Sandra Husbands In a Class ABOVE Donville Inniss

Submitted by Debra Ifill

The Honourable Donville Inniss is one curious fellow.  Who exactly is he speaking to when he makes those public declarations as he does?  His current area of concern is the inefficiency, and lack of IT training in the Customs and Excise Department.  And no, he has no new policy or plan to remedy the issue.

Yes, I have a fascination with the honourable minister simply because I am of the St Jame South constituency, and I am from among that group of the public that never misses the opportunity to vote.  Therefore I pay close attention to the utterances of those who would seek to represent my interests.

What I would wish of the honourable minister, is for him to explain what he sees his responsibility to be.

Additionally, the government service on a whole has suffered from internal inefficiencies for sometime.  There is a point of view that the calf must be fattened since the government must be seen to be employing the people.  I have a similar view, however, I’ve always thought that yes, the government should employ majority of the people, but that it also lacks creativity in the implementation of this idea.

I also think that the state would benefit from better training of public servants, better and actual implementation of policies and processes, and overall better management.

Here’s the thing, I can offer up this critique in a public space as a simple citizen of the country.  It is not my responsibility to come up with the solutions, and then to seek to implement them.  Hence the reason I have always disagreed with the idea that citizens should shut up if all they can offer is critique.  In my view this is simply an attempt at silencing decent.  But I digress.

However, again I find myself having to point out that Donville Inniss continues to critique himself and his government with these ridiculous pronouncements.   Whether unwittingly or purposely  so, it seems quite juvenile and silly.   Unlike me, ordinary citizen X, he has the power to actually effect the change he sees as needed!

After eight years as a member of the sitting government, I think it a reasonable expectation for the honourable minister to be coming to the public with a report of what HE has implemented to correct existing inefficiencies.

We all know that inadequacies exist in many government departments.  However, it is not the governments’ role, on approaching the end of its second term to remind us; but to report to us what they have done to correct, any ills.

I attended the recent educational forum put on by the BLP candidate for the area Mrs. Sandra Husbands, and in my opinion at this time, she is looking to be in a class above and beyond Mr. Inniss.  Let us hope that others can see as I do.

Curious fellow indeed.

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  1. Inniss is a fool who thinks highly of himself. He is always butting in with the smattering of knowledge that he has in an attempt to convince the gullible that he is Prime Minister material. When you analyse his mouthings, you would realise that he is no more prime minister material than Gearbox or to a lesser extent- Kellman.

    He should stay out of other people’s ministries especially when it is clear that his knowledge is superficial at best but he is a consummate bluffer with designs on Freundel’s job.

  2. Seems to us that BU has been a target for BLP operatives for self promotion propaganda.

    Wait, was there a meeting somewhere as chaired by MAM.

    Has there been a signal?

    Has notice been given that the bell may ring when the tourism/sugar cane seasons finish, or something?

    Is BU to be part of their planning?

    Or is there no difference?

    • @Pacha

      What nonsense are you talking? For as long as BU has been in existence we have allowed from Douglas, Beresford and the so called independents to share their views. The BU community is intelligent enough to distill the issues, identify agendas etc.You will be surprised who some of the people are who spout opinions on BU cloaked as independent.

  3. If they both know and say nothing about the fraud in Barbados then both are crooks,
    That is what the law say.

  4. @ Pachamama


    Are you intimating that BU is now the distribution network of the newly reconstituted Barbados Labour Party?

    nooooooooo say that it aint so!!!!!

    Sandra in a class above Donville with se arrogance and smugness and disconnection wid de common man certainly a class by sheself



    Dumbville is not a pleasant person, from his statements that Clico policyholders deserved to be robbed by Leroy Parris because they were greedy, you know this is a very nasty man who carries no sympathy or kindness in his heart for his own people, why him and Fruendel are still leaders is beyond me….why Bajans would even consider reelecting him and Fruendel or any of them going forward, would be mystifying.

    “Caswell calls Inniss’ bluff
    Added by Emmanuel Joseph on February 15, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    If president of the Unity Workers Union (UWU) Caswell Franklyn had his way, Minister of Commerce Donville Inniss would have very little to say about anything, since, in his estimation, Inniss is nothing more than “a bluffer”.

    “He is not properly informed, he does not understand what is happening and he is a bluffer [but] he wants to give people the impression he knows everything [when] . . . he knows very little,” was the harsh response that Franklyn gave to some equally undiplomatic remarks made by Inniss at the weekend.”

    “He should stick to what he knows and that is nothing,” the UWU leader said.

    Suggesting that Inniss’ remarks were targeted at him, Franklyn said the minister wanted to get at his union but did not want to call him by name.

    He also claimed that Inniss was seeking to be the next leader of the ruling Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and wanted to give the impression that he was the only one in the DLP who could speak on “everything” and do it sensibly.

    “And in so doing, he wants to get involved in everything that does not call him . . . [and] that he is not equipped to handle. He is singing to the gallery. He has this need to be the leader . . . he wants to be leader by stealth. But he talking to people who do not understand the issues. Ask him to go into depth on things he is talking about and he cannot. A few catch phrases here and a few catch phrases there and people think, ‘oh he is the best,’ but there ain’t much difference between he and [Denis] Kellman [the Minister of Housing & Lands],” the union boss added.”


    Grenville is still ranting on and on about this ISO certification, which has little to do with the current crisis the island is facing with rooten leaders, he better hope I dont know any of the candidates whose identities he keeps hiding.

    “Phillips sees firing some statutory heads as his solution

    Added by Neville Clarke on February 14, 2017.
    Saved under Local News, Politics
    Political Leader of the little-known Solutions Barbados Grenville Phillips II is putting prospective managers of Government agencies on notice that they must begin to implement the highest quality management standards now or risk facing the axe if his party forms the next Government.

    Phillips, who has made it clear that only successful business leaders would be allowed to run on his party’s ticket, said the adoption of the globally acceptable ISO 9001 quality management system was a must by any government that wanted to function effectively.

    And he said there would be no mercy for heads of statutory corporations who fail to implement the certification programme.”

  7. There has to be a lot more creativity and Ingenuity in the private sector because there is a tradition in Barbados of too much reliance on government as the be it all.

  8. “I have a similar view, however, I’ve always thought that yes, the government should employ majority of the people, but that it also lacks creativity in the implementation of this idea.”


    We are doomed as a people.

    Taxpayer tits have been sore for a decade, not long now before they are sucked completely off.

  9. Dizzy Dompey…stop quoting dead people for a minute, the people already pay taxes, it’s the dumb leaders getting in the way of entrepreneurship for the majority, by throwing up barriers to protect the few as they take their bribes to do, when ya get leaders who understand that the country will not prosper unless ALL citizens are allowed to spread their wings in business, increasing cash flow and allowing the country to pay it’s bills, they will be going nowhere but to the IMF.

  10. I have said for the last 40 years that neither
    the Barbados Labour Party not the Democratic
    Labour Party can take us forward. Even with
    this Hyatt issue, we are learning that the
    BLP had actually entertained building a
    hotel on the same site!
    The only difference between the candidates
    is their gender. Outside of that they are all
    six and half dozen.
    The yardfowls on both sides are identical
    twins. Even those in this blog trying to
    castigate the current government are
    known to have spent a considerable part
    of their adult lives in George Street. They
    are some who now choose to castigate
    the BLP have spent their entire political
    lives in the arms of the folks at Roebuck
    When I see and read citizens who have achieved the pinnacle of education writing
    drivel and trying to prove that the BLP
    or DLP is different , I realize we are intellectually bankrupt. They were judged
    by their “peers” to be outstanding
    enough to be be given little letters before
    their baptized names.
    It is known that some freshly minted cars
    go straight from the car lot to the scrap yard
    because they would never be sold. So it is
    with these candidates from these two parties
    they will all be nothing but junk , pure
    political junk . Export them as metal and get
    some Forex.

  11. Dompey February 15, 2017 at 6:46 AM #
    There has to be a lot more creativity and Ingenuity in the private sector because there is a tradition in Barbados of too much reliance on government as the be it all.

    Ship all the snivel servants to a far-away island and you’d see how quickly creativity would return to the private sector.

    What you are calling ‘reliance on gov’t’ is more akin to ‘waiting on gov’t to facilitate by issuing the licences, policies, permits and other bureaucratic bullshit they have placed in the way of innovation and progress while avoiding paying bribes that are now expected at every level.

    When I posted here a few weeks ago that the planning process for a service station costs $300,000 and takes six years I was criticised. That was not the case 20 years ago, so how did we come to this?

    90% of the citizens of this country have no idea what the other 10% go through just to keep the private sector barely running. They are about to find out. As I typed here years ago and every year since, we have not hit bottom yet; but it is coming.

  12. Sandra IS in a class above Dumbville….. a case of dumb and dumber.
    Frustrated Businessman is right, this idea that the government’s jog is to employ idiots will be the death of us all….
    Obviously since we all seem to accept that every jackass is owed a job it should be no surprise that the biggest jackasses are vying for the biggest jobs…

    …and yes, Sandra in in a higher jackass class than pornville. It takes a bit longer to discern that she is talking shiite….

  13. @ Bush Tea,

    We need a strategy to “help” Barbados. Changing the government is not enough.

    The continued dependence on “foreigners” is illogical and very “risky”.

    Tax haven and Tourism as your 2 biggest money earners is dangerously risky.

  14. David

    We will continue to campaign that the editorial metre should be more comprehensive.

    You already have ‘opinion’, ‘politics’ and so on.

    Why can’t an obvious category be ‘propaganda’

    It certainly cannot be a mere ‘opinion’ nor simply ‘political’ if there are other vectors at work.

    For example, if the same people who were involved in high governmental corruption or proximate thereto, just 8 years ago are to present today, pretending to be the saviours of the people, why should time alone be the metric separating these Devils from the Satans currently in power?

    How can this useless discourse advance our country?

    Have we not made this same mistake the last time, and many times prior?

    Yes David, we are tired of your naive assertions.

    For they will only lead to the place we have always been.

  15. The population have to stop the dependency on government jobs….a prelude to decades of yardfowlism. If Barbados had any good leaders/governments in the last 50 years, they would have seen that lifting all those barriers in place againt the majority who strive to be successful business people, creative people, people who have genius level abilities, they would not now see government knocking on IMFs door…….but none of the leaders were above self-serving and yardfowl gathering…….this is now both governments’ whirlwind, well deserved…let them reap..

    Wait…the government threw the yardfowls ACS on the garbage heap where they belong right next to Worrell, they been quiet for days, since the Worrell bomb…lol I thought the ACs would have all the justifications ready on why or why not a fellow yardfowl should or should not be fired and thrown to the wolves.

    My mind is here wandering on why Persaud was so publicly vocal about Worrell leaving, ah wonder if he got skin in the game as in aspirations for the post of CBG.

  16. When de ole man saw this blog paying homage to Sandra Husbands by Debra Ifill de ole man said a few tings to my ingrunt self, mostly badwords that i could not possibly repeat on Barbados Underground AND NOT BE BANNED.

    But two things came to my mind as I reviewed the so called compliments to Miss Sing-A-Long-Song-of-What-I-Think-Can-Be-Done-But-Will-Never-Happen. (And no she is not family to Sing a Song)

    And, while de ole man unnerstand dem strategy to come pun BU, the most widely read blog in Barbados and launch dem campaign for this most impotent of candidates, I said that maybe it is not to bad a thing for them to come to BU and air their dirty linen for all to see.

    And this is dirty linen for in its minutest examination one sees an individual who has had so many incarnations as the antithesis of Minister Dumbville Inniss.

    Sandra has been the head of the Small Business Association for nuff years.

    In that time, she and Lynette Holder, good pally george to Mugabe, has presided over an organisation that ostensibly is the representative of the small business community but has aggrandised self over membership.

    Looka doa tek de ole man word for it.

    Axe Debra Ifill to submit the financials of the SBA for the period that this higher class JA has been at the helm of the organisation and let we all see how she and Lynette have improved de membership of dem charges.

    We heah does rely on the reports of the Auditor General, who de ole man believes dat any incoming party MUST CONTRACTUALLY AGREE TO GIVE HIS DEPARTMENT THE POWER TO PROSECUTE criminals in the entities that he is tasked to investigate.

    We need to get a man like trotman to do an assessment of dem vagabonds from long time back to when dem was did jump pun dem erstwhile buddy Deighton Babb and oust he from dat organisation and times aforetimes…

    Expose all de records and see if she stand up to scrutiny to whichin de ole man verily believes dat she and Dumbville is two pies in a pod and they both must be voted out!!

  17. David

    You make these trite statements all the time

    As though there is equity in our positions

    There is none

    And saying so don’t make it so.

    On the one hand we contribute to the blog

    While you are the owner, the dictator

    In this respect the BU dictatorship is not dissimilar to that of FJS or MAM

    The contradiction is that while BU ostensible ‘fights’ for equity, BU itself is a dictatorial animal. David, you are the dictator.

    A mere opinion means nothing, by your reckoning and operation, unless one owns a blog.

  18. “We heah does rely on the reports of the Auditor General, who de ole man believes dat any incoming party MUST CONTRACTUALLY AGREE TO GIVE HIS DEPARTMENT THE POWER TO PROSECUTE criminals in the entities that he is tasked to investigate.”

    This would indeed be the first step to cleaning up government, combined with getting rid of DPP Charles and promoting a no nonsense individual not easily bribes and who is fearless, unlike the oansies who are easily bent over….. who would investigate all government ministers, politicians and public servants, public officers and direct the police commissioner to lock them up upon any criminal findings.

  19. This would indeed be the first step to cleaning up government, combined with getting rid of DPP Charles Leacock….this is a priority.

    Ah even forgot the fool’s last name.

  20. @ Well Well & Consequences

    Just thing of a leaky justice system where (a) if you are a guyanese murderer you are not prosecuted or (b) if you are a killer of your children and you white and got money that the case against you will be dismissed EVEN THOUGH YOU FLEE THE JURISDICTION for a flesh wound

    Leakycock, and it remains in your brain forever

  21. Piece

    The DLP&BLP and the rest of us Bimmers are cut from the same cloth!!!

    Open your eyes……its not the parties that need to change but us/all-o-we that have to understand that we the older ones are responsible for creating these younger ones and we are now reaping what we sowed and just like a large ocean liner it takes a long time for it to reverse its course.

    Try training the youth in the way that helps the development of our country…..trouble is we have not a clue as to what our development vision is and the path to be trod to achieve it…….capiche???

  22. Lol…..Piece, it will all unravel, it has been going on for too long and has it’s limits, evil cannot last forever and Bajans have seen their share of evil permeating and emanating from parliament and the judiciary for decades.

    That’s why a few of them have now found themselves with their cojones in vice grips.

  23. Problem with that, the youngsters keep hearing from their foolish ass parents and grandparent how “good” Barrow and DLP was, check out the ravages of St. John and how “good” Mia BLP and Fruendel are….all for a few cans of sardine and biscuits, but check out the ravages of Bush Hall, the St. Michael area for Mia and Fruendel and particularly the ravages of St. Peter, Owen’s area, check out the city after Billie the goat Miller……all in total decript, destroyed state.

    These youngsters who know no better, then continue to vote for the same lazy, self-serving, do nothing leaders….a repugnant cycle….

    …..if they are not taught from young how to choose wisely, how to embarrass politicians, outside the influences of their yardfowl parents and grandparents, the vicious cycle remains…the only saving grace is that people can actually see the structural damage to the island after decades of neglect by both governments, that cannot be hidden or lied about, let’s see what the people will do about it next year.

  24. @ Vincent
    The DLP&BLP and the rest of us Bimmers are cut from the same cloth!!!
    It took you long as shiite to figure out the brass bowl thing…. ent it??!!

    @ Hants
    We need a strategy to “help” Barbados. Changing the government is not enough.
    How many times does Bushie have to give the strategies?
    You like you used to enter at Crumpton Street and go straight out Roebuck Street yuh…

    Short term common sense strategy would have been BUP.
    Long term REALISTIC solution would have been adoption by BBE…

    Everything else is shiite….

  25. @ Vincent

    I am hearing you really loud and clear but here is the ole man’s foolish take on this.

    “Sun Tzu and the King’s concubines.”

    King Ho-lú wanted a demonstration of Sun Tzu’s theories in action to see their effectiveness.

    So the King’s concubines, some 300 women, were summoned and divided into two companies. He placed one of the King’s two favorite concubines in charge of each and gave the women armor and weapons while explaining a set of drills he wished them to perform.

    After he had shown them what he wished to be done he then ordered the King’s favorite concubines to lead their companies in performing the maneuvers.

    This almost predictably led to laughs from the concubines who did not believe him to be serious. They were, after all, not warriors. Sun Tzu then repeated his orders but again the concubines laughed and failed to heed.

    This is when he uttered the quote

    “If the instructions are not clear, if the orders are not obeyed, it is the fault of the general. But if the instructions are clear and the soldiers still do not obey, it is the fault of their officers.” – Sun Tzu”

    He then summoned the executioner and had the King’s favorite concubines beheaded.

    Perhaps Sun Tzu would have lost his own head as well due to an angry King Ho-lú except for the predictable result that ensued.

    Sun Tzu brought forth two more concubines, placed one in charge of each company and then he again ordered the drill completed. This time the remaining concubines performed the exercise flawlessly.”

    My comrade Vincent, I am a creature of war not popularity and votes.

    Where we are as a country can be changed by many things e.g. a church that speaks out against the travesties and does not suck like the Reverend Dr. Senator and Saint David Durant and Dr Lucille Baird and Reverend Joseph Atherley.

    But a proper minister of Edykashun other than “the Chilrun are is reading well, Ronald We Jonesing” or Rihanna Fenty putting some of her money into a serious national Development Initiative for pertinent education and innovation.

    Any effing thing but you know what Vincent?

    We are not here conversing at the Lions of Barbados or the Freemasons in Salters St George with Alex McDonald “O Worth Master” we are speaking about governance and more specifically government that has been inefficient for the last 40 years.

    It has lost its way and it MUST BE DISRUPTED.

    And to do so we need to remove these two concubines and whores called the DLP and the BLP do you understand what i am saying??

  26. Bush Tea February 15, 2017 at 12:07 PM #

    Skippah….yuh duz needs tuh change yuh glasses……

    I have been saying dis evah long time since.

    I have shown you already the basic flaw of your 10 point plan that BUP is supposed to implement.


    Lets get real and start turning this ocean liner around………we need vocal think tanks to talk to the sheeple,do the analysis of moves by the political class and these tank members should have no political ambition.

  27. @ Bushie who wrote “How many times does Bushie have to give the strategies?”

    Your “strategies” of BUP and BUP sounds “nice”.

    The reality is that while waiting for BUP or BBE we still have to spend time on this earth.

  28. Piece

    I hear you loud and clear……so we get rid of them and replace them with……..the same socialised Bimmer,thats what you are not getting……a person performing by virtue of coercion as opposed to reasoning will revert to norm as soon as the threat is neutralised.

  29. LOL @ Hants
    Boss, it is like a youngster who ask his parents how to be assured of a successful life and is told that he either needs to find a good job and work hard, or start his own business and work hard…
    It ‘sounds nice’ but the reality is that Bajan brass bowls prefer to sit on the block smoking weed and liming while ‘waiting on a job’ …or to start a business…

    Dat is wunna business.
    Don’t say wunna wasn’t warned.

    BTW…. Bushie already warned wunna Bajan-Canadians and ‘Trumpsters’ that contrary to popular current suggestions, wunna asses will be in deeper grass …..and much sooner… than even Bajan brass bowls…

    …you better spend some more time worrying about ‘numero uno’… 🙂

  30. Vincent

    This is not hard.

    I understand what you are saying about the endemic socialization issue but we are 285K peeple stranded in the middle of the ocean.

    If we stay on this sinking Titanic, we all gine die so, like the doves out of Noah’s Ark we sending out feelers to search for land and water and supplies.

    THe thing that you are missing is the impact of the disruption.

    So what if we get similarly disposed replacements?

    What de ole man is saying is that IF we can get them to covenant with the peeple by contract, BEFORE THEY ARE VOTED IN, We WOULD HAVE EFFECT PART OF THAT CHANGE THAT YOU ARE SPEAKING ABOUT AND SEEM TO BE SUGGESTING WILL COME OVERNIGHT!!

    Bajans do not want revolution out of the mouth of a gun BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO WINNERS IN 166 SQ MILE Barbados but the revolution that we do not have a choice about is one which displaces this Merry Go ROUND Musical Chairs SHY#E that we have been suffering through 40 effing years

    Mugabe Mottley is not a change for the better Vincent.

    She is the same effing thing, a megalomaniac who does not give one ef about the average man or woman from Bush Hall she only want to be Prime Minister for Effing Life.

    And EF U & All uh wunna who thing differently.

    As bajans poised at this point in our history we should all be looking to Make Changes that, while you nor I cnat predict the outcome, we know that one outcome is that the status quo cant screw we no more

    And what i am saying Vincent is “colour agnostic” cause it does not care if you are a buckra johnie of i is a nigger or a pakistani.

    What it does is tek the steering wheel out of Fumbles, and Stinkliar and Mugabe and Dumville and de rest uh de effers hands and says Barbados is for Bajans and we tired uh wunna SHYTE

  31. I hope many young people read BU and have been for a number of years, they would have noted and seen first hand how the political pimps and yardfowls the ACs and Alvins debase and denigrate themselves pimping for politicians, selling their own souls to government ministers while ignoring the rights of and championing all the wrongs government ministers do to the people, all in the name of being an empty headed party follower and part of the yardfowls brigade. …

    I never thought I would see such a lack of self image, lack of consciousness, lack of decency and lack of self confidence in other humans….putting politicians before human decency, just to be recognized as yardfowls..

    If 5 or 10 thousand young people read BU, they would have learned not to debase themselves being yardfowls to politicians and government ministers to such an extent that the ACs cannot now show their ignorant comments on BU…..too ashamed, particularly since those on BU who pointed out Worrell’s troubling behavior for the last couple years were met with verbal abuse and the ACs obnoxiously defended Worrell, despite knowing the truth….who, if what they say is true about the powers of the MFO….will be removed.

    How can yardfowls like the ACs now return to BU to defend their own stupid, yardfowl behavior….how….this is a learning moment for young people, do not become mindless yardfowls and political pimps to government ministers or politicians.,, dont become ACs and Alvins, it is very embarrassing.

    I will grind you ACs.

  32. Piece

    We want the same thing………you do realise that today in America they wanted change……they elected Trump as anything would be better than the existing system……they thought……now you are hearing from a load of anti- Hilary sheeple wanting her……their is an old saying better the devil you now…….and with that devil you can wrestle with it and try to show it the path that would benefit them and Bim.

  33. @ Hants

    De ole man was reading your link to Musk’s opinion and came across an observation that is close to the ole man’s heart

    “…In March, President Barack Obama warned Congress about the looming threat of job loss, based on several reports that found that as much as 50% of jobs could be replaced by robots by 2030…”


    You dun know that the West Indies and our antiquated systems going be out to sea right?


    The saga aint over.

    Governor’s stay extended

    “Added by Fernella Wedderburn on February 15, 2017.
    Saved under Local News
    Central Bank Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell has been granted a longer stay.

    High Court Justice Randall Worrell this afternoon extended until Friday, his earlier injunction, which bars Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler from proceeding with the planned dismissal of the Governor from office.”

  35. Piece…..the people in the Caribbean leaders think this is a joke….the world is moving rapidly toward AI….read Artificial Intelligence. …..just yesterday one of my daughters was saying she could not wait until they perfected AI to do so and so …….

    …..and dont talk about when they perfect the quantum computers where everthing moves at a much higher rate of speed..they better get their food security as a high priority in Barbados and note that their leaders cannot even keep up with real intelligence.


    “Artificial Intelligence

    Founded in 1979, the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) (formerly the American Association for Artificial Intelligence) is a nonprofit scientific society devoted to advancing the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines. AAAI aims to promote research in, and responsible use of, artificial intelligence. AAAI also aims to increase public understanding of artificial intelligence, improve the teaching and training of AI practitioners, and provide guidance for research planners and funders concerning the importance and potential of current AI developments and future directions. More”…

    Major Activities of the Association
    Major AAAI activities include organizing and sponsoring conferences, symposia, and workshops, publishing a quarterly magazine for all members, publishing books, proceedings, and reports, and awarding grants, scholarships, and other honors.
    AAAI Member Site
    AAAI members should visit the member site for current and prospective members of the Association. From this location, you can join AAAI, change your address, and learn more about the advantages available only to members of AAAI!”

    The road to quantum computing.

    “The massive amount of processing power generated by computer manufacturers has not yet been able to quench our thirst for speed and computing capacity. In 1947, American computer engineer Howard Aiken said that just six electronic digital computers would satisfy the computing needs of the United States. Others have made similar errant predictions about the amount of computing power that would support our growing technological needs. Of course, Aiken didn’t count on the large amounts of data generated by scientific research, the proliferation of personal computers or the emergence of the Internet, which have only fueled our need for more, more and more computing power.

    Will we ever have the amount of computing power we need or want? If, as Moore’s Law states, the number of transistors on a microprocessor continues to double every 18 months, the year 2020 or 2030 will find the circuits on a microprocessor measured on an atomic scale. And the logical next step will be to create quantum computers, which will harness the power of atoms and molecules to perform memory and processing tasks. Quantum computers have the potential to perform certain calculations significantly faster than any silicon-based computer.”

  37. I have long concluded that Debra Ifill is just a name used by Sandra Husbands and Tony Olton to attack Donville Inniss. I doubt if there really is a Debra Ifill in St. James South.

    I start by declaring that I will not use my correct name, I do live in St. James South (since 2010), I voted for the BLP candidate in my then constituency in 2008, I voted for Donville Inniss in 2013 and will vote for Donville Inniss again even though I am not a great fan of the DLP.

    I find that Sandra Husbands is not a genuine person. She is false and very pretentious. Sandra (in what ever name she uses) spends all of her time attacking Donville Inniss in a very juvenile and personal manner. Sandra offers no alternatives to anything and fails to critique any other Minister or Ministry. Quite frankly I find Sandra to be shallow and boring and seems only desirous of getting into Parliament to take care of herself.

    That is my honest simple opinion of her.

    Sandra is almost 60 years old and is yet to have found success in anything that she ever endeavoured. Sandra failed at the SBA and only used that organisation to take care of herself and few cronies and to land herself a few consultancies. How did the small business sector develop under Sandra Husband’s leadership at the SBA? Sandra claims to be a management consultant, yet I know of no entity that she consulted to and it made a positive turnaround due to her consultancy. Now as she approaches retirement age Sandra aka Debra Ifill, wants me to believe that she has something more to offer to St. James South and Barbados than 50 year old Donville Inniss. Gimme a flipping break people.

    Next Donville Inniss

    • St. James South Resident

      You really mean a former St. James South Resident. The Representation of the People Act require you to register in the constituency where you live. As a matter of law, you should not vote in St. James South if you have lived elsewhere for three months. You clearly stated that you left in 2010.

      Go ahead and attack Sandra Husbands all you like but be honest.

      I am a St. James South resident and I won’t be voting this time around unless there is a credible third party candidate.

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  38. Donville Inniss is known and deeply appreciated by seemingly most intelligent people for his sincerity and honesty as reflected via his candidness.

    He obviously comes from a business background. And despite whatever that failure Liz Thompson and Sandra Husbands has tried to pinned on him about porn, he obviously was a successful young entrepreneur. I admire him for quitting business at a young age (I imagine about 40) and entering politics.

    Inniss is today regarded as one of the most successful Ministers of Health in a post Independent Barbados. He made great improvements to the QEH such as electrical upgrades, new cafeteria, a cleaner physical environment and changes to the administration. He also made reforms to the Barbados Drug Service to ensure its viability. I remember the BLP vicious attacks by people like Dr. Colin Alert and others who predicting that lots of people would die here. Sandra Husbands launched a vicious and nasty attack on Donville over the BDS during the last election and she failed cause most of us saw the wisdom and business acumen that Inniss brought to politics.

    Whilst Sandra keeps attacking Inniss and boasting of her love for the small businessman, Inniss just announced a new strategic plan for the small business sector. A national plan at that. I intend to get a copy of the plan and send it to Sandra Tony Olton Debra Ifill Husbands so that she/he can get an idea of what the sector is all about.

    I can also look around St. James South and see what Inniss has helped us with in spite of the tough times. Sandra and her cronies ought to be ashame to drive on the new Thorpes Main road stretching from Queens College to Holders Hill. It was in a horrible state. Inniss got that done recently. Look at the refurbished lawn tennis courts at the Desmond Haynes Complex. Inniss got that done. I play there and enjoy it.

    I am tired of the cheap politics where no credit is given to those who make a good effort and succeed in some areas. I am wary of the constant criticisms by Sandra Husbands aka Debra Ifill that is seriously void of alternatives.

    Sandra, get up off your dumb aged tail and get real.

    Donville Inniss is not in your class of politics. He is above it

  39. That is probably Dumbville himself or one if his lackeys…ya know him nor them ain’t too bright and will tie up themselves trying to fool the public.

  40. Well Well

    I empathize with your fustration, but name calling has a proven track record of getting us no eay as far as I am concern.

  41. @St. James South resident February 15, 2017 at 8:53 PM “I admire him for quitting business at a young age…”

    Has Donville quit business?

    That is news to me.

  42. Dizzy Dompey….what frustration, speak fpr thyself, nothing Dumbville does can negatively impact meor my family in any way.

    Simple….Dumbville runs up and dpwn Barbados telling young women he was a millionaire by age 30….ah wonder wuh he told them he did to become a millionaure by age 30, ya know their are not too many bright people, they lack ethics and moral codes, so hearing Dumbville making himself sound important, would impress the feebleminded like Dizzy Dompey…..even worse in the females, many are even more brainless than Dompey…lol

  43. So ya see Simple….Dumbville’s dummy supporters thinks as ya can plainly see, that he is set for life, so they figure he can do and say any old crap to the people and not be held accountable. ….stupid yardfowls.

  44. By the way, someone said Dumbvile is 50….if he was 40 is 2010….he cant be more than 46 or 47….

    They need to keep their stories straight….it’s along way from being a millionaire at 30 to age 47 and npt having to do anymore business.


    This info for Barbados and Caribbean….when British tourists fall ill whilst vacationing, their health service is declining rapidly and therefore putting the british at risk of rapidly failing health, dont let them bring their scams to the Caribbean when they fall ill…they are sick because of their own failing health service…and the british government is of course lying about it….everyone in UK knows this.

    NHS cuts blamed for 30,000 deaths in new study

    Government angrily refutes claims, calling reports a ‘triumph of personal bias over research’

    Katie Forster @katieforster 4 hours ago2 comment

    “Researchers say that in January 2015 all markers for NHS performance ‘worsened markedly’ Getty
    Research papers have linked an unprecedented increase in “excess deaths” in England and Wales to underfunding in the NHS and social care system.

    “Relentless cuts” to the health service could be behind 30,000 deaths in 2015, argued researchers in two articles published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

    The Government has angrily refuted the claims, calling the reports a “triumph of personal bias over research”.

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