Donville Inniss GUILTY as Charged

Millar told the court that in August 2015, she attended a meeting with former chief executive officer (CEO) of ICBL Ingrid Innes and former senior vice-president with responsibility for business development and marketing Alex Tasker.

Following that meeting, she said Innes instructed her to make “an urgent payment” of a referral bonus to Inniss.

She said she was uncomfortable with the request made by Innes as he was “politically exposed” and she enquired if she Innes had cleared such a transaction with the company’s chairman John Wight, to which Innes responded, “It’s fine”.

Barbados Today


  • See how the other half lives, Donville didn’t have these kind of friends

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  • Yes David I am aware that desal plants use brackish water, as you say water that is not potable unless desalinated. My point is that NOBODY manufactures water. We ALL take our water from common sources, and clean it up a lot or a little as required.

    Nobody is manufacturing water in the back room of their hotel.

    Rain David (nobody manufactures that)

    Atlantic Ocean David (no human being made that)


  • You can have the last word then.


  • @David January 20, 2020 7:12 PM “your asses or logged on to a Bajan blog day and Rh night. Piss in the blogmaster’s pocket do.”

    I think that you are being a bit harsh on Hal and Baje.

    Even though is it fairly easy to physically disconnect from this geographical space. And even though it is legally easy to become a citizen or subject of another place, it is enormously difficult to entirely disconnect from the culture that made them Without their Bajanness they would be naked so to speak.. Bajan culture warts and all is like a magnet to them. Which is why they love your blog so much.


  • Looking forward to the next poster from the Legendary Piece.

    Suggested title.

    Bribe with impunity. Like buggering it is illegal in Barbados but…..


  • Who de f. Cares about how de other half of Donville maggots live
    Guess what non uh wunna cant do a dam thing about it
    Meanwhile here at home the poor sucking salt can’t even say sugar cane cause that dead too.
    Govt giving away the treasury
    Breaking up and tearing up buildings dey say
    Two years gone by and not a growth strategy in place and the biggest news item is donville
    Well holy smoke and mirrors and hickory dickory dock


  • Meanwhile my neighbour been laid off for the entire time govt tek office
    Goes to the welfare fuh help is told that fuh them to get help they got to brick dis and dat paper as proof of living household expenses
    Well they tell them that a relative helping to pay them bills
    The employees tell he that them must have a bill showing that they pay the bill
    Yuh see wunna so called intellects wunna real.phony fuh real these kind of problems are affecting many barbadians and now fuh de past six days all wunna talking about a man who got 36 thousands dollars
    Man wunna real mek dog stomach sick
    Hungry out of work bajans by the hundreds and no one pick teet on behalf of these people wunna ought to be ashamed of self


  • I am really amused of @ Pieces regaining the popularity he had lost a few weeks ago when the cool aid drinkers were calling for his removal from BU.
    The Duopoly cool aid drinkers are so predictable. Thanks for putting dust in their face Piece. In pure Bajan : you are a boss!!
    The Duopoly Rules


  • @ Brother Hants

    Do ole man busy as badword

    De grandson get a next promotion so I doan get much of he time like before


  • @ Mr William Skinner

    De ole man ent see any improvement in my standing “from hero to zero” heheheheh

    I noticed that Hee Hee dont demand dat I get banned ALL THE TIME but HEE HAW does call de ole man name ALL DE TIME! heheheheh
    And tell de Blogmaster to ban de ole man!

    No imagine how dat vagabond asking for de ole to get banned

    You would figure dat Hee Ha would have a heart and say dat de ole man jes need a digital place to go and talk imaginary things

    But I got a few new tings for dem!



  • “The Duopoly cool aid drinkers are so predictable.”

    Mr. Skinner

    As usual, you are correct.

    It seems as though the George Street rum punch drinker used the time during their absence from BU to formulate strategy and returned trying to DISTRACT the forum from FOCUSING on the MAIN TOPIC…….. Donville Inniss…….to some nonsense about a fictitious neighbour who, for the purpose of their assignment to BU, has been conveniently “laid off for the entire time govt tek office.”

    We all know an individual cannot go into the Welfare Department, say they’re unemployed and immediately receive assistance without an interview and being asked to verify their living expenses. And, each case is checked by a Welfare Officer, who, based on their assessment, would recommend payment of a welfare grant. It’s standard procedure.

    If that wasn’t the case, then every “Tom, Dick and Harry,” employed or unemployed,” would go into that Department, say they’re unemployed, just to get some “free money.”


  • “……… I don’t recall that Hakwesworth case so quick question for you. Why did the US not just WAIT until the defendants entered their jurisdiction with the false documents!”


    Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question. The information I posted was an excerpt from the appeal case:


    It was a synopsis to the original case, in which Scantlebury, Sean Gaskin and the late Christopher Hawkesworth, along with two Guyanese nationals, were indicted in 2004, by a grand jury in Washington, D.C., for conspiracy to traffic cocaine into the USA.

    Hawkesworth was reported missing on September 30, 2016 and was subsequently found dead on August 1, 2016, in a vehicle parked in a wooded area of Bakers, St Peter.

    I’m surprised you don’t recall this lengthy extradition case. It began in 2004 and ended in 2014.


  • So if illegal squatters some of whom are not bajans can be promised land and 25thousand dollars why cant bajans who worked hard paid taxes get welfare without hassle
    The fact being that since gobt change many who have paid diligently paid into to the system and now find themselves struggling because of having no job and cant find a job should not have to do cart wheels and somersaults to get assistance
    Govt should have a more sensitive and humane method to help these people
    If a person explain the reason for not having the proper documentation and the person was a former govt worker this person would have (had) at least workers documentation sufficient to verify their place of residence
    The so-called intelligent in barbados are heartless and as crooked as the many crooks they lambast and i know some of what i say as fact


  • Not hear to distract nothing
    But many barbadians are struggling and not a dam thing is being said
    All govt talking about “we gathering”and nothing about having a long term growth strategy to create jobs
    Then wunna wonder why crime and violence keeps escalating
    Inniss had his day in court and will pay his dues but what about the ordinary barbadian who.paid their dues to society and now all they get is the run around
    Some of these people are elderly and having to live off neck skin to nothing
    How dare govt resort to insensitive measures in avoiding of helping them
    Long friggin lines have now become the norm at every govt agency and people after paying bus fare they can least afford are told they don’t qualify for assistance
    Is this barbados well God help us all when hard times hit home


  • Simple….there are current updates for the Hawkesworth, Scantlebury and Gaskin extradition case, as current as lasypt year which cannot yet be posted to the blog. Information not available to the public yet, it is still ongoing.


  • Hawkesworth, Scantlebury, Gaskin extradition case , as current as LAST YEAR which cannot yet be posted to the blog.


  • The rght Hon. Ertol Barrow must be rolling in his grave disgusted by the sights and sounds of a society ripped apart and left to die a poor man death devoid of pride
    A country now standing at the door of imperialist door steps with bowl in hand like beggars
    What a dam shame
    A society that took but have nothing to give walking with head up in the air looking like nincompoops
    Errol Barrow uh tried but you can take a horse to water but yuh cant mek them drink
    Now all society can do is gather will the keepers of the gate gather dead people bones with fanciful measures
    What a ting doah you said this day will come a barbados lost forever


  • Mariposa ya need to stop with the Barrow bullshit, he was just another unaware house negro or he would have known better than to raise yardfowls who also contributed to the destruction of Barbados with their idiocy and love affair with nasty, corrupt politicians, government ministers and toxic dangerous lawyers…he knew the lawyers were no damn good with their shitey paper degrees and idiotic god mentalities.


  • Whether u like The rght Hon.Errol Barrow or not. His statements makes relevance to the present decay of barbados as for sure barbados has indeed become a beggar at the door steps of Imperialist nations


  • So does Barbados really need some fake professor indian dude to tell them what we have been telling both CORRUPT governments AND the people for DECADES…really..


  • Simple Simon

    I don’t want to DISTRACT from the substantive topic, but, please exercise a little patience with me.

    According to the Court opinion document I’ve seen:

    “EDWARDS, Senior Circuit Judge: In 2004, Appellants, John Wayne Scantlebury (“Scantlebury”) and Sean Gaskin (“Gaskin”), who are residents of Barbados, along with another Barbadian resident – Frederick Christopher Hawkesworth (“Hawkesworth”) – and two Guyanese residents, were indicted by a grand jury in Washington, D.C., for conspiracy to traffic cocaine. Scantlebury, Gaskin, and Hawkesworth (who is now deceased) all challenged extradition to the United States.The disputes over extradition lasted for over nine years. Finally, in December 2013, the U.S. Government moved to dismiss the charges against Scantlebury, Gaskin, and Hawkesworth without prejudice,citing “the age of the case, government resources,and other factual and legal issues which INDICATE the case is NO LONGER VIABLE.” Joint Appendix (“J.A.”) 41. The District Court granted the Government’s motion to dismiss on January 9, 2014.” [Page 1]

    “Following indictment, the Government sought extradition of Scantlebury, Gaskin, and Hawkesworth from Barbados and Douglas and Sugrim from Guyana. Douglas was extradited, but Surgrim was never taken into custody. The three Barbadian defendants were arrested by Barbadian law enforcement officials, but they CHALLENGED extradition and remained in Barbados. All three were released on bail in late 2004 or early 2005. Then, for reasons that are not indicated in the record,their bail was revoked and they returned to jail in Barbados in 2011. Scantlebury, Gaskin, and Hawkesworth remained incarcerated in Barbados from 2011 until the INDICTMENTS were DISMISSED on January 9, 2014.” [Page 4]

    Simple Simon, could you please explain to me how could there be information available that is as “current as last year,” in relation to a case that was DISMISSED on January 9, 2014? How can a case that was dismissed in 2014, be still ongoing in 2020?

    For what reasons would the US government continue to seek the extradition of men whose, according to a Court ruling, indictments were dismissed and their case was no longer viable?

    However, since the charges were dismissed “without prejudice,” Scantlebury appealed to the Court to have the charges dismissed “with prejudice.”

    “Appellants argue that prosecutors in the United States knew for years, well before they moved to dismiss the charges, that the cases had “cratered” and that there was no probable cause to support the indictments. Appellants therefore assert that the District Court should have dismissed the indictments with prejudice. On appeal, Appellants seek a remand to the District Court with instructions to DIMISS the charges WITH prejudice. The Government in turn contends that this court has no basis upon which to entertain this appeal. We agree with the Government.” [Page 2].

    This case was argued on February 7, 2019 and a decision was made on April 16, 2019.


  • @Sargeant

    Correction, Peter Wickham’s column last week.


  • “The rght Hon. Ertol Barrow must be rolling in his grave disgusted by the sights and sounds of a society ripped apart and left to die a poor man death devoid of pride…”

    Wait, Mari….. um is a good thing he asked for his ashes to be scattered across the ocean.

    Wuh, shiite, if he was buried, he would be rolling in his grave when Michael Carrington withheld John Griffiths’ funds hoping he’d “a poor man’s death devoid of pride”……

    ………… or when the inept Freundel Stuart and his lot took Barbados to the brink of economic ruin…..

    …………. and even more so when his beloved DLP was destroyed in the process and could not win ONE (1) seat out of 30 in the 2018 general elections…….

    ………… or at the recent exploits of Donville.

    And, these are only a few things I mentioned.


  • Mariposa you sound very angry .Is it because of Mr Inniss conviction? Nobody on here put him in that position all his doing which is a big dent in your beloved DLP despite what the political nightwatchman is saying.It is a pity Mr Barrow was not alive since none of the last try a thing government would have been ministers.Mariposa you talking about growth where was this growth for 10 years under your Dems ? All i remember is 23 downgrades to junk bond status sounds familiar where was your voice then?The first thing on this government agenda had to be stabilization which it has sucessfully done iny view.The next step should be growth.As for Skinner the only persons bigging up Piece would people like you certainly not me for his disrespect of the blogmaster which persons like you encourage.Finally like i stated before i have zero sympathy for Mr Inniss based on his past arrogance or any politician who abuses their power.


  • WURA-War-on-UJanuary 20, 2020 3:01 AM

    “So…. were Mia’s family slaves or not? If you have her family tree please post it for me as we are distantly related. ”

    Pretend FAKE ROYALTY…and spreading that false information around to fool the dumb and gullible…..pretending to be born from money but in REALITY, born into TIEFING MONEY and ESTATES from vulnerable and unaware people, leaving generations in poverty….lots of PRETENDING….but NO REALITY.

    I would be ashamed to claim any relation.


    I am not ashamed to claim any family member because when all is said and done, that person is still present on the family tree. I do not shy away from the truth. Also, I am quite sure that no family is complete without at least one dishonest sheep. (I will not use the word ‘black’ for obvious reasons.)

    But if you read the entirety of my post in response to Tron’s idiocy, you will recognise, I hope, that my post was tongue-in-cheek.

    However, my family tree will show no contrived gaps.


  • MillerJanuary 20, 2020 9:28 AM

    @ David January 20, 2020 9:06 AM

    You have read between the lines, didn’t you Blogmaster!

    This is a rather high stakes game of political poker she is about to play given the vindictive ego of the bully dealing the cards and in charge of affairs in the country which is currently ruling global things.

    There is a high probability that impeachment will end up in the political dustbin and the trumpeter is returned for another 4 years of madness to fulfill his mission.

    Watch and see, unfortunately so, how little Bim a longtime friend of big Uncle Sam will become the victim of petty political vindictiveness and deemed a “shithole” country especially after the ‘Donvillegate’ affair.

    Don’t be surprised if there is a sudden increase in the return of undocumented Bajans aka denizens to the tropical paradise .


    So what would you have Mia do? Besides, these deportees could bring back to us the much needed “big city” mentality to cure the inevitable small island mentality all of us who live here have been diagnosed as having.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that I am watching live the same yardfowlism in a much more extreme form in the USA, I would suggest that Lorenzo take a trip to that much enlightened First World country to be cured more quickly.

    Larger country, more shit is what I am seeing though, so Lorenzo could as well save the plane fare.

    Both the UK AND the USA are in deep political shit that all its enlightened inhabitants are unable to dig their way out of.



  • @Madame Butterfly (Mariposa)

    Who de f. Cares about how de other half of Donville maggots live
    Guess what non uh wunna cant do a dam thing about it

    Lest you get your wings all aflutter, the “friends’ I was referring to in the post about Donville are the US firms that helped the “richest woman” in Africa amass her fortune. It wasn’t the Hollywood social butterflies (there is that word again) in the photo. The lesson here is when you launder money make sure you have friends in the right places and make sure it is on a massive scale.

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  • “However, my family tree will show no contrived gaps.”

    I have come to learn that you have to accept the good, the bad and the ugly on those family trees.


  • For those trying to pretend they know everything about the Hawkesworth, Scantlebury and Gaskin case…there is still an ongoing matter before the courts…which should be finished sometime this year..



    In the US of A and the UK there is equal justice for all. It is only in small islands that big shots get off light and the poor are raked over the coals.

    No sweetheart deals in the US of A! Those poor girls did not have to fight for years and years to prove what was an open secret in the big city of New York. And the British prince who stayed at Epstein’s house even AFTER he was proven to be a paedophile, he is being investigated after that dreadfully callous interview when he stated that “it was a convenient place to stay”?????

    And what of the other big names who have been accused?

    These things only happen in shit hole “Third World” countries with inhabitants suffering form inevitable small island mentality disease!



  • This article actually tells us why the evil, corrupt shite these useless ass lawyers, sell out negros et al do in the parliament once they go a vote begging and are elected by the gullible…makes perfect sense, but these wannbes in the Caribbean are just the dirt underneath the real Boule’s shoes….yep the masons.

    “Today, there are over 5000 Black members and 112 chapters of the Boule secret society, all over the United States, and the West Indies. This group is said to be among the wealthiest group of Black people on earth.

    The meaning of the word “Boule” helps us in fully defining these group of Black men and women as sellouts, cut-throats and the worst type of dogs steady seeking gratification from white-supremacy. Boule is a Greek word which means “adviser of the king”. Now, who do you think that king is? That king is the Cecil Rhodes/Lord Rothschild Secret Society, and Rockefeller Foundation which they are sworn to protect. So basically, the Boule do the bidding of these above-mentioned cooperations which has stolen Africa dry and have maintained their evil grasp on the resources and destiny of African economies, and politics.

    One other aspect of the Boule ideology which is most annoying is the fact that they preach that the Greek were the founders of civilization. When in truth and facts, that it was the Greeks who traveled to Kemet/ancient Nubia (Egypt) to study under the guidance of the Black scientists and teachers of Kemet. Every mathematician, philosopher or scientists from Greece had their roots in Africa. But we have our brothers preaching the Caucasian man’s lies just because of what he stands to gain at the foot of the feeding table.”


  • Yeap but one thing that is certain that when all is said and done
    His words are absolutely true that which cannot be refuted and which u Artax cannot respond or challenge
    That in 2020 barbados has found itself as beggars beholding to imperialist demands and directions with a govt having measures in place to sell barbados to the highest bidder under the diguise of investment in return for citizenship
    Now pray tell when all the land is stolen from the natives and given to the most wealthy
    Where in the world would the lowly barbadian have a place at the bargain table
    Yes Errol Barrow was right one day coming soon barbados would be no more


  • Unlike presenting information from a delusional woman’s FB page and posting it to BU as though it’s gospel, there isn’t anyone “trying to pretend they know everything about the Hawkesworth, Scantlebury and Gaskin case.” What is being presented to BU are authentic, verifiable FACTS.

    It was mentioned “there are current updates for the Hawkesworth, Scantlebury and Gaskin EXTRADITION CASE, as CURRENT as last year,” since “it is still ongoing.”

    Why would the US government pursue an extradition case, which, according to US Court records, the US government moved to DISMISS CHARGES against the trio in December 2013, citing “the age of the case, government resources, and other factual and legal issues which indicate the case is no longer viable,” and the Court subsequently dismissed the case On January 9, 2014?

    Unless it’s being suggested the US government filled NEW indictments against the trio (duo) and RENEWED its efforts to have them extradited to face the Court on those charges.

    Additionally, everyday we read in the media about ongoing cases. For example, information was always available in the public domain, relative to Inniss’ case when it was ongoing. What makes these guys’ so special that information pertaining to their case is unavailable and “cannot be posted to the blog?”

    Stanford Law School, for example, in collaboration with Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, gave “Case Information” re: “United States of America v. Donville Inniss, et al.”

    If there is a case still ongoing with the trio, surely there must be case information as it relates to that case, which could be posted to BU for our perusal.


  • Aspirational for Bribers who would pay for government contracts.

    Luxury cars,Yachts and exotic imported ( fill in the blanks ).


  • La la lorenzo
    Hell yes i am angry when govt continues to transfer to the wealthy on society and only transfer govt debt to the most vulnerable
    Hell yes i am angry when daily gunshots are heard in neighbourhood and crime and violence continues to take a strong hold
    Hell yes i am angry when govt oversteps the democratic process shamelessly to give foreign investors a free reign of control of barbados lands
    Hell yes i am angry that after govt brags about collecting million dollars in taxes the working stiff pockets are still empty
    On this Errol Barrow Day. Glad to report why i am 😠


  • First, let me state for the record that I was not impressed with Barrow or any other politician for that matter. Politicians are elected and paid handsomely, at our expense, to formulate and implement policies for the social and economic development of Barbados. So, with all this talk about independence, so called free secondary education, school meals, etc……. Barrow was PAID to implement those initiatives.

    RE: “That in 2020 barbados has found itself as beggars beholding to imperialist demands and directions with a govt having measures in place to sell barbados to the highest bidder under the guise of investment in return for citizenship.”

    Your above comment is alarmist political propaganda. You have politically spin the issue and purposely excluded pertinent information to create a “political illusion” that the island is about to be sold out to the highest bidder.

    RE: “Now pray tell when all the land is stolen from the natives and given to the most wealthy.
    Where in the world would the lowly barbadian have a place at the bargain table.”

    More alarmist political shiite, based purely on “politics of speculation and assumptions.”

    Since you have presented your usual metaphors, political rhetoric and generalized statements, rather than solid arguments that would generate a productive discussion, I cannot refute or challenge anything you write.


  • ” A man was shot while driving through his neighbourhood this morning.”


  • Ignorance is bliss but can also be appalling.

    the good news, the criminals in parliament, bar association and supreme court CORRUPT X 3…will find it kinda difficult to continue business as usual because they will ALL BE EXPOSED NAMED AND SHAMED…..consistently, there is nowhere for them to run and hide on a tiny rock 21L X 14W and surrounded by only water…lol


  • And we done know they can no longer up and run off to the good old, bad old USA…lol


  • I have no problem with people amassing great wealth if it done so legally.

    I have a big problem with people who came to power to get wealthy off the backs of the taxpayers.

    Donville amassed 19 properties……pray tell me how he could have done that on a minister’s pay. Can someone remind us what he did as the so called businessman prior to becoming a minister? He was too greedy… all he amassed could be taken away……was it worth it?


  • I hope all the Duopoly cool aid drinkers and apologists are listening to Brasstacks and have read today’s nation.
    There are some wonderful stories and information about Barrow and the PM. She has made it quite clear that he was her “ grandfather”.
    All of you jokers who going about making enemies and cussing people while you try to defend the family known as the Duopoly should take note.

    The Duopoly Rules


  • @William

    This is why it is justifiably referred to as the POLITICAL CLASS.


  • “I have a big problem with people who came to power to get wealthy off the backs of the taxpayers”


    all of them did, that’s all they have ever done since the 1940s. Tell any and all lies to be elected, lie right in the people’s faces with no shame, Osula Holder and her deceased son comes to mind when they were pretending they were enemies with Maloney…anything to be elected, any deceit and fraud….anything.

    that is what the electorate has to be very mindful of come next election…the lies, deceit, pretense and fraud….coming out of all their nasty mouths.


  • If memory serves correct The opposition leader adress tge issue of a growing trend in Parliament whereby foreign investment buying land at affordable prices which had an impact of escalating land prices
    out of the reach of hard working barbadians and called on govt to find solutions

    On this ErrolBarrow day tge criminal element is showing present govt who is in charge
    Not only has barbados reached a level of social decay
    But also one can clearly see giving the past year of blood and guts on the streets that govt has no control of plugging the dangerous holes
    On this Errol Barrow day i weep for Barbados


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