Donville Inniss GUILTY as Charged

Millar told the court that in August 2015, she attended a meeting with former chief executive officer (CEO) of ICBL Ingrid Innes and former senior vice-president with responsibility for business development and marketing Alex Tasker.

Following that meeting, she said Innes instructed her to make “an urgent payment” of a referral bonus to Inniss.

She said she was uncomfortable with the request made by Innes as he was “politically exposed” and she enquired if she Innes had cleared such a transaction with the company’s chairman John Wight, to which Innes responded, “It’s fine”.

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  1. So unless there were 2 Donville Inniss’ in Barbados, what was a now convicted former government minister doing sitting on the board of yet another shady insurance company when he was known to be corrupt and now convicted for taking bribes from another insurance company. Who wants to bet he was there while a sitting minister big and bold and in your face just like all the other scum ministers and lawyers.

  2. NorthernObserver

    I was hoping someone would explain those “flow charts.” Thank you for the information.

    David BU suggested the site is a CAIPO “dump,” which I could understand, because, as you mentioned, the charts provide basic incorporation information about “directors, corporate secretary, registered addresses, etc”

    Having looked at them I came to a conclusion similar to yours. There isn’t any information relative to financial statements, bank accounts, corporation taxes filed or anything linking the individuals mentioned to off-shore accounts or money laundering……. or that could prove they engaged in some sort of illegal activity.

    Don’t “get me wrong,” I’m all for exposing corruption and I’m not denying the fact certain people are corrupt. And, as I mentioned on a previous occasion, we must commend the efforts of those people who seek to expose or make us aware of corruption.

    However, posting information from other social media sites to impute financial improprieties or improper motives to certain people, without at first verifying its authenticity or credibility of the source is wrong.

    But, as they say, “ignorance is bliss, and it’s appalling too.”

  3. Simple Simon

    I know you did not “make any statement about any case as late as last year.”

    I was simply being presumptuous in responding to an enigmatic comment that was directed to you.

  4. Who still want to go against Plantation Deeds or Violet Beckles,or the BFP/CoUP. They are crooks, liars and Scumbags, and all the lawyers/judges on this Blog that act as if they know the law better than crime,All the DLP, and BLP fake UPP, SB Parties are all exposed for what they are ! No Rule of Law, suckers for Life, When the Bajan People wake up you all better run South for the North coming for all of Wa Na, Running from the CC Meeting when Trump grab on to all your stolen assets and accounts all you can do is go for more taxing and the People will rip hole where you had none before, 1 down 59 to go, 30 down 30 to go 2023 or sooner BFP is NOW!

  5. At least now even from Canada, Lawson can see how the 1 + 6 = 7 pittances work with and for these frauds for government ministers.

    BTW…how is ya boyfriend Justin treating ya these day, ah saw ya voted him right back in despite cussing him for years..

  6. @Artax
    “Dump” could be a polite work for “hack”?
    One doubts that Caipo would willingly yield all that info. Their system security was likely sub-par.
    As you note…any one eyed man is king in a blind man land.

    • It is the height of ignorance to maligned individuals listed as directors if there is nothing concrete to support it. Ask questions but dour without the noise.

  7. The whole of social media ablaze with comments and laughing at Mia trying to start a war of words with America because Barbados was not invited to met with USA secretary
    Another bold faced distraction on her part without having the commonsense to realize that people would fact check her words
    Wuh loss muh belly
    Errol Barrow Mia you are not
    Now go and hide yuh face like Donvlle
    OSA did say that you relied on gimmicks to rally the crowd

  8. Jamaica Foreign affairs minister in an interview all but called her misguided because she tried to used Caricom nations as a wedge from which she could start a fight with the USA
    Mia Errol Barrow u are not
    I sugggest you stay in your lane to avoid looking like a fool

  9. Any one saw the manner of way the plague for Errol Barrow was worded
    Mia has no shame at all
    Any one looking at the wording of the plaque unless have been.drinking too much koolaid who have felt disgusted
    Why did Mia do to any lenghts of placing a plaque in Hon of Mr. Barrow when in bold letters her intention was to send a message that Mia Mottley was the person who place the plaque in Barrow honour
    One word simply described her actions yesterday in placing the plaque

  10. “@ WARU

    where is this CAiPO link to their database dump, that everyone is talking about, located?”

    I will ask ya FB friend to send you the link.

  11. Some body needs to tell Mia supporters in high places to stop trying to used. the Rght honourable Errol Barrow name in any form shape or manner to create a legacy for herself
    The plaque which bears her name up front and in bold letters is part of the mind games of manipulation to build a bridge between her party and dlp supporters which would not happen

  12. In interacting with the electorate, the utilization of mass psychology (including gimmickry) by the politician is equivalent to the use of ‘sleight of hand’ employed by the magician ! Our problem is compounded by the fact that most of our people have very short attention spans and equally short memories ! The majority are easily manipulated by our politicians who are really ‘snakes dressed in human garb, masquerading as highly ethical and moral human beings’! They are reminiscent of a Santa Claus employed by a shopping mall in the southern USA, to greet kids,one of whom was equipped with a hidden tape recorder.Unaware that he(Santa) was being recorded, he was heard asking the small Afro-american child,”And what do you want for Christmas,my Little Ni***er ? Their public persona differs from their private persona ! Also,let’s face it ! Franz Fanon’s psychoanalytic theory of dependency and inadequacy of people of African descent is not without foundation or merit ! Our problem is compounded by the fact that our leaders not only seek to copy the lifestyles of our pre-independence ‘masters’,but to surpass them in their accumulation of personal wealth, at the expense of the masses.A prime example may well be Isabel dos Santos,”Africa’s Richest Woman”, and her brother, Jose Filomeno dos Santos ,children of ex-president Jose Eduardo dos Santos who are currently charged with massive corruption/theft ! God help us !

  13. Even Puerto Rico has had Enuff of the evil and corrupt being committed against the population. Only chains and handcuffs can cure these thieves and pigs.

    “U.S. authorities have unsealed a corruption indictment against two former top officials in Puerto Rico for directing some $15.5 million in contracts to favored businesses, allegedly edging out other firms for the lucrative government work despite allegations of being unqualified.

    The two former Puerto Rico leaders — Julia Keleher, who was the secretary of the island’s department of education before stepping down in April, and Ángela Ávila-Marrero, who led Puerto Rico’s Health Insurance Administration until last month — were arrested by FBI agents on Wednesday.”

  14. “Our problem is compounded by the fact that most of our people have very short attention spans and equally short memories !.”

    And that is the handicap STAGNATING the Black majority mentality in Barbados, too many of them have this disability and it’s GENERATIONAL, it is NOT NORMAL and needs to be looked into to prove there was MANIPULATION over the decades….and these stinking politicians and lawyers ARE INVOLVED….right alongside the evil parasitic minorities.

  15. ” problem is compounded by the fact that our leaders not only seek to copy the lifestyles of our pre-independence ‘masters’,but to surpass them in their accumulation of personal wealth, at the expense of the masses”

    the filthy little negros from parliament and bar association all wanted to be JUST LIKE MASSA, that is all they ever aspired to be, in doing so they set up the most vicious crimes against the Black population to achieve their copycat dreams and STILL ARE….. that is why they created the corrupt criminal syndicate for a bar association from the 1940s….it was never about improving the lot of the population post slavery, it was always about being greedy, gluttonous and faking everything to achieve false status on the world stage.

    THEY ARE ALL FRAUDS…that is all they will ever be.

  16. First of all i don’t know which black person is supposed to feel any way about a racist from the UK slurring these sell out negros in Barbados, same sell outs who were up on a stage in London celebrating and promoting a racist thief like Cow instead of promoting the people who pay their salaries AND LOOK LIKE THEM, same sell out negros WHO CONTINUE to help a bunch of parasitic minorities STEAL BILLIONS FROM THE BLACK POPULATION and commit a bunch of crimes without consequences… evil crimes against a vulnerable people that has happened from the days of Barrow, with his sell out negro self…so let the racists keep the negros from parliament in their place and continue to remind them where they came from, just as they deserve..

    Sell out negros deserve nothing less.

    “The recently exposed racist slur used against Barbados’s elected prime minister Mia Mottley and one of her cabinet ministers, senator Lucille Moe, is both funny and tragic. Funny because the man who said it, Alexander Nix – former chief executive of the elections consultancy Cambridge Analytica – either forgot or was ignorant about who he was dealing with. His email to a colleague at Cambridge Analytica’s sister company, SCL Elections, spoke as much to his irritation that this tiny island nation dared rebuff his overtures to manage the now ruling Barbados Labour party’s election campaign as it did to his ugly prejudice. Funny because apart from the prime minister’s unquestionable political pedigree, Moe is, in her own right, a seasoned political campaign strategist with election victories all over the Caribbean under her belt. It would seem obvious to find out who you’re pitching to when attempting to fill your coffers using widely denounced strategies. But not to Nix. And here is where the tragic part comes in.

    The Cambridge Analytica files: the story so far
    Read more
    The Guardian’s investigation states that Nix and his now rebranded company are once again making overtures to Caribbean nations offering their services. Some will welcome him with open arms, but for others these alliances have not sat well with the countries they seek to charge exorbitant fees for their services. Caribbean-based consultants have been paid considerably less than SCL’s reported £15,000 monthly fee. The type of subversive gutter politics promoted by SCL and its ilk often leave a string of integrity-based questions in their wake. A more long-term consequence is that it perpetuates the view that small island politics is fundamentally corrupt, yet overseas consultants seem happy to ride those coat tails as long as they have their money.”

  17. And after all of that the sell out negros in parliament, bar association, supreme court still make it their personal business to make sure that the most vulnerable Black people in Barbados are publicly humiliated for stealing a meal, a salt bread, a nail clip….well we know what we have to do to these lowest level black ANIMALS… to bring them to their FAKE CHRISTIAN UNDERSTANDING….and whose masters on the island and in UK STILL sees them as the NI**ERS they really are …their TRUE NATURE…no matter how many billions of dollars and estates they collude with the TRAILER PARK TRASH MINORITIES to steal from THE PEOPLE just to pretend that they are all born from wealth and money.

    What an embarrassment. to think that Mottley would unveil a plaque in hon of the Rght Hon.Errol Barrow and in bold inscription the name Mia Mottley is inscribed in the opening sentences
    If one takes a look at the Errol Barrow monument in Bridgetown and compare the inscribed words with the plaque
    One would get the belief the plaque was written by a mad person
    OSA once described Mia as egomaniac and her mouthings and actions can be considered demonstrative when one read the inscription on the plaque

  19. @ ManyPussy Mariposa

    You got a good point to latch on to


    Yes girl, the plaque like all dem your guvment put up while renaming every single road and school in Barbados

    Wunna really is a set of clown in this DUOPOLY though, always seeking a comeuppance!

    But before you forget the topic being discussed here heheheheh here is a gentle reminder


    You can send thanks to that other blogger Piece uh de rock yeah right who links are all OVAH de internet

  20. Piece…they should rename the plaque….THE PLAGUE….every last one of them, that is all any of those no good black faces are…plagues on the island, plagues in the lives of the black majority….and look at what their minority masters see them as….the same thing we have been calling them for decades.

  21. A person character is what they leave after the person departs this earth
    Therefore it is disingenuous and highly offensive for Mia to have her named inscribed in bold letters on the plaque of what she said was a plaque dedicated to the memory of Errol Barrow

    Piece may i suggest u do your thing and let me do mine
    Not hear looking for supporters in the same method or manner with intent to attract supporters for Atherley

  22. The arrogance of Mottley shines bright
    The issue of the war of words with USA a trading partner that Barbados heavily relies and is indebted to financially
    And now the Barrow plaque
    What arrogrance

    • Why not repeat it 50 times on the blog?

      Is the wording on the plaque to recognize a national hero the standard approved by the Chief Protocol Officer or did Mia tell them to inscribe xyz.

  23. @Waru

    a broken clock is right twice a day but you should check the date when Nix cussed the BLP.

    i have it on good authority that Cambridge Analytica aka SCL now EmerData did work for the BLP via HH and Jong. you may want to explore whether that is why Jong is employed by the Govt and or the BL? Cambridge Analytica aka SCL was the origin of all those divisive and nasty social media posts

    incidentally it also worked for the DLP. the old lady on the bus ad?

    those are the type of dog whistle subversive things they do in elections

  24. Greene…those negros from both sides of DBLP divide are no damn good for Black people on the island, they never were and never will be…..over 60 years of evidence don’t lie….and history has shown they are sell outs, that is all they have ever done, they cannot even change that anymore, it’s on autopilot, they all have to go.

  25. David BU

    Why bother with Mariposa? Her mission is to distract from the substantive topic, Donville Inniss….. and to create an impression Mottley is perhaps attempting to promote herself to the status the DEMS have placed Barrow.

    Ignore the yard-fowl’s rants.

    On Errol Barrow Day’s edition of VOB’s “Brass Tacks,” I heard Barrow’s former personal aid Leroy McClean telling David Ellis and, by extension, Barbadians, Barrow and Mottley SHARED a SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP. He became Mottley’s “adoptive grand-father,” after the deaths of both her grand-fathers. McClean also mentioned Barrow used to be at Mottley’s house waiting to greet her when she came home from school.

    He also talked of an occasion in 1986, when Mottley had a stall on the then Spring Garden Highway and Barrow told her to make sure she had Tanqueray gin and pork chops. McClean said Barrow spent the entire day at the stall and being the newly elected PM, many people came there to lime with him and purchase food and beverages, to the extent that Mottley boasted of making $10,000 that day.

    So, Mariposa is just spewing political shiite rhetoric, as instructed by her George Street pay masters.

  26. First i must say the Barrow clips were excellent research
    However listening to the low life Commisiong gave food for thought as to ask ” what is he up to now”
    Seeing his past attitudes and vocal performances on political stages
    I couldnt help to think that his vocal performance on Brass Tacks was one built on smoke and mirrors hence his intentions to draw Mia as close as possible to Barrow along with the utterances of Mclean

  27. @ Greene January 23, 2020 10:47 AM
    “ have it on good authority that Cambridge Analytica aka SCL now EmerData did work for the BLP via HH and Jong. you may want to explore whether that is why Jong is employed by the Govt and or the BL? Cambridge Analytica aka SCL was the origin of all those divisive and nasty social media posts…”

    Greenie ma boi, this is a ‘riposte’ made in the spirit of goodwill like the Xmas truce (entente cordiale) between the British and German troops in WW1.

    Since you are so good at digging up skeletons and dirt on your political foes, and even friends, why not use your well-honed ‘D I’ skills and see what you can uncover as compensatory payment towards your disgorgement for backing a money-laundering criminal of a minister of the monarch with the same initials of “D.I”?

    How about using your ‘blood hound’ skills honed in the UK and see if you can sniffle out a ‘pissing in someone’s pocket’ deal between a persua(d)vise consultant of a skunk with ‘heady’ intelligence and smart rats climbing a young white oak tree?

    By finding DNA evidence of the kickback kind you might just stumble on ‘sufficient’ evidence needed by the Bajan Bill to make the real DI look like just a two-bit tricky medici around a poker pool under a Bajan tamarind tree.

    One thing for sure, if there is any smell of a dirty red rat it would put your ‘favourite’ blue and yellow horse right back, with even odds, into the duopoly race.

  28. Another greedy heifer to lock away, parasites on the earth, maggots eating away at the living….COMMON CLASS THIEVES…always leaching off Black people….just like the maggots in UK are planning to do again.

    “Angola could issue an international arrest warrant for billionaire Isabel dos Santos if she fails to cooperate with a fraud investigation in which she has been named as a suspect, its chief prosecutor was quoted as saying.

    Angola has named dos Santos, the daughter of former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, as a suspect over alleged mismanagement and misappropriation of funds while she was chairwoman of state oil firm Sonangol in 2016-2017. She denies wrongdoing.

    “At this moment, the concern is to notify (the suspects) and assure that they voluntarily come to face justice,” Helder Pitta Gros said in Luanda late on Wednesday, according to Portugal’s Lusa news agency. Failing that, his office would resort to legal instruments at its disposal, one being an international warrant.

    Angolan news agency Angop also said the prosecutor, who traveled to Lisbon on Thursday, had spoken of the possibility of such a warrant.

    Portuguese newspaper Expresso said several people linked to dos Santos were also named as formal suspects, including Mario Leite da Silva. Silva could not immediately be reached for comment.”

  29. The exposure of this “heifer” is good news for all. Here we have a clear template of the modus operandi employed by the many numerous Isabel dos Santos of this world. They owe their survival to the millions and millions of taxpayers who sponsor their wealthy lifestyles. Our man in America, Donville Inniss, made hay whilst the sun shone; however justice finally caught up with him.

    Mia must be aware that the Barbados public are knowledgeable of government corruption and the negative impact that it has had on the country. The eyes of the public are on her administration and they expect as a minimum transparency from her government.

    Let us continue to monitor MIa and her policies. More importantly, should she gravitate towards areas that some may interpret as being “border line corrupt”; then let us – the public caution her and raise a red flag.


    ” LISBON (Reuters) – The director of private banking at small Portuguese lender Eurobic and manager of Angola’s oil firm Sonangol’s account at the bank, Nuno Ribeiro da Cunha, was found dead at his house in Lisbon on Wednesday, Lusa news agency said on Thursday, citing a police source.

    The same police source told Lusa that “everything points to suicide”. Police officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

    Along with Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos, Ribeiro da Cunha was one of the people named as a formal suspect by Angola’s public prosecutors in the case of alleged mismanagement and misappropriation of funds while the former first daughter dos Santos was chairwoman of the state oil firm in 2016-2017.

    Eurobic could not immediately be reached for comment.”

  31. @ Artax

    Politics in Barbados has never been a “blood sport”. The attempt at Tribalism that some commenters appear to promote is not in our DNA and should be arrested at our ports of entry. We are all related in some form or fashion. I was aware that the PM referred to him as “uncle Errol”; now it is “grandfather”? Wow!!

  32. Glad that other social media platforms in the past few days have seen the relevancy in Mia deceptive games as she tries desperately to keep all focus an attention on herself not withstanding her futile and lame accusations of pointing a finger at the USA along with het dastardly action of trying to build her legacy off the back of the Rgt. Hon Errol Barrow
    Yes social media is ablaze with this issues while BU play the choir master in playing those tunes that well serves govt
    Where is your guts David
    Where is your guts

  33. Amidst all the noise coming from Mia utterances
    PM Holiness at the meeting hosted for the USA secretary told the dignitaries in attendance.that tourism from america was one of the bigger benefits to Jamaica economy
    Need i say more
    As gran ma always never bite the hand that feed u
    A lesson in diplomacy which ought to be learned by those who called them selves intellectuals

  34. What is there to rubbish in Holiness comments
    What do you want me to refute when there is sufficient evidence to support that Jamaica has indeed benefitted from American Tourist
    Sometimes u are truly amazing with your attacks
    I pointed out that when Mia lashes out she out to choose her battle carefully.

  35. It is laughable to think that the PM of Barbados would begin a war of words with its valuable trade partner
    Fuh Christ sake what does these little tin horn dictators in this part of the Carribbean region has to offer Barbados if america decides to close their doors on Barbados
    Truly dumbfounding

  36. “I was aware that the PM referred to him as “uncle Errol”; now it is “grandfather”? Wow!!”

    Mr. Codrington

    I was unaware of any close relationship between Barrow and Mottley, until I heard McClean mentioned it on “Brass Tacks.” And to be honest, I really don’t care.

    However, I never mentioned Mottley referred to Barrow as “grandfather,” and if you’re attributing McClean’s comment to me, then, you’re being dishonest.

  37. @ Vincent Codrington
    It’s the PM who said in the Nation a few days ago that Barrow was her grandfather and the one who was there to greet her when she came home from school etc. I think that she was just saying that her two natural grandfathers had passed and Barrow, as a close family friend filled the role.
    It’s only the cool aid drinkers and fanatical party loyalists on BU who cuss people on behalf of the Duopoly.
    As I have stated , the Duopoly has already discussed who will be sacrificed in the next election to ensure that it survives. So all those cool aid drinkers on BU who believe that the Duopoly really cares about them are sadly mistaken. The Duopoly cares only about itself .
    The Duopoly Rules

  38. Mr. Skinner

    RE: “It’s the PM who said in the Nation a few days ago that Barrow was her grandfather and the one who was there to greet her when she came home from school etc. I think that she was just saying that her two natural grandfathers had passed and Barrow, as a close family friend filled the role.”

    I heard when McClean mentioned that to David Ellis on the Monday, January 21, 2020 edition of “Brass Tacks,”….. and it was the reason why I used the word, “adoptive.”

    RE: “It’s only the cool aid drinkers and fanatical party loyalists on BU who cuss people on behalf of the Duopoly.”

    You are correct. If we had not known better, reading the silly “rants and raves” of Mariposa would have given us the impression Barrow and Mottley were “natural enemies.”

    However, Mr. Skinner, I hope you also noticed when the focus is on one of the duopoly’s members, “how the fanatical party loyalist” would relentlessly defend him/her….. then, they would leave the forum for a day or two to strategize, and return to raise other issues to distract from the substantive topic.

    Look how successful Mariposa has been in achieving her objective of distracting from Donville Inniss and turning the focus to her favourite “hobby-horse,” Mia Mottley.

  39. According to the US Department of Justice, the cases

    United States v. Alex Tasker, Court Docket Number: 18-CR-00134,
    United States v. Ingrid Innes, Court Docket Number: 18-CR-00134

    ………. were filed on March 15, 2018, in the Eastern District of New York…… and announced on January 18, 2019.

    On Monday, January 28, 2019, the Department of Justice, Office of Public Affairs, issued the following Press Release:

    Former Chief Executive Officer and Senior Vice President of Barbadian Insurance Company Charged with Laundering Bribes to Former Minister of Industry of Barbados

    The former chief executive officer and senior vice president of Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL), a Barbados-based insurance company, were charged in an indictment unsealed on Jan. 18, with laundering bribes to the former Minister of Industry of Barbados in exchange for his assistance in securing government contracts for ICBL.

    Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney Richard P. Donoghue of the Eastern District of New York and Assistant Director-in-Charge William F. Sweeney Jr. of the FBI’s New York Field Office made the announcement.

    Ingrid Innes, 63, a citizen of Canada, and Alex Tasker, 58, a citizen of Barbados, were charged with one count of conspiracy to launder money and two counts of money laundering in an indictment returned in Aug. 22, 2018, by a federal grand jury sitting in Brooklyn, New York. The former Minister of Industry of Barbados, Donville Inniss, 52, a U.S. legal permanent resident who resided in Tampa, Florida, and Barbados, was charged with the same crimes in an indictment unsealed on Aug. 6, 2018, and was also charged as a co-defendant of Innes and Tasker in the superseding indictment.

    The indictment alleges that in 2015 and 2016, Innes, then the chief executive officer of ICBL, and Tasker, then a senior vice president of ICBL, took part in a scheme to launder into the United States approximately $36,000 in bribes that they paid to Inniss, who at the time was a member of the Parliament of Barbados and the Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development of Barbados. In exchange for the bribes, Inniss allegedly leveraged his positon as the Minister of Industry to enable ICBL to obtain two government contracts. According to the allegations, Inniss arranged to receive the bribes through a U.S. bank account in the name of a dental company with an address in Elmont, New York, in order to conceal the scheme.

    The charges in the indictment are merely allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

    ICBL voluntarily self-disclosed the case and received a declination under the FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy. ICBL disgorged $93,940.19 in illicit profits that it earned from the scheme.

    The FBI’s New York Field Office and International Corruption Squad is investigating the case. In 2015, the FBI formed International Corruption Squads across the country to address national and international implications of foreign corruption.

  40. William…it all had to eventually come out…IN THE WASH.

    These uppity vote begging negros have been telling themselves for years that everyone was too stupid to know what they have and still are doing.

  41. What i notice is a fanciful political game play of those in Mia high ranking is placing Barrow name very close to Mia
    which in most people minds is a skilful strategy of attempting to “woo”dlp supporters into believing that Mia ideas are one and the same of Barrow
    This game play reached its utmost level when Commissiong and is appearance on Brass Tacks along with a socalled supporter of the dlp all but started the job of building that political bridge

  42. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the central bank had issued a gold coin to commemorate Barrow’s 100th birthday, and the Post Office issued a stamp?

  43. Barrow has a commemorative Statue in the heart of Bridgetown
    All this pretentious gala by Mia was an insult to the good name of Barrow a PM who fought tooth and nail for Barbados Independence
    Her idea of a memorial to Barrow legacy in his hometown was nothing more that game play heightened by an attempt to glorified her name in history
    What a sham what a mockery
    Why is Mia name in Bold letters on the plaque above Barrow
    That is the question being asked across social media
    I dare David to post a picture of the plaque on BU
    He cant and he would not because he knows the plaque represents a distasteful and disgusting representation of Mia’s character

  44. Just keep the stale piss handy, when any of DBLP vote begging snakes come to your door in 2023 …. dash it on them.

  45. David i expected that response
    But truth lies in your hypocrisy and your intentions to hide Mia deceptive character away from the piercing eyes of the public
    However a picture is worth a thousand words
    Btw i am awating to see how much milk u can get out of the Donville Inniss issue
    Meanwhile barbados streets are being washed away with blood and gore and the constant sound of gun fire
    Keep up the good work David just maybe u might be awarded with a gold star medal of distinctive performance by Mia

  46. Tell the backward, ignorant DBLP clowns that when you steal billions from a country…that country is reduced to POVERTY…

    the evil minorities in Barbados with their useless greedy house negros from parliament, bar association and supreme court have reduced the island to poverty, decay and degradation so am sure the below sounds quite familiar..

    “The winners amass vast sums while the losers face poverty, disease and eviction. Governments must act to tackle illicit finance.”

  47. @ Artax
    “ However, Mr. Skinner, I hope you also noticed when the focus is on one of the duopoly’s members, “how the fanatical party loyalist” would relentlessly defend him/her….. then, they would leave the forum for a day or two to strategize, and return to raise other issues to distract from the substantive topic.”
    What amuses me to no end is that one of these cool aid drinkers was advising Mottley to discredit Barrow. Mottley probably read it and decided to put this cool aid drinker in his place by bigging up Barrow; placing a plaque in his honor and informing the nation that he was her “ grandfather”.
    In other words she was telling them to ; “ watch muh” and stop embarrassing me on BU because at the end of the day cockroach has no right at fowl cock dance.

    The Duopoly Rules

  48. At least there are some with influence in media (outside Barbados) who are paying close attention to Mia words
    which they described as “noisy utterances” when Mia made talk of USA diversionary tactics to divide Caricom

  49. Now that i have spoken my Piece
    I am heading over to the other side of social media where the licks are flying like peas against Mia arrogance attitude
    David yuh can closed this blog now

  50. A funny thing…
    More interested in what happened to the salt-bread case than to Donville Innis..
    Don’t want that poor man to fall through the cracks for 12-years.

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