The Donville Inniss Sub Story

Ingrid Inness

Two of the most newsworthy and jaw dropping events to have rocked the local political scene in the last 18 months were – the decimation of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in the last general election, AND, the arrest of former DLP minister Donville Inniss in the United States.

BU pages must record Donville Inniss entered a plea of NOT GUILTY and the case is scheduled to be heard in October 28, 2019. He is charged with laundering USD36,000 derived from a bribe offered by former employees of Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) Alex Tasker and Ingrid Innes. Said monies were wired by ICBL to the principal of a dental company domiciled in New York with Inniss the beneficiary. Disclosures in documents filed by the United States Attorney Office revealed Inniss’ troubles were said to be linked to political rivals trying to frame him.

Since the news of Inniss arrest there is a sub story that has not been subjected to the full glare of public scrutiny. We have our moribund traditional media to hold accountable for reneging on its mandate to pursue truth. A reminder the media is referred to as the guardian of truth:-

The purpose, ‘raison d’être’, of this fourth element is to act as an counterbalance, a systemically opposite force that is to report, verify and question matters of governance, public matters as well as commercial ones, conducted by the powers, we the people, have entrusted it with and bestowed upon – On the role of journalism: facts vs

The Commissioner of Police (CoP) Tyrone Griffith is on the record he will not investigate the matter involving ICBL – a company incorporated in Barbados – identified as the source of Donville’s legal trouble. The CoP’s position was supported by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACoP) in charge of crime Eucklyn Thompson who was also quoted in the press:

We can only deal with what is available to us. We can’t go by any speculation or that kind of thing. We will deal [with] whatever comes before us in terms of evidence… and the investigative process . . . . We will definitely do our part. But in terms of names mentioned and that kind of thing so being put on the table, that’s not what it is – Barbados police won’t touch case involving former gov’t minister Inniss

Alex Tasker

The substance of the police position is that they must have a complaint lodged in order to pursue any matter. The idiocy of the CoP and the ACoP declared position is that AG Dale Marshall urged the police chief to launch an investigation into bribery allegations involving Inniss and the Bermudian-owned, Barbados-based ICBL. However, as an independent body, the RBPF cannot be legally instructed by a Cabinet minister to undertake investigations; that role is reserved for the Crown’s Director of Public Prosecutions. Another WTF moment.

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We know that US court documents implicate former ICBL employees Alex Tasker and Ingrid Innes. We know that the local employee implicated in the alleged bribing of Donville Inniss  was fired by ICBL and also had to part ways from Digicel as Executive Chairman. To the blogmaster’s simple way of thinking there is enough for the police to initiate an investigation. Instead what we have is business as usual with the authority class closing ranks in BIM.



  • Donks Gripe and Josh

    The BLP’s political caddies have already convicted Donville Inniss. The impartial concur if found guilty justice should be served.

    A few not too highlighted areas of this saga caught the attention .

    The FBI reportedly carried out investigations on the ground in Bridgetown going back home empty handed with persons of interest adamant there was no bribing.

    Statements and indeed action from the overseas head office of the insurance firm supposedly counteracted those claims.

    Donville is quoted in the media saying he had no power to grant contracts. Isn’t there a Tenders Committee in government for that purpose?

    Finally the notion posited that his political enemies set him up and blew the whistle.

    None of these points should be ignored.

    The police commissioner is following correct procedure that he has no case to investigate at ICBL same as how he has no case to investigate for the London based woman who continuously accuses two senior ministers of cabinet of serious wrong doing.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Pieces, whoooa there guy… I am yet to encounter a Banana republic whwre ANY citizen does as you propose and lives to be an ‘ole man’…so unless you have a lovely dacha (that residential style suggests likely locale, right) along with your outstanding Thor dissembling links etc etc I will presume you are being rhetorical re:

    *** I would expose every single RH bad and criminal action of every officer who broke the law and got patted on their wrist…I would seek to gut the organisation and in so doing expose its criminals….I would then hire and external Commissioner of Police for the Royal Barbados Police Force to rebuild what I would have destroyed. ***

    Mr Blogmaster, eh re ++ “If he is found not guilty it will depend on the reason. For example what would have motivated ICBL to cooperate with authorities? Why were executives fired at the company? It comes back to the reason for this blog, the sub story yet to be told.” ** ++

    I get the substory thing…I don’t get the logical process re not guilty! NOT guilty would have to on a very well lawyered technical point… Such technicalities don’t play in the public square of elective politics….never have and never will.

    He would be blasted as a bribing, cheating corrupt scoundrel regardless… with opponents citing the TRUTH of the indictment to forstalll any slander claims!

    BTW the same things which motivated ICBL are the same (main) things that motivate ANY corp faced with a criminal investigation: 1) possible sanction to pierce that corporate shield and have a criminal complaint laid against the officers and/or 2) possible indictment of the corporate ENTITY as a criminal enterprise based on the indictable acts of its employees.

    You can’t send an LLC to jail obviously but which LLC do we know that was so judicially fined and convicted and retained their licence to operate!

    There is ABSOLUTELY no mystery here, senor …none!


  • Dribbler

    misinvoicing itself is not fraud-it can be a sign that fraud took place- but it can be also a genuine mistake. it is the totality of the evidence (information at hand) that will determine whether a fraud occurred or not


  • And for those trying to twist and turn the story,,,sitting to the back of Adonijah is Donville’s business partner….check ICIJ and his name pops up as a director in one of his companies in Malta….lol


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Greene…it does appear you are an attorney🤣…you too love this artful (“artless”, really) semantic word play BS!

    OK, I did say that “misinvoicing is a form of fraud…”…alright den – maybe an English fellow likeMr Wharton taught you at school (although I would be troubled if he did and u play these stupid word games) – I should have explicitely said “misinvoicing CAN BE a form of fraud…”

    But that distinction was TOTALLY unnecessary because your hypothetical was STILL an illegal act when you said: “suppose it turns out that Donville wanted to send money to the US to payt uni fees and other bills and […] then on instructions from the broker ICBL routed the 36k to Donville via his dentist friend?”

    You asserted “on instructions from the broker…” that sir is no mistake… let’s be clear…it is…but that type of MISTAKE is DELIBERATE and is called FRAUD!

    Reminds me of US SecDef Rumsfeld …so there are known known mistakes and unknown known mistakes and then the mistakes that we don’t know we don’t know …to paraphrase him. Note bro, the first two are still FRAUD…and may I remind you that in the last case it is stated at basic law that “ignorance of the law is not an excuse” to escape its sanctions!

    I gone bro. Carry on semanticing!

    BTW, if Donville is innocent of the charges I hope he finds those who maligned him and sue them bigly…if not..well… I wish him well and no custodial sentence…this is basically BS corruption and suitable remedies are available beside jail time.


  • still wrong… if the broker instructed ICBL to rout his money (fees for services rendered) to Donville via the dentist how can that be a fraud.? the man is due the money and is asking ICBL to send it to a friend via a friend. the money is legitimate and the purpose for transferring the money to Donville is somewhat circuitous but not criminal as far as i am aware

    nevertheless lets wait and see how this plays out.

    BTW if you are referring to Harold Wharton- yeah, he was a brilliant teacher with some magnificent anecdotes and asides. he taught me Eng Lit and how certain words convey certain meanings


  • @Miller

    You are on the right track.


  • Miller

    [quote] Then the US prosecutors would have to pull an Ace from the pack of antecedents stretching way back to the days of arranging hospital supplies delivered to some entity on Martindale Road.[quote]

    explain how that would would work?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Re “BTW if you are referring to Harold Wharton- yeah, he was a brilliant teacher with some magnificent anecdotes and asides. he taught me Eng Lit and how certain words convey certain meanings”

    Then as I said I am terribly disappointed in ur semantics here. That dear gent would be soporistically confounded … I’m sure. SMH!

    Bro, not sure where u learned ur law but legal principles apart some of ur remarks defy basic commonsense … thus (societal school rules😂).

    In which lawful realm would it be acceptable that brokerage fees be routed via an un-involved third party to a transaction and would be legal?

    Do u grasp the intent of money laundering regs atall!

    It appears good sir and I say this with due respect to u (and him) that u spent too much time in the same ethics class as Mr Thompson!

    We agree on one thing: let the Inniss case play out come what may!

    I gone, gone.


  • dribbler

    i can assure you that i know more about anti m/l than most if not all who post here

    what fools you blokes is the phrase money laundering. that is a misnomer- think of it as proceeds of criminal conduct and you wont go wrong. operative words- criminal conduct. if the predicate conduct or activity is not criminal there is no money laundering


  • Wuhloss…speaking of substories and criminal misconduct, wuh i hear that all of Ram’s properties are now on FIRE SALE…..

    ah saw the sale notices meself…

    …..Karma is in the house…


  • @ De Pedantic Dribbler

    It’s not every day one is on target so your 11.21 am submission is accepted as such.

    First things first

    I ent no policeman nor prosecutor so you will appreciate that the conditional tense or would,the imperfect was used to convey conditionality

    “Conditional tenses are used to speculate about what could happen, what might have happened, and what we wishwould happen.

    In English, most sentences using the conditional contain the word if.

    … In all cases, these sentences are made up of an if clause and a main clause…”

    The construct envisioned a construct where a future authority that was tasked with the responsibility of cleaning up the force would surreptitiously permit the disclosure of all the information as I previously described.


    in such a case, pinpointing the Whistleblower would be as impossible as identifying the party who fingered Pornville.

    Having said that one noted that the Commissioner of Police in Trinidad has embarked on a similar strategy of finding his dirty cops and exposing them.

    Am I to suppose that, using your usually sound reasoning, that their CoP going need a dacha too because of cleaning up the force?

    Granted de ole man proposal real radical but, when you hunting grizzly you don’t arm yourself with a pen knife heheheheh



  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please thank you


  • @Donks Gripe and JoshSeptember 25, 2019 11:12 AM
    you may wish to read the following, as it addresses some of your ‘not too highlighted’ areas.

    You will note that in addition to the named parties, the ICBL CFO of the time is mentioned. I would not expect other employees to be aware of the scheme, if indeed it is true. Hence the FBI or other investigative bodies would walk away empty handed.


  • May I suggest a small change in the title of this blog?

    How about “The Donville Inniss Sob Story”?

    A few people in and out of Barbados have been sobbing about this turn of events.


  • And you can add this picture to the new and improved title


  • You do not want either of those 2 toxic, dangerous and backward gazing governments in that parliament ever again, after 2023.


  • This Donville saga has twists and turns and apparently ties into all types of new goings on.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Donks Gripe and JoshSeptember 25, 2019 11:12 AM “The FBI reportedly carried out investigations on the ground in Bridgetown going back home empty handed with persons of interest adamant there was no bribing.”

    A Simple Response: Everybody interviewed by the FBI always say “there was no wrong doing”
    but does the FBI ALWAYS believe the interviewees?

    @Donks Gripe and JoshSeptember 25, 2019 11:12 AM “Donville is quoted in the media saying he had no power to grant contracts. Isn’t there a Tenders Committee in government for that purpose?”

    Now what else would anybody in the circumstances be expected to say? Don’t Cabinet Ministers always claim powerlessness. But in fact if not in law are Cabinet Ministers truly powerless?

    No I ain’t wukking for the FBI


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @WURA-War-on-USeptember 25, 2019 7:33 AM “Donville finally has a once in a lifetime oportunity to do right by his people.”

    We all have multiple opportunities to do right by others. Such opportunities are presented every single day of our lives.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @GreeneSeptember 25, 2019 9:06 AM “suppose it turns out that the 36k was brokerage fees and not intended for Donville.”

    And suppose my grandmother had balls?

    What would have been the outcome?


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @Donks Gripe and JoshSeptember 25, 2019 11:12 AM “The FBI reportedly carried out investigations on the ground in Bridgetown going back home empty handed.”

    So did the FBI report to Donks, Gripe and Josh that the went back home empty handed?

    Does the FBI typically report the progress or non progress of an investigation to foreigners?

    And in any event who said that the FBI has “gone home”?

    What if they are still hard at work in the little yellow building on the hill?


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    @de pedantic DribblerSeptember 25, 2019 2:03 PM “It appears good sir and I say this with due respect to u (and him) that u spent too much time in the same ethics class as Mr Thompson!”

    And it appears that neither Green nor Thompson spent any time at all in Sunday School.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife
    Former head extradited to US

    The former head of the [Antigua] Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Leroy King has been extradited to the United States.

    It looks like our Donville will be getting some high level company.

    Hal is always writing about regulation. All well and good. But who regulates the regulator?

    And I must say something about those Americans. They are tenacious as hell.


  • And continuing the trend of “killing stories that the Mugabe Regime wants dead” one finds that Pornville ‘s story is being deep sized

    Why is this?

    Is it because Mugabe Mottley IS TRYING TO SET UP FORMER US AG ERIC HOLDER?

    “…Holder is being awarded for his distinguished and extraordinary service to Barbados, the Caribbean Diaspora and to humanity at large.

    The honour will be conferred on Holder by Her Excellency the Governor General at a date in the future…”

    de ole man often remembers when I was trying not to get licks from me grandfadder I would go and sharpen his tools, or bring him mangoes or some sort of Bribery.

    MUGABE AMIN MOTTLEY THINKS that Eric Holder a man whose Personnel Security Clearance at the Department of Justice WOULD GIVE HIM access to a dossier on Mugabe and Sir Mugabe and the Mugabe who owned the cocaine nightclub.

    Mugabe feel dat Mr Holder is a fool and that he, a man of great renown, would risk the extensive latitude afforded by his Citzenship and Currency in the US, for a low rate criminal from Barbados?

    She really using the Mary Jane spiked with cocaine!


  • How did things go for our dear Donville today?


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