We See Through Your Shenanigans MINISTER Donville Inniss

Submitted by Debra Ifill (also sent to Barbados Today and the Nation newspapers)
Donville Inniss, Minister of Commerce

Donville Inniss, Minister of Commerce

So again the mainstream press is eating out of Donville Inniss’ hands.  It appears that he has been providing them with tidbits to disseminate, designed to position him as separate from, and now a victim of, the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of his government.  The press has a tremendous responsibility to the people; to provide them with actual news, while highlighting the issues that they should be concerned with within society.  Unfortunately, sometimes the press is culpable in helping to create leaders out of individuals less than suitable to lead, Trump being a more recent example.   It is obvious to those discerning, that Inniss seeks to use the press in a similar way, to aid him in the execution of his malevolent project to eliminate his teammates, towards leadership of the DLP at any and all cost.

His present pothole dilemma appears to be a carefully designed plot, a part of an ongoing and conspicuous campaign to convince the majority of Barbadians that he, Inniss, stands apart from his failing government.  It is so obvious that it begs the questions, does he think himself so much smarter than the rest of us, that he believes we would not be able to see through the charade?  How is it that the press just happened to be in the same locale as the minister, as his car unceremoniously drops into a pothole, the day after his team leader, referred to the potholes as ‘transitory inconveniences’, in another one of his out-of-touch responses to the issues facing the country?

I think it is safe to assume that in reality, Inniss, seeing the outpour of public disgust to the PM’s comment, sought to capitalise on the incident by presenting himself as just as affected as the ordinary man.  The problem is that in this situation, he is not an ordinary man.  He is an elected minister in the DLP, and we rightfully assume that this places him in a position to make recommendations to the Prime Minister, the minister responsible for the roads, or the minister with responsibility for the dispersion of funds to remedy road repairs.  The point that I am making here, is that from the common man’s reality, there is no such access and therefore no opportunity to effect change at that level.   Because the minister is in reality disingenuous he opted for the low road, and instead, again sought to disassociate himself from his team members ahead of the upcoming election.  The minister should be consulting his team, instead of seeking to use a pothole to save his own political life.

There is nothing wrong with ambition, but there is everything wrong with ambition predicated on the assumed ignorance of others, especially when one seeks to lead those others.  Inniss remains part and parcel of the Democratic Labour Party, and has stood with them on every single vote for the implementation of every single policy that has negatively affected the Barbadian public.  There is no record of Inniss emphatically standing in opposition to the implementation of UWI fees, or against the rise in the cost of road tax, or against the effective removal of travel and entertainment allowances, or the removal of the allowance on expenditure for home maintenance, or the supposed temporary increase in VAT, or against the CAHILL attempt, the FLOW/LIME merger, the Cost You Less or Sandals concessions, or against the myriad of other decisions taken by the DLP government.  I am confused then as to why we should believe now that he is separate and distinct from the group.

His latest stunt seeks to prove that even he is affected by the inaction of his government. “Even Me!” Yes! but NOT in the same way that it affects the rest of the nation.  Simply because the monetary concern is of no consequence to him!  He has proven once again that even though he came from among us, that he has so elevated himself above us, that he now acts in a manner that is absolutely out of touch with the reality of the ordinary man.

The cry that he has had to pay some three thousand dollars to fix a wheel damaged by a pothole for instance.  Most of us have never even driven a vehicle in a value range to warrant such a cost for a wheel repair or replacement,  AND were we to incur such a cost, we would without a doubt be subjected to the unreliable and capricious bus service until such time that we could raise funds for repairs.  To be honest three thousand dollars is representative of the total value of many vehicles owned by persons in neighbourhoods, that Inniss seeks to continue to pretend that he represents.

We the public sees through you Mr Inniss.  We are ashamed that our press has chosen to support this campaign, and to aid in labelling you as a straight talking, shooter from the hip, when your every action so obviously depicts a different picture.  Instead, you have succeeded in presenting to us a divided DLP.  This grand production, and the others on erstwhile occasions, has failed to separate you from the failures of your government.  While you insinuate that your boss lacks the skill-set to effectively lead, you demonstrate that you lack the skill-set to effectively follow, and neither is a trait of a competent leader.  Have several seats, or potholes if you will, Mr Minister.


  • Caswell Franklyn

    Donville is as genuine as a $3 bill but the gullible have fallen for his crap. However, it seems that the Prime Minister does not intend to make him a martyr and is allowing him to make an ass of himself.


  • Wait!! Why would anyone, far less Donville, ‘insinuate’ that Froon has no leadership skills when, in truth, it is a fact? You are a Dem and are playing mass. This is not a carnival. lol


  • It’s about time I see my people waking up and unafraid to ask the hard questions. The man is the biggest joker to ever become a politician. It is even more flagrant because he is too unintelligent to know that he should not pretend to be a genius. We are done with your type Donnie muh boy.


  • Say what you like Donville works hard on the ground and will not be defeated in St. James South as of right now.


  • @Caswell

    Once upon a time I used to collect currency and coins and there was a Bahamian $3.00 dollar bill. I still have a few vintage bills and coins in my collection (not the Bahamas bill) but I am not a serious collector.

    That is just to advise that the $3.00 bill was genuine in our region.


  • I thought the same thing as the author of this post when I saw the article today. I said how convenient that Roy Morris passed the same time……….co-incidence or was a call made?

    Donville is what I call a “moutha”………….has a big mouth and speaks on everything though with more sense than Kellman….he is just in the class above Kellman.

    I would never forget Donville……..wet behind his ears as an elected MP, his head swollen with the new found power……….. Early in the first term in 2008 during a debate in the House, Mia got up to make a contribution to the debate on the floor of the House. He took offense to Mia’s contribution.

    Hear Donville: “we aint want to hear nothing from wunnah, any ideas wunnah got, keep to wunnah selves…….wunnah had 14 years, now is we time and we gine do things we way”.

    Well, just look around and see where that arrogance has Barbados today……in a sorry state:

    ………..Potholes all over the place
    ………..Poor bus service
    ………..Poor garbage collection resulting in pile ups all over the country
    ………..Illegal dumping as a result of the tipping fees
    ………..Horrible health care……….by the way Donville where is the new hospital you promised
    ………..Education in a mess
    ………..The Stadium in a mess
    ………..Horrible water service for the people in the rural areas
    ………..Declining foreign reserves
    ………..Economy going off the cliff to destruction
    ……….Long wait for income tax returns
    ………..Suppliers of goods and services to government cannot get paid in a timely manner

    We may well get some action with road improvements now since Donville’s car was damaged twice!


  • You think so, David?

    Do you know that sometime in the early afternoon on election day, Donville was aware that he could loose and it was only after he called for help and was assured from his sidekick in George Street tht reinforcement was on the way was the election secured?

    I dont think he is as secure as he thinks, the people are restless…………


  • Sargeant

    Did I understand you to suggest that Donville should peddle his crap in the Bahamas.

    Sent from my iPad


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Dumbville is very deceitful, it would have shown him in a different light if he had openly exposed Kellman, Sinckler and Lashley for ignoring and refusing to answer for the missing millions as outlined in the auditor general’s report and publicly questioned what those 3 have to hide that they did not appear before the PAC…..that would have made him more believable.

    People know he is not prime minister material, he is even more deceitful and disrespectful of his own people than Fruendel, if that is possible.


  • @well well…..what do you mean he is not Prime Minister material? In we Barbados? Well well doan answer me, but do me this favor. Please do not worry about the fact that the honourable PM has failed to make his voice heard on many an important issue. After what I read in Barbados Today, I kinda…. sorta understand why. Left he lone!


  • “Prodigal Son

    Donville is no stupid. He has done a lot of work in the intervening period.


  • Frustrated Businessman aka 'Nation of Laws' my ass.

    Donville’s posturing makes no sense to me.

    If he stays with the DLP he may become leader, but only after another 15 years of BLP gov’t.

    If he crosses the floor he will never be leader of the BLP or PM.

    Regardless, he is by a long margin the smartest the DLP have and the only PM material in their gang.


  • @Frustrated Businessman

    One cannot speak in absolute terms as to what the future holds. A day in politics they say is a long one. The first goal for him will be to wrestle control of the party from the ‘aspirants’.


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Lol…Hamilton, I am beside myself waiting to see how all this will play out.

    Frustrated needs to hold a long detailed conversation with Dumbville and he would not be able to hide the jealous minded scamp that he is…I am sure his fellow scamps in the government are watching him closely..


  • Barrow say a carpenter’s boy can’t be no prime minister of Barbados.Stuart wishing the same for the fisherman’s boy.


  • Looks like Sandra Husbands -his adversary in the next general election -has taken a turn in Donville on FB. Based on her post he is driving a merk nowadays.


  • I am Peltdownman and I endorse these comments.


  • Is it true that Donville says he would not serve under Sinckler as party leader?


  • David, what has Minister Donville done? List his accomplishments for me? Thanks


  • Well Well & Consequences

    Glad to hear it’s a merc those 2 potholes took out…lol


  • @Roger Headley

    Believe he has done a little to advance CAIPO and he is an outspoken even against the view of government.


  • Retribution-things that make me go hum!

    @ Roger – you should ask David other than throw parties and give out a few hampers …. I myself would like to know


  • Roger

    Propose the building of a new hospital in Kingsland, Christ Church.


  • To be fair to the Don he is credited for the revamp of the Drug formulary that has resulted in millions of savings.


  • He was campaigning solo for a very long time now.The finishing touch was his ad in the Nation wishing his constituents a Merry Christmas.The only politician who did as far as I remember.I’m surprised he resorted to this pothole story.I suppose he is going by old Bajan adage,” Mek sure better than cock sure”.


  • Hope we are not hinting that the venerable traditional press was manipulated by a politician?


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  • David January 9, 2017 at 3:14 PM #

    To be fair to the Don he is credited for the revamp of the Drug formulary that has resulted in millions of savings.

    How on earth can this be? is he credited with the revamp of the drug delivery which demands that senior citizens pay for their drugs?


  • David that meeting that Minister Inniss held with the BRA where he nor the personnel from the said department could not answer one question posed by the business community about the 2% levy was all the proof that I needed about who the Minister is – a ‘larmer’ and a bluffer – loves to hear himself. He is a member of the cabinet and he voted for it in Parliament yet could not speak to it. Promised that he would look into it and get back to the populace since he admitted that he had supported it. Have you heard him on the matter yet? Hopefully having written this he will run and read something and bring some substance.


  • @ Roger Headley
    You described Pornville to a ‘T’.
    A ‘larmer’ and a bluffer …who operates on the principle that bullshit baffles brain.

    Tall boy recently put some licks in his tail when he called Brass tacks looking to bluff. He ran off claiming that he had to ‘organise some party’ …. and promised to be back within a week.

    Obviously David Ellis has banned him from VOB….. 🙂


  • This guy is a ticking time bomb running the risk factor of isolation and a cause for many Ds not going voting in 2018


  • Frustrated Businessman aka 'Nation of Laws' my ass.

    ac January 10, 2017 at 7:30 AM #
    This guy is a ticking time bomb running the risk factor of isolation and a cause for many Ds not going voting in 2018

    The business community certainly hopes that is the case.


  • To be expected Glyne Murray gave Donville Inniss the benefit of the doubt on today’s talk show.


  • Glyne Murray is an ungrateful donkey!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Jes now de ole man close off de browser Ctrl+Q instead of copying the content Ctrl+C

    That may be good cause it was a long article but i gine mek dis short

    I wish to put Pornville’s remonstrations in context.

    I do agree that he is only appealing to the cuh dear mentality of the average bajan but there is something that I think that will defeat that hope that he has THAT HE CANNOT OVERCOME.

    What has he done as the Minister of the entity that is responsible for the 2nd largest chunk of Forex generation?

    I will say nothing like the rest of wunna but, whereas many here like the emotive arguments de ole man going put dis in a scientific manner for wunn to consider and seek to use going forward in 2017.

    It comprises (a) describing the problem – in this case Pornville’s ineptitude (b) empirically determining that problem by giving examples or putting readers through the paces and (c) researching um youself, doan tek de ole man statements as gospel – I does tell lies when it is necessary to oust the waste foops.

    Pornville has been responsible for this Ministry of Commerce International Affairs and Small Business (post dat talker from Moon Town effing it up)

    What I would humbly suggest to all and sundry who speak of his cuntributions and his effing it up, is that we put this to the test.

    What does one have to do to get into business in Barbados?

    and the answer comes back CERTAINLY NOT BY USING EITHER OF the two gateways that he administers (a) http://caipo.gov.bb/ and (b) caipo.gove.bb

    Prove de ole man wrong go pun either site and see whu you, as an average bajan wanting to get into business, would gots to do.

    After all de talk dat he got bout “fustrated” (not frustrated, no fustrated) you would feel that he would be among those who would want to facilitate businesses the most (other than by kickbacks dat is.

    Go pun de site and tell me whu you is supposed to do to start you business!

    Looka de shyte dat Ms Clarke got at CAIPO “…As the competent(?) authority for Intellectual Property matters, the Department continues to promote the role of Intellectual Property in maximizing Barbados’ innovative capacity and output into the future…”

    “In addition, we continue to work with our Strategic Partners in building respect for Intellectual Property and encouraging Barbadians in the Creative/Cultural Industries sector to succeed by ensuring they reap the full benefits offered by the Intellectual Property System…”

    What the “ef” dat mean? Read she message and tell me, what de ef Pornville cud be thinking to have this shyte pun a website that is critical to the lifeblood of the cuntry.

    bur den again here we have a moufa, one Pornville, dat says “…Barbados exported $336 million in locally produced goods last year but could do much better”

    The article quite correctly continued to say “Pornville gave no comparative figures while on a tour of Roberts Manufacturing, one of Barbados’ oldest manufacturers of cooking oil, butter and feed…”

    What the ef does “much better” mean?

    Is that $336 million being compared to the $5M dat i teif and put in me dead mudda account? or is it compared to the $27 Million dat pay for de Grotto account? or the $27,000 per month to rent a bulldozer from my wife sister husband?

    When any one of wunna “walk a mile in the shoes” of the same people dat de minister Pornville whom I shall call “Minister Moufa” doah a feller say dat Pornville is de only minister dat he know dat does gently suck de dicks of Bajans menses (and de pudendas of de wummens dem) and doan get call a bullah!!

    But de ole man digress, AS USUAL heheheheheeheh


    It does not take no sort of big brain to do these things, nor a big Moufa, not no pretty website dat all it doing is show you a big building dat belong to Bizzy? all you need is a simple chart that says “you selling coconuts, ganja, pokey?” den you need to (i) get a health certificate from de Ministry or (b) get a list of the big up drug dealers that Commissioner Tyronne Griffith cant catch (and Hal Austin nor Carl Moore cant mention dem names) or (c) get a health certificate from Enmore to sell your fronts

    Wunna need to simplify the process by which you evaluate these Moufas and once you realize dat dem ent do a pang to solve de problems AFTER 8 years, in the breech, like the other set was there for 14 years and ent do a pang neither, then you are able to decide why dem is not to get ONE EFFING SEAT!!



    Read all that you wrote, all that will matter at the end of the day is if his constituents vote for him. Has he put in enough work on the ground? Has he baffled them with enough bullshit but done it nevertheless?


  • @Prodigal Jackass
    Newsflash!They are some people in the BLP that Mia Mottley would not mind if they lose.Sandra Husbands is one of them. Mottley wants power and the BLP is her vehicle of convenience. When she lost the post of opposition leader in a legitimate and constitutional move by fellow BLP parliamentarians she dissed the BLP – would not support publicly anything they proposed but would always speak in broad generalities back then.
    Sandra Husbands is a waste, she was not Mia’s pick to run down there and had to run bout down in Haynesville giving way money and food to get people to come to the nomination meeting against young Ronnie a political neophyte. She does not have the natural political instincts or financial backings of a Liz Thompson. Mia probably allowed her to run to make it easier for her close friend Donville to return to Parliament.
    The Mottley / Donville connection is stronger than many realise.


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