly raise his profile.
    In liberal democratic journalism one of the key concepts is ‘balance’ ie giving a voice to those opposed to the main protagonist. Too often papers run statements from Mr Inniss without any balance.
    Readers suffer because of this.


  43. Well Well & Consequences November 25, 2016 at 8:38 AM #

    Dompey……you know the saying in the USA, black men can ony think of what is in their pants, hope you are not in that category.


  44. Well Well & Consequences November 25, 2016 at 3:46 PM #

    Vincent…This is what I spoke about yesterday, it’s now a point of discussion on facebook, how to stop being racist, the problem has to be attacked at its root cause as I have been saying all alng, educating racists, is the key. As I have been trying to point out racists are the ones with the serious problems….not their targets, they are the ones to change their mentality, modify their behaviors and seek treatment for mental illness.

    How to Stop Being Racist
    Racism is the “Hatred” of one person by another, based on the belief that that person is inferior because of their skin color, language, customs, place of birth, or other similar traits.Racism has existed throughout human history, often providing justification for one group’s dominance over another. Most people, even if they do not approve of overt racism, nonetheless have some kind of prejudice against another group of people, and these prejudices can lead to hurt, anger, and even violence at both the personal and societal levels. Overcoming your own racism requires a personal long journey, and this article will provides some insights to help you find your path.

    Part One of Two:
    Working on Your Own
    Image titled Stop Being Racist Step 1
    Self-assess. An important first step in your personal journey to overcome racial prejudice is to take stock of yourself. Which groups of people might you be prejudiced against? What are your thoughts about these groups? Where do your negative feelings arise from?
    Many people have prejudices that they aren’t even conscious of, but can be detected using a psychological test called an Implicit Association Test (IAT). You can take the IAT yourself online.[1]
    People are frequently shocked by the results of their IAT, because they assume they are free of racism.

    Taking this test is a good way to examine your own prejudice, and getting unpleasant results is, for many people, a motivation to work on changing their attitudes.
    Think about the source of your racism. The cause of racism can be anything, but it’s usually growing up in a racist environment, surrounding ourselves with peers who have racist attitudes, or looking for someone else to blame for our problems.[2] Some also point to messages we get through the media or culture more broadly.[3] Understanding where your own racist tendencies may have come from is an important step in unlearning them.
    Monitor your thinking and practice empathy. Be aware of your thoughts when confronted with situations that trigger your prejudice, and try to put yourself in the other person’s position. In other words, try to be mindful of how people different from yourself might feel in a given situation, and how your actions might be affecting them.[4]
    Image titled Stop Being Racist Step 2
    Research the topic. Start informing yourself about the scientific realities of race, the minority experience in your nation, and the struggles confronted by people who are victims of prejudice. Often, an understanding of these issues helps bring about greater sympathy for minority groups.[5]
    A good place to start is by learning what race really is. Primarily, racial differences are socially constructed: that is, they are the product of society. Science tells us there is very little genetic difference between people of different races, and that racial categories aren’t actually biologically distinct from one another.[6]

    There are many books, both fiction and non-fiction, which can help you through the next step: starting to understand the difficulties confronted by minority or disenfranchised groups. Novels like Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man can be an enjoyable place to begin.[7]
    Many anti-racism organizations provide lists of recommended reading (primarily non-fiction) on their websites. Anti-racist educator Tim Wise, for example, has an extensive reading list available on his website.[

    Image titled Stop Being Racist Step 9
    Attend a conference or join an anti-racism group. These venues are a great place to work with others to improve not only your own racial attitudes, but also society at large.
    Two of the larger organizations that work on these issues are the White Privilege Conference and the Anti-Racist Alliance.[24][25]
    Check to see if there is an anti-racism group where you live. Getting actively involved in the struggle against racism will only increase your resolve to eliminate it within yourself.
    Image titled Stop Being Racist Step 10

    Challenge racism in the world. Changing your own attitude is important, but if you truly wish not contribute racial inequality, many believe you have a responsibility to actively challenge the racism of others.
    For example, talk to others about their own racist attitudes. If you encounter people who have prejudiced views but are open to change, point them toward the same types of minority perspectives that you sought out in your own research on the issue.[26]
    Challenge racist behavior when you see it. If someone you know uses a racial slur, tell them it is racist, and explain why it is a problem.[27]

    Community Q&A
    Why are all the people who are presented to be racist white? Can no other race judge based on pigment? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
    This is a tricky subject because many people have a connotative definition of the word racism where only the people in power (which is typically the majority group, which are whites in most of the English-speaking world) can hurt the people under them. With that definition, it is impossible, in their minds, for the “oppressors” to become oppressed themselves, which results in the assumption that all whites are racist, or perhaps, that all racists are white. However, believing that the whole of a certain race believes a certain way actually is racist, too, according to the denotative, dictionary definition of the word. So yes, anyone can be racist, not just whites.
    I am attracted more to people of certain races than others. Does this count as racism? Answered by

    wikiHow Contributor
    It’s not racist as long as you do not think those women are inferior or less of a human based on their race. It’s normal to have preferences and like certain qualities in a person. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to romantic and sexual attraction. It’s important to know, though, that people of all races are valuable and equal.

    How can I help change the mind of someone who is racist? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
    Ask them if other people were racist about them, how would they feel. Ask them if they’d be offended, ask them if they’d like it. Tell them good things about the people they are racist about, praise them in front of the racist person. Make a plan together with the person they are racist about to do something nice for the racist person so they could change their opinions about them.
    How do I stop being scared of black people? Answered by wikiHow Contributor

    By finding black people you’re not afraid of. Look for the people with the best human qualities (people with the closest interests and values to you, people who suit you best) across all skin colors. If it’s too tough to find them in the area you live (very bad neighborhood in the city with very violent racial tensions), look for them in the media, or even better, find yourself a pen pal on any social network. That works for elimination of prejudices about any race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, etc. The general rule is: the more you interact with interesting and reasonable people of different backgrounds, the more tolerant you become, and thus, the less scared of “aliens” you are.
    If someone is not racist for being attracted to members of a certain race more than others, why am I racist for wearing a Chinese style straw hat when it’s hot and I am farming outside? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
    You’re not racist – you can wear whatever is comfortable to you! Anyone accusing you of racism for that is being ridiculous. Some people find cultural appropriation to be offensive, e.g., when white people dress up like Native Americans for fun or when people wear something that’s normally worn for religious purposes just to be ‘fashionable’. But that’s different than finding something from another culture to be useful, and using it. Everyone everywhere does that to some degree, and it’s a good thing! It’s no more ‘racist’ to wear a Chinese-style straw hat than it is to eat Chinese food, or than it is for people in China to wear Western-style clothing that obviously originated from outside their country. If you were wearing it as some cultural statement/stereotype – like, “Hey, look, I’m a Chinese person, haha!” – then it could maybe be considered racist.

    How do I change the world from racism?

    The more you can read about racial justice issues, the better. It is a great way to increase your understanding of the issue in the privacy of your home, especially in the early stages of your efforts to stop being racist.[28]
    1 Helpful? 0
    Get in the habit of self-monitoring. Think about your reactions to people you encounter from groups you may be prejudiced against as they are occurring, and try to correct them.[29]
    1 Helpful? 0
    Try not to get defensive. Talking to people about racism can be uncomfortable and can reveal some difficult truths. Remember that people’s perspectives on their own life experiences (i.e. suffering the negative effects of racism) are valid and should be treated as such. Seek to embrace these perspectives without wallowing in guilt or making excuses your past behavior or the behavior of others.[30]

    0 Helpful? 1
    Along the same lines, if you make a mistake and do something that is racist, own up to it and apologize, and talk about how you can do a better job in the future, rather than making excuses.[31]

    Racism, like any bad habit, will be hard to break. You will probably never be free of all prejudice, and may have to strive for a long time to overcome your racism. Be prepared for a long (but hopefully rewarding) journey.
    20 Helpful? 35
    Some racist friends and family members may not like the fact that you are trying to stop being racist. It is possible you may lose some friends because of your decision, but you will likely gain others who share your commitment to fairness.


  45. Well Well & Consequences November 25, 2016 at 3:58 PM #

    I know I am always a accused of being racist on here, why I always say it’s a waste of time, it’s because I understand the mind of racists and white supremacists, big difference to actually being a racist.

    The folks on here may want to pass on this post to the halfassed racists in Barbados and the Caribbean….who are the local and some fireign minorities.


  46. Well Well & Consequences November 25, 2016 at 4:17 PM #

    And…..I am adding for the record that black people in Barbados being the majority population do not have to accept racism from the local minority population, foreign minority population or anyone else, whether it’s state sanctioned or enabled and condoned by the black governments or not, it’s your right as a human being to protest against and fight racism in your majority black country.


  47. Vincent Haynes November 25, 2016 at 4:19 PM #


    I do not need the above to tell me who and what I am,nor that all of us have prejudices.

    My prejudices are based on the intelect of an individual and not their skin tone.

    Malfeasance exists in all humanoids even those lost tribes in the amazon,it is part of our DNA,no one tribe has exclusive rights over it.

    The Slave trade was a win win situation for the European tribes and west African tribes,a willing seller and a willing buyer.

    Feel free to highlight corruption to your hearts content as I said no tribe has a monopoly and we Pelaus in the Caribbean of all skin tones have practiced it from the colonial dawn.


  48. Colonel Buggy November 25, 2016 at 4:36 PM #

    Nothing has change, we are still,mandated it seems, to make others rich
    The Barbadians brought their West Indies experiences and the cultural and political institutions they had developed on the island in the previous forty years. They had experience in subduing a wilderness. They had experience in governing a colony. They were seasoned against many tropical diseases. They brought with them their plantation system and African slavery.
    For the first twenty years of the colony’s existence, nearly 50% of all white settlers and almost all blacks were from Barbados. By the mid-1700s, South Carolina had become on of the three wealthiest and economically important colonies in the English empire.
    (Carolina -The Barbados Experience)


  49. Well Well & Consequences November 25, 2016 at 5:18 PM #

    Vincent….this is not about you, you are but one person on your way out of this life, when you are gone, others still have to live with the centuries old twin blights that are racismm and classism affecting generation after generation of black people and others negatively.

    Why are you making this about you, as you can see it has now become a concerted team effort WORLDWIDE to break the back of racism for the good if ALL…this has nothing to do with one person and their opinions to keep things as they are while blaming the targets of racism.


  50. Harrisonian December 5, 2016 at 1:46 AM #

    I fail to understand what David Commissiong has gotten so paranoid about. Minister Inniss reflected upon his recollection of DC at HC, If that is how Inniss remembered him at school then so be it.

    I find DC tirade a bit childish and arrogant. Why go to such lengths to justify your blackness. Why launch a personal attack on Inniss for sharing his views on what he perceived DC character to be like back in the late 70s? He never said that DC was a white man but rather that perhaps he more associated with whites of had a behavioral trait more akin to whites than blacks. DC cannot deny that perception if that is how Inniss saw him then. Others at school then may have had a different perspective. each one is correct in their views.

    Furthermore, to imply that perhaps Inniss did not go to HC can be construed as snobbery on the pat of David Commissiong. Maybe it is the Highgate Gardens mentality coming out. Also remember that black people were not particularly welcomed in Highgate Gardens unless they were of the monied class, maids or gardeners.

    I actually admire Inniss for riling up David.

    Inniss is not a liar – he just shared his bit of history.

    Let it go David. Go find another issue to flog. Grow up man


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