DLP Comfortable in the Political Wilderness

At 1:05AM EST the blogmaster had the uncontrollable urge to lookup the definition of ‘stupidity’.  One of many definitions a trusty Google search brought back was – behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgment. The reason to refresh the memory of a a well used word in the every day lexicon of John Public surprisingly had nothing to do with having to read the daily comments posted by certain BU characters. It happened after watching the following video.

The three former ministers and a Senator in the last general election have the right to share views.  What is surprising though is that we have a political party decimated at the polls not feeling any urgency to come to the pubic to make ‘peace’. The majority of the public – we estimate 70% – sent a loud message that it has no confidence in the Democratic Labour Party as it relates to managing the affairs of state. What we want to know is how does the DLP plan to organize itself to be relevant in a period strong opposition will be required to safeguard the interest of Barbadians.

What many of us do not want to hear is a fragmented DLP lot coming to an expectant public looking for change to spout rejected narratives. Where is the credibly to be found in the four soundly defeated candidates pontificating about concerns they were found guilty of on the 24 May 2018?

The first job of the DLP is to organize itself to demonstrate to the public it understands where it has failed as a party, AND,  here is what we have done to correct. As a party it has not taken any positive decisions to assuage recent public opinion it is a credible political party to be considered the government in waiting. Especially given the frenetic pace the Barbados Labour Party has embarked since taking the reins of government

After ten years in government what is the enduring memories of the four by the blogmaster you ask? Donville, hot air. Estwick, puppy and Jesus Christ, Stephen Lashley, $2.00 stadium and Verla, always pun CBC.



How disespectful is it for four rejected c


  • @T.Inniss

    You read or heard what former Senator Dr. Reverend David Durant opined about the DLP’s behaviour in the last campaign? He is a dem, deal with it!

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  • While we are dealing. Let’s deal with the fact that barbados defaulting on its loan was done without accountability and transparency and poor advise as it has now been revealed by International creditors
    Mia Mottley has placed barbados in the category of that as a failed state and a banana republic where its goverance cannot be trusted


  • Now Toni Moore opens her both mouth and tells a huge lie about what the Unions were expecting
    Toni what was that call for the big meeting via Television all about
    Then afterwards meeting after meeting asking govt to meet the demands of that 23%followed by strikes and marches
    Then even after govt made an offer of 49million did not the Unions reject saying it was not enough
    Lady do you not have any shame to accept a paltry 5% which amounts to crumbs falling off the masters table and tell the members to partake there of
    For certain you can be easily described as a political prostitute of the highest order

    ###:::respect due for peoples intelligence


  • Btw David have you read how much credit card debt barbadians have amassed
    Also are you cognizant of the fact that in a mere two weeks Mia has added more debt to the barbadian household with new taxes
    Also are you aware that with oil prices reaching new highs that most barbadians would be squeezed finacially to the brink of bankruptcy because of job losses
    The financial outlook for Barbados household took a nose dive in a mere two weeks with Motley actions which are draconian having fall outs that would strangle domestic credit worthiness and increased inflation

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  • Well Well & Cut N' Paste At Your Service

    I don’t listen to any nuisance pollsters and political scientists whatever those are, if they were any gopd at what they did and were able to read the mood of the country leading up to May 24th…they would have seen the 30-0 destroying of DLP by the electorate miles on its way……..as those on BU had been calling for and projecting fpr 2 full years. .

    The one thing the island will never need on the political landscape ever again is a return to the destructive 2 party system….not after the people’s 52 year old experience of deceitful, secretive, dishonest politicians from the now dead duopoly……

    The best move for the population at this time, watch how these current ministers perform, judge them and reelect based on performance. ….at equates to the salaries and perks they receive from taxpayers…reelect them ONLY IF…they have worked for your money…

    The 3rd parties should stay in their place, do not disband, so that the electorate can have another 6 or 7 group of candidates to choice from in each party, depending on how the current ministers perform…

    What 2 party system what….Wickham really needed to stop his visionless nonsense, it serves no purpose in this era….2010 is long gone…his mouthings have become useless.


  • Third parties is irrelevant in securing barbados social and economic decay their voices only lend to space and to help the blp yardfowls distract from the IMF further impact of draconian policies already started by Mia and her crew
    Listening to Toni Moore wanting not to place blame on their shortsighted aporoach in accepting govt offer and now settling for crumbs with further attaching a tag of joblessness is pathetic


  • Mariposa
    The figures on credit card spend are for the year 2017, so tell us why Barbadians were relying so heavily on credit cards under the DLP. Your constant harping about hardship as a result of the recent budget appears to be alarmist. Let’s take someone with an annual income of $80,000, since the income tax rate changes only affect those earning above $75,000. Annually, the water/sewage charge will be approx. $548; 1% Health Levy $550; income tax at an additional 6.5% for income above $75,000 will result in an additional $325. A total of $1423 more per year. With the abolition of road tax, the fuel tax starts in the negative and an individual can control the final cost to some extent. I will not touch the abolition of the 10% NSRL, but will remind you that UWI’s annual tuition fees are: Law $9,000; Soc. Sci/Humanities/Sci & Tech. $6000. Mia and the BLP gine cause you many sleepless nights.


  • Enact, legislate, declare and enforce these laws..


    “The Integrity Commission says there are grounds to begin an investigation into the activities of former investment and trade minister, Asot Michael, who stepped down last month amid speculation that he was among Caribbean politicians who had received bribes from a British investor.

    In a statement, the Integrity Commission said the investigation would fall under the Integrity in Public Life Act and the Prevention of Corruption Act, both enacted in 2004.”


  • Please listen to our PM’S Press conference now on.

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  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Prodigal Son June 16, 2018 2:35 PM

    Barbados was a hair’s breadth away from the ‘official’ Devaluation of its dollar.

    The Bajan people ought to see MAM as their Joan of Arc; at least for the time being.

    That ‘reported’ US $ 220 million in foreign reserves left by that once boastful Deceitful Lying Party is made up mainly of special drawing rights (SDR’s held with the IMF) and non-liquid assets held overseas and difficult to convert into hard currency to pay for vital imports and services provided overseas like maintaining the ‘excess to requirements’ overseas embassy officials and unproductively useless missions and offices.

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  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Well Well and Consequences

    What you said is precisely the strategy thst any bajan should have

    “…The best move for the population at this time, watch how these current ministers perform, judge them and reelect based on performance. ….at equates to the salaries and perks they receive from taxpayers…reelect them ONLY IF…they have worked for your money…”

    Determine the monetary value of their contributions

    Compute their salaries and then divide their contributions by the salary

    Any ratio that is less than 20:1 means that the parliamentarian should be fired because at that level with a $4 billion economy and 30 MPs you have to operate at that rate of return OR GO HOME

    I GOING GET de grandson compose a Stoopid Cartoon on what you just said ok?


  • As Mia says….We got this….Barbados is once again coming back to life.Mia exudes confidence and that is going to be good for all citizens.We want her to examine all infelicities and pass all the legislation required to make the Stuart cabinet explain to the public where the 9 billion dollars gone in debt they amassed over the last 10 years.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ The Sage Annunaki

    You said and I quote “…and services provided overseas like maintaining the ‘excess to requirements’ overseas embassy officials and unproductively useless missions and offices…”

    De ole man very sorry but you see me?

    I would bring back home every one of dem effers and retool with the “lean mean fighting machine



    And I ent care if Senator Caswell Franklyn complain bout what I doing Eid de rights of he Unity members who word there, dem going home.

    This is not a time for games or friendship.

    Either wunna deliver or wunna through de eddoes…

    But den again de ole man ent de PRIME minister and I ent bringing home people from the diaspora wid fluffed up CVs to be senators

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  • @millertheanunnaki June 16, 2018 2:59 PM

    Didn´t Tron tell everybody on BU that the official numbers for the forex reserves are made up?

    Since the reserves are ex officio ZERO Tron issues his apology to PM MAM. Declaring default was a MUST to avoid criminal acts for delays in filing for insolvency. Do not forget that Barbados waived immunity for the Credit Suisse loan! PM MAM needed to act to avoid liability.

    Well done. PM MAM forever.

    However, why are the DPP and the Royal Barbadian Police not investigating a possible credit fraud and other acts like delays in filing for insolvency, committed by Big Sinck??? Is he above the law???


  • I hope the Hon PM will find a role for those senior civil servants who all opted for early retirement rather than work with criminals and be tainted for life and those who were forced into early retirement by the vindictive Dems.


  • exgovernment ministers…ALL of them should be led away in handcuffs….going forward Bajans have to be very careful and very aware of whom they are voting into parliament as candidates and their representatives.


    “Their intention was to “engage with Barbados with regard to its present situation, to facilitate communication among creditors, and to pursue any appropriate actions”.

    “The committee believes that any future interactions with Barbados should be conducted in a manner consistent with the G-20-endorsed Principles for Stable Capital Flows and Fair Debt Restructuring, which include transparency and timely flow of information, open dialogue, good faith actions, and fair treatment among creditor classes,” said officials of Newstate Partners LLP.

    The firm urged holders of Barbados external commercial debt who were interested in receiving more information to make contact.

    Government recently announced that it had appointed White Oak Advisory Ltd, based in London, to act as its financial advisor in the debt restructuring process. The Mia Mottley administration also said it had retained the services of New York-based Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP as external legal advisor.”


  • Piece…only you and your grandson can get it right just so.


  • Mia had to choice but to move very quickly, the exgovernment willfully sunk the island ..it was willful because they could have done much better if they really wanted to…no one could be that stupid unknowingly.

    “Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said the island’s arrears are closer to $1.9 billion, as new debts are discovered, weeks after she led her Barbados Labour Party to a 30-0 victory at the polls.

    She cited a lease payment of $3.8 million due for the Sanitation Services Authority “for an unoccupied building”.

    But the Prime Minister is assuring the country that her administration is equipped to get Barbados out of the current mess.

    She noted that while it usually takes about nine months to reach an agreement with the IMF, she is hopeful that Barbados will not have to wait that long.”


  • Thanks @millertheanunnaki for your 2:59 pm post re: “non-liquid assets held overseas and difficult to convert into hard currency to pay for vital imports and services provided overseas like maintaining the ‘excess to requirements’ overseas embassy officials and unproductively useless missions and offices”.

    Since 2011, the Ottawa office of the High Commission of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States was closed for ‘financial reasons’ and replaced by an Eastern Caribbean Liaison Service working in conjunction with the Canada/Caribbean Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme. Part of the rationale for the measure was toward consolidation and reinforcement of the OECS consular operations in Toronto. Any lessons for Barbados – seven years later?


  • Makes perfect sense so far……


    “As the Government prepares for continued negotiations with a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Prime Minister Mia Mottley has assured public sector workers there are no immediate plans to cut jobs.

    In fact, Mottley said job cuts in the public sector would only be done as a last resort.

    “To the extent there are any at all it is going to be the result of a rationalization only with the greatest, greatest delay,” said the Prime Minister this afternoon at a press conference held at Government Headquarters, Bay Street, St Michael.

    She indicated that in the event Government has to go the route of laying off public servants, they would be provided with income-earning alternatives under the Government’s Procurement Act.

    “Even if there is a need for any form of job cuts . . . we have said that we will seek to work with those persons in good faith,” she said.

    “We will look at onset legislation for procurement that allows persons to be able to benefit from a percentage of government procurement, or those who may prefer to farm we will give them access . . . or in terms of vending.

    “We are not prepared to do as the last government did or the government did in 1991 . . . [and] say job cuts first,” she added.”


  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Wunna Stay Comfortable in the Political Wilderness

    But whatever wunna do Remember Fumbles MUST Never EVER sit in the HOA again

    He and a few more

    If wunna going for one uh dem De Ole Man thinks that Verla DePeiza is the most reasonable of all uh dem

    Bulldog need he medication

    Stephen the short me crutch Hitler steupseee

    Pornville is a turncoat and is not to be trusted

    IT IS TIME FOR A NEW VISION AND Verla is flexible



  • Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right

    Remember 30 – Love and to vote Fumbles out


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