Leroy Parris Arrested

On the 22 June 2020 the Nation newspaper published a story with the headline $35m ICBL deal in works.


On the 24 June the media reported that former Chairman of CLICO Holdings was being questioned by police.  He has since been charged with fraud and released on bail.


While some people love to do crossword puzzles, the BU blogmaster enjoys connecting dots!



  • charles skeete

    would like Artax to critique Mr Walter Blackman’s open letter to the Director of Public Prosecutions


  • Charles,
    As Walter’s self-appointed BU lawyer, I must take it upon myself to remind you that this letter was written in 2014. Comment should indicate when new material is also being discussed.


  • charles skeete

    Wouldn’t the facts if they were indeed facts still be the same?
    Artax has introduced a rational twist to the story


  • This blog is fascinating. Do do so doan like so. Murdaaaa! A setta mouttas.


  • We must not wait until there is a market failure, there has to be a whole mindset change on what is the purpose of an audit,’ said Donald Brydon, former chair of the London Stock Exchange…(Quote)


  • Hal AustinJuly 2, 2020 6:47 AM

    Integrity first and foremost. There have been many calls for the break up of the Big Four. That is a good start. All the rules cannot change the mindsets, for that, change has to be enforced.


  • @ Crusoe

    For years auditors have been getting away with murder. I have said on a number of occasions that auditors should have their own regulatory system and their responsibility is to the profession, not the audit committee or the CEO.
    I am surprised that we have not done that already. The professional status is on par with an in-house lawyer, who maybe employed by a corporation, but still has professional obligations.
    In fact, I have said on BU and got crucified for it, that investors have a strong case against auditors if their (the investors) investment decisions are based on the valuations of public companies which are later found to be indulging in dodgy accounting.
    Remember Enron and Arthur Anderson?


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